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  • Fri, Feb 11, 2011
    Fri, Feb 11, 2011
    Episode 02.11.11
    Robin and Patrick get married.
  • Wed, Jan 19, 2011
    Wed, Jan 19, 2011
    Episode 01.19.11
    Sonny plans to leave Lily. Jason and Robin's romance is tested.
  • General Hospital 12/31
    General Hospital 12/31
    Episode 12.31.10
    The Metro Court hostage crisis ends with an explosion.
  • General Hospital 12/30
    General Hospital 12/30
    Episode 12.30.10
    The Metro Court hostage crisis nears its conclusion.
  • General Hospital 12/28
    General Hospital 12/28
    Episode 12.28.10
    Lisa drugs Johnny. Brenda needs Dante's advice.
  • General Hospital 12/24
    General Hospital 12/24
    Episode 12.24.10
    The Metro Court Hostage Crisis: Part 2
  • General Hospital 12/23
    General Hospital 12/23
    Episode 12.23.10
    The Metro Hostage Crisis: Part 1
  • General Hospital 10/27
    General Hospital 10/27
    Episode 10.27.10
    Jason and Sam arrive in Hawaii, ready for romance.
  • Mon, Aug 23, 2010
    Mon, Aug 23, 2010
    Episode 08.23.10
    Sonny tries to convince Dante he's innocent.
  • Ep. #12276
    Ep. #12276
    Episode 249
    Luke tells Carly that he doesn't think he should go to Jake's memorial. Sonny tells Brenda it's better that they should stay home together. Jason says to Sam how can he deal with his son's death. Abby tells Michael she's not going to let him go back to prison. Jax tells Carly he contacted interpol regarding Franco's latest message. Sonny presents to Brenda a special birthday present. Abby explains to Michael that Brandon's lawyer is gonna call him as a hostile witness. Lisa tells Kristina the time when she didn't get to go to the college of her choice. Jason intervenes saying he would mind if Luke went in to see Josslyn. Lulu tells Dante that without Luke being there for Lucky at the memorial it'll make things worse between them. Elizabeth opens the letter from the lab and then throws the vase at the wall. Dante tells Luke that he's here to get his statement the night that he hit Jake, and Lulu overhears how much he had to drink that night. Carly goes back to the hospital and sees Jason inside spending time with Josslyn. Abby sees that Michael is wearing a gun and says he'll do whatever it takes to protect her from Brandon.moreless
  • Ep. #12275
    Ep. #12275
    Episode 248
    Abby tells Michael not to be influenced by Brandon. Luke refuses Sonny's idea on him leaving town for a little while. Dante and Lulu come to an important realization. Patrick and Robin flaunt their love in front of Lisa. Theo tells Dimitri that he plans on keeping his grandson to himself and Brenda isn't to know he's alive. Shawn comes between Carly's fight with Brenda. Steve asks Lisa what's gotten her so distracted. Michael asks Dante why Brandon got released on bail. Sonny tells Luke that what happened to Jake was just an accident. Suzanne arrives and tells Theo she secured several of his men in case he tried something, and that their grandson is on his way right now. Carly listens as Shawn talks with Josslyn. Elizabeth goes to see Luke and she takes the blame for what happened to Jake. Lisa sits outside and watches Patrick and Robin read to Emma. Suzanne quietly pulls out a razor and slits Theo's throat. Abby tells Michael that Brandon isn't worth going back to prison for. Elizabeth tells Luke that even though he was drinking, it's doesn't make a difference cause Jake is still gone.moreless
  • Ep. #12274
    Ep. #12274
    Episode 247
    Tracy tells Lulu that Lucky is definately going to blame Luke's drinking as the cause of Jake's death. Shawn tells Carly he's not to watch nobody but her. Abby does her best to change the subject after Michael's admission. Jason points the gun at Luke when he can't look him in the eye and tell him the truth. Brenda and Sonny return home from their honeymoon. Jason tells Luke to thank Michael, and puts the gun down and leaves. Michael tells Abby that he's going to accept what she said at least for now. Lulu asks Dante how her family is ever going to bounce back from this ordeal. Lucky breaks the news to Siobhan that Luke was the driver of the car that hit Jake. Jason tells Sonny he can't deal with Franco right now, and says that Luke was behind the wheel and is the reason that Jake died. Tracy tells Luke she thinks that Lucky is right about him. Brandon tells Abby she'd better drop the rape charges or else Michael will end up back in prison.moreless
  • Ep. #12273
    Ep. #12273
    Episode 246
    Carly shows Sam the video message that she got from Franco. Lulu apologizes to Elizabeth for the way she treated her at the hospital. Michael and Abby become intimate for the first time. Jason sees that Jake's hit and run was no accident after learning Luke was the driver. Lucky questions Luke about his drinking the night Jake died. Carly tells Sam that she's not going to play Franco's sick and twisted game. Luke admits to Lucky that it was his drinking that killed Jake. Carly plays Franco's message for Jason. Abby tells Michael that he's come along way and wanted to be with him for the longest time. Dante stuns Elizabeth and Lulu that Luke was the driver that hit Jake, Elizabeth asks then to be alone. Lucky goes to Jason's, but Sam says he isn't home, and tells her about Luke being the driver. Lulu sees Tracy and asks if she's seen Luke anywhere, and explains why she's so worried. Michael surprises Abby when he says he loves her. Shawn tells Carly that his new job is going to be her bodyguard. Jason comes to the Haunted Star, and Luke says he's been expecting him, and takes out a gun and instructs Jason to use it.moreless
  • Ep. #12272
    Ep. #12272
    Episode 245
    Elizabeth thanks Nikolas for bringing her kids home. Lulu tells Lucky that Carly is on a long list of suspects in the hit and run. Jason tells Carly that maybe it wasn't her. Mac tells Dante that the forensics came back and we have the car that hit Jake. Lucky is furious that Luke told Carly she was on the list before telling him. Dante calls Carly and says that she's in the clear, which leaves her feeling relieved. Luke warns Michael that Lucky might go off on Carly. Dante tells Lucky the news that they know who hit Jake. Jason and Elizabeth share an emotional moment. Michael tells Abby that he almost covered up what he thought his mother did. Luke is shocked after finding out he was the one that hit Jake with his car. Abby asks Michael to stay with her tonight. Carly receives a message from Franco saying he'll keep a close eye on Josslyn. Lucky asks Luke if he was drinking the night he hit Jake.moreless
  • Ep. #12271
    Ep. #12271
    Episode 244
    Patrick approaches Johnny that his twisted game could've gotten an innocent little kid killed. Robin asks Lisa that she can't prove that she stole the syringe from her locker. Dante tells Mac that they ruled out 3 suspects including his niece Robin. Jason asks Sam to not leave but to stay with him. Carly says to Luke all she was worried about was getting to the hospital and didn't concentrate on the road. Robin tells Lisa that her car is being examined by forensics and will be exposed for the person she is. Jason tells Sam he contemplated leaving town and never returning but says he couldn't do that to her. Carly asks Luke when she was planning on telling her that he was on the suspects list as well. Olivia stops by and tells Steve that he's doing the best for Elizabeth right now. Dante finds Carly's car missing and immediately orders an A.P.D. Mac comes to talk to Lisa, and gets a scalpel ready, but puts it away when her came up clean. Dante learns that Michael was at the police station earlier. Nikolas brings the kids home and Elizabeth doesn't know how she's going to face them. Spinelli offers his condolences over Jake and they share a tender moment. Dante doesn't believe that Michael was in a fender bender, and drove into a wall to hide the face it could be his mother. Carly explains to Jason that it's possible she could've been the one that hit Jake.moreless
  • Ep. #12270
    Ep. #12270
    Episode 243
    Ronnie asks Dante if there's gonna be a problem with looking over Sonny's car for DNA. Carly tells Jax that Josslyn was up for a bit and looked better then last night. Theo offers Suzanne a compromise to fix her charity ASEC in exchange for their grandson's whereabouts. Lulu glances at the list of suspects of Jake's hit and run and sees her father's name on it. Luke goes to visit Elizabeth, and says he'll leave if she's not up to company so soon. Patrick tells Robin that he's gonna do whatever it takes to get back to whatever they were. Steve thanks Lisa for being apart of the transplant team that saved Josslyn. Max tells Michael that Ronnie impounded the car he drove Brenda to the airport with. Theo discovers the location of his grandchild courtesy of him tapping Suzanne's phone. Lulu tells Luke she went to see Dante and that his name is on the list of people who could've hit Jake. Kristina distracts Ronnie while Michael grabs the list of suspects. Dante comes to question Robin that her car probably hit Jake. Theo sees this as an opportunity to move forward with his grandson without Suzanne's influence. Michael tells Abby that his mother is on the list of suspects and wonders how Jason is gonna take it. Robin learns that her car came up clean and couldn't be more grateful. Dante is told by Ronnie that Sonny is also in the clear. Michael goes down to check Carly's car, and sees that some scratches on it.moreless
  • Ep. #12269
    Ep. #12269
    Episode 242
    Sam tells Dante that one of the cars that passed Elizabeth's house was hers. Elizabeth asks Lucky if he's been into to see Jake yet. Robin tells Patrick she's reflected on how much time she's wasted on dealing with everything with Lisa. Carly tells Jason that a transplant is Josslyn's only option. Kristina arrives to be there for Michael, and then sees Abby show up and insists on waiting together. Sam asks Dante to have a forensics team look over her car hoping to rule her out. Nikolas tells Luke that he should step up and be with Lucky right now. Dante and Sam see Sonny's car also went along the street. Elizabeth slaps Jason at the idea of him asking for Jake's organs for Josslyn. Kristina tells Abby to leave cause she isn't wanted here. Carly tells Terrell that if there was an kidney available will he operate on Josslyn tonight, Jason says that Elizabeth doesn't want Jake's organs donated. Dante sees that Robin, Lisa, Luke and Carly are other possible suspects in Jake's hit and run. Robin invites Patrick to move back home, cause she wants them to be a family again. Elizabeth tells Carly and Jason that she signed the papers and will donate Jake's kidneys. Jason goes over to Elizabeth's house and breaks into tears while holding one of Jake's toys.moreless
  • Ep. #12268
    Ep. #12268
    Episode 241
    Terrell tells Jax and Carly that Josslyn has cancer. Siobhan watches as Lucky comforts Elizabeth. Tracy tries to get Luke to see that Jake will pull through. Jason watches as Patrick operates on Jake. Jax objects to the idea of his daughter going through chemo therapy, and asks Terrell if another kidney is an option. Sam arrives and is there for Jason in his time of need. Lucky is glad that Nikolas is also here for Elizabeth. Luke opens up to Tracy about the time he thought Lucky burned to death in the fire years ago. Lucky tells Dante not to question Elizabeth at least not right now. Michael tells Carly that Jason is already at the hospital and Jake's been badly hurt. Robin sees that there's no brain activity, Patrick says he'll tell the parents. Jason is forced to tell Lucky some devastating news about Jake, Lucky then goes and tells Elizabeth. Michael apologizes to Abby for missing dinner cause his little sister is very sick. Jason tells Robin he knows she tried everything she and Patrick did to save Jake. Lulu tells Luke that Jake is on life support right now. Carly asks Jason to save Josslyn.moreless
  • Ep. #12267
    Ep. #12267
    Episode 240
    Lucky tells Siobhan they need to make a decision right away. Elizabeth hurries out after Jake wanders out the front door. Brenda asks Sonny where exactly are they going, but he's not giving out any hints. Luke quickly arrives at the Justice of the Peace asking Lucky if he's too late. Michael tells Dante that Jason had nothing to do with him being at the pier. Lisa tells Robin if she goes into Steve's office spouting off those accusations, she'll be the one to get fired. Jax tells Carly he brought Josslyn in cause her fever spiked. Theo and Suzanne search for their grandchild. Steve is told that Jake is being brought after being hit by a car. Lucky's wedding to Siobhan is interrupted by a call from a distraught Elizabeth saying Jake got hit by a car and to come to the hospital right away. Carly and Jax receive some devastating news from Terrell regarding Josslyn. Theo tells Suzanne that she probably alerted the parents that he was coming to claim his grandson. Jason arrives and Robin tells him that Jake is critical. Tracy discovers that Jake is actually a Quartermaine.moreless
  • Ep. #12266
    Ep. #12266
    Episode 239
    Carly tells Robin to go to Mac with her problems with Lisa. Steve tells Lisa he's being to question his judgement about her being a gifted doctor. Dante tells Michael not to move and will be right back. Patrick tries to get through to Johnny about Lisa needing some serious help. Jason quickly drives up and tells Michael to get in and Dante sees them drive off. Carly gives Robin some time to find what she came here for. Steve cautions Lisa that if the syringe does resurface she will be fired no questions. Abby gives Sam some information on the possible whereabouts of one of the Balkan's men, Sam then has a minor migraine. Luke disapproves of Lucky's decision to marry Siobhan. Jason tells Michael that what happened tonight can never happen again. Robin tells Patrick she'll handle the next clue, and for him to stay at the hospital. Dante tells Lulu he caught Michael handling one of Sonny's shipments tonight. Lisa goes to see Johnny and demands he tell her the location of the syringe. Robin figures out the clue and that the syringe is at the Haunted Star. Carly gets a call from Steve saying Jax brought Josslyn in. Robin finds the syringe and quarrels with Lisa but manages to get away. Brenda and Sonny head off for thir honeymoon. Lucky tells Siobhan that he's ready to marry with absolutely no regrets. Elizabeth screams as she sees that Jake wandered outside.moreless
  • Ep. #12265
    Ep. #12265
    Episode 238
    Lucky asks Elizabeth about the phone call she received and who's being tested. Jax tells Carly that her latest stunt makes him more determined to get full custody of their kids. Sonny tells Brenda he can't wait to finally get her out of the hospital. Jason wants answers from Johnny about his connection to Theo. Lucky informs Elizabeth his intention to marry Siobhan this evening. Michael tells Abby that he's going to be working on the docks tonight waiting for a shipment. Alexis tells Ethan and Luke she doesn't buy their father and son bonding time, Agent Bates arrives and says Luke's presence here says it all. Dante explains to Lulu that he's here to see how Brenda's doing, thinking on not keeping any more secrets. Lisa arrives after Robin does and she shows the note that Johnny sent her, thinking he's finally gonna turn on her. Agent Bates agrees to Alexis's terms but only if there is an envelope for him, if not he'll be back to arrest everyone. Patrick tells Steve that he's doesn't know where Lisa is, cause she left the hospital after getting a text message. Johnny puts Lisa and Robin on a treasure hunt for the syringe. Abby goes to Jason and says what Michael told her that he was covering for Jason tonight, Spinelli says that Michael overheard him say that a shipment was due tonight. Robin finds another envelope and sees the next clue is somewhere she doesn't want to be which is Carly's house. Steve finds Lisa in his office and says she's fired. Ronnie and Dante raid the shipment and is surprised that Michael is there.moreless
  • Ep. #12264
    Ep. #12264
    Episode 237
    Lisa asked Robin how her night of breaking an entering at Johnny's last night. Jason tells Spinelli to dig harder cause someone had to have helped Theo escape. Carly tells Luke to have the diamonds placed in Jax's room as only a ploy to drop this custody agreement. Steve cautions Robin and Lisa if he catches them arguing instead of working they'll both be suspended. Jax asks Alexis to represent him in his divorce. Abby is worried that Johnny is here to collect on the money she owes him. Jason refuses to let Sam help after what happened last night and should be taking it easy. Elizabeth gives Nikolas an ultimatum if Brook Lynn stays Aiden won't be. Luke and Ethan scramble to hide after they hear Jax coming, but see the cabinet where the safe isn't closed all the way. Johnny can't believe that Lisa can't just stay away from Patrick. Carly distracts Jax allowing Luke and Ethan to sneak out. Jason learns that Trujillo that Theo had ties to Johnny Zacchara. Abby invites Michael to another night at her place. Patrick tells Steve he feels uncomfortable working with Lisa on this head trauma case. Robin and Lisa each get a text from Johnny to come to Kelly's.moreless
  • Ep. #12263
    Ep. #12263
    Episode 236
    Patrick tells Sonny that without the ventilator Brenda probably won't make it through the night. Dante tells Jason to stop firing at the helicopter cause he wants Theo to rot in prison. Carly explains to Kristina that Michael is capable of making his own decisions. Luke shows Ethan some diamonds but he's unable to fence them and Ethan wants to know what the plan is. Kristina asks Carly if she's upset that Jason is with Sam. Brenda's life hangs in the balance. Tracy asks Luke what he's really up to. Mac asks Dante how many of the Balkan's men were killed by his gun, and puts someone else on the case. Carly tells Jax that Theo shot Brenda up with some drug and probably won't make it. Michael heads to the hospital with Abby, and Kristina interferes saying that if she loves Michael then to get out of his life. Luke offers to take Tracy on another honeymoon with no strings attached. Dante tells Lulu that if it were her on that ventilator he'd surely lose it. Michael overhears Sonny order a hit on Theo for what he did to Brenda, he offers his help but Sonny refuses. Jason tells Sam that he will make Theo pay for putting her in that limo. Sonny thanks Patrick and Robin for saving Brenda's life.moreless
  • Ep. #12262
    Ep. #12262
    Episode 235
    Michael sees that Kristina's crush on Ethan has resurfaced, and reminds her that he's married to Maya. Robin explains to Johnny they're hear looking for the syringe. Sonny tells Brenda that he's gonna get her out of here. Carly realizes that Josslyn isn't feeling well and demands to Jax that she see her. Theo asks Sonny what's more important getting revenge on him or the well being of Brenda. Kristina secretly copies down Abby's address and has a plan of her own. Lisa wonders about Johnny's true intentions. Sonny orders Dante and Sonny to stand down and let Theo go. Robin learns Brenda is being airlifted to General Hospital. Matt and Maxie are probably wondering that Robin and Patrick came up empty and Lisa is still free. Michael arrives at Abby's place for their date. Carly starts to spill all her troubles to Luke. Patrick tells Sonny that they don't have the antidote and Brenda's running out of time. Matt and Maxie and Matt get comfortable while talking their first loves. Dante finds and shows Jason receipt for a private airstrip. Brenda's life remains in jeopardy. Kristina goes to Carly and says Michael plans on having sex with Abby tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #12261
    Ep. #12261
    Episode 234
    Suzanne tells Jason that at first calling him to Rome was all for show thinking Theo could handle him. Sonny asks Jules where Brenda is, he collapses and sees that there's a knife in his back. Dante and Lulu discover that Suzanne pretty much didn't exist. Maxie is ecstatic and kisses Matt now that they have what they need on Lisa. Sonny tells Jason that deep down he knew that there was something off about Suzanne and now he knows why. Ethan tells Maya that Kristina acknowledged that she wants to marry him someday. Theo's man injects Brenda with a neurotoxin that'll pretty much paralyze her til she dies. Robin tells Patrick that she has an idea on how to incriminate Lisa. Kristina overhears with jealousy Ethan discussing with Maya of them getting their own place and has a solution for them. Johnny and Lisa come back to find Robin and Patrick snooping around and threatens to call the police. Dante and Jason find themselves in a stand off between Theo and his henchmen while holding Suzanne. Sonny finds Brenda in a deadly state.moreless
  • Ep. #12260
    Ep. #12260
    Episode 233
    Dante goes to Sonny with his theory of Brenda's baby still being alive. Jason overhears Spinelli reading Sam some of his book and makes it clear he doesn't want to be in it. Jax comes home and finds Shawn with Carly in his home. Theo wants Brenda to explain everything that happened while she was in Africa with Suzanne. Alexis tells Lucky that Siobhan's immigration status doesn't look good. Sonny tells Dante that he believes Brenda that she did miscarry her child. Steve interrupts a moment between Johnny and Olivia. Sam is released from the hospital. Lucky asks Alexis what if he were to marry Siobhan. Matt and Maxie break into Johnny's penthouse hoping to look for the evidence he has against Lisa. Jax goes to Diane to change the custody agreement in his divorce to Carly. Theo asks Suzanne where she was when Brenda went to Tahiti with Murphy. Steve asks Olivia if she's here just to make Johnny jealous. Luke arrives with a solution for Siobhan and gives her some false identification, Alexis says that this will never work. Matt and Maxie hide as Johnny brings Lisa and they hear her confess to her plan to drug Robin. Spinelli tells Jason that he's succeeded and has cracked the case wide open.moreless
  • Ep. #12259
    Ep. #12259
    Episode 232
    Siobhan tells Lucky they're running out of options and will be deported by the end of the month. Sonny tries to figure out Theo's game to Jason. Lulu asks Dante if he thinks that Brenda's child might still be alive. Theo doesn't believe Brenda's story and wants the truth about his grandson. Michael tells Abby that he wants more to happen with her but he's still battling his own demons, Carly walks in and wonders what the two of them have planned tonight. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that whenever she comes to Wyndemere Brook Lynn makes her feel unwelcome. Lucky tells Siobhan that he's looking to making a case to see that she'll not safe outside of Port Charles. Carly is irate that Michael went after one of the Balkan's men even he was still on parole. Sonny begins to worry of Brenda's safety if Theo ever finds out that she did miscarry his grandson. Brook Lynn opens up to Nikolas of all her frustrations in fighting the feelings she has towards, he says for her to be quiet as he plants a kiss on her. Sam tells Jason the news that she's being discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Dante questions Suzanne since she was with Brenda when she miscarried her child. Elizabeth reacts to Lucky's idea of marrying Siobhan so she can stay in the country.moreless
  • Ep. #12258
    Ep. #12258
    Episode 231
    Carly asks Shawn why did he come to her. Michael tells Jason that he doesn't have to hide behind any guards anymore. Theo tells Suzanne that Brenda is gone and if she helped her escape, then she'll pay dearly. Shawn tells Carly that some of Theo's men were waiting for him, but managed to get the information back in time and needs to get ahold of Jason. Mac wonders what Sonny and Dante are doing with the prisoner in the interrogation room. Sam shares her dreams with Abby of her life with Jason being complete and no room for a child. Hugo says that he only did what the Balkan wanted him to do and has no idea where Brenda is. Brenda is found and Theo intructs his guy to take her back to the room. Carly calls Jason and says that Shawn needs to see him right away. Abby passes on Michael's help to find her a job, cause of what Carly accused her of using him. Luke offers to help Lucky with Siobhan's problem. Jason thinks one of Theo's subsidiaries is a place where he's holding Brenda. Siobhan learns that she is to be deported back to Ireland. Sonny tells Jason that if Theo wants a war he's going to give him one.moreless
  • Ep. #12257
    Ep. #12257
    Episode 230
    Sonny asks Jules what he knows about Brenda. Theo confronts Suzanne about her claim that Brenda miscarried before they even met. Sam asks Jason to tell her he loves him again, and says she can hear it clearly. Dante tells the Balkan's men to put his weapon down. Brenda starts to work to pick the lock so she can get to Sonny. Patrick examines Sam, and asks if she's experiencing anything other symtoms. Jules sees that he's being watched by one of Theo's men. Jax refuses to give Sonny what he wants, cause he thinks nothing good will come of it. Suzanne tells Theo not to torture himself over a grandson that doesn't exist. Carly tells Jax that Morgan and Michael saw Sonny pretty much threaten Shawn. After talking with Sam, Elizabeth can't stop thinking about Aiden's true paternity. Sonny asks Jason did he let Shawn go to Manhattan alone. Theo asks Jules offered to help Brenda escape. Sonny asks Dante to let the person he arrested go so he can deal with him personally. Elizabeth goes to Patrick with her theory that maybe Lucky is really Aiden's father.moreless
  • Ep. #12256
    Ep. #12256
    Episode 229
    Patrick tells Kristina that all Sam did was faint nothing more. Theo tells Brenda that she will not deprive him of his grandchild. Abby asks Michael if he has any information on where Theo took Brenda. Shawn tells Jason he's not running away, he has a way to get information to find Theo's whereabouts. Lulu tells Johnny that Brenda was kidnapped by Theo Hoffman otherwise known as the Balkan. Jason tells Shawn to find a connection between Theo and Franco. Sonny asks Dante to take Lulu away and take a leave of absence, Dante then refuses to leave while he stays and kill people. Brenda tells Jules that maybe they can work together. Theo learns Suzanne was witness to Brenda's miscarriage while in Africa. Molly tells Michael that the person that just left Kelly's is the man that tried to kill Shawn in the hospital. Suzanne gets a call from Theo asking her to come right away and it being quite urgent. Dante tells Lulu that Morgan called him last night worried Sonny was going to kill Shawn. Jules approaches Sonny with a note from Brenda. Michael confronts Shawn's attacker, he pulls a gun on him prompting Dante who comes along to save him. Suzanne arrives and Theo says that she's been quite busy in the years with Brenda.moreless
  • Ep. #12255
    Ep. #12255
    Episode 228
    Alexis and Kristina walk in on Jason and Sam sharing a tender moment. Jules tries to make Brenda's stay as comfortable as possible. Theo tells Suzanne that he's handling Shawn right as we speak. Shawn covers and tells Molly that she walked in on a misunderstanding. Theo explains to Suzanne he didn;'t tell her about the limo to make her devastation real and wouldn't cause suspicion. Brook Lynn thinks that Nikolas is still reeling after last night wedding debacle. Shawn tells Lucky that Theo sent someone in here to kill him but got away. Terrell tells Lisa about his plan. Nikolas tells Brook Lynn that he's trying really hard not to take advantage of her. Elizabeth mentions to Lucky about Monica's comment of how Aiden looks like him. Jason tells Lucky he wants to make sure that Shawn is telling the truth. Brenda wants answers from Theo in why he's brought to this place, but he wants information about his grandchild. Kristina yells for help when Sam attempts at walking but collapses. Lucky tells Nikolas that if he wants to be with Brook Lynn then to go for it.moreless
  • Ep. #12254
    Ep. #12254
    Episode 227
    Lucky tells Dante that Mac pretty much filled him in on Theo being the Balkan. Michael goes into Carly's house to investigate and for Morgan to stay in the car. Sam tells Jason that she can't hear anything. Suzanne sits down with Alexis, saying she came into to check on Brenda's condition only to learn that it was Sam instead. Lucky tells Dante that Siobhoan's sister Megan overheard and discovered that the Balkan has a wife. A frantic Morgan calls Dante after seeing Shawn tied to a chair and worried Sonny will kill him. Patrick tells Alexis that Sam shows no signs of anything, but will no more when the specialist gets here. Jason tells Lucky he let Sam go to the wedding alone and right into Theo's trap. Ethan tells Kristina he's flattered but isn't going to cheat on Maya, and that she deserves better. Carly refuses to let Michael go off to help Sonny find Brenda cause it'll violate his parole. Suzanne overhears Lukcy discuss with Shawn about the Balkan's wife. Dante and Michael vow to do whatever it takes to help Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #12253
    Ep. #12253
    Episode 226
    Suzanne asks Theo if he planted that bomb in the limo that killed Brenda. Sonny and the other guests see it was Sam pulled out of the limo. Carly gives Shawn the opportunity to make a getaway but passes out due to loss of blood. Molly says she didn't misunderstand what Theo said about him being the Balkan. Jax brings bad news to Alexis that Brenda wasn't in the limo when it exploded Sam was. Theo tells Suzanne that Brenda is better use to her being alive, and swears he didn't plant that bomb. Lucky asks Siobhan if she would consider a green card wedding. Michael and Abby ask Jason how Sam is doing. Olivia asks if Sonny was in the car with Brenda when it blew up. Edward tells Luke and Tracy he was supposed to do something but can't remember what it is. Jason tells Alexis that Sam is doing okay but is stable for now. Suzanne learns from Jax that it wasn't Brenda in the limo. Sonny seeks answers from Shawn about Brenda's whereabouts. Franco calls Jason again saying when he comes home he's bringing a gift for him. Sam wakes up unable to hear anything that Jason is saying. Brenda wakes up and Theo introduces himself as Aleksander's father and the Balkan.moreless
  • Ep. #12252
    Ep. #12252
    Episode 225
    Sonny is reeled after watching the car blow up with Brenda in it. Alexis and Jax make a toast to wash away their past. Jason tells Carly that Shawn was hired by the Balkan to kidnap Brenda at the wedding. Abby tells Michael what that sound she heard was, then then hear sirens and it's coming from the Archer Pavillion. Ethan tries to calm Morgan, Kristina and Morgan after the explosion. Lulu arrives to see the fire coming from the car, and sees Dante consoling Sonny. Jason gets a call from Luke telling him to come right away cause Sonny's limo was wired and Brenda was inside when it happened. Kristina tells Alexis that someone planted a bomb and Brenda didn't make it, she then breaks the news to Jax and he asks if she's dead or not. Robin tells Patrick that if she had let things go then Brenda would still be alive. Jax lashes at Sonny and says how many people have to die, before realizing he's a danger to everyone that comes close to him. Edward makes Michael promise that he's not going to waste his life. Jason gets a call from Franco, saying they'll be together soon and hoped he enjoyed the fireworks. Sonny sees the body that was pulled out of the limo and Jason is shocked that it's Sam and not Brenda.moreless
  • Ep. #12251
    Ep. #12251
    Episode 224
    Theo tells Sam that at this moment Jason is at the Pine Barrens waiting to ambush him. Lulu tells Dante that she doesn't think she can trust him after this revelation. Michael and Abby's kiss is interrupted by Morgan and Molly watching close by. Morgan, Molly, Michael and Kristina make a toast to Sonny and Brenda. Carly finds Shawn at the side of the road, he then pulls a gun on her saying for him to take him in her car. Luke tells Tracy she should be grateful the charges were dropped against her. Carly secretly calls Jason without Shawn noticing. Brenda throws the bouquet and Kristina catches it. Jason comes in and Carly says for him not to shoot Shawn. Kristina declares to Ethan that she's going to marry him someday. Abby and Michael discuss their feelings. Brenda and Sonny head out to the car, Luke calls him back and it suddenly explodes.moreless
  • Ep. #12250
    Ep. #12250
    Episode 223
    Theo tells Suzanne that the place where Shawn wants to meet is obviously an ambush. Jax confronts Carly for what she did, she says she told the truth and Sonny still wanted to marry Brenda. Jason tells Shawn if things go wrong he's dead. Olivia asks Dante to be straight with her over this entire scenario with him and Brenda. Maxie tells Johnny she didn't want to go to the wedding and see Spinelli fawn over Brenda. Tracy tells Luke why didn't she tell Lulu when he found about what Dante did. Robin tells Patrick that she's not ready to go out with him just yet. Matt tells Lisa that if she goes anywhere near Maxie again, she'll have to deal with him. Tracy cautions Dante that Lulu doesn't want to see him and to leave her be. Abby tells Michael that her job interview didn't go so well, but is glad to be here at the reception with him. Jason gives Shawn a gun but warns him not to double cross him. Theo seeks revenge on the new Mrs. Corinthos. Lulu slaps Dante when he comes to her apartment. Gunfire ensues and Shawn is hit as Jason takes cover. Sam finds herself trapped with Theo in her car.moreless
  • Ep. #12249
    Ep. #12249
    Episode 222
    Jason tells Shawn if he hurts Sam then he'll kill him. Lucky asks Siobhan what she's doing here when she's gonna miss her flight. Brenda tells Sonny that if she doesn't object then Carly will surely do so herself. Suzanne asks Theo if Brenda's abduction goes poorly. Elizabeth tells Terrell her encounter with his patient, and isn't sure about her own child's paternity. Theo tells Suzanne that she spent too much time and is having some sympathy for Brenda. Brenda tells Sonny that she and Dante had an affair years ago and had a baby. Monica notices and tells Elizabeth how much Aiden looks like Lucky when he was that age. Shawn explains to Jason the Balkan hired him to clorophorm Brenda and bring her to a boat and to wait further instructions. Dante gets up and explains he did claim to be the father of the baby when in fact that he wasn't. Siobhan is stopped and says she can't go back to the U.S. without a visa. Diane learns Theo is the infamous Balkan, and Jason wants her help in finding him. Elizabeth asks Epiphany if she thinks Aiden looks like Lucky cause she remembers seeing Helena lurking around. Theo confronts Suzanne if she knew about Brenda being pregnant with Aleksander's baby. Lucky explains that Siobhan is a material witness and she must come with him. Sonny's actions surprise Brenda when he'll forgive and still wants to marry her. Suzanne says to Theo that she can finish this since no one knows she's the Balkan's wife. Brenda and Sonny are pronounced husband and wife. Theo realizes that Shawn has defected to the other side, and plans an ambush.moreless
  • Ep. #12248
    Ep. #12248
    Episode 221
    Brook Lynn tells Nikolas that Brenda and Sonny need this wedding to happen. Carly shows Brenda the document proving that she had a baby. The Balkan's men enter and Lucky ambushes then and he, Siobhan and Megan make a break for it. Robin tries to get Edward to walk Brenda down the aisle now that Jason isn't here. Morgan and Michael see when Carly shows up that she looks a little too happy. Sam tells Molly that now that they know that Theo is the Balkan they'll bring him down. Lucky learns from Megan that Balkan has a wife. Jason escorts Brenda down the aisle as the wedding seems to be going smoothly. Lucky suggests that Siobhan go with Megan to Barcelona so she'll be safe. Morgan gets up and welcomes Brenda into his family. Jason notices that Sam is missing. Sam points a gun at Shawn after hearing him complain to the Balkan about their being a problem, but he gets the upper hand on Sam. Johnny and Lisa get intimate on his couch. Theo tells his trusted servant that everything is going to according to plan. Brenda looks at Carly and tells Sonny she's sorry and has to object. Jason arrives and tells him to let Sam go.moreless
  • Ep. #12247
    Ep. #12247
    Episode 220
    Spinelli tells Jason and Sam that Theo Hoffman is the Balkan. Molly continues to overhear Theo discussing his plan to kidnap Brenda. Max explains to Carly that Sonny has his orders to keep her at bay until Sonny is on his honeymoon. Luke wonders why Lulu thinks that the wedding won't get so far. Theo hears a noise and abruptly goes to investigate but is stopped by Alexis. Shawn goes to make his move but hides as he hears Robin and Kristina coming. Luke tells Sonny he saw Max and Milo grab Carly earlier and wonders what's going on. Molly is glad to see Sam, and Jason asks her if she heard where Theo was going. Carly tries to work her magic on Max, then breaks a vase over his head and escapes. Olivia is delighted to learn that Dante and Lulu are back together. Tracy agrees to be civil with Luke until the ceremony is over. Suzanne feels it was a mistake to leave the wedding. Carly interrupts Shawn which keeps him from entering the bride's room. Sam and Jason head to the Metro Court to stop Theo in his tracks. Robin tries to convince Edward to walk Brenda down the aisle.moreless
  • Ep. #12246
    Ep. #12246
    Episode 219
    Suzanne gets a text from Theo saying today is the day. Carly tells Luke she didn't get a chance to talk to Brenda last night. Jason tells Spinelli to stay focused cause time is running out. Luke asks Ethan to work at Kelly's until the substitute arrives. Jason and Dante go over the security detail, and assures Jason that his feelings for Brenda are in the past and he loves Lulu. Edward arrives and tells Brenda he doesn't want to see Sonny break her heart again. Theo tells Suzanne that he's gonna put a bottle of champagne on ice until after their revenge is completed. Kristina asks Ethan to be her date for the wedding. Brenda sees what a great job Carol did at the Archer Pavillion. Max tells Carly that she's not to go to the wedding, he then takes her by force as Luke watches in delight. Molly sneaks into Alexis's office and hears Theo coming and overhears that he's the Balkan. Spinelli arrives and says he knows the true identity of the Balkan.moreless
  • Ep. #12245
    Ep. #12245
    Episode 218
    Jason's trying to figure out a conncetion between Theo and the Balkan. Suzanne and Theo relish in each other and Brenda walks in, saying he brought her in to discuss the shooting. Carly tells Sonny that he's here to tell Brenda not to marry him. Robin asks Patrick to tend to Theo when he comes in, but he says there's no way that's happening. Lucky and Siobhan enter and find Megan bound and gagged, she goes and quickly frees her sister. Molly tells Shawn outside Kelly's and says she can't wait for her uncle Sonny to marry Brenda. Brenda goes to Jason ecstatic that Theo had the trial postponed for a couple months. Lulu tells Luke that she's back together with Dante. Robin, Kristina and Molly help Brenda get ready for the wedding, Suzanne stops by offering her help to make up for the trouble she caused. Lucky works to free Megan from her shackles. Jason tells Spinelli that they have a lead on the Balkan. Sonny asks Max and Milo to focus on saving Carly from herself. Theo goes over the details of Brenda's abduction with Shawn. Jason asks Spinelli to check Aleksander's DNA with through the hospital computer. Lucky, Siobhan and Megan are ambushed by gunfire. Robin tells an uninvited Carly that Brenda doesn't have anything to say to her.moreless
  • Ep. #12244
    Ep. #12244
    Episode 217
    Theo tells Siobhan that he hopes that all she went through was worth her sister's life. Dante wants him and Lulu to continue their Valentine's romance. Shawn tells Jason he's here cause he found out he's been digging into Theo's past and he doesn't like it. Brenda and Sonny confront Suzanne and admitting to the sabatoge and only did it to make her see the danger of the Balkan. Abby tells Michael that she's quitting stripping, but thinks Johnny won't like it. Lucky and Siobhan overhear the Balkan's goons say where they're gonna take Megan. Jason fires Theo, but he gives an argument that Michael will be sent back to prison, and Dante will be joining him. Luke gives Carly some advice. Suzanne tearfully apologizes to Brenda for what she's done. Lulu tells Dante she still loves him and they kiss. Sam realizes that Jason just put one over on Theo, and Jason says that he wants to keep him close. Suzanne and Theo's connection is revealed as they are determined to make Brenda pay for killing their son Aleksander.moreless
  • Ep. #12243
    Ep. #12243
    Episode 216
    Jason tells Sam they can call the hospital to see if she's pregnant of not. Spinelli is confident the Archer Pavillion will be ready in time. Suzanne says that the wedding is cursed and Sonny seeing his ring isn't gonna change anything. Lulu explains to Dante the details of the opera they'll be attending. Johnny comes to Jake's and knows why Lisa desperately needs his help. Lucky tries to get Siobhan that turning him over to the Balkan isn't who she is and is a good person. Theo and Shawn go over the plan to abduct Brenda and they get interrupted by Carly. Lucky tells Siobhan that her plan could've gotten them both killed and makes her promise not to do anything like that again. Patrick and Terrell try to upstage one another, and offer to play darts and the winner leaves the table. Someone lingers outside while Jason and Sam get romantic in Sonny's office. Brenda opens the box and tells Sonny his wedding ring suddenly disappears. Theo calls Lucky and says if he enjoyed the trap he set for him. Shawn lets himself into Sonny's office and Jason points a gun at him.moreless
  • Ep. #12242
    Ep. #12242
    Episode 215
    Molly sees that Jason is planning something special for Sam for Valentine's Day. Lucky tells Siobhan the sooner they find Megan then they can head back to Port Charles. Theo tells Shawn that Lucky and Siobhan are becoming worthy adversaries, but the outcome will be much more enduring. Lisa asks Terrell how his night with Robin went. Lulu tells Spinelli to head over to Dante's to keep him distracted, cause she has a surprise for him. Alexis threatens Theo if he makes a sexist remark again, he'll know her legal stature. Sam comes to the hospital, and Elizabeth tells her she hopes this is what she really wants. Maxie looks at what Jason has planned, thinking he didn't put enought thought into it. Terrell beats Patrick by asking Robin out after hearing him tells Elizabeth his plans. Mac tells Molly and Kristina that this matchmaking has to stop, but sees the trouble they went through and tells Alexis let it not go to waste. Johnny reveals to Ethan why he is attracted to Lisa. Siobhan and Lucky bust in on the warehouse, but are surprised when they were expecting them. Jason tells Sam that Elizabeth called with the results of her pregnancy test.moreless
  • Ep. #12241
    Ep. #12241
    Episode 214
    Carol tells Sonny and Brenda that the place won't be ready for the wedding. Ronnie shows Carly her business card which was found at the s scene, Carly starts blaming Brenda for doing this herself. Dante tells Michael not to seek revenge on Franco. Patrick asks Steve just how much does he know about Terrell. Elizabeth asks Brook Lynn if she'll be moving back to the city to focus on her music. Olivia tries to make Patrick think that Robin is with Terrell for a different reason. Sonny tells Jason not to bail Carly out. Lulu tells Luke she ended things with Dante and doesn't think she wants things to be over. Jason then asks Carly where she was an hour ago. Sonny accuses Carly of flooding the Archer Pavillion and ruining his wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #12240
    Ep. #12240
    Episode 213
    Lisa sees and then overhears Patrick tell Johnny why he's protecting her. Carly tells Michael she made an appointment with a therapist. Sonny is outraged that someone came into Jason's apartment and cut Brenda's dress to pieces. Sam tells Jason she would know if she was pregnant or not and to focus on something that does exist. Lulu wonders if Dante's consider resigning from the force has to do with everything going on with Michael. Nikolas And Brook Lynn bump into Elizabeth and Steve at Jake's. Someone uses a lighter to see off some sprinklers at the place of the wedding. Sonny asks Brenda if she would consider eloping with him, but she feels she doesn't want to disappoint Molly or Kristina. Lisa bribes the guy at the front desk hoping for Patrick to catch Robin with Terrell, Olivia wonders what she's up to. Jason asks Carly if she had anything to do with what happened to Brenda's dress, she then says that she didn't. Dante tells Michael that Lulu pretty much put it all together as soon as he left. Carol tells Sonny and Brenda that there's a problem. Ronnie questions Carly about the flood at the Archer Pavillion.moreless
  • Ep. #12239
    Ep. #12239
    Episode 212
    Michael realizes that Sonny everything that happened to him in prison. Jason tells Lucky that him leaving town with Siobhan is a mistake. Jax tries to get Carly to take her frustrations out on him. Sonny tells Michael how much he means to him. Lulu tells Sam to take a pregnancy test. Luke and the others come to the police station hoping to get Tracy sprung. Brenda confronts Carly at the Metro Court over with what happened to her dress. Siobhan tells Lucky that he's risking alot just by helping her. Luke gets Alexis to be Tracy's attorney, but she would rather spend the night in lockup then go home with him. Brenda tells Suzanne that she doesn't have time to deal with ASEC right now, cause she's in a crisis. Lulu tells Dante that he should reconsider resigning from the force. Tracy makes a deal with Alexis she'll triple her fee if she'll make the smuggling charges and her marriage to Luke go away, and says to come with her. Ronnie tells Lucky that he's taking Siobhan back into custody. Sam brings home a pregnancy tests and explains to Jason why she bought it. Brenda shows Sonny what's left of her dress. Someone plants scissors and the other pieces framing Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #12238
    Ep. #12238
    Episode 211
    Dante tells Lulu that he should've covered for his brother or else he wouldn't have endured what he went through. Carly goes to see Sonny at the house and says that Michael was raped in prison. Nikolas and Brook Lynn head to the Haunted Star and Ethan says it's closed til Luke gets back. Lucky tells Siobhan not to make matters worse, he has to take her in, Shawn then calls Theo and tells him that she didn't double cross him. Sam tells Jason that Spinelli jumped to conclusions when he found that pamphlet on the table. Ethan tells Tracy that Luke sent her a peace offering. Michael begs Jason not to reveal the truth to Sonny. Lucky applauds Siobhan's performance at Jake's, Theo then arrives and says he's her attorney. Sonny tells Brenda that he has to be there for Michael cause he's going through a rough time. Luke returns and Tracy reveals that she found the jewels, long before Mac come and arrests her for jewel smuggling. Siobhan dons a police uniform and Lucky needs to get her out of there right away. Brenda takes Robin upstairs to show her the dress, but sees that it was ripped to shreds. Maxie believes that Sam is expecting. Jason tells Lucky that he's not going to let him leave.moreless
  • Ep. #12237
    Ep. #12237
    Episode 210
    Lucky hears Siobhan scream and finds her taped and tied up. Steve overhears Lisa and Terrell talk about Patrick, but Epiphany thinks he should leave it alone. Carly tells Dante that she would love to shoot but wouldn't do that to Michael. Michael asks Sam to look after Abby, while he takes care of a few things. Jason tells Sonny that he's not gonna overlook the Balkan's plan to abduct Brenda at the wedding. Lucky tells Siobhan that if the Balkan wanted her dead she would be. Maxie brings Lulu to Jake's and that she'll thank her later for taking her out, and what happened between her and Dante. Dante explains to Carly he was convinced that Judge Carroll wouldn't send Michael to prison. Abby tells Sam that she wants Brandon to pay for what he tried to do to her. Lisa literally ruins Patrick and Robin's plans. Jason thinks that Siobhan's been playing Lucky ever since Ireland. Steve wonders who authorized the H.I.V. patient transfer to General Hospital. Michael asks Abby to trust him when he has a better place to take her. Dante opens up to Lulu that he's nothing but a liar and hypocrite and doesn't think he deserves to wear a badge. Lucky goes to Jake's and arrests Siobhan for conspiracy, while Shawn watches.moreless
  • Ep. #12236
    Ep. #12236
    Episode 209
    Jason tells Dante that calling it in was the right thing to do. Michael visits Abby and Carly overhears him asks her if Brandon did rape her then it's okay to talk about it. Lucky tells Jason that Siobhan explained the Balkan's plan on having Brenda abducted at her wedding. Theo instructs Shawn to run into Siobhan and him knowing what he has to do. Brenda's delighted when Suzanne returns and fills her in that she went to the town where she miscarried. Epiphany gives Terrell a present that was left for him by Robin and makes it clear to keep his personal life away from the hospial. Michael shocks Dante that he was raped in prison. Molly asks Shawn if they can finish their conversation of PTSD. Lisa tells Terrell what his next move towards Robin is. Brook Lynn tells Nikolas that for a brief moment was like he was jealous of his Roberto's offer to take her to Argentina. Jason tells Brenda that he can't do anything until he knows the Balkan's identity. Carly sees Dante beside himself and says Michael told him everything that happened in Pentonville. Lucky watches as Siobhan goes into the confessional, but Shawn knocks him out.moreless
  • Ep. #12235
    Ep. #12235
    Episode 208
    Siobhan tells Lucky the Balkan had Megan grabbed, and pulled her strings ever since and worries that she'll die now that she told him the truth. Jason tells Michael that he doesn't think he would've stopped Carter if he were his age. Jax asks Carly if ending their marriage is worth destroying their kids family. Siobhan tells Lucky that her sister could be anywhere, Lucky says he can't do anything until she tells him what the Balkan has planned for Brenda. Brenda opens up to Dante about her having a miscarriage. Theo comes in the room and understands she's in dire straits. Lulu walks in on Brenda and Dante, she then says for Dante not to follow her. Carly goes to see Jason and he says it's gonna have to wait, Michael then comes in the room and tells his mother he was raped in prison. Jax explains to Morgan that they'll still do stuff cause he's a big part of his life. Siobhan tells Lucky that everything is set for tomorrow. Dante goes to Lulu to explain what she walked in on earlier. Michael decides it's time to seek therapy. Theo tells Shawn that he's gonna go in his place just in case Siobhan is planning a double cross.moreless
  • Ep. #12234
    Ep. #12234
    Episode 207
    Jason tells Dante that he'll take care of Siobhan. Michael has a flashback to being in the cell with Carter and loses it on Brandon. Alexis tells Jax that if it were her, she would literally tear his head off after going to London for Brenda. Siobhan tries to explain everything but Lucky doesn't believe one word of it, and says she's not going anywhere. Jason hears Abby scream and finds Michael beating Brandon. Shawn explains to Lulu that with the Balkan still being a threat she's considered a target even her and Dante aren't together anymore. Dante tells Jason he's not going to help cover this up, cause all Michael did was stop a man from raping a woman. Carly wants Spinelli to race every move Jax made while in London. Abby agrees with Jason about going to the hospital to prove Michael acted in her defense. Theo reveals to Shawn that he instited the wrongful death suit and will show Brenda his own world. Michael tells Jason that what if Abby's lying and was raped and can't admit it. Siobhan reveals to Lucky that if she doesn't do what the Balkan asked then he's gonna kill her sister Megan. Dante asks Brenda what happened to the baby. Carly tells Jax that she's not gonna take it anymore and that Brenda can have him. Michael opens up to Jason about that night in Pentonville, and admits that Carter raped him.moreless
  • Ep. #12233
    Ep. #12233
    Episode 206
    Jason asks Lucky who he's protecting either Brenda or Siobhan. Brenda comes downstairs after hearing Spinelli talk about having a baby in the penthouse. Molly tries to get Michael to open might put an end to these outbursts he's been having. Dante tells Lulu to take a good swing at him cause he deserves it. Theo tells Siobhan to lay the groundwork or Megan will suffer. Sam tells Spinelli that she's not going to have the procedure. Molly explains to Michael that she gets it, why he was so into Abby cause she was mature. Alexis grabs a folder from her desk, but Theo won't let her take it. Jason tells Dante there's a problem and Siobhan is a traitor working for the Balkan and Lucky is too oblivious to see it. Molly and Michael encounter Abby, and a jealous Brandon overhears them. Theo tells Lulu that he might have to call her as a witness in the wrongful death suit against Brenda and Dante. Brenda tells Carly that Jax is still looking out for her. Michael hears Abby's pleas for Brandon to leave her alone and finds her being beaten. Lucky confronts Siobhan and says he gave her the wrong location and that she's been working for the Balkan all along.moreless
  • Ep. #12232
    Ep. #12232
    Episode 205
    Nikolas and Elizabeth make arrangements to have dinner. Dante asks Theo why he's discussing his case with they guy in his office. Johnny explains to Lulu why Lisa is in his penthouse. Brook Lynn lets the air out of one of her car tires. Lucky walks in on Siobhan as she's having a rather heated discussion while talking on the phone. Jason asks Sam if she's considering having the reconstruction procedure, and says it's her decision cause he's not going to deny her a child. Robin thanks Terrell for fixing the garage door opener for her. Lulu tends to Johnny's wounds and says she broke up with Dante cause he lied to her. Spinelli tells Jason that he just ran into Michael and thinks that something's seriously wrong. Robin tries out the remote and sees that Terrell must've crossed a wire, cause everything in the house comes on. Brook Lynn arrives at Elizabeth's house claming she got a flat tire. Siobhan asks Lucky where the wedding is gonna take place, he then lies about the location. Jason asks Michael to respect Abby's wishes when she pushed him away to protect him. Brook Lynn admits to Nikolas that she punctured her own tire just to rescue him. Spinelli finds the pamphlet and is ecstatic and assumes that Brenda is pregnant. The Balkan tells Siobhan she better be right of the wedding location or her sister will pay dearly.moreless
  • Ep. #12231
    Ep. #12231
    Episode 204
    Maxie tells Lulu she doesn't think Dante would've acted on his feelings for Brenda. Robin apologizes for being late, since she was trapped in the garage. Shawn asks Theo what the deal is in having a certain bride abducted on her wedding day. Dante tells Olivia that he and Lulu broke up. Sam comes in the apartment while talking with Kelly on the phone about the procedure, and Jason comes downstairs. Ethan tells Maya that she had no intention of renting an apartment, but likes it at the Quartermaines. Alexis tells Shawn that she knows who he is since he calmed Molly down last night. Dante sees that Steve is here to take Olivia home. Tracy encourages Brook Lynn to fight for Nikolas. Terrell tries to make himself look good to Robin. Shawn sends Johnny a message which he takes loud and clear, he knows what he has to do. Theo asks Jason if he doesn't trust him. Sam unknowingly leaves the pamphlet for fertility reconstruction on the table. Olivia comes in the room and tells Dante to stay out of her personal life, cause he was interrogating Steve. Lulu finds Johnny on the sidewalk, but he refuses to go to the hospital. Jason discovers the pamphlet and asks Sam if she's thinking about having a baby. Dante hears Theo tell Shawn about Aleksander's family being right about seeking justice.moreless
  • Ep. #12230
    Ep. #12230
    Episode 203
    Carly tells Shawn that it's rare that she does something nice for someone. Jason tells Brandon to get up and leave town and he'll die if he ever comes near Abby again. Michael tells Dante that he wants to forget about his time in Pentonville. Lucky tries to get Lulu to see that what Dante did with Brenda was a few years ago. Jason tells Abby to not let Michael think she works as a hooker. Alexis convinces Molly to get help for her problem. Maxie is curious when she gets a weird call from Luke, and asks Lucky and Ethan when did their family become a jewelry importer. Carly tells Theo not to waste his time defending Dante and Brenda. Abby tells Jason that she feels comfortable around Michael, also thinking it's best that she keep her distance. Dante shows up at Lulu's place asking to accompany him to the opera, but says there is no them and probably never was. Jason tells Sam about his encounter with Abby's ex-boyfriend. Lucky tries to get Siobhan to tell him what's really bothering cause he can clearly see it isn't about them. Theo hires Shawn to work for him to avoid suspicion that they're connected. Carly tells Spinelli not to reveal all to Jason cause he'll be obligated to tell Sonny before she gets the chance. Jason tells Michael not to let Carter take his soulmoreless
  • Ep. #12229
    Ep. #12229
    Episode 202
    Carly tells Dante that he's in no position to make demands of her. A guy helps a distraught Molly over to the bench who's still traumatized. Lucky asks Siobhan what exactly is going on when she let the guy go. Patrick tells Matt he thinks that Robin is purposely doing this on purpose. Michael asks Jason how long does it take to get rid of constant nightmares. Molly opens up to Shawn that she says she's bipolar, and the kind of symptoms she's having. Lulu tells Lucky she's mad at him cause he also knew that secret Dante was keeping. Kelly gives Sam more information and if the procedure is a success she'll have about a 50% chance of carrying the baby to term. Michael tells Kristina that he doesn't want to get fixed up with anymore of her friends, and humbly yells at her saying to get out. Terrell tells Patrick that he and Robin are just friends at least for now, since Robin and him are seperated. Carly finds Molly and asks if she's alright, she said she's doing okay now with her new friend now. Jason finds Abby being harrassed by Brandon, and says that Michael really misses her. Michael works out and is taken aback by Carter and puts his hand around Dante's throat when he comes home. Carly is grateful for Shawn she offers complimentary room. Brandon returns with a gun and says for him to get away from his woman.moreless
  • Ep. #12228
    Ep. #12228
    Episode 201
    Sonny asks Molly if this is a school project or if she thinks she's bipolar herself. Maxie tells Lulu this isn't going to work not with her still pining over Dante, cause he lied before and she forgave him. Patrick tells Lisa that what she's doing isn't going to work, by making him jealous of Terrell with him talking to Robin. Brook Lynn accuses Elizabeth of faking Aiden's earache so she can ruin her date with Nikolas. Carly tells Claire she thinks it's brilliant that she's on Sonny's legal team, cause he'll need someone when his marriage to Brenda blows up. Siobhan tells Lucky that she's made up her mind and is going back to him, she then gets a text and heads out. Brenda tries to repair the damage between Dante and Lulu. Nikolas tells Brook Lynn that he think she's right about Elizabeth exaggerating Aiden's condition just so he'd break his plans with her. Diane gives Carly the leverage she needs, and Dante tells her not to use it. Lucky sees Siobhan and some guy fighting and asks to give her phone back. Molly becomes terrified when she hears a crash. Patrick and Matt see Terrell and Robin playing darts while at Jake's.moreless
  • Ep. #12227
    Ep. #12227
    Episode 200
    Maxie tells Lulu that she can't go on working know that she walked out on Dante last night. Sonny has the recurring dream of Brenda disappearing at the altar, and wakes up pointing a gun at her. Sam sees Molly online looking for information on bipolar disorder, and asks Sam if her baby would've had it. Carol goes to Robin with some samples thinking this is definately not going to work. Dante tells Michael that he was wrong to keep secrets from Lulu and has to find a way to get her back. Nikolas asks Brook Lynn out on a real date and they share their first kiss. Theo learns more about Sonny, after Diane says that he and Claire has a brief relationship. Robin tells Brenda chat about the upcoming wedding, and to be open and honest with Sonny. Lulu returns to the loft and tells Dante she's only here to get her things. Terrell tells Lisa that he's gonna do his part and keep his eye on the prize which is Robin. Molly goes to Sonny and asks his input on his condition, and what mood swings he had. Dante tells Brenda that Theo told Lulu that she killed Aleksander, and she pretty doesn't trust him anymore. Theo makes arrangements to have a certain bride abducted at her wedding. Robin sees that Terrell offered his services at the Stone Cates Aids Wing.moreless
  • Ep. #12226
    Ep. #12226
    Episode 199
    Molly wakes up after having a nightmare of the bus crash, and is consoled by Alexis. Abby tries to tell Michael about the real her even though he doesn't believe a word of it. Jason tells Carly that if he interferes in Michael's life he's gonna turn on him. Theo stops by and tells Lulu of Brenda's confession to killing Aleksander. Sonny tells Dante that the wedding to Brenda will happen, despite the Balkan being out there. Sam is about to Jason about the fertility procedure but gets a phone call. Michael starts to yell at Carly, by saying she has no idea who he is at all. Molly starts to lash at Kristina for not letting her use her laptop and throws a vase. Lulu tells Dante that Theo was here and they talked about Brenda killing someone.Sonny thinks that Mike's gambling has gotten out of hand and needs to go to rehab right away, cause he could've gotten hurt this time. Jason tells Abby to do what's right and tell Michael the truth. Michael apologizes to Carly for the way that he exploded at her earlier. Molly asks Kristina why she took the blame for breaking the vase. Lulu asks Dante how he could lie about not knowing Brenda, and thinks she doesn't know him and says she's done and leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #12225
    Ep. #12225
    Episode 198
    Lucky tells Siobhan that he knows there's something more going on. Jason asks Dante if these results are accurate and the Balkan is still out there. Sam talks with Kelly about the fertility procedure that they talked about and if she'll be able to carry a baby to term. Theo asks Brenda again who Aleksander is cause the jury would see right through her. Lisa tells Johnny that isn't the syringe that she gave him. Carly tells Sonny that it's up to Morgan if he wants to attend the wedding or not. Theo learns the truth after Brenda admits to killing Aleksander. Kristina tells Michael that he should go to Ali's memorial. Claire tells Sonny of her new job at Diane and Alexis's firm. Brenda asks Theo why he cares so much about Aleksander. Dante tells Jason that Michael dating Abby is the kind of trouble that he doesn't need. Terrell asks Lisa who her friend Johnny is, and then says what her deal is when she promised they would reconnect. Claire congratulates Sonny on his impending nuptuals to Brenda. Carly overhears Brandon and learns that Abby was involved in a raid at Vaughan's and to stay away from Michael. Sam comes home and does some research on the fertility reconstruction. Siobhan tells the Balkan that he's gonna have to exact his revenge without her, but rethinks when she gets a call from her sister Megan who's being tortured.moreless
  • Ep. #12224
    Ep. #12224
    Episode 197
    Jason tells Spinelli that before his book is distributed he's gonna read it all firsthand. Diane refuses to take part in Carly's latest scheme cause it could result in getting her fired. Brook Lynn goes to Lucky about her concerns for Elizabeth always showing up at Wydemere all the time, Nikolas shows up asking what she's doing here. Patrick cautions Johnny about Lisa, cause she'll turn on him in a heartbeat. Terrell opens up to Robin of a friend he once had that died of H.I.V. Brook Lynn tels Nikola she feels that Elizabeth is manipulating him. Diane agrees to find that legitimate documentation of the adoption of Brenda and Dante's child. Theo tells Siobhan to continue doiong what she's doing by being with Lucky and reporting back the information to him. Dante agrees to be Sonny's best man. Jason comes looking for the book that Spinelli's writing but Carly think he's here for the adoption documentation. Terrell lashes at Lisa for not mentioning Robin's H.I.V status and asks her what else she's keeping from him. Dante tells Jason that the DNA between Jerry and Aleksander didn't match which means the Balkan is still out there. Siobhan tells Lucky that she's officially ending it effective now.moreless
  • Ep. #12223
    Ep. #12223
    Episode 196
    Sonny is livid when Diane shows up at his office with a prenup for Brenda to sign. Michael sees as Ronnie brings Abby into the police station for prostitution. Spinelli tells Lucky that he was able to trace a bank account that Jerry Jacks used frequently, Siobhan insists on hearing cause she's pretty much involved. Brenda asks Jason to admit that he's going to miss her when she's gone. Diane tells Sonny that she's only trying to protect his assets. Ethan overhears Maya confide in Johnny about her starting to have feelings for him. Patrick tells Lisa that he figured out she passed the syringe along to Johnny to avoid getting caught. The Balkan tells Siobhan to look under her seat, and she sees a disturbing photo. Ethan comes downstairs after Johnny leaves to talk with Maya with what he overheard about what she said about Las Vegas. Carly goes to Diane for advice and saying she has to stop Brenda and Sonny's wedding. Johnny arrives to bost bail for Abby, Dante learns that Johnny's majority owner of Vaughn's. Theo advises Siobhan to attend the wedding as Lucky's date cause that's where he's going to exact revenge on Brenda. Carly tells Diane about Brenda and Dante's child, and wants the documentation to prove it. Robin cautions Terrell that she's H.I.V. positive. Patrick comes to see Johnny wanting the syringe to end Lisa's torment once and for all. Sonny asks Dante to be his best man but refuses.moreless
  • Ep. #12222
    Ep. #12222
    Episode 195
    Jax learns that a body was recovered from the harbor, but can't be identified as Jerry. Elizabeth rejects Steve's offer to give her money. Steve insists on Patrick working with Lisa in the O.R. Nikolas thanks Brook Lynn for an incredible night on the town. Johnny learns that Ethan is trying to give Maya some money so he can break up with her. Jason tells Brenda that there isn't going to be a wedding if she's dead. Molly feels sick and tells Alexis she doesn't feel like going to the award ceremony. Elizabeth walks in and sees Brook Lynn and Nikolas all cozy. Johnny tells Lisa to treat Ethan and reminds her he still has the syringe which can end her career. Diane tells Spinelli they're picking up where they left off yesterday. Jason goes to Siobhan and wants her to tell him the whole story. Molly opens up to Kristina saying she does feel uncomfortable about facing that crowd and all that noise. Jax tells Brenda that he can't attend the wedding, cause he feels down the road she'll realizes she made a mistake. Lucky tells Siobhan that the body found in the harbor wasn't Jerry, and he may still be alive.moreless
  • Ep. #12221
    Ep. #12221
    Episode 194
    Carol doesn't believe Brenda when she says that Sonny is her fiance not Murphy. Abby spots Michael sitting down and watching her dance and him getting up and leaving. Theo makes a suggestion to Lucky that marrying Siobhan will settle her immagration status. Lulu wants an answer from Dante whether or not he's attracted to Benda. Abby runs into Sam saying that she never wanted Michael to see her at work, now she's looking for him. Michael tells Jason that he wanted to punch the guys face in for the way they kept staring at Abby. Abby encounters her ex-boyfriend Brandon and she asks how he found her. Carol and Brenda get into it prompting Sonny to step in and pull off a miracle and make their wedding memorable. Lulu tells Dante that she shouldn't have put him on the spot by asking him about his feelings for Brenda. Siobhan secretly meets with the Balkan in a confessional. Ethan tells Maya that he doesn't want to blow a good thing with what he has with her, but she says it's a business arrangement. Michael tells Abby that he can't stand not having her in his life and starts kissing her passionately. Sonny has a dream of him and Brenda at the altar, and something happening to her.moreless
  • Ep. #12220
    Ep. #12220
    Episode 193
    Sonny tells Michael that Carly has her concerns that Abby is using him just to get ahead. Jason tells Diane that if she's confident in Theo then a background check wouldn't be a problem. Abby holds her own with Carly, while she tells her to stay away from Michael and leave Port Charles. Theo tells Dante that he's not all that convinced that it was a case of self defense. Lucky invites Siobhan to go with him to see a band perform, and admits that a while ago he caught her in a lie. Lisa warns Terrell that Jake's is a place were doctors go to drink and to continue pretending they just met. Jason agrees to give Brenda away at her upcoming wedding. Siobhan runs into Theo while looking for Diane to ask for her tourists visa to be renewed. Dante asks Ronnie to do some checking on Theo Hoffman and to keep him informed on what he finds. Michael learns what Carly did to Abby, and threatens to cut her out of his life if she threatened Abby again. Patrick sees Terrell and Lisa together, and covers by saying she asked the new guy out to drink and that they lived in Houston at the same time. Kelly tells Sam about this new procedure which could result in her fertility problem, she asks if she have a baby after all. Michael sits quietly as he watches Abby on stage stripping.moreless
  • Ep. #12219
    Ep. #12219
    Episode 192
    Steve tells Terrell that he needs to start work at General Hospital today, cause a doctor is taking a leave of absence. Jason thanks Sam for helping him with Jake last night. Carly tells Sonny that he may be glad Michael dating a stripper but she isn't, but he thinks that Carly is seriously wrong about her. Dante tells Olivia that there's no place he'd rather be then by his mother's bedside. Robin insists on giving Dr. Jackson the grand tour of the hospital cause he wants this person to stay. Michael worries about Molly's behaviour after seeing her come in walking past him without speaking to him. Spinelli asks Diane if she'll memoralize his life and cases in Jackal P.I. Jason admits to Sam that he does miss Jake, but he has a good family and life. Theo tells everyone that he's gonna temporarily dismiss his malpractice suit. Carly goes to Sam for introducing a stripper to Michael and if she interferes again there'll be hell to pay. Spinelli refuses to help Brenda plan her wedding to Sonny cause he feels that Sonny will hurt her once again. Terrell agrees to Lisa's plan on helping get Patrick back for her. Diane is beginning to consider Spinelli offer, but doesn't like the introduction she wrote. Carly tells Abby that she didn't think she would find out she's a stripper by offering her money to leave town, but Abby tells her to back off. Michael tells Sonny the mistakes he's made after Ali's unexpected death. Jason asks Spinelli after interrupting his and Diane's conference to do a background check on Theo Hoffman.moreless
  • Ep. #12218
    Ep. #12218
    Episode 191
    Steve thanks Terrell for the wonderful he did on Morgan last night, he says he's here to interview for the pediatrics position. Dante continues to sit by Olivia's bedside. Carly tells Michael that Abby was here looking for him last night. Kristina tells Sonny she feels partly responsible for Ali's death since she was making another attempt at fixing her up with Michael. Spinelli comes to discuss Diane's writing and encounters Theo, who isn't too pleased when he starts to reconsider representing Brenda and Dante. Patrick asks Robin out on a date, but she says to ask her another time and might give a different answer. Ethan agrees to move into the mansion as to Edward's offer, but Tracy returns home saying that Luke's decided to skip the honeymoon and embark on grand larceny instead. Sonny tells Theo that now is not the right time to be hassling Dante cause Olivia isn't doing so well right now. Tracy tells Edward that she has no intentions of saving Luke if he gets arrested. Steve offers Terrell a trial basis which intrigues Lisa. Lisa tells Terrell to stick to the plan and seduce Robin. Michael tells Abby that Sonny nor Carly won't interfere in their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #12217
    Ep. #12217
    Episode 190
    Maxie refuses to let Matt be treated by Lisa after what she tried to do to Robin. Elizabeth is grateful that Cameron was really brave and has only minor cuts and bruises. Molly tells Alexis that she and the others did their best to find Morgan. Cameron wants Siobhan to read him a story, as Elizabeth goes to get Jake. Sonny asks Abby that he doesn't want Michael hanging out any strip clubs. Taylor tells Ali that it's best that she get checked out by a doctor. Jax tells Dante that Olivia is still in surgery. Dr. Jackson tells Carly and Sonny he'd be delighted to look after Morgan's broken leg. Lulu rushes to Dante and says she heard about the bus crash and what he needs is for her to keep him company. Ali goes to visit Kristina but she collapses in front of her and she screams for help. Steve tells Dante that the doctors did all they could and it's up to Olivia now. Abby starts to get concerned after learning that one of the crash victims collapsed. Patrick thinks that Ali has a bleed in one of the frontal lobes in her brain, but they aren't able to save her life. Sam watches as Jason and Jake share an emotional moment. Carly watches and Michael and Abby embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #12216
    Ep. #12216
    Episode 189
    Steve tends to a fragile Olivia and says that she isn't dying. Sam learns from Alexis of the bus crash. Michael finds Morgan and he says that his leg is broken. Dante tells Brenda that his mother will be fine cause it's his brothers and sister he's worried about. Michael finds a cell phone and manages to get a signal out and calls 911 and gets a work to Lucky that Cameron is alright. Abby comes by the hospital and asks if any of the crash victims were brought into the hospital yet. Jason and Carly find the site and tend to Morgan, she says he's the hero if they hadn't been speaking she never would've heard the crash. Brenda tells Kristina and Molly that she's honored to be apart of their family. Alexis explains to Sam she isn't going to stop until she has her daughters in her sight and in her arms. Sonny learns that Abby is at the hospital waiting to see if Michael is alright. Steve tells Dante that Olivia hung on for one reason that person being him.moreless
  • Ep. #12215
    Ep. #12215
    Episode 188
    Jason and Carly try to reach the kids on their cell phones with no luck. Steve wakes up and sees that Cameron is alright. Maxie tries to help Matt, but he says his arm is broken. Lucky worries what Luke did to bring him to the station when he's supposed to be on his honeymoon, and that he's after some precious stones. Michael sees that Morgan is nowhere to be seen. Michael, Molly and Taylor comes across the bus driver and sees that it's bad. Nikolas and Brook Lynn that the bus crash containing his loved ones. Dante receives bad news from Patrick that Olivia was also on the bus. Steve tends to Olivia who in return promises her to tell Dante she loves him. Elizabeth chooses comfort from Nikolas over Cameron. Siobhan offers her help, Lucky then finds out that Cameron went on the ski trip. Michael hears a truck overhead on the street and goes up the embankment to flag them down but is too late.moreless
  • Ep. #12214
    Ep. #12214
    Episode 187
    Jason tells Spinelli he wants to know the real reason he was at Luke and Tracy's wedding. Elizabeth is grateful for Steve taking Cameron on the trip when she's unable to go herself. Carly asks Olivia to go skiing in her place so she can spend some time with Jax. Maxie hopes that Matt didn't cancel going on the ski trip. Patrick tells Matt that he and Robin are taking this living together slowly so they can get back to what they had. Theo interviews Lucky regarding the Balkan and brings up Ronan O'Reilly. Robin tells Elizabeth she invited Patrick to stay at the house til New Year's. Kristina tries to get Michael to stop seeing Abby and date someone his own age. Ethan tells Lisa not to try and drugging Johnny again cause the syringe had been moved. Alexis gives Molly some extra clothes in case the weather gets bad at Cedar Mountain. Theo asks Alexis that she could give some insight to Sonny during the trial. Olivia gets Steve to play his guitar to get everyone singing. Carly hears the sound of a crash while talking to Morgan on the phone. Everyone is seen on the snow unconscious after the bus crashes down a ravine.moreless
  • Ep. #12213
    Ep. #12213
    Episode 186
    Carly tells Sonny not to marry Brenda cause she's nothing more then a liar. Dante lies to Lulu about his dream of his childhood in Bensonhurst. Theo tells Brenda to tell him the exact truth of what happened. Molly explains to Kristina she hopes Alexis is having fun while out with Mac and maybe they should cancel the ski trip to Cedar Mountain in case Alexis changes her mind. Spinelli goes to see Diane and says he's come across something very important. Jason comes home and tels Theo they need to get somethings straight. Lisa drugs Johnny and searches his place for the syringe. Michael comes to see Sonny to properly congratulate him on his engagement to Brenda and that he would like to be his best man. Claire makes another attempt to get Diane to see that having her in the firm is a good idea. Brenda tells Dante that she's contemplating telling Sonny everything about them and the baby. Michael tells Kristina and Molly who are excited about Sonny marrying Brenda. Spinelli tries to get Carly not to expose Dante and Brenda's secret, but she says that nothing will stop her and thinks she knows how to do it. Theo tells his associate that Brenda has information that he needs and will break her down so he can fully get his revenge.moreless
  • Ep. #12212
    Ep. #12212
    Episode 185
    Edward asks Jason why he's bringing Michael to see him now. Nikolas tells Brook Lynn that they wouldn't be here if she hadn't talked to Tracy. Carly wonders what she's gonna do with the fact that Brenda is the mother of Sonny's grandchild. Luke and Tracy share a dance as husband and wife. Theo tells Diane that he feels he's the right person to help Brenda and Dante with the wrongful death suit. Jax finds Carly and asks what she and Spinelli are discussing. Brenda tells Sonny that what if she says yes to his proposal and she's ends up disappointing him. Jason asks Spinelli if coming to the house was part of his mission when he doesn't know Luke and Tracy. Brenda catches the bouquet and Sonny immediately announces their engagement shocking everyone including Dante. Tracy tries to get Nikolas to drop Brook Lynn contract before someone else in her family dies like Emily and if he won't then she will. Edward makes Ethan and Maya another tempting offer. Sonny thanks Carly for not getting into it with him, she says there's something she needs to tell him about Brenda. Tracy throws the prenup in the fire as Luke watches. Lulu interrupts Dante as he dreams of what if he and Brenda raised the baby together. Brenda gets an unexpected from Theo Hoffman to discuss the suit and the person she killed.moreless
  • Ep. #12211
    Ep. #12211
    Episode 184
    Edward stops Alice before she can stand up to object. Jax tells Carly to put her phone away. Tracy holds off and still insists on looking at the prenup to see if he actually signed it. Patrick and Robin spend some family time with Emma, Mac stops and asks why Patrick is here at the house. Jason and Sam bring home a tree to celebrate Christmas together. Brook Lynn tells Tracy that she's acting ridiculous and should go up there and marry Luke and for once in her life take a chance, she then asks the minister to proceed and she and Luke are pronounced husband and wife. Spinelli comes home to see Michael, Molly helping Sam and Jason decorate the tree and says he has a pressing matter to attend to. Patrick wants Mac to agree to a temporary cease fire during the holidays. Matt tells Maxie that he has a special gift for her by taking her out and getting a tree and beginning their own traditions. Jason brings Michael to the Quartermaines and surprises Edward. Carly sees Spinelli and reads the paper learning that Brenda and Dante had a child together. Sonny asks Brenda to marry him and she's suddenly speechless.moreless
  • Ep. #12210
    Ep. #12210
    Episode 183
    Sonny thinks that with Jerry dead there's no reason for Brenda to be guarded. Tracy feels hopeful that Luke will bail on her wedding and jilts her. Ethan and Lucky tell Luke it's for his own good to keep him alcohol free til he marries Tracy. Jason refuses to go to the wedding since he wasn't invited in the first place. Sonny invites Dante to attend a Christmas brunch with the rest of his sons, but he says he's going to Bensonhurst with his mother. Carly tells Spinelli he's going on a trip to break into the law firm so she can expose Dante and Brenda's dirty little secret. Lisa overhears Robin invite Patrick to spend Christmas with her and Emma. Maya and Lulu tell Tracy that Luke will in fact be here. Brenda and Sonny attend Luke and Tracy's wedding. Edward tests Luke and passes, he then does the impossible and signs the prenup. Lucky explains to Jax the situation with Jerry and his body hasn't been recovered. Jason tries to bond with Sam by taking her out instead. Tracy sees Luke standing there and insists on seeing his signature on the prenup first, she then proclaims his love for Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #12209
    Ep. #12209
    Episode 182
    Lucky fills Luke in on his suspicions regarding Siobhan. Jerry tries to bargain with the Balkan, who in return tell him how disappointed he is in his work. Jax tells Brenda that he's gonna deal with Jerry himself. Dante konws that Maxie just lied to Lulu, and she then gives him a warning. Sonny asks Carly to promise not to turn Dante in. Lulu tells Maxie she knows that she said that so she can speak to Dante alone. Tracy tells Luke that she's confident that everything will go well at the wedding. Theo tells Jerry that he's terminating his employment and gets shot in front of Siobhan and falls into the river, Siobhan is given instructions to call and tell Lucky the truth of what she just saw. Alexis tells Sonny that Diane doesn't think she can make this wrongful death suit go away. Ethan and Maya talk about their living arrangements. Lulu is surprised by Dante with a feliz navidad style Christmas. Theo approaches Brenda who's escorted by Jason that she dropped a glove. Carly asks Spinelli what he's got, and finds out Dante hired a family lawyer, and Carly wonders why he would want one.moreless
  • Ep. #12208
    Ep. #12208
    Episode 181
    Jerry instructs Siobhan to kill Lucky cause she's been doing such a good job in playing him the way she has been. Sonny tells Jax to tell him where Jerry is so he can deal with him personally. Alexis asks Diane why she didn't discuss it with her when she brought Theo in to help with the caseload. Brenda caves under Carly's accusations and confesses to killing the Balkan's son and Dante helped cover it up, Carly blasts Jason for not telling her sooner. Nikolas tells Brook Lynn how impressed he was in how she stood up to Alexis earlier. Dante tells Lulu that Jerry is still alive and is gonna be protecting Brenda and can't go out with her tonight. Jerry calls Siobhan and says to be on the pier in an hour and to bring Lucky. Luke asks Sonny if she should be discussing business in front of his son Dante. Elizabeth sees Nikolas with Brook Lynn while out to dinner with Steve, and goes over to tell her to get out of his life. Carly sees Jax getting a gun out and he says that he stood by and let his brother pull a gun on his wife. Lucky gets a call from Siobhan's sisters Fiona, and is shocked that she hasn't spoken to her in a month and tells Luke that she's been lying to him for weeks. Dante overhears Lulu confide in Maxie about him spending too much time with Brenda. Theo Hoffman is revealed as the Balkan and gives Jerry an earful by telling him not to threaten Siobhan.moreless
  • Ep. #12207
    Ep. #12207
    Episode 180
    Siobhan receives a text wanting information, she's then startled when Lucky comes up to her. Jax asks Jerry how he can come and visit like nothings changed. Brenda puts ornaments from Sonny on the tree and someone watches from the window. Dante is served with papers and names Brenda as his co-defendant. Robin tells Theo to let this lawsuit thing go, cause he was her patient. Michael understands why Abby changed her mind thinking she couldn't handle how messed up he is. Diane goes through the papers stating that it's a wrongful death suit. Alexis asks Nikolas how his arrangements with Brook Lynn is going and he makes an unusual request. Jerry goes far as to pull out a gun and threaten to shoot Carly if Jax doesn't let him leave. Jason interrupts Brenda and Sonny's decorating and says that Jerry somehow survived the crash and is not gonna stop until he gets to Brenda. Abby opens up to Michael that what he said isn't the reason why she broke their date and they grow even closer then before. Siobhan overhears Dante tell Lucky some valuable piece or information.moreless
  • Ep. #12206
    Ep. #12206
    Episode 179
    Patrick tells Theo that they ran every test on him and revealed that there's nothing wrong with him. Jason tells Carly that it's possible that Jerry died last night in an accident. Luke tells Sonny he's fighting his instincts to leave before the wedding. Dante explains to Brenda that there was an accident last night and Jerry Jacks died in a car accident. Kristina tells Michael while he's waiting for Abby that he should go out with girls his own age. Jason tells Carly that he's not gonna believe that Jerry's dead until he sees for himself. Robin tells Theo that the reason she admited him was to cure him of his loneliness. Brenda breaks the news to Jax regarding Jerry. Sonny and Claire bump into each other for the first time since ending things, and says she's been transfered to Alaska. Carly returns home to a very much alive Jerry in the living room with Josslyn and offers to rid her and Jax of Brenda once and for all. Theo shocks the doctors when he sues them for malpractice. Sonny surprises Brenda with a tree and hoping they'll spend the holidays together. Bryce gets into it with Michael of him not going out on any dates, Abby comes in and kisses and apologizing for being late. Jax comes home to see Carly talking with Jerry.moreless
  • Ep. #12205
    Ep. #12205
    Episode 178
    Robin doesn't believe that this woman is her housekeeper's cousin and is hiding something. Jerry takes out his gun and informs Jason that he'd better come out cause he knows he's there. Patrick and Robin fight over how to deal with Lisa. Johnny tells Ethan that he's working for some european and told him to watch over Sam McCall. Siobhan asks Nikolas to help get Lucky off the Balkan case. Abby tells Carly that Michael is unlike any person she's ever met before. Sam tells Michael that she doesn't think it's a good idea for him to go out with Abby. Jerry shoots a morgue attendant and gets in the car and takes off, Dante opens fire hoping to stop him. Tracy thinks that Luke has a fear of committment and is hoping that he breaks his heart so it'll stop her from loving him. Jason does his best to track Jerry's whereabouts with Aleksander's remains in the back to get to him before he can leave the country. Lisa asks Johnny how many more people has he told about her secret. Abby tells Michael that she can't go out with him after all breaking his heart. Jerry sees the roadblock up ahead and swerves apologizing to Aleksander. Luke tells Ethan that he feels like skipping out and says he can't live without Tracy. Dante, Lucky look at the guard rails and thinks no could've survived that, but Jason says he may still be alive.moreless
  • Ep. #12204
    Ep. #12204
    Episode 177
    Carly asks Abby how she knows Michael putting her son entirely on the spot. Sonny and Brenda make love. Luke enlists Ethan, Lucky and Siobhan to fleece people out of money so he can pay for his wedding to Tracy. Johnny asks Lisa what she's going to do when Steve asks her to bring in some immigrant to be treated. Maxie invites Robin and Patrick to go out to dinner with her and Matt. Steve tells Dante that the body is gonna be on the pier tonight. Siobhan asks Brook Lynn if she'll be going to her grandmother's wedding. Tracy shows Luke the layout of the wedding dress that she's having made. Michael tells Sam his growing feelings for Abby and his date with her tonight. Dante asks Jason that he can't just go after Jerry unarmed. Brook Lynn asks if she can bring Nikolas as her date. Patrick tells Matt to get Robin and him out of this whole date thing with Maxie. Luke tells Nikolas that he's invited to the wedding. Lisa is startled when someone arrives at the hospital thanking her for the medication surprising both Robin and Patrick. Tracy tells Brook Lynn that she feels that when she walks down the aisle Luke won't be there. Carly warns Abby she doesn't want Michael derailed and whatever they got going it ends now. Jerry gets out of the car and Dante thinks that he could be the Balkan.moreless
  • Ep. #12203
    Ep. #12203
    Episode 176
    Jason tries to make Carly see what her plan is gonna do to Michael. Theo tells Steve that Robin is telling the truth and that the meds are in Lisa's lab coat. Michael introduces Lulu to Abby and she assumes that she and him are involved. Lucky tells Siobhan about Brenda shooting and killing Aleksander. Elizabeth asks Nikolas to come to her place to help her decorate the tree, but sees that he has plans with Brook Lynn. Dante runs into Olivia on the pier and says she and Johnny broke up for good this time. Robin receives mixed messages from Theo about what to do with her marriage. Dante goes to see Johnny to give him an earful but he's sees that he wants to know why he's so eager to get rid of him and sees when Lisa shows up. Siobhan calls one of the Balkan's men and says the PCPD are using Aleksander's remains to lure him out of hiding. Sam asks Patrick about a case she's working on about a doctor and GH cheating on his wife with one of his patients. Sonny tells Brenda that he has a surprise planned for her. Michael openly asks Abby if she'd like to go out on a date with him and he's excited that she said yes.moreless
  • Ep. #12202
    Ep. #12202
    Episode 175
    Jason tells Steve that he's the key to luring out the person that wants Brenda dead. Siobhan quickly covers by saying that she's on the phone with her sister when she's talking with the Balkan's men. Dante tells Michael that he probably said to much about him and Brenda last night. Sonny instructs Max and Milo to make sure that everything is perfect for tonight. Johnny collapses as he tries to get up, and tells her to get him something for the pain. Patrick asks Robin why Theo Hoffman is still in the hospital. Sonny tells Carly that he knows she objects to him being with Brenda. Robin tells Steve that she's gonna keep Theo another night. Michael apologizes to Abby for his behaviour last night. Sonny asks Jason if he thinks it's a mistake for him to be with Brenda. The Balkan's men follow and get the envelope from the decoy "Siobhan". Lulu comes home and gives Dante an aspirin to ease his hangover. Robin catches Lisa stealing medicine for Johnny. Lucky and Siobhan gain access to Ronan's safety deposit box.moreless
  • Ep. #12201
    Ep. #12201
    Episode 174
    Edward tells Luke that he blew it with Mary Mae and Bradley, and Maya being his second chance. Patrick asks why Theo is still in the hospital when there's nothing wrong with him. Kristina tells Michael what if Abby asks to sleep with him cause she's concerned. Tracy is glad that Ethan and Maya are here, and announces she wants to arrange the wedding party. Michael blows another moment while with Abby, when he offers to pay her to hang out. Coleman calls Michael and says that Dante is at Jake's and isn't doing to well. Diane tries to convince Brenda to reunite with Sonny. Robin explains to Theo that there's nothing that should allow him to stay in the hospital, he opens up about him losing someone recently. Lulu is humble that she's being appointed as Tracy's maid of honor. Edward offers Maya and Ethan live in the east wing of the Quartermaine mansion. Siobhan secretly meets with someone saying she'll get what the Balkan needs. Dante opens up to Michael about him wanting Brenda when he guarded her all those years ago.moreless
  • Ep. #12200
    Ep. #12200
    Episode 173
    Robin explains to Theo that there was no tumor in him. Lucky finds Siobhan in his hotel room and says that she shouldn't be here, Siobhan thinks the Balkan's men will grab him as soon as he leaves the bank with Ronan's safety deposit box. Abby tells Michael that he shouldn't be fighting with customers from the club. Luke tries to figure out how to pay for his and Tracy's wedding when all his card players are heading to Atlantic City. Molly comes to interview Edward for a class project. Michael tells Abby he can see in her eyes that she didn't like that guy grabbing her like that earlier. Dante offers to pay for someone else's shoes cause Brenda broke the heel off one of hers. Robin tells Theo they have no choice but to discharge him from the hospital. Kristina asks Michael if he has feelings for Abby. Tracy comes in asking Luke why the Haunted Star is closed when they can have customers gambling. Maya tells Ethan that she wants out of this marriage and cause it seems like he wants Edward's money. Luke starts to question Edward after Tracy says he could be up to something. Ethan goes after Maya to explain that he deeply cares for her.moreless
  • Ep. #12199
    Ep. #12199
    Episode 172
    Johnny tells Lisa that all he has to do is confirm Maxie's statement that she did have a syringe. Carly and Spinelli put a damper on Sonny and Brenda's time together by barging the room after hearing something break. Dante tells Jason that what if there's a way to bring the Balkan to them instead them finding him. Micheal and Abby run into one another and invites her for some coffee, but sees someone come up saying how much he missed her. Patrick tells Robin why should he be mad if Lisa is spending time with Ethan. Theo Hoffman rolls into the hospital saying that he has chronic pain. Michael tells the guy not to touch Abby and punches him, he then calls Jason and explains what happened. Sonny and Carly get into it while Brenda and Spinelli hear from downstairs. Olivia walks in on Johnny while he's being treated by Lisa, and says maybe they are different people. Suzanne objects to the idea of Sonny escorting Brenda to a charity function. Maya wants answers from Ethan in what is going on with him and Lisa. Theo complains while he's still waiting and not being treated, he then strikes up a conversation with Dante. Jason tells Michael that he's still on parole and can't get into anymore fights.moreless
  • Ep. #12198
    Ep. #12198
    Episode 171
    Nikolas tells Robin and Lisa to be civil to one another. Jane tells Jax that Jerry called her on her birthday and she received a music box from Bulgaria, which is Balkan's territory. Sonny cautions Max, Milo and Spinelli to keep their distance while he's with Brenda. Ronnie asks Dante why a cold case from New Jersey means so much to him. Jason questions one of Jerry's men but he's killed by someone before he can give any more information. Jane tells Jax that if he's gonna protect Jerry then to do it without doing bodily harm. Johnny comes home with a bullet in him, and asks Ethan for his help. Mac tells Jax that if Jerry if he returns to town he'll take him out personally. Jason tells Sonny that he can't take Brenda out cause Jerry tried to have Sam abducted. Ethan arrives at the hospital and takes Lisa over to Johnny so she can look at his gunshot wound. Jax shows Suzanne a photo of Jerry to see if she's seen him anywhere near Brenda. Carly offers to help Spinelli once again. Sam thinks that Jerry is gonna walk into the police department to collect his son's remains, cause he's gonna send someone else. Johnny warns Lisa that he still has the syringe she was carrying when she left Robin's room.moreless
  • Ep. #12197
    Ep. #12197
    Episode 170
    Sam sees something while trying to lock her door and immediately calls Jason. Jax asks Carly why she is having Lady Jane come, Carly thinks it's the fastest way to find out about Jerry. Patrick in enraged when he sees Lisa and tells her why would she post a video of lies regarding Robin. Tracy asks Lulu if she would be her maid of honor. Dante tells Sonny about Jerry Jacks possibly being the Balkan. Jason gets Spinelli to stay and watch over Brenda making sure she doesn't leave the apartment. Patrick tells Robin of Lisa's broadcast which makes her the bad guy, she goes online to watch to see for herself. Sonny goes to Luke to make arrangements to bring Brenda to the Haunted Star. Spinelli tells Brenda that he arranged Milo and Max to prepare the dinner for her and Sonny. Jason sees that someone broke into her apartment. Kristina tells Michael that Taylor has helped her through alot this past year. Nikolas tells Robin that her behaviour is out of line whe she lashes at Lisa. Carly tells Lady Jane that she didn't bring her to town to fight her battles. Spinelli tries to stop Sonny from leaving the penthouse, saying Brenda can't leave.moreless
  • Ep. #12196
    Ep. #12196
    Episode 169
    Lucky shows Siobhan photos of Jerry and asks if she's seen him. Brenda thanks Jax for the champagne and so she and Sonny can enjoy their date by themselves. Carly tells Dante that she doesn't think that Jerry could be in town. Johnny learns that Ethan and Maya got married while escorting Luke and Tracy to Las Vegas. Agent Bates approaches Lucky about going undercover as "Ronan" again but Siobhan has her doubts. Carly tells Dante how Lulu would feel if she found how passionate he is towards Brenda. Tracy tells Luke that if he doesn't sign the prenup there will be no wedding. Sam assures Jason that she can handle herself if Jerry comes anywhere near her. Carly cautions Jax that Jerry could be returning. Johnny asks Dante and Lulu when they plan on getting married. Siobhan books a seat and follows Lucky to New York City. Jax tells Carly that he thinks Lady Jane isn't telling the truth about not having had contact with Jerry. Jason tells Spinelli to do some checking into Jerry's mother, Spinelli then hears and sees that Sonny is dropping off Brenda but Jason tells him to leave them be.moreless
  • Ep. #12195
    Ep. #12195
    Episode 168
    Sonny asks Carly what she's up to this time. Dante tells Lucky that it's possible that Jerry Jacks is the infamous Balkan. Maxie walks in on Patrick and Robin sharing a tender moment. Suzanne explains to Jax about him getting close to Brenda, then he can go back to Carly and his kids. The mysterious man goes into the closet after Alexis comes to visit Sam. Steve finds Lisa and applauds of her saving a patient who was brought into the E.R. Abby is delighted to see Michael and tries to get him to open up about what happened to him during his time at Pentonville. Olivia tells Jax that he's gonna break Carly's heart if he does go out with Brenda. Sonny tells Brenda that Carly seemed calm earlier and thinking what she has planned. Carly tells Spinelli to go through all of Dante's records to find out more about him and Brenda. Lisa's confession video goes viral around the hospital. Jason shares his theory with Sam about Jerry being back and him being the Balkan. Jax uninvitedly sits with Brenda and Sonny at their table.moreless
  • Ep. #12194
    Ep. #12194
    Episode 167
    Sonny tells Dante that Brenda told him everything about Aleksander. Lisa gets an idea about makng a confession while treating a patient. Carly wants her and Jax to get a real Christmas tree this year. Robin is shocked to see Lisa still working on the same floor as her hospital room. Sonny tells Suzanne he's giving his relationship with Brenda another shot and for her not get involved. Robin cautions Lisa that the key to her house she has won't work cause she had the locks changes. Spinelli is concerned when Brenda tells him she has a date with Sonny. Nikolas tells Steve that despite Lisa's probabtion there's still no proof that she tried to inject something in Robin's I.V. Spinelli asks Sonny if his intentions are to bed Brenda then abandon her. Dante tells Lucky that he helped Brenda cover up after he ditched Aleksander's body in the swamp after she shot him. Lisa starts to make her video to be uloaded on Suzanne tells Jax that Brenda needs his help desperately. Jason begins to wonder if this "Jack" is in fact the Balkan's last name. Sam returns to her place unaware that someone is there with her. Carly arrives just as Brenda and Sonny leave Jason's place.moreless
  • Ep. #12193
    Ep. #12193
    Episode 166
    Sam and Robin play matchmaker to get Alexis and Mac together for Thanksgiving. Lucky tells Siobhan that Nikolas and Elizabeth with Audrey he's hoping to spend the holiday with her. Mac offers Matt to join him and Robin but Patrick is to come nowhere near the room. Lulu tells Dante to join her with her brothers over at the Quartermaine's. Alexis asks Kristina who else she invited. Edward has mixed feelings about the Spencer's. Robin asks Mac when's the last time he called Alexis, he feels he shouldn't allow Patrick to beg her for his forgiveness. Max and Diane arrive for dinner at Alexis's place. Lucky brings Siobhan and Edward is immediately delighted. Spinelli tells Kristina that he's grateful he placed her right next to Maxie. Edward's upset to see Dante but is glad that Michael stopped by. Tracy gets a surprise from Luke and that it's an engagement ring her acquired, she's immediately touched. Patrick surprises Robin by bringing Emma to see her. Spinelli's upset that Matt shows up, Kristina gives up her seat so he can sit next to her.moreless
  • Ep. #12192
    Ep. #12192
    Episode 165
    Sonny and Brenda rekindle an old flame with one another. Michael tells Lulu and Dante that he's gonna be staying at his mom's place tonight. Patrick thinks that Maxie went through with her threat to frame Lisa. Lisa tells Johnny that she was gonna put something in her I.V. that would make her lose in front of the hospital board. Robin is glad that she and Jason can still be friends. Brenda opens up to Sonny about what she been through with Alexander and him being the Balkan's son. Diane tells Alexis that she's gonna need some help. Claire informs them of her situation with internal affairs and offers her services at their law firm, but Diane rejects her offer. Johnny tells Lisa that he's gonna hang on the syringe and when he needs a favor then he'll let her know. Spinelli thanks Molly for assisting him in doing something special for Jason. Robin is livid at Patrick's notion that Maxie would make up Lisa actually having a syringe. Jason tells Sam that he didn't send her a text, they go in the apartment and see a dinner set up.moreless
  • Ep. #12191
    Ep. #12191
    Episode 164
    Luke feels that Carly is up to something concerning Lulu and Dante. Lulu apologizes for putting Michael on the spot like that. Brenda is surprised to see Sonny in his old apartment. Jason tells Dante to tell him everything so that he'll know what to do to fix it. Ronnie that there's nothing irregular found in Robin's I.V., Steve asks where the syringe might be. Matt takes Maxie away after she starts to lay into Ronnie for not searching Lisa. Luke makes it clear to Carly that he doesn't trust her one bit. Steve tells Lisa to keep out of Robin's room, he then places her on probation and takes away her o.r. privileges, and if she approaches Robin she'll be fired. Maxie tells Johnny that she's gonna find that sryinge cause it has to be somewhere in this hospital. Patrick tells Robin of Lisa's being on probation, and she thanks him for believing in her and for continuing to fight. Jason tells Spinelli to give him something he can use besides him spending time with Brenda. Elizabeth invites Nikolas to Audrey's for Thanksgiving. Lisa meets with Nikolas on the pier. Someone waits outside the door with a gun as Sonny and Brenda are still talking as Johnny watches from afar. Brenda and Sonny give into temptation.moreless
  • Ep. #12190
    Ep. #12190
    Episode 163
    Patrick tells Lisa to drop this complaint against Robin. Jason tells Carly that she basically has no proof that Brenda and Dante had an affair. Sonny tells Olivia that he's had his share of beautiful women, herself included. Suzanne tells Dante that when Brenda was sick in Africa it wasn't Sonny she was calling out it was him, as Michael overhears nearby. Nikolas says that he has to be fair to Lisa since there's no evidence she has done nothing wrong to implicate her being unstable. Johnny comes up to Lisa who's about to put something in a syringe. Luke asks Lucky to be his best man, and is shocked that his father's wedding is on Laura's birthday and Tracy choose the day personally. Maxie walks in to find Lisa trying to inject something into Robin's I.V., Lisa then quickly runs out. Luke eavesdrops on Carly talking to Lulu and goes over and says he didn't believe a word she said to her, since she blames Dante for sending Michael to prison. Lisa gives Johnny the needle while Nikolas and Steve catch up and Patrick asks what she did to Robin. Robin tells Elizabeth that this could be the break she's been waiting for to finally nail Lisa once and for all. Brenda tells Max that she'll be alright by herself while she goes in Sonny's old apartment, where she finds Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #12189
    Ep. #12189
    Episode 162
    Jason tells Carly to meet with him at his apartment to discuss her plans for Dante. Suzanne tells Dante why hide the fact that he knew Brenda. Elizabeth comes to Jake's to talk with Siobhan, she tries to warn her that Lucky is in the other room. Michael opens his mouth and insults Abby about her job details. Lisa tells Robin that she's gonna request that she be fired for her own good. Tracy tells Luke she wants a Christmas wedding her at the mansion with all her friends and family around. Ethan tries to explain Edward's offer as a good thing to Maya. Steve tells Robin that Lisa is going ahead with her complaint to the hospital board. Dante tells Carly that Sonny is able to spend time with Michael again. Lulu learns that the date of Luke and Tracy's wedding is that of her mother's birthday. Carly goes to Jason and says that Dante and Brenda had an affair years agomoreless
  • Ep. #12188
    Ep. #12188
    Episode 161
    Michael attempts to get Carly to forgive Dante. Lucky tells Elizabeth that despite everything she's a good mother to Aiden. Dante tells Sonny that he guarded Brenda years before and wasn't sure she would ever remember him. Luke, Tracy, Maya and Ethan return home from Vegas, and Lulu comes in saying it must be a joke that Maya and Ethan are married. Jason sees that Spinelli played Maxie and why he didn't tell her how he felt. Siobhan runs into Lucky with his sons in the park and offers to play football with them. Michael tells Jason she's worried that Carly is gonna do something to get back at Dante to mess with his parole. Alexis explains to Claire that she clearly warned her about having a relationship with Sonny. Diane tells Sonny that Claire made it so that he can see Michael again. Edward delivers a tempting offer to Ethan that he'll give him one million dollars if he stays married to Maya for a year. Abby sees Michael on the pier and that he's worried he'll probably have to go back to Pentonville. Carly tells Jason that she'll always hate Dante for what he did to Michael.moreless
  • Ep. #12187
    Ep. #12187
    Episode 160
    Jason tells Lucky that Siobhan remember a phone call one of the Balkan's men made to someone named Jack. Dante tells Carly that him guarding Brenda back in 2007 is a matter of public record. Robin tells Maxie that Lisa is up to her old tricks by trying to have her ousted from the hospital, Maxie says not to worry cause she'll handle it. Olivia pleads with Johnny to stay away from Carly and for her to rail on someone else. Matt agrees to speak to the hospital board on Robin's behalf. Jason and Sam have an intense bonding session, but it's interrupted by a call from Brenda. Tracy learns about Nevada's annulment law and she could've ended her farce of a "marriage" years ago. Siobhan tells Lucky that she could easily fall in love in Port Charles. Carly closes the restaurant at the Metro Court so she can spend time with Jax. Brenda tells Jason that Carly is poking around in Dante's past. Lucky and Siobhan share a kiss while on the pier. Dante looks at Lulu sleeping while thinking of his secret.moreless
  • Ep. #12186
    Ep. #12186
    Episode 159
    Jax tells Claire that Sonny will always have a place in Brenda's heart. Brenda tells Dante that she doesn't want to discuss the baby ever again. Tracy sees that Luke isn't contacting a lawyer, but Reverend Grace so they can get married. Brad explains to Carly that it's unorthodox for Dante to get involved with the person that he's guarding. Olivia opens up to Coleman about Carly setting her sights on Johnny. Lulu sees that Siobhan is working at Jake's and it's okay for her to be out in the open. Tracy once again tells Luke that they both will set up a prenup they can both agree on and then they can get married. Dante confides in Michael. Maya and Ethan become intimate with one another. Sonny calls Suzanne asking her to come over to talk about Brenda's safety.moreless
  • Ep. #12185
    Ep. #12185
    Episode 158
    Patrick and Steve come in Robin's room and Lisa explain that she came in here after hearing her scream. Jason explains to Dante that Brenda could seriously be unstable if this thing with Aleksander gets out. Lulu tells Brenda that her eyes were opened after realizing what Sonny's capable of. Olivia tells Jax what Carly is planning with Johnny. Steve comes in and tells Robin that the contents of the syringe where that of a patients athritis meds, Lisa then requests and apology. Claire tells Sonny that she doesn't want to get fired and thinks she won't since she didn't break any laws. Nikolas brings Spencer to the hospital, and Brenda comes and asks if he's alright. Steve tells Patrick that Lisa has filed with the hospital board looking to get Robin fired and she could easily pull this off. Carly asks Brad what he remembers while on duty with Dante about him and Brenda. Jason tells Sonny that he promised Brenda he wouldn't tell anyone else her secret.moreless
  • Ep. #12184
    Ep. #12184
    Episode 157
    Sam asks Brenda what this secret that Jason promised he wouldn't tell anyone. Claire tells Ronnie to get Sonny's release papers ready. Dante reveals to Michael that he lied to Lulu about not knowing Brenda when he did. Olivia wants answers from Carly about what she was doing having drinks with Johnny, Carly says it's none of her business. Luke and everyone starts to remember what happened the night before. Ronnie asks Dante if he would like to do the honors of giving Sonny his release papers. Mac arrives with the arson report, and Robin is shocked that Lisa's been exonerated for the fire. Lulu comes home and asks Michael what Dante told him, and why he lied to her. Maxie tells Mac that the reason of the fire is because it's her fault the candle was the start of it. Spinelli opens up to Brenda with new hope, Brenda sees that he'll get a new love in his life.moreless
  • Ep. #12183
    Ep. #12183
    Episode 156
    Jason tells Dante that Brenda told him everything about Aleksander last night. Siobhan tells Lucky that she's going back to Ireland. Tracy, Ethan, Maya and Luke all wake up from a massive hangover. Carly goes to Johnny wanting him to set up a meeting with one his guys who was once a cop who knew Dante guarded Brenda. Luke finds the marriage certificate, Tracy sees that the married couple is actually Ethan and Maya. Lucky tells Siobhan that he's not ready to let her go, Lucky asks Nikolas what he thinks of the two of them. Tracy is glad that Luke's plan for them to get married failed miserably. Siobhan ends up at Jake's and Coleman agrees to try her out as a bartendar. Sam asks Dante for help cause she feels something went wrong up at the bluffs. Suzanne learns of the shootout and Jason informs her to finally admit a connection with the Balkan, she starts to wonder if she doesn't really know her at all. Maxie goes to Lucky after hearing some irish girl claim that she was his girlfriend. Olivia overhears Carly and Johnny talk about there's more to Dante's connection to Brenda. Reverend Grace tells Luke and Tracy that he did in fact marry Ethan and Maya. Jason tells Brenda that he can't divulge any information about the Balkan.moreless
  • Ep. #12182
    Ep. #12182
    Episode 155
    Patrick tells Robin that he's gonna be with her every step of the way. Lucky is able to free Siobhan, Jason asks Dante why he fired when he told him not to. Luke is caught by Maya putting scotch in a flask, Tracy is told by Ethan that Luke faked his heart attack. Robin reflects on the past five years and when she first met Patrick. Spinelli shows Lulu a picture of Brenda and Dante together, and sees that he lied to her when he said that he never met her. Claire tells Sonny that he'll be released tomorrow from jail. Mac wants answers from Dante and Lucky and to deal with this Balkan mess until it's resolved. Jason grills Brenda on who this Aleksander person is. Maxie tells Patrick to do whatever it takes to treat Robin's infection. Tracy reveals she knew all along that Luke was faking and agrees to marry him as long as he signs a prenup, Luke offers to bring Ethan and Maya along too. Diane tells Sonny to stay away from Claire for her sake as well as hers. Alexis gives Claire some sound advice on her relationship with Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #12181
    Ep. #12181
    Episode 154
    Patrick asks Robin if she actually saw Lisa start the fire at Mac's. Steve tells Matt and Elizabeth not to tell anyone else this unless they know for certain that Lisa is to blame. Lisa attempts to prove her innocence to Nikolas, but he says he's standing by Robin. Lucky is told to bring Brenda to the warehouse in exchange for Siobhan. Carly tells Spinelli that she wants all the information on Brenda and Dante in 2007. Jason tells Brenda what's gonna go down and they can't afford any mistakes cause she could get caught in the crossfire. Sonny tells Diane that Claire pretty much saved him from going to prison. Matt tells Maxie how she's holding up after finding out about Robin. Alexis offers her support to Mac by helping anyway she can. Carly tells Spinelli that there has to be a witness that can place Dante and Brenda together. Patrick notifies Robin that she has contracted a serious infection. Carly lets it slip to Lulu that Dante was assigned to protect Brenda. Jason tells Dante to hold fire, but he shoots.moreless
  • Ep. #12180
    Ep. #12180
    Episode 153
    Lisa tells Robin that they the house is on fire and she needs to get out right away. Michael explains to Kristina that he knew from that night that Sonny planted the bomb in Johnny's car. Siobhan pleads with her capture saying he's got the wrong person. Ethan and Johnny hear about Sonny's arrest on the news. Elizabeth informs Patrick that the fire department was called to Mac's house. Sonny tells Brenda that the reason that he came back was to prove to his kids that he's not the monster everyone says he is. Kristina asks Michael she can understand why Sonny lied but why did he and goes off to talk with her father. Jason and Dante try to work with Lucky who's determined to rescue Siobhan. Alexis isn't sure how to explain to Kristina what her father almost did to her. Robin is brought into the hospital and Epiphany tells Patrick that Lisa ran in the burning house and saved Robin and Emma, but is told that Robin accused Lisa of starting the fire. Johnny tells Olivia that Sonny lied when he said he didn't try to blow up his car. Claire tells Sonny that she may have found a way to get him out of this.moreless
  • Ep. #12179
    Ep. #12179
    Episode 152
    Robin sings Emma to sleep unaware of the fire downstairs. Edward is told by Monica that Tracy is bringing Luke to the house to recuperate, he then gets a visit from Brenda. Ronnie tells Dante if he in fact fabricated what he just heard. Sonny tells Claire that she could've warned him about the recording. Jason tells Carly he talked with Spinelli about him not revealing any information. Edward tells Tracy to take Luke so he can be taken care of in the warmth of his own family. Elizabeth tells Lisa she doesn't seem too broken up about Patrick not being able to be there for his daughter. Jason asks Spinelli if what Carly says is true about Dante guarding Brenda years before. Sonny asks Dante to tell Kristina the truth and all he wanted to do was keep her safe. Lisa finds the Scorpio home on fire and finds Robin unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Carly visits with Sonny and he tells her to explain his current situation with Mchael and Morgan. Luke tells Maya and Ethan that he has one month to get Tracy in wedded bliss.moreless
  • Ep. #12178
    Ep. #12178
    Episode 151
    Tracy catches Ethan giving Luke a smoothie when he shouldn't be having dairy at all. Patrick tells Matt that he's doing the right thing by staying away from Emma's birthday party. Dante tells Lulu that Lucky's cover is blown and the Balkan's men took Siobhan instead. Robin tells Maxie about Lisa possibly being the one that took Emma while in her stroller last night. Lulu insists that Dante go get checked out cause he might have a concussion, Carly arrives and Dante wonders why he's so protective of Brenda. Maxie tells Mac to be nice once Patrick arrives. Jason tells Spinelli to go to a hotel until Brenda goes back to Rome. Sonny tells Dante that somehow Ronnie got proof that supposedly links him to the Zacchara car bombing. After hearing Michael's remark she says maybe it's best they don't run into each other anymore. Matt tells Robin that Patrick was called into surgery and won't be coming. Spinelli tells Carly that he can't reveal any information to her or anyone. Tracy tells Luke that he's going to recuperate at the Quartermaine mansion and she's not taking no for an answer. Carly convinces Spinelli to take another look and finds out Dante guarded Brenda back in 2007, and tells Jason of their connection. Ronnie plays the tape of for Dante which contains Sonny's voice giving an order.moreless
  • Ep. #12177
    Ep. #12177
    Episode 150
    Patrick realizes that the witch's hat belongs to one of the nurses and not Lisa and he's forced to apologize for the misunderstanding. Agent Bates tells Dante he knows that he guarded Brenda years before and if she was happy to see him. Jax comes home and tells Carly he stopped by Jason's to check on Brenda and discovered she shot someone dead tonight, Carly asks why he isn't running off to save her. Sonny and Claire try to get back on track, but it's interrupted by a call saying that Brenda was brought to the police station. Sam confides in Spinelli of what Brenda and Dante said tonight and knows there hiding something. Sonny sneaks by and goes in the interrogation room to see Brenda. Matt gives Patrick some advice to fight for his marriage to Robin. Carly calls and tells Spinelli to drop everything and come over right away. Ronnie asks Claire if she's reviewed the recording to see if it's admissable. Agent Bates refuses to help Lucky find Siobhan, Dante shows Lucky something that the Balkan's men have her and they know he's a cop. Brenda screams and Jason hurries and Sam sees her being embraced by Jason.moreless
  • Ep. #12176
    Ep. #12176
    Episode 149
    Nikolas and Elizabeth bring the boys to the hospital for trick-or-treating. Robin finds Emma as Abby wheels her from around the corner. Siobhan is approached in taken away by one of the Balkan's men. Jax, Carly and Morgan divide all the candy they got. Spinelli comes home to see that glass on the floor and calls and reveals to Jason he told Brenda about the warehouse. Robin goes to the hospital and tells Patrick that Lisa took Emma out of Kelly's and thinks she shouldn't have been released from Shadybrook. Ethan tells Johnny that he feels he should've handled Kristina's crush on him differently. Dante catches up with Brenda and rescues her, Brenda picks up a gun and fires and shoots the man who's fighting with Dante. Lulu asks Spinelli why Brenda would knock out Dante. Despite Jason's objections Dante calls in the shooting to the police. Robin sees that Patrick doesn't believe that Lisa went after Emma, and leaves the hospital. Nikolas is told that Siobhan left the house earlier. Patrick approaches Lisa by telling her to back off of Robin once and for all and sees the witch hat in the locker room. Siobhan that she'll be used as bait for whatever the Balkan has planned.moreless
  • Ep. #12175
    Ep. #12175
    Episode 148
    Spinelli rushes into Brenda's room after hearing her scream after having a nightmare. Abby shares with Michael about that night and he just had a reaction to her taking his shirt off. Ronnie calls Claire and says he has evidence proving Sonny is guilty of setting the car bomb. Max and Milo are on board with Jason and Sam's plan. Elizabeth tells Patrick she knows he overheard he and Robin talking the other day and thinks he shouldn't miss out on Emma's birthday. Lucky tells Siobhan to stay at Wyndemere and to say a prayer for him. Ronnie plays the tape of Sonny ordering the hit on Johnny. Max and Milo take "Brenda" out and is taken by "Ronan" to the warehouse and he calls and asks for the Balkan to deal with her personally. Patrick tells Emma to have fun with her mom trick-or-treating. Alexis warns Sonny that getting involved with Claire is a definate mistake. Robin leaves Emma for a minute and comes back and finds that she's gone.moreless
  • Ep. #12174
    Ep. #12174
    Episode 147
    Jason tells Suzanne that the Balkan wants to kidnap Brenda and for her make it happen. Mike sees that Sonny came into Kelly's with the hope of running into Brenda. Patrick can't decide whether or not to attend Emma's birthday. Claire tells Alexis that the Lopez brothers have been cleared and Sonny is the prime suspect in the bombing. Robin asks Elizabeth if she'd like to attend Emma's party. Dante asks Michael what exactly did he hear him say while sleeping. Suzanne says to Jason that the plan is great but there's no chance of it ever working. Claire asks Alexis how she's willing to go to protect Sonny. Olivia invites Dante to bring Lulu for dinner at Johnny's tonight. Sonny and Robin discuss forgiveness. Johnny warns Ethan that Claire is investigating the car bombing and she'll probably be questioning him next. Jason thinks this whole kidnapping "Brenda" plan will be a breeze and it'll end the Balkan once and for all.moreless
  • Ep. #12173
    Ep. #12173
    Episode 146
    Jason thinks it's a bad idea to take Brenda's place as bait for the Balkan. Brenda reflects on her time with Jax. Lucky insists that Siobhan stay with him in Port Charles. Carly tells Lulu that she is not happy with the idea of Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Claire wants Dante to guard Brenda but he says it's cause of his father that he can't do the job. Molly tells Michael to talk with Jason cause she's worried about Sam, Abby walks in and Molly asks how she knows Michael. One of the Balkan's men overhears Lulu tell Lucky that he won't have to worry about being Ronan O'Reilly anymore. Tracy tells Luke that they would discuss marriage when he's stronger. Jason explains to Brenda of his plan to meet up with the Balkan to turn her over to him. Abby asks Michael to join him for a cup of coffee and says her date wasn't about the money it was cause Sam said he was going through a hard time. Epiphany tells Tracy that visiting hourse are over, she tells Luke she'll be back tomorrow. Dante tells Lulu that he's been assigned as Brenda's bodyguard. Jax tells Carly that he told Brenda how happy he is to be married and have Josslyn.moreless
  • Ep. #12172
    Ep. #12172
    Episode 145
    A man overhears Lucky and Jason talking on the pier and texts the Balkan not to trust Ronan. Luke thanks Maya for her help, but Maya wonders how Tracy will react after finding out this is a scam. Jax asks Claire for police protection for Brenda which angers Carly. Lulu tells Brenda the reason she's here is to say that Kate wants her on the cover of Crimson. Elizabeth comes knocking and Nikolas quickly hides Siobhan. Claire calls Dante asking him to come to her office and it being important. Jax comes over to discuss the magazine cover with Brenda. Elizabeth tells Nikolas and Lucky she lost Cameron and Jake's trust funs in a investment that went south. Monica confronts Maya about the doctored records and agrees to keep quiet since Tracy has been difficult to live with lately. Lulu needs Carly's help to get Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Siobhan asks Lucky if that woman is in fact his ex-wife. Luke asks Tracy to marry him. Sonny witnesses Brenda and Jax sharing a tender moment.moreless
  • Ep. #12171
    Ep. #12171
    Episode 144
    Dante and Brenda agree not to tell Sonny their secret. Carly tells Jason the only way to make Jax jealous if they sleep together. Tracy still insists that Luke is faking his little episode. Claire sees that Sonny is trying to impress Brenda. Jax asks Tracy if she can live with herself if Luke dies. Lucky arrives at Wyndemere and introduces Nikolas to Siobhan and says they need to hide out here for a while. Max tells Brenda that they have to leave there's some place she has to be. Luke asks Maya to get a scan of a bad heart to convince Tracy. Carly tries to get Jason to see that what she has planned will work. Luke's tests show he suffered a heart attack. Sonny and Claire realize that Carly is the one that set them up. Maya tells Ethan that she feels bad that Tracy is in there apologizing to Luke when she was right about him faking the heart attack. Sonny catches Dante looking a picture of Brenda in a magazine.moreless
  • Ep. #12170
    Ep. #12170
    Episode 143
    Carly is aghast to learn that Jax is renovating to make an apartment for Brenda. Steve shows Robin that another doctor changed her patients medication and Lisa isn't responsible. Ronnie tells Dante that Mayor Floyd is keeping a close eye on him. Sonny asks Suzanne if she's seen Brenda today, she says that he was supposed to keep his distance. Jason tells Robin that he'll take her anywhere as long as she explains why the Balkan is after her. Maya tells Tracy she heard her crying in the den the other night. Claire reads Brenda's file and is amazed she was one married to Jason. Luke clenches his chest and Tracy doesn't believe his act. Carly kisses Jason with the hope of making Jax jealous. Robin tells Patrick that they can still be great parents to Emma. Ethan and Maya hurry with their plan to get Tracy and Luke back together again. Claire arrives at the restaurant as to Sonny's invitation. Luke collapses in front of Tracy but she says he'll have to do better then that.moreless
  • Ep. #12169
    Ep. #12169
    Episode 142
    Tracy tells Luke to leave the casino when seeing him helping himself to the liquor. Carly tells Claire that Brenda is gonna have her eyes set on Jax again. Dante wakes up after having a dream, and Michael asks if everything is okay. Epiphany tells Robin that the craziness points to her when she goes off on Lisa. Spinelli comes much to Maxie's surprise to help with the Crimson computers. Dante apologizes to Michael for going off on him the way he did last night. Brook Lynn tells Nikolas she has an audition for a band which explains the dance moves, and he says to get ready for another function. Steve breaks the bad news to Elizabeth that investment in the pharmaceutical company is gone since it wasn't FDA approved. Kate is angry that she's the last person to know that Brenda was in town. Carly asks Jax what he's planning on renovating at the hotel. Dante tells Claire about his time when he was guarding Brenda a few years ago. Ethan has a plan for Luke to fake a relapse of his heart attack with Maya's help to get Tracy's sympathy. Robin loses control when she assumes Lisa is interfering with her patients.moreless
  • Ep. #12168
    Ep. #12168
    Episode 141
    Robin thinks she's being suspended by Steve after slapping Lisa, but learns she didn't turn her in. Jason asks Luke if he did any business with the Balkan, cause he's targeting Brenda for some reason. Siobhan manages to struggle free and take off. Dante tells Lulu that he doesn't want any lies or secrets. Luke tells Jason that interpol brought Lucky in cause he resembles an assassin that works for the Balkan. Sonny tells Max and Milo to keep watch on Brenda. Ronnie tells Dante what Mayor Floyd told him earlier and to be prepared if he goes through with his threat. Michael tells Spinelli he's not gonna let him destroy Claire just to avenge him. Lucky tells Siobhan that they let the Balkan believe that he did in fact kill and her only safety is to go to Port Charles. Luke tells Lulu that Lucky could be in trouble, and if he doesn't hear from him he's gonna go and find him. Lisa sees Patrick go into the Metro Court and then gets a room on his floor. Brenda and Dante seperately think of their time together.moreless
  • Ep. #12167
    Ep. #12167
    Episode 140
    Lisa tells Patrick that all she did was try and help Robin. Lucky tries to sneak out but Siobhan wakes up asking if he's leaving without saying goodbye. Sonny comes knocking on Brenda's door, Dante comes up with something to avoid Sonny asking questions. Robin tells Patrick that Lisa's taken so much and not to let it ruin his career. Luke goes asking Carly for a suite at the Metro Court, she agrees and says it's gonna cost him a favor. Luke and Jason discuss the Balkan. Mayor Floyd goes to Ronnie with this theory of Dante being a crooked cop on Sonny's payroll and wanting him off the force. Luke asks Ethan if there was any problems at the casino tonight. Spinelli tells Jason that since there's no point of origin and might be difficult to track. Robin slaps Lisa across the face. Lucky learns that Brenda went home to Port Charles, and insists on taking Siobhan with him. Dante lays into Michael from trying to get himself thrown back into prison for violating his parole.moreless
  • Ep. #12166
    Ep. #12166
    Episode 139
    Lulu catches Dante daydreaming while at his desk at the station. Sonny shares his feelings about Brenda to Jason. Siobhan offers to go out and get medical supplies so she can treat Lucky's wound. Brenda tells Suzanna that she has to leave Port Charles right away. Robin is angered that Lisa has been released from Shadybrook, Steve calls to and confirms. Carly goes to Jax to talk to Claire about Michael and get her to back off. Steve tells Lisa that it's for the best that she transfer to Mercy hospital. Epiphany, Matt and Elizabeth share with Lisa as long as she stays in line there won't be a problem. Mayor Floyd wonders why Jason is doing talking to Dante in the interogation room. Brenda goes to see Jax and Milo tells Max that she's flirting with him. Robin begins to reconsider taking a leave of absence from the hospital and take Emma somewhere. Lucky and Siobhan make love. Brenda and Dante promise to keep their secret about their relationship from Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #12165
    Ep. #12165
    Episode 138
    Maxie thinks Spinelli should move out of the penthouse cause Brenda will just disappoint him. Sonny tells Claire not threaten Michael cause her problem is with him. Carly tries to use Johnny as a distraction for Brenda. Ethan is accosted by some thugs when they come and ask him about Luke questioning Ronan O'Reilly. Robin sets the record straight in front of the staff at the hospital about Patrick's affair and them being seperated. Brook Lynn tells Nikolas she's not gonna be the reason he's not with Elizabeth. Dante tells Olivia that all the evidence point to Sonny of the car bombing. Carly tells Michael that she's not to let Claire send him back to prison. Johnny sees Ethan all battered and why his guys would beat him up. Jason tells Brenda to be careful of Spinelli being attracted to her. Mayor Floyd lays into Dante and to make sure he brings down Sonny this time. Brook Lynn gives Nikolas some advice about his love life. Carly confronts Claire and says not to threaten her son. Everyone is shocked when Lisa arrives at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #12164
    Ep. #12164
    Episode 137
    Tracy greets Luke after he kisses her by smashing a bottle over his head. Claire tells Michael that he can't be here at his father's place of business, Jason says he's here to see him. Epiphany tells Maya that Patrick has made a complete mess out of his life. Nikolas asks Elizabeth how her flight home from California was and if she had a great time. Maxie tells Robin about her problems with Brenda and if she won't help her get her out of town then she'll go to Jason. Tracy tells Luke she'll consider giving him another chance if he pays back the 10 million he stole. Max and Milo get into a scuffle leaving Spinelli getting caught in the middle, Spinelli refuses to let Diane up to see Brenda. Elizabeth questions Nikolas after learning that he hired Brook Lynn to be his escort to functions. Ronnie tells Claire he has information about the Zacchara car bombin and it could bring Sonny down. Ethan is glad that Luke is back after he's given a ulitmatum offered by Tracy. Steve welcomes Elizabeth as she returns to work at the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #12163
    Ep. #12163
    Episode 136
    Carly tells Jason that Brenda is here to steal her husband yet again. "Ronan" tells the guy that he's not gonna bring Brenda to the Balkan, Siobhan is then discovered by another henchmen. Epiphany doesn't want to help Patrick try to talk to Robin. Robin is delighted by Mac and Maxie when they throw her a surprise party. Dante can't believe when he told Lulu that Sonny told him of a woman he had to let go and it turned out to be Brenda. Brenda tells Jason that she's ready to leave and go back to Rome and is mad that Suzanne told her of her plan to express her love to Sonny. Suzanne goes to see Sonny and she refuses to take him money cause of his criminal ties. Patrick gives Robin a birthday present and she's happy that he remembered. Siobhan agrees to go with Lucky to Rome to find Brenda Barrett. Jason asks Brenda why the Balkan is really after her.moreless
  • Ep. #12162
    Ep. #12162
    Episode 135
    Jax turns the tables on Carly when he asks her to stay away from Sonny and he'll do the same for Brenda. Jason tells Suzanne that the Balkan is gonna look for Brenda her in town and he'll be ready. Lucky tries to explain to Siobhan about his feelings and the kiss he planted on her. Maxie arrives at work saying Brenda has to go cause Spinelli is seriously smitten with her. Sonny introduces Brenda to Dante, and he's shocked that she has connections to Port Charles. Lulu sees for herself that Spinelli has got it bad for Brenda. Luke tells Lucky he had to forfeit the stolen merchandise so he can go free. Jax tells Robin that he's glad she's alright after he heard she was abducted. Suzanne tells Maxie who's mad that Jason is gonna be the one making sure Brenda is safe. Dante remembers being assigned to protect Brenda years ago. Sonny tells Brenda that he knows she's not here to talk about Dante. Siobhan overhears "Ronan" getting orders to bring Brenda to the Balkan.moreless
  • Ep. #12161
    Ep. #12161
    Episode 134
    Lulu tells Maxie how Carly is gonna react to Brenda being back in town. Carly walks in on Brenda in Jax's arms. "Ronan" tells the police he never seen this priest before today prompting Luke to be arrested. Jason tells Spinelli that he doesn't have to keep putting flowers out for Brenda all the time. Lucky calls and tells Tracy that Luke is in Ireland. Carly lashes at Jason for bringing Jason back to town, but he says it was the only way to save her life. Robin knew that Sonny was more affected then he's letting on after telling he saw Brenda in Africa. Dante tells Lulu that Sonny may have been the one that planted the bomb that almost killed Kristina. Lulu tells Tracy to go after Luke cause she knows she wants to. Maxie sees that Spinelli is definately falling for Brenda. Suzanne tells Jason that Brenda is on her way to tell Sonny that she loves him. Carly asks Jax if he loves then he'll promise to stay away from Brenda. Lucky takes Luke's advice plants a kiss on Siobhan. Brenda meets Dante who are excited to see each other, but she's shocked to learn he's Sonny's son.moreless
  • Ep. #12160
    Ep. #12160
    Episode 133
    Dante tells Sonny that he's the prime suspect in the car bombing that almost killed Kristina. "Ronan" is visited in jail by Luke disguised as a priest. Jax learns from Maxie that Brenda is back in Port Charles and had no idea. Brenda comes to visit Robin before she's released from the hospital. Tracy tells Ethan she's glad that the Haunted Star is actually taking in money and is better with Luke gone. Luke comes up with a plan to get Lucky out of jail, but the guard says that he's free to go. Jax cautions Sonny now that Brenda's back to leave her alone. Michael tells Carly about Ali's invitation to a party but worries if he'll start a fight with someone. Ethan tells Maya he purposely stole her bracelet just so she can come get it. Suzanne tells Brenda that she's grateful Jason got her out of Rome when he did cause her place was trashed. Carly tells Dante if he's not comfortable with Michael living with him she can change her son's living arrangements. Robin advises Sonny to try to win Brenda's affections.moreless
  • Ep. #12159
    Ep. #12159
    Episode 132
    Suzanne tells Sam why did Jason suddenly jump on the first plane to Rome to fix Brenda's messes. Candy tells Michael that what happened wasn't her fault. Nikolas and Brook Lynn head to Jake's after getting back from their trip. Robin receives advice from Mac regarding her marriage to Patrick. Sam gets a call from Candy learning what happened. Patrick tells Matt that he's gonna do whatever it takes to regain Robin's trust. Nikolas tells Brook Lynn she can focus on her music with the money he gives her. Maxie tells Lulu that Brenda is the perfect person for the cover and Kate wants her bad. Kate lashes at Olivia in a drunken state at her making the moves on Steve and the two get into it. Diane meets Suzanne and criticizes her on who pays for Brenda's security. Michael turns to Jason for guidance and didn't want to run into Brenda or Sam and tells him what happened with Candy.moreless
  • Ep. #12158
    Ep. #12158
    Episode 131
    Sam overhears Michael's request of Jason to get him an escort. Dante keeps Lulu from him looking at a picture of Brenda. Brenda tells Sonny as they're about to kiss that she can't do this, but he says they can get it right this time. Sonny ends his relationship with Claire. Lulu asks Dante how much he knows about the Balkan. Sam comes downstairs saying she overheard and thinks she can help Michael. Robin tells Patrick that maybe the best thing is to let go. Suzanne arrives in town and tells Max and Milo that she'd like to see Jason. Sam introduces Michael to Candy, and she leaves them to get to know each other. Robin suggests that she and Patrick live apart for a while. Suzanne tells Jason that Brenda's suite was trashed and is probably gonna track her to Port Charles. Matt tells Patrick that with Lisa away at Shady Brook he can focus on getting what he had back with Robin. Michael pushes Candy away as she starts to passionately kiss him. Claire goes back to her office completely disheveled and breaks down and cries before calling and wanting back in the investigation. Dante has a dream of a woman screaming in an alley.moreless
  • Ep. #12157
    Ep. #12157
    Episode 130
    Molly goes to Michael saying that Sonny said he was dating Claire. Jason invites Sam to move in with him. Lisa pulls out a gun and points it to her chin, Patrick moves in and gets it before she can shoot herself. Dante tells Lulu that they can't leave Agent Bates unconscious on the floor. Brenda makes it clear to Sonny that she'll avoid him at all costs. Claire tells Alexis that she went on a trip with Sonny. Patrick tells Mac that Lisa can't go to prison cause she seriously needs help. Ali runs into Michael outside Kelly's and confesses that Kristina asked to help set them up together. Robin tells Maya that if Patrick hadn't found her she'd be dead right now. Agent Bates informs Dante and Lulu to get on a plane and head back to the states cause Lucky is in good hands. Michael asks Jason for help in getting him a girl to have sex with. Diane tells Alexis of Brenda's return to Port Charles. Robin informs Patrick that she can't take him back. Dante sees a photo of Brenda in a magazine while waiting for the plane to take off.moreless
  • Ep. #12155
    Ep. #12155
    Episode 129
    Claire wants Sonny to be a member of the mile high club. Matt sees Maxie's jealousy towards Spinelli's fascination with Brenda. Patrick tells Steve to keep Lisa at the hospital while he goes and looks for Robin. Lulu tells Dante that she prefers this cottage then the hustle back in town. Jason refuses to take Brenda to see Sonny, but agrees if she goes with security. Matt leaves so that Maxie can tend to Sam's woes. Robin hears Patrick's voice and screams out hoping he'll rescue her. Sam opens up to Brenda of how she came to Port Charles as a con woman who ended up with both Jax and Sonny and the baby she lost. Agent Bates comes in and says he knows she and Dante have been asking questions about Ronan O'Reilly, she then knocks him out, Dante comes home to find that he's an interpol agent. Lisa goes over the edge when she finds Robin and Patrick together. Brenda surprises Sonny and says she's staying in town and isn't going to see him.moreless
  • Ep. #12154
    Ep. #12154
    Episode 128
    Molly sees Spinelli cleaning up waiting for Brenda's arrival. Brenda has a dream of Sonny getting shot while Jason bringing her on the pier. Lisa spies on Steve and Patrick talking about possible places Robin could be. Sonny offers to take Claire and show her around the island. Dante and Lulu wake up after finding solace at a nearby cabin. Sam look to Maxie for some fashion sense. Robin's watch beeps as a reminder to take her medication. Brenda meets Spinelli and she sees how much trouble he went through to get the place cleaned up. Jason fills Brenda in on Michael being in prison for killing his stepmother. Molly goes and asks Sam to invite her to Jason's cause she wants to meet Brenda. Lisa threatens to file a harrassment suit if he doesn't release Patrick right now. Sam comes home and finds Brenda in the living room. Steve tells Patrick that he found something about a patient thanking Lisa by letting him use his cabin.moreless
  • Ep. #12153
    Ep. #12153
    Episode 127
    Siobhan continues to hear Lucky explain his real identity. Robin and Stone do some catching up and how much she still misses him. Lucky takes a meeting with Seamus Flynn against Lulu and Dante's wishes. Sam tells Carly that Jason was supposed to come home but Brenda was in trouble again. Olivia brings up to Johnny about possibly having Dante and Lulu over for dinner sometime. Spinelli tells Patrick that there's nothing in Lisa's e-mails that's incriminating. Lucky sees Siobhan coming out of his room and immediately goes after her. Carly wants Spinelli to speed up their plan to frame Dante and seductively persuades him. Molly tells Sam that he walked in on Sonny and Claire together at his house. Lisa tells Patrick that forensics ran sacked her apartment, while Mac was questioning her at the station. Stone tries to get Robin to see that she still has a place in her heart for Patrick. Ethan and Maya openly discuss their feelings for each other. Lucky tries to explain to Siobhan on what she heard, but he's approached by the cops about the bodies found in the alley. Dante and Lulu encounter car trouble while driving out in the Ireland country side to meet up with Lucky. Mac comes to the hospital and surprises Patrick by arresting him.moreless
  • Ep. #12152
    Ep. #12152
    Episode 126
    Lucky tells Dante that this will work, and it could protect his cover of being the killer that Ronan is. Brenda tells Jason that she's not going back to Port Charles. Robin says that she's not going to let Lisa win and tries to climb the wall of the well. Nikolas sees that Brook Lynn is properly dressed for the upcoming trip. Sonny admits to Claire that he does have an agenda. Maxie interrupts Johnny and Olivia and asks him for his mob ties to help locate Robin. Lulu gets a text message from Dante asking to meet her on the pier and tells Siobhan that she shouldn't get involved with Ronan. Mac tells Ronnie he doesn't care about the rules he just wants to find Robin and bring her home. Molly comes by and gives Sonny a letter from Kristina. Jason tells Brenda that he doesn't have the time to go around with her and he has a life to get back to. Robin hears a noise above and starts to scream for help. Nikolas preps Brook Lynn on who's who when they arrive at the party, who then has a panic attack while the plane is in the air. Mac brings Lisa in for questioning. Siobhan overhears "Ronan" with his real voice. Spinelli hacks into Lisa's private e-mails and tells Patrick he should know everything pretty soon. Claire brings all her stuff and she and Sonny leave for the airport. Robin envisions Stone while still trapped in the well and have a reunion.moreless
  • Ep. #12151
    Ep. #12151
    Episode 125
    Lisa tries to get Robin to admit that she needs help. Dante tells Lucky that he should leave Ireland with him and Lulu right now. Brenda asks Jason if Sonny has ever mentioned her over the years. Ronnie tells Patrick that he can't do anything without any proof that Lisa is unstable. Robin agrees to counselling and then hits Lisa and storms out the door but she falls in a well. Claire stops by Sonny and Carly's table and sees their conversation is a bit intense. Siobhan asks Lulu what she's doing going through Ronan's things. Carly tries to get Sonny to admit that he is using Claire. Dante hides behind the crates as "Ronan" approaches the men who abducted him. Lisa listens with delight as Robin's pleads for someone to come and help her. Sonny tells Claire that Carly brought up Brenda just to get a reaction out of him. Lisa returns to the hospital and pretends to just learn of Robin being missing from Patrick and Steve. Jason tells Brenda that things aren't safe here and until they are she's coming back to Port Charles with him. Lucky sees an opportunity when someone heard the gunshots and hears the police sirens.moreless
  • Ep. #12150
    Ep. #12150
    Episode 124
    Michael asks Sonny if he in fact still has feelings for Brenda. "Ronan" tells the bartendar that there's not gonna be trouble they're just two tourists wanting to have a drink. Jason gets a call from Suzanne saying that Brenda didn't show up for her fitting, he gets the driver to take him back to the hotel. Patrick goes to Mac saying it's possible that Lisa probably went after Robin cause she wasn't at his house when he went to check on her. Jason rescues Brenda from the people trying to abduct her and still drugged thanks him. Claire goes to Carly looking for Jax and says his vendetta against Sonny is far from over, Carly asks Jax why he's all up in Claire's business. Jason finds the vial of the stuff the henchman injected Brenda with. Mac and Patrick find Emma but Robin isn't there. Robin wakes up in a cabin and sees Lisa there and asks what she's done with Emma. Lucky asks Lulu what she and Dante are doing in Ireland. Jason realizes that the Balkan needs Brenda alive for a reason and wants to know what it is. Steve stumbles across a dead nurse in the hospital stairwell.moreless
  • Ep. #12149
    Ep. #12149
    Episode 123
    Diane gives Sonny a picture of Jason and Brenda. Sam assures Carly that Jason won't be affected by Brenda's drama. Dante and Lulu arrive in Ireland and she finds Ronan's things taped underneath a chair. Brenda hears Murphy and Jason discussing her. Jax tells Carly that he wants to focus on them. Lucky continues to be tortured and finds something on the floor he hopes to use to get out of the handcuffs. Patrick offers for Lisa to come over to the house and watch the race there instead. Brenda confides in Jason about her feelings for Sonny. Dante tells Lulu that the Balkan is lethal and for her to be careful. Sam tries to get Michael to open up to her. Sonny asks Carly what the big deal with the picture of Jason with Brenda. Brenda learns from Suzanne that Jason was just released from prison, and if she knew about his background she never would've called him. Robin prepares to take Emma out for ice cream and starts to feel tired while driving to Maxie's. Lucky uses that metal thing to get the cuffs off of him. Siobhan overhears Lulu asks the bartendar that she's looking for Ronan O'Reilly. Brenda remembers Sonny taking her to a special place, she then hears the door knob start to rattle.moreless
  • Ep. #12148
    Ep. #12148
    Episode 122
    Jason tells Suzanne that Brenda is to go nowhere without him. Nurse Lana tells Lisa that the pill she had prescribed can do harm. Patrick comes to see Robin before she takes the pills that Lisa mixed up. Spinelli attempts to keep the photo of Brenda and Jason away from Sam. Johnny tells Ethan that Dante found a witness that saw the whole thing and captured it with his camera phone. Jax keeps Carly from looking at his computer where he searched a recent photo of Brenda. Suzanne shows Jason a magazine with him and Brenda on the cover. Nikolas tells Brook Lynn that he needs her to be himself. Claire arrives and issues a stern warning to Johnny. Matt lays into Patrick after hearing his plans to take Lisa for a drink at Jake's. Maxie is stunned when Nikolas is hired her to be Brook Lynn's stylist. Spinelli shows Carly the photo of Jason and Brenda from the gala. Murphy meets Jason and realizes that he's Brenda's ex-husband. Jax tells Olivia the good news that he's moved back in with Carly.moreless
  • Ep. #12147
    Ep. #12147
    Episode 121
    Jason asks Lisa out to dinner to talk about the upcoming Nascar race, she declines saying she has a lot of work to do. Dante tells Lulu that going to help Lucky is a bad idea, and she could end up hurt. Lisa goes to Mac's house and listens while Robin and Maxie trash talk her. Jason tells Cartullo that Brenda need to be secure right away. Diane tells Claire that she pretty much trashed her career by sleeping with Sonny. Jax asks Morgan if he wants the adoption proceedings to stop, but he says he wants to go through with it. Tracy goes to see Lulu and has a change of heart about asking Lucky to go and find Luke. Lisa sneaks in and mixes Robin's HIV medications with tranquilizers. Brenda brings out pillows and blankets so Jason can crash on the couch. Lulu and Dante head to Ireland to look for Lucky. Jason hears a noise and Brenda scream and goes into investigate. Patrick and Robin assure Emma that it won't be long before the bad lady is gone from their lives.moreless
  • Ep. #12146
    Ep. #12146
    Episode 120
    Spinelli asks Dante how would a New York cop know so much about the Balka. Siobhan comes and warns "Ronan" that people were asking questions about him at the pub. Jax tells Carly that things will change once he moves back in the house. Jason says to Brenda he's not going to the party and neither is she. Dante admits to Lulu about Lucky's undercover work with interpol in Ireland and possibly he could get killed. Brenda asks Suzanne if she got all dressed up for Jason. Lucky appreciates the warning from Siobhan and says she should leave for her own safety. Sonny decides to focus on Claire to get his mind off of Brenda. Jason and Brenda encounter the paparazzi while arriving at the gala. Morgan tells Carly with Jax moving back there's no need for him to adopt him now. Lucky is taken and brought to a warehouse by two unknown thugs, and says the Balkan is on his way. Sonny and Claire come across Diane and Max practically half naked on his patio.moreless
  • Ep. #12145
    Ep. #12145
    Episode 119
    Sonny asks Dante if it's appropriate to use a woman just to forget another. Lisa invites Patrick to go see some Nascar drivers, Steve says how Robin is gonna react to this. Carly tells Michael why Jason would give Brenda the time of day. Lucky reveals to Siobhan that he's an undercover cop. Brenda tells Jason if Sonny is seeing anyone at this point. Lisa overhears Patrick admitting to Maxie that he's trying to trick her. Steve comes to check on Robin to see how's she's handling things. Carly finds herself on the phone with Brenda and insists on talking with Jason. Jason tells Spinelli to do research on someone called the Balkan. Claire tells Sonny that Jax warned him of his intentions. Siobhan tells "Ronan" to be careful. Jason tells Brenda that there's no code that Spinelli can't hack into. Sonny and Claire get instensively intimate. Jax tells Carly he's gonna something by moving back into the house right away. Spinelli realizes that Dante knows alot more of the Balkan then he's letting on.moreless
  • Ep. #12144
    Ep. #12144
    Episode 118
    Suzanne meets Jason and asks him why Brenda would put him down as an emergency contact. Dante tells Michael that they should discuss what went on while he was in Pentonville. Sonny asks Max if he did deliver the gift to Claire, Claire comes in and says he should bring gifts to his office. Brenda is taken aback to her and Jason's vegas wedding. Lucky(as Ronan) tells Siobhan if she would like another drink, she says he doesn't have to do that to get her to leave. Carly tells Jax that what if something else happens that drives a wedge between them. Suzanne explains to Jason about the attempts on Brenda's life. Carly is livid that the principal called Dante instead of her regarding Michael. Claire agrees to come to Sonny's place only if he takes back the earrings. Siobhan pulls a gun on Lucky saying she's going to kill him. Sonny tells Max that everything went perfectly, he starts to think of Brenda and Dante asks if it's anyone he knows. Carly learns that Jason dropped everything to fly to Rome to take care of Brenda. Brenda is aghast when Jason is the person that Suzanne called. Sonny tells Dante he is using Claire but in a different way. Siobhan tells Lucky that he knows he isn't Ronan O'Reilly and demands to know who he is.moreless
  • Ep. #12143
    Ep. #12143
    Episode 117
    Patrick tells Robin that if this is her idea or Mac's. Mr. Buckley asks Michael should the other students at Madison worry with him attending the school. Carly tells Josslyn that she's gonna give her father a little wake up call. Lulu asks Lucky why he's calling Dante's phone and if there's any luck finding Luke. Maxie tells Mac that Patrick is willing to crawl through glass to get Robin back. Michael promises Mr. Buckley that he'll be on his best behaviour. Jax explains to Carly that putting Brenda on the cover of Crimson is only good for business. Lucky tells Dante that he's in Ireland doing some undercover work. Michael gets into it with another student while insulting Kristina. Robin lashes at Lisa in her suspension hearing, and asks Patrick if he agrees with her. Lulu tells Nikolas that Lucky is in London looking for Luke. Lucky(in character as Ronan) gets slapped by a woman named Siohban blaming him for Donny's death. Nikolas asks Brook Lynn why she didn't heed Alexis's warning to stay away. Dante gets a call from Mr. Buckley saying there's been an altercation with Michael. Carly overhears Jax taking Brenda off the cover, and Maxie saying Kate won't be happy about it, but Carly thinks it's all a ploy. Steve tells Robin that her suspension continues and to leave the hospital. Kristina watches as Ethan kisses Maya outside Kelly's.moreless
  • Ep. #12142
    Ep. #12142
    Episode 116
    Jax tells Carly that it was his idea to put Brenda on the cover. Brenda tells Murphy that she's still has settling feelings for this other guy. Dante tells Olivia that Johnny is in the interrogation room talking to Claire right now. Kate returns home and gives Coleman some stuff she picked up in London. Johnny revises his statement saying that he had a gun, but was in no condition to dispose of it. Suzanne tells Jason that she won't tell Brenda that he's coming to Rome, and he explains to Sam that he has to go. Coleman tells Patrick not to go there when Lisa walks into Jake's. Sonny is exonerated of all charges against him. Robin comes in and sees Patrick sitting with Lisa and furthers along their plan, and enlists Steve's help. Kate tells Jax that now is the perfect time to have Brenda on the cover. Sonny sits down with Claire and asks if she's wearing a wire. Brenda tells Suzanne that she told Murphy she couldn't marry him. Sam overhears Spinelli while about to open the door telling Jason about possibly rekindling with Brenda. Carly goes to blow off some steam while asking Coleman to pour her a drink and is gonna keep what's hers. Kate persuades Jax to make a play for Brenda.moreless
  • Ep. #12141
    Ep. #12141
    Episode 115
    Dante and Jason look at footage of the shooting but cannot see what Johnny's holding in his hand. Claire tells Sonny she's gonna speak to her superior about getting her off this case. Ethan recommends that Johnny should reveal the truth. Brenda is brought outside but gets away when the paparazzi starts taking pictures. Michael tells Carly that despite everything he's glad that his father is home. Robin tells Patrick that it's okay about the things he said cause they're job is to see that Lisa makes a mistake. The guy realizes where he seen Jason before and he works for Sonny and wants no trouble. Kristina goes to see Sonny and says she's glad that he came back, to prove his innocence. Jax asks Maxie to do something in Crimson on Brenda and ASEC, and if Kate has a problem she can call him. Suzanne calls Jason cause she found his number in Brenda's book. Brenda is surprised by Murphy saying he got wind of her almost attack by his publicist. Carly takes a look at the draft of Crimson that Maxie brought in and sees Brenda on the cover.moreless
  • Ep. #12140
    Ep. #12140
    Episode 114
    Suzanne demands that Brenda return home to Port Charles. Sonny turns himself in to the police, and tells Jason for him and Dante to make sure he doesn't go to prison. Dante confronts Ronnie about disposing of Johnny's gun at the scene, he tells Jason he knows now that Ronnie's guilty and they have to prove it. Nikolas prepares Brook Lynn the proper table etiquette. Agent Bates tells Lucky to pose as O'Reilly in order to find the Balkan. Patrick apologizes to Robin for the things he said, but Robin says to keep it up so Lisa can make a mistake. Brenda tells Suzanne that the person who helped her was just a bodyguard who just happened to help. Michael sees Spinelli to give a message to Jason for helping clear his dad's name. Diane pleads with Claire that if Sonny were guilty he would've stayed away, Carly shows up demanding that she see Sonny. Lucky explains to Lulu and Ethan that he has to go overseas for a little while.moreless
  • Ep. #12139
    Ep. #12139
    Episode 113
    Jason tells Carly that Sonny called and is returning home to fight the charges, and is mad that Dante is gonna be helping. Steve tells Patrick that Lisa could file charges and the hospital could be sued. Tracy asks Lucky to go find Luke and bring him home. Maxie is glad that Robin and Patrick are working together to bring Lisa down. Olivia tells Dante that she thinks that Sonny would never shoot another unarmed man again after what happened to him. Alexis is curious about Nikolas's judgement after finding out he asked Brook Lynn to escort him to a party. Carly tells Jason about Michael's incident at the country club yesterday when a girl tried to touch him. Lucky receives a visit from Agent Bates and asks to come with him. Nikolas tells Alexis that this is only a business arrangement with Brook Lynn. Carly tells Lulu that Sonny is coming home to turn himself in. Patrick and Robin put on a show for Lisa by making sure she hears their argument. Olivia makes one last plea for Johnny to tell the truth. Jason shows Dante possibly that Dante got rid of Johnny's gun framing Sonny. Agent Bates shows Lucky a picture of someone on a slab that resembles him.moreless
  • Ep. #12138
    Ep. #12138
    Episode 112
    Brenda breaks away from Sonny's kiss to say that she's engaged to Murphy Sinclair. Robin tells Patrick that living at Mac's has nothing to do with his cheating, but concerns Emma's safety. Nikolas tells Steve that he can clearly see that Lisa is the one who's unstable. Lulu prepares for Dante's arrival, but Michael shows up instead. Sonny explains to Brenda that he jumped bail and came to Rome to avoid going to prison. Sam overhears Spinelli tell Jason from upstairs about him not wanting to be married to such a woman as Brenda. Mac asks Robin how it went with Patrick before leaving to come to his place. Sam tells Jason that's one of the most wonderful things she's ever heard him say about her. Jax comes home to find Carly and Josslyn, and asks if she can stay with him tonight. Lulu runs into Brook Lynn while visiting Spencer at Wyndemere, and wants Nikolas to explain. Michael explains the situation with Lulu to Dante when he came home, and dressed in lingerie thinking it was him. Robin and Patrick team up to make Lisa believe that they are over, so she can open up to him. Lulu comes home mad ruining Dante's romantic mood. Sonny and Brenda share a warm moment while it starts to rain.moreless
  • Ep. #12137
    Ep. #12137
    Episode 111
    Robin goes to check on Emma incase Lisa may have gotten to her. Sonny rescues Brenda from people who try to abduct her. Lucky and Maxie check out the lab with one of Emma's stuffed animals in the boiling water. Kristina tells Aly about Michael's behaviour, Michael says that he's wearing an ankle monitor. Maxie and Spinelli share some kind words, but ends up seeing her and Matt together. Michael tells Carly that he doesn't want to go to Port Charles high school. Robin punches Lisa in the face and tells her to stay away from her daughter. Kristina tells Michael she feels the same way he does every time a boy touches her. Steve suspends Robin from the hospital cause her actions. Dante tells Jason he wants him to trust him to find evidence proving that Sonny's innocent. Murphy tells Suzanne that people tried to kidnap her, and she went with some guy. Steve overhears Lisa talking to Maya about Robin's possibly being the one who's unstable. Robin tells Patrick that she and Emma are moving in with Mac. Someone goes over footage of Sonny shooting Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #12136
    Ep. #12136
    Episode 110
    Lisa takes joy in watching Patrick and Robin yell at one another. Jason discusses with Sam he had to marry Brenda to get Sonny and Carly together again. Lucky tells Michael to stop harrassing Johnny or he'll find himself back in Pentonville. Brenda is surprised when Murphy arrives in Rome. A woman offers to sit with Sonny at his table while he waits for his lady friend. Lisa tells a doctor that a woman is complaining so she can scrub in on a surgery with Patrick. Johnny makes Lucky an offer to come and work for him, but he anguishly declines. Murphy tells Brenda that Suzanne called him cause she was worried about her. Jax explains to Carly about Michael not wanting to go to Madison despite all that's happened this past year. Kristina asks Michael she's gonna asks Alexis if she can go to Port Charles high, also if he thinks Sonny will come back at all. Lucky tells Lulu of Johnny's job offer, and there's a part of him that almost said yes. Carly walks in and almost spills Sonny's whereabouts, and sees that Dante is there. Robin returns to the lab and sees Emma's stuffed rabbit in the boiling water on the bunsen burner. Sonny decides to leave, he hears a noise he turns around and walks towards her and comes face-to-face with Brenda.moreless
  • Ep. #12135
    Ep. #12135
    Episode 109
    Diane tells Jason he might as well tell Carly where Sonny went. Olivia begs Johnny to reveal the truth, but he sticks to his story. Brook Lynn thanks Nikolas for taking her in when her family abandoned her. Suzanne tells Brenda that she shouldn't go out unless accompanied by security. Dante tells Kristina that there's gonna apart of her that's gonna miss her father. Carly is livid after finding out Sonny went to Rome to find Brenda. Nikolas makes Brook Lynn an intriguing offer to be his date for the weekend. Dante tells Lulu that he might uncover that Sonny shot Johnny while he was unarmed. Michael wants to collect on the favor Johnny owes him by telling the truth. Sonny goes to Brenda's usual place hoping to run into her. Carly asks Jax if he plans to hop on the next plane to Rome to save Brenda from Sonny. Brenda comes out to meet her guest, and almost catches a glimpse of Sonny at a nearby table.moreless
  • Ep. #12134
    Ep. #12134
    Episode 108
    Claire questions Jason and says she wants to know Sonny's whereabouts. Olivia is delighted when Johnny wakes up. Carly tells Kristina and Alexis that Sonny skipped bail. Michael tells Jax that he doesn't belong in high school, cause he'll be miserable if he goes to Madison. Brook Lynn comes and asks Edward to live at the mansion. Steve thanks Nikolas for his generous request that Elizabeth visit with Sarah for a while with the kids. Lulu tells Maxie that Brook Lynn is out of her life for good. Tracy tell Brook Lynn she can live at the house on one condition that she go to school full time. Robin tells Nikolas of Patrick's infidelity with Lisa. Michael admits to Carly that he went to see Sonny last night and told him to run. Tracy catches Brook Lynn using Edward's phone to wire 50,000 dollars into her account, Monica says that she was right about her all along. Jason learns from Diane that Sonny had the plane turned around and to head to Rome, he says that Brenda lives there, Carly shows up wanting to know where Sonny is. Olivia hears Johnny make a statement of Sonny taking out a gun and shooting him unarmed. Nikolas finds Brook Lynn in the rain, and doesn't think she should stay at Kelly's and has a better idea.moreless
  • Ep. #12133
    Ep. #12133
    Episode 107
    Agent Bates cautions Brenda that she is being followed. Lucky tells Sam and Jason that they have to move quickly. Carly tells Lulu that she only did this for her, cause she loves her. Diane calls Dante as a character witness on Sonny's behalf. Matt tells Lisa that she doesn't look one bit sorry for what she did to Robin's marriage. Lucky causes a diversion so that Jason and Sam can slip out the back way. Claire is angry when the judge allows bail for Sonny. Carly twists everything around to make Brook Lynn look bad and tells her she's fired from the Metro Court and to move out of the loft across the hall. Patrick worries after talking with Matt that Lisa will file charges. Sonny calls Carly from his plane, saying that Diane is bringing something for her and to meet at a certain place. Suzanne tells Brenda that she better watch herself or else she'll die. Dante realizes that Sonny jumped bail and calls and APB on him.moreless
  • Ep. #12132
    Ep. #12132
    Episode 106
    Carly refuses to give Brook Lynn money after figuring out she's lying about Dante and Lulu breaking up when they haven't. Lucky enters the cabin and runs into Jason and Sam, and informs them of Sonny's arrest for shooting Johnny. Bernie asks Sonny what Rome of all places. Robin is questioned by the police, and she says that Lisa deliberately ran into the street and got hit and whatever she says is a lie. Olivia tells Sonny that she believes him when he says that Johnny had a gun. Patrick admits to Mac of his infidelity with Lisa, Mac wants Robin and Emma to move in with him and for Patrick to stay away. Michael tells Sonny that once he sets bail to run. Brenda tells Suzanne that she accepted Murphy's marriage proposal, and wants to go to Africa to get away from her bodyguards. Brook Lynn tells Lulu everything about Carly hiring her to seduce Dante, she doesn't believe her at first until Carly confirms everything. Diane tells Sonny that his arraignment is in fifteen minutes.moreless
  • Ep. #12131
    Ep. #12131
    Episode 105
    Robin tells Patrick that he threw their marriage away for a one night stand with Lisa. Sonny tells Dante that he would lie to a cop but he wouldn't lie to his kids. Jason tells Sam that he doesn't think she should be walking on her ankle. Lisa sees that he labcoat covered in blood, but doesn't want Steve to call the police. Dante tells Sonny against his judgement he believes when he says that Johnny had a gun. Brenda remembers her first time making love to Sonny. Diane tells Sonny to stop talking to Dante immediately. Brenda explains to Murphy about her marriage of convenience to Jaosn. Jason sees that Lopez's men is getting into position. Bernie agrees with Diane's suggestion that Sonny should jump bail and leave the country. Robin calls Patrick saying that she tried but asks where he is so she can come get him. Brenda accepts Murphy's marriage proposal. Sonny tells Bernie that he'll be going to Rome when he's out on bail. Lisa runs out into the street and is hit by Robin, in her plan to frame her.moreless
  • Ep. #12130
    Ep. #12130
    Episode 104
    Michael asks Brook Lynn if his mother offered to pay her to seduce Dante and break him and Lulu up. Diane tells Sonny that there's no evidence that Johnny was carrying a gun and he'll be looking at attempted murder. Olivia sits by Johnny's bedside thinking she knew this day would happen. Patrick tries to make Robin see his error, but she says that it's not helping. Lulu warns Brook Lynn to stay away from Dante. Sam and Jason do whatever it takes to get away from the gunfire. Nikolas makes a call to Elizabeth's sister Sarah wanting to ask her to come and visit. Steve tells Robin to go and for Patrick to not do this here. Lisa files a complaint with Lucky at the police station regarding Robin's death threat but holds off on the restraining order. Elizabeth gets a call from Sarah wanting her to come and visit. Patrick comes home to find Robin packing up all his things. Olivia tells Johnny if his life is spared she wouldn't waste another minute with him. Lisa goes to her locker and finds something very disturbing in it. Sonny asks Dante to believe him as a son and not a cop.moreless
  • Ep. #12129
    Ep. #12129
    Episode 103
    Patrick tells Steve that he admitted everything to Robin and she threw him out. Jason apologizes to Sam cause he didn't mean to wake her up. Lucky asks Ethan what he plans to do if Johnny doesn't make it. Maxie urges Robin to not give up on Patrick. Nikolas plans a day with the boys and for Elizabeth to take a rest before joining them at the stables. Dante reminds Lulu that she's the one he wants to be with, they get interrupted by Brook Lynn knocking at the door. Ethan tells Kristina that she is not to blame for the shooting. Maxie looks to Lucky to get information on Lisa. Robin calls Lisa a home-wrecking whore and that if she ever goes near Emma again she'll kill her herself. Dante explains to Brook Lynn that he didn't know who he was talking to, and is sorry if he gave her the wrong impression. Jason breaks into a cabin so Sam can relax and have something to eat. Michael talks with Brook Lynn on how Carly's hatred for Lulu just up and disappeared. Jason helps Sam out of the cabin right when someone opens fire at the place. Robin makes a public spectacle on Patrick in why he would marry her if he was gonna cheat on her.moreless
  • Ep. #12128
    Ep. #12128
    Episode 102
    The mystery man waits for Brenda to come in the room, but is interrupted by a knock at the door. Sonny tells Dante that Johnny did in fact have a gun. The cop tells Jason and Sam he'll offer to help them change the tire, but Jason doesn't want him to look in the van. Robin instructs Lisa not to come anywhere near her daughter or her husband. Patrick admits his infidelity with Lisa which shocks Robin. Lucky asks Ethan what he thinks really happened before Johnny got shot. Claire tells Diane that they have enough to hold Sonny. Jax tells Michael that Sonny was just arrested for shooting Johnny. Claire plays a tape of Sonny of helping her bring down Johnny. Dante tells Michael he shouldn't be at the hospital involved with this shooting. Sonny tells Claire that he's innocent, cause Johnny pulled a gun on him. Robin angrily tells Patrick to get out after breaking the frame with their wedding photo.moreless
  • Ep. #12127
    Ep. #12127
    Episode 101
    Patrick and Robin are worried where Lisa has taken Emma. Sam calls Jason telling him she's in the back of the van. Wilhelm tells Brenda that Franco has big plans for her, but she passes on the offer, he says that his client will be disappointed. Sonny tells Dante that he just shot Johnny. Patrick insists on calling the police, but Robin asks they go out and look first. Claire tells Jax about Jason's conviction being exonerated. Steve wants Maya to help with a gunshot victim and can handle it. Jason manages to rescue Sam from Lopez and his men, but get caught in a shoot out. Patrick tells Steve that Lisa took Emma out for ice cream without their permission, Steve asks him if he's prepared to come clean to Robin. Lucky asks Ethan how he knew Sonny is the one that shot Johnny. Ronnie goes and throws Johnny's gun into the water. Brenda goes out for a jog, while someone enters her place. Patrick calls Robin and says that Lisa and Emma are at the house. Dante tells Ronnie that he believes Sonny did it in self defense. Johnny tells Maya he'd like to talk to Ethan. Brenda returns home, and the mysterious man patiently waits.moreless
  • Ep. #12126
    Ep. #12126
    Episode 100
    Sonny gets arrested. Jason saves Sam from Lopez and his men.
  • Ep. #12125
    Ep. #12125
    Episode 99
    Brenda and Sonny aren't able to call one another due to a bad connection. Ethan asks Johnny if spending the rest of his life in prison is worth killing Sonny over. Lulu sees that Olivia believes Maxie when she said that Brook Lynn drugged Dante. Sam stakes out the Lopez warehouse, but makes a sound. Kristina sees photos of Brenda on Sonny's laptop and thinks she's the perfect figure to do the report on. Ronnie tells Jason that not even Diane is gonna get him released this time. Claire tells Ronnie he can't go arresting people without probable cause. Sam hides as someone checks out the noise. Maxie tells Robin that she saw Lisa in her house while she was in Africa. Johnny pulls a gun on Sonny, but the tables are turned when he gets shot himself. Patrick and Robin learn that Lisa has taken Emma without permission. Ronnie finds Johnny and he says that Sonny shot him, he takes his gun and wraps it up. Wilhelm Van Schlagel approaches Brenda about being apart of Franco's work.moreless
  • Ep. #12124
    Ep. #12124
    Episode 98
    Lulu tells Maxie that she found Dante and Brook Lynn together, but thinks he was drugged. Robin visits Sonny and asks if he ever got around to e-mailing Brenda. Dante wakes up and Michael fills him in on what exactly happened last night and what he said to Lulu. Brenda tells Suzanne that Murphy proposed last night and hasn't given him an answer. Ronnie tells Jason that Johnny's place was torched last night and he's the likely suspect. Mike tells Olivia that she could be the reason for peace between Dante and Sonny. Dante begs for Lulu's forgiveness and will do anything to prove his love for her. Maxie tells Brook Lynn to leave Port Charles or else she'll expose her for the trash that she is. Sam tells Sonny that Jason was brought in for questioning regarding the fire at one of Johnny's warehouses. Sonny asks Spinelli to do some checking on Brenda, and what she's been up to. Maxie tells Lulu he can see that Brook Lynn is lying through his teeth. Ethan stands up for Johnny to Mike. Sonny looks through some photos of Brenda on Spinelli's computer. Dante asks Brook Lynn if she's the one who drugged him. Sam tells Spinelli that she needs to prove Jason's innocence by proving Ronnie blackmailing him. Brenda and Sonny send each other text messages.moreless
  • Ep. #12123
    Ep. #12123
    Episode 97
    Lulu gets violent with Brook Lynn and throws her out of the loft. Robin tells Patrick that she searched and can't find her medication to treat her H.I.V. Nikolas helps Elizabeth and the boys settle into Wyndemere. Michael apologizes to Jason for interrupting his romance with Sam. Steve explains to Lisa about their relationship. Brook Lynn tells Sonny that Lulu caught her with Dante just now. Carly asks Jax if he'd like to join her and the kids out to Martha's Vineyard. Lulu tells Dante that either he's faking this or something is really wrong. Johnny asks Maya if she wants to keep her interest in Ethan to herself, Ethan arrives and asks what's going on. Maxie tells Lucky that she feels that Patrick is being stalked. Steve explains to Patrick that he won't be consulting with Lisa on anymore patients, Patrick confronts Lisa and knows she stole Robin's medication. Lulu tries to get Dante to remember her, but he starts saying something about him keeping his word to someone. Jason tells Sonny that Johnny is still alive and Michael pushed him out of the way. Brook Lynn tells Carly that Lulu caught her with Dante, Carly couldn't be more pleased.moreless
  • Ep. #12122
    Ep. #12122
    Episode 96
    Sonny tells Morgan that he shouldn't be at his house. Brook Lynn admits to Dante that she still has a crush on him. Matt sees Maxie spying on Lisa. Jason tells Carly that he's out of jail and so is Michael, and to leave well enough alone. Lucky asks Lulu if Dante ever brought up marriage if she would indeed say no. Robin returns to the hospital, and Patrick ignores Lisa and goes to see her. Carly is angered when she sees Sonny and Morgan are together. Robin learns of Elizabeth's plans to move her and the kids in with Nikolas. Brook Lynn offers to take Dante home. Lucky tells Jason that he wants a truce with Johnny before something bad happens. Lisa once again lets herself into Patrick and Robin's house. Sam is glad that Jason's home and says she has a surprise for him. Brook Lynn makes her move on a drunken Dante. Lisa disposes of all of Robin's medication in the hospital. Carly tells Sonny that Michael is having nightmares cause of his time in Pentonville. Lulu comes home and sees them together.moreless
  • Ep. #12121
    Ep. #12121
    Episode 95
    Sonny tells Jason that he's being released from prison. Lucky tells Ronnie that Mrs. Marco has decided to make a statement, and wants Michael to be honest with him. Murphy tries to get Brenda to realize that he wants to marry her. Johnny tells Ethan about his plan to kill Sonny. Patrick confronts Lisa about the face of Robin cut out of his wedding picture. Brenda opens up to Murphy about her being left at the altar three times. Spinelli gets word of Jason's release and Carly wants to throw a party. Sonny tells Jason that it's better ifhe handles Johnny alone. Carly raises the stakes for Brook Lynn about an additional ten grand if she pulls this off tonight. Murphy asks Brenda if she in fact loved Sonny. Spinelli welcomes Jason home, along with Carly and Michael. Claire tells Sonny that she doesn't trust herself by being alone with him. Brook Lynn opens up to Dante about her life having no direction, and is considering moving into the Quartermaines, she gets the drinks puts a pill in his bottle of beer. Jason tells Carly to call off whatever she has planned for Dante.moreless
  • Ep. #12120
    Ep. #12120
    Episode 94
    Jason tells Sam isn't gonna let her blackmail a circuit judge into releasing him. Ethan arrives and asks if Johnny and Michael are alright. Sonny asks Claire why she's talking to Mike about Brenda. Dante explains to Lulu that he thought about marrying her, but at least not for a long time. Suzanne tries to get Brenda to go out with her high society boyfriend. Dante gets word of a driveby shooting at Johnny. Sonny tells Claire that what she can do for him is to get Jason released right away. Patrick asks Lisa what she's doing in his and Robin's home and tells her to stay out of his life. Dante, Johnny and Ethan lie to the cops to protect Michael. Jason tells Spinelli that his and Sam's plan is way too risky. Maxie comes by and finds Patrick and Lisa together. Ronnie is against the idea of having Jason released. Sonny shares his feelings with Mike about Brenda. Ronnie tells Dante that there's a witness who saw the whole thing and that someone else was there. Sonny visits Jason and says that he'll be getting out of here.moreless
  • Ep. #12119
    Ep. #12119
    Episode 93
    Suzanne insists on upping security to Brenda since someone almost killed her last night. Jason tells Michael that he shouldn't have come back here. Johnny sees that Ethan paid his bail, but he's the one that let Sonny set him up. Michael tells Jason he thinks that Carly is up to something. Carly runs into Lisa while at Kelly's, while waiting for Patrick to show up. Olivia comes to see Dante and says this definately can't wait. Patrick explains the situation to Carly about Lisa possibly cutting up photos of Robin cause he refused to have an affair with him. Maxie tells Matt he had no right to ask Robin about her past with Lucky. Lisa tells Steve she's thinking of filing a sexual harrassment suit against Patrick. Olivia discusses with Dante about possibly him and Lulu getting married. Jason tells Carly that Michael is thinking she's out for revenge on Dante. Maya admits to Ethan she's avoiding him cause she almost let him die in the hospital. Lisa learns Robin is away with Anna, and goes and makes her move, by letting herself into Patrick's house. Dante tells Lulu that his mother is talking about them getting married one day. Gunshots are fired as Michael takes cover. Sam tells Jason that Spinelli is looking for a judge to have him released.moreless
  • Ep. #12118
    Ep. #12118
    Episode 92
    A mysterious woman arrives late for a ceremony. Brook Lynn plants a kiss on Dante. Sonny tries to explain to Claire that she doesn't want to have a baby with him. Maxie comes across Lucky standing on the pier in the rain and offers to take him to Jake's. Carly finds out that Michael is on his way back to Dante's loft. Carly tells Lulu that Dante is not trustworthy. Lucky tells Maxie that Spinelli helped him find Aiden and he had to lie and say it was his baby. Coleman encounters an angry Olivia who's having a bad day. Taylor comes for his study time with Kristina, but Alexis suddenly changes her mind about going out. Carly gets a text from Brook Lynn saying that they got interrupted. Kristina is shuttered when Taylor tries to kiss her, and he says that she's not ready for another relationship. Dante tells Michael that Brook Lynn kissed him and it was nothing and not to say anything to Lulu. Carly realizes that Dante is more like Sonny then she thought and thinks Michael walking in is perfect. A man tries to stab the woman backstage, but is caught and the woman turns out to be Brenda Barrett who's accepting a prestigious award.moreless
  • Ep. #12117
    Ep. #12117
    Episode 91
    Elizabeth meets Shirley's obnoxious daughter Marny, who is livid when all she's left with is her mother's monstrostities she calls jewelry. Olivia wants to know what pictures Carly is talking to Brook Lynn about. Sonny sees someone resembling Brenda and sees that it's Claire standing there. Lucky tries to explain to Karen that Franco kidnapped a baby so he can give it to her. Olivia finds out about Johnny's arrest. Elizabeth gets Marny to see that her mother made mistakes and one day she'll want to look at the jewelry pieces. Nikolas offers to take Elizabeth home to tell the boys the bad news about Aiden. Lucky boards a plane to Port Charles and is bringing Aiden home to Elizabeth. Judge Carroll sees Johnny in the interogation room and asks what he's doing here. Sonny tells Claire about his history with Brenda and that they were almost married. Elizabeth is thrilled when Lucky walks in the door with Aiden. Johnny tells Judge Carroll that Sonny and Claire are practically dating. Brook Lynn arrives at Dante's loft asking to use his shower.moreless
  • Ep. #12116
    Ep. #12116
    Episode 90
    Spinelli sends a picture of Franco's mother which confirms the person he's watching tend to Aiden. Johnny tells Dante to look at Sonny for Tomas's murder cause he set him up. Patrick tells Robin that Mac is holding his own and should be released soon. Sonny tells Claire that he had no part in Tomas Lopez's murder. Ronnie tells Jason that he got a reprieve at least for now. Alexis shows up while Helena is about tell them the truth. Lucky enters Karen's house as a member of the Census Bureau, and sees that she has a toddler and a grown son named Bobby. Lulu overhears Carly come in and tell Spinelli how long before they catch someone, but she says that it's Franco she meant. Max explains to Sonny that everything went down according to plan. Nikolas catches up to Helena on the pier, cause she was eager to tell him something before. Robin tells Sonny that she got an e-mail from Brenda today, and gives him her phone number if he wants to call her. Lucky apologizes to Karen for lying and says he's a cop looking for a kidnapped baby. Carly tells Brook Lynn and that apartment will be empty and to have either video or pictures of her with Dante. Sonny goes on the pier and reminisces of first meeting Brenda there.moreless
  • Ep. #12115
    Ep. #12115
    Episode 89
    Lucky arrives in Astoria hoping to locate Aiden. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she wants to live at Wyndermere as a family. Carly contemplates Brook Lynn's blackmail threat and tells Jax that she was with Johnny last night. Johnny tells Ethan that Sonny will literally explode after continuing to seduce Carly. Sonny tells Max that Johnny will retaliate and is certain he'll kill him, Claire arrives and says that isn't a good idea. Spinelli tells Diane to do her best to postpone Jason's transfer back to prison. Ethan is unable to escape Epiphany, Tracy arrives asking if he's ready to go home. Carly tells Brook Lynn they can continue their agreement or she can go back to Bensonhurst. Ronnie can't seem to find Jason's transfer papers and asks Dante what he did with them. Helena tells her associate that maybe it's time to tell Nikolas that Lucky is the father and not him. Lucky tells Spinelli that he has no idea where to start, he gives Lucky the address of a house purchased recently under the name Karen Robertson. Dante tells Johnny he's gonna to come in for question for the murder of Tomas Lopez. Helena tells Nikolas and Elizabeth she's here because of the baby. Lucky watches as Karen brings Aiden home.moreless
  • Ep. #12114
    Ep. #12114
    Episode 88
    Karen gets a call from Franco assuring that Pablo can't be taken away from her. Elizabeth is approached by Helena and says that it's her fault her great-grandson was kidnapped. Sam tells Spinelli if he found anything else regarding the said document. Lulu vows to be a better sister to Nikolas. Carly and Brook Lynn discuss the situation with her seducing Dante, but they're interrupted by Olivia saying she's not way she's gonna apologize for the things she said last night. Claire tells Dante that the D.A. is pressuring that Jason return to Pentonville. Mac is angered and accuses Matt of taking advantage of Maxie's gratitude and tells Maxie she should be with Spinelli. Diane explains that the words in the document indicate an adoption, Jason realizes that Aiden is alive and well and somewhere out there. Brook Lynn tells Johnny she had a real good time at Jake's last night. Epiphany comes to shave Ethan, but he says he and Johnny have to talk business. Spinelli tells Jason and Dante that he may have tracked Franco to Astoria, Oregon, they make arrangements to leave but Ronnie shows up to take him to prison. Nikolas brings Elizabeth home to a welcome home party set up by her kids.moreless
  • Ep. #12113
    Ep. #12113
    Episode 87
    Jason wonders what those papers Franco is signing that no one wants to see, Dante says they better figure it out soon. Patrick and Robin confront Lisa about the cut up photos. Claire walks in on Sonny embracing Brook Lynn, and discusses the list of charges he'll be facing. Olivia tells Steve that she's gonna give Johnny one more chance. Tracy goes to visit Ethan in the hospital and says that Luke disappearing is a way for her to go after him. Spinelli uncovers a partial of the letter, Dante and Jason learn that Franco hired an attorney. Sam hears Lulu says Jason should go back to prison. Olivia comes to talk to Johnny and will tell him even though Carly is there. Ethan tries to get Tracy to call Luke and tell him about his injury. Michael walks in on Dante and Lulu. Carly lashes at Sonny for telling who not to hang out with when he's here with Claire. Jason convinces Spinelli to take a break and try to figure it out in the morning. Lisa watches as Robin and Patrick leave the hospital together.moreless
  • Ep. #12112
    Ep. #12112
    Episode 86
    Olivia tells Johnny not to do this while Claire looks at the photos. Lucky says the way to begin is Karen. Jax tells Carly that he didn't sleep with Skye while in Barcelona. Patrick goes to meet Lisa and she apologizes for what she did earlier. Karen names the baby Pablo, Franco leaves to start work on another project. Robin asks Steve if there's any word on Elizabeth's baby and thinks that Lisa is set on destroying her marriage. Jason thinks that Lucky is just wasting time by going after someone he doesn't think is connected to Franco. Lucky searches for leads in Woodstock. Claire wants Sonny to explain to her about the photos and if they're indeed fakes. Olivia tells Sonny to do his conversation with Claire elsewhere. Carly sees Brook Lynn cozying up to Johnny at Jake's and reminds her she's supposed to be seducing Dante. Jason and Dante look to Spinelli for answers. Robin sees the photos in her locker of her and Patrick with the eyes scratched out. Franco boards a plane saying he has a whole thing in his head and has the perfect model, and looks at a photo of Brenda Barrett in a magazine.moreless
  • Ep. #12111
    Ep. #12111
    Episode 85
    Lucky tells Nikolas and Elizabeth that Jane Morgan was found dead and shows what she was holding. Franco presents his mother with baby Aiden, and says she'll give him a good home. Sonny promises Alexis that if Kristina wants to go back to therapy he'll be there for her. Carly and Morgan surprise as he walks in the door, Carly asks how things went with Skye. Dante tells Sam that since Franco is still alive he's not going back to prison at least for now. Johnny tells Ethan why he's leaving the hospital when he recovering from surgery, Ethan says that Olivia saved his life and is a fool for letting her slip away. Elizabeth wonders why of all the babies Franco to take why hers. Sam can't imagine how scared Kristina was being almost killed by Warren. Carly learns that Jax romanced a woman while Skye retrieved Lorenzo's money. Jason reveals to Michael that Franco had video footage of him hiring Carter to go after him. Olivia can't believe after hearing what Claire wants from Sonny, he insists on Claire hearing what Olivia has to say. Sam tells Alexis that Krsitina still harbors resentment towards Sonny. Kristina visits Ethan and brings a deck of cards. Dante explains to Jason and Lucky that the one person they look to is Franco's mother.moreless
  • Ep. #12110
    Ep. #12110
    Episode 84
    Jason will respect Sam's wishes if she won't wait for him. Lucky and Nikolas show Elizabeth Aiden's ankle monitor that was found in another bassinet. Dante tells Brook Lynn that Johnny is just using her, the way he did with Kristina to drive Sonny crazy. Skye tells Jax she's grateful for helping her retrieve Lorenzo's fortune, but he says he has to return to Port Charles and to Carly. Steve tells Nikolas that he might not have a choice but to offer the reward for Aiden's return. Alexis goes to the hospital to check on Kristina and gets more of what happened during the shooting. Olivia tells Johnny the situation with Ethan getting shot and she practically saved his life. Lulu tells Brook Lynn that Dante was just looking out for her nothing more. Kristina overhears Sonny tell Michael he's grateful he protected his sister but shouldn't have grabbed her like that. Carly puts together a welcome home party for Jax. Sonny tells Alexis that Warren dying gave Kristina some closure. Dante gets some startling information from the file from the L.A. PD and goes and tells Jason that the body that fell wasn't Franco's. Skye tells Jax if they ever want to try again to call her, they share a heartfelt goodbye. Lucky finds Jane Morgan's body in a room holding Elizabeth's i.d bracelet. Karen is surprised when Franco shows up on her door with Aiden in his arms.moreless
  • Ep. #12109
    Ep. #12109
    Episode 83
    Mike refuses to serve Johnny at Kelly's after the thing with Kristina. Jason comes home and he fills Sam in on the whole Franco exhibit and him falling off the roof. Nikolas offers a five million dollar reward leading to Aiden's safe return. Michael almost strikes Carly after having another nightmare about Carter. Patrick starts to see a different side to Lisa he's never seen before. Steve tells Lucky that he can't keep the hospital in lockdown forever. Spinelli comes up with a solution to have Jason's ankle monitor turned off and he and Sam can take off, but Jason says that he can't take off. Michael tells Kristina that the nightmares he's having will stop and she can call him anytime. Ronnie asks Dante why Jason is at home and not back at Pentonville. Patrick encounters Lisa in a hospital room wearing a lingerie, and slaps him after he turns her down. Lucky comes across some upsetting evidence regarding Aiden. Dante watches Brook Lynn and Johnny kissing.moreless
  • Ep. 12108
    Ep. 12108
    Episode 82
    Jax and Skye stage and argument and she switches purses with Fernanda. Sonny explains to Claire of Warren's psychotic break and almost shooting Kristina and Michael. Robin tells Lisa that she knows what she's talking about her infatuation with Patrick. Steve tells Elizabeth that Jane Morgan was on duty tonight, but there was a distraction with Warren Bauer shooting Mac and Ethan. Maxie tells Michael she feels she made a mistake by sleeping with Matt, he starts to recall what Carter did. Elizabeth fears that her baby maybe dead. Skye finds a way to hack into Fernanda's computer but gets caught by the security guard. Ethan tells Maya not to be embarrassed cause in her case she froze out of fear. Carly takes Kristina into sit with Ethan cause she feels Warren almost killed him cause of her. Claire tells Sonny she doesn't have to like him in order to get what she wants. Skye manages to talk her way into letting the guard let herself into Lorenzo's funds. Sonny is surprised by Claire's request by wanting to him to father her child.moreless
  • Ep, #12107
    Ep, #12107
    Episode 81
    Jason tells Lulu that he didn't push Franco off the roof, when he in fact jumped. Diane questions Sonny's motives in his plans to romance Claire. Elizabeth wonders she'll never find Aiden now that Franco is dead. Dante tells the L.A. PD that Jason is to come with him back to Port Charles so he can return to Pentonville. Matt and Patrick work to remove the bullets from Mac. Maxie and Robin wait patiently for the outcome of Mac's surgery. Sonny learns from Carly that Warren targeted Kristina which led to his own demise. Maxie tells Robin that Lisa is determined to help herself to Patrick. Steve thanks Olivia for helping Ethan cause he doesn't think he would've made it. Maya apologizes to Ethan for almost letting him die and did nothing. Lucky finds a nurse that was working the floor with the name Jane Morgan, cause of Franco's infatuation with Jason. Sonny fills Alexis about what Warren almost did and assures her that Kristina is fine. Dante turns around and sees Jason pointing a gun at him says to give him a good reason not to kill him. Alexis blames herself for Kristina being in danger. Robin goes into see Max and urges him to fight. Maxie shows Matt her gratitude for him saving Mac by making out in a supply closet. Claire arrives to find Alexis in Sonny's arms.moreless
  • Ep. #12106
    Ep. #12106
    Episode 80
    Franco reveals that he in fact has Aiden. Warren aims at Michael, as Kristina screams then a gunshot is fired. Carly hears the gunshot and insists on getting to Michael right away, but Patrick agrees to go with her. Maxie learns that Shirley has died and informs Elizabeth who has her son. Steve asks Maya to help but she freezes, prompting him asking Olivia to start compressions on Ethan. Kalub tells Jason to seek Franco out himself. Michael tells Kristina not to look at Warren but to focus on him. Franco takes a woman hostage and asks Jason if she gonna let someone die or is he gonna help save a life. Carly tends to Kristina, as she hears Warren say that this is all her fault. Lucky and Nikolas try to figure out Franco's clue to Aiden's whereabouts associated with the number 66. Maxie sees that Mac was shot trying to save Michael. Franco tells Jason about Michael's new friend in Carter and he'll live on in his work, he manages to sneak away. Dante is told by Lucky that Jason can't kill Franco and sees that Lulu is at the show and wonders what she's doing here. Jason finds Vince dead and he and Franco begin to have a shoot out in the stairwells. Patrick tells Robin that Mac is strong and Matt is a great surgeon. Nikolas, Elizabeth and Lucky do a sweep of the hospital rooms.moreless
  • Ep. #12105
    Ep. #12105
    Episode 79
    Helena tries to defend herself to Nikolas and Elizabeth that she didn't take Aiden. Michael punches Warren before he can put a hand on Kristina. Franco looks from afar as Jason and Dante watch as he gives Carter asks what he wants him to do to Michael. Kristina yells for help for somene to stop Michael from killing Warren, Ethan intervenes and Warren asks that Michael be arrested. Carly tells Patrick that she's the master of lying and his secret is safe with her. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he can tell when Helena is lying and this time she isn't. Jason throws the TV and destroys the DVD and Dante asks him what that was about. Johnny tells Brook Lynn he's not over Olivia and if were up to him he would be with her right now. Jason tells Dante he doesn't want anyone to know Franco sicked Carter on Michael. Shirley comes to see Elizabeth, when it turns out it was her baby that was taken and sees she really needs her. Lisa tells Robin that when she went to London, and found out later that Patrick cheated on her whle she was away. Wilhelm asks Franco to give him a sneak peak of tonights display, but says of his plans to blow the exhibit up with an audience of thousands. Nikolas and Lucky find footage of a crib someplace it shouldn't be. Franco observes while his exhibit is being set up. Elizabeth goes to see Shirley and is sad that she's passed away. Warren wanders around the hospital with a gun in his hand and shoots Ethan and points a gun at Kristina. Franco shows up on the hospital monitors confusing Nikolas and Lucky as he welcomes all the viewers to his Fun House.moreless
  • Ep. #12104
    Ep. #12104
    Episode 78
    Dante and Jason arrive at the Gallery and run into Wilhelm Van Schlagel and says Franco has a message for Jason. Carly continues to listen to Patrick's confession. Michael tells Sonny the fight was about him being his son and doesn't want to fix things. Warren threatens Epiphany to hand over to him Kristina's medical file, Olivia lashes out at him for calling the girl a slut. Steve and Lucky put the hospital in lockdown in search for Helena and Aiden. Maxie ends up in Shirley's room and she starts to talk about her stressful job and Spinelli. Lucky finds Helena and if he didn't know better he'd say she's pretty surprised at Aiden's disappearance. Warren tells Kristina that she's gonna testify that Kiefer never hit her. Sonny asks Alexis why doesn't Kristina go that boarding she went to when she was a kid. Carly tells Patrick that she knows he had sex with Lisa while Robin was in Africa. Brook Lynn makes a play for Johnny while laying on the beach. Helena tells Elizabeth and Nikolas that she had nothing to do with Aiden't disappearance. Shirley asks for Maxie's help cause she has something to give to Elizabeth. Michael walks in as Warren was about to slap Kristina. Jason sees that Franco is putting his whole life on display when seeing the exhibit.moreless
  • Ep. #12103
    Ep. #12103
    Episode 77
    Helena visits Elizabeth and is appalled with the name choice of Aiden. Lulu checks on Michael who's having a nightmare about Carter, ends up waking up strangling her. Johnny shows up at Olivia's with a box of fresh pastries hoping to have breakfast together. Claire tells Sonny that Jason and Dante are on their way to Los Angeles to catch Franco. Patrick asks Steve if he was planning to tell Robin about that thing with Lisa. Carly wants Michael to come and stay with her while Dante's out of town but Lulu says that he's perfectly safe. Maxie tells Matt that she has made her choice and wants to start dating him for real and not just to make Spinelli jealous, but he doesn't want to be a rebound guy. Helena tells Thor that she's thinking of changing her plan. Carly tells Skye that she picked the wrong to make her mad, after saying she'll be spending more time with Jax. Sonny asks Lulu how things with Michael are going. Michael gets into a fight on his first day of community service. Nikolas and Elizabeth discover that Aiden is missing. Robin asks Helena why she's heading out of the hospital in such a hurry. Carly overhears Lisa and Patrick in the locker room and that they had sex.moreless
  • Ep. #12102
    Ep. #12102
    Episode 76
    Sonny tells Warren to stop laying into Kristina for lying about Kiefer hitting her. Kelly tells Elizabeth to start pushing. Claire finds out that Ronnie took Jason back to Pentonville cause he had a firearm. Franco watches in delight the footage of Jason strangling him when he was last in town. Maxie catches Lucky outside Elizabeth's room saying she knew he couldn't stay away. Carly and Jax return from taking the boat out, and Skye wants to continue her discussion about Lorenzo's fortune. Spinelli tells Sam that Dante could get killed while looking for Franco and he wouldn't shed a tear. Lulu tells Dante that this could get very dangerous. Molly goes after Kristina when Warren's words hurt her. Maxie tells Lucky that if he's moved on that what is he doing at the hospital. Nikolas and Elizabeth's baby is born and she decides on the name Aiden Cassadine. Carly tells Jax she didn't want this day with him to end. Jason shows Claire the photo that was waiting in his cell, she the guard to let Jason out of his cell. Lucky offers Maxie a peace offering for his behaviour at the hospital. Shirley comes in to see Elizabeth and asks if she can hold Aiden. Alexis tells Sonny that Warren is moving up the court date, Kristina says she'd like a word with her father. Jason wants Spinelli to find out what plaza steps in Los Angeles where this photo was taken. Jax offers to take Skye to Spain to find the answers she's been looking for. Franco tells Vince he has all the footage he needs to complete his work.moreless
  • Ep. #12101
    Ep. #12101
    Episode 75
    Lucky invites Maxie a concert in the park, she tells him that Elizabeth is in labor. Robin helps put Elizabeth's i.d bracelet on and it says her blood type is A positive. Kelly tells Elizabeth that she's gonna try to stop the contractions. Jason, Dante and Spinelli believe they know Franco's plan. Claire gives Sonny some sound advice. Franco tells Lulu who he has to kill to get a little attention. Lisa asks Patrick why he's avoiding her, even after last week when they had sex, Robin comes up and says she knows what she's talking about. Dante thinks this whole thing could be a trap. Lulu moves her finger towards her phone, but Franco and he says to go ahead so Dante can hear her die so he can pose her in a dramatic way. Kelly tells Elizabeth that if she dialates another two centimetres she'll have to deliver. Alexis invites Sonny to come to the Country Club to have a day with Kristina and Molly. Elizabeth apologizes to Nikolas and that she's so grateful for this baby. Kristina sees that everyone is looking at her, cause they blame her for Kiefer's death, Alexis says that Sonny decided to join them. Ronnie tells Jason that Franco resurfaced it's time for him to return to Pentonville. Lulu gives Dante the envelope that Franco said to give to him. Warren arrives and sees Alexis with her loving family of thugs. Spinelli tells Dante that Ronnie took Jason back to prison. Franco makes arrangements for the glass case delivered especially for Jason.moreless
  • Ep. #12100
    Ep. #12100
    Episode 74
    Dante hears a noise and aims his gun and sees that it's Michael in the kitchen getting a drink, he apologizes and promises to be more careful. Claire sees that Sonny is in the interrogation room and is foolish when Lucky says he called him down here. Elizabeth hides her being in pain from Nikolas when he says to go with the kids to look at the horses. Maya asks Skye how far she would go, Skye says it's reminding her how she fell for him in the first place. Maxie comes to see Jason about Spinelli. Spinelli tells Maxie that it's not his decision if she goes with Matt, and says she has a decision to make about them. Dante offers to escort Lulu and be with her at work today. Nikolas sees that Elizabeth is in labor. Carly comes to see Jason and says she has perspective in getting her family with Jax back together again. Nikolas rushes Elizabeth to the hospital and Steve and Robin hurry to get her in a room. Claire sees Sonny watching Carly and Jax with his kids and knows what it cost him. Spinelli, Dante and Jason try to figure out the connection of the crime photos. Franco surprises Lulu by showing up at Crimson and says it's nice to see her again.moreless
  • Ep. #12099
    Ep. #12099
    Episode 73
    Claire brings Sonny in for questioning. Jason and Dante realizes the singer at Jake's is singing "Route 66" and Franco sent him. Sam points a gun at Franco and to give her a reason to shoot him. Carly asks Jax if he wants to go with Skye or stay with him. Sonny tells Claire he can see she's starting to like him and it's scaring her. Jason asks Kalup that Franco paid him to sing that song. Brook Lynn cozies up to Johnny when he comes in. Franco tells Sam to tell Jason that he'll make it easy this time. Kristina apologizes to Taylor for freaking out on him and ruining their studying, Alexis then asks how they're day went. Dante and Jason realizes that Kalup was a diversion for something else. Kristina explains to Alexis for a brief second that she saw Kiefer about to hit her. Sonny's worried that Lucky might track down their man who planted the bomb. Michael tells Carly to give Jax another chance. Sam tells Jason that she had Franco right where she wanted but she still let him go cause she wanted more time with him. Nikolas cautions Helena not to come anywhere near Elizabeth. Brook Lynn serenades Johnny with a song at Jake's. Sonny surprises Claire when he plants a kiss on her. Elizabeth starts to feel some pains after Nikolas drops her off at home. Franco tells Kalup that he wants one more performance from him.moreless
  • Ep. #12098
    Ep. #12098
    Episode 72
    Elizabeth hears Nikolas tell Shirley he's gonna be the birthing coach when his baby arrives. Jason and Dante bust in the door and see that Franco's been hiding out here, and that they just missed him. Carly walks up and wonder what Spinelli is confessing to Lulu. Alexis tells Kristina that she was assigned a new study partner. Tracy tells Brook Lynn that she knows her granddaughter is up to something and will be watching her. Carly is impressed with Spinelli's lying skills. Jason shows Dante the clue that Franco left for him to find a flyer for a show at Jake's. Maya admires Maxie's new look, and Matt says that she brings out the worst in him. Bobbie asks Ethan if he's heard from Luke latety, but is certain he'll start leaving clues for Tracy soon. Franco has a proposal for Coleman, for him to have a show for one night only which he graciously accept. Sam tells Spinelli that whatever he's planning with Carly not to do it. Helena tells Elizabeth that it's not long before the baby comes. Coleman introduces Kalub Ishmael. Kristina is taken aback of Kiefer slapping her while studying with Taylor. Skye interrupts Jax and Carly's almost kiss apologizing for being late for dinner. Sam opens the door expecting Jason, but sees Franco instead holding her takeout.moreless
  • Ep. #12097
    Ep. #12097
    Episode 71
    Spinelli thinks that the number 66 maybe an address. Jax tells Franco to get away from Josslyn. Robin locks the supply closet so she and Patrick won't be interrupted. Claire tells Sonny that with Michael visiting him she could have his parole revoked. Franco shows Josslyn a little wind up monkey that clashes it's symbols. Dante gets word that Franco was spotted in the park and goes to investigate. Lisa sees Robin and Patrick leaving the closet seperately. Claire says to Sonny that she'll turn a blind eye on this visit with Michael. Lucky looks to Johnny for answers about the car bomb. Sonny tells Jason that he should've been acting like a father, cause he couldn't get Kristina away from Johnny. Mac would like to get Jason out in the open and let Franco take the bait if that'll keep everyone safe. Dante asks Ronnie that Franco might come after him since he tried to kill him the last time he was in town. Lucky tells Ethan that Sonny might've warned Luke about the bombing to get him out of harms way. Sonny tells Jason his plan to seduce Claire. Franco returns to the old mansion and tags it by spraying CO77X all over the place. Spinelli finds information that a Karen Anderson leased the Lockland mansion. Claire comes back and sees a candle lit dinner waiting, but Johnny comes in and ruins it. Lucky tells Mac he's gonna try to bluff to get the guy to admit who set the bomb. Lulu asks Spinelli what kind of revenge is being planned. Dante and Jason arrive at the mansion armed.moreless
  • Ep. #12096
    Ep. #12096
    Episode 70
    Franco sets up shop at the old Lockland mansion to work and calls someone asking to come right away. Robin is anxious to know what Patrick and Lisa have been up to while she's been away. Lucky asks Maxie why in fact she just kissed him, Elizabeth says she knew she start to hit on him again. Spinelli tells Jason that it's over between him and Maxie, after he saw her kiss Matt. Dante learns that Kristina was almost killed in a car bombing last night. Carly apologizes to Steve for asking him to come under false pretences. Skye explains to Jax he shouldn't worry about Carly flirting with Steve. Elizabeth runs into Nikolas and Spencer in the park. Franco tells Mr. Van Schlagel for coming so quickly and says he's putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece. Jason asks Carly what happened after Franco showed up at the Metro Court last night. Franco goes through photos to see who'll be the one he'll use. Michael and Sonny collude to keep the truth about the car bomb safe. Jax collects the toys, but abruptly turns around and sees Franco tending to Josslyn in her carriage.moreless
  • Ep. #12095
    Ep. #12095
    Episode 69
    Sonny tells Lucky that he doesn't need his sympathy when it comes to Lily. Lulu warns Maxie not to go too far cause she might end up losing Matt and Spinelli. Ethan tells Johnny that it could've been him that was killed from that car bomb. Nikolas and Elizabeth go to see Shirley and seeing that she's enjoying food from the Metro Court she had sent over. Spinelli sees Matt and Maxie kissing and walks away, not before Lulu tells Maxie what he just saw. Patrick tells Lisa that they need to talk and to meet in the break room. Shirley confides in Elizabeth about the time she left her husband for another man. Claire tells Lucky that Sonny's been hitting on her lately and wonders if she can use that to her advantage. Skye tells Jax she needs Lorenzo's missing fortune, he then sees Carly having lunch with Steve. Sonny lays out the consequences to Kristina as part of her punishment. Patrick tells Lisa that absolutely nothing happened last night. Elizabeth goes to see Lucky at the station, but sees Maxie kissing him instead. Olivia tells Johnny that she has no choice but to walk away. Steve tells Carly that she knows what she's up to in making Jax jealous.moreless
  • Ep. #12094
    Ep. #12094
    Episode 68
    Sonny tells Alexis he did not plant that bomb that injured Kristina. Maxie tells Jason that Franco sent her those roses and his infatuation with the number 66. Skye tells Jax that Carly was upset after seeing them kiss. Franco tells Karen that he's right where he wants to be. Spinelli tells Maxie to go with Dante, he feels he can't keep her safe. Olivia asks Carly if she's mad about the pipes or Skye spending time with her man. Sonny tells Michael that he knows why he had to lie to Alexis just now. Kristina says it's okay that Mac ask her a few questions. Claire walks in on Sonny in and sees him lashing out, and wonders how he would feel if his daughter died tonight. Maxie tells Lulu that Franco showed up at Crimson tonight. Johnny explains to Olivia that Sonny tried to kill him tonight. Sonny swears on Dante's life that he didn't try to kill Johnny. Johnny tells Alexis that he won't be seeing Kristina anymore. Carly is startled by a visit from Franco at the Metro Court and he says that Michael was quite the prize in prison.moreless
  • Ep. #12093
    Ep. #12093
    Episode 67
    Franco asks Maxie how she liked the roses that he sent. Patrick can't believe what he just did, cause he loves Robin and Emma with all his heart. Johnny accuses Sonny of planting the bomb that almost killed his daughter. Karen insists that Franco isn't in fact her son. Syke asks Jax how his search for Lorenzo's assets are coming along, but says he has some solid leads, but is focusing on adopting Morgan and is divorce. Franco lets himself out and for Maxie to say hi to Jason. Mac and Ronnie question Sonny regarding the explosion. Alexis learns from Epiphany that Kristina was brought into the E.R. Skye is surprised that she's still trying to save his marriage to Carly even though it's falling apart. Maxie asks Spinelli how long before Jason comes home, but doesn't say that Franco came to Crimson. Dante and Jason realize they're back to square one in location Franco's mother. Michael overhears that Sonny is the cause for Kristina's accident. Skye tells Jax to kiss her as Carly walks into the room. Patrick comes home and Robin surprises him by saying she returned early cause she missed him so much. Alexis flat out asks Sonny if he planted the bomb and she finds out otherwise he'll never see his daughter again. Maxie shocks Spinelli when she tells Jason she saw Franco earlier. Franco goes to see his mother and she asks what he's done now.moreless
  • Ep. #12092
    Ep. #12092
    Episode 66
    Sonny asks Alexis if Kristina will be joining them cause she's been in her room along time. Dante tells the homeless man to turn around but he runs and he goes after him. Spinelli locates Franco's mother, Karen and thinks Franco might be commuting back and forth. Maxie receives roses from someone, she thinks there from Matt. Dante catches the man and sees that it isn't Franco but someone else and asks why he ran. The man tells Max that this explosion won't be linked to Sonny. Patrick and Lisa celebrate the successful surgery at the Metro Court. Elizabeth tells Nickolas she's decided to change her outlook on life on Shirley's advice. Patrick offers to take Lisa home after they've had way too much to drink. Dante tells Ronnie he could've sworn the homeless man earlier was Franco. Molly reveals to everyone that Kristina is with Johnny right now, Sonny then hurries out hoping to get to her in time and Max says the bomb can't be disarmed. Matt tells Maxie that he didn't send the roses, and Spinelli says the same thing to Lulu. Johnny tells Kristina that it's time she ends this little game she's playing, she agrees and for him to take her home. Patrick starts kissing Lisa passionately. Sonny arrives just as the car blows up. Maxie gets roses but they're delivered by Franco himself.moreless
  • Ep. #12091
    Ep. #12091
    Episode 65
    Lisa and Patrick see that the cancer is on the parietal lobe. Ronnie tells Dante that that he and several other cops will be watching him until he's back in prison. Maxie sees a homeless man standing outside Jason's building, he then disappears when Carly shows up. Sonny reviews the car bomb plans to Max and Milo. Johnny comes into Sonny's restaurant and sits down and says he might take it over some day. Tracy wants to know where Luke is, Ethan says that he just left town hoping she'll follow him. Kristina lies to Alexis and says she's going to take the pre-S.A.T. test, she then informs Molly of her intentions with Johnny. Patrick uses a different technique to remove the remaining spread cancer. Lucky asks Ethan that Luke wanted him out of town for a reason. Lulu and Tracy have a deep conversation. Sonny tells Olivia to tell Johnny to stay away from his daughter. Jason tells Dante that Spinelli can give us a good advantage. Dante starts to become suspicious of a homeless man on the street.moreless
  • Ep. #12090
    Ep. #12090
    Episode 64
    Franco returns to Port Charles disguised as a homeless man, and encounters Diane in the alley who performs a show for her. Lulu asks Spinelli to promise he's not going to help Jason escape. Luke gives Ethan a job to get some cigars for him this Friday. Elizabeth is delighted that Nikolas is gonna pay for Shirley's medical expenses. Claire does her press conference and hopes on her career that Franco was watching. Matt presents Maxie with a rose while seeing her on the pier. Steve lifts Patrick's suspension from the hospital to help perform Shirley's surgery. Sam has a fantasy of Jason coming home and asks her to run away together. Franco spray paints his CO77X sign on a crate in the alley. Matt tells Maxie that she's the one that pursued him, and he doesn't need to make him jealous anymore since Spinelli is back to normal. Shirley tells Patrick that she's in good hands now that he's doing the surgery. Claire tells Jason that Dante is to take Franco down not him. Lucky wishes Luke all the best while he's out of town. Steve gets test results and sees that the cancer spread even further. Franco watches as Jason enters his apartment building. Tracy tells Lucky that Luke stole 10 million dollars from her and wants to know where he is. Jason and Dante get a shock when Ronnie and a bunch of cops welcome him home.moreless
  • Ep. #12089
    Ep. #12089
    Episode 63
    Steve and Epiphany break bad news to Elizabeth that Shirley's cancer spread to her brain. Olivia tells Lulu that Dante pretty much had it rough growing up. Michael tells Dante that he might end up going back to prison if Jason doesn't catch Franco. Luke tells Sonny that he didn't send Lucky to see him, must've gotten it from someone else. Lisa abruptly kicks Patrick out of her home. Luke tries to get Ethan to come away with him to Monte Carlo, but he has prior committments in town. Maxie tells Lucky that with Franco back she's worried what he might do to her. Elizabeth tells Shirley that Patrick could operate to get the cancer out. Kate wants to spend some time with Coleman but he says that he needs to stay open to improve business. Ethan goes to Johnny's in time for Maya to arrive. Olivia comes into Jake's and a drunken Kate tells her to take her trashy self away from her man which Brook Lynn finds amusing. Sonny tells Alexis he wants to have dinner at her place this coming Friday with Kristina and the girls. Dante and Lulu have some make up sex. Kristina tells Michael that she'll be spending the night at Johnny's place which will send their dad over the edge. Luke tells Lucky that he wants Ethan out of town before Sonny retaliates against Johnny. Johnny tells Ethan that he wants him at that meeting. Milo tells Max that what if the wrong person gets hurt.moreless
  • Ep. #12088
    Ep. #12088
    Episode 62
    Jason tells Dante that he demands a gun for protection, and no deal if there isn't one. Luke tells Sonny that revenge will never work. Kristina tells Olivia that it's Johnny's decision if she stays or goes. Lulu tells Brook Lynn that there's no way Dante will have a relationship with the father that shot him. Sonny tells Luke to make sure that Ethan is nowhere near Johnny this upcoming Friday. Kristina says that Olivia is sleeping with him just to help Sonny. Lulu tells Michael if she was out of line with Brook Lynn just now. Lisa follows Patrick to Jake's where he ends up following her home. Sonny will contemplate trying to talk Jason out of making a run for it, if she stops talking down to him to his kids including Dante. Claire tells Jason she's not gonna make the same mistake by letting him have a weapon. Dante and Lulu have a major argument with him risking his career if Jason takes off. Olivia humbly walks out on Johnny. Patrick plants a kiss on Lisa.moreless
  • Ep. #12087
    Ep. #12087
    Episode 61
    Jason and Sam discuss options to spend their lives together. Sonny wants Max and Milo to make Johnny disappear withing a distance that's not connected to him. Jax asks Carly if she still blames him for Michael's incarceration. Johnny tells Kristina that as much as he wants to make Sonny suffer this isn't the right way. Dante refuses to take responsiblility for Jason when he's released from prison. Carly admits she's still mad he used Michael to get to Sonny, but sees why he did it. Johnny tells Ethan to take Kristina and make her see why this is a bad idea. Dante tells Lulu that Franco has resurfaced and tells her about the crime scene photos. Brook Lynn asks Olivia how things are between her and Johnny, but she thinks it's really over. Michael walks in on Dante and Lulu about to have sex. Johnny and Olivia go the next step at reconnecting. Sonny reveals his plan to Luke and doesn't want Ethan getting caught in the crossfire. Kristina goes to Johnny's and sees him and Olivia having sex. Dante shows Jason his temporary release papers into his custody.moreless
  • Ep. #12086
    Ep. #12086
    Episode 60
    Sam tells Johnny to get away from her sister, and tells Kristina that he might end up dead, Sonny arrives and tells her to come with him. Ethan and Lucky tell Luke to show Tracy he cares. Maya asks Ethan why can't Luke come and stay at his lavish penthouse. Carly calls Jax and shows the photo, he then calls Dante. Luke goes to see Tracy and makes one finaly plea to make their marriage real, but she calls the police and has him arrested. Alexis agrees with Sonny and for Kristina not to see him anymore. Dante reveals his plan hoping it'll get Franco out of hiding. Jason tells Johnny he know he would never intentionally hurt Kristina. Jax tells Carly that everyone is gonna have bodyguards til Franco is caught. Johnny finds a crying Kristina and she opens up and sees what his father is. Sonny admits to Max and Milo his intentions for Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #12085
    Ep. #12085
    Episode 59
    Claire tells Michael that Carter was connected to Franco, and to tell her everything that he said to him in jail. Lucky comes home to find Luke on the couch and says he's moving in. Diane delivers Jason some unwanted news. Steve tells Patrick that he accepts his apology but he's still suspended until the board says otherwise. Edward and Monica escape the wrath of Tracy after she destroys everything of Luke's. Nikolas brings Shirley some flowers, but Elizabeth comes in and accuses him of using Shirley to get to her. Lisa follows Patrick to the pier and says she'll try to get his suspension lifted. Ethan tries to get Tracy to take Luke back, but she says that she's finally free of him, once she goes outside her expression changes. Carly goes to see Jason and says she's never gonna forgive Dante for what he did to him and Michael. Alexis tells Sam that she can't make Kristina stop seeing Johnny, but Sam says this thing is all about getting even with Sonny and Jason could help. Sam overhears Johnny and Kristina talking on the pier. Jason tells Carly to keep a watch on Josslyn cause Franco may use her again to get to him. Claire and Dante strike a deal to catch Franco. Carly receives a crime scene photo from Franco.moreless
  • Ep. #12084
    Ep. #12084
    Episode 58
    Patrick punches Steve after a disagreement, causing him to be suspended. Maxie apologizes to Lucky for the grief she told him for always hanging on to Elizabeth. Nikolas tells Steve he thinks that Elizabeth shouldn't be investing her money in that pharmaceutical company. Carly tells Brook Lynn that despite Michael getting released the revenge plan is still in action. Dante reminds Sonny of his minimal contact with Sonny. Johnny tells Alexis that this whole thing is Kristina's decision. Lisa finds Patrick at Jake's and tells him that he's turning into Noah. Brook Lynn goes to Johnny cause she had a little car trouble. Luke joins Patrick in drowning his sorrows. Michael tells Sonny that it's probably best if he left. Sonny looks to Olivia for comfort. Claire tells Maxie she has her full attention, and to explain everything to her. Michael confides in Dante about Sonny. Claire asks Ronnie everything he knows about Franco, and how he's going to get to Jason when he's locked up.moreless
  • Ep. #12083
    Ep. #12083
    Episode 57
    Maxie shows Jason what she got in the mail from Franco. Spinelli tells Sam of Michael's release but is still down that Jason is still in jail. Patrick tells Steve and Lisa that Robin extended her stay in Africa cause things got hectic. Olivia goes to Lulu to talk some sense into Johnny cause he's seeing Kristina. Tracy tells Luke that she's now the sole owner of the Haunted Star since she invested most of her money in it, she then rejects his marriage proposal. Carly has anger in her eyes when Dante comes to take Michael to his place. Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina refuses to end things with Johnny. Dante and Lulu welcome Michael home, but Michael almost punches Dante when he touches him. Spinelli tells Maxie that her going to Jason mean she doesn't have any faith in him. Sam pretends to be another woman to have a conjical visit with Jason. Brook Lynn visits Johnny and says she's here cause Lulu refused to get involved. Alexis goes to see Johnny and they have to discuss Kristina and what she's been through this year, Kristina arrives and says if she's here to tell him to end it cause it ain't happening. Patrick refuses to let Steve assist to repair some damage to one of his patients. Brook Lynn tells Carly to write her a check for $10,000 and they'll call it even. Michael apologizes to Dante for his almost right hook, Sonny arrive to offically welcome him home.moreless
  • Ep. #12082
    Ep. #12082
    Episode 56
    Dante tells Lulu that Michael having minimum contact with Sonny as apart of his release. Olivia tells Kristina that she should know better, and abolishes Johnny for the same thing. Sonny and Alexis discuss how to parent Kristina. Jason tells Claire that Franco choose him and in his sick mind wanted to bond with him and had a picture of Michael kneeling over Claudia's body. Olivia tells Johnny now that they're alone just what the heck was he thinking. Claire tells Jason she's gonna trace Franco's relationship with Carter. Kristina tells Ethan that she's just pretending to be with Johnny to drive her father crazy, he says that Sonny will go after him and if it's what she wants. Spinelli tells Carly that he's making great progress in their plan to frame Dante. Olivia walks out on Johnny when he didn't answer her question. Dante along with the Warden tells Michael that he's going home. Alexis asks Kristina what's she's doing with Johnny. Carly gets the news that Michael's coming home. Johnny shares his thoughts about Olivia with Ethan. Brook Lynn tells Lulu that her and Dante's sex life is gonna be interrupted with Michael living with them. Michael is welcomed home by his family. Dante tells Sonny that one of the reasons that Michael was released that he have minimal contact.moreless
  • Ep. #12081
    Ep. #12081
    Episode 55
    Sonny instructs Johnny to take his hands off of Kristina. Dante continues to plead with Judge Carroll to reconsider his sentence, but he says his decision stands. Lulu goes to Carly and tells her about the guy Carter making trouble for Michael was killed by Jason. Sonny tries to get Kristina to see that Johnny is using this to get at him. Maya asks Ethan how he managed to pay for this lavish penthouse. Judge Carroll tells Dante that if were to release Michael there'd be some conditions that goes with it. Johnny tells Kristina that this was a one time thing and isn't doing it again. Sonny tells Olivia that Johnny is messing around with Kristina. Claire goes to Jason for info on Franco, he agrees if she gets Michael out of jail first. Dante and Lulu share another intimate encounter. Sonny tells Alexis that he saw Johnny with his hands all over their daughter. Johnny explains to Ethan he didn't stop when Kristina grabbed his hand. Dante tells Lulu that he got Judge Carroll to suspend Michael's sentence, but he has to take responsibility by having him move in with him. Olivia finds Kristina at Johnny's place and asks what she's doing here.moreless
  • Ep. #12080
    Ep. #12080
    Episode 54
    Sam walks in and asks Kristina what Molly meant when she has everything covered, Kristina says she's doing some extracurricular activities. Dante tells Lulu that Michael was attacked and Jason killed a man. Tracy decides not to give Luke another chance, cause he did the worst thing by lying to her. Johnny tells Ethan that he was pretty much tempted to do what Kristina wanted. Edward tells Maya that today is the anniversary of Justus's death and to take a drive to show her something. Nikolas tells Helena that he warned her if she did anything she would be out on the street. Steven tells Elizabeth that he doesn't want her putting up that much money. Molly explains to Sonny that Kristina has a new person she can talk to and can't say who it is. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she's investing in someting and will be independent. Dante tells Claire that he got a photo from Franco and it could be a past or present crime scene, she then promises to take him down. Dante goes to see Judge Carroll and to reconsider Michael's sentence. Lulu visits Michael and says that Dante is doing everything he can to get him released. Sonny sees Kristina and that she's with Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #12079
    Ep. #12079
    Episode 53
    Dante hears as the Warden tell Jason he's gonna be in solitary confinement. Olivia tells Johnny if he continues to push Sonny he's gonna retaliate and ends up storming out. Kristina explains to Alexis that she's already starting to make ammends with her father. Skye tells Ethan that Luke and Tracy have been freed from Helena's clutches. Carly tells Lulu that there are similarities between Dante and Sonny and he could end up cheating. Maya explains to Ethan about Tracy's message for to have Luke's things thrown out of the mansion. Dante asks Michael to explain exactly what happened with Carter. Jason makes a plea to the Warden that he guarantees good behaviour if he lets him stay with Michael. Skye looks to Jax for help to find Lorenzo's missing fortune. Lisa tells Steve the reason he's here is cause she likes spending time with him, he says that he can see Patrick's jealousy. Dante tells Michael he's not helping things by making a false statememt to the Warden. Kristina tells Molly to keep a secret and that she's helping Johnny. Olivia returns hoping to patch things up with Johnny.moreless
  • Ep. #12078
    Ep. #12078
    Episode 52
    Sonny tells Claire he's not gonna let Johnny turn Kristina against him. Dante hides the photo he got from Franco keeping Lulu from seeing it. Jason tells Carter where Franco is, he then dies and Michael sees Jason standing over him. Claire tells Sonny if he murders Johnny he'll go to jail. Dante tells Lulu that it's okay and to go and see what Maxie wants done at work. Nikolas finds Tracy and Luke and he asks if he plans to let them go. Carly finds Patrick drinking alone and pondering over Lisa and Steve. Lucky hears Nikolas about him making sure that Tracy and Luke are flown home immediately. Jason tells Michael to say that he wasn't there and to help him. Dante tells Ronnie that Franco is up to his old tricks again. Jason tells Michael that he wanted a much better life for him. Sonny tells Olivia to leave so she won't be here when he gets into with Johnny. Dante visits Jason and shows him the photo that Franco sent him. Lucky locks Nikolas in the dungeon to give him a little taste of what he went through. Sonny tells Johnny to stay away from his territory. Carly knows that Lulu is listening, and comes up with a cover. The warden comes in and says to Jason that he warned him if he caused trouble again.moreless
  • Ep. #12077
    Ep. #12077
    Episode 51
    Dante overhears Lulu lay into Brook Lynn for her transgression. Jason tells Carter to get out of Michael's cell. Johnny tells Carly that he does want Sonny to get what's coming to him. Tracy can't believe that Luke lied to her about being married all these years. Lucky pretends to be a jobless drifter in hoping to get into the Cassadine compound. Kristina makes it clear to Sonny that she doesn't believe he ever laid a hand on a woman. Steve and Lisa enjoy their dinner date at the Metro Court, but they get interrupted by Patrick which doesn't please Steve one bit. Nikolas asks Thor why he's holding a gun on his brother. Dante tells Lulu he hopes this new lawyer will work on Michael's appeal. Carly applauds Brook Lynn for ironing Dante's shirt and to keep at it. Kristina goes to Johnny with an idea to further irritate Sonny. Claire tells Sonny that his main focus is to shut down Johnny. Jason and Carter have a showdown, and he's startled after Carter tells Jason that Franco says hello. Dante receives a photo in the mail from Franco.moreless
  • Ep. #12076
    Ep. #12076
    Episode 50
    Tracy tells Luke that she remembered every detail of their wedding in Vegas. Carly tells Sonny that she what Lulu wanted to hear. Skye comes to check on Kristina and says she'll probably never trust another guy. Maxie witnesses Patrick's jealousy. Michael tells Jason that he can't kill Carter. Johnny tells Ethan that their latest venture could easily get them killed. Lulu comes home to see Dante help Brook Lynn get into her apartment. Sonny tells Jason that if Carly's avoiding coming to visit him then it can't be good. Tracy pledges his love to Luke, before passing out. Skye asks Ethan to build up Kristina's confidence. Lisa drops Patrick to go on a date with Steve. Kristina tells Molly that Michael is in jail the way her father lives his life. Jason is told that the warden wants to see him, Carter sees that Michael is all alone in his cell. Tracy learns a startling revelation that she and Luke were never really married to begin with. Lulu accuses Brook Lynn of moving on her man. Carly presents Johnny with a housewarming gift and asks if it's true about him and Dante being on the outs. Michael starts fighting with Carter, until Jason returns to the cell.moreless
  • Ep. #12075
    Ep. #12075
    Episode 49
    Lucky tells Nikolas to tell him where his father is and he'll get out of his face. Brook Lynn goes to see Sonny and says she's gonna be living across the hall from her son. Carly makes sure that Jax runs into her as she leaves her yoga class. Helena denies Tracy help despite her worsening condition. Spinelli tells Diane that he thinks Maxie is no longer into him by resulting to make him jealous by being with Matt. Ethan tells Lucky to do what he says to not waste any time. Shirley continues to see the tension between Nikolas and Elizabeth. Tracy tells Luke that she wishes she could remember her wedding in Vegas. Dante gives Lulu a brief baseball lesson. Lulu tells Sonny all she has to do is look at the scar to remind her what he did to Dante. Elizabeth tells Steve that she wants to invest in the pharmaceutical thing he has going. Luke starts to jimmy the lock using the pen he took from one of Helena's guards. Ethan tells Lucky that Luke will be just fine where he is. Michael tells Jason there's something he's not telling, and realizes he's gonna take out Carter. Brook Lynn visits Dante wearing nothing but a towel.moreless
  • Ep. #12074
    Ep. #12074
    Episode 48
    Brook Lynn asks Carly how is she gonna explain how she got the money for the loft, she says that she has Ned's name on the lease. Kristina thanks Johnny with his help with those girls. Michael tells Jason the story of the time that Carter came into his cell when he arrived at the prison. Olivia gives Sonny some advice to focus on getting help for what his stepfather did to him all those years ago. Johnny brings Kristina and Sam says she's not sure of his motives but to stay away from her sister. Lulu and Dante encounter intimacy issues, after Lulu hears Carly's voice to picture Michael sitting in his cell. Dante comes to Sonny's to see his mother there and wonders why she's still doing this. Carly tells Jax that she wants Sonny behind bars. Patrick tells Robin that he should've supported her from the beginning, and wishes her the best in Africa. Jason tells Sam to keep an eye on Kristina, and explains his intent to commit murder which could put more years on his sentence. Patrick gets a call from Lisa requesting his assistance in a surgery. Lulu hears a noise and goes out and sees Brook Lynn moving into the place across the hall.moreless
  • Ep. #12073
    Ep. #12073
    Episode 47
    Jason tells Spinelli to stop Carly from this revenge mission. Carter tells Michael that if he tells Jason what happened, Jason will die. Carly tells Sonny that all those years with the name calling and it being abuse. Ethan tells Kristina that it's possible that Kiefer was actually abused himself. Jax visits Michael and says he's doing his best to get him released from prison. Lucky tells Maya that Helena owns property and could've sent those texts to Luke, Johnny comes in looking for Ethan. Sonny visits Kristina and explains he has a temper, and asks her to try therapy again but she doesn't want to. Carter anxiously awaits for Jason with a knife in his hand, but Jason gets the upper hand. Dante tells Lulu that they'll be getting some new neighbors soon. Maya tells Lucky that he's jealous of Johnny. Olivia tells Sonny that he may have clenched his fist but he wouldn't hit any woman. Jason asks Michael why would Carter want him dead. Carly tells Brook Lynn that she rented the loft right across from Dante's. Maya manages to trace the text messages to where they were sent. Johnny intervenes when two girls are harrassing Kristina by saying he's meeting her. Michael makes a painful confession to Jason that the reason he was acting weird at first and the bruises were because of Carter.moreless
  • Ep. #12072
    Ep. #12072
    Episode 46
    Carly tells Spinelli that stage one is Brook Lynn seducing Dante and to wait for the outcome. Steve tells that he'll be finacially dependent if this thing gets approved, Lisa then wonders why Elizabeth is happy when she has Nikolas to care for her child. Jason tells Dante that he'll never make the mistake of trusting him again. Luke continues to yell for the guard to get Tracy something for her fever. Lucky learns from Maya that Tracy never went to Fiji and it has Helena's fingerprints all over it. Ethan says that Tracy didn't like Luke's flirtation with Skye which caused her to flee. Sonny goes to therapy with Kristina which makes thing worse for them during the session. Carly proposes to Spinelli to set up Dante by planting drug money in his account, so Lucky will find it. Dante insists on Brook Lynn staying for dinner that she helped prepare. Sonny apologizes to Kristina for what happened today at therapy. Spinelli comes to see Jason, and he realizes Carly brought him into on her schemes. Nathan comes as to Kristina's request and says she's seeing a therapist. Carter applauds Michael and says those moves won't do him any good. Carly tells Sonny after he asks if he ever abused, that he doesn't want the answers to that question.moreless
  • Ep. #12071
    Ep. #12071
    Episode 45
    Brook Lynn turns down Edward's for her to live at the Quartermaine's. Dante asks Maxie why she doesn't like nor trust Brook Lynn. Nikolas informs Elizabeth he can give his kids a better life. Johnny tells Kristina that he didn't have any proof that Claudia was abused. Jason asks Michael if Carter is the one that beat him up in his cell. Luke tries to keep Tracy in good spirits despite being locked together. Patrick objects to the idea of Robin going to Africa for some Aids thing. Alexis tells Johnny that he has a right to grieve for his sister, cause Kristina needs her own perception of Sonny. Carly tells Brook Lynn to get closer to Olivia that means getting closer to Dante. Tracy has a vivid dream of her being locked away for tax evasion and Luke going off to Bali with Skye. Johnny tells Alexis that she was there when Sonny degraded Claudia at the Metro Court that night. Cameron tells Elizabeth that he wants to go to that Aquarium camp. Jason tells the guard when Dante comes to visit Michael that he has a request. Robin is touched when Patrick offers to go to Africa with her to help those in need, but there's only one spot left, Patrick says to go and do it for him. Spinelli tells Carly that him keeping his mouth shut is furthering his estrangment with Maxie. Dante sees Jason instead of Michael in the visiting room.moreless
  • Ep. #12070
    Ep. #12070
    Episode 44
    Patrick learns that Robin has a meeting with the head of an aids wing, and that he's competing with her dead boyfriend. Elizabeth finds Nikolas in Shirley's room, she tells her that she doesn't trust him right now. Kristina dreams about Kiefer, and he says that it's all her fault and strikes her just as she wakes up. Claire tries to strike a deal with Johnny. Diane tells Sonny that it wants to get to Claire then to seduce her. Molly rushes into check on Kristina, and she explains she had a nightmare about Kiefer. Matt tells Patrick that he had some serious fun with Maxie last night. Maxie goes to Robin and says that with Spinelli in a catatonic cyber state, she resulted in kissing Matt at Jake's. Luke thinks of a way for him and Tracy to escape. Elizabeth tells Shirley that her relationship with Nikolas is a bit fragile right now and can be very domineering. Lisa tells Patrick that she is right about him being jealous about her and Steve being together. Alexis asks Sonny to go to therapy with Kristina. Luke's worry grows about Tracy as he sees that she's really burning up. Elizabeth wants Nikolas to understand she doesn't want to live at Wyndemere or want his money. Kristina asks Johnny if Sonny really abused Claudia or if he made it all up.moreless
  • Ep. #12069
    Ep. #12069
    Episode 43
    Carly tells Lulu that she'll consider hiring Brook Lynn. Claire overhears Sonny's intentions to Olivia and asked if she'd like to file a complaint. Sam tells Jason that she's pondering getting married to him. Maxie goes to see Spinelli but he's so dissheveled, he doesn't want to go out anywhere and says if she wants to go with someone else the to go right ahead. Kate comes in and tells Coleman that she seriously needs a drink. Diane is upset that he's not gonna be intimate til Michael is released. Maxie goes to Matt hoping he can take her out for a drink at Jake's. Carly tells Sonny to do whatever it takes. Jason practices Michael's punching and never to let his guard down. Maya catches Lucky punching a wall and wonders where all the aggression came from, he says it's all cause of Nikolas. Matt and Maxie share a kiss. Carly lays into Sonny for not telling her about Michael getting assaulted. Dante and Lulu get intimate again.moreless
  • Ep. #12068
    Ep. #12068
    Episode 42
    Olivia intervenes as Max and Milo are about to pounce on Johnny. Helena overhears Nikolas tell Kristina he wants Elizabeth to stay here until she has the baby. Lulu tells Brook Lynn that she'll talk to Carly about her getting that job as a singer. Johnny tells Sonny that he's had a good run and his time is just about up. Michael tells Jason that he's able of taking care of himself. Epiphany catches Shirley using the P.A. system to announce he selling some of her pieces. Carly sees Michael and asks how he got those bruises and why Sonny didn't tell her. Shirley says to Elizabeth why can't she go and live at Wyndemere. Kristina wants Sam to take her to Pentonville to see Michael. Helena tells Lucky why he's not letting Elizabeth make her own decisions. Dante's expecting Brook Lynn to come back but instead he sees Sonny getting off the elevator, and he's here regarding Olivia. Kristina visits with Michael and says that their dad should be in here instead of him. Carly asks Jason who gave Michael those bruises. Lucky goes to Nikolas about what Helena said about him keeping Elizabeth from living with him. Sam tells Jason she was denied a conjucal visit cause they're not married. Lulu asks Carly to give Brook Lynn a job.moreless
  • Ep. #12067
    Ep. #12067
    Episode 41
    Jason willingly tells Michael to hit him while in the exercise area. Lucky tells Johnny he thinks he's trying to bait him. Sonny tells Claire that Micahael is the reason he's doing this. Tracy tells Luke that her not showing up for their anniversary was obviously a clue that something was wrong. Robin tells Patrick after he's upset that Steve is taking all his surgeries that he hates a little competition. Tracy openly asks Luke if he in fact slept with Skye. Jax tells Skye his Washington trip was okay, but his political contacts think Michael's sentence was harsh, but won't help a gangsters son. Ronnie asks Dante if he found anything at the search at Sonny's place. Michael scolds Jason for asking Frank who beat him up. Sonny tells Max that there's one way to see if they can trust Claire to do her part. Claire confides in Lucky in her plan to double cross Sonny. Brook Lynn asks Lulu to talk to Carly in possibly getting her a job at the Metro Court. Max and Milo grab Johnny and Sonny says he's gonna make him beg for mercy.moreless
  • Ep. #12066
    Ep. #12066
    Episode 40
    Olivia becomes suspicious of Carly and Brook Lynn's breakfast date. Bernie tells Sonny the current problems with Trujillo's working for Johnny now. Helena comes home and both Lucky and Nikolas wonder what she's been up to. Carly lets it slip that Olivia had dinner with Sonny, Johnny realizes it was before coming to Jake's to meet up with him. Luke tries to break into the Cassadine residence, but is caught by Thor. Kristina wants Sonny to focus on getting Michael out of jail. Lisa tries to use Patrick's jealousy by flirting with Steve in front of him. Helena overhears Nikolas tells Robin that if he intends to use Elizabeth, which makes her proud. Maxie tells Lulu that she told Dante the truth about her abortion and he loves her for being honest. Luke is taken down in the dungeon with Tracy. Sonny offers a deal to Claire for them to go after Johnny Zacchara instead.moreless
  • Ep. #12065
    Ep. #12065
    Episode 39
    Dante can't believe Brook Lynn's in town, and learns she has ties to Port Charles. Maxie thinks it's a little to convenient that Brook Lynn just happened to show up here like that. Skye tells Luke she got some info and Tracy never went to Fiji, Luke wonders why he didn't catch on sooner. Olivia asks why Brook Lynn is doing here. Claire tells Jax that despite everything the person to lose is Jason. Helena reveals her evil plan to Tracy and that Luke better come to her rescue soon. Michael gives Jason the rundown of being in jail, and people aren't supposed to come into the cells at night. Nikolas accuses Elizabeth of trying to lose her baby on purpose. Jax tells Carly that the adoption paper work is being done, Carly says they should start focusing on their divorce. Claire asks Lucky if this conflict of interest will stand in the way of him busting Sonny. Lulu tells Dante her secret, he says her admintance makes him love her even more. Carly tells Brook Lynn there's a sizable sum waiting if she gets Dante to sleep with her.moreless
  • Ep. #12064
    Ep. #12064
    Episode 38
    Jason finds a battered Michael in his cell and asks who did this to him. Johnny tells Sonny that one of his men works for him now, he pulls out a gun just as Ethan and Claire walk in the room. Lulu almost tells Dante the truth about her abortion, but he gets a call from Claire. Maya tells Lucky that Elizabeth already left the hospital with the kids. Carly offers Brook Lynn a job at the Metro Court in exchange in help breaking up Dante and Lulu. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he thinks she's not taking their baby as a priority and what she plans to do. Maxie tells Matt she's only here to meet him and act friendly. Ethan tells Johnny his plan was a stroke of genius, and crashes into Maya spilling a drink on her. Elizabeth rejects Nikolas's off to live with him at Wyndemere. Matt overhears Maxie's plan and walks out wanting no part in making Spinelli jealous. Dante walks on the pier until he hears a familiar voice and goes into Jake's and sees Brook Lynn singing.moreless
  • Ep. #12063
    Ep. #12063
    Episode 37
    Jason is livid when Mayor Floyd delays his transport to Pentonville wanting more years tacked on to his sentence. Carly wonders just how smitten Dante and Brook Lynn really were. Jason tells Dante that Michael won't last a week without him there. Carter tells Michael that he will collect his debt one way or another. Lulu thinks Dante's reaction will be different if he finds out about the abortion from someone else. Sonny tries to work his charms on Olivia, but she sees right through it. Lulu sees what Maxie is up to and her plan to go out with Matt to make Spinelli jealous, and says it's gonna backfire. Carly sees that Brook-Lynn has had it rough and plans to use that to her advantage. Dante threatens Mayor Floyd he plans to use some evidence which involves him soliciting hookers. Sam tells Jason that she's gonna try and be strong til he comes home to her. Dante sees Sonny and Olivia having dinner, and asks what kind of meal Michael's getting while he's enjoying this good food. Carly finds Brook Lynn doing a con job on a hot dog vendor in Bensonhurst Park saying she make her troubles go away. Michael's cell opens and Carter walks in to collect. Sonny finds Johnny in his living room, he says that the phone is ringing and it's Bernie with bad news. Jason arrives unaware that Michael's being threatened.moreless
  • Ep. #12062
    Ep. #12062
    Episode 36
    Michael's in peril, Carter tells Frank that there's alot of commotion going on, Carter says he bided some time for him. Carly tells Lulu that her ending her pregnancy was long before she ever met Dante. Robin comes to Sonny with an idea for the Stone Cates aids wing at the hospital. Luke gets word that Tracy is in Fiji but still thinks that there's something off about it. Claire tells Sam she can visit with Jason before he's ready to be taken to Pentonville. Johnny explains to Olivia that why does Michael get sent to prison while Sonny walks around free. Luke is against the idea of Ethan doing something that might get him killed. Kristina tells Jason she sends thanks from Molly and Morgan for what he's doing for Michael. Carly approaches Spinelli to help her. Kristina finds Ethan in the park, and humbly agrees with Luke's choices when it comes to his son. Maxie warns Lulu not to inform Dante about her abortion. Ethan makes a decision and joins forces with Johnny. Carter tells Michael that it's time that he pays up for what he did for him. Spinelli finds a picture of Dante with a girl and Carly recognizes her as Brook-Lynn Ashton. Claire tells Jason that it's time to go, Mayor Floyd comes in and says he isn't going anywhere.moreless
  • Ep. #12061
    Ep. #12061
    Episode 35
    Michael reminds Dante that he's the reason that he's in here. Patrick interrupts Steve and Lisa and says there patients waiting. Carly intervenes when Warren starts making a spectacle at the Metro Court. Claire is amazed that Lucky isn't losing it after hearing of Elizabeth's infedility. Luke prepares an anniversary dinner for Tracy to get back in her good graces, and tells Ethan to get to him come. Jason and Sam realize their time is running out. Tracy is trapped in Helena's dungeon and is at her mercy, Helena reveals that Luke is also who she wants. Jason tells Sam to look after Spinelli while he's away. Steve tells Patrick that he's sounding like a jealous boyfriend. Dante helps a pregnant woman up and sees Lulu and says that someone that young shouldn't endure motherhood. Skye shows up when he was expecting Tracy and says she'll never forget the anniversary cause treasure it. Nikolas and Lucky exchange heated words. Ethan tells Luke that the E.L.Q jet is still in the hanger, he wonders if Tracy is in trouble after not showing up at the Haunted Star. Carly realizes that she has the ammunition against Lulu and Dante by revealing of her abortion. Michael gets a visit from the guard in his cell saying he's here for payback.moreless
  • Ep. #12060
    Ep. #12060
    Episode 34
    Sonny goes to see Michael and says that Jason will be at the prison by tonight. Patrick tells Matt that he's basically competing for Robin by he deceased ex-boyfriend Stone. Nikolas goes to bat for Alexis regarding her civil suit with the Bauer's by offering to make Warren back off. Lucky hits a dead end when the information doesn't rule Judge Carroll as taking a bribe. Olivia doesn't want to see Johnny like this and she walks out. Maxie thinks of using Matt to get Spinelli to notice her, Robin thinks it's a bad idea. Lucky and Dante don't think they can frame an innocent man to get Michael released. Anthony says to Sonny that he provides protection, Sonny says that Jason will be Michael's cell mate. Johnny tells Ethan that he'll provide him with all the cash that he needs, by getting him to bring Sonny down. Claire comes to the hospital for her appointment with Kelly. Nikolas tells Warren this the meeting he's waiting for is cancelled. Claire opens up to Lucky about wanting a child like Jake. Sonny tells Olivia to talk to Johnny cause his time is running out. Patrick is jealous when Lisa spends more time with Steve. Dante loses his temper with Michael.moreless
  • Ep. #12059
    Ep. #12059
    Episode 33
    Sam tells Spinelli that Jason is sending himself to prison to protect Michael. Carly explains to Jason that she's grateful that she's going to keep her son safe. Carter tells Michael that losing his guard to cause him serious harm, and he's gonna continue to watch out for him. Dante tells Sonny and Jax to keep focus in getting Michael cause getting dirt on Judge Carroll is the only way to do so. Luke says to Lulu he's known Sonny a long time and isn't saying that Dante won't be like him, but to watch out. Carly's set out to make Lulu and Dante pay dearly. Spinelli begs Jason not to go to jail, but he says he can't leave Michael unprotected. Sonny assures Carly that Jax will never adopt Morgan. Ronnie comes over and tells Dante there's a reason to celebrate that Jason morgan is being sent to prison on a class d felony. Lucky tells Luke that he's gonna look at Dante as one of the good guys and trust his sister's judgement. Sam takes Jason away to a remote cabin and he says it's perfect and thanks for arranging it. Nikolas apologizes to Elizabeth for the way he went off on her, and asks if she wants him to give up his rights to his child. Morgan comes down cause his parents are fighting and says he'll do whatever they want, and shares an emotional moment with Sonny. Jason gives Sam a compass saying that they'll find a way back to each other.moreless
  • Ep. #12058
    Ep. #12058
    Episode 32
    Sonny makes a promise to Morgan that he will take him to that Yankee game. Carly informs Jax that their marriage is over, but will live together as Morgan's parents. Claire tells Jason that once he's convicted, there's no guarantee if or when he'll be released. Michael encounters a guard who's son was injured by one of Sonny's men. Dante tells Judge Carroll that his sentence was rather harsh, but Lucky says they'll find stuff on the judge himself. Diane explains to Kristina that the Bauer's filed a civil suit against her mother and she might have to testify. Carly asks Sonny to cut all ties with Morgan, cause she asked Jax to adopt Morgan. Kristina goes to Nikolas for help and explains Alexis's situation. Lucky tells Dante and Lulu that Jason is sending himself to prison to watch out for Michael. Sonny goes toe to toe with Jax, and says he's not taking his son. Lulu tells Luke if he's heard of a Judge Peter Carroll, cause Dante and Lucky are looking in to see if he's dirty. Carly's stunned by Jason's decision to allow himself to go to prison.moreless
  • Ep. #12057
    Ep. #12057
    Episode 31
    Jason tells Sam he's going to Claire to send him to Pentonville to be Michael's cellmate. Shirley meets Helena, but Elizabeth tells her to quit badgering her patient. Carly tells Morgan that he hasn't lost her or Jax. Alexis explains to Diane that maybe the Judge might not be so lenient on her at her sentencing. Sonny tells Luke he's deeply sorry if he ever gone through with killing Ethan. Steve tells Nikolas that Helena is walking the halls harrassing Elizabeth and patients, Helena overhears from a far. Tracy can't believe that Luke spent her family's money to go to Hong Kong to help Skye. Thor tells Helena that Tracy's been asking questions about the departed lab tech. Carly makes a surprising move by asking Jax to adopt Morgan and for him to take his last name. Helena makes her move against Tracy. Alexis tells Kristina that everything is going to be alright, Warren shows up and says he's filing a civil wrongful death suit against her. Morgan gives Sonny the Yankee tickets cause it looks like Michael won't make it. Jason looks to make a deal with Claire to help Michael.moreless
  • Ep. #12056
    Ep. #12056
    Episode 30
    Sonny tells Olivia that maybe him never seeing his kids again is the best thing for him. Claire tells Jax how they can rectify getting the judge to overturn Michael conviction. Carly tells Jason she's gonna take Dante apart piece by piece is gonna show Lulu what happens when you betray family. Patrick is unsure what to do when Robin starts thinking of Stone. Lisa and Steve enjoy some margaritas at Jake's. Jason sees Sam and Molly celebrating and realizes he forgot Sam's birthday. Lulu goes to the Quartermaine's but their hands are tied since he doesn't have their last name. Sonny and Carly blame themselves for Michael's situation. Jason's pushed to the limit. Steve tells Lisa that he was involved with someone as was ready to make a full commitment. Tracy tells Lulu that the best thing right now is to stay away from Dante. Morgan tells Jax that he's sorry for the way he yelled at him, Jax says Carly might not be so forgiving. Lulu tells Dante that the Quartermaine's as well as Jax are still trying to find a way to get Michael free. Jason tells Sam he's gonna make sure Michael is safe no matter what it takes.moreless
  • Ep. #12055
    Ep. #12055
    Episode 29
    Anthony cautions Michael that he'll throw him to his enemys if Jason renects on their deal. Johnny tells Jason that he's gonna go after Sonny with everything he's got by stealing his shipments. Dante tells Carly that Morgan's trust in him is probably gone for good. Lucky opens up to Coleman thinking everything with Michael would've turned out differently, Maxie asks Lucky if he really wants to drink that. Dante tells Olivia about her encounter with Carly, and said she was to blame. Sonny tells Jason that he's gonna deal with Dante and for him to leave him alone. Carly lies to Lulu about not wanting Dante to suffer. Elizabeth is upset when she hears Maxie in the background and is with Lucky at Jake's. Sonny finds Olivia in the chapel praying for Michael's safety. Carly tells Jason he's to leave both and Lulu and Dante to her so she can make them suffer. Elizabeth arrives and accuses Maxie of trying to get Lucky hooked again and drinking. Michael spends his first night in jail.moreless
  • Ep. #12054
    Ep. #12054
    Episode 28
    Morgan, Kristina and Molly blame Dante for Michael's sentence. Jason tells Carly that he's gonna make sure that Michael is taken care of while he's in jail. Mac tells Lucky that Michael was sentenced to five years. Sonny asks Diane what he has to do to get Michael out of prison. Carly tells Michael that Jason is making arrangements to make sure he's protected while in Pentonville. Claire has a suggestion to use the brain damage angle to get Michael released. Carly allows Morgan, Kristina and Molly to visit Michael. Diane tells Max that things didn't go so well today. Lucky tells Lulu that now isn't the best time to talk to Carly. Jax explains everything to Skye about the sentencing and him losing his family altogether. Ethan rejects Johnny's offer to help take more of Sonny's judgment. Jason makes a deal with Anthony to keep Michael protected and he'll make sure nothing happens to Johnny. Lulu makes a desperate appeal to Sonny not to harm Dante. Carly goes to see Dante and asks if he's reconsidering his career. Kristina tells Morgan not to blame Jax but their dad. Anthony greets Michael as he's brought in.moreless
  • Ep. #12053
    Ep. #12053
    Episode 27
    Dante tries to explain why he turned Michael in to Carly. Morgan hears Michael is being sentenced and says for Kristina to take him and Molly. Maxie tells Lulu she told Jason because it was the right thing to do, and where exactly is Michael at right now. Molly, Morgan and Kristina look on and trying to figure out what everyone is saying. Elizabeth goes to check on Shirley and says that sometimes Lucky always comes to her rescue. Helena tells Thor she can't have Tracy figuring out that Elizabeth's baby is actually Lucky's. Diane asks Sonny if he can handle Johnny making a statement. Michael learns his fate as Judge Carroll sentences him to five years in Pentonville, Carly causes an outburst and Dante makes a plea to make him change the judge's mind. Tracy beings to question the paternity of Elizabeth's baby learns from Epiphany that the lab tech that performed the test recently died. Judge Carroll tells Michael to spend his time in Pentonville to value the law better. Epiphany tells Tracy that people noticed Larry was seen talking to Helena. Sonny makes a plea to the judge to punish him instead of Michael. Michael tells an upset Molly, Morgan and Kristina that he's getting sent to prison.moreless
  • Ep. #12052
    Ep. #12052
    Episode 26
    Dante and Lulu wakes up blissfully happy together. Carly explains to Morgan that even though he likes Dante, she can't forgive him for what he did. Mike atones Sonny for his maintaining after everything that's happened. Helena explains to Nikolas that Lucky is gonna make things worse for him and his new baby. Kate returns having a bad day, and asks Maxie to get Lulu in the office or they're both fired. Maya wonders what Skye is up to, she admits Edward sent her, Tracy arrives and asks how much it'll take to make them both disappear. Epiphany tells Elizabeth that Shirley took a turn for the worse, and was brought in, she goes off to see her. Lucky interrupts and tells Lulu that Maxie desperately needs her. Maya tells Tracy that she has no interest in her family's money, but is here to learn about her own family. Sonny tells Kate she knew that Dante was his son and didn't tell him. Tracy asks Helena why she's interested in Elizabeth's baby. Lucky tells Nikolas to get rid of Helena once and for all. Maxie tells Lulu that she did what she had to do when she told Jason where Michael was hiding. Sonny squares off with Dante when he comes to see him, and gets a call saying Judge Carroll is ready.moreless
  • Ep. #12051
    Ep. #12051
    Episode 25
    Jason goes to see Michael to think about the time when he took him to see the whales and focus on that image. Skye finds Jax at the Metro court bar thinking something is wrong, he explains his guilty conscience regarding Michael. Dante has an idea of what to make Lulu for dinner and gives her a cooking lesson. Johnny explains to Olivia a time when Claudia was there for him. Skye doesn't question Jax's motives and he was just trying to protect his family. Robin tells Emma she'll take her to see the ponies another time cause she and daddy need time alone, she gets a visit from Jason. Michael tries to stay strong for Sonny. Jason tells Robin that he never wanted any of this for Michael, cause he'll have to live with killing someone for the rest of his life. Dante asks Lulu to stay at his place for tonight. Patrick comes home to see Robin looking at some old photos of Michael. Sam asks Jason if he went to see Michael, Jason says that he's pretty scared and is the way he feels too. Dante promises Lulu there'll be no interruptions, and the two make love.moreless
  • Ep. #12050
    Ep. #12050
    Episode 24
    Michael tells his story on the stand and the Judge commends him on his honesty and allows Dante to take him into custody, Judge Carroll condones everyone for wasting his time. Jax asks Claire what she thinks the outcome for Michael will be. Olivia cautions Jason to stay away from her son. Michael asks Dante why he turned him in. Carly unleashes her fury on Lulu afer she attempts to apologize to her, Tracy intervenes and tells Carly she's to blame since she took Michael away from her family to begin with. Judge Carroll dismisses the jury for their service since the charges against Sonny were dropped. Jason tells Spinelli that he wants everyone at the PCPD on their payroll to make sure Michael is treated good. Carly tells Michael not to trust Dante. Johnny wants to get his own brand of justice. Carly explains to Morgan that Michael has to remain in custody til he's sentenced. Jason overhears Michael tell Sonny that he's gonna make him proud.moreless
  • Ep. #12049
    Ep. #12049
    Episode 23
    Claire tells Jax if her career is over she's taking him down with her. Morgan can't believe Dante told that Michael killed Claudia, and asks Molly and Kristina to take him there. Lucky explains to Jason that everyone knows and has to bring Michael in. Dante tells Sonny he's gonna make sure Michael has a better life away from him. Jason calls Diane and says Michael is being brought in. Carly gets nasty with Lulu and says she chose her boyfriend over family. Johnny tells Olivia that he think that Jason won't go and kill Dante. Mac arrests Michael. Jason tells Sam if Michael confesses on the stand he could be charged with murder. Carly lays into Jax and her being right about the outcome and Claire going to great lengths. Judge Carroll tells Lucky if he read Michael his miranda rights, then everything he told him inadmissable and sees that he cares for him very much. Morgan tells with Dante over his betrayal about turning in their brother. Olivia begins to fear for Dante's life and goes to see Sonny asking him if he's gonna finish the job. Dante tells Morgan he doesn't think Michael will go to prison. Carly gets word that Michael has been arrested. Judge Carroll asks Michael if he did in fact kill his stepmother.moreless
  • Ep. #12048
    Ep. #12048
    Episode 22
    Judge Carroll wants order, Claire says that it's just a made up story so Sonny could get off and dismisses the jury from the courtroom. Morgan says that Dante will never turn Michael in, Kristina says she's still worried about her mother going to jail. Lucky tells Mac that he doesn't want to chase down a member of his family. Dante is sworn in and explains his proof of Sonny's innocence and the bloody shirt with Claudia's blood on it, Judge Carroll requests he see it and issues a warrant for Michael's arrest. Lucky finds Michael at the boathouse on the Quartermaine grounds saying he has to turn him in. Jason tells Kristina and Molly that Dante gave Michael up and needs to find Michael. Carly is called back to the stand cause of her perjury and she'd like to change her story. Morgan finds out that Dante told the court and doesn't believe Ronnie's claim. Claire unleashes her fury on Jax since he knew of Michael's guilt. Lucky ends up in a stand off with Jason. Mayor Floyd tells Dante that there'll be a internal affairs investigation. Carly angrily accuses Lulu of betraying her. Sonny asks Dante how he could do this to his own brother.moreless
  • Ep. #12047
    Ep. #12047
    Episode 21
    Carly continues her plea to Olivia in getting Dante to hand Michael over. Diane tells Sonny that if the juror can't decide on a verdict, there won't be a second trial. Alexis finds Michael at the Lake House with Kristina, and calls Mac but he slips away. Jax agrees that Carly's right about Michael needeing to be sent out of the country. Lisa threatens Johnny that she'll go to the judge with what he just told him. Michael puts faith in Dante that he will keep his secret. Olivia realizes why Carly was so desperate when Johnny tells her that Michael is the one that killed Claudia not Sonny. Jason tells Sonny he's putting alot of his confidence in Dante when he's not sure what he's gonan do. Ronnie tells Dante to think of this as a gift and not to say anything and let the jury convict Sonny. Dante explains to Lulu about what a role model Vince Poletti was in his life. Lisa explains her thought to the other jurors and wants to take another vote. Kristina confides in Molly that Michael's back and came to see her and if she would like to visit him. Claire tells Carly that Michael was seen and Alexis called the police. Morgan is glad that Michael's back cause he blew it by telling Dante where he was. Diane calls Sonny saying that the jury has reached a verdict. Dante makes a surprising move by announcing that Michael actually killed Claudia.moreless
  • Ep. #12046
    Ep. #12046
    Episode 20
    Nikolas scolds Helena for telling Spencer about the Cassadine family history and takes away a gift she got for him. Ethan watches as Maya helps Michael. Claire risks everything when she tells Johnny about Lisa's vote. Lulu comes to Dante's apartment and finds it turned over and thinks something is wrong. Elizabeth is told by Steve that maybe a trip to the park will be too much for Shirley. Johnny gets into the hotel mainframe and finds Lisa's hotel number. Ethan gives Maya a heads and doesn't think she wants to get into the trouble he's in. Mayor Floyd tells Claire that Sonny is gonna be put out on the streets cause of her. Thor tells Helena that the lab tech met with an accident and she's not to worry about him anymore. Carly tells Claire to get out of her hotel cause she's not wanted here. Robin tells Patrick that today is a great day for a picnic with Emma, but it goes badly when Michael walks by in the woods. Claire paints a bleak picture of Dante's future if Sonny is aquitted. Carly turns to Olivia for help in the search for Michael. Johnny tells Lisa about what his sister used to be to him. Michael arrives at the Lake House and tells Kristina he's here to talk about Sonny's trial.moreless
  • Ep. #12045
    Ep. #12045
    Episode 19
    Alexis tells Kristina if Kiefer forced her to have sex with him. Jason presses Lulu for answers about Michael whereabouts and to let him protect him. Sonny tells Carly that Michael is safe with Dante when it's him he wants to put away. Nikolas applauds Patrick's fathering for Emma when he's just learning. Alexis asks Kristina how she can stay with someone who hit her. Elizabeth brings Cameron and Jake to see Shirley, Steve thinks it might be tiring. Alice insists on taking another vote with the other jurors. Carly tears into Lulu for helping Dante hide Michael and not thinking of her family. Sonny tells Kristina the story of when his stepfather would abuse him and his mother all the time. Maya stops Edward from calling the police when things are starting to go missing from the house, Ethan follows her outside and asks who the food is for. Lisa is still insistent that Sonny's isn't guilty. Michael alerts Carly that he will turn himself in if Sonny is found guilty.moreless
  • Ep. #12044
    Ep. #12044
    Episode 18
    Jason tells Sonny that he's gonna find Michael and get him out of the country. Kristina tells Michael that he can't testify cause she can't lose him. Morgan tells Carly and Jax to stop fighting and if they love each other. Skye fuels Tracy's jealousy. Maxie tells Spinelli to leave the truth at bay. Dante updates Lucky on recent events and Michael suddenly went missing. Sam goes to search possible locations where Michael might be at. Elizabeth takes Maya to see Shirley. Tracy tells Luke that if he wants Skye he can have her. Alice tells Lisa to explain her doubts of Sonny's guilt, another juror is insistant that Sonny's guilty. Lucky tells Dante it's his call either turn his brother in or let Sonny go to prison for something he didn't do. Sonny asks Alexis how Kristina is doing lately, she says that Warren is out to get what he wants. Steve tells Elizabeth that he doesn't want to be fixed up by Shirley. Jason comes home and Maxie blurts out that she knows where Michael is. Maya finds Michael in the boathouse on the Quartermaine estate. Lulu tells Dante what he plans to do with what he knows, Jason arrives asking where Michael is.moreless
  • Ep. #12043
    Ep. #12043
    Episode 17
    Claire arrives at Dante's knowing Jason is there, and if Dante goes missing he'll be her first suspect. Maxie comes home to find Michael there, and Lulu won't let her use the phone. Olivia accidentally overhears an argument between Carly and Jax, she stands up and tells Carly not to let the best thing that happened to her get away. Tracy lets Luke that infidelity isn't apart of their marriage if so then he'll out and back to freeloading. Jason requests Spinelli's help in getting Michael away from Dante and out of the country. Alice explains the rules of the jury room, Lisa suggests they takes a vote. Dante tells Sonny that Michael gave him the shirt he was wearing and it was covered in Claudia's blood, Sonny says that Michael never intended to kill Claudia. Skye tells Luke the reason she's come back is cause she needs his help in finding Lorenzo's hidden millions that he stashed away. Maxie offers to help Jason and Spinelli find Michael. Sonny tells Jason he hopes he's gotten through to Dante and that he'll keep quiet. Dante and Lulu come home to see that Michael has disappeared. Tracy walks in and sees Skye all over Luke. Michael makes a call to ask someone to come meet himmoreless
  • Ep. #12042
    Ep. #12042
    Episode 16
    Jason and Sam arrive and see that Michael isn't there, the manager tells them that Max and Milo spent the night in jail. Lulu finds Michael in Dante's apartment and Michael says he's the one that killed Claudia. Jax learns of Sonny and Carly's kiss in the courthouse hallway. Lucky meets Shirley in the oncology room and Elizabeth sees them together. Lulu says to Michael he can't keep this thing quiet. Luke tells Skye he's been wondering why after all this time she came back on his doorstep. Things aren't look up for Sonny when Coleman's outburst lands him dismissed and in contempt of court. Luke tells Tracy he's certain that Helena has an evil plan in the works. Dante gets confirmation that the blood on the Michael's shirt was Claudia's. Lucky tells Helena to back off after hearing her insult Elizabeth. Jason enters Dante's apartment armed but sees that no one is there. Lulu takes Michael back to hear apartment. Alice and the rest of the jurors go into the jury room to begin deliberation. Dante confronts Sonny after finding proof of Michael's guilt.moreless
  • Ep. #12041
    Ep. #12041
    Episode 15
    Jason sees Johnny looking at Sonny's old penthouse and says the place isn't going to be his. Luke tells Lucky he may have an idea to deal with Warren, it means letting go of his badge for a couple of hours. Dante tells Michael that Max and Milo were taken care of and doesn't have to worry about them interrupting them. Elizabeth and Nikolas see Shirley taking her sambe lesson with Patrick in the hall. Morgan calls Michael giving him a heads up about Dante knowing where he lives. Carly comes home and gives Claire a piece of her mind. Maya questions Luke about Edward. Johnny wants to show off Olivia the new apartment and says he can afford it. Maxie tells Jason that Spinelli and his computer might not be enough for her. Michael shows Dante the shirt with Clauida's blood on it, and he thinks Dante wants to be right about Sonny being guilty. Jax goes for his dinner meeting with Skye and she says what's more important getting Sonny convicted or his family. Spinelli asks Maxie why the renovations are somewhat important. Patrick tells Claire that he's Robin's husband and was in the courtroom when she was testifying. Dante tells Michael that if the blood on his shirt is Claudia's he doesn't know what he's going to do.moreless
  • Ep. #12040
    Ep. #12040
    Episode 14
    Skye comes by the Lakehouse, and thinks she can help Kristina's situation with Ethan. Michael tells Morgan that the place he was moved is really exciting and will have to come back again. Jason tells Molly that he can't do what's she asking him to do. Alexis is left shaken by Warren's fury, and he thinks that the police are protecting his son's killer. Luke tells Ethan that he was cleared on all charges and to focus on business. Judge Carroll grants Claire 24 hours to locate her witness, but if he's not in court then the case will go to the jury. Morgan tells Dante Michael's location. Ethan and Kristina have a deep conversation at the Haunted Star. Molly tells Alexis what she did, and that she understands what Jason said to her. Jason tells Carly that the person that shielded Ronnie from finding Michael was Jax. Dante boards a plane to Michael's whereabouts. Sonny tells Claire that she crossed the line and won't find Michael cause her last trick failed. Jax brings Morgan a gift and a message from Michael. Alexis wishes she'd called 911 and Kiefer would still be alive if she acted sooner. Lucky tells Ethan and Luke that Warren is accusing police corruption and Ethan hit Kristina after all. Morgan overhears and learns that Dante has betrayed him. Sonny thanks Carly for her testimony cause the jury will acquit him. Dante comes face to face with Michael and presents his subpeona.moreless
  • Ep. #12039
    Ep. #12039
    Episode 13
    Jax keeps Ronnie from getting to Michael, by saying he's here to obtain Sonny's island once he's convicted. Carly keeps her cool while testifying, Diane can't wait to see how this plays out. Morgan tells Molly he has a way to shut Warren Bauer up for good. Sonny asks Carly what she was thinking by bringing Josslyn with her on the stand. Kristina recalls the times Kiefer beat her. Morgan enlists Dante's help in dealing with Warren. Jason phones Max and instructs him to move Michael somewhere else. Carly states what "happened" the night Claudia died. Molly says to Morgan it's okay, cause there's someone else that could help them. Warren publicly accuses Alexis of murder and won't rest til she's in jail. Sam tells Kristina that Kiefer looked for an excuse to hit her. Claire calls Carly on her bluff and that she delivered her baby long before Sonny got there. Molly goes to see Jason and asks him to handle Mr. Bauer. Sam intervens and punches Warren. Michael calls Morgan and lets him know of his location. Claire tells Dante to get Michael on the stand or else Sonny is gonna be a free man.moreless
  • Ep. #12038
    Ep. #12038
    Episode 12
    Claire tells Dante to keep away from Morgan or he'll back in jail for witness tampering. Mac gives Ronnie his ticket to Sonny's island and the subpoena to give to Michael. Alexis comes home to see Warren again hassling Kristina. Judge Carroll warns Diane and Claire that if any more unethical procedures he'll excuse Morgan as a witness for good. Lulu asks Dante if he thinks Claire will get anything out of Morgan while questioning him. Alexis tells Warren that his heart goes out to him, Warren says she'll deal with the consequences of her actions. Carly think her testimony will make matters worse for Sonny. Jason tells Sam that Claire pulled the offer on the table, she's just glad he isn't going to prison. Jax tries to get Michael that the way to help Sonny is to remain on the island. Claire says the prosecution rests but still say to call Michael when he's in fact found. Alexis tells Kristina that Kiefer was deeply disturbed and his parents have no right to harrass her. Morgan feels he messed up big time, but Carly says that Diane is about to meet her match. Dante begins to wonder what assignment Mac sent Ronnie on. Warren asks Mac why he's protecting his son's killer. Michael hears that Ronnie is on the island to bring him home. Carly is called to the stand by Diane, Claire sees that she brought Josslyn with her.moreless
  • Ep. #12037
    Ep. #12037
    Episode 11
    Maxie tells Elizabeth maybe she should've called before coming over, and lays into her for her sleeping with Nikolas. Helena tells Alexis she isn't exactly mother rearing material. Jax goes to the island and explains to Michael he's here to help. Spinelli tells Sonny he should do whatever it takes to prevent Jason from going to prison in his place. Elizabeth gets some advice from Shirley, after she explains her troubled history with Lucky and his brother Nikolas being the father of her baby. Carly won't play ball with Jason. Patrick, Steve wait for Robin for their fun time at Jake's. Sonny rejects Claire's deal and takes his chances in court. Robin tells Patrick why did he become so chummy with Olivia. Claire tells Jason that the offer is off the table, she tells Ronnie to get Morgan cause he'll gonna be called to the stand. Alexis worries that Kristina will make the same relationship mistakes in the past. Mac tells Ronnie that Jax's private jet landed on Sonny's island and he wouldn't be there if Michael wasn't. Dante tells Morgan that if he feels uncomfortable in answering any questions concerning his father then he doesn't have to.moreless
  • Ep. #12036
    Ep. #12036
    Episode 10
    Jason tells Sam that he's planning on going to prison in Sonny's place, says says he's gonna ruin everything after they found their way back to each other. Spinelli tells Carly that Jason is making plans to an imminent and long term departure. Steve reassigns Elizabeth to work with terminal patients, where she meets and befriends Shirley Smith. Nikolas offers to talk to Kristina, and then brings her to Wyndemere. Lucky and Maxie fight over a lamp they both set their eyes on. Elizabeth sees that Shirley has much little time to live. Nikolas gets through to Kristina, Spencer walks in asking what she's doing here. Carly balks at Jason's plan to help Sonny, thinking this will to do Sam as well as her. Tracy asks Helena what she's still doing in Port Charles and isn't going to let her get her hooks into Luke again. Steve gets a note from Lisa inviting him, Robin and Patrick at Jake's. Jason tells Diane his plan, and she takes him to see Claire at the station. Helena taunts Alexis with the knowledge she plowed someone down and left that Kiefer boy to die. Elizabeth finds Lucky with Maxie in his apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #12035
    Ep. #12035
    Episode 9
    Maya breaks up the fight between Alexis and Melinda, which starts to upset Kristina. Claire offers Sonny a deal that would end the trial, he's thinking of taking it. Lulu tells Dante she doesn't care what kind of job he has cause she'd still love him. Alexis tells Jax she was the hit and run driver that killed Kiefer, the Bauer's can go after her but they must leave her daughter alone. Carly and Jax get into another fight and says he's turning into Sonny and whenever he does something they fall further apart. Ethan goes and apologizes to Kristina for how he treated her earlier, and says for him to start acting like an adult. Morgan tells Sonny he hopes despite everything, he still wants to go to a game with him and Dante. Olivia goes to see Dante and asks if if him interrupting the court was worth getting himself arrested for. Carly goes to Jason telling she and Jax had this horrific fight. Kristina gets a visit from Kiefer's father and says his son would still be alive if her mother called 911. Sonny thinks of taking the deal, Jason says that he wouldn't survive a year, and says he'll take it in his place. Alexis and Jax find Warren crucifying Kristina. Sonny tells Jason there's no way he's gonna let him go to prison.moreless
  • Ep. #12034
    Ep. #12034
    Episode 8
    Dante's outburst causes him to be held in contempt of court, but Morgan says not to take his brother to jail. Lucky tells Ethan that he's making things worse by yelling at Kristina. Alexis confesses to Mac that she's the one that hit Kiefer with her car. Judge Carroll warns Claire and Diane if any more unorthodox methods he'll declare a mistrial. Luke tells Lucky that basically the whole town owes Ethan an apology. Sonny visits Dante in jail and tells him to consider giving up his badge and coming to work for him. Alexis tells Kristina that she the hit that hit Kiefer, but says she didn't do it intentionally. Ethan agrees that things got too heated at the hospital and thinks about apologizing to Kristina. Jax abolishes her methods in getting Morgan to testify and to not use his stepson like that. Melinda learns of Alexis part in her son's death, and goes to confront her at the hospital and says they both will pay. Lulu and Dante share a tender moment while visiting him. Claire offers to make a deal with Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #12033
    Ep. #12033
    Episode 7
    Morgan tells Ronnie that he's not going to say anything that'll hurt his father. Alexis almost tells Kristina, but she says she can't take any more bad news. Luke sees Ethan has been badly beaten in jail and lays into Dante. Spinelli tells Jason it's possible that someone else that hit Kiefer, but it looks like she's actually guilty. Epiphany shows Maya around the hospital and introduces her to the staff. Patrick asks Elizabeth what it's like to be back to work. Tracy tells Carly to get Jax to use his influence to get through to the Bauers, she then gets a call saying Morgan was taken out of school by a cop. Alexis confesses to Sam about Kiefer. Lulu clashes with Luke, when asks to her show who's important Dante or her brother Ethan. Dante works to see who authorized to have Morgan testify at Sonny's trial. Sonny cautions Claire that she'll be sorry if Morgan goes on the stand, but she makes a spectacle of his threat. Kristina accuses Ethan of running down Kiefer. Alexis goes to the PCPD to turn herself in. Jason doesn't let Carly in the courtroom cause she'll lose her credibility as a witness. Dante comes in and causes a scene while Morgan is being questioned.moreless
  • Ep. #12032
    Ep. #12032
    Episode 6
    Jason tells Spinelli that Alexis knows more then she's saying. Alexis tells Diane that she's the one that hit Kiefer with her car. Claire tells Dante she wants Michael on the stand and to find him. Morgan tells Carly he likes coming to the hotel for breakfast, but misses Jax's pancakes. Steve helps Elizabeth by taking her kids to daycare to give her some time to herself. Diane advises Alexis to confess cause the longer she waits the worse the charges will be. Nikolas tells Robin that he's making up for lost time he wasted with Spencer. Bobbie offers Alexis to consider getting Kristina some counselling with what she's been through. Olivia takes the stand at Sonny's trial. Steve thinks Elizabeth checked herself out of Shadybrook a little too soon, Elizabeth says she just needs time. Carly sees Jax playing with Josslyn in the park and plans for the beach in the summer. Claire tells Ronnie that since she can't get Michael she's gonna get a witness she can get. Jason and Spinelli uncover the truth of Alexis driving the car that hit Kiefer. Alexis goes into Kristina's room and sees Sam there, says she has something to tell her. Ronnie and a social worker greets Morgan outside his school and says he'll be testifying at his father's trial.moreless
  • Ep. #12031
    Ep. #12031
    Episode 5
    Molly tells Kristina that she feels partly to blame since she encouraged her to pursue Kiefer. Sam blames herself for not being there for Kristina. Lucky tells Ethan that his car was towed to exam and if nothing turns up then he's off the hook. Kristina breaks down in tears after being told by Sam that Kiefer died. Dante tells Olivia that he took a page out of her book by taking a swing at Sonny. Warren Bauer demands justice by offering a reward on any information on the person who killed his son. Lucky gets word and tells Ethan that Kiefer didn't make it. Johnny stuns Olivia by suggesting they move in together. Dante hits a nerve with Lulu, by bringing up that Olivia almost had an abortion. Lucky arrests Ethan cause the forensics found traces of it hitting someone. Kristina asks Jason if he or Sonny had something to do with Kiefer's death. Mac tells Luke that if Ethan could be convicted and can face some serious jail time. Alexis hears a news bulletin of Ethan being arrested in the vehicular assault in Kiefer's death.moreless
  • Ep. #12030
    Ep. #12030
    Episode 4
    Kristina worries that Sonny or Jason might go after Kiefer. Skye tells Ethan that him running away is a bad idea. Lucky questions Ethan's innocence. Sam and Molly discover Kiefer clinging to life on the side of the road. Warren wonders why Kiefer hasn't called. Luke tells Ethan he'll handle Sonny. Sonny is glad that Jason couldn't find Ethan cause Kristina named Kiefer as her attacker. Kiefer is brought into the hospital and Steve tells Sam about Kristina's latest beating. Luke asks Ethan who the fence he was with so that he can cooberate his whereabouts. Sonny overhears Kristina tell Alexis that she felt comfortable opening up to Dante. Warren tells Lucky to stay away from Kiefer, but he says that Kristina identified his son as her attacker. Jason tells Sam that Kristina was lying and Kristina made a statement. Alexis watches as Kiefer's dies, and becomes hysterical that she's to blame for his injuries. Dante and Sonny get into a physical fight on the roof. Jason and Sam wonder who could've hit Kiefer and left him to die.moreless
  • Ep. #12029
    Ep. #12029
    Episode 3
    Maya shows up at the hospital to say that she'll be in the program, Edward arrives wanting her to get special treatment. Max stops Michael from leaving and says he's not going back home at least not yet. Alexis puts it all together that Kiefer's the one that assaulted Kristina. Maxie holds her own while being questioned by Claire. Skye sees Ethan putting some stuff into his bag. Alexis sees Kiefer walking in the distance without thinking presses on the pedal and hits him with her car. Dante finds blood on the floor and tells Lucky to wait til forensics gets to process it, Lucky then tries to reach Ethan and Kiefer. Epiphany tells Spinelli to stay away from the room and if he proceeds to do so she'll move him personally. Maxie tells Spinelli that Jason owes her big timeSonny orders Jason to kill Ethan. Alexis brings Kristina in and Steven says for the police to be called. Lucky is gonna see where Ethan was to see if he has an alibi for Kristina's assault. Jason thanks Maxie for coming through for him and Sonny. Alexis calls Sonny saying Kristina was beaten up again. Spinelli confirms Maxie's suspicions that Michael killed Claudia. Ethan learns that Kristina was brought into the E.R. Sonny hears that it was Kiefer that hit Kristina.moreless
  • Ep. #12028
    Ep. #12028
    Episode 2
    Luke abolishes Tracy for getting Jax involved since he used to be married to Skye at one point. Alexis tells Kristina that the investigation has reopened. Robin does her best but ends up hurting Sonny's case. Jason tells Carly that everything is set in South America if a guilty verdict is read. Max tells Michael that he heard from Diane saying the trial is going well. Claire calls Maxie as her next witness. Dante and Lucky are convinced now that Kristina blamed Ethan to protect Kiefer. Spinelli is glad that that life is once again in Maxie's life, Maxie is told that she was summoned to testify at Sonny's trial. Kiefer goes to his dad about his encounter with Dante and Lucky and saying they think he hit Kristina. Robin apologizes to Sonny what she said on the stand. Jax tells Skye that something must be wrong if Warren Bauer backed out of a project. Sonny tells Carly and Jason that today went terrible. Luke tells Alexis that Lucky and Dante are closing in on the real attacker. Kiefer comes to try to get Kristina to reinstate the charges against Ethan when she refuses he slaps her. Michael ventures out to Port Charles. Kiefer storms out as Alexis is coming home, she goes inside and finds Kristina beaten and bruised on the floor.moreless
  • Ep. #12027
    Ep. #12027
    Episode 1
    Lucky tells Maya that Mary Mae and the rest of the family was an important factor in his childhood. Tracy tells Ethan that Skye is the woman Luke almost threw her away for, and asks what she's been up to lately. Dante tells Kristina that when they were talking about someone forcing her to have sex and the person was Kiefer. Judge Carroll sees Coleman kissing Kate while going through a hallway at the Metro Court. Dante calls Lucky saying he has a lead on Kristina's attacker. Helena thinks it was clever of Nikolas to order a second test. Robin gets a subpeona to testify at Sonny's trial. Diane cautions Sonny as Johnny retakes the stand. Elizabeth learns the answer of the second paternity test. Helena applauds the lab techs work involving the other test Nikolas had done. Carly thanks that Sonny didn't marry Kate after she knew that Dante was Sonny's. Claire stops and tells Johnny that she has enough. Lucky tells Dante that Kiefer left the party furious that his girlfriend didn't show up. Edward is glad that Skye is in town, her and Maya too. Tracy goes to Jax she has a project for him. Patrick enters the courtroom and listens to Robin's testimony making Sonny look like a saint, Sonny tells Diane that Claire isn't done yet. Luke asks Skye why she came back.moreless