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Season 2018 : Episode 20180523

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  • Tue, Mar 20, 2012
    Tue, Mar 20, 2012
    Episode 03.20.12

    Maxie confesses to murder.

  • Ep. #12531
    Ep. #12531
    Episode 503

    Jason tells Carly if what Sonny said is true and that if she's sleeping with Johnny. Ronnie and Dante asks Ewen if he believes Delores's husband could be the attacker. Sam asks the hospital administrator that both she and Jason want answers regarding his birth mother. Olivia is glad that Steve is back and asks how things went in Memphis, Steve finds out Olivia paid a visit to Johnny saying for him to back off. Lulu stops Delores from going into the squad room and hearing what Dante is talking about. Carly is surprised that Jason and Sam are still together after her lying about Robin. Elizabeth consoles Ewen after he finds out that Cassandra is dead. Anthony tells Johnny this is the perfect time to hit Sonny where it hurts by seducing Kate. Johnny tells Steve that with Anthony turning himself in his leverage against him continues. Kate calls Ewen saying it's possible the gun found in her office could've been hers. Sam sees the lamaze coach of Susan was Heather Webber, so she calls Steve asking where she could find her.

  • Ep. #12528
    Ep. #12528
    Episode 12528

    Carly makes it clear to John that she doesn't answer to him after catching her in Kate's office. Elizabeth tells Anna that Patrick went to scatter Robin's ashes. Patrick says that it's like Robin is still here and can almost feel her. Anna and Elizabeth bond over the death of their children. "Connie" comes out and Ewen asks what she wants with Kate. Robin opens her eyes, and wonders where she is. Ronnie overhears Lulu talking Dante about evidence being destroyed. Carly asks John to fill her in on his past with Sonny after they had it out in front if her. Robin manages to get out of bed but the door is locked, but it opens and is told by a nurse she should get back in bed. Ronnie tells Dante his instincts are telling him that Delores's husband is behind the attacks. Elizabeth tells Anna about her possible having feelings for Ewen. Delores agrees to Johnny's proposal about finding her sisters killer, but in return he wants information on the case against Sonny. John learns that Starr is missing after getting a call from Blair. The nurse assures Robin's captor she has no idea who's behind her abduction.

  • Ep. #12528
    Ep. #12528
    Episode 500

    Anna and Elizabeth bond over the death of their children. "Connie" goes under hypnosis. Delores agrees to Johnny's proposal. Michael extends an invitation to Starr.

  • Ep. #12527
    Ep. #12527
    Episode 499

    Patrick gets Robin's ashes delivered to him, Emma then comes in the room asking what's in the box. Dante asks Anthony where's he been hiding out since the accident. Carly asks Kate what exactly was shedoing at Johnny's place the other night. Jason comes downstairs seeing Sam and John McBain introduces himself to him. Ewen admits to Elizabeth he's the one that rescued her on the beach the night Lisa was killed. Carly waits for Kate to leave her office so she can have a look around and finds Ewen's card. John cautions Jason to stay out of this investigation, Jason sees that Sam and John know each other. Ewen tells Kate that he has to use hypnosis to bring out "Connie" to get to the bottom of her blackouts. Carly starts to go through Kate's file cabinet and gets interrupted by John. Dante places Anthony under arrest for the murder that Maxie implicated him in. Patrick goes and scatters the remains, Robin is then shown alive somewhere laying in a hospital bed unconscious.

  • Ep. #12526
    Ep. #12526
    Episode 125

    Spinelli tells both Sam and Jason that the DVD was chosen specifically by Franco for some apparent reason. Elizabeth tells Luke she's here to say thank you for the letter that he wrote her and the fund he set up in Jake's name. Olivia instructs Johnny to keep his distance from Steve or else he'll go to Dante and let him know where Anthony is laying low. Spinelli tells Jason about his situation with Maxie causing him not to focus on the situation. Dante cautions Sonny that Lt. McBain has been around asking unsolicited questions about him. John brings up Tracy's past connection with Gino and now with Anthony, but she refuses to give up her husband's whereabouts. Sonny tells Jason he's got Johnny covered and for him to take care of a cop named John McBain. Tracy comes by The Floating Rib and sees Luke and Anna holding hands. Sam offers to get the information for Jason from the hospital, she surprised when John suddenly shows up at her door.

  • Ep. #12525
    Ep. #12525
    Episode 497

    Lulu asks Luke what he's doing in a bar on the anniversary of Jake's death. Anthony is startled by the headline of Maxie confessing to Lisa's murder. Anna encounters Noah while at Patrick's. Mac asks Maxie now that she's punished herself to admit that she didn't kill Lisa or Robin. Olivia asks Elizabeth if he's heard from Steve while he's been out of town. Sam tells Alexis she's worried about Jason, he then walks through the door saying he was with Elizabeth last night. Noah tells Anna he heard from Patrick that she pretty much gotten into it with him. Mac goes to Alexis saying Maxie is gonna need a good lawyer. Dante goes to Johnny wanting to know where Anthony is. Luke tells Lulu that he lied to Robert by saying Ethan is his son when in fact he isn't, and makes her promises not to tell anybody even Dante. Jason tells Sam he understands why he lied to him about Robin is cause she loved him. Anna tells Patrick she's gonna stick around to make sure he and Emma are taking care of themselves. Olivia tells Johnny she'll keep her mouth shut, if he does the same regarding Steve. Spinelli tells Jason that the footage of him as a baby may have been left as a clue.

  • Ep. #12524
    Ep. #12524
    Episode 497

    Starr looks at Hope and Cole's headstones the mausoleum and says that none of this should've happened. Sonny asks Michael for an answer if he thinks he caused the accident by shooting Anthony's tires. Jason tells Elizabeth that Robin shouldn't have died for him. John McBain confides in Sam about his similar problems with Natalie lying to him about their son. Noah tells Patrick that he's not the only person who lost Robin, cause he loved her dearly. Carly sees something about Kate before storming out of Johnny's place. Luke tells Anna that maybe Robin had a reason she didn't tell her about Patrick cheating on her. Jason asks Elizabeth to tell him how the funeral went. "Connie" finds out Johnny and Carly are having a thing together. Luke offers Coleman money to change the name of the bar so he won't see the name Jake anymore as a reminder. Sam finds out John is a cop and has some unfinished business with Sonny. Starr kisses the headstones and says she's going back to Port Charles to make Sonny pay.

  • Ep. #12523
    Ep. #12523
    Episode 495

    Anna tells Patrick that he should be feeling nothing but guilt and Robin should've left him after his infidelity. Maxie admits her connection to Anthony and him covering up a crime for her. Lt. McBain arrives and tells Dante he's here to discuss Sonny. "Connie" abruptly tells Sonny to get out after professing his love for Kate. Carly sees lipstick on Johnny's collar and asks who it belongs too. Jason asks Sam if the doctors said that he couldn't know about Robin's death. Dante asks John why is this case involving Sonny means so much to him. Anna tells Patrick that Robin may have forgiven him, but she can't. Jason goes to the bridge and comes across Elizabeth. Luke tracks Anna to Jake's where she's there drowning her sorrows. Sam is surprised when John comes up to her in the church thinking they've met somewhere before. "Connie" comes knocking on the door unaware that Carly is also there. Sonny asks Michael if he feels he killed Starr's daughter and boyfriend. Jason asks Elizabeth how can he forgive Sam for lying to him about Robin.

  • Ep. #12522
    Ep. #12522
    Episode 494

    Maxie breaks down trying to apologize to everyone for taking Robin away from them, as Spinelli and Matt try talking her down. Jason is frustrated saying he felt that there was something wrong the night of the explosion. Sonny tells Kate he has no idea how that gun was found in her office cause it didn't belong to him. Jason tells Carly that he feels he has to be to honor Robin. Mac tells Maxie she's not guilty of anything cause what happened was an accident, and takes her out after passing out. Kate reverts back to "Connie" after Sonny leaves the room taking a call. Sam finds Jason at the church and asks how she could not tell him that Robin was dead. Maxie confesses to Mac that she killed Lisa and deserves to be punished. Anna loses her temper with Patrick after he tells her he cheated on Robin and doesn't think Emma is safe in his care. Carly tells Johnny she felt that Jason needed to know the truth and Sam was lying. Jason tells Sam that it wasn't her choice to make to keep this from him.

  • Ep. #12521
    Ep. #12521
    Episode 1245

    Spinelli did all he could, but Maxie refuses to budge. Jason asks Carly why she's in his room dressed like a janitor. Sonny tells Kate to leave with him cause he said all he had to. Anna gets up and thanks everyone for being there for Robin when she wasn't around. Father Coates gives Luke a letter from Robert instructing that it's too be read by him. Sam goes in to the locker room hoping to find Carly, but gets an eyeful when she sees Ewen. Maxie is overwhelmed with grief during Robin's memorial service. Patrick stands up finding it difficult to talk about his wife. Maxie arrives and tells Mac she needs to get this off her chest. Sonny interrogates Kate about Ewen's role in her life. Carly tells Jason that Robin died.

  • Ep. #12520
    Ep. #12520
    Episode 492

    Sam tells Jason that he can't go and see Robin at her house. Lulu senses that Luke is covering for Ethan cause he left town suddenly. Carly lingers overhearing that Epiphany is keeping watch for her. Maxie can't focus at work while thinking about breaking off that gas valve. Lulu tells Spinelli that Maxie isn't coming to the funeral. Robin tells Patrick that he's going to have to do this without her and knows he can. Alexis helps Sam keep Jason from finding out about Robin's death. Sonny asks Kate where she was last night, cause he got her text to come to her office. Carly approaches a janitor and asks him for help. Spinelli goes to convince Maxie to come with him to the service. Monica tells Sam that another doctor says that Jason can take the news of Robin. Carly sneaks into Jason's room dressed as a janitor and says what she has to tell him can't wait.

  • Ep. #12519
    Ep. #12519
    Episode 12520

    Jason wakes up and asks Sam how she and the baby are doing. Emma tells Elizabeth she doesn't feel like saying goodbye to her mother. Anna doesn't feel like she can go through with this, but Luke stops her. Maxie tells Mac and Lulu she's not going to the funeral feeling she has to go to work instead. Patrick wakes up after hearing Robin's voice saying he should get to the hospital to check on Jason. Tracy catches Edward looking at pictures of his family that are gone, and can't believe Robin is too. Luke tells Anna if he had to be mad at somebody it should be him, cause he told Robert that Ethan was his son. Jason tells Sam he wants to see Robin so he can thank her personally. Monica and Tracy's bickering leads to Edward collapsing on the floor. Spinelli almost tells Jason about Robin, but Sam corrects him. Robin tells Patrick that it's time for him to go to the church. Maxie overhears Mac tell Lulu there's no way that it's her fault that Robin is dead.

  • Ep. #12518
    Ep. #12518
    Episode 490

    John McBain arrives firing a warning shot telling Todd to drop the gun or else. Elizabeth goes through photos to use for Robin's memorial, as Matt worries about Maxie. Maxie bumps into Ewen and sees he has a file on Kate. Tracy goes to Johnny's penthouse to see for herself that Anthony's alive. Kate is shocked at Johnny's admission that she came on to him at his place last night. Ewen tells Maxie that the gas knob was broken off that being what caused it to leak out filling the room up. Steve tells Olivia that the thing that Johnny wants is to run an option in the hospital. Starr introduces herself to Sonny and it was her boyfriend and daughter that he killed, Blair says that he's not worth it. Johnny pushes Kate and suddenly "Connie" surfaces. John issues a warning to Sonny if he's responsible for the accident he'll take him down himself. Ewen tries to get Maxie to unleash the feelings she has inside her. Olivia eavesdrops on Tracy and Anthony, using their discussion to her advantage. Maxie breaks down after Elizabeth discusses on how much Robin valued what she meant to her.

  • Ep. #12517
    Ep. #12517
    Episode 489

    Delores tells Dante that Lulu is accusing her of destroying evidence. Blair and Carly realizes their the Exes of both Todd and Sonny. Ewen goes to see Kate after getting her message, and asks if she had another blackout. Todd tells Sonny that he's the father off the girl he put in the hospital, and granddaughter who also died cause of him. Michael tells Starr he's not sure if his father is the one that caused the accident that wrecked her family. Johnny comes into the station asking Dante if he did his best efforts to keep Sonny in jail. Olivia listens as Steve explains to her how he deliberately killed a prisoner so a little girl can live, and if it means the end of them. Todd takes and points a gun at Sonny saying he's going to pay dearly. Carly and Blair share a drink and explain each of their husbands sordid pasts. Delores refuses to manufacture evidence for Johnny, he then thinks back to "Connie's" offer. Steve tells Olivia that Johnny could be the one his old hospital is reopening the investigation. Michael, Starr, Blair and Carly arrives as Todd continue to point the gun at Sonny it suddenly then goes off

  • Ep. #12516
    Ep. #12516
    Episode 488

    Lulu tells Michael that Sonny is being arraigned at the courthouse with Dante. Starr tells Blair that Todd came to see her, and says that despite what he's done he always come through. Kate has a brief flash of her wearing those clothes while going to see Sonny. Olivia approaches Steve and Maggie after seeing them all cozy and wants to know what's going on. Todd tells Carly why didn't she mention her connection to Sonny before. Sonny tells Dante to find the person who really caused that accident. Blair shows Starr that latest headline of The Sun meaning Todd means business. Lulu tells Michael that Dante took some pictures of footprints, but the photos have been erased. Steve reveals to Olivia that he and Maggie aren't having an affair. The judge tells Sonny he's being charged with vehicular manslaughter. Lulu accuses Delores of deleting the crime scene photos cause nobody had access except for her. Michael comes to visit Starr, she tells his father is the one that killed her daughter. Blair goes asking Carly if she's seen Todd anywhere at the hotel. Todd goes to confront Sonny.

  • Ep. #12515
    Ep. #12515
    Episode 487

    Todd goes in to see Starr but she abruptly tells him to get out. Ewen goes to check on Kate, and sees that she recently had another blackout. Carly's plan to see Jason backfires when she's caught by Epiphany. Robert tells Luke and Holly he may have failed Robin but he won't with Ethan. Anthony tells Johnny on focus on seducing Kate, to make Sonny. Lulu asks Dante if he thinks Sonny caused the accident. Starr tells Todd she pretty much defended him, and lied to her saying he didn't kill Victor. Kate shows Ewen the clothes she doesn't remember wearing or even buying. Robert assures Holly he's gonna make sure that Helena doesn't harm Ethan. Dante shows Kate the gun and tells her Sonny is in jail for murder. Ewen asks Kate if she ever going in for a CT scan. Lulu is confused when the pictures from Dante's phone have been erased, as Delores watches from a far. Todd leaves Starr to rest and vows that Sonny will not mess with his family.

  • Ep. #12514
    Ep. #12514
    Episode 486

    Todd goes to the Metro Court and meets Carly, saying he's gonna need a room, but doesn't want anyone to know he's there. Starr presses a picture of her, Hope and Cole to her heart. Alexis tells Sonny not to say another word to Dante due to conflict of interest. Blair tells Tomas on the phone that she's ready if Todd does try to contact Starr. Robert tells Anna he was at a low point and Luke brought him out. Luke tells Ethan he has to leave and him lying to Robert and giving him a reason to live is part of it.Starr tells Michael to tell her what happened after the accident, and learns his last name is Corinthos. Lulu finds Maxie crying saying she's done something horrible, but can't seem to get the words out. Mac and Anna find something wrong in Luke's confession thinking he did it to save Robert's life. Carly realizes that Todd's daughter is the one that Michael rescued and thinks of a way he can see her. Holly tells Luke what a sacrifice he made in order to keep Ethan safe, Robert then arrives. Mac comes over to Lulu's request to check on Maxie.

  • Ep. #12513
    Ep. #12513
    Episode 485

    Luke tries to convince Robert that what he's saying he got the information from Holly herself. Ethan tells Holly he's going to stay and find Helena and then kill her for what she did to Cassandra. "Connie" tries to get Johnny to help by trying to get Sonny to end things with Kate, she then plants a kiss on him. Blair slaps Todd saying how could he show his face after he shot Victor and kidnapping Tomas and lying to her. Dante tells Sonny he needs to come with him to the station for questioning. Anthony comes downstairs watches in enjoyment as Kate has her hands all over Johnny. Dante tells Sonny that the gun he found in Kate's office was the one that cause the accident. Anthony sees an opportunity and persuades Johnny to take "Connie" up on her offer. Maxie breaks down after Matt leaves, knowing she's responsible for Robin's death. Todd consoles Blair after learning that both Cole and Hope are dead, but refuses to let him see Starr or else she'll call John McBain. Sonny calls Alexis that Dante arrested for murder. Luke tells Ethan that he needs him to leave Port Charles and to disappear.

  • Ep. #12512
    Ep. #12512
    Episode 484

    Luke tells Robert there's no way he's taking the easy way out by jumping. Mac tells Delores to find whoever is responsible for the accident that cause the death of two people, as Anna overhears saying he's allowed to blow off steam. Kate tells Johnny that her name is Connie. Blair tells Starr that Cole and Hope died and there's nothing anyone could've done. Spinelli tells Maxie to face up to what's happened to Robin. Carly asks Sonny where Kate is and why she's not here at his side. Maxie asks Dante why there's a gun on the floor it Kate's office. Elizabeth tells Matt that Patrick explained everything to Emma about her mother going to heaven. Luke willingly joins Robert on the ledge and will jump with him. Johnny comes to a conclusion that Kate isn't exactly in her right mind. Elizabeth tells Matt that Maxie is gonna need him right now. Maxie remembers accidentally releasing the gas in the lab. Blair calls and leaves a message and turns around and sees Todd. Luke tells Robert a lie by saying he's Ethan's father not him.

  • Ep. #12511
    Ep. #12511
    Episode 483

    Carly can't believe that Robin died while trying to save Jason. Michael sits by Starr's bedside saying whoever causes the accident will pay dearly. Monica tells Sam that Jason's vitals are improving, and doesn't think Patrick wouldn't jeopardize his career by botching a surgery. Sonny tells Kate he doesn't want her to wear that dress a reminder anymore. Blair arrives at the hospital and learns that Cole and Hope died in an accident. Anna tells Luke she she feels Robert may do something drastic while overcome with grief. Anthony arrives at Johnny's asking to hide him or else he's a dead man. Dante goes to see Tracy asking for Anthony's whereabouts, cause two people were killed because of it. Michael explains to Blair that he wished he could've done more for Starr. Kate tells Sonny she shouldn't have made him choose between her or his children. Carly sets out to share news with Jason, but Sam says he doesn't know about Robin. Edward's great feeling is short lived when Tracy fills him in on last nights events. Luke finds Robert standing on a bridge like he's about to jump. Dante finds a gun on the floor of Kate's office. Johnny is surprised when Kate suddenly arrives at his door.

  • Ep. #12510
    Ep. #12510
    Episode 482

    Kate shows Sonny the bloody wedding dress, as a reminder of the violence in his life. Carly tries to sneak out but Johnny catches stops her. Anna tells Patrick how he's going to break the news to Emma. Mac stops Robert from going into the morgue, but manages to go in there and lock the door. Holly tells Luke that Ethan was always his son, she lied just to stop Helena from killing him. Carly admits to Johnny that Luke is the one that found the birth certificate and her intentions to blackmail him with whatever he found. Robert breaks down after taking a look at Robin's remains, he then gets a visit from her spirit. Luke cautions Ethan that going after Helena would be a mistake. Kate tells Sonny he made his choice when he went after Anthony after he was shot. Elizabeth comes over and expresses her condolences to Patrick.

  • Ep. #12509
    Ep. #12509
    Episode 481

    Robert arrives asking Anna what this big emergency is. Patrick tells Sam that the operation went smoothly and they'll know more when Jason wakes up if the protocol worked. Olivia is horrified when she sees Kate wearing her bloodied wedding dress when she almost married Sonny. Starr wakes up wanting Michael to tell her where Hope and Cole are, Epiphany comes and sedates her again. Ewen explains his concern to Elizabeth about his patient Cassandra, cause he hasn't heard from her. Anna finally tells Robert that their daughter has died. Holly continues to plead with Helena to spare Ethan's life. Elizabeth learns of Robin's death, and feels she could've helped if Maxie hadn't gotten her suspended from the hospital. Epiphany tells Patrick that he needs to be there for Emma right now. Helena takes hair samples from Ethan and Luke. Sonny assures Dante he had nothing to do with those people dying in the accident. Robert insists on going to the hospital and seeing Robin for himself. Luke and Ethan demand the truth from Holly on who the father is.

  • Ep. #12508
    Ep. #12508
    Episode 480

    Michael does his best to save Cole and Hope, but the car goes over the cliff and explodes. Spinelli tells Maxie what he has to say will upset, she stops him and says he needs to move out. Holly arrives at Wyndemere, just as Helena is about to shoot Ethan. Mac and Dante learn that Anthony was driving the other car and finds evidence that someone shot one of the tires causing the collision. Robin tells Patrick she knows he's deliberately trying to make sure that Jason die on the table. Holly tells Helena that Ethan isn't Luke's son at all. Sonny tells Sam about the time that Robin couldn't accept the fact Stone died. Spinelli tells Maxie that Robin died tonight, she accuses him of lying to her, he shows her the news report of the death. Michael wonders what he's going to tell Starr about that her boyfriend and daughter are gone. Mac tells Dante he's certain that Sonny caused this accident. Holly tells Luke it's time she came clean about Robert being Ethan's father. Sam sees Patrick come off the elevator and if Jason pulled through the surgery.

  • Ep. #12507
    Ep. #12507
    Episode 479

    Starr wakes up to find the car dangling on the edge of a cliff, manages to get out and tries to wake up Cole. Spinelli finds something interesting about the video, Mac stops by wanting to talk with Maxie about Robin's death. Sam is grateful that Patrick is going to do the procedure, but says Jason can't know about Robin. Robin pays Jason a visit in his dream saying she wouldn't be anywhere else. Michael tells Dante he went to go check on Sonny and he wasn't in the E.R., Dante thinks he went gunning for Anthony. Matt tells Maxie to make good on her promise to fix things and get Elizabeth her job back. Helena makes it clear to Irina that she's the one that's going to kill Ethan. Patrick almost tells Jason the truth until Sam stops him. Anthony refuses to help Starr save Cole when the person who caused the accident was Sonny. Matt tells Maxie to get Spinelli to move out. Helena orders her guy to kill Irina after she failed her test. Michael finds Starr agreeing to save Cole and Hope. Matt has another flash back to the night on the yacht. Maxie comes home and Spinelli says there's something he has to tell her.

  • Ep. #12506
    Ep. #12506
    Episode 478

    Dante tells Lulu that Sonny practically saved his life tonight. Ewen asks Kate if she's hurt he can help her. Patrick tells Anna that Jason has everything to do with Robin's death. Cole and Starr are driving with Hope and get re-routed to Port Charles due to the airport in Llanview being closed. Sam tells Michael that Jason can't know about Robin. Tracy tells Sonny he needs to get out of the house right now, Anthony's grateful she saved him. Cole surprises Starr when he brings up them getting married and being a family with their daughter. Kate explains to Ewen she has no idea how she got into her old wedding dress. Dante tells Lulu that he sees Sonny in a different light after what he did tonight, also Robin died in an explosion. Anna tells Patrick that Robin wouldn't forgive him if he let Jason die. Helena reveals her scheme to Luke that she's gonna let him watch Ethan die. Patrick tells Sam that despite his objections he's going to do the surgery. Anthony loses control of his car, after his tire blows and collides with Starr and Cole, who said yes to his proposal.

  • Ep. #12505
    Ep. #12505
    Episode 477

    Patrick makes his intentions clear to Sam that there's no way he's letting Jason have the medicine not after Robin died for it. Edward overhears Tracy telling Anthony and wants to know what she doesn't want him to know. Kate tries to get Sonny not to go after Anthony, but he refuses. Shawn reveals his true feelings to a stunned Carly. Mac breaks down after Anna tells him about Robin. Michael and Dante go to check on Sonny after seeing Kate storm off. Sam continues to plea with Patrick to save Jason's life, but he says the answer is still no. Johnny tells Anthony gives him a heads up and practically told Sonny he's the one that shot Dante at the warehouse. Ewen tells Ethan that it's possible Cassandra's pretending to have amnesia, she tells him to get out and fires him. Sonny gets a shock after Mac says that Robin died and him basically ruining her life. Ewen comes across Kate on the pier wearing a wedding dress stained with blood. Sonny comes to the Quartermaine mansion and points a gun at Anthony.

  • Ep. #12504
    Ep. #12504
    Episode 476

    Dante tells Sonny he's grateful for saving his life tonight and calls him dad. Johnny tells Carly he'll admit he still thinks of Anthony as a father if she'll say she still loves Sonny. Maxie asks Spinelli if he's alright, he says he feels he might lose a friend tonight. Sam lies to Jason when he doesn't know that Robin's gone. Alexis tells Molly to take a look around the room and if she shouldn't be monitored by her all the time. Patrick tells Anna that he tried to save Robin, but she lost her life for Jason. Olivia is seriously concerned about the current state that Kate is in right now. T.J. admits the truth to Alexis that the party was his idea. Sam tells Monica that he doesn't know about Robin and if could kill him if he found out. Maxie tries to assure Spinelli that Robin will come through and find a cure for Jason. Alexis forbids Molly she cant' see T.J. anymore. Sam finds Patrick holding the vial containing Jason's medicine. Olivia learns that Dante was the target not Sonny. Kate tells Sonny if he goes after Anthony it's over between them. Mac shares a reunion with Anna, but she's yet to tell him the bad news.

  • Ep. #12503
    Ep. #12503
    Episode 475

    Michael tells T.J. he's taking Molly to the hospital, but she wakes up on her own. Dante tells Mac he knows exactly where Sonny is heading. Patrick pounds on the door, and gets something he hopes will open the door, but then calls 911 for help. Sonny shows up at Johnny's wounded and says he's gonna pay for what he's done, he's shocked to find Carly also there. Steve tells a distraught Kate to head back up to the party. Tracy asks Anthony where he's been, he says he's been looking for Johnny. Spinelli tells Jason he found out the footage of him as a baby is authentic and has no idea how Franco got a hold of it. Anna tells Sam she knows something is wrong and knows there was an explosion. Michael attempts to call Alexis but Molly grabs the phone not wanting her mother to know. Dante tells Sonny the one thing that will impress him if he lowers the gun. Sam sees Patrick all hysterical and learns that Robin died in the fire. Alexis comes home and Molly admits that the party was her idea. Carly wants reassurance from Johnny that he didn't shot Sonny. Anna sees Patrick disheveled and wants to know where Robin is.

  • Ep. #12503
    Ep. #12503
    Episode 475
  • Ep. #12502
    Ep. #12502
    Episode 474

    Robin plays with Emma and Anna wondering what's keeping Patrick. Sonny sees a gun and moves in to warn Dante, as it suddenly goes off. Jason tells Spinelli he didn't tell Sam the fact that he's dying, and to look after her. Alexis cautions Diane not to print a word what Sonny said tonight in her article. Johnny asks Carly what she's doing out here looking for him when he wants to be alone. Molly calls Michael saying that a party at her house is getting completely out of hand. Dante says he's going after the shooter who tried to kill him, and sees that Sonny was hit. Robin finds Patrick and manages to get him out and realizes that Jason's protocol is still in there. Regina pours vodka with fruit punch into a cup for Molly jealous after seeing her talking with Bodhi. Elizabeth sees Matt has no recollection of what happened the night on the yacht. Olivia wants Steve and Maggie to tell her the truth, Maggie lies and says they're having an affair. Michael breaks up the party and finds Molly unconscious in the hallway. Dante comes in needing a doctor cause Sonny was shot, and Kate asks Steve to save him. Robin finds herself trapped in the lab and tells Patrick to go and give the protocol to Jason, an explosion then occurs. Mac, Sonny and Steve arrive and find Sonny isn't there, Dante wonders what he's going to do.

  • Ep. #12501
    Ep. #12501
    Episode 473

    Monica tells Patrick that she booked an O.R. so he can be ready to operate on Jason when Robin has the protocol ready. Dante asks Sonny if there's going to be a problem after seeing Johnny arrive. Diane tells Alexis that she's here on a date with Mac. Anna brings Emma to the hospital hoping Robin and Patrick will join them for dinner. Maxie tells Robin the thing that pretty much jeopardized Elizabeth's career. Sonny tells Max to escort Johnny out of the building if he starts trouble. Maxie unknowingly turns the gas on in the lab with Robin. Olivia sees that Maggie is without a date to the benefit. Jason becomes alarmed when Sam starts to feel pain. Sonny embarrasses Johnny when he reveals his paternity to everybody. Patrick goes to check on Robin and experiences the gas and passes out unable to breathe. Matt tells Elizabeth that Maxie is the one that turned her in to Monica causing her suspension. Sonny rushes after Dante to apologize unaware that someone is pointing a gun at them. Carly searches for Johnny but comes across his car instead.

  • Ep. #12500
    Ep. #12500
    Episode 472

    Kate assures Sonny that Dante will attend the benefit tonight. Ronnie and Dante investigate the alley where Delores was attacked and see a dragging mark. Delores meets with Johnny at Kelly's to seek his help, and found out he's done some digging in her life. Carly tells Robin there's got to someone else that can help her find a treatment for Jason. Alexis asks Molly why she's so eager for her to leave the house. Jason wonders why Franco would send this to him now. Dante hears a conversation between Sonny and Max and confronts them about the party being an alibi for him, Olivia quickly intervenes. Spinelli is overwhelmed that Sam is pregnant, but Jason tell him to find out how Franco got video footage of him as a baby. Shawn questions Carly about her relationship with Johnny. Robin tries to find a protocol for Jason, but is constantly being interrupted. Molly is shocked when T.J. comes over with the beer also inviting other and a party begins. Sam gets Patrick after Jason has another episode. Johnny comes to the Metro Court drunk and Sonny isn't pleased.

  • Ep. #12499
    Ep. #12499
    Episode 471

    Johnny tells Anthony to quit having his people follow him. Carly sees as Jason is trying to leave his hospital room, that why isn't Sam here with him. Matt see that Maxie has no remorse for turning Elizabeth in. Robin tells Patrick that if she doesn't come up with a possible treatment for Jason she'll lose him. Jason tells Carly to lay off of Sam is cause she's pregnant. Steve and Olivia decide to attend the Ball as a couple. Ethan asks Cassandra if she plans to tell Ewen about the recent memory, Ewen then walks in. Maggie invites a fellow co-worker if he'd like to escort her to the benefit. Maxie lashes at Matt for all the time he's given Elizabeth the benefit of the doubt but not her. Olivia asks Johnny if she can join him so he can tell her what's bothering him. Sam arrives and brings the laptop and the DVD. Ethan realizes that her so called memory is a page from a book she's been reading, and asks why she would lie to him. Steve tells Maggie their reopening the investigation regarding the patients death at their old hospital. Carly asks Robin how she's going to save Jason's life. Jason puts the DVD in the laptop and they're confused when all they see if a baby in a nursery.

  • Ep. #12498
    Ep. #12498
    Episode 470

    Patrick tells Robin the trail of chocolates leads to her Valentine's Day present, and is thrilled that it's her mother Anna. Jason wakes up after having a dream of Sam finding him passed out. Dante tells Lulu he doesn't want to go to this benefit to see Sonny make an attempt at throwing his money around just to make a point. Carly lays into Kate for not waiting for her to unveil to Sonny the decorated place. Matt hears Steve tell Elizabeth he's sorry she got suspended, and thinks Maxie is somewhat responsible. Maxie tells Spinelli her attempt at pushing Elizabeth and Ewen together led to Matt dumping her. Patrick assures Robin she didn't mention Lisa at all to Anna. Molly tells T.J. he needs help and just do what she suggests to improve his reading. Matt confronts Maxie at and says to come after her and not Elizabeth. Carly learns from Robin that Jason was re-admitted and is doing everything they can. Jason makes Sam promise not to watch the DVD without him. Dante thinks Lulu may have helped him find a way to catch the attacker.

  • Ep. #12497
    Ep. #12497
    Episode 469

    Maxie tells Monica that a while back Elizabeth stole drugs from the hospital and gave them to Lucky and has proof to back up her claim. Kate goes back to her office to find Sonny, and he asks what's going on with her. Sam tries to wake Jason up after finding him. Ewen asks Elizabeth to accompany her to the pulmonary ball. Johnny asks Carly if there's something going between the two of them. Jason wakes up and Sam says she's not okay and to go to the hospital for her. Patrick tells Mac that he has a surprise for Robin for Valentine's Day, and to get Maxie to come with Matt for a family dinner. Sonny tells Kate that he doesn't really know her at all, but she says she's falling in love with him again. Monica tells Maxie why wait all these months to come forward. Carly is delighted when overhearing Michael tell Johnny he's going back to school. Ewen persuades Shawn to invite Carly to be his escort for the benefit, but he thinks it's probably too late. Patrick tells Jason that his condition isn't going away cause it's inoperable. Monica approaches Elizabeth saying they need to talk.

  • Ep. #12496
    Ep. #12496
    Episode 468

    Jason tells Sam that now is probably the best time to tell Alexis and Molly about the baby. Matt makes it clear to Maxie that he wasn't breaking up with her cause he doesn't want to fight anymore. Elizabeth tells Ewen that Cameron's behavior is getting out of control ever since Lucky left. Carly tells Johnny it isn't going to do him good just sitting here venting all his frustrations about his life. Ewen assures that it's gonna take some time with Cameron. Molly feels unsure after thinking she's a nobody, she checks her myface and discovers something. Monica asks Jason if Sam is pregnant and he confirms that she is. Dante tells Delores that his invitation to Sonny's party is practically a bribe to get on his good graces. Alexis and Molly are thrilled with Sam's news that she's expecting. Jason finds the gift wrapped in paper with a monkey playing a ukulele thinking it's impossible it could be from Franco, he has a seizure and passes out. Delores leaves a message for Johnny to take him up on his offer to help her. Maxie goes to Monica and makes a complaint regarding Elizabeth. Ewen asks Elizabeth to be his escort for the party. Sam comes home to find Jason unconscious on the floor.

  • Ep. #12495
    Ep. #12495
    Episode 467

    Patrick shows Robin the lot he purchased for their house. Sam asks Jason if the outcome was different if he was willing to raise Franco's child. Spinelli suggest to Maxie he has an idea how to make Matt think they went skiing. Carly tells Sonny that she's made everyone is out to support for the new pulmonary wing at the hospital. Matt lets out his frustrations after overhearing Elizabeth and Ewen talking. Carly arrives to stop Johnny from throwing Anthony into the pier. Sonny unleashes his anger on Kate after finding out she's been in contact with Jax, and doesn't believe she happened to run into him at the airport. Maxie goes to Ewen hoping to push him and Elizabeth together, but he ends telling her to make an appointment. Johnny sees that Carly has her divorce papers and still haven't signed them yet. Spinelli asks Anthony he can't see why he suddenly has his concerns for Maxie. Jason brings Sam back to the penthouse and insists on making her something to eat, a gift is left for them on the patio.

  • Ep. #12494
    Ep. #12494
    Episode 466

    Carly is shocked at Kate's revelation that they're partners, but she doesn't want to work with her. Ethan goes by Wyndemere saying he has a surprise for Cassandra. Jason takes Sam to the place they spent the night before getting married. Diane gives Alexis a book on how to deal with menopause. Molly shows T.J. she found a way to help him study. Steve tells Maggie that he's having a bad day and only her can understand and if she told anybody what happened in Memphis. Robin tells Mac the good news of the protocol that has her H.I.V. under control. Olivia realizes that Kate hasn't told Sonny that she ran into Jax. Diane tells Alexis she took Mac to bed after they left Jake's last night. T.J. tells Molly that he improved her myface page so more people will add her as friends. Steve tells Maggie he thinks it's time they both came clean. Cassandra stops Ethan from looking in the tunnels by saying that she "remembered" something. Carly tells Kate she can make all the arrangements that she wants cause she has plans of her own.

  • Ep. #12493
    Ep. #12493
    Episode 465

    Dante helps Lulu get settled into her new job at the police station. Carly brings T.J. to Shawn after an incident that happened with him at the Metro Court. Spinelli goes to Johnny wanting some information on Anthony and why he's having Maxie followed. Robin tells Patrick that the new protocol is working and her H.I.V. levels are normal once again. Sonny tells Kate that it's good to be honest and says he found Jax. Johnny asks Spinelli if he plans on rescuing Maxie hoping she'll fall in love again. Maxie asks Matt to go out with her for Valentine's Day. Michael apologizes to Carly for ambushing her the way he did on New Year's Eve. Johnny tells Delores that he knows about how her sister was murdered and didn't catch the guy. Elizabeth and Ewen enjoy dinner, but they get interrupted by Matt and Maxie as they arrive. Kate stuns Carly by saying she now owns the hotel. Patrick and Robin's celebration comes to a halt when he's called into surgery.

  • Ep. #12492
    Ep. #12492
    Episode 464

    Maxie tells Spinelli to improvise, he then kisses and lies to her when he say Matt is looking. Ewen asks Ethan if he's heard from Cassandra. Kate tries to sneak back into the room but finds Sonny waiting for her. Helena tries to make Cassandra all the good that she's done by making her an assassin. Maxie's plan to make Matt jealous backfires, and finds out he went out with Elizabeth. Kate tells Sonny who he really wants either her or "Connie". Helena tells Cassandra that it's her turn to help bring down the Spencer's and to continue to proceed as planned. Kelly reads the paternity test results that the baby Sam is carrying is in fact Jason's and asks them if they want to know if it's a boy or girl. Ethan tells Ewen it's possible that Cassandra's last name could be Cassadine. Kate stuns Sonny when she says they have to get back home right away. Sam tells Jason it's time they taught themselves stuff before the baby arrives. Elizabeth has another brief flash of the night she was rescued and being carried by someone after something Ewen says.

  • Ep. #12491
    Ep. #12491
    Episode 463

    Olivia tells Steve she can feel there's something going on with him and Maggie. Diane tries to make Alexis see the positive side of having menopause. Delores is attacked outside Jake's but the arrival of a car scares off the attacker. Sam tells Jason about these dreams of the child looking exactly like him. Kate tells Sonny the person she's meeting is a psychiatrist, Sonny asks if she metions their relationship. Dante and Lulu finds Delores in the alley and asks if she got a look at the guy. Ethan reveals his feelings to Cassandra but she says that he doesn't know who she really is. Coleman tells Alexis she seriously blew it tonight with Mac. Kate sneaks out after Sonny falls asleep. Cassandra returns to Wyndemere looking at Laura's portrait and is approached by Helena. Sam tells Kelly to go ahead and read them the paternity test results.

  • Ep. #12490
    Ep. #12490
    Episode 462

    Sonny startles Kate when she sees that he followed her to somewhere that isn't Palm Beach. Patrick tells Robin he feels the current protocol is going to work and to focus on the plans for the house. Ewen comes to Kelly's saying he's looking for Cassandra. Olivia and Steve's romance is interrupted by Maggie who wants him to consult on a case. Carly goes to check up on Johnny in a vulnerable state. Sonny demands the truth from Kate as to why she's lying to him and can sense that it's something big. Lulu tells Delores she listened to what she said on how her husband Eddie dealt with being married to a cop. Olivia asks Johnny what she just walked in on with him and Carly. Shawn asks Carly if she had anything to do with his recent job offer at the high school. Mac goes to the hospital and tells Robin why he wasn't told about her H.I.V status being low. Someone eyes Delores in the alley behind the bar. Diane tells Alexis that all her symptoms determine she has menopause. Kate admits to Sonny she's here in Chicago to meet some guy.

  • Ep. #12489
    Ep. #12489
    Episode 461

    Sonny tells Dante he wants to make a donation at the hospital for a pulmonary wing, but Dante wants nothing to do with it. Michael comes to E.L.Q telling Edward he's here to clean out Abby's desk. Elizabeth tells Matt she's curious to know Jason's results. Sam wants Jason to be honest with her about the real reason why he was at the hospital. Alexis and Mac each share their concern for Maxie. Molly doesn't tell Shawn that T.J. has difficulty reading. Maxie tells Lulu that her job at Crimson is still here waiting for her, she begins to reconsider when Kate starts laying into Maxie. Jason tells Sam there's swelling on his brain and Robin and Patrick are monitoring it. Spinelli comes bringing Maxie flowers thanking her for last night to convince Matt they're deepening their "relationship". Ewen approaches Elizabeth saying how is she enjoying the latest therapeutic technique. Molly tells T.J. she'll keep his secret only if he'll allow her to teach him how to read. Tracy tells Edward not to force something on Michael that he clearly doesn't want. Matt surprises Elizabeth by inviting her out to dinner. Sam gets a call from Dr. Lee saying the results are in.

  • Ep. #12488
    Ep. #12488
    Episode 460

    Ewen tells Alexis that Cassandra feels there's something waiting for her at Wyndemere. Carly goes to Sonny saying going after Johnny is a big mistake. Luke interrupts Ethan and finally meets Cassandra and warns her of possible danger. Johnny offers to help after learning Delores is having financial trouble. Tracy tells Anthony she's not staying in the boat house another day. Alexis asks Shawn to promise her to watch T.J. and Molly. Ewen gives Dante insight as to what kind of person the killer is and wasn't Donofrio. Johnny reveals to Tracy that Gino is his father not Anthony and is gonna stake a claim to the money that was left behind. Luke decides to check out the tunnels unaware someone is there with him. Alexis walks in hears Carly saying that the children are in danger. Mac has Spinelli concerned for Maxie's behavior as of late believing he's the cause. Delores is determined to find her sister's killer. Molly makes a discovery that T.J. can't in fact read. Luke hears a noise and is then knocked out by someone. Sonny tells Dante he has an offer for him that he can't refuse.

  • Ep. #12487
    Ep. #12487
    Episode 459

    Sonny asks Kate where was when she wasn't in San Francisco. Sam does some research on severe cramping in the first trimester and it could lead to miscarriage. Carly tries to get Johnny to tell her what Sonny did to him. Robin tells Jason that he has some swelling on the brain and is why he's having these headaches and is probably the result of the concussions he got over the years. Lulu tells Luke that it isn't the first glass of wine she's had today and got grilled by Olivia, Maxie and Tracy. Matt tells Maxie she can't divulge just who the patient he was talking about. Sonny tells Kate it's possible that Johnny maybe retaliating soon. Lulu tells Luke she madly in love with Dante, but doesn't know why she's so lost right now. Johnny shows Carly the birth certificate and she's shocked that Claudia was actually his mother. Spinelli agrees to go along Maxie and her plan.

  • Ep. #12486
    Ep. #12486
    Episode 458

    Luke tells Carly he kept her name out of it by giving the information to Sonny. Sonny tells Jason he hit Johnny with someone far worse then a bullet. Kate finds Johnny on the pier and asks if there's anything she can do for him. Maxie tries to get Lulu to return to Crimson. Sonny tells Jason he found out that Claudia was actually Johnny's mother not sister. Robin tells Matt she was actually in Seattle seeing a specialist for her deteriorating H.I.V. status. Sonny and Kate make plans to rebuild their favorite restaurant. Carly is shocked when and explosion goes off destroying Sonny's property in the distance and Johnny is pleased. Maxie tells Lulu it's possible she may have a drinking problem. Sam sees that Spinelli hopes for a reconciliation with Maxie. Robin tells Jason some disturbing information regarding his test results cause his life could be in danger. Sam starts to have serious cramping. Lulu pours and throws a glass at Luke saying they have to talk.

  • Ep. #12485
    Ep. #12485
    Episode 457

    Sam confirms what Alexis suspects is true that she's indeed pregnant. Michael tells Dante as Jason overhears that he found the body already dead. Tracy prepares to tell Edward she married Anthony, but sees Luke on the couch. Elizabeth tells Ethan that she wishes more then anything for Lucky to be here. Dante tells Michael to take off cause he can't go back to Pentonville. Anthony pays Sonny a visit at his office. Alexis is thrilled with the news, also that Molly and Kristina are going to be aunts. Ronnie arrives on the scene and sees that Donofrio is dead, but Delores doesn't think he's the one who did it. Edward comes home to see that Tracy is married to the mob yet again. Michael assures Jason he didn't kill Donofrio, and doesn't know who did. Johnny picks up a gun and contemplates suicide, but instead destroys everything that was Anthony's. Sonny tells Max that the men are in place and it's time to take back what's his. Elizabeth tells Ethan she needs to let Lucky go and move on. Anthony comes home to find that Johnny destroyed his orchids. Sam tells Jason she had to tell Alexis that she was pregnant.

  • Ep. #12484
    Ep. #12484
    Episode 456

    Cassandra tells Ethan to take her away from Wyndemere for a while, Ewen arrives and isn't pleased when finding her note. Jason tells Sam to take better care of herself they'll know soon if he's the father or not. Johnny shows Anthony his birth certificate about Gino Solieto being his father and demands the truth from him. Alexis shares with Shawn her concern that T.J. might be a bad influence on Molly. Michael goes to Dante hoping he has another suspect in mind for the beatings, Dante promises him they'll find the guy. Lulu asks Tracy to join her and to spill about the wedding. Alexis meets Cassandra , but feels something is a little off. Olivia goes to Dante about her concern about Lulu's sudden drinking habit. Sam warns Jason to the fact that Michael has a gun. T.J. decides to change Molly's myface account to get more people to friend her. Anthony tells Johnny had to send Claudia away cause it was her idea. Ewen tells Ethan he thinks Cassandra is some how familiar with firearms. Alexis sees that Sam is keeping something from her and asks if she's pregnant. Jason finds Michael standing over Donofrio's dead body.

  • Ep. #12483
    Ep. #12483
    Episode 455

    Carly asks Luke what did find about Johnny. Michael enlists Sam's private eye services to keep him from doing something he might regret. Matt finds out that Spinelli and Maxie are now living together, but he thinks it's to make him jealous. Olivia starts to become concerned about Lulu's drinking. Johnny finds out that his father is Gino Solieto and the document is legitimate. Kate tells Lulu she can always come back to Crimson since she did great work there before. Michael shows Sam that he purchased a gun. Luke interrupts Anthony and Tracy by bringing in their room service, and saying he's staying down the hall. Maxie once again sees the man with the pedora hat but learns that he was sent by Johnny. Kate tells Sonny she can't have dinner cause she has some business out of town. Carly sees Johnny is seriously on edge and if he had an encounter with someone. Jason goes to see Robin, saying she's currently on a new protocol and told Patrick everything. Sonny asks Lulu if Kate has taken any trips to San Francisco as of late. Sam agrees to do the thing for Michael only if he disposes of the gun. Luke tells Tracy he has a feeling everything is going to be fine. Anthony tells Johnny he wished his son was there for his wedding, but Johnny says not to call him son.

  • Ep. #12482
    Ep. #12482
    Episode 454

    Patrick tells Robin he knows that she wasn't at a conference when she was the patient. Steve tells Maggie that Charlie is doing just fine and why didn't she go to another doctor. Kate is surprised when Jax suddenly arrives at the airport when Michael was right about him being alive. Johnny is shocked with what Sonny gives him. Luke tells Tracy he has no intent of stopping his wedding to Anthony. Robin tells Patrick she's on a third protocol and they'll know if it worked in a couple weeks. Dr. Lee tells Sam and Jason the CVS test is evasive and can result to a possible miscarriage. Sonny shows Johnny the name on the document naming Claudia as his mother. Patrick tells Robin there gonna deal with this together even if things get worse. Olivia comes up to the roof and finds Steve and Maggie together. Elizabeth learns that Sam is pregnant. Jax makes an offer for Kate, before he boards a plane back to Australia also to promise she never saw him.

  • Ep. #12481
    Ep. #12481
    Episode 453

    Luke goes to see Sonny and gives him some vital information about Johnny. Jax asks Michael why he has a gun, but Michael wants to know why Jax left the way he did without saying goodbye. Elizabeth sees that Patrick hasn't heard anything from Robin. Johnny stops himself from making love to Carly and says there's no deal between them. Kate tells Olivia that she and Sonny have put the past behind them. Anthony see that Tracy isn't dressed cause the wedding, and brings in Maxie to help her. Patrick finally gets a call from Robin, asking to meet at the house cause there's something she needs to tell him. Michael tries to get Jax to stay in Port Charles, but he can't cause Sonny is. Sonny is pleased with the results of the information and immediately goes to Johnny's. Kate goes to the airport to meet a certain someone and encounters Jax instead. Luke invites himself on to the boat and interrupts the wedding which pleases Tracy.

  • Ep. #12480
    Ep. #12480
    Episode 452

    Anthony presents Tracy her wedding dress cause they'll be getting married today. Carly tells Luke she'll give him what he wants if he delivers the information on Johnny. Sonny tells Jason that he's not gonna let this shooting cause a rift in his relationship with Kate. Jax spies on Carly with Josslyn at Kelly's. Lulu tells Dante that it's difficult to find a job since the dog walking thing was a bust. Cassandra hides as Ewen arrives and tells Ethan to tell him that he never saw her. Shawn learns that T.J. stole a car, and got Alexis to represent him. Johnny sees Michael with a gun and asks him what he's planning to do. Tracy is stopped by a guard before she can leave the boat and he says he will perform the ceremony. Jason tells Sonny he can't take Johnny out, cause of his condition. Cassandra tells Ewen and Ethan that something about Wyndemere that drew her to it. Lulu opens a bottle and drinks while doing a job search. Luke receives a note from Skye and it being information on Johnny and is unable to reach Carly. Michael hears a noise in the alley and aims his gun and sees that it's Jax.

  • Ep. #12479
    Ep. #12479
    Episode 451

    Carly asks Shawn after listening to Alexis when he was planning on telling her he was leaving. Sam continues to dream over Franco's message of her impending pregnancy. Spinelli tells Jason that Franco's studio burned to the ground and charred remains of a body was found. Sonny asks Kate if she's gonna break up with him over him getting shot. Shawn tells Carly that T.J. is the reason why he decided to leave, but now needs to stay. Elizabeth shows Matt his paper that was published in the medical journal. Spinelli tells Ethan he knows why he's here which is talk about Cassandra. Sam tells Jason what are they gonna do about this baby, Jason asks if she wants to end the pregnancy. T.J. tells Molly he has no intention of going to high school. Maggie sees Olivia and Steve all cozy when they arrive at the hospital. Ewen explains to Alexis the need to move into Wyndemere cause his patient has a certain attraction to the place. Carly asks Shawn to be the new manager of Kelly's. Sam tells Jason there's a way to determine the paternity of the baby and Dr. Lee assures that it's safe.

  • Ep. #12478
    Ep. #12478
    Episode 450

    Dante tells Lulu he's grateful to have a wife to bring him breakfast at work. Shawn comes downstairs and finds T.J. sitting at one of the tables at Kelly's and asks what he's doing here. Sonny tries to convince Michael not to work for Johnny by showing him his gunshot wound.Carly asks Johnny if he plans on backing out of their deal. Tracy tells Anthony he can't keep her captive on a boat forever. Matt tells Elizabeth he turned down Maxie's offer to move in together. Kate second guesses her relationship with Sonny after overhearing he got shot in his office last night. Tracy offers to repay Anthony all of Gino's money in full. Delores tells Dante that this Dr. Keenan is here to offer his input on the beatings. T.J. tells Shawn if he has an extra room cause he's here to stay for good. Lulu finds herself allergic to Wilson, and her new job. Michael takes the gun he bought and puts it in a dumpster.

  • Ep. #12477
    Ep. #12477
    Episode 449

    Patrick is still reeling after Elizabeth's confession that Robin's sick or if his wife's ever coming home. Sonny sees that he's been shot by the gunman. Ewen tries to get Cassandra to keep her distance from Ethan, she starts to think if Ewen is the real threat. Jason asks Sam if she's certain that she's pregnant, and says she took multiple pregnancy tests. Lulu sees that Ethan is distracted and who the mysterious lady he's thinking of. Sam tells Jason she's wanted to tell him so many times. Alexis asks Luke what's the reason he summoned her to the Metro Court. Maxie tells Matt to suck it up and pretend they're engaged for the photo shoot. Sonny hears someone and grabs a gun and sees that it's Shawn and says he didn't see anyone cause he's here to resign. Alexis tells Luke to go find Tracy to tell him how he really feels about her. Sam asks Jason his opinion about her being pregnant. Maxie tells Matt that she doesn't feel safe cause she feels she's being followed. Helena makes a noise and Ewen insists on checking it out. Jax goes back to his hotel and makes a call saying he needs to stay in town longer since he didn't finish what he came here to do.

  • Ep. #12476
    Ep. #12476
    Episode 448

    Patrick tells Elizabeth he's worried about Robin that she hasn't checked in by now. Helena continues to bide her time. Michael demands that Sonny do take care of this attacker. Jax takes out a gun for protection in case he happens to run into Sonny. Franco says to Jason that if he kills him he'll never know the truth, Jason then shoots him and he dies. Luke makes some calls wanting to know Helena's whereabouts. Kate shows Sonny the details on the renovation as Jax spies on them. Michael goes to Sam requiring her P.I. services and is shocked when he plans on killing him. Franco's gallery is shown on fire as Jason begins to have a tremor while driving. Patrick is delighted when he gets a call from Robin and she'll get back to him, hangs up and goes into Seattle hospital. Ethan gets an urgent call from Luke, Cassandra then makes him promise to keep what happened between them. Jax plans on making sure that Sonny is alone before making his move. Ewen tells Cassandra if he was expecting someone other then him. Michael goes and buys a gun. Jason comes home saying Franco is out of their lives, she then says she's pregnant. Elizabeth admits to Patrick that Robin is sick and her H.I.V. levels aren't good. Sonny is taken by surprise when someone shoots at him.

  • Ep. #12476
    Ep. #12476
    Episode 447
  • Ep. #12475
    Ep. #12475
    Episode 447

    Olivia storms off after seeing Maggie and Steve together. Sonny tells Jason to forget this thing with Franco cause it'll eat at him. Ethan tells Cassandra that Helena won't come anywhere near them, as she overhears from in the tunnel. Michael asks Dante why the suspect for the beatings was released from jail. Olivia puts what she saw with Steve aside so she can help Sonny. Sam tells Jason that what happened in Hawaii, they can't go back and change it. Ronnie tells Delores her involvement with this case is only gonna make it worse. Jason learns from Spinelli that Franco has been in plain sight this whole time. Sam comes to Molly's aid when Alexis begins to criticize the amount of friends she has. Sonny summons Johnny and reminds him to leave Michael alone. Dante brings a painful subject to Delores, asking about her deceased sister. Olivia tells Maggie she saw her and Steve in a lip lock earlier. Jason confronts Franco and asks why he let him know where he was.

  • Ep. #12475
    Ep. #12475
    Episode 446
  • Ep. #12474
    Ep. #12474
    Episode 446

    Ethan and Ewen talk about Cassandra and try to figure out who she is. Lulu probes Tracy for answers and if she plans on marrying Anthony. Johnny tells Steve that if he doesn't help he'll reveal the details about the person he offed in Tennessee. Anthony tells Maxie he has all the confidence in her planning his and Tracy's wedding. Carly enlists the help of Luke to help out a situation. Diane sees why Spinelli summoned her, is cause he wants keep the flame between him and Maxie still burning, and made an attempt at making her jealous with this mystery woman. Dante asks Olivia if she's having problems with Steve, she says it's all cause of Maggie, also how it bothers her. Tracy goes to Anthony saying there's no going to be a wedding. Steve says to Maggie it was a mistake bringing her to Port Charles and she should leave. Cassandra offers a compromise to Ethan, Helena overhears Ethan ask if she's running from her. Tracy is abducted while she returns to E.L.Q. Maxie tells Lulu that Luke is back in town. Olivia arrives and see Maggie and Steve kissing.

  • Ep. #12473
    Ep. #12473
    Episode 445

    Carly goes to see Sonny telling him that Michael told Johnny for a job. Ronnie tells Dante that he owes him a bachelor party, Michael says they should focus on finding whoever is beating these women. Anthony tells Johnny that he's a perfect match for Tracy. Robin and Patrick look back to when they first met and how things have changed since then. Jax stand outside the gate of Sonny's house with Carly inside. Maxie feels she's being followed and turns around to see that it's Lulu. Carly calls Johnny asking if he plans on backing out of their deal. Robin asks Jason if he's had anymore headaches. Maxie gets a call from Anthony about how things are progressing with the wedding preparations. Jax sees Carly and Shawn together at Kelly's and hides before he's spotted. Sonny and Kate decide to reveal their relationship to everyone. Jason sets his sights on locating Franco. Shawn asks Carly if her kiss with Johnny was for his benefit. Sam goes to the maternity ward and looks at the babies. Sonny finds one of Kate's gloves and he is being watched.

  • Ep. #12472
    Ep. #12472
    Episode 444

    Ewen explains to Spinelli and Ethan that his patient has no idea who she is. Carly asks Johnny what she has to do to stir Michael out of his direction. Patrick tells Jason he needs to be checked out right away. Monica explains to Sam that Jason had a dizzy spell and collapsed. The woman in white speaks to Ethan says that Ewen's been calling her Cassandra. Patrick asks Jason to tell him exactly been going on with Robin. Carly tells Johnny she's not going to let him use Michael just to get to Sonny. Robin tells Elizabeth to promise she'll be there for Patrick and Emma while she's gone, she agrees unless she tells Patrick everything. Sonny tells Kate he doesn't want to do anything that spoils what they have ever again. Monica asks Jason if he and Sam should consider having a baby. Cassandra explains to Spinelli, Ewen and Ethan she needs to stay at Wyndemere, she screams and then runs off. Elizabeth finds out that Jason was admitted to the hospital for tests. Sonny and Kate make love. Patrick asks Robin why Jason would want to talk to her.

  • Episode 443
    Episode 443
    Episode 443
    "Connie visits Johnny.
  • Ep. #12471
    Ep. #12471
    Episode 443

    Patrick asks Robin why she is reviewing her will. Michael calls Sam and apologizes for going off on her earlier. Ethan and Spinelli almost see the woman in white. Monica asks Ewen if he would consider being on the staff at General Hospital full time. Spinelli tells Maxie he's here in response to her ad in the paper wanting a new roommate. Michael and Jason each find themselves back to the accident site. Sam returns to the alley and looks at the tag and recalls what Franco said in the DVD. Matt finds Elizabeth and Ewen in the locker rooms. Monica wants an explanation from Tracy after showing her the announcement of her supposed engagement to Anthony. Michael shocks Jason when he says he's gonna work for the Zacchara's. Ethan takes a flashlight and enters the tunnels at Wyndemere, Ewen arrives shortly after. Anthony enlists Maxie's help in planning the wedding to Tracy next week. Robin tells Elizabeth that her protocol for her H.I.V. had stopped working, she then says that Patrick must be told right away. Sam sits and waits for the results of the pregnancy test. Ewen tells Ethan and Spinelli the woman in white happens to be his patient. Jason goes to the hospital asking for Robin, and collapses.

  • Ep. #12470
    Ep. #12470
    Episode 442

    Jax listens to Alexis tells Sonny not to pursue him anymore. Michael asks Johnny for a job in helping find this attacker. Ewen is fascinated by Molly's interest in Russian literature. Spinelli brings up the subject of him not living at the penthouse anymore. Maxie tells Dante and Lulu that she's still angry that they didn't invite her to the wedding. Spinelli explains to Jason how he acquired the twenty million for Sonny. Patrick and Robin come to the realization that neither of them killed Lisa. Johnny tells Michael to let the police handle the attacker. Mac tells Alexis that the case of Jax's death is closed since he's still alive. Ewen watches as Molly gives Sam the button that got torn from his shirt. Jax keeps close watch on Carly and Josslyn. Mac, Sonny and Pres can't figure out what's going on with Alexis. Jason is convinced he'll locate Franco thanks to Spinelli's new found followers. Carly is furious after witnessing Johnny and Michael together, and catches up with Johnny asking what it's gonna take for him keep his distance from her son. Molly asks Shawn if he plans on leaving Port Charles. Sam continues to hide the pregnancy test from Jason.

  • Ep. #12469
    Ep. #12469
    Episode 441

    Sonny goes to see Michael, as Jax stands nearby in the hallway. Patrick comes home to find Robin's suitcase packed, she says she's going to a Aids conference in Africa. Sam asks Jason if he would like to talk about last night that he almost killed Michael. Michael tells Sonny he wants to deal with the person who's been beating up Abby's friends. Maggie asks Steve to join him looking at the ceiling while laying on a gurney says it's all the rage. Olivia tells Kate she's been having some dizzy spells and had a pregnancy scare that shook Steve. Johnny approaches Steve he knows he and Maggie used to work together and asks for a refferal. Michael asks Jason to leave after he shows up with Sam cause he went along with Carly's lie about Jax. Robin tells Patrick that there are things about the night Lisa died she can't get out of her head, he thinks it's cause she's afraid of her H.I.V. status. Olivia catches Steve and Maggie together. Jax follows Sonny's after he leaves Michael's apartment.

  • Ep. #12468
    Ep. #12468
    Episode 440

    Ewen asks Elizabeth to sit on the gurney and to describe what she sees. Carly asks Alexis if Sonny is blackmailing in order to work for him again. Jason wakes up and sees that he hit Michael. Maxie offers to introduce herself to Spinelli's "date" by she vanishes mysteriously. Elizabeth tells Ewen that part of her died the second that Jake died. Sonny tells Carly to bring Morgan home so he can repair the damage. Michael tells Jason he know he knew the whole time that Jax was alive and storms off. Anthony tells Tracy if she marries him he'll make sure she won't go to prison. Sam buys a pregnancy test, but then gets a call from Jason to come to General Hospital right away. Diane breaks up a fight between Alexis and Carly, Lulu then says there's been an accident. Spinelli takes a picture of the woman in white with his camera phone. Jason almost tells Patrick what's going on with Robin, but get interrupted by Sam's arrival. Kate tells Carly that since Sonny is here to leave and go be with Josslyn. Ethan finds the cup and another message was left for him. Anthony tells Tracy that it's gonna be a beautiful life together. Jason tells Sam he's done chasing Franco cause he almost lost Michael tonight. The woman in white pulls Ethan into a kiss as the clock strikes midnight.

  • Ep. #12467
    Ep. #12467
    Episode 439

    Sam wakes up after having a nightmare about Franco and Hawaii. Tracy finds Ethan and asks if he's seen Luke anywhere. Sonny shows Kate his plans to renovate his restaurant to a special place they shared once. Carly tells Olivia that she's going to be flying solo at her New Year's Eve party. Jax makes plans to head back to Port Charles. Dante gives Michael some insight and he finds out he and Lulu got married on Christmas Eve. Tracy and Anthony find themselves trapped in an elevator together. Robin makes arrangements that don't include Patrick. Sonny officially welcomes Lulu to the family. Michael makes a shocking announcement to everyone that Carly knew that Jax was alive this whole time, and gets an earful from Alexis. Maxie meets up with Spinelli to get a look at his mystery woman. Jason tells Sam he wants to start off the new year and is on his way home. Anthony surprises Tracy with a marriage proposal. Sam believes that she might be pregnant. Spinelli sees the woman in white, Maxie thinks it's who he's expecting. Jason gets into an accident on his motorcycle after hitting Michael.

  • Ep. #12466
    Ep. #12466
    Episode 438

    The woman in white leaves a message for Ethan as he sleeps on the couch. Michael asks Carly if it was wishful thinking and maybe he didn't see Jax. Tracy shows Lulu the diamond that Luke had sent to her on Christmas Eve and an invitation to meet at the Metro Court on New Year's Eve. Sonny tells Dante what so bad in reaching out for a father and son relationship, Dante begins to breathe erratically and Sonny asks if everything is alright. Elizabeth tells Maggie that the family Christmas didn't go so well and Lucky is off again finding another miracle. Ethan wakes up finding the message, and get an unexpected visit from Molly and Alexis. Michael tells Carly she's talking about like Jax like he's still alive. Maggie asks Elizabeth if she ever found out who the man was that saved her life. Ewen asks Shawn if he's willing to let Wilson go or if he's talking about Carly. Molly goes off to do some exploring in another room at Wyndemere. Elizabeth sees some similarities with Ewen and the person that saved her life. Ethan sees the woman in white outside and hurries to see her but she's gone. Michael overhears Carly tell Shawn that she hates not telling him that Jax may very well be alive.

  • Ep. #12465
    Ep. #12465
    Episode 437

    Olivia gives Lulu some positive insight on Sonny's gift. Sonny approaches Anthony and Johnny on the attempt that was made on Jason. Jason tells Robin to go and tells Patrick about her medication no longer working. Shawn tells Carly he appreciates the thought but can't look after a dog. Lulu asks Dante what he plans to do with the check that Sonny gave them. Michael returns from New Zealand after scattering Abby's ashes, and tells Jason he knows what Franco did to Sam in Hawaii. Anthony assures Johnny he had nothing to do with Abby's death and has serious plans with Tracy. Shawn pulls Carly into a kiss, and immediately says it shouldn't have happened, she then dismisses him and is moving into the Metro Court. Maggie apologizes to Epiphany for her outburst earlier. Jason arrives at the hospital as to his agreement, but he gets confirmation on Franco's whereabouts, but promises to come back. Johnny decides to to a background check on Delores. Dante returns Sonny's check saying he can't accept it. Michael tells Carly that while in Auckland he could've sworn he seen Jax.

  • Ep. #12464
    Ep. #12464
    Episode 436

    Kate returns to find Sonny in her office and he apologizes for walking out on her. Carly thanks Shawn for being with her while visiting Morgan at military school. Dante finds a cashiers check for $100,000.00 from Sonny, and Lulu asks if he wants to keep it. Jason tells Robin to have hope and not to up and walk out on her family. Sam finds a doll after sitting in a diner thinking Franco left but Patrick comes back looking for it saying it's Emma's. Carly presents a dog to Shawn and says she got it for him not Josslyn. Dante finds Delores in the evidence room, and says he knows about her sister that was murdered. Lulu tells Olivia that Sonny left her and Dante a rather large sum of money. Robin tells Jason that he can't avoid having a doctor look at him. Sonny asks Dante to look out for Michael and says that an accident killed Abby, and to catch the person that's been attacking these women. Kate calls someone and needs to be stopped before making a big mistake. Sam tells Patrick how much she envies his personal life. Jason tells Robin he'll go to his appointment if she promises to tell Patrick what's going on with her.

  • Ep. #12463
    Ep. #12463
    Episode 435

    Ewen arrives at Elizabeth's as Cameron is throwing a fit blaming her for Lucky leaving. Robin lies to Patrick by saying she was talking to Brenda. Olivia arrives and couldn't be happier that Dante is getting married on Christmas Eve, but he wants to keep the ceremony small. Patrick shows Robin a deed to a land he'd purchased, she's immediately touched and starts to cry. Monica is concerned that Jason hasn't called thinking he should have a check up and fast. Sam and Jason have a tender moment while remembering when they picked out the scrawniest tree and decorated it up real nice. Tracy decides to play Santa Claus and asks Alice to do something for her to make so she can make the Quartermaine house seem happy during the holidays. Ewen tells Elizabeth that Cameron is just lashing out and to give him some time. Lucky arrives at St. Margaret's church wanting something that he can believe. Patrick takes out his camera and records Robin with Emma. Father Tommy pronounces Dante and Lulu husband and wife, Olivia then goes and calls the family to come in the church. Tracy is stunned when Alice tells her she didn't get the presents for Edward and Monica. Lucky hears the gate open and turns around and asks what they're doing here. Cameron comes downstairs and apologizes to Elizabeth for earlier.

  • Ep. #12462
    Ep. #12462
    Episode 434

    Dante tells Lulu his idea of a spur of the moment wedding in New York, but Lulu says he wants both their families to attend. Monica tells Robin she's been reinstated as chief of staff, but she regretfully declines. Jason tells Sonny that he can't tell him exactly what's going on. Carly finds Michael going through Abby's things and breaks the news to Carly that she died and it's his fault. Shawn fills Sam on the ambush that was set for killing Jason and Bernie got caught in the crossfire. Monica tells Robin what Jason did at Thanksgiving, Robin sees that something isn't right. Jason tells Sonny that Michael needs him cause Abby recently died. Michael tells Carly where he plans to scatter Abby's ashes. Sam shows Jason the broken DVD she found in the garbage and asks if this is the reason he's so mad. Dante tells Lulu they can't believe they're actually getting married. Carly comes home to find Shawn decorating a tree in her living room. Michael calls Sam and says that he needs her help desperately. Spinelli extends a Christmas invitation to Maxie, but she later gets a call from Matt to go to Patrick and Robin's.

  • Ep. #12461
    Ep. #12461
    Episode 433

    Elizabeth slaps Maxie for basically ruining her life. Lucky explains to Cameron that he needs to go away for a while and for him to be there always for Aiden. Sonny tells Jason that Franco isn't the reason to throw everything away. Dante tells Lulu that he wants to show her something special. Elizabeth realizes that Matt is the one that told Maxie the truth of her supposed "breakdown" and betrayed her. Jason tells Sonny he should've known that it was an ambush and thinks there's something wrong with him. Dante tells Lulu it's a place that he went to after 9/11 happened and wants to share it with her. Jason tells Sonny while in Hawaii he found cameras and fell into a trap that Franco had set. Matt explains to Maxie she didn't deserve to be slapped and wants to spend the holidays with her. Ethan tells Elizabeth that Lucky is heading to the airport and is off to Ireland. Sonny tells Jason to forget about business and to tell him what really happened. Elizabeth goes to Ewen and admits that she needs help. Dante tells Lulu why wait and they should get married right away.

  • Ep. #12460
    Ep. #12460
    Episode 432

    Elizabeth asks Lucky to stay with her and the boys tonight. Sonny tells Kate he's grateful for decorating his childhood home. Jason offers Michael his condolences about Abby and there's anything he can do for him. Carly tells Shawn he should know by now that she's never going, Ronnie then comes in not surprised they're at another crime scene. Matt confronts Ewen only to discover that he's a doctor that will be working at the hospital. Maxie confronts Elizabeth and accuses Elizabeth for faking a mental breakdown, Lucky walks in and asks her if it's true or not. Jason struggles to help Sam through a tough time. Ewen does an experiment using a hospital dog to keep Shawn PTSD under control and Carly says that he didn't flinch when he slammed the folder on the desk. Michael tells Sam that he knows exactly how to say goodbye to Abby. Jason returns and begins to be questioned by Ronnie. Kate is upset after Sonny learns about the shooting and leaves their romantic evening. Lucky gets a postcard from Ireland.

  • Ep. #12459
    Ep. #12459
    Episode 431

    Lucky tries to get Elizabeth to come home so she can be with the boys. Shawn tells Jason he can tells there's something off about him. Robin tells Patrick that she's going to have to go away for a while. Matt tells Elizabeth he's against her spending Christmas with Lucky and pretending that everything is alright, Lucky leaves as Ewen watches. Michael explains to Sam that running away from what Franco did to her isn't the solution. Jason dodges Carly by saying he needs to get to Chicago right away. Kate surprises Sonny by having food that was prepared at every Christmas at her old house to the Brownstones. Robin stops Matt before he can take a look at the medical file of the "patient". Elizabeth is shocked to learn that the mysterious Ewen is actually a doctor at Shady Brook. Bernie and Shawn walk into an ambush involving gun fire at Sonny's office. Sam explains every detail about Hawaii to Michael, and Franco having Jason watch everything. Jason overhears Sam tells Michael she can't talk to Jason about what happened. Carly finds Bernie and says that Shawn saved his life. Lucky brings Elizabeth home and sees that it's been decorated.

  • Ep. #12458
    Ep. #12458
    Episode 430

    Lucky asks Maxie why she's suddenly concerned for Elizabeth's well being, she says it's cause she's making moves on her boyfriend. Sam tells Michael to get all his emotions out over Abby's death. Jason tells Spinelli that he feels that something is seriously wrong and can't control his anger like he used to. Lulu tells Dante she's here cause she made a mistake. Johnny sees Delores about to go into the evidence room. Elizabeth tells Ewen that she feels like they've met before somewhere, he becomes protective when she asked to see his painting. Jason tells Spinelli the first time he remembers losing control was in Hawaii after Franco showed up. Johnny tells Delores now that the case is over they can be more formal from now on. Michael is shocked after Abby's mother just up and turned her back on her own child. Lulu surprises Dante when she suddenly proposes to him. Monica stops by to see Jason and says that both her and Robin are concerned and needs to have that check up. Ethan goes to Wyndemere and delivers a package for the Woman in White. Sam finally opens up to Michael that Franco raped her. Dante says yes to Lulu and they announce their engagement in the station.

  • Ep. #12457
    Ep. #12457
    Episode 429

    Michael breaks into tears while he holds Abby's lifeless body. Carly finds the DVD at the penthouse. Alexis finds Jason in a daze and can't hear her say that he's free to go, she prevents another face off with him and Pres. Kate finds Sonny sitting on the stoop on the Brownstones but hasn't gotten in. Delores begins to question the findings in Lisa's so called murderer. Anthony calls Maxie and asks to meet. Carly arrives at the station and shows Jason what she found at his place. Robin asks Patrick if something went wrong during Jason's surgery. Michael tells Sam that Abby wouldn't have been in Chicago under that crane if he hadn't told her to go. Maxie tells Anthony she doesn't want to know the details, but he now he wants a favor in return. Sonny tells Kate a story of how his stepfather ruined a Christmas. Jason goes home and plays the DVD and listens to Franco's message on congratulations on Sam having a baby. Lulu goes to see Dante and asks if he still has the ring.

  • Ep. #12456
    Ep. #12456
    Episode 428

    Ewen tells Elizabeth to come in and offers her some insight. Matt confronts Lucky about what he's done to Elizabeth. Maggie tells Patrick that Robin was reading test results which led to her crying. Jason tries to explain to Robin that her place with with Patrick and Emma, but she thinks it's the right thing to do. Michael tells Sam if something happens to Abby it'll be all his fault. Carly sees Shawn having a pleasant moment with Josslyn and learns that Jason has been in jail since last night cause of Pres. Michael asks Sam the reason of Jason's outbursts of anger is resulted to his recent surgery. Elizabeth feels like there's something familiar about Ewen but can't put her finger on it, she then gets a visit from Matt and asks what she was thinking into committing herself. Jason gets really mad when Carly starts into it with Robin, and she can see that he's not himself. Carly goes to the Penthouse but doesn't see the dvd on the floor.

  • Ep. #12455
    Ep. #12455
    Episode 427

    Maxie asks Matt why he up and took off from their bed with no word from him for days. Lucky asks Elizabeth why didn't she tell him that she checked herself into Shady Brook. Sam offers to help Michael cause he thinks something happened to Abby. Robin surprises Jason when she asks his help in making her disappear. Delores tells Dante they got a match of one of the suspects list. Lucky asks Elizabeth that committing herself is the right thing. Anthony tells Dante and Delores that he gave blood to Lisa and would explain why it was found on the deck. Matt tells Maxie that he wasn't cheating on her, he was in fact saving someone's life and can't exactly who. Sam unknowingly drops the dvd of Franco on the floor as she and Michael head to Chicago. Robin confides in Jason that her H.I.V. blood work showed she is becoming resistant to the medication and wants to give Patrick and Emma one last Christmas before she goes away. Dante and Delores come across a body while investigating a text confession of Lisa's murder. Jason tells Robin that he's not going to do what she asked of him. Elizabeth walks down the hall and see a doctor painting on a canvas in a room.

  • Ep. #12454
    Ep. #12454
    Episode 426

    Dante shows Olivia something that belongs to her that he found on the boat. Ethan tells Alexis that he wants the job as caretaker for Wyndemere and she wonder if he has any ulterior motives. Maggie asks Steve how the gathering and grilled by the police went. Michael tells Jason that he's in this cause he knows what it's like to love someone. Mrs. Lucchesi an old acquaintance of Kate's comes across her and Sonny kissing in the park and asks what she's doing with him. Delores brings up the fact that Lisa was sleeping with Steve gives Olivia a motive. Maggie comes across Robin crying. Michael sees Sam with a gun and thinking she's going after Franco. Alexis asks Jason what exactly happened in Hawaii. Ethan goes to get another glimpse of the Woman in White. Dante discovers that the evidence room key is missing from his desk, unaware that Delores has it, she then made it look it fell on the floor. Michael gets a call from Abby and thinks something is wrong when they get abruptly cut off. Pres makes a play for Alexis, but she says she's spoken for with Mac. Robin goes to see Jason saying she needs his help.

  • Ep. #12453
    Ep. #12453
    Episode 425

    Matt resurfaces and Patrick as well as Mac asks where's he's been lately. Spinelli tells Maxie that he couldn't find Matt, Ronnie arrives asking them to come with him. Sam tells Jason and doesn't tell him about what they found in the dumpster. Officer Padilla to round up Anthony and Johnny. Lisa's murder suspects are gathered back to the crime scene on the boat. Alexis condones Pres and can prove that he provoked Jason. Sam goes back to the penthouse and begins to play the DVD. Robin has a brief memory flash of seeing Patrick's hand pick up the wrench.

  • Ep. #12452
    Ep. #12452
    Episode 424

    Coleman tells Olivia that he saw Dante out with his new partner Officer Padilla, but she says that Dante would never cheat on Lulu. Pres asks Dante to keep Jason in lock up or else. Sam tells Michael she's going to pursue Franco and for him to stay out of it. Kate stops Sonny before their romance goes any farther. Maggie asks Steve if Robin being relieved of her duties means she killed Lisa. Maxie realizes that Anthony also had a motive for killing Lisa. Spinelli finds Lulu sitting all by herself at Kelly's and she asks him why she would ever break off her engagement to someone she loves a lot. Michael finds a circle spray painted on a garbage can and Sam says Jason can't know about this. Anthony asks Maxie before he helps her he wants to know who he's gonna be covering for. Kate tells Sonny she doesn't want him to use her as a way to escape his demons. Michael asks Sam what she fears is on the dvd they found.

  • Ep. #12451
    Ep. #12451
    Episode 423

    Sam and Michael have an emotional talk about the violence in Port Charles. Sonny encounters a younger version of himself trapped in the closet. Dante sees Officer Padilla going through his desk and they set some ground rules on their partnership. Jason asks Spinelli to come look at the latest on the graffiti tag to determine it's meaning. Lulu goes to Maxie and desperately wants her advice and be open and honest with her. Johnny tells Ranelle he checked on Lindsay and is doing good considering what she went through. Jason tells Spinelli to go after he's unable to figure out what the circle means. Diane encourages Pres to pursue this thing with the women being beaten by an unknown attacker for the newspaper. Lulu goes to see Dante at the police station and hands over the ring. Kate comforts Sonny after he has a bit of a breakthrough. Jason figures out and realizes that Franco is waiting at the place where they first met. Mac asks Maxie where Matt really is and why she's covering for him. Pres tells Dante he wants to file assault charges against Jason.

  • Ep. #12450
    Ep. #12450
    Episode 422

    Jason finds Sam in the alley looking at the graffiti tag. Michael learns that Shawn is moving into his mother's place. Sonny enters the Brownstones and relives some painful memories. Elizabeth tells Lucky the reason he took off to Ireland is cause he still loves her. Carly tells Michael that Franco send Josslyn another package and doesn't like the idea of Michael going to look for the attacker. Pres overhears Sam talking with the girls about the recent attacks on the strippers at Vaughn's. Sonny is told a story by a cop on how beat his mother literally to death and had Deke killed, he realizes he's talking to Sonny himself. Michael tells Sam that he just wants to find the person that targeting these girls that's all. Carly confides in Shawn about Michael's ordeal with Carter while in prison. Lucky comes back to Elizabeth's room and finds a message she wrote on her pillow in lipstick. Coleman shows Jason the graffiti tag that was put there recently by Franco.

  • Ep. #12449
    Ep. #12449
    Episode 421

    Dante asks Lulu why is she doing everything to try and change him. Patrick tells Robin that he took care of it, and didn't give all of her clothes to Mac. Elizabeth lets Luke know she doesn't want him anywhere near Aiden. Ethan approaches and asks the woman in white who she is. Robin asks Patrick what he's worried what Mac will find. Mac tells Alexis he's gonna stay on the investigation to make sure Robin and Maxie is cleared. Ethan asks the woman what she has against Laura enough to slash her portrait. Lucky asks Epiphany to have someone look at Elizabeth. Ethan goes after the woman she she goes back in the tunnels, and comes back seeing a message written in the dust. Lulu tearfully takes off her engagement ring and gives it back to Dante. Luke leaves a message for Ethan at the Haunted Star as he leaves. Lucky tells Elizabeth the reason that he left is cause of her and can't go down that road with her again.

  • Ep. #12448
    Ep. #12448
    Episode 420

    Alexis calls Molly and tells her to come home right away, the person watches her go through the old books. Lulu asks Dante when he was going to tell her about his assignment and not desk duty like he promised. Kate asks Sonny if she'd wants him to come into the Brownstones with him. Maggie asks Luke why won't he go in to see Aiden. Monica tells Robin the board has relieved her of her chief of staff duties at General Hospital. Tracy tells Michael strike a deal when he wants her to get Abby out of town. Monica tells Patrick that she'll be assuming Robin's duties. Lulu tells Dante that he lied to her and he better not do it again. Lucky witnesses Monica slap Luke and it being for killing Jake. Abby asks Michael if he had a part in her trip to Chicago in order to keep her safe. Ethan sees something in the tunnels and decides to stay. Dante asks Lulu if she no longer wants to have an engagement party. Ethan catches and gets a glimpse of the woman in white. Elizabeth becomes enraged with Luke and Lucky for allowing his father to get behind the wheel. Mac tells Alexis that the other day he found Robin in a fragile state knowing that she's keeping a secret. Robin tells Patrick there's something she has to tell him.

  • Ep. #12447
    Ep. #12447
    Episode 419

    Robin makes a call to Monica saying she'll need a few days off. Sam shows Jason the graffiti tag that she found. Det. Padilla comes asking Johnny the clothes he was wearing the night Lisa died. Maxie goes to Robin wanting to know where Matt is cause he just disappeared. Shawn tells Carly she shouldn't be out in the open and home protecting Josslyn. Dante shows Mac evidence that someone else was on the water that has ties to Lisa. Sonny tells Kate that he wants her to show him her city through her eyes. Anthony sees Johnny and Officer Padilla getting all cozy. Dante tells Mac that he wants back in on the case, and will deal with Lulu. Alexis tells Molly she can take care of things herself and it's not gonna be the same without Kristina around. Spinelli manipulates social networking to get what he wants. Mac tells Alexis that either Maxie or Robin will need a defense attorney. Monica asks Patrick he gave all his appoints to another surgeon. Carly suggests to Shawn that he move in with her. Alexis tells Ethan that Molly went to Spoon Island and not the movies. Ronnie tells Spinelli that Delores is his new partner. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam that the last part of the message means the creation of something.

  • Ep. #12446
    Ep. #12446
    Episode 418

    Carly tells Shawn who else can the gift be from other then Franco. Olivia tells Steve that she's not pregnant and if so she would've told him right away, Steve hits a nerve by saying it's not the first time she lied about a baby. Robin talks with Stone while on the bridge and says what if she's not strong enough to fight like he wasn't. Carly listens to the video as Franco left for Josslyn. Lucky tells Maggie that he got a message from a loved saying that Aiden was sick. Mac asks Robin any special reason why she's thinking of Stone on this of all days. Sam tells Jason that she'd prefer to go alone for a while. Someone sits at the bar and keeps their distance. Johnny steps in and tells the person who's starts hitting on the girls from Vaughn's. Carly tells Jason that she got a package from Franco. Ethan tells Lucky his theory of Elizabeth's rescuer cause he found footprints at Wyndemere. Jason becomes frustrated after watching the video that Sam could be pregnant. Sam sees a graffiti tag and that it was made recently.

  • Ep. #12445
    Ep. #12445
    Episode 417

    Lulu wakes up and puts the bottle back and sees Dante's still sleeping but can hear him wheezing. Elizabeth becomes hopeful after a visit from Lucky and Aiden. Olivia brings Steve some food cause he missed Thanksgiving, and sees Maggie has the same idea. Robin becomes emotional while looking at a picture of her and Stone together. Carly is startled by the sound at the door and sees that it's Shawn, and asks if Josslyn is alright. Lulu goes to Steve and says something is wrong with Dante. Patrick tells Robin that Lisa's gone and she didn't succeed and won't bother them anymore. Carly lashes at Shawn for this thing they're doing and to admit if he feels anything for her. Epiphany shares her insight on not celebrating the holidays since her son Stan was killed. Lucky learns that Dr. Wurth's first name is Margaret. Lulu doesn't tell Dante is cause she didn't drive to the hospital is cause she was drinking. Steve and Olivia see that Epiphany finished all the food. Robin goes to the bridge and wishes Stone were there and hates that she's lying to Patrick about something.

  • Ep. #12444
    Ep. #12444
    Episode 416

    Sam told Jason what made him lose it like that in front of the Quartermaine's. Dante tells Lulu that everything is alright, he was just sidelined by a flight of stairs. Kate calls Sonny a coward when he didn't his childhood home and what makes today not so different. Patrick tells Robin he knows the real reason she left is cause of Lisa and envisioned herself back on the boat. Lulu asks Dante how he could go after someone while he's still recovering from surgery and thinks he should take disability leave. Jason tells Sam that he should've taken care of Franco when he had the chance, cause he took something from her. Dante agrees to do desk duty for the time being which pleases Lulu. Maxie tells Matt that Mac is doing his job and will clear them once and for all. Sam realizes that Jason never went to his follow up appointment with Patrick. Lulu waits for Dante goes to sleep before having a drink. Matt kisses Maxie and says nobody has to know what he was going to do. Kate asks Sonny to promise to try to go back to the Brownstone.

  • Ep. #12443
    Ep. #12443
    Episode 415

    Dante comes home to find Lulu preparing dinner for the two of them. Sonny goes to get Kate cause he has breakfast ready, and finds she's not in her room. Tracy receives flowers from Anthony. Shawn tells Carly to determine who's food is better his or hers. Jason goes to wake up and she almost goes off on him. Dante promises Lulu that his job will not interfere in their life together. Sonny realizes how alone Kate's life really is. Jason makes a call to Bernie to find Franco. Tracy makes a confession to Edward wanting his help to penetrate, she's shocked that Skye already went and told him. Jason loses his cool and knocks the table over with the food. Lulu shrieks when her pie is burning. Someone watches as Carly and Shawn share a dance. Dante investigates a break in and goes to apprehend the suspect and ends up getting hurt. Lulu leaves when Dante is late returning from getting the pie.

  • Ep. #12442
    Ep. #12442
    Episode 414

    Lucky returns home and Tracy asks him how he knew that Aiden was sick. Dante goes to Kate to ask him what really happened at the so called "photo shoot" at Sonny's warehouse. Lulu expresses her concerns for Dante to Olivia on him finding the person that shot him and maybe getting re injured. Sonny lets Johnny know he should be grateful he's still alive after seeing him and Kate together the other night. Maggie tells Lucky that Aiden should make a full recovery and could've been worse if wasn't brought in right away. Officer Padilla comes to ask Olivia she wants the clothes she wore the night on the boat. Tracy looks and sees that Luke never took a drink from the bottle he opened. Steve tells Maggie that what happened in Memphis is in the past and stays that way. Sonny arrives and hears Dante grilling Kate about what happened at the warehouse. Anthony takes another shot at winning Tracy's affections. Officer Padilla comes to question Johnny of the boat rented the night of Lisa's death. Lucky goes to see Luke but walks away after seeing him with a bottle.

  • Ep. #12441
    Ep. #12441
    Episode 413

    Carly is surprised when Shawn accepts her to Thanksgiving at her house. Maxie picks out something for her and Matt to wear at the Cartullo photo shoot. Sonny offers to take Kate away with him to the Dominican Republic so he can divorce Brenda. Michael surprises Sam and she almost throws him over the balcony. Diane hand delivers the signed divorce papers from Brenda. Carly is stunned when Shawn knew that Franco was in Hawaii when they were there. Sam offers to help Michael find the person that's attacking Abby's friends. Monica asks Sam and Jason to join her and the Quartermaines for dinner. Kate receives a package from Sonny, and he says he wants to go back to where it started for them. Matt admits to Maxie that he's missed this between them. Sam tells Jason that she thinks it's a good idea for him to spend the holidays with his family. Sonny tries to get him to open up about his mission to find Franco.

  • Ep. #12440
    Ep. #12440
    Episode 412

    Carly invites Michael and Abby to her place for Thanksgiving, but learns that Shawn will be attending too. Sonny goes to Alexis to cash in his favor and asks him to represent him on a matter. Maggie tells Steve that Aiden's life is at stake and brings up a time where he broke the rules. Epiphany tells Robin that Patrick has gone awol from the hospital. Ethan asks Sonny what he doesn't want Kristina to find out about. Kate tells Olivia that Sonny is never going to change his life style. Patrick confronts Anthony and says he knows he's the reason that Lisa woke up from her coma. Maggie approaches Luke and and if he's willing to do something to save his grandson's life. Dante arrives as Patrick is strangling Anthony and asks him to arrest him. Ethan tells Alexis about someone other then him trespassing at Wyndemere. Luke fakes a coronary so Maggie can make her move, but Tracy catches on to their little scheme. Someone comes up to the window and watches the woman dressed in white. Dante is thrown when Johnny mentions to keep watch on Olivia. Maggie's theory on Aiden's condition by saying he has low blood platelets. Sonny tells Carly he's not involved with Kate as a way to get over Brenda. Molly asks Alexis if she can go and get some more of Stefan's poetry books from Wyndemere. Dante gets word that the weapon that was used to kill Lisa was found.

  • Ep. #12439
    Ep. #12439
    Episode 411

    Maxie is curious when she receives a bouquet of flowers. Tracy asks Luke what did Lucky that prompted him to bring him to the hospital. Spinelli is told by Jason that Franco has resurfaced Elizabeth tells Matt she knows the reason they kissed is cause Maxie wasn't there. Maggie offers her input as to the cause of Aiden's bruising on his arm. Spinelli assures Maxie that he didn't send her the flowers, she thinks that Franco sent them. Olivia tells Kate that out of nowhere Steve's ex-girlfriend comes to town and she knows something about him and he can't get him to confide in her. Luke tells Lulu that he got a distressed message from Lucky to bring Aiden to the hospital and didn't get into details. Lulu tells Elizabeth that Aiden was brought, and Monica lets her know she's still upset about Jake. Sam refuses Jason request to go and listen to other women's rape stories. Matt comes by and Maxie finds out that he sent the roses. Robin tells Luke that he may have saved his grandsons life. Maggie tells Steve that if she's right they might not have any time to lose. Sam tells Jason that she's gonna need some time so she can figure out how she can help herself.

  • Ep. #12438
    Ep. #12438
    Episode 410

    Ethan see that ghosts don't leave footprints. Tracy comes by asking Lulu if she minds if she visits with Aiden. Luke's appearance conscience appears asking him if he'd been drinking tonight. Siobhan visits Lucky in his dream while on the plane. Luke is reminded by himself exactly that today is his wedding anniversary to Laura. Siobhan tells Lucky that the message he was expecting at St. Margaret's wasn't from her, Lucky asks if she knows how all this will turn out. Lulu and Tracy listen to a message that Lucky left and they desperately try to locate Luke and Aiden. Luke is quickly judged by his conscience for everything wrong that has gone in his life. A woman comes out of the secret passageway and is wearing the outfit similar to the one Laura is wearing in the portrait. Tracy and Lulu asks Luke where Aiden is while at the hospital.

  • Ep. #12437
    Ep. #12437
    Episode 409

    Ethan goes to check on Elizabeth and learns that some mysterious person rescued her. Lulu asks Luke why he's here and why he hasn't bothered to let her know he's back in town. Spinelli knows the meaning of the shell on Sam's necklace and if there's a baby for her and Jason in the near future. Lucky sees Aiden's name written in stone and that he's sick. Sonny asks Jason he found out about Franco's latest threat, and if everything is alright after going off on him suddenly. Elizabeth tells Ethan that she didn't imagine the person that saved her life. Lucky is taken by surprise when he calls Elizabeth's place and Luke answers the phone. The mysterious man goes in and looks up at Laura's portrait over the fireplace. Lucky hesitantly asks Luke to take Aiden to the hospital right away. Sam tells Spinelli now that she and Jason are married he doesn't have to move out even though he wants to give them privacy. Lulu comes back and sees that Luke and Aiden are not there. Lucky tells Mrs. Macinerny that he's going home and not to stop her dream and he doesn't want to lose another son. Ethan returns to Wyndemere and sees that someone's been here very recently. Mrs. Macinerny gets the sign that she's waited years.

  • Ep. #12436
    Ep. #12436
    Episode 408

    Mac probes Patrick and Robin about Lisa's murder. Olivia asks Steve just how well does he and Maggie know each other, as Maggie watches from the window. Siobhan visits Lucky and says she did exactly what he was supposed to do, but Jake is the person he should be speaking to. Sonny is surprised to see Luke back in town and has been for a while. Dante tells Lulu about the case he's working which involved Lisa Nile's death. Monica literally has to sedate Elizabeth after she goes on about Jake being in trouble, Elizabeth tells Jason not to leave her. Officer Padilla that the test confirms that Lisa was killed on the boat and thrown overboard. Johnny asks Kate if she's trying to track him down to thank her for coming to her rescue the other day. Siobhan sends Lucky a sign prompting him to abruptly wake up and tells Mrs. Macinerny he's going back to St. Margaret's. Olivia asks Steve what he means by the circumstances of their relationship has changed. Monica asks Jason if there's anything that's bothering and if so he can always go to her. Mac tells Robin he can tell by her face she's keeping something from him. Sonny asks Luke if he's gonna have to track him down if Lulu and Dante decide to get married. Kate tells Johnny that she tried to change Sonny once and felt responsible for his life today. Lulu is startled when Luke shows up at Elizabeth's house.

  • Ep. #12435
    Ep. #12435
    Episode 407

    Shawn prepares to leave and tells Carly that today is veterans day and it means a lot to him. Sam and Jason see all the wedding presents, and that there's nothing he can do anything to fix what Franco did to her. Steve tells Maggie he that knows it was here with the clown mask on Halloween. Lucky calls out Jake's name hoping he would appear before him. Elizabeth tells Matt that she wants to find the person that saved her life. Sam insists on Jason go get checked out. Lucky tells Mrs. Macinerny she was definitely right about him not going to St. Margaret's and maybe he did write the message. Olivia asks Steve and Maggie if she's interrupted something. Elizabeth becomes hallucinate in her feverish state and tells Monica that Jake is in serious trouble and sedates her. Jason sees a pamphlet of surviving rape. Shawn confides in Carly that he watched his own father die. Mrs. Macinerny tells Lucky he needs to go back to see if there's more to the message. Monica tells Jason about Elizabeth's predicament. Sam loses it while opening her and Jason's wedding gifts.

  • Ep. #12434
    Ep. #12434
    Episode 406

    Elizabeth asks Matt how he knew that Lisa was dead before the body was found. Sam tells Jason that she doesn't want her belongings not after what Franco did to her. Mrs. Macinerny tells Lucky that maybe it was him who was sending those messages. Delores tells Dante that he's on medical leave and can't discuss the recent case with him. Jason and Sam set out to find Franco. Steve tells Olivia how grateful he is when she comes to help with Aiden and Cameron. Tracy stuns Luke when she reveals that Aiden is Lucky's son not Nikolas. Mac refuses to let Dante come back to work. Steve comes downstairs and sees her enjoying spending time with Aiden. Someone wearing scrubs cuts out an article of the newspapers about Lisa's death and a clown mask among the persons things. Jason brings Sam to the place where Franco brought him after he finds a message spray painted on the wall. Mac learns from Delores that Lisa was dead before she hit the water. Lucky sees "Daddy" and realizes the person contacting him is Jake. Jason and Sam come across a dead body and the same spray tag from Franco. Steve comes face-to-face with Dr. Maggie Wurth.

  • Ep. #12433
    Ep. #12433
    Episode 405

    Jason explains to Sam that Franco put camera all over the place and made him watch the whole thing. Sonny knows that Olivia is lying to him and knows that she's hiding something. Shawn and Carly sees a body floating in the river, seeing that it's Lisa Niles. Coleman sees that Steve is nervous and if he wants something stronger to drink. Shawn tells Carly she shouldn't be here cause the police are going to be asking her questions. Robin becomes suspicious when Patrick comes home late and why his shoes are wet. Jason tells Sam the last thing he saw was Franco carrying and laying her on the bed and covered the camera with his shirt. Olivia tells Sonny she doesn't want Kate getting her heart broken again. Ronnie tells Shawn and Carly he can't wait to her their excuse for being at another crime scene. Matt is feeling a bit down and tells Steve his patient died before he can start his clinical treatment. Kate calls Sonny for help cause her car broke down, as she waits Johnny arrives and offers his assistance. Sam asks Jason to help her into the shower, and breaks down while washing her self off. Olivia has another dizzy spell and Johnny offers to take her back home. Officer Padilla tells Steve, Matt and Robin that Lisa's body was found and it doesn't look like it was an accident.

  • Ep. #12432
    Ep. #12432
    Episode 404

    Franco sits and plays his ukulele and Jason screams into the tv demanding to know what he did to Sam. Sonny tells Kate that he's been enjoying taking their trip down memory lane. Dante tells Lulu that maybe tonight wasn't the night to announce their engagement. Johnny tells Carly the person he blames for pushing Claudia over the edge is in fact Sonny, but Carly says that his sister was already messed up, Shawn intervenes and asks if everything is alright. Olivia is concerned that she may be pregnant and hides the test as Steve arrives. Franco goes into the room with a spray paint can in his hand. Carly talks with Shawn about his taste in women and about something possibly going on between them. Dante asks Lulu to get the ring so they can have their precious moment all over again. Steve makes a call asking his guest when she'll be arriving, he then finds the pregnancy test behind the pillows. Johnny watches as Kate and Sonny slow dance. Jason rushes to Sam and asks exactly what she remembers, and shocks her by saying that he wasn't in bed with her, Franco was.

  • Ep. #12431
    Ep. #12431
    Episode 403

    Elizabeth tells Matt that she wants to find the man that saved her life. Sonny arrives and asks Carly what she's doing with Johnny at Jake's. Jason continues to scream while Franco pursues Sam who's still taking a shower. Matt tells an embarrassed Elizabeth that she described her rescuer down to his physically fit body while unconscious. Lucky tells Mrs. Macinerny that he needs to do this for his late wife and shows her the message and if she did it. Maxie isn't surprised to see Matt in Elizabeth's room. Kate arrives as Shawn breaks up an impending fight between Sonny and Johnny. Spinelli finds solace by turning to online gambling. Franco waits for Sam to pass out and then carries her off to the bedroom. Maxie yells at Matt by saying she moved heaven on earth to be with him on her birthday but instead spent the evening with Elizabeth. Mrs. Macinerny tells Lucky that whoever did it clearly doesn't want him here. Kate and Carly get into and says that she can have Sonny. Elizabeth's monitors start beeping and Matt sees that she's seriously burning up. Jason watches in shock as Franco puts Sam in the bed and then covers the camera with his shirt for privacy. Lucky sees more to the message asking him to "Go Home". Johnny tells Carly the right people have yet to pay for Claudia's murder.

  • Ep. #12430
    Ep. #12430
    Episode 402

    Jason returns to find a beer on the table and reads the note he assumes it's from Sam. Dante gets interrupted by the arrival of a drunken Diane, Sonny says that she shouldn't be here. Johnny sees that Anthony is starting to come around and reminds him that today is the two year anniversary of Claudia's murder. Carly tells Shawn that the reason she's at Jake's to celebrate an early birthday. Diane tells Alexis that she should take over as Sonny's lawyer. Sam comes back and sees a beer and a note on the table thinking it's from Jason. Lulu goes to check on Olivia who's having another dizzy spell, and says when is she going to announce her engagement to Dante. Carly tells Shawn's lady friend how much she and him had fun while together in Hawaii. Jason regains consciousness in a confined room and demands to know what Franco is going to do, he then sees something come on the television. Kristina and Ethan bid each other farewell as he presents her with a gift. Michael tells Abby that tonight is the anniversary of the night he killed Claudia. Jason tells Franco after looking at a video footage of Sam getting in the shower to come after him not her.

  • Ep. #12429
    Ep. #12429
    Episode 401

    Luke receives an unwelcome from Carly after he ducked out of going to rehab. Kristina tells Alexis that she'd like to speak to Sonny alone. Kate reminisces back to the night she and Sonny first kissed. Lulu confronts Olivia and asks if she could be pregnant. Kristina apologizes to Sonny after the way she treated him for all the things that went wrong in her life. Robin tells Patrick that about the trick or treater that was wearing the same mask Lisa wore in her dream. Luke tells Carly that he knows Jax is alive and somebody helped him leave town. Lulu tells Olivia that she thinks Dante has a right to know what's going on with his mother. Abby tells Michael the only reason that she stepped is to stop a fight between him and Dante. Patrick tells Robin that despite Emma being asleep they still celebrate her birthday. Kate arrives feeling uncomfortable and unaware that this many people will be at Sonny's place. Patrick and Robin prepare a special present for Emma by making a video. Carly isn't pleased when going to Jake's and finding Shawn with another woman. Luke takes out the flask in his jacket and ponders to drink or not. Lulu stops Dante before he can announce their engagement to everyone.

  • Ep. #12428
    Ep. #12428
    Episode 400

    Lucky enters the gate and approaches the well with Siobhan's letter in his hand. Alexis tears up for joy cause Kristina is going to her alma mater. Sam tells Jason that she's going to miss this paradise when they head back to Port Charles. Michael doesn't want Sonny to do anything after finding out that one of Abby's friends was assaulted. Lulu tells Dante that she has doubts of going to the dinner party and announcing their engagement is a mistake. Luke tells Ethan what he's doing here at Wyndemere and shouldn't be here at all, cause this place is cursed. Alexis presents Kristina will a present so she won't feel lonely. Ethan tells Luke that he just saw someone staring into the window and goes to see who it is. Lulu tells Olivia that she and Dante are going to announce their engagement at Sonny's tonight. Lucky does what the letter instructs for him to do and waits for his sign. Ethan doesn't want to hear Luke's perspective on the way he destroyed his own life. Sonny tells Alexis that he will collect the favor one day. Jason gives Sam a necklace with the shell that she collected on the beach. Lulu catches Olivia when she feels dizzy and almost passes out. Lucky stands up and receives a message "GO" spelled with stones.

  • Ep. #12427
    Ep. #12427
    Episode 399

    Lulu lashes at Officer Padilla, when Dante is the person who asked her to come. Diane returns and tells Sonny that she ran into Brenda while she was in Italy. The person with the clown disguise stalkingly continues to keep watch on Elizabeth, Matt, Steve and Olivia. Johnny tells Anthony that he's bringing in a doctor to have a look at him. Mrs. Macinerny sees that Lucky is still determined to go to the chapel, he asks what the cross she has that he does symbolize. Kate overhears Diane tell Sonny to stop using Brenda as an excuse not to get involved with anybody and hands in her letter of resignation to embark on a new venture. Lulu knows why he doesn't want to go to Sonny's is cause he's already back at work. Maxie learns that Spinelli was behind her birthday surprise. Johnny approaches Steve to come look after his father and literally blackmails him. Lucky prepares to enter the gate leading to St. Margaret's. Elizabeth is put on a ventilator after her recent episode. Steve tells Johnny to keep his money and not tell another person about it.

  • Ep. #12426
    Ep. #12426
    Episode 398

    Ethan brings a jack-o-lantern to Wyndemere and sees the secret passage way opening again. Dante wants to know what Lulu confession, Epiphany then says he's being discharged from the hospital, and thinks it's perfect to announce his engagement to Lulu to his friends and family. Maxie is touched that Spinelli remembered her birthday, he sees she's waiting for a invitation from Matt. Sonny invites Kate to a family dinner at his house. Robin has a nightmare of Lisa trying to inject her with something. Mac goes to check on Maxie to make sure she's alright after the ordeal on the boat. Patrick tells Robin that he can take Emma to the hospital Halloween party and she can rest. Sonny assures Alexis that Kristina won't find out what he did for her. Ethan takes a fire poker hoping to encounter whoever is here. Robin encounters someone in a clown costume while getting off the elevator with Emma. Matt texts Maxie to be at the Metro Court unaware she's right behind him. Ethan is grabbed while looking in the passageway. Kristina shares with Dante and Lulu her theory of Sonny pulling strings so she can get into Yale. Matt rushes to Elizabeth after hearing the monitors going off. Dante tells Lulu that tonight is the perfect time to announce their engagement. Robin is shuddered by a trick-or-treater that is wearing the outfit that Lisa did in her dream.

  • Ep. #12425
    Ep. #12425
    Episode 397

    Tracy isn't surprised that Luke sent her the text to meet her at the Metro Court. Shawn asks Carly that despite her hangover what she remembers last night. Ethan tells Lulu that Lucky took off to Ireland cause Siobhan wrote him a letter. Sonny tells Alexis that all he wants is to give Kristina a going away party, Alexis is stunned that he wants to invite Kate. Sam asks Jason if she'd like for her to with him to find Franco. Lulu discusses her concerns about Dante with Ethan. Michael tells Dante to talk with Ronnie to get him to back off of Abby. Lucky asks directions to St. Margaret's Chapel, but Mrs. Macinerny says that isn't where he should be right now and he wants to know why. Carly wants Jason to be careful when tracking down Franco. Tracy asks Luke that if he stopped drinking for the kids or himself. Dante wants Michael to tell him what he walked in on at the warehouse the night he was shot. Someone plants more devices in Sam and Jason's bungalow. Lulu goes to Dante saying she has a confession to make to him.

  • Ep. #12424
    Ep. #12424
    Episode 396

    Spinelli brings Elizabeth to the hospital where Monica treats her hypothermia. Mac questions Robin and Patrick on what went on the boat tonight. Carly tells Shawn not to do that thing he does by throwing off her game and told Jason that Jax is still alive. Anthony tells Johnny that he's not going to be seen until he knows what antics Lisa endured and no idea she was this unstable. Spinelli learns that Lisa is the cause for Elizabeth being in the water and realizes Maxie's in danger. Michael learns one of Abby's friends was hurt and maybe she shouldn't be around them anymore. Alexis tells Luke that he shouldn't be so hard on himself since what happened to Jake was an accident. Carly tells Shawn she wants to continue playing the game while in the panic room. Steve gets a call from Monica and that Elizabeth was brought into the E.R. by Spinelli. Robin goes to find her watch and has a brief flash of her fighting with Lisa. Michael tells Abby he's angry and says that Shawn and Carly left town together. Officer Padilla sees that everybody in the room had a reason to off Lisa. Carly and Shawn share a kiss. Elizabeth tells Steve that she was rescued by someone and it wasn't Spinelli.

  • Ep. #12423
    Ep. #12423
    Episode 395

    Carly tells Jason that she believes that Jax is still alive. Spinelli checks and sees that Elizabeth is still breathing. Maxie is shocked to find red stuff on her hands. Kate surprises Sonny when she plants a kiss on me. Robin tells Patrick that Lisa was here on minute and then she was gone. Luke tells Alexis that he's accustomed to Kelly's but misses the Metro Court. Patrick questions Steve at why he has scratches on his face. Kate tells Sonny she wanted to make sure if there was something still there after all these years. Carly tells Jason she's worried that Sonny will kill Jax if he finds out he's alive. Spinelli goes to investigate a light he sees but hears that Elizabeth is coming around. Mac questions Robin, Steve and Patrick whether Lisa is still on the boat or not, Officer Padillo then brings Maxie and Ronnie asks how she got on board. Anthony asks Johnny where he was and what he did, and won't tell if he won't. Shawn comes back and says that everything is clear.

  • Ep. #12422
    Ep. #12422
    Episode 394

    Alexis encounters Luke while looking for Ethan at the Haunted Star. Lisa attempts to stab Patrick with a needle containing Robin's blood, but Robin manages to stop her, Lisa makes an escape. Shawn and Carly have a personal conversation. Maxie calls Matt saying she's en route to the boat, but he says the party's over. Sam tells Jason she's not gonna have their marriage based on waiting for Franco to make his next move so he can kill him. Johnny asks Anthony what has he done to Lisa cause she's more gone then she was before, and sees she did not a number on him too. Elizabeth remains unconscious on the shore and is checked on by the person that saved her life. Alexis admits to Luke that she lied and Sonny pulled strings to get Kristina into Yale and worries he did something drastic. Robin tells Steve that Lisa is on the boat and is completely unstable. Jason gets confirmation from Bernie that Franco was spotted in Toronto, but Carly doesn't think so. Spinelli comes across Elizabeth while. Robin and Lisa engage in a showdown on deck.

  • Ep. #12421
    Ep. #12421
    Episode 393

    Carly tells Sam that she and Jason saw her and Josslyn a sleep on the couch. Elizabeth continues to lay unconscious while being taken care of by a mysterious person. Jason tells Shawn that he's up to date with what's going on back home about Dante getting shot and the drugs in the warehouse. Robin asks Lisa how could she be here and not in a coma. Lisa tells Robin that Patrick came to see her in the hospital, Patrick then regain consciousness. Shawn asks Jason if he does in fact want his job back when he comes back. Olivia experiences a dizzy spell while she and Steve attempt at fixing the engine of the boat. Patrick talks to Lisa while Robin struggles to get free from the ropes, Lisa then goes to inject something into Robin. Matt sets off to find Elizabeth and comes across her red wrap on the deck. Elizabeth asks the person who saved her who he is, before he runs off. Sam and Carly hear explosions but turns out to be fireworks. Steve comes back to find Olivia gone thinking she wouldn't have to stayed. Robin gets free and goes after Lisa and they fight over the needle. Olivia has another dizzy spell while trying to find the captain.

  • Ep. #12420
    Ep. #12420
    Episode 392

    Lisa chloraforms Elizabeth and throws her overboard. Sonny tells Coleman to take his hand off of Kate. Patrick and Robin continue their spontaneous romance, but goes out to get them something to eat unaware that Lisa in lingering nearby. Spinelli thinks that maybe Wyndemere isn't so deserted after all when he sees a light flashing inside. Sonny tells Kate that he bought the house of his childhood. Johnny tries to reach up for his phone to call for help. Steve and Olivia take humor in there latest romantic debacle. Maxie and Spinelli are spooked when the wall opens up revealing a hidden passageway. Patrick is surprised to see Lisa up and about. Spinelli wants to prove to Maxie to come with him to follow the light. Johnny makes an attempt at standing up. Robin returns and doesn't find Patrick but is grabbed by Lisa. Kate is thrown when Sonny plants a kiss on her. Olivia discovers that the boats engine was tampered with. Elizabeth is found and carried to land by someone. Robin comes to and sees Lisa also Patrick tied to a bed.

  • Ep. #12419
    Ep. #12419
    Episode 391

    Sonny comes looking for Kate, but finds Lulu working and asks why she's still mad at him. Robin gets the room ready as she waits for Patrick. Kate goes to Jake's and encounters Coleman whom she hasn't seen in a long time. Anthony tells Lisa that there will be a boat waiting for her to take her away once her work is done. Elizabeth pulls away from Matt's kiss saying they shouldn't be doing this. Steve tends to Olivia who's experiencing some sea sickness. Dante is confronted by Officer Padillo who says he needs to find the person that shot him at the warehouse. Lisa assures Anthony that she's got enough needles to go around til she's finished. Sonny gives Lulu some advice and tells her not to marry Dante. Matt opens his mouth prompting Elizabeth to walk out. Steve and Olivia try their hand at skinny dipping in the river. Lisa takes out another dock hand. Sonny arrives and sees Kate kissing Coleman. Elizabeth goes to get some fresh air and turns around and Lisa comes towards her.

  • Ep. #12418
    Ep. #12418
    Episode 390

    Spinelli tells Maxie that he wanted to take her out where they are. Lisa begins to make a move on Robin, until Elizabeth comes outside. Jason tells Sam, Carly and Shawn to lay low until Franco makes a move. Patrick explains to Matt that he's who he is cause he doesn't want to end up like Noah. Spinelli confesses to Maxie that he lied to where the boat was docked so they can spend some time together like a date. Patrick refuses Robin's offer for him to become chief of staff at General Hospital. Maxie begins rowing when Spinelli stops after hearing her continue to banter, she then accuses Elizabeth of putting him up to delaying her. Jason says that Franco always sends him a message when he's ready to play the game, Shawn says he found some fresh footprints outside. Spinelli and Maxie see a light thinking someone is lingering at Wyndemere. Matt and Elizabeth become closer and end up sharing a kiss. Anthony manages to locate Lisa on the boat while she knocked out someone. Carly and Jason see that Sam and Josslyn are sleeping comfortably.

  • Ep. #12417
    Ep. #12417
    Episode 389

    Maxie rescues someone out of the river and is startled that it's Anthony. Luke asks Ethan where he got that portrait of Laura. Patrick salutes Matt to his cancer research discovery and Robin presents him a gift. Matt is grateful after an unexpected call from Noah. Johnny asks Lisa what she just gave him cause he can't feel his legs. Spinelli prepares for a picnic with Maxie. Lulu fights the temptation to drink while at Crimson. Luke tells Ethan a story of how his abusive father would beat him. Lisa reflects on those who wronged her and hears Olivia suggest that Steve sing a song, she then pulls out a syringe. Maxie meets up with Spinelli on the pier for their picnic. Ethan tells Luke that Lucky is doing something to honor Siobhan. Steve avoids a text from Margaret Wurth, after Olivia comes out. Spinelli tells Maxie that he must've gotten the piers mixed up. Anthony vows that Lisa will pay dearly. Lisa thinks about making a move with Robin standing there all alone.

  • Ep. #12416
    Ep. #12416
    Episode 388

    Carly and Shawn warn Jason and Sam that Franco could be in the area. Anthony is one upped by Lisa and then end ups in the river. Maxie tells Matt that she's ready to go on the boat party with him. Shawn apologizes to Jason for interrupting his honeymoon cause the situation has gotten worse. Johnny is stunned while coming home and discovering Lisa coming down the stairs. Ethan tells Elizabeth that Lucky isn't here, cause he just took off for Ireland. Robin is angry that Steve already hired someone for pediatrics behind her back. Olivia asks Spinelli what is he going to do about Maxie instead of just staring at her from a far. Abby and Michael once again get intimate while at the warehouse. Jason asks Shawn if there's something else about Jax that he doesn't know about. Matt turns down Maxie's offer to be his date to his party. Lisa tells Johnny that she doesn't want to be saved. Maxie goes down to the docks and a hand reaches up and grabs her ankle.

  • Ep. #12415
    Ep. #12415
    Episode 387

    Elizabeth tells Robin that Lucky is leaving town and her altogether. Patrick sees another Lisa sighting unaware it's the real thing. Jason and Sam head out after the batteries on their phones die. Shawn explains to Carly she shouldn't be interrupting Jason and Sam's honeymoon. Ethan arrives as Lucky is prepared to head to Ireland. Lisa overhears Patrick discuss with Matt a party he and Robin are throwing for him on a boat. Steve makes an unusual call to someone and says if he wants the job or not. Lulu tells Maxie her doubts of being married to a cop knowing the risks. Olivia explains to Dante but doesn't give details of why her leg is hurt. Franco puts the finishing touches on his masterpiece. Anthony tells Lisa that he basically covered for her when she escaped from her room. Jason finds the thing that Franco left on the shelf and explains to Sam that they weren't here last time. Lucky asks Ethan what he plans on doing with Laura's painting. Matt asks Elizabeth to be his date to the party when Maxie turns him down. Lulu takes another drink while filling in for Maxie at Crimson. The clock stops on the painting meaning the games begin for Franco.

  • Ep. #12414
    Ep. #12414
    Episode 386

    Lucky tells Elizabeth they can't go back to what they had. Lisa tells Anthony why did he make her wake up. Maxie and Spinelli see it's possible that Sonny and Kate are reconnecting. Robin tells Patrick that despite everything today's been a really good birthday. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he's going to be there for his children. Anthony promises Lisa that he's going to take good care of her. Patrick presents Robin with the final gift a dvd on how to build their dream home. Spinelli tells Maxie that he's chosen her to focus while trying to recover his computer skills. Lisa knocks out an orderly and takes her uniform and makes a run for it. Alexis tells Kristina some good news that she just got a call and she got into Yale. Elizabeth snaps and throws a picture of Lucky against the wall. Lucky prepares to go to Ireland to full the details of Siobhan's letter.

  • Ep. #12413
    Ep. #12413
    Episode 385

    Patrick kidnaps Robin from the hospital and takes her away to celebrate her birthday, angering Epiphany. Jason and Sam take in some time at the beach, while Franco implements his next move which involves a clock on his painting. Anthony tells Tracy if she holds up her end of the deal and he won't turn her in to the SCC. Ethan comes to go out with Lucky and realizes he's been visited by Luke. Patrick surprises Robin with three consecutive trips. Luke disrupts and says that he's here for his wife. Sam asks Jason if they he in fact wants to go back home. Maxie is livid after learning that Patrick suddenly whisked Robin away without warning. Tracy is surprised when Luke presents her with divorce papers and doesn't want any of her money. Lucky explains the contents of Siobhan's letter to Ethan and what she wants him to do. Maxie has an accident and ruins Robin's birthday cake by dropping it. Lucky questions Elizabeth's motives and says that he can't do this thing with her anymore.

  • Ep. #12412
    Ep. #12412
    Episode 384

    Anthony gets the news that Lisa is beginning to come around, Johnny then asks what he's doing. Carly tells Shawn that what if Franco is in Port Charles waiting for the right moment. Jason sees Sam sorting sea shells for Kristina and Molly, and reads about one of them that means fertility. Robin tells Patrick that she's starting to get her life back on track, he then sees someone that resembles Lisa from behind. Sonny catches Michael in the panic room and trying to remove the bags of drugs, Kate shows up asking if she's walked in on something she shouldn't have. Ronnie tells Johnny that Dante will be on his feet in no time and will find whoever shot him. Patrick goes to visit Lisa and sees she's right where she belongs, she opens her eyes after he leaves. Kate tells Ronnie he shouldn't be at the warehouse cause she rented the space for a photo shoot. Jason asks Sam if they want to start trying to have a baby again. Sonny tries to cope while being in the panic room while Michael deals with the police and owes her for improvising. Anthony sees that it's true and sees Lisa fully functional and says they have people to be put in their place.

  • Ep. #12411
    Ep. #12411
    Episode 383

    Kate surprises Sonny when she comes in and points a gun at her. Luke tells Lucky that he's done with things being ugly between them. Sam comes out to see Jason passed out on the couch thinking Franco had gotten to him. Carly brings Josslyn to Shawn's place and shows her the note and gift that Franco sent. Lucky and Luke have a deep conversation. Olivia offers to give Steve some relief after working so hard and asks him to show up at the Metro Court. Lucky tells Luke just to walk out the door and don't look back. Dante tells Lulu if she enjoyed getting all that frustration on Sonny. Sam tells Jason that she practically scared him. Steve tends to Olivia when her pole dance doesn't go as planned. Shawn leaves Jason a message that Franco has made contact. Luke overhears Lulu and Dante discussing him. Franco takes out some brushes and starts to paint on a canvas.

  • Ep. #12410
    Ep. #12410
    Episode 382

    Lucky sits back and reads Siobhan's letter. Carly tells Michael that she doesn't like him speaking to her the way that Sonny would. Luke allows Ethan in on his latest scheme. Jason and Sam find other activities when rain spoils their fun, someone is shown at the window watching them. Dante tells Lulu about the importance of his job. Carly explains to Michael she made Sonny believe she did stuff with Shawn when she in fact didn't. Ethan is angry at Luke that he stood in the shadows and did nothing, and he hasn't changed a bit. Dante apologizes to Lulu for ruining a moment that was supposed to be special that they can't get back. Michael takes matters into his own hands. Someone lets himself into Jason and Sam's bungalow and plants some cameras in and around the place. Shawn tells Carly that when Jason gets back he's leaving Port Charles unless there's something that'll keep him here. Ronnie tells Dante about what he's discovered at Sonny's coffee warehouse. Carly receives a package for Josslyn thinking it's from Jason but sees that it's from Franco.

  • Ep. #12409
    Ep. #12409
    Episode 381

    Lulu confides in a female cop how her husband deals with her being on the job risking her life. Maxie reels on where her and Matt are headed. Ethan brings Laura's painting when coming to see Lucky. Mac stops Dante from overdoing it and that Lucky turned in his badge. Luke prepares to take matters into his own hands. Matt tells Elizabeth that it's cause of his mother he puts his neck on the line for people. Michael tells Abby that bags of drugs were planted and is somewhere here in the warehouse, Ronnie walks in and says not to stop on his account. Ethan tells Lucky of his encounter with Helena at Wyndemere and his experience though the passage way. Mac orders Dante to not focus on work but to get better and runs into Maxie and knows she's on edge cause it's B.J.'s birthday. Lucky reads Siobhan's letter. Spinelli becomes aware of Elizabeth and Matt's budding relationship. Ethan fins Luke at the Haunted Star and asks if he's coming or going.

  • Ep. #12408
    Ep. #12408
    Episode 380

    Anthony hears that Johnny is trying to track down Skye with whatever she has on him. Luke receives an unwelcoming from Tracy when she puts a hot coal down his shirt. Dante makes another attempt at proposing to Lulu but he starts losing conscious and his monitors start to go off. Carly comes in and assures Sonny what really happened with her and Shawn in the panic room. Olivia tells Lulu that Dante will be alright and the two of them will then be happily married. Ronnie asks Abby that she needs a person like him on her side. Luke begins to realize that someone has taken his place in Tracy's life while he was away. Lulu agrees to marry Dante on one condition to focus on his recovery. Sonny reaches a decision and fires Shawn, but feels the wrath of Carly. Johnny asks Abby if she believes he's behind Dante's shooting. Tracy tells Luke that they've adjusted to life without him cause their marriage is pretty much over. Dante and Lulu ask Olivia to keep the engagement a secret at least for now. Luke overhears Anthony's plans for Tracy at the Metro Court.

  • Ep. #12407
    Ep. #12407
    Episode 379

    Matt is livid when Elizabeth tells him that Patrick has taken over one of his patients cases. Maxie makes plans for Robin's upcoming birthday celebration. Sonny makes it clear to Michael he doesn't want him involved in his retaliation against Johnny. Dante wakes up to find a policewoman in his hospital room and questions him if he saw the person that shot him. Tracy is shocked that Alice is gonna be her masseuse. Olivia tells Lulu to get herself ready if she's going to visit Dante today. Steve tells the police officer that Dante is in no condition to be questioned. Sonny cautions Spinelli to come up with the footage from the coffee warehouse or else. Matt complains to Patrick for once again taking another and strikes a nerve when Lisa's name is mentioned. Tracy is interrupted again this time by Anthony and wants a night of passion with her. Shawn tells Sonny that drugs were planted in his warehouse and it's whereabouts are for just them not Michael. Maxie sees Elizabeth and Matt in a tender moment. Lulu overhears Olivia tell Steve about the possibility of anyone getting killed in the line of duty. Michael asks Shawn what he was doing in the panic room with his mother. Luke surprises Tracy when entering the massage room. Dante wants Lulu to give him an answer to his proposal.

  • Ep. #12406
    Ep. #12406
    Episode 378

    Jason and Sam delight in their Hawaiian honeymoon bungalow Carly asks Shawn if he's mad that their stuck in the panic room. Steve tells Olivia and Lulu that despite a portion of one of his lungs being removed Dante's gonna make a full recovery. Carly decides to get to know Shawn to pass the time, but he says to focus on finding a way out instead. Sam explains her concerns to Jason and if he came out and didn't recognize her at all. Lulu goes in and sits patiently by Dante's bedside and apologizes for pushing him away. Abby tells Michael that she overheard him and Sonny talking about making Johnny pay. Carly tries to get Shawn to open up about him she then hits something with her foot opening the door and are caught by Ronnie. Lulu goes back to the loft and pours and drinks a full glass of wine. Kate feels left out when Sonny rushes off after learning that Dante is out of surgery. Franco enjoys himself while getting settled in Hawaii.

  • Ep. #12405
    Ep. #12405
    Episode 377

    Ethan finds a pair of gloves on the inside of the passage door and slowly follows the trail. Shawn tells the cop that the clock on the bomb is ticking and he thinks he can defuse it. Olivia wants a straight answer from Johnny if he had anything to do with Dante's shooting. Lucky tells Lulu that he told Mac everything and is taking a leave of absence from the force. Jason tells Sam that he's found something with her that he hasn't found in anything which is a home. Abby comes across an emotional Michael who says he feels responsible for Dante's current condition. Ethan continues to search hoping it'll lead him to whoever is there. Carly finds Shawn and says he built a bomb to get the cops to leave the building and says bags of drugs where planted. Lulu slaps Lucky after he says that he was supposed to go in Dante's place at the warehouse. Johnny and Sonny agree to keep the peace that was brokered. Carly and Shawn find themselves in the hidden room. Abby overhears Michael offering to help Sonny do away with Johnny. Lucky finds a letter that Siobhan had written to him. Luke calls Skye to say that he's back in Port Charles and thanks for a great time.

  • Ep. #12404
    Ep. #12404
    Episode 376

    Helena surprises Ethan when she puts a knife to his throat and sees the passage way door is open. Jason takes Sam to a place where he had built and thinks it's the perfect place for them to spend their wedding night. Sonny asks Johnny if he had anything to do with Dante's shooting. Shawn says the police ain't going to investigate without a warrant. Ronnie gives Spinelli five minutes to produce him with the security footage, even though Maxie says that he can't. Dante wants Lulu's answer to his proposal, he then starts convulsing, Steve then orders her out of the cubicle. Mac tells Elizabeth and Lucky that Dante was shot tonight. Ethan tells Helena that if she has nobody then why is she even in town. Lulu tells Sonny that he's the reason Dante is in there fighting for his life. Max comes saying that Sonny requesting the security footage from the coffee warehouse. Lucky explains to Mac that he can't do his job anymore and turns over his badge and gun. Ethan turns around after the passage door opens. Shawn makes a bomb and shows it to the cops saying it was planted by whoever shot Dante and it's still rigged to blow.

  • Ep. #12403
    Ep. #12403
    Episode 375

    Jason and Sam stop to sit back and look at the stars. Johnny wants Ethan to track down Skye cause she has the information on Anthony that he needs, someone lingers watching Ethan from afar. Olivia tells Lulu to get to the hospital cause Dante was shot. Ronnie wants the truth and doesn't believe she and Abby found Dante, he thinks Michael did. Epiphany refuses to let Sonny go in to see Dante, cause Steve will come and inform him later. Shawn tells Ronnie that Michael called him, the reason he stepped away. Olivia tries to help a frantic Kate who's frozen in her place, she then blasts Carly. Lulu arrives and asks how this happened to Dante. Sonny tells Michael that he noticed something was off at the warehouse tonight. Alexis finds Kate on the roof, and says she doesn't belong down there cause she doesn't fit in. Maxie tries her best to get Spinelli to remember how to work a computer hoping it'll all come back to him. Ethan checks out Wyndemere and comes across the painting of Laura slashed. Lulu breaks down in tears while going into see Dante, he opens his eyes saying that he's home. Shawn finds traces of cocaine on the floor. Johnny arrives hoping to talk with Sonny about something.

  • Ep. #12402
    Ep. #12402
    Episode 374

    Ethan finds Lucky on the ground looking at two pills on the floor. Maxie wants Spinelli to find out where the mistakes with Jason and Sam's wedding started. Anthony tries to make Johnny see that whoever he shot won't be missed at all. Sonny finds Kate in the church and says if she's having trouble being here. Lulu sits and waits why Dante hasn't called her wishing she'd said yes when he first proposed to her. Michael tells Carly and Abby that it's not his blood and that he found Dante, Carly tells Abby to call the police. The mysterious person continues to lurk inside Wyndemere. Kate tells Alexis that Kristina approached her about the job at Crimson and makes a remarks that makes Kate run off. Johnny gets word and informs Anthony that the person he shot tonight was that of Sonny's son Dante. Spinelli tells Maxie about his computer amnesia. Sonny learns that Dante was shot and immediately heads over to the hospital. Michael asks Shawn when Max sent him why she should trust him. The mysterious person cuts the painting of Laura across the throat and goes in the secret passage way. Olivia calls Lulu and says she has bad news regarding Dante.

  • Ep. #12401
    Ep. #12401
    Episode 373

    Franco continues to watch Jason and Sam at their wedding reception. Maxie becomes startled after reading a couple of fortune cookies. Epiphany scolds Olivia for using a hospital orderly and a cart to send a gift to Steve anonymously. Anthony leaves after shooting Dante in the back leaving him on the floor to die. Johnny goes back to his penthouse and learns his father's the one that shot somebody that was at the warehouse. Maxie tells Molly that she and Spinelli are over and she's with Matt now. Sonny tells Kate that he knows that today is the day she got shot at the church while they were about to be married. Lisa mobility begins to improve gradually. Lulu calls the station and Ronnie tells her that Dante isn't working tonight. Alexis goes up and gives a toast from the heart and Mac later compliments on what it took to do that. Michael and Abby sneak for some romance in Sam and Jason's limo. Steve follows the clues that leads him to Olivia on the roof. Dante makes an attempt to call for help using a phone but passes out. Franco finds inspiration in the perfect wedding gift for Sam and Jason. Michael goes in to get Jason's wedding gift and finds Dante on the floor.

  • Ep. #12400
    Ep. #12400
    Episode 372

    Maxie enters the church and sees that everything is very wrong. Anthony wonders why the drug that was given to Lisa hasn't taken effect yet. Dante sits alone in his loft with the box containing the ring in his hands. Patrick tells Robin the reason he's going to the wedding cause it means so much to her. Johnny explains to his associate that Sonny's warehouse is the last place the police would even think of looking. Alexis tells Kristina and Molly no more matchmaking with her and Mac. Jason tells Sam that it's gonna be interesting to tell their loved ones their already married. Carly tells Michael that Morgan is loving his new school and is both happy and safe. Kristina surprises Alexis when she stands up from her wheelchair. Franco looks as he dressed one of his mannequins with Sam's wedding dress. Kate takes a key and opens a wardrobe closet containing something she wants kept private. Ethan helps Lulu get the loft ready so she can say yes to his proposal. Jason and Sam announce there's not going to be a wedding cause they eloped last night. Lucky fights temptation after finding a pill on the floor. Franco dances with a wedding dress in his hands. Lisa begins to regain consciousness. Dante hears a noise while investigating the warehouse and is then shot by Anthony.

  • Ep. #12399
    Ep. #12399
    Episode 371

    Someone enters the vacant Wyndemere on Spoon Island. Sam tells Jason that she wants to marry him, but lately there's so many rules. Franco makes himself scarce while spying Maxie and Spinelli. Lulu is speechless and tells Dante that she can't yet and will give him her answer in her own way. Johnny asks Anthony what exactly is going on with him and Tracy as of late. Patrick tells Robin that there not attending Sam and Jason's wedding. Lulu wants Maxie's advice on Dante's proposal but didn't give him an answer right away. Lucky asks Dante if he really wants to be apart of this family. The mysterious person comes across a painting of Laura. Jason and Sam find themselves in a Chinese restaurant on the outskirts of town, and discovers the proprietor is ordained and agree to let him marry them. Lulu wants Maxie's help before she gives Dante her answer. Anthony instructs the doctor to do what he's told and inject the said drug into Lisa hoping it'll wake her up. Sam and Jason are pronounced husband and wife in the garden behind the restaurant. Spinelli tries but is unable to get in touch with his cyber skills anymore. Franco puts all of his cameras in place for the special day tomorrow.

  • Ep. #12398
    Ep. #12398
    Episode 370

    Lulu asks Ethan to help her disappear for a while. Shawn sees Carly packing up Jax's belongings from his office. Edward tells Jason that he needs to discuss his wedding arrangements and offers him Lila's wedding ring to give to Sam. Kate vividly recalls the moment she got shot at her wedding. Dante goes to Olivia and requests her help with Lulu, cause he admits he was going to ask her to marry him. Franco gets ready to head to Port Charles. Maxie encounters a problem and sees the wrong names are engraved on the new wedding rings. Sonny offers his apologies to Carly, but she won't hear them. Monica offers a solution and gives Sam the ring that Alan had when they got married. Dante practices what he's going to say to Lulu to Olivia. Sam has cold feet about her upcoming wedding to Jason. Franco prepares his troops for the upcoming nuptials. Molly gives Sam something old and borrowed. Kristina tells Ethan that she's beginning to have feeling in her legs. Lulu is thrown when Dante asks her to marry him. Sonny finds himself with Kate at Crimson after he attempted to apologize to everyone. Sam tells Jason that she doesn't think she can go through with this.

  • Ep. #12397
    Ep. #12397
    Episode 369

    Jason tells Sam the reason he's out of bed is cause he's practicing so he can walk her down the aisle. Shawn lets Carly in Kelly's and end up having a few laughs together. Kate goes to visit Kristina and gives her some presents. J.T. tells Johnny that Anthony is behind the entire drug ring in town. Sonny scolds Matt saying he'll pay if his daughter ends up paralyzed. Lucky sees that Maxie and Spinelli are okay and reports back to Dante. Johnny brings J.T. and makes it look like he and Trujillo killed each other. Elizabeth tells Mac that Darryl was gonna use the same drug on her that killed Siobhan. Sam tells Jason that their wedding might get Franco to make a move. Maxie sees Elizabeth and Matt having a moment while she and Spinelli come to the hospital. Sonny tries to make peace with Kristina while talking about taking her someplace special. Carly tells Shawn that the dance is exactly what she needed. Jason tells Max that he wants him to focus on Franco and if he does show up. Maxie tells Sam and Jason that Spinelli saved the day but lost the engagement ring in the process. Johnny tells Anthony he cleaned up his mess tonight. Franco says it's time to return to Port Charles.

  • Ep. #12396
    Ep. #12396
    Episode 368

    Darryl calls Anthony and says there's yet another problem with the hostages. Lulu and Dante find they've been set up by Olivia to be alone together. Kate slaps Sonny and says that it was for Jax. Johnny sees his father has a fancy set up and asks who's it for, Tracy then arrives. Spinelli sees Maxie in danger and poses as Jackal P.I. hoping to save her. Elizabeth knees Darryl and makes a run for it before he can poison her. Carly asks Patrick if Jason's really getting tests of if he walked out without anyone noticing. Joey begins pummeling Spinelli before setting his sights on Maxie. Lucky shoot Darryl and rescues Elizabeth from a dangerous situation. Patrick assures Carly that Jason is in the midst of having and M.R.I. Spinelli gets the upper hand on Joey knocking him out and Maxie sees that her Spinelli has returned and embraces her with a kiss. Luke sees Tracy and Anthony dancing and goes and tells Skye who's on a plane heading out of town. Sonny gets word that Kristina is out of surgery.


  • Ep. #12395
    Ep. #12395
    Episode 367

    Lulu finds Ethan battered on the floor after a con he tried to do went sour. Spinelli hit a dead end when he can't break through a firewall in security footage. Luke overhears Lulu and Ethan's conversation. Kate and Sonny each get phone calls keeping them from seeing each other. Elizabeth tells Maxie that she's been blowing off Matt as of late. Spinelli finds a clue in some icing and realizes it's a message from Maxie. Olivia asks Kate how her talk with Sonny went, Kate says that she never got to see him. Sonny calls Dante to report a crime that Johnny torched his warehouse. Maxie makes a run for it after spraying the guard but Elizabeth is detained. Dante confronts Olivia about firing a gun at Johnny's, he then sees Lulu donning a wedding dress. Luke reads the letter that Skye wrote for Ethan. Spinelli follows the trail of icing and hears Maxie scream as she's being chased in an alley. Sonny and Kate finally meet face-to-face.

  • Ep. #12394
    Ep. #12394
    Episode 366

    Carly lets herself in Shawn's room and then gets an eyeful when he comes back. Matt tells Patrick that Kristina has a fractured vertebrae. Jason and Sam see that Spinelli has returned to normal. Sonny catches Johnny in Kristina's hospital room and says he said to stay away from her. Spinelli tells Jason that he can't seem to find Maxie and Elizabeth. Jason has an important question for Spinelli. Shawn tells Carly that he already got a job working for Jason. Kristina wakes up and tells Sonny to leave after she heard him threaten Johnny. Johnny goes up and talk to Darryl and asks how he knows Anthony. Sonny tells Shawn how much it's gonna take to get him out of his organization. Kate and Olivia reflect on the past. Anthony visits Lisa in her hospital room. Matt does a test on Kristina but she doesn't feel anything in her right foot. Kate goes to Sonny's restaurant, just as he's leaving his office.

  • Ep. #12393
    Ep. #12393
    Episode 365

    Luke returns and finds Skye at the Haunted Star. Sam takes over for the male orderly to give Jason a sponge bath. Molly tells Michael it's possible the car bomb is the cause of their sisters condition. Lulu shows Lucky the empty pill bottle she found in the bathroom. Johnny tells Dante why isn't he arresting Sonny for almost throwing him off the balcony, but says it was Olivia who saved his life. Sonny overhears Michael say that he'll always stick up for his father. Shawn finds Molly scared and offers her a bit of comfort and survival and gives her something. Skye tells Luke that she heard about what happened to Jake. Lulu and Lucky talk about Luke's addiction and her relationship with Dante. Johnny issues a warning to Anthony he'd better not bring any more trouble to his door. Sonny is surprised to learn of Sam and Jason's engagement, and is shocked that Jason asked Shawn to work for them. Luke watches Lucky from afar holding the pill bottle in his hands.

  • Ep. #12392
    Ep. #12392
    Episode 364

    Maxie wants to go through Matt's locker to see if he was going to propose to her. Lucky requests Dante's help in preventing him from making another drug purchase. Darryl keeps Elizabeth quiet while Spinelli looks for answers. Sonny tells Johnny that this thing with his family ends. Tracy denies to Anthony her association with Gino, until he brings up their marriage. Patrick tells Robin that she made the right call in saying he shouldn't do Kristina's surgery. Lulu recalls a fond time she had with Dante at the opera. Olivia shows up and sees what Sonny is about to do to Johnny and she takes a gun and aims it at Sonny. Maxie remembers where she left Sam's wedding ring and goes off to find it. Patrick and Robin make up for lost time together. Lucky hears Elizabeth voice message and sees that she's in serious trouble. Maxie finds Sam's ring, she then sees two men and that Elizabeth's mouth is gagged. Lulu goes to Lucky's apartment and finds the empty pill bottle. Dante, Lucky and Spinelli realize that Elizabeth and Maxie where in the alley not too long ago.

  • Ep. #12391
    Ep. #12391
    Episode 363

    Darryl calls Anthony and says that they have a problem, Johnny then follows to see where his father is going. Kate Howard returns to Port Charles to find something surprising. Lulu tells Olivia that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with someone who isn't honest with her. Edward tells Skye he thought she'd be on a flight out of town by now. Carly tells Sonny that she knows he went to the military school to try and get in contact with Morgan, but insists he'll never get to see him. Olivia and Johnny run into each other while following Anthony. Molly tells Sam that maybe it's probably the car bomb that Sonny set is the reason for Kristina's condition. Shawn intervenes and tells Sonny to back off of Carly. Anthony scolds Darryl for letting his guard down and not know Elizabeth was following him. Shawn tells Carly that he's waiting on word for a job at General Hospital. Kate shows Lulu the problem that being Spinelli on the floor in her office, Lulu's thrilled that Spinelli is back to his old self again. Anthony visits Tracy at E.L.Q and has dinner arrive for her. Sonny confronts Johnny and tells him to stay away from Kristina. Spinelli wanders around the alley trying to remember while Darryl keeps Elizabeth quiet.

  • Ep. #12390
    Ep. #12390
    Episode 362

    Alexis tells Sonny to put wherever he was aside and be there for Kristina right now. Ethan goes to Edward asking to help someone. Matt asks Robin if Kristina's surgery has been scheduled yet. Anthony tells Skye that he'll continue to work Tracy if she handles her end of their deal. Lucky realizes that he made a mistake and can't let it happen ever again as he takes all the pills and dumps them down the sink. Kristina tells Sonny that she meant what she said to him the other night. Edward agrees to help Skye leave town on his jet. Jason stands between a fighting Sonny and Carly. Ethan tells Skye that everything is set, but she says she appreciates it but all is fine with Anthony. Elizabeth follows Darryl to the bakery and tries to call Lucky but is grabbed. Patrick is mad when Robin asked Matt to do Kristina's surgery. Lucky takes a long look in the mirror and makes it clear that he's nothing like his father. Molly tells Alexis that Sonny maybe the cause of Kristina's condition.

  • Ep. #12389
    Ep. #12389
    Episode 361

    Shawn tells Carly he wasn't following her, he just was coming down from his room upstairs. Jason tells Maxie that he'll just get Sam another ring. but she won't hear of it. Ethan tells Skye to take what she can and to come with him to the Quartermaine's. Michael tells Kristina that he's going to working at the legitimate business at the coffee warehouse. Carly tells Shawn that she got him a job as a chemistry professor at PCU. Maxie tells Jason good news that Spinelli will be his best man at his wedding. Maxie cancels her plans with Matt to look for Sam's ring, he then asks Elizabeth is she'd like to join him. Michael tells Abby that he's the new warehouse manager. Kristina and Molly have a little fun with Sam, by having all the wedding arrangements are on hold. Ethan takes Skye to the Haunted Star and making her safe for the time being, Skye then hears a noise as he leaves. Matt announces to Elizabeth that he's going to be published. Michael and Abby get intimate. Anthony surprises Skye ny saying he couldn't let her leave without saying goodbye first.

  • Ep. #12388
    Ep. #12388
    Episode 360

    Lulu hears a message from Dante while she packs her things and picks up the phone too late. Sam tells Kristina that she wants Kristina as well as Maxie helping her with place settings for her wedding. Michael tells Jason that he quit his job at E.L.Q leaving Edward devastated. Alexis tells Dante that she needs to find Sonny cause there's something wrong with Kristina. Anthony ruins Skye's plan to leave town, Ethan arrives asking her if there's anything wrong. Lulu wonder if everything is alright with Matt since Maxie hasn't mentioned his name once. Jason tries to make Michael see that Sonny was wrong and doesn't want him involved in this mess. Patrick tells Kristina that there's a bone fragment pressed against a vertebrae which is the reason for her headaches. Lulu is shocked that Dante would go the lengths to lie to her again to protect someone. Kristina tells Ethan she's going to have surgery and the outcome could paralyze her and to still promise to dance with her at Sam's wedding. Skye returns to her room to find it completely ran sacked.

  • Ep. #12387
    Ep. #12387
    Episode 359

    Elizabeth and Cameron make a chocolate milk toast to Jake in his memory. Matt tells Lucky that he can't release Siobhan's body to him since her sister now has legal rights. Sam asks Jason if he does in fact remember her. Michael arrives and see Kristina laying unconscious and says to get away from her. Megan has some harsh words Lucky and him being the reason that her sister is dead. Jason says to Sam the last thing he remembers which is she would wait for him. Dante asks Elizabeth some questions since she was the last person to see Siobhan alive. Steve and Olivia find comfort in each other in the hospital locker room. Patrick says to Jason no strenuous activities until he's fully healed. Alexis learns that Kristina was tricked into taking drugs and why she's the last one to know. Michael overhears Anthony on the phone.

  • Ep. #12386
    Ep. #12386
    Episode 358

    Sam stands by Jason bedside asking him to wake up so they can get married. Carly tells Sonny there's no way that he's seeing Morgan. Johnny tells Skye and Ethan what they were doing talking about Anthony. Maxie interrupts Spinelli's stakeout and says that Jason will probably want him to be his best man. Sam tells Kristina that she's not going to know anything until Jason regains consciousness. Joey tells Anthony that everything is going smoothly and the good stuff is in the sacks with the star on them. Carly tells Sonny that Morgan is at a Military Academy, and all the power that he has won't be able to get a hold of him. Edward asks Michael if he's heard anything on Jason's condition, and it would be great if Jason was the person they all knew and loved. Spinelli goes to see Jason and ends up breaking down as he sees him there and refers to him as Stone Cold and snaps back into his old self once again. Kristina finds herself unable to breathe and remembering what Sam and Ethan told her and passes out on the pier. Sonny finds the divorce papers and wonders why Carly hasn't signed them yet. Anthony comes across Kristina and sees that he's found his leverage against Sonny. Sam sees that Jason is starting to wake up.

  • Ep. #12385
    Ep. #12385
    Episode 357

    Abby asks Michael why he's leaving just cause they had a difference of opinion, Michael says that it sounded like a break up to him. Tracy wonder why Johnny is looking for Skye when he comes to E.L.Q. Patrick stops Anthony before he can go into Jason's room. Michael tells Abby that he felt out of place while working at Edward's company. Shawn gives Carly information about Jax that he parachuted from the plane before it crashed, she tells him that Jax would do something like make her believe he was dead. Johnny asks Skye what he has on Anthony so he can deal with him personally and can keep Edward safe. Steve tells Patrick that the person in Jason's room was a planted decoy in case Anthony targeted him. Kristina goes to see Ethan and he says he doesn't want her around. Shawn tells Carly that what he has to say might change her mind in signing the divorce papers. Robin and Patrick quarrel about their roles at work. Sonny tells Johnny that he needs to keep his father in his place. Kristina goes off after hearing Ethan that he pretty much feels sorry for her. Anthony comes to see Tracy but she abruptly throws him out. Carly asks Sonny what he wants when he arrives at the house.

  • Ep. #12384
    Ep. #12384
    Episode 356

    Carly goes to Alexis wanting involving their children and can't rely on Sonny's instincts as a father. Lulu learns of Lucky's recent drug problem and is angry at Dante for keeping it from her. Kristina sees Michael sitting at Sonny's desk and refuses to talk to him like that. Patrick asks Robin if she's keeping him from going in there and treating Jason. Matt tells Elizabeth that they're gonna be doing Siobhan's autopsy soon. Carly tells Alexis that they have to band together to keep the kids away from Sonny. Lulu blasts Lucky for lying to her about him being high that night in the hospital. Kristina and Michael exchange heated words about Sonny's involvement in the mafia. Darryl waits for Milo to leave Jason's door before calling Anthony and he gives instructions that nobody goes in there before he does. Elizabeth tells Lucky that Siobhan didn't die of natural causes. Lulu tells Dante not to be at the loft when she comes to get her stuff. Alexis gives Carly the divorce papers that Jax had made up. Kristina starts to feel lightheaded after her blow out with Michael. Anthony comes into Jason's room.

  • Ep. #12383
    Ep. #12383
    Episode 355

    Dante tells Olivia that Lulu hasn't given him an answer on whether or not she wants to move in with him. Lucky sits with Aiden and says that Siobhan won't be around anymore to share her irish stories. Sam tells Sonny that they found something in Jason's brain and were able to remove it and he hasn't woken up yet. Skye spots a present in her suite thinking it's from Anthony and realizes that it's from Johnny. Tracy tells Lulu that she tried to lead Luke down a different path and should focus on her own happiness. Olivia tells Dante that his heart was in the right place with Lulu's birthday present and sees that he's keeping something from his girlfriend and says he should tell her. Johnny plays a tape for Skye of her and Anthony's conversation in the alley. Alexis checks on Sam to see how she's doing and encounters Sonny, he says that now is a bad time to get into with him. Lulu and Olivia share a bonding moment. Dante tells Lucky that he wasn't honest with Lulu about being shot up full of drugs. Sam asks Kristina about her feeling light headed and if there's a cause for it. Skye is pulled into an embrace and he ends up tied to the bed. Kristina scolds Sonny for doing whatever he did to Jax. Tracy catches Skye in Edward's office putting in his safe. Lulu eavesdrops on Dante and Lucky's discussion asking if he's in fact using again.

  • Ep. #12382
    Ep. #12382
    Episode 354

    Monica watches herself as she confronts Jason about his drug addiction. Patrick works very hard to save Jason's life when his blood pressure begins to drop during surgery. Elizabeth watches as Jason accuses her of trying to get pregnant on purpose when he doesn't want children and shows her why. Carly watches herself and Jason being told off by Michael who says that what happened to Sonny was their fault and cutting off all ties with her and commits suicide. Carly, Monica and Elizabeth's fantasies of Jason end in tragedy, but Sam's is what she's always wanted. Patrick sees that the fragment is embedded much further then he expected. Carly calls Michael and says she's on her way back to the hospital. Elizabeth starts painting a picture til she gets a call from Matt. Monica asks Alan to look after Jason and to bring their son back to them. Jason has a flash of memories of the course of his life. Carly sees Michael and wants him to know that she loves him. Matt tells Elizabeth she had a right to call him on his eratic behaviour. Patrick comes out and explains to everyone that it was a rather difficult procedure, Sam asks if Jason is alright.

  • Ep. #12381
    Ep. #12381
    Episode 353

    Patrick tells Robin that the fragment is in a rather difficult place and he should be the one operating. Elizabeth tells Matt that Siobhan's autopsy will tell them something of how she died. Carly is not thrilled when Michael backs Sonny. Sam comes out and tells Patrick that Jason has agreed to do the surgery, Matt then agrees that he shouldn't be in there. Monica is grateful and thinks Jason made the right decision. Carly tells Jason that Michael wants to take over while he's recovering, Sam comes in and says not to unload this on him now. Elizabeth tells Matt that they decision that was made doesn't mean he's not a good surgeon. Monica tells Edward she wonders if it's possible that Jason will be once again a Quartermaine. Carly, Sam and Elizabeth each fantasize what life is like if Jason if he was involved with them, but each of then don't have happy endings. Monica has a daydream of Jason being appointed the new chief of staff at General Hospital and congratulated by Alan, but is shocked when they both see Jason doing cocaine. Patrick says that Jason's pressure is dropping.

  • Ep. #12380
    Ep. #12380
    Episode 352

    Alexis reads the newspaper headline of Jax's plane crash and possible being dead is consoled by Mac. Elizabeth informs Matt that Siobhan is dead. Max tells Jason that Spinelli is still staking out the bakery as he requested. Lucky goes back to his apartment and replays the message that he left for Siobhan and has a sudden outburst and knocks over the bottle of pills, Ethan suddenly stops and thinks he shouldn't be alone right now. Elizabeth tells Matt that she was fine, when she went to go get Lucky. Steve explains to everyone that there's drugs missing and asks who had access. Sam is livid when Max tells her that Jason is making arrangements in case something happens to him. Mac tells Alexis that Jax's plane crashing has Sonny written all over it. Robin makes a discovery while going over the test results, and tells Monica a piece of the dashboard from A.J.'s car was found in Jason's brain. Diane and Max abruptly end their relationship. Alexis thanks Mac for the shoulder and for saving her daughters life. Matt shows Lucky the thing Siobhan wrote on the pillow, vowing to find out what it meant. Spinelli comes across something vital with the bags of flour. Sam asks Jason if he's going to have the surgery or not.

  • Ep. #12379
    Ep. #12379
    Episode 351

    Maxie asks Spinelli how he knew about her heart transplant. Skye walks in and asks Tracy if she's covering her tracks. Dante wants the divers to keep searching, butthe guysays that there's no way they'll find Jax. Anthony asks Johnny what he's doing by having him tailed, Johnny says that he knows that he's up to something. Olivia tells Dante that things would've been different if Sonny had knew about him first hand. Spinelli tells Maxie that he remembers that he failed Georgie and could've done better to find the killer before he got to her. Abby tells Michael she's concerned that he'll one day follow in Sonny's footsteps. Tracy tells Asher to find something and to officially make it disappear. Spinelli tells Maxie that he can't lose anyone he cares about ever again, and for her to stay as far away from him. Abby bumps into Johnny after having an argument with Michael, and he asks how her new life is going. Dante is told that something was found in the water. Anthony calls Asher to asks him to look at something for him, Tracy comes in and asks Asher what he found anything. Carly's upset and shocked when Michael defends Sonny. Skye wants Anthony's assurance that Edward's assets are not to be touched, only Tracy gets affected. Dante tells Carly that thecockpit was found and they're people are working on the cause of the crash. Spinelli returns and puts a cupcake on Georgie's gravestone.

  • Ep. #12378
    Ep. #12378
    Episode 350

    Lucky comes out and gets Steve and says that Siobhan isn't breathing. Maxie tells Spinelli that she comes to Georgie's grave when she feels like she has to get away. Skye helps herself to some money in the safe in Edward's office, Michael and Abby arrive and she tells them of the accident that Jason and Carly had. Maxie asks Spinelli if he in fact remembers Georgie. Shawn tells Carly not to give up cause there's a chance that Jax could still be alright, Jax hears that Carly is keeping her kids away from Sonny. Elizabeth tells Lucky that it's her fault that his wife's dead. Sonny is able to get Michael to see his point of view regarding what he had to do to keep Josslyn safe, Abby hears this and storms off. Skye gives Jax the cash and the change of clothes that he asked for, and says he knows now that his daughter is gonna be alright. Elizabeth lashes at Steve after he suggested that she had something to do with Siobhan being dead. Lucky takes a pill while he sobs at Siobhan's bedside. Jax takes his things and says goodbye to Port Charles.

  • Ep. #12377
    Ep. #12377
    Episode 349

    Maxie brings Lucky to the alley where Spinelli is about to be pummeled by a baker whom Lucky seems to recognize. Elizabeth asks Robin if she knows what's causing Jason's seizures, she shows the newspaper article regarding Jax's plane crash. Anthony pays a visit to Siobhan and puts her call button out of her reach so they can't be interrupted. Skye asks Jax what happened to him, he says it's cause of Sonny. Siobhan tries to get the call button but Anthony grabs it. Jax tells Skye that Sonny tampered with the engine, and lost power after his plane took off. Sonny apologizes to Robin for what he done the other night, but she doesn't want to get into it, Carly arrives and says there's no way he's going into see Jason. Anthony asks Siobhan if she's told anyone what she overheard that day in the alley. Jax asks Skye for help, but she says she doesn't have the money he wants. Shawn offers to take Carly away from Sonny to cool off. Lucky goes into to see Siobhan and discovers that she's not breathing and tells Elizabeth to get a doctor. Jax hides when he sees Carly coming. Maxie brings Spinelli to Georgie's grave hoping it'll bring back some memories.

  • Ep. #12376
    Ep. #12376
    Episode 348

    Lucky confronts J.T. on the pier after what he did that almost killed him. Anthony comes to the hospital, hoping to get some hands on some files and encounters Epiphany. Matt tells Elizabeth that Siobhan would like to see her. Robin tells Patrick that Jason's seizure had nothing to do with the procedure and has no idea how to treat it. Skye gets a call from Anthony to discuss some unfinished business. Jason tells Sam that he can't take another day in this place. Epiphany refuses to give Skye any details about Jason's condition. Lucky tells J.T. that his craving has returned and wants more of what he gave him. Dante gives Lulu a special birthday present. Anthony eavesdrops on Siobhan and Elizabeth's conversation. Robin explains to Jason that if he doesn't have surgery again he'll die, Jason then has another seizure. Matt asks Lucky what he's doing on the pier with J.T. Dante asks Lulu if she would move in with him. Skye discovers an unconscious Jax while waiting for Anthony. Anthony lets himself into see Siobhan in her room. Lucky learns from Matt that Siobhan woke up and hurries off to the hospital.

  • Ep. #12375
    Ep. #12375
    Episode 347

    Carly wants Sonny to tell her the truth of what he did to Jax. Siobhan wakes up to find Darryl in her room. Elizabeth gives Matt something for him to look at, he asks what the low down this is. Skye questions Tracy about her past with the husband that died on her wedding day and everything will turn sour after everything is revealed. Ethan finds Darryl in Siobhan's room and asks what he's doing in here. Matt lets himself into the lab and does the test on the stuff Elizabeth gave him. Skye asks Tracy how Edward would feel if E.L.Q was saved with dirty money. Dante tells Carly that divers are searching the harbor in the wreckage. Elizabeth shares the information with Lucky about her discovery about pain medication not being as strong. Carly tells Sonny that Brenda was right to leave cause his life isn't safe for children and she is done with him. Siobhan tells Matt that she wants to talk with Elizabeth. Skye tells Anthony that she was happy to help with him with on acquiring the information he needed.

  • Ep. #12374
    Ep. #12374
    Episode 346

    Matt tells Patrick that maybe it's possible that Jason had the seizure cause he operated inside his head. Carly tells Shawn she's grateful that he stayed to make sure she was alright, but she doesn't think Jax is coming back. Lucky sits by Siobhan bedside and prays for her to get better. Dante tells Sonny that Jax didn't get very far cause his plane took a nose dive into the harbor. Shawn tells Carly to check on Jason to see how he's doing. Sam asks Matt if he has proof that Patrick fouled up or is spouting shots at each other, prompting Steve to break up a fight between the two brothers. Tracy insists that Edward get checked out and for Skye to go back wherever she came from. Lucky tells Lulu that Siobhan's surgery went well and she should be waking up at any moment. Skye meets up with Anthony and says she'll get her money once her job is finished. Sonny envisions Jax cause of his claustrophobia and says that Brenda was on the plane when it went down. Shawn tells Dante that Sonny was on Jax's plane and he held a gun at him. Carly tells Robin thank you for getting Jax to turn Josslyn over to Shawn. Lucky tells Lulu that since she couldn't find Luke, she's started to fixate on him now and to just leave. Sam waits patiently for Jason to get done with his M.R.I. Skye tells Tracy to explain her connection to Gino Solieto. Siobhan starts to wake up when Lucky leaves the room. Carly overhears Dante tell Sonny that it's cause of him that Jax is dead, Carly then lashes and slaps Sonny.

  • Ep. #12373
    Ep. #12373
    Episode 345

    Mac asks Coleman, Diane and Alexis what would he walked in on if he had came into Jake's a few minutes later. The orderly comes into tamper with Siobhan's machine, but Ethan tells him he shouldn't be in here. Abby tells Michael that she heard people in the bathroom that the ladies thought she was a hooker Sonny paid to give him a little attention. Jax discovers that his plane was tampered with and realizes that Sonny did it. Dante brings Sonny in, and he lets it slip that Jax won't be leaving town and asks what his father did. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she was in an accident and that Siobhan was thrown from the car and she's alright. Jax sees that he's having engine problems while his plane is in the air. Diane tells Mac to ease up on the heavy workload and let loose a bit. Lulu is delighted when she sees Lucky and expresses her concern to where he's been lately. Mac offers to take Alexis out, until he gets a response to head to the airport. Michael tells Abby that he made sure that no one will respond the way they did tonight or else they're fired.

  • Ep. #12372
    Ep. #12372
    Episode 344

    Lulu tells Maxie that Spinelli is living this whole Jackal P.I. persona he can come back to normal again. Carly is aghast when Dante put an A.P.B. out on Sonny and Jax to keep anyone from getting hurt. Robin tells Sonny that Jax gave Josslyn to Shawn and everything is alright now, but he says that it isn't. Patrick tells Sam that he's done all he can for Jason right now. Jax and Sonny have it out and he's the reason that Brenda left him, Sonny takes out a gun and says he's not going to live. Sam is delighted when Jason opens his eyes. Patrick tells Jason that he ain't leaving cause he just had a brain injury. Maxie tells Lulu to do what Spinelli wants and try on the dress he picked out and whatever else. Sam tells Jason that if he goes after Jax he's gonna lose her. Patrick comes home and learns from Emma that her mother just got shot at and tells Sonny to get out. Maxie see that her plan to bring back Spinelli clearly isn't working and he'll probably never remember anything. Jax goes by the house and sees Shawn and Carly with Josslyn in the living room. Dante tells Sonny they have some unfinished business and places him under arrest. Carly is glad when Jason calls her, and says that Josslyn is alright, he then experiences a seizure.

  • Ep. #12371
    Ep. #12371
    Episode 343

    Elizabeth helps Lucky return to reality by injecting him with something to get rid of the drugs. Johnny comes home to find a piano andrealizes it'sa present from Anthony. Robin asks Jax how he came into possession of Josslyn. Sam tells Sonny that Patrick is working on Jason right now and he found something. Lucky wakes up to find Elizabeth and asks how she came to find him. Johnny tells his men to follow his father to see what he's up to. Matt goes into check on Siobhan and ends up talking about Patrick and his relationship with Maxie. Olivia assures Carly that Josslyn will be returned. Sam apologizes to Monica for not telling her about her and Jason's engagement, and gives her a picture of Jake. While seeing Matt talk with Robin via webcam, he realizes that Jax is at the house. Shawn comes in and says to Jax that he's here to return Carly's daughter to her. Anthony tells J.T. what's the progress on getting Lucky addicted once again and his wife is a problem. The hospital orderly watches over Siobhan. Sonny comes in and sees Jax inthe living room.

  • Ep. #12370
    Ep. #12370
    Episode 342

    Patrick tells Monica that he needs to move forward with Jason's surgery. Sonny finds Shawn on Jax's plane. Dante hears Carly leaves a desperate message for Jax. Jax realizes that he can't take Josslyn away from his mother. Matt and Patrick discuss surgery options for Jason with Robin via skype, she saysshe concurswith Patrick. Coleman explains the rules to Diane and Alexis, that if they lose an article of clothing is taken off. Dante tells Carly that if she gets ahold of Jax tell him to bring Josslyn home, and get him to leave town. Patrick lashes at Matt for contradicting him in front of Jason's family. Mac is surprised after learning that Robin was appointed to chief of staff at the hospital. Dante tells Sonny he's getting revenge on Jax for taking Brenda out of his life. Sam tells Jason to fight and to come back to her so they can get married. Shawn asks Carly to think of who Jax might go to for help. Mac is shocked after seeing a unique game of pool at Jake's. Sonny knocks out Dante after he tells him he's under arrest.

  • Ep. #12369
    Ep. #12369
    Episode 341

    Lucky wakes up and continues to hallucinate seeing Elizabeth. Diane and Alexis end up at Jake's to get out of the storm. Sonny tells Edward he's not going anywhere until he finds Jax and Josslyn. Patrick fills Sam in on Jason's head trauma. Alexis surprised that Diane is actually at Jason and Sam's engagement. Sam goes into see Jason and tell him how happy that he's made as of late. Matt tells Patrick that Siobhan is holding her own and is stable for now. Monica asks Skye what she's doing back in town, she says she just brought Edward to the hospital to see Jason. Dante overhears Matt tell Patrick that Lucky should be here for Siobhan. Sam tells Carly that it being her fault and needs to focus on Jason being there for they're wedding. Monica tells Edward that she can't lose Jason. Olivia breaks the news to Carly that Josslyn wasn't at the house when she went there, Dante listens as she mentions that Sonny might kill Jax when he finds him. Patrick tells Monica she has to sign on cause Jason needs to be operated on right away. Alexis, Diane and Coleman play a drinking game. Elizabeth gets to the church and finds Lucky passed out on the floor and prays that he's alright. Sonny goes on Jax's plane with a gun in his hand and searches for him.

  • Ep. #12368
    Ep. #12368
    Episode 340

    Sam tells Monica that Jason was with Carly and this big emergency with her daughter. Carly tells Olivia that Skye mentioned that Jax is back in town. Sonny arrives at Carly's house and finds Josslyn's stuffed animal on the floor, he then hears a pounding noise. Epiphany tells Carly that she's not going anywhere til she's checked out by a doctor. Jax finds him and his car in a ditch. Matt tells Elizabeth that he needs to know more about Siobhan's recent injury, Steve asks her if she pushed her down that flight of stairs. Shawn becomes more uneasy while trying to locate Jax and Josslyn. Olivia asks Dante for the keys to his car so he can stop Sonny. Sonny is irate after learning that Jax has kidnapped Josslyn. Shawn finds Jax's car but see that it's empty. Sam asks Carly if she's proud of herself, cause Jason is in the hospital. Michael storms out having an intense argument with Abby. Dante tells Elizabeth not to give out any information when being questioned about Siobhan's accident. Edward tells Skye not to worry about him then to go down and enjoy the rest of the fundraiser, Sonny bursts in with a gun wanting to know where Jax is. Patrick comes out and tells Monica, Carly and Sam that Jason's still unconscious and it doesn't look good.

  • Ep. #12367
    Ep. #12367
    Episode 339
    Elizabeth gets out to look for Siobhan and realizes she collided with Jason's car. Patrick tells Matt and Steve he did everything he could last night. Monica tells Robin that her being chief of staff could put a strain on her marriage. Jax asks Shawn to step out of the way and is taking his daughter far from here. Lulu asks Maxie if she's seen Lucky and it's possible that he's turned to drugs again and encounters a weird acting Spinelli. Elizabeth finds Carly who was thrown from her car. Matt wonders what's keeping Maxie for bringing Spinelli in for a psych evaluation. Spinelli suddenly finds himself drawn to Lulu and asks her out. Robin takes Patrick away for some much needed time together. Shawn asks Jax not to make it harder then it already is. Elizabeth tells Dante that Jason, Carly and Siobhan are hurt and need to get to the hospital. Jax gets by Shawn after visualizing when he killed someone in combat. Carly tells Dante to call Olivia and have her to come to the hospital. Lulu can't believe that Spinelli remembered her birthday. Monica sees that Jason was in a car accident and calls Sam.moreless
  • Ep. #12366
    Ep. #12366
    Episode 338
    Skye hears Jax making arrangements to depart on his plane. Siohan demands answers from Elizabeth as to why she has Lucky's things. Sam wants Jason to help her with the wedding arrangements. Lucky finds solace in a corner at the back of the abandonded church. Edward tells Skye that this fundraiser is a good reason to find out what she's really up to. Shawn tells Jason he's here about Carly and is worried about her, cause Jax could resurface. Olivia explains to Sonny that he's vulnerable after Brenda and is capable of doing something drastic. Skye tells Carly that Jax is back in Port Charles. Jax prepares to enter the house and abduct his daughter. Elizabeth and Siobhan's argument leads to a dangerous situation. Lucky hallucinates and envisions seeing Elizabeth and recalls the night they recited their vows together. Carly goes to Jason to tell him that Jax is back and is after Josslyn and not to tell Sonny. Shawn intervenes as Jax is about to leave. Elizabeth checks on Siobhan, causing a crash with an oncoming car.moreless
  • Ep. #12365
    Ep. #12365
    Episode 337
    Epiphany tries to persuade Robin and Patrick to stay and work. Dante tells Elizabeth they can't protect Lucky if they don't know where he is. Siobhan leaves a message for Lucky saying she doesn't want to lose him either. Sonny makes his presence known to Johnny while he and his men trap him. Matt and Maxie talk about their relationship, until they Spinelli wandering around scoping out the Metro Court restaurant. Elizabeth tells Dante to wait a while before he calls it in to the station. Ethan welcomes Lulu home and says there was no luck in finding Luke. Sonny tells Johnny that Anthony running a drug operation here in town and needs to be dealt with. Olivia tells Maxie to do something about Spinelli right away or the police will be called. Siobhan overhears Anthony talking to J.T. about pushing the product right under Jason's nose, he then hears a noise. Jax prepares to make his move to get his daughter. Ethan tells Lulu that Lucky is working a case involving missing drugs at the hospital. Matt desperately wants to tell Maxie something but they get interrupted by Spinelli's return. Anthony follows Siobhan from the alley after Elizabeth leaves. Patrick sneaks in to surprise Robin, he's shocked to find Epiphany instead. Elizabeth finds Lucky's cellphone near the warehouse, and Dante says they have to call this in. Skye runs into Jax talking to someone on the phone. Lucky finds himself in abandoned church where she and Elizabeth said their vows. Siobhan confronts Elizabeth wanting to know where he husband is.moreless
  • Ep. #12364
    Ep. #12364
    Episode 336
    Tracy is speechless at Skye's return to town and at E.L.Q. Shawn presents Carly a peace offering for following her last night. Sonny tells Jason that unless his news has to do with Brenda he doesn't want to hear it. Abby was looking forward to heading back to town, but Michael insists on staying. After Tracy leaves the office, Edward asks Skye what she's really up to. Jason tells Sonny that he has to talk about the situation with Brenda so he can put it to rest. Matt asks Patrick to put an end to Robin's reign as chief of staff at the hospital, but he says no now that he and she are back on track in their marriage. Abby tells Michael that she just got this job with Edward's company and doesn't want to lose it. Carly learns something from Shawn's past that he used to teach. Jason tells Sonny that Brenda didn't leave with Jax, she just left him altogether. Skye asks Tracy how she and Anthony are after getting flowers from him. Patrick literally kidnaps Robin from the hospital. Jax settles in a hotel and takes out a picture of him and Josslyn.moreless
  • Ep. #12363
    Ep. #12363
    Episode 335
    Ronnie interrupts Lulu and Dante's moment to fill him in on the drug cartel here in Port Charles. Sonny goes on a rampage destroying his and Brenda's wedding picture. Lucky professes his love for Elizabeth while still strung out on drugs. Michael and Abby search the island for Sonny. Anthony makes it clear to J.T. he'll what he wants when the job's done. Elizabeth doesn't know what to do when Lucky starts getting all hysterical. Tracy tells Johnny what Anthony has been up to in trying to acquire E.L.Q stock. Dante comes across Elizabeth and Lucky in the alley. Robin tries to give Sonny the letter from Brenda, and says she needs to choose cause she can't be with friends with him and Jax. Michael and Abby share a romantic date on the island, after getting confirmation about Sonny's whereabouts. Elizabeth comes back to find Dante knocked out and Lucky gone. Anthony calls Skye that it's time to pack up her things and come back to town. Robin sees that Sonny hasn't been taking his bi-polar medication. Lucky stands pondering to jump off the pier.moreless
  • Ep. #12362
    Ep. #12362
    Episode 334
    Spinelli asks Maxie if they wanted to be trapped down her together. Lucky asks J.T. what he gave him. Matt asks Elizabeth if she's seen Maxie anywhere. Ethan finds Siobhan with a bleeding nose. Maxie tells Spinelli that he doesn't remember the last time they were down here finding Georgie's killer. Carly lets Jason knows that she's not happy with his and Sam's union. Lucky starts to hallucinate seeing Ethan and Maxie. Jason and Sam's good news bothers Carly. The gate rises freeing Spinelli and Maxie. Jason tells Carly that now they're gonna need to have boundaries, Carly says what if she can't accept that. Lucky sees Jake while under the influence. Siobhan tells Ethan her suspicions, but says that not a penny is missing from her account and should give him the benefit of the doubt. Carly is continued to be followed after leaving the restaurant. Maxie spots Sam's ring, and Spinelli says she needs to get it and make themselves scarce. Carly runs into the person that's been following her. Elizabeth finds Lucky in the alley and asks him what happened to him.moreless
  • Ep. #12361
    Ep. #12361
    Episode 333
    Elizabeth catches an orderly sneaking out of the meds closet, but makes a mistake. Anthony asks J.T. what was Lucky's reaction when held the bottle. Siobhan asks Lucky why he's rummaging around in her purse. Carly tells Patrick that Sonny took off right after Jax's plane did and doesn't know where he is. Epiphany tells Elizabeth her job is to work the desk and answer phones that's it. Anthony tells J.T. that he's gonna have to get rid of Lucky if he proves to be a problem. Robin interrupts Patrick and Carly having with breakfast with Josslyn and Emma. Sonny finds himself in a familiar neighborhood. Tracy finds herself trapped in a room with Anthony while in a spa. Carly is followed by someone after leaving Kelly's. J.T. asks Lucky if he didn't like the product since he never took any. Elizabeth informs Carly of Jason and Sam's engagement. Siobhan experiences a setback and sees that he nose is bleeding. J.T. ambushes Lucky and tells the guys to hold him while he injects something into his arm.moreless
  • Ep. #12360
    Ep. #12360
    Episode 332
    Abby sees how at home Michael is while seeing him at Sonny's desk. Nikolas tells Lulu to leave right away and never come back to this treacherous ever again. Maxie and Spinelli search the sewers for Sam's engagement ring, and brings up how a wonderful man he once was. Anthony pays a visit to Tracy at Jake's. Alexis congratulates Sam and sees the thing he gave her as a "ring" and says she needs to talk with Jason privately. Helena sees that Luke came through for her with the diamonds from Javier and that he has a visitor. Maxie tells Spinelli that he fell in love with her while they were on stakeout one time. Lulu tells Dante that it's time to head home without Luke cause he can't be saved. Michael pulls away from Abby when she touches him and immediately apologizes. Nikolas tells Helena that he's not going to be the image of Stavros, Helena makes a call saying that her grandson won't be joining them. Maxie and Spinelli once again find themselves trapped, she thinks this could snap him out of it once and for all.moreless
  • Ep. #12359
    Ep. #12359
    Episode 331
    Elizabeth and Siobhan have it out on the roof of General Hospital. Nikolas tells Lulu that he's here to talk with Helena, and didn't know she was here. Lucky fights temptation while looking at a bottle of pills. Shawn tells Carly that Jax is gonna make sure that Josslyn loves him. Elizabeth tells Siobhan a story when Lucky trashed her place looking for something to pawn for his next fix. Jax takes out a picture of Carly and Josslyn and looks at it. Nikolas tells Helena that he wants nothing more to do with her vengeful vendetta against the Spencer's. Monica tells Elizabeth that she never got to mourn Jake, but all the other people in her life she's lost. Lucky tells Siobhan not to worry cause he's clean. Steve manages to get Olivia's air conditioner working, they then get intimate. Jax prepares to return home to Port Charlesmoreless
  • Ep. #12358
    Ep. #12358
    Episode 330
    Epiphany walks in on Robin and Patrick about to get intimate. Alexis reads something for Molly saying that there's danger in the air. Monica comes by to see Jason to discuss why he didn't tell her about Jake. Helena tells Lulu that Laura is too blame for two of her son's deaths, and think she's needs to rectify the situation. Siobhan cleans up Elizabeth's mess in the hallway and finds her in the supply closet. Jason and Sam discuss the impact of their engagement. Patrick wants to play a game with Robin, she says if what he wants is to be put back on surgical rotation. Helena explains to Lulu by showing her the dagger that Laura used to stab Stavros. Johnny tells Ethan that Kristina is here to ask him to fire him. Lucky tells Siobhan to be honest that she's jealous that he asked Elizabeth's assistance. Jason consoles Elizabeth after having a breakdown and sees that he and Sam are engaged. Kristina starts to feel pain and light headed. Lulu encounters Nikolas instead of Luke.moreless
  • Ep. #12357
    Ep. #12357
    Episode 329
    Lucky tells Siobhan that he asked Elizabeth's help with something and had no idea she had returned to work. Helena asks Dante on why he's so determined to come work for her. Robin tells Patrick that she can't go off with him. Steve tries to persuade Elizabeth to return to painting. Robin catches and realizes what Patrick and Matt have been up to. Helena begins to see that Luke never sent recognized him as Det. Falconeri, and timed Lulu's entrance. Siobhan worries about Lucky's situation that could lead him to relapse into drugs again. Steve opens up to Olivia about Elizabeth returning to work to help Lucky with something. Lulu tells Helena that she's not leaving til she knows where Luke is. Spinelli tells Maxie that he spotted Johnny coming out of the bakery, and immediately thinks something is not right. Siobhan explains to Ethan her concerns with Lucky being attempted to use again. Maxie hides and tell Johnny about Spinelli coming over with a gun, Anthony finds it's humorous and finds an idea. Patrick surprises Robin with some alone time. Helena tells Lulu she's made a mistake by staying here all alone.moreless
  • Ep. #12356
    Ep. #12356
    Episode 328
    Lulu gives Dante a solution to go and work for Helena to get information regarding Luke. Robin assures Patrick that he'll be back on the surgical rotation soon. Maxie tries to get Spinelli to take a crack at working a laptop. Lucky wants Mac to give him the case involving some missing drugs from the hospital, he refuses at first but gives in but to keep him informed. Anthony surprises Abby with flowers, and says he's here to make an investment in E.L.Q but Tracy tells him to get out cause she's not interested. Lucky asks Elizabeth to help him with something that he's working on. Asher tells Anthony that Michael is gonna suspect him for giving out company information. Matt tells Patrick to try to get Robin to ease up while being chief. Siobhan is irate to see Elizabeth back at work like nothing with her ever happened. Lulu listens as Helena tells Dante if he really wants a job or is he just a spy. Steve tells Robin that it's too soon for Elizabeth to return to work. Lucky makes a call wanting to score something but is interrupted by Siobhan.moreless
  • Ep. 12355
    Ep. 12355
    Episode 327
    Jason and Maxie scramble to find the wedding ring. Jax tells Michael that he's going to be leaving town for a while and am hear to tell Josslyn goodbye. Sam asks Alexis what she thinks about Jason and marriage, but gives her blessing which excites Kristina. Sonny tells Brenda that Carly is here just to say goodbye. Jax apologizes to Morgan for the way things turned out and they have an emotional moment. Sonny has a solution for Brenda to get her not to leave town, but they realize that it's over between them. Sam arrives and sees the rooftop beautifully decorated, Jason says that Maxie helped quite a bit. Brenda gives Robin a letter to give to Sonny at the right moment. Sonny tells Carly he doesn't want to come to the house then he'd have to explain why Brenda isn't there. Jason proposes to Sam. Carly finds out that Jax is leaving and doesn't know for how long. Jax offers to take Brenda back to Rome on his plane. Jason puts a substitute "ring" on Sam's finger. Sonny is irate after learning that Brenda is on Jax's plane and orders his plane ready also.moreless
  • Ep. #12354
    Ep. #12354
    Episode 326
    Carly tells Jax that she's here to make up for what happened to him, but he doesn't want to hear it. Jason tells Sam that he's made arrangements for the two of them. Siobhan tells Elizabeth that she can drop the act that she's putting on. Brenda tells Sonny that she's leaving him for the right reasons. Jason isn't giving out any hints to what he has planned, and tells her to go and get ready. Alexis tells Jax that she and everyone else can hear him and Carly arguing. Siobhan hits a nerve with Elizabeth regarding Jake and asks Siobhan to leave her house. Maxie tells Jason that without a ring, his plan to propose to Sam is dead in the water. Sonny makes a promise to Brenda that he can keep her and Alec safe, she doesn't think it's possible. Maxie makes sure that Jason's attire is perfect so he can propose to Sam properly. Sonny tells Carly he thought being with Brenda was going to be forever this time. Alexis tells Sam that she knows Jason is thinking about marriage. Lucky tries to stop the drama between Elizabeth and Siobhan. Maxie makes the mistake of trying on the ring, and loses it when it flies off her finger over the balcony.moreless
  • Ep. #12353
    Ep. #12353
    Episode 325
    Lucky sees that Siobhan still believes that Elizabeth deliberately set out to kill her. Jason tells Sam that Jax too played dirty in helping himself win the custody case. Carly tells Sonny that Jax's arrest made headlines. Brenda goes to see Jax who's looking grim that he's gonna lose his daughter. Elizabeth tells Cameron that they're going to be having a family dinner tonight. Jax asks Brenda to go to the judge and tell him she believes Sonny set him up. Molly asks Jason if it's true that Sonny did frame Jax. Carly is awarded sole custody of Josslyn, but says she didn't want it to come like this. Siobhan arrives at Elizabeth's to join them for dinner. Brenda sees that Sonny isn't sorry for what he did to Jax, and cause he did it all for Carly. Sam asks Jason what he's up to when he asks her to come with him some place.moreless
  • Ep. #12352
    Ep. #12352
    Episode 324
    Molly tells Morgan that maybe the first message wasn't threatening enough. Sonny comes home and Brenda tells him that she's leaving him. Javier tells Lulu that no one's going to come to her rescue. Jason tells Carly that the kids might take Josslyn and run even farther away. Olivia shares her suspicions with Steve about the encountering the mediator at Sonny's place. Dante tells the person he's doing the right thing by helping him. Jax asks Michael to get Carly to come and pay his bail, that'll give him restitution that she had nothing to do with this. Dante rescues Lulu from Javier's violent actions, but Lulu says not to kill him cause he knows where Luke. Carly learns of Jax's arrest from Michael. Steve sees Olivia's theory of Jax being setup by Sonny. Kristina tells Ethan that she thinks she knows where Morgan and Molly took Josslyn. Javier tells Dante that Luke looking at a score and meeting up with someone named Helena. Brenda assures Sonny she's not running to Jax, she's just walking away from him altogether. Jax tells Carly that he vows to find out the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #12351
    Ep. #12351
    Episode 323
    Dante asks Roxy that he knows that Lupe's death was not an accident. Javier wants to know what Lulu's wants after learning she's Luke's daughter. Carly asks Mercedes if she knows where Morgan went off to. Brenda asks Jason if he's heard anything on the custody hearing. Javier tells Lulu that if she's not at his office then he'll call Luke and warn him off. Morgan and Molly bring Josslyn to an abandoned pizza parlor. Ronnie tells Jax after coming to that he's under arrest for possession of drug and assault. Ethan asks Johnny if he's gotten through to Anthony for the way he threatened Kristina. Jax pleads with Grace to tell the truth that he was set up. Lulu tells Dante that Javier knows her real identity and says she can't leave her yet. Kristina asks Sonny for a father and daughter day in Manhattan. Brenda goes to see Jax at the police station and sees there's no way he could've done what he did. Ethan's plan to scare off Kristina backfires. Javier's men detains Dante and he threatens that he'd better not lay a hand on Lulu. Carly and Jason sees through Morgan and Molly's little plan. Brenda asks Sonny if he indeed framed Jax.moreless
  • Ep. #12350
    Ep. #12350
    Episode 322
    Dante tells Lulu that it's best that she comes home to Port Charles right now. Molly overhears Carly tell Alexis she lose her daughter. Brenda tells Jax that Sonny hasn't spoken to her since she testified. Sonny asks Grace to do keep Jax from getting primary custordy of Josslyn, if she doesn't he'll expose when she took a bribe. Alexis agrees to go and talk to Jax on Carly's behalf. Javier confronts Lupe on why she didn't tell him thta Dante was a cop, and covering for Lulu when she first starting working here. Olivia visits Sonny, whom he then asks for a favor. Ethan tells Kristina of the time he worked on a horse ranch. Alexis tries to get Jax to agree to joint custody with Carly, but he says he's not backing off. Molly tells Morgan that Jax is gonna be over to take Josslyn away, they agree that it can't happen. Javier tells Lulu and Dante that Lupe is dead, but Lulu doesn't believe the story of her slipping in the tub. Brenda asks Sonny why he hasn't spoken to her or returned any of her calls. Ethan agrees to hang out with Kristina but only on his terms. Jax sees Grace and her clothes all torn, and asks what she gave him, she hysterically calls the police. Carly comes home to find Morgan gone.moreless
  • Ep. #12349
    Ep. #12349
    Episode 321
    Maxie's worried that Anthony will kill him. Lupe tells Dante that's not everyday that Javier is impressed with anyone. Asher tells Michael that what if next time he's off and puts E.L.Q. in dire straits. Anthony puts one over on Spinelli and takes his gun away from him, and for him not to come any closer. Tracy is livid that Edward is giving Michael the credit for all of Ash;er's hard work. Kristina tells Ethan that he saw through his little charade with Abby and that it was all a ploy. Jason stops Anthony from shooting Spinelli. Lupe tells Lulu that she knows that Dante's a cop cause she spotted his badge. Tracy tells Michael to quit while he's ahead. Kristina tells Ethan that it's only a matter of time before he gives into his feelings for her. Anthony tells Asher that he's not pleased when he didn't do a job that he was paid to do, and his plan to use Edward's company as a front. Monica is stunned after learning from Tracy that Jake was Jason's and not Lucky's. Javier overhears Lulu and Dante discussing her covering that he was a cop. Jason tells Maxie he plans on proposing to Sam and has to do it the right way.moreless
  • Ep. #12348
    Ep. #12348
    Episode 320
    Spinelli(as Jackal P.I.) tells Sam they have bigger fish to fry with Anthony. Dante overhears Javier as he pays a visit to Lulu at her place. Lucky tells Siobhan that he just happened to run into Elizabeth here at the hospital. Maxie tells Jason that maybe him finally proposing to Sam will turn him back into the Spinelli she knows and loves. Edward asks Michael to join him on the conference call which angers Asher. Anthony approaches Tracy and has an enticing offer for her. Sam asks Maxie that she better hope she has a way of turning Spinelli back to normal. Lucky brings Siobhan home and she feels like already spending time with him at the beach. Asher feels envious of Michael when he gives Edward some smart business tips. Tracy tells Anthony that she's not interested in anything that he has to offer. Siobhan asks Lucky if he's considered going to grief counselling to deal with Jake's death. Spinelli doesn't have any reaction to Jason asking Sam to marry him. Dante prevents the customer from literally assaulting Lulu and Javier is immediately impressed. Spinelli approaches Anthony on the pier and points a gun at him.moreless
  • Ep. #12347
    Ep. #12347
    Episode 319
    Lucky tries to get Siobhan to see that Elizabeth didn't deliberately try to kill her, also to drop this lawsuit. Sonny tells Jason that Brenda's testifying right now, probably making him look like the bad guy. Judge Cole asks Brenda he likes to see the police report on the shooting at the limo, but she says that there wasn't one. Patrick tries to cope with Robin as the interim chief of staff, when he doesn't have a busy case load anymore. Steve tells Elizabeth that she should keep her distance from the hospital and for her to go home. Jason asks Brenda if what she said was to get back at Carly. Carly stops the judge after he asks Sonny if any of his children were shot. Siobhan agrees to drop the malpractice suit for Lucky's sake. Carly is convinced more then ever that Jax paid off that mediator, but Sonny says that he will get what's coming to him. Jax tells Brenda that before today he had no idea that she was shot at. Sonny confronts Grace and accuses her of cashing, after admiting to it Sonny says that she's gonna do whatever he wants.moreless
  • Ep. #12346
    Ep. #12346
    Episode 318
    Elizabeth tells Siobhan to sue her instead of the others cause she's the one that's responsible, Siobhan wants her to admit that it's all about Lucky. Jax runs into Carly talking with Grace knowing exactly what she's up to. Lucky explains to Cameron that there was a mistake and he's Aiden's father. Carly asks Jax one last time for shared custody. Brenda tells Sonny that she's gonna say that Carly isn't a good mother. Steve tells Patrick and Robin that he's been suspended indefinately as chief of staff and appoints Robin as the interim chief. Elizabeth asks Lucky how the camping trip went, she then says that Siobhan believes that she tried to kill her and has filed a malpractice suit against the hospital. Sonny tells Brenda that he doesn't want Jax to manipulate her. Jax and Carly meet with the judge, and Grace says that Jax should be granted sole custody of Josslyn. Lucky tries to get Siobhan to let this thing go, but she says that she can't. Kristina surprises Sonny when she's here to support him.moreless
  • Ep. #12345
    Ep. #12345
    Episode 317
    Anthony tells Johnny to get to Sonny he has to hit it where it'll hurt him the most. Sam tells Jason she doesn't need a piece of paper to know that he loves her. Brenda tells Alexis to tell Jax to take her name off the witness list. Anthony makes a call and says everything better be set for tonight. Sonny bursts and issues a serious warning to Jax in front of the mediator. Ethan flat out tells Kristina that this infatuation she has with him has to stop once and for all not with Anthony gunning for him. Jason and Sam bring up marriage once again. Jax tells Sonny that this outburst could guarantee him sole custody of Josslyn. Brenda and Alec get into the limo and someone shoots at it causing Brenda to panic. Sam scolds Maxie for putting the idea of marriage into Jason's head. Jax asks Alexis for one more day, and when he wins he'll patch things up with Carly, but she refuses not to do this anymore. Carly begins to wonder if Brenda's in danger because of her. Sonny asks Brenda not to mention anything that happened tonight tomorrow at the hearing.moreless
  • Ep. #12344
    Ep. #12344
    Episode 316
    Elizabeth tells Siobhan about her damaging mistake that almost killed her. Jax tells Shawn that it's no mistake he was subponead to testify. Steve tells everyone to just tell the truth when facing the hospital board. Jason can't believe that Jax went to lengths to get Morgan to testify, Carly says to keep his cool if he's called to the stand. Robin admits to Patrick that she's been covering for Elizabeth for months now. Ethan explains to Abby he thought last night went well even though they both hated it, Kristina sees them holding hands. Ethan goes to Johnny and tells him that he saw Anthony accost Kristina last night. Kristina tells Michael that she was right about Abby just stringing him along just for the money. Alexis expresses her concerns for Jax. Steve tells Elizabeth that she's been suspended for 3 months, Siobhan comes along and asks if she's off the hook for trying to kill her. Ethan makes it clear to Anthony that he'll make good on his threat. Kristina lets Abby have it for her treatment of Michael. Jason tells Sam that despite everything Jax and Carly had a steady marriage. Siobhan announces she's suing everyone for malpractice.moreless
  • Ep. #12343
    Ep. #12343
    Episode 315
    Spinelli bursts in and tells Sonny to get his hands off of Maxie. Edward asks Michael on how his first day of work went, Carly then comes in the room cause it concerns his E.L.Q. stocks. Javier tells Dante that he insists on being with Lulu and no other blonde in the joint. Anthony approached Kristina about all the pain she's caused his family. Sonny orders Maxie to get Spinelli out of his house, Spinelli then refers to Sonny as a low life. Carly tells Edward that the stocks don't take effect until Michael turns 30 years old. Lulu tells Javier that she could use the money and for Dante to come upstairs with her. Ethan rescues Kristina from Anthony and says to never go near her again. Steve tells Olivia that his mistake led to Elizabeth's mistake that almost cause Siobhan her life. Edward threatens Carly to make sure that Josslyn is taken away if she pursues this thing with Michael. Ethan goes to see Michael cause he doesn't know what to do with Kristina's crush on him. Sonny asks Alexs to resign as Jax's attorney cause all he wants to do is hurt him and Carly. Dante wants Lulu to promise to come with him if Luke doesn't come back tonight. Maxie and Spinelli hide as Anthony comes, but Spinelli insists on speaking with him. Abby has an idea for her to pretend to being having an affair on Michael with him to fool Kristina. Carly puts a damper on Sonny and Brenda's romantic evening.moreless
  • Ep. #12342
    Ep. #12342
    Episode 314
    Jason tells Maxie that he better hope that Spinelli stays away from Sonny. Elizabeth tells Matt she refuses to believe that she did anything wrong with Siobhan's surgery. Spinelli pulls out a gun after Sonny takes his glass and breaks it, Sonny then wonders what's wrog with him. Lucky tells Helena that forging that dna test didn't work and to give him his son. Dante sees Lulu in her cocktail waitress and says that her job by going undercover is a bad idea. Elizabeth remembers using the wrong medication and could've killed Siobhan. Helena tells Lucky to get away from Elizabeth before she ruins his life. Maxie tells Jason that Sam probably wants to get married. Patrick and Robin discuss discuss Jake's medical record, and there's nothing that could've save him. Sonny calls Jason and tells him to get over hear or Spinelli with suffer with dire circumstances. Lupe tells Lulu to get out before Javier comes back, but Javier says that she just got here. Maxie wants Sonny to promise her that he won't harm Spinelli, he obliges if he gets his money back. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she made a mistake that almost killed his wife. Jason discusses marriage with Sam. Spinelli watches Maxie with Sonny from the window.moreless
  • Ep. #12341
    Ep. #12341
    Episode 313
    Jason finds Spinelli's at his office and hasn't snapped out of his current state. Patrick and Robin go through all the possible scenarios on what went on in the O.R. the night of Siobhan's surgery. Nikolas reluctantly hands Aiden over to Lucky and Elizabeth. Sonny blasts Brenda for always defending Jax, she returns and does the same for doing the same thing with Carly. Nikolas tells Lucky that just because he gave him Aiden doesn't he doesn't believe that he's his father. Spinelli's behaviour worries Maxie even more then it already does. Sonny tells Jason that Jax went too far this time by getting Brenda to testify against Carly. Patrick tells Matt that he's in the clear, and finds out Elizabeth administered the meds to Siobhan's I.V. Nikolas and Spencer go towards the plane and Helena walks by as they leave. Matt tells Elizabeth that he knows that she did something wrong. Sonny explains to Spinelli to tell him where his money is. Lucky goes to Elizabeth's to find Helena playing with Aiden.moreless
  • Ep. #12340
    Ep. #12340
    Episode 312
    Carly tells Sonny her plan to put one over on Edward. Abby asks Michael to wear a tie for their first day of work. Jax tells Brenda that Alexis put her name on the witness list. Lucky comes to see Nikolas to further discuss Aiden. Elizabeth opens up to Robin, Patrick and Steve about Aiden's paternity. Nikolas tells Lucky that he insists that Elizabeth is lying to him. Brenda tells Jax that she doesn't want to come between him and Carly. Steve wants Robin and Patrick to find out what went wrong with Siobhan's surgery. Edward commends Michael on dressing like a true old fashioned Quartermaine. Lucky figures out and tells Elizabeth that Nikolas plans on leaving town with Aiden. Carly lays into Jax about dragging Morgan into this custody mess. Asher feels uncomfortable when Edward asks to get Michael and Abby coffee. Steve begins to wonder if Elizabeth is responsible for Siobhan's drop in blood pressure. Sonny gets livid after finding a subpoena for Brenda in Carly and Jax's custody. Michael overhears Asher talking with Abby about his green projects. Elizabeth and Lucky find Nikolas and says he couldn't leave town.moreless
  • Ep. #12339
    Ep. #12339
    Episode 311
    Carly admits to Jax Michael working with him will keep him away from the Quartermaine's but makes it clear she doesn't trust him. Dante tries to obtain information about Luke and Lulu from Lupe. Jason tells Abby the first time he fell in love, was with someone and ended up breaking it up cause of Michael. Javier tells Lulu that if she leaves, he'll tell Luke about a beautiful blonde came looking for him. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he doesn't have grounds for another test to prove to Nikolas he's not Aiden's father. Elizabeth tells Sam that Lucky is Aiden's father and not Nikolas. Jason tells Carly that he was wrong when he said that Quartermaine's were bad for Michael. Javier instructs Lupe that he has a job for her upstairs. Nikolas tells Lucky that Elizabeth is lying to him, just like she lied about Jake.moreless
  • Ep. #12338
    Ep. #12338
    Episode 310
    Michael tells Edward that he'll work for E.L.Q. but will do so if what Jason thinks. Kristina tells Ethan that the kiss was great and for them to do it again, until Molly and Alexis return home. Jax asks Brenda to be a witness in the custody hearing, Carly then comes in the room. Javier doesn't believe the real reason that Lulu is in his establishment and to tell him the truth. Sonny tells Dante of his life at Deke died. Kristina explains that Ethan was helping her choose a country for her year off. Carly tells Brenda that Jax set this whole scene up so she would walk in and see them together. Lulu asks Lupe why she just lied to Javier for her, she explains she did it for Luke's safety. Carly loses control after hearing Michael's decision to work for Edward. Alexis tells Kristina that she knew what she did by luring Ethan to the house while she and Molly were out. Brenda and Sonny make time for romance. Michael tells Carly that Abby would've thought a job at the Metro Court would be charity. Dante arrives at the whorehouse and runs into Lupe. Lulu goes into Javier's room.moreless
  • Ep. #12337
    Ep. #12337
    Episode 309
    Edward offers Abby a job at his company but only if Michael comes along too. Sonny tells Jason that Michael should work at the warehouse, to keep him close to them and not the Quartermaine's. Lulu enters the whorehouse and runs into Lupe, asking if she's seen Luke Spencer. Kristina asks Ethan for his help with something. Johnny explains to Michael that if he continues to work for his father, it could only lead to disaster. Dante asks Tracy if she's heard from Lulu since she left to go find her father. Edward tells Abby she doesn't want Michael to suffer at the hands of Sonny. Lupe tells Lulu that she should leave cause she doesn't know what kind of people come in here. Jax asks Brenda to tell the court just how dangerous Sonny really is. Dante goes to Sonny for help involving Luke, cause Lulu thinks he can still be saved. Lulu encounters Javier the the man that Lupe warned her about. Abby tells Michael what Edward offered her. Ethan comes and sees that Kristina lit some candles, and she says to see if there's anything by simply kissing each other. Michael reaches a decision about his future.moreless
  • Ep. #12336
    Ep. #12336
    Episode 308
    Maxie goes to see if Jason can help but runs into Sam instead, cause she's worried about Spinelli. Alexis sees what Kristina is doing is trying to get rid of her before Ethan walks in. Jason visits Spinelli in the hospital and sees that change in him. Sonny realizes that if he doesn't give Michael the job he wants he'll go work for the Zacchara's. Ethan tells Edward that he'd like to use his jet. Jason asks Spinelli for certain account numbers, but is shocked when Spinelli says he doesn't know how to operate a computer. Edward tells Ethan that he knows what's going on, cause Maya called him. Sonny tells Brenda to tell Michael what happened with Anthony earlier. Jason asks Sam to find a way to bring Spinelli back to his old self again. Edward tells Jason that he wants Michael to do a internship at E.L.Q. to get back to his real family. Sonny obliges what Alexis did to punish Kristina. Abby tells Michael that she's beginning to reconsider Anthony's offer to work for Angela Dwyer. Kristina tells Ethan that she's big trouble for going off with him.moreless
  • Ep. #12335
    Ep. #12335
    Episode 307
    Maxie asks Spinelli that the jokes over and to stop talking like that. Diane tells Sonny that he's going to be denied a father once again. Lulu see the outcome of the fire at her family's house. Anthony threatens Brenda and Alec while running into them at Kelly's. Siobhan explains to Lucky how she found out that Aiden was his son, and is probably gonna rethink those promises he made to her. Ronnie asks Dante if he's willing to risk his badge by protecting Lucky. Sonny cautions Diane that if she ever interfers in his personal life again she will be fired. Lucky tells Siobhan they can still be married. Elizabeth breaks the news to Nikolas that Aiden is Lucky's and not his. Dante and Tracy learn about Lulu's plan to go and find Luke. Sonny learns that Anthony sent him a message via Alec so he and Max go and give him a warning. Diane is confused at Spinelli's sudden personality change. Nikolas thinks that Elizabeth is making this up just to keep Lucky sober.moreless
  • Ep. #12334
    Ep. #12334
    Episode 306
    Lisa tells Patrick to give her one reason why she should kill Robin, Patrick grabs Lisa and she injects herself with the drain cleaner. Elizabeth confides in Lucky that he's in fact Aiden's father, and that she had another test done and was about to read it when Jake ran into the street. Jason tells Sam that Spinelli got shot trying to protect Maxie. Robin tells Patrick and Robin to finally reconcile their differences. Maxie opens up to Dante about her being responsible for Spinelli being in the condition he's in. Spinelli has an out of body experience and watches as surgery is performed on him. Lucky tells Elizabeth that she saved him tonight and asks if he should go with her to tell Nikolas. Robin delivers important test results to Sam that she was not pregnant, Jason can see how disappointed she is. Maxie is there when Spinelli wakes up and sees that he's not acting like himself. Lucky goes to see Siobhan saying he's going to be the husband that she deserves.moreless
  • Ep. #12333
    Ep. #12333
    Episode 305
    Lisa issues a warning to Maxie, Robin, Steve and Patrick if they go anywhere near Spinelli he'll be dead. Lucky works to override the system to life the lock down on the hospital. Dante thinks of a way to get in and asks Jason to come with him which angers Ronnie. Jason realizes that Jake's birthday is the password for the system. Elizabeth makes another crucial mistake. Maxie tells Lisa that she was like you once upon a time but is a different person. Jason tells Dante and Lucky that there wasting time when Spinelli could be dying. Brandon asks Anthony if he's proud of himself after he finds out that Lisa's taken hostages in the hospital. Matt tells Lucky that he's not sure if Siobhan will ever wake up. Jason thinks it's time to do things his way in getting Spinelli out of there. Patrick makes an attempt to talk Lisa down, but tell him to sit down. Lisa takes Robin hostage as Dante and Jason bust in, but Dante keeps her from escaping. Maxie tells Matt to do his best to save Spinelli. Lucky goes to the Haunted Star and pours himself a drink. Lisa gets up and puts the syringe to Robin's neck and orders Patrick to stay back.moreless
  • Ep. #12332
    Ep. #12332
    Episode 304
    Lucky and Dante enter the house and saves Siobhan from the fire. Robin orders a ultrasound to determine what's the cause of her sudden cramping. Lisa continues to keep a watch on Patrick and Robin. Jason tells Elizabeth that he's not sure that he can get through to Lucky. Mac calls Dante wanting answers on why he left the scene before the fire trucks got there. Sam tells Jason not to worry and the doctors ordered a pregnancy test. Steve tells Lucky that he wasn't thinking Siobhan was his wife and sent Elizabeth into assist in Siobhan's surgery. Lisa pulls out her gun and orders Robin, Patrick, Steve and Maxie into the conference room immediately and puts them all on trial. Mac asks Dante if he's seen Luke anywhere around the house before the fires was set. Elizabeth makes a severe mistake at work by injecting the wrong medication in her I.V. Lucky tells everyone that Lisa has taken hostages as the hospital remains in lockdown. Spinelli manages to get into the conference room via the air ducts and tries to talk Lisa down, Maxie starts to get into with Lisa, she points a gun and Spinelli take a bullet.moreless
  • Thu, Mar 8, 2012
    Thu, Mar 8, 2012
    Episode 304
    Holly and Robert make a big decision.
  • Ep. #12331
    Ep. #12331
    Episode 303
    Patrick asks Elizabeth to join him in the o.r. for a surgery, but Robin doesn't think she's ready. Anthony brings Lisa her uniform. Jason tells Sam that she shouldn't be doing anything stressful and offers to go on the stakeout with Spinelli. Steve tells Elizabeth that it's alright that she lashed out and forgot she asked him to unload Jake's things. Lulu tells Dante that Lucky is thinking about burning down his family's house. Lisa gears up for her fatal scheme. Maxie tells Siobhan that maybe it's time that Lucky knows that Aiden is his father, Nikolas shows up asking where Lucky is. Spinelli brings Sam to the hospital cause she was experiencing some severe cramping. Lucky pours gasoline and lights his house on fire, Dante shows up and takes him away. Siobhan arrives and rushes in worrying that Lucky might be in there. Lisa prepares while dawning the security guard uniform Anthony got for her. Lucky hears someone scream at the house.moreless
  • Wed, Mar 7, 2012
    Wed, Mar 7, 2012
    Episode 303
    Ethan leaves.
  • Ep. #12330
    Ep. #12330
    Episode 302
    Molly tells Sam that there was a fight before the ceremony got underway. Abby goes to Jason and tells him what happened with Michael. Sonny tellls Mayor Floyd that he's gonna write what happened with his kid earlier. Max assures Brenda that Alec is just fine with Milo. Sonny demands that Mayor Floyd give him Michael's diploma or else. Dante reveals that Michael's parole is finished. Diane tells Brenda that it's ill advised to allow Sonny to adopt Alec. Kristina explains to everyone that Bryce got into it with her and blaming her for Kiefer's death. Alexis is appalled at Sonny's greath lengths to get Michael's diploma. Kristina goes to Ethan and asks if he's gotten anymore trouble with Sonny, and if he's happy to see her. Dante presents Michael with a present a letter saying his parole has been finished. Ethan kisses Kristina on the cheek and wishes her a happy graduation. Abby makes a suggestion to Michael that he move in with her.moreless
  • Ep. #12329
    Ep. #12329
    Episode 301
    Kristina tells Molly on how Ethan stood up to Sonny for her. Luke's behaviour causes stress for Lucky and Lulu. Carly and Jax put their differences aside for Michael's sake. Sonny offers Ethan a way out either he leave town or Max and Milo take him on a ride. Alexis objects to Kristina and Ethan seeing each other. Morgan tells Jax that if he cares for him at all, then stop trying to take Josslyn away from her mother. Michael asks Abby to come at his graduation. Lulu tells Dante that Luke's not coming back home not ever again. Ethan tells Lucky that his marriage to Maya is over, when he found her in bed with another man. Brenda tells Sonny that she's not going to Michael's graduation, but he says her not going isn't an option. Michael finds out that it was Kristina that filled out the application that got him into PCU. Jax goes and offers to take Brenda to the ceremony. Lulu and Ethan find Lucky staring at the house and says that Luke wanted to torch the place. Michael gets into it after he blames Kristina for Kiefer's death and deserved to get hit, their fight ends up on the stage in front of everone while Mayor Floyd delivers the commencement speech.moreless
  • Mon, Mar 5, 2012
    Mon, Mar 5, 2012
    Episode 301
    Luke tells Robert Ethan is his son. Todd Manning arrives.
  • Ep. #12328
    Ep. #12328
    Episode 300
    Coleman tells Patrick that despite all that she's done, he's gonna miss Lisa around Jake's. Lucky admits to Luke he's here to say he loves him no matter what he's done and for him to come home. Sonny asks Ethan where he and Kristina slept last night. Anthony tells Lisa that he doesn't like being summoned without proper reason. Luke says to Lucky that no done with being railroaded by everyone and says he doesn't have a home. Anthony is impressed by Lisa's latest and says he'll be honored to help her. Lucky tells Siobhan on the airplane that Luke meant what he said and basically turned his back on everyone. Lisa spies on Robin and Patrick while waiting for Anthony's associate to give her what she wants. Sonny tells Kristina that what she did by coming with Ethan means she's not capable of making good decisions. Ethan stands his ground with Sonny and says he'll see Kristina whenever he wants to. Anthony introduces himself to Brenda and issues her a stern warning. Lucky starts to see Luke's point of his childhood home suffocating him.moreless
  • Ep. #12327
    Ep. #12327
    Episode 299
    Lucky tells Siobhan that Luke took solace in a brothel, and explains the reason behind it. Kristina tells Ethan that he shouldn't be sleeping instead of being out and having fun. Alexis and Sonny race to find Ethan and Kristina. Maxie tries to get through to Lulu to return to work at Crimson. Dante comes to question Jason about the fire at the Zacchara warehouse. Jason tells Lulu he's not going to kill Luke for her, but for him saying he wants to make him suffer. Ethan tells Kristina that they're heading home after his divorce. Brenda shutters while hearing a car backfiring while walking with Robin on the pier thinking it was gunshots. Sonny assures Alexis that Ethan will answer for bringing Kristina down here. Dante presents Lulu with tickets for Paris that he got from Maxie, but she says that she can't go. Alexis and Sonny arrive and learn that Ethan is divorcing Maya and not marrying Kristina. Lucky goes to see Luke and says he's here to tell him that he was wrong.moreless
  • Ep. #12326
    Ep. #12326
    Episode 298
    Sonny asks Alexis and Carly to be a part of the celebration he's planning for Michael and Kristina's graduation. Anthony tells Abby to mention to Michael of the opportunity he offered her. Kristina joins Ethan on the flight and says he needs a witness to his divorce. Johnny tells Lisa that he's through protecting her and is calling the police. Carly disagrees about the location of the party and thinks it should be at Alexis's lake house. Elizabeth asks Robin how her couples therapy with Patrick is coming along. Olivia helps Steve sift through Jake's belongings. Johnny agrees to help Lisa leave the country. Alexis is shocked to learn from Molly that Kristina is with Ethan on a plane to the Dominican Republic. Abby and Michael reconcile and she says she doesn't want anymore ultimatums. Elizabeth comes home and is irate that Steve is boxing up Jake's thing and orders him and Olivia out of her house. Anthony sees that Lisa is still bent on getting her revenge on Robin and Patrick. Ethan and Kristina take comfort in a hotel but with only one bed. Elizabeth remembers after talking with Olivia that she asked Steve to unload all of Jake's things. Anthony sets Lisa up in a place that Johnny won't find her. Alexis goes to Sonny that Ethan and Kristina are off getting married.moreless
  • Ep. #12325
    Ep. #12325
    Episode 297
    Abby tells Sam that she made it clear to Michael that she didn't want to date anyone that's mob connected. Elizabeth becomes emotional after watching Patrick and Robin with Emma, Nikolas intervenes knowing that she's thinking about Jake. Jason tells Spinelli that he did in fact burn a Zacchara warehouse in retaliation. Robin assures Elizabeth that she wants her to be a part of the project she and Patrick are working on cause she's a good nurse. Matt comes to take Maxie away from Crimson for a while. Michael gets an acceptance letter from PCU and goes and asks Abby and Jason if they applied for him. Patrick visits Johnny and asks if he had anything to do with Lisa escaping and to watch cause she'll just use him again. Spinelli rushes to Crimson to warn Maxie of an impending virus that's about to take over her computer. Kristina goes to Sam to once again discuss her getting involved with Ethan. Nikolas tells Robin her concerns for Elizabeth and doesn't know what to do about her, Lisa lingers around near Kelly's. Anthony visits Abby and asks her to come work for him.moreless
  • Ep. #12324
    Ep. #12324
    Episode 296
    Jason tells Sam that he's thinking of quitting the mob. Dante and Lulu become intimate while at the Haunted Star. Maya apologizes to Ethan, thinking she wanted to tell him about Aaron for quite a while, but couldn't find the words. Siobhan offers to go and help Lucky find Luke. Matt comes to Maxie's rescue. Ethan is crushed as his relationship is pretty much no more. Sam tells Jason that she thinks Michael is safer as he remains in the mob. Spinelli asks Maxie if she's been in contacted with Lulu, since she's not picking up her phone, she explains the situation about her buying the casino. Siobhan asks Lucky if Luke has a special place, Lucky then thinks he knows where his father may have gone off to. Robin tells Maxie that Mac is looking after Emma while Lisa remains at large. Ethan and Maya each give a heartfelt goodbye to one another. Lulu apologizes to Lucky for what she said and, also for drinking in front of him.moreless
  • Ep. #12323
    Ep. #12323
    Episode 295
    Jax tells Carly that with Shawn hitting him just strengthens his case against her. Kristina finds Ethan and opens up to her about him possibly never seeing Luke again. Lucky tells Lulu that it's a bad idea for her to buy the Haunted Star, and it's the last place he'll wanna be at. Sonny tells Brenda that if he wanted to get out of the mob he couldn't. Carly tells Jax she wants him to stop everything he's doing cause Josslyn needs both their parents. Lulu tells Lucky that he has to be the one to go get him while she gets the casino up and running. Ethan suddenly gets an idea and decides to go to Philadelphia to be with Maya, and thanks Kristina for suggesting it. Jason refuses Dante's request by asking Lucky to forgive Luke. Brenda tells Sonny that she'll handle learn how to deal with his business life. Shawn confides in Carly what really happened in the war zone. Lulu tells Dante that she thinks that she's lost her brother. Jason faces an important decision. Lucky tells Siobhan that he's screwed up and has to go and find Luke. Ethan is shocked when he sees Maya in bed with another man.moreless
  • Ep. #12322
    Ep. #12322
    Episode 294
    Tracy tells Lulu she's selling thie Haunted Star not just for her sake, but for hers as well. Dante asks Jason not to retaliate cause he'll play right into Anthony's hands. Carly blasts at Jax telling him to get out. Kristina tells Michael to explain to Sonny that she's not that much younger then he is and since he's already dating someone older. Brenda begs Sonny to leave the mob. Tracy explains to Lulu that Luke is an alcoholic and him denying it only makes things worse. Jason is frustrated at the fact that Jax could get primary custody of Josslyn. Brenda agrees to Sonny's terms of not taking Alec anywhere near his office at least for now. Tracy tells Dante that Lulu's idea of new customers will bring Luke home for good. Lulu shows Nikolas her ideas of improving the casino, but he would rather invest in her and not Luke. Carly asks Jason if what Jax says is true about Shawn killing someone in Afghanistan. Shawn becomes violent with Jax after what he did by going through his military files.moreless
  • Ep. #12321
    Ep. #12321
    Episode 293
    Brenda and Alec stumble across a dead woman in Sonny's office, Sonny arrives shortly afterwards and sees for himself. Carly overhears Patrick tell Shawn he has to have surgery to remove the shrapnel fragments. Jax asks Robin to testify on his behalf in his custody battle. Lulu tells Maxie she wants to reinvent the Haunted Star, and explains that Luke bailed on the idea of going to rehab by giving him something to come back to. Elizabeth makes an error at work after having another vision of Jake. Robin explains to Jax that if she were to testify she would have to say that Carly is a good mother. Dante would like Sonny to explain to him why he has a corpse sitting in his chair. Tracy goes to see Carly and asks her if she helped Luke escape from rehab. Matt asks Elizabeth about the mistake on his patient's chart. Jax asks Olivia to keep a log of how many times she sees Carly, Sonny and Jason together. Steve tells Robin and Patrick that Lisa escaped while she was being transfered to another facility. Maxie expresses her concerns about Lulu to Matt about turning the casino into a successful place. Jax shows and explains to Carly that Shawn isn't a war hero cause he fatally shot one of his own men.moreless
  • Ep. #12320
    Ep. #12320
    Episode 292
    Lulu lashes at the doctor on why he didn't contact the rest of the family telling them that Luke checked himself out. Anthony tells Johnny how's he going to explain to the police the girl was shot dead with his gun. Sam tells Alexis that he follow up appointment went really well. Lulu asks the doctor what cab did Luke take so she can track him down. Abby and Jason are shocked when Michael reveals that Johnny offered him a job opportunity. Kristina hopes Dante will persuade Sonny to let her date Ethan. Jason tells Michael that whenever he's in trouble he'll never turn his back on him. Molly tells Sam she has some ideas on baby names, Kristina walks in and Alexis is aghast on how her daughter's look. Lulu returns home and tells Dante that Luke skipped town and is determined to find him. Abby tells Michael to leave it if it means him working for Johnny. Anthony sets up a surprise for Sonny.moreless
  • Ep. #12319
    Ep. #12319
    Episode 291
    Patrick tells Robin that the people at Shadybrook are saying that Lisa wants to see him. Johnny asks Michael if he's in fact asking him for a job. Jason tells Anthony if he's threatening to have to woman that framed Abby murdered. Sonny and Brenda enjoy some time on the pier, he then sees Kristina wearing some inappropriate attire. Michael says that he does want to work for Johnny, but he wants to keep the truce between him and Sonny. Patrick goes to visit Lisa, she assures him that he has nothing to fear. Sonny tells Jason that he's so mad that Kristina is determined to woo Ethan. Lulu tells Dante that she's determined to get the Haunted Star up and running when Luke gets out of rehab. Michael and Abby help each other through a tough time. Lulu goes to give something for Luke and finds out that he left shortly after they dropped him off. Anthony shoots and kills the woman he helped escape, and tells Johnny it's all going accordingly to plan.moreless
  • Ep. #12318
    Ep. #12318
    Episode 290
    Alexis tells Jax that she never filed the paperwork thinking it's best that he and Carly work this out. Lulu is overjoyed that she doesn't have to deal with all of Kate's drama at Crimson anymore. Anthony encourages Abby to come and work for him. Elizabeth gets word to Patrick to head to the E.R. cause a boy was hit by a car. Michael comes from behind and tells the woman to drop the gun, Johnny says to call the police. Dante wants Lulu to come with and spend a week on vacation somewhere. The woman pleads with Elizabeth to allow her in the room to be with Colin. Jason refuses Jax's orders to turn his back on Carly. Michael tells Abby the good news that the charges against her are going to be dropped. Dante goes to Carly saying he's worried about Lulu and wants her to talk to her. Alexis tells Jax that she's not gonna help him by lying about Carly in court. Elizabeth accompanies the woman to the room where he son is, she then has another vision of Jake.moreless
  • Ep. #12317
    Ep. #12317
    Episode 289
    Carly tells Jax that it was good of him to allow her to take Josslyn home last night. Michael wants Jason to be prepared to help him and Abby leave the country. Tracy tells Lulu that alot can happen for Luke in just 30 days. Johnny sees that Anthony is talking to the hit woman that framed Abby. Maxie tells Dante to get Lulu to take care of herself cause she probably won't have a job to come back to. Sam tells Jason she got good news that the procedure was a success and can carry a baby to term. Michael tells Abby that Jason has agreed to help them leave the country. Jax tells Alexis that he's gonna file for custody so when picks up Josslyn he won't have to give her back. Johnny calls Michael telling him he's got a lead on the person that killed Brandon, Michael hears Anthony say about not going to the Jetty Docks. Dante tells Lulu that he thinks if Luke hadn't been drinking then he maybe have not have hit Jake. Abby finds Anthony taped to a chair and asks to give her a reason why she would help him. Johnny tells Michael to use his phone to record his conversation with the hit woman.moreless
  • Ep. #12316
    Ep. #12316
    Episode 288
    Maxie asks Siobhan how she found that Aiden was Lucky's son. Sonny forbids Kristina from seeing Ethan ever again, and is surprised that Brenda stands up for her. Luke feels that his family believes that he'll make a run for it and not check into rehab. Kristina goes to Maxie for some more fashion advice, and gives her a bit of a transformation. Sonny summons Ethan to his house and says for him to do the right thing, and not make any moves on Kristina. Luke punches Lucky when he makes a reference to being just like his abusive father. Ethan tells Kristina that he doesn't want to reflect on his life and end up like Luke. Sonny tells Brenda not to interfere in this thing with Kristina and Ethan. Tracy accompanies Luke to Shadybrook and says she's going to be waiting for him when he gets out. Lucky tells Siobhan that he's worried that Luke isn't gonna follow through in rehab. Luke takes out a wad of cash hoping to pay off the counselor.moreless
  • Ep. #12315
    Ep. #12315
    Episode 287
    Nikolas suggests that Elizabeth take the kids to visit Sarah in California, but she insists on keeping busy at work. Dante arrives at the Haunted Star to find Luke, and him prompting him to arrest him. Sonny has a surprise for Brenda when he finishes workLucky tells Lulu that there's nothing that they can do for Luke, and it's up to him to get help. Ethan tells Kristina that Lisa tried to kill Robin tonight, and takes her hand saying she's not going to be a problem anymore. Luke abruptly lashes at Lulu after she attempts to clean up his mess, he comes to a realization. Dante goes to see Sonny concerning what Luke is going through. Kristina goes to Brenda for some fashion advice. Ethan tells Lucky that he's reconsidering he was right all along, Lucky gets a call from Luke summoning his whole family to the casino. Sonny overhears Kristina tells Brenda that Ethan is the guy that she's interested in. Luke announces that he's going to rehab, but Lucky insists that he should go tonight.moreless
  • Ep. #12314
    Ep. #12314
    Episode 286
    Robin turns the tables on Lisa, when Patrick and Mac come downstairs after hearing her confession. Sonny and Jason discuss Jake. Brenda thanks Carly for easing Alec through the transition. Michael breaks into Johnny's place looking for information but encounters Anthony holding a shotgun at him. Robin tells Lisa her phone was on the entire time and recorded their conversation so she won't get out of this. Johnny tells Anthony to lower the gun, he then asks Michael why he broke into his place. Brenda shocks Sonny by saying she did the impossible by thanking Carly. Jason lays into Michael for foolishly trying to find information when it could've gotten him killed. Jax and Carly's attempt to reach a custody agreement ends in failure. Brenda asks Sonny how safe their life is for Alec. Lisa calls Johnny asking for his help. Anthony says that he need to hit Sonny where it hurts, by having something done to Brenda.moreless
  • Ep. #12313
    Ep. #12313
    Episode 285
    Alexis tells Jason she doesn't think he and Sam shouldn't have a baby. Lisa comes out and goes upstairs and tells Robin that she'll be dead in an hour. Shawn tells Carly he doesn't want to be in the middle of her custody battle so he quits. Brenda tells Sonny why didn't he pick up the phone and call her when he got a lead on Suzanne. Lisa tells Robin that Patrick is gonna pay for the way she just tossed her aside. Kristina tells Michael that she's been a horrible person as of late, he then asks her what she's talking about. Sam wants Jason and her to agree to the right time to get pregnant. Shawn tells Carly that they file that Jax on him is real and the incident really happened, but tries to convince him that she needs him. Michael tries to make Kristina see about Ethan just using, she then lashes out that he's wrong. Jax gives Brenda some advice. Alexis apologizes to Sam for the way they they left things when she left earlier. Lisa makes sure that there's no trace that she was ever there, Robin is shown unconscious on the floor in the basement, she goes downstairs to check on her, she surprised when Robin grabs her.moreless
  • Ep. #12312
    Ep. #12312
    Episode 284
    Patrick tells Robin it's almost as if Lisa is responsible for his account being frozen. Kristina lashes out at Lisa for manipulating her into taking hydrocodone. Luke begins to push Jason's buttons by punching him in the face. Ethan asks Johnny if he thinks that Kristina is lying about Lisa giving her drugs. Robin tells Patrick to call the credit card company and find out about any recent purchases. Alexis tells Jax to let her handle the preliminary in his custody battle. Jason refuses to give into Luke, cause he pretty much wants him to live with his guilt. Ethan asks Kristina if she's just covering by saying Lisa's name when she got the pills herself somehow, she says that Lisa give her the pills. Johnny comes to Patrick to talk about Lisa and says he's right about her being mentally unbalanced and is more obsessed with him then ever. Carly tells Shawn to come with her to get Josslyn cause the judge agreed to a temporary custody for her and Jax. Luke cautions Ethan if he continues to be around Kristina. Jax tells Carly that he'll get a court order keeping her from taking their daughter if he has to. Lisa unscrews the gasline in the basement, but she hears as Robin comes to investigate a noise she heard,moreless
  • Ep. #12311
    Ep. #12311
    Episode 283
    Patrick is confused when he's notified about going over the limit on his card, Robin admits to making a sizable purchase. Michael asks Jason how the progress is coming along in proving Abby's innocence. Dante tells Olivia that he should thank her more for all that she has done for him. Anthony touches a nerve with Lucky while bringing up Jake's death and ends up getting aggressive. Lisa helps herself by ordering a dozen red roses using Patrick's credit card information. Carly tells Luke that Josslyn was released yesterday but Jax took her home, Luke learns she did a favor for Sonny. Johnny tells Anthony he got what was coming since he provoked Lucky. Olivia comes home to find Steve singing a song her specially wrote for her. Ethan tells Kristina the stuff she's taking is hydrocodone and is highly addictive. Lucky gloats and tells Luke he punched Anthony after he started talking about him and Jake. Michael tells Jason that he's gonna do what it takes to protect Abby. Abby tells Michael that Diane thinks it's the best defense she can get. Ethan goes to Johnny's looking for Lisa and says she's trying to get Kristina addicted to drugs. Patrick gets word that his credit card account was just frozen. Kristina asks Lisa why she lied to her. Luke overhears Carly and Jason's conversation on the pier, and confronts them both.moreless
  • Ep. #12310
    Ep. #12310
    Episode 282
    Siobhan tells Lucky that have to meet with a government official about their marriage. Brenda asks Sonny if the reason he took Carly to get Alec was that he wanted to be with her. Cameron decides to look outside for his toy, Elizabeth comes downstairs and finds the door open. Jax tells Carly that Josslyn is gonna be staying with him at the Metro Court. Lisa goes to see Kristina who's babysitting Emma and sets her plan in motion. Jax tells Carly that he's going after primary custody and will make sure that Jason isn't allowed anywhere near her. Brenda learns that Suzanne is in lock up at the station and insists on going to see her alone. Cameron calls Lucky asking him to come over cause his mother's sick. Lulu asks Brenda if she's up to confronting Suzanne. Lisa hears Patrick and Robin are returning and tells Kristina she's going out the back. Suzanne tells Brenda that she wanted a good life for Alec, and in a few years that'll change. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she's unaware that Cameron called him and says she laid in to Cameron after he went outside. Jax is blown away when Brenda says that Lucian was a decoy planted by Suzanne and her real son's name is Alec.moreless
  • Ep. #12309
    Ep. #12309
    Episode 281
    Carly tries to assure Alec about the noise they just heard. Alexis brings Sam some books over from Molly for her to read. Spinelli tells Brenda that he hasn't heard anything from Dante or Sonny. Dante causes a distraction prompting Sonny to get the upper hand on Suzanne. Jax tells Jason that he gave up Jake just so he can protect and look what happened to him. Lulu asks Michael how things are in proving Abby's innocence. Suzanne tells Dante that if Alec were his son would he send him home to live with a gangster like his father. Sonny breaks the news to Brenda that Lucian wasn't her son and he's bring her real one home. Alexis tells Jason to do the right thing and step aside and let Jax take Josslyn home with him, he then calls Spinelli asking him to find something on Jax he can use. Sam starts to question her maternal side. Sonny brings and introduces Brenda to Alec, and rips into him on taking Carly instead of her and doesn't think she can forgive him. Carly goes to Jax asking him if she can see Josslyn.moreless
  • Ep. #12308
    Ep. #12308
    Episode 280
    Jax refuses to call in favors to see where Sonny's plane is headed. Suzanne tells Alec that he's going to enjoy living in Switzerland. Shawn tells Jason he's not going to stop Jax from taking Josslyn home. Spinelli comes home and asks Sam if she needs anything. Elizabeth comes in to find Jason reading to Josslyn. Carly and Sonny think back to the time where Michael locked them in the basement. Jax and Brenda discuss Sonny and Carly's relationship. Sam worries motherhood isn't for her. Jason goes to check on Elizabeth after she almost broke down in tears while talking to Josslyn. Sonny, Carly and Dante enter the houseand finds a picture of a boy that isn't Lucian and starts to figure out Suzanne's vendetta. Brenda goes to see Spinelli and demands that he tell her where Sonny went off to. Steve tells Elizbeth there's no need to keep reminding herself that it was the right thing to do by donating Jake's organs to Josslyn. Jason tells Jax that he can spend all the time with his daughter that he wants but she'll be going home with Carly. Suzanne takes a knife to Sonny's throat and asks Dante if he wants to see his father die. Carly takes Alec into the car and they suddenly hear a gunshot.moreless
  • Ep. #12307
    Ep. #12307
    Episode 279
    Jason brings Sam home from the hospital and says the pain she's feeling is like when she lost her baby. Jax tells Carly that when Josslyn is ready to leave he'll coming home with him. Suzanne tells Betty she's grateful for all that she's done, and will part and live her life with her grandson and Lucian is far where Brenda will never find him. Tracy tells Lulu if she's heard anything more about this lawsuit Luke has against her. Spinelli helps Sonny and Dante locate Suzanne, Sonny threatens Spinelli if he tells Brenda were her son is. Carly assures Jax that she can play dirty too, and will do if she has to. Dante tells Lulu that he's heading out of town cause he found a lead on Lucian's wherabouts. Sam tells Jason that when the time comes to have a baby it'll be a decision that they make together. Carly tells Sonny that their gonna have to make this quick so she can get home to her daughter. Suzanne sits with her grandson Alec and says they're gonna have a good life together.moreless
  • Ep. #12306
    Ep. #12306
    Episode 278
    Michael tells Anthony that this is the last time he speaks to Abby. Lucky tells Siobhan that Elizabeth told him that she was over there earlier. Luke asks Carly for his room back at the Metro Court and help in getting Tracy back. Siobhan asks Lucky if he would've stayed with Elizabeth if it turned out he was the father of one of her children. Lisa takes out Patrick's credit card statement while listening to him tell Robin that he's looking for it. Maxie slaps Matt after being under the impression that he's marrying someone else. Luke explains to Carly that if Tracy sees him living the high life she'll come running, and says she will once he finishes rehab. Michael believes that after running into Kristina that maybe she's using drugs. Lisa uses Patrick's credit card to arrange a little romantic hideaway for them. Maxie is beside herself when Matt says that it's Robin's ring, he picked it up from the jeweler cause Patrick has something romantic planned. Anthony tells Johnny that he ran into Carly, and Johnny says to keep his distance from her. Lucky tells Luke that he knows what he tried to do by goading Jason into killing him.moreless
  • Ep. #12305
    Ep. #12305
    Episode 277
    Kristina comes to Lisa's office while she's listening to Robin and Patrick, and says she wants more vitamin supplements. Anthony tells Carly that Michael just asked him for a hitman. Siobhan quickly puts the letter back and asks Elizabeth why didn't se tell Lucky, and sees that she thinks she's talking about her interrupting his wedding night earlier. Lucky tells Jason that if Luke pushes him again to not do anything. Abby tells Johnny there's no way she's gonna let him turn Michael against her. Carly offers Shawn a job to kill Anthony Zacchara. Matt comes to pick up Maxie, and wants to know why she's so distracted, and says it's has to do with Elizabeth's secret. Elizabeth confesses to Lucky that she knew he was married when she came to his apartment. Shawn tells Carly that the best thing she should do is stay out of it. Maxie goes through Matt's coat pocket and finds a box containing a ring. Michael arrives on the pier and sees Anthony talking to Abby. Siobhan tells Lucky that there's something that he needs to know about Elizabeth.moreless
  • Ep. #12304
    Ep. #12304
    Episode 276
    Elizabeth sees that she's interrupted something between Lucky and Siobhan. Michael is against Abby confessing to doing something she didn't do, and doesn't think she'll get off. Sonny asks Dante if his sources at the airport are liable. Jason tells Sam that she came thought the surgery with no complications. Brenda tells Jax that if Brenda did in fact take off with Lucian, she'll never forgive her. Jason tells Carly that today is Jake's birthday. Anthony tells Johnny that whether he likes it or not he's gonna give him the tools he needs to win. Siobhan asks Lucky to tell her about Jake. Michael runs into Anthony who thanks him for putting Claudia in her place. Sonny and Dante watch as Brenda makes a plea on national television for Lucian's return. Carly tells Anthony to stay away from Michael. Siobhan goes to apologize to Elizabeth for what she walked in on earlier, she then reads the test results and learns that Lucky is Aiden's father.moreless
  • Ep. #12303
    Ep. #12303
    Episode 275
    Ethan asks Luke to quit after that one drink. Sonny tells Dante that Brenda's gonna lose it if she doesn't find Lucian. Elizabeth lingers outside and watches as Siobhan and Lucky prepare to get married. Luke tells Ethan that he's nothing like his father who was in fact a drunk. Brenda tells Sonny that Jax offered to match the amount if they decided to do the ransom thing. Lucky and Siobhan officially tie the knot. Jason dreams about Jake while waiting patiently for Sam to come out of surgery. Nikolas surprises Lucky and Siobhan with their apartment decorated. Elizabeth reminds Jason that it's Jake's birthday and to go and take his motorcycle for a ride. Lulu walks in on Ethan and Luke's conversation and wondering what's going on. Brenda lashes at Sonny for his children being the only ones that matter and storms out. Jason is there for Sam when she wakes up telling her Kelly said there was no complications. Elizabeth returns the gift he got for Jake thinking it can't stay at her place. Dante tells Sonny that at the airport Suzanne got on a plane to Phoenix and she was with a child matching Lucian's description.moreless
  • Ep. #12302
    Ep. #12302
    Episode 274
    Elizabeth tells Lulu that she's starting to see Jake everywhere she goes. Tracy tells Alexis if Luke really does have a case against her. Lucky tells Siobhan that they don't want to to leave each other's side. Molly comes by thrilled that Sam could be getting pregnant. Ethan tells Lulu if the intervention was a good idea. Lucky is tempted to leave, but that would make him just like Luke, and tells Siobhan they need to get married. Elizabeth learns that Sam is having surgery so she and Jason can have a baby. Lulu tells Ethan that it was embarrassing to see her father stumble into Kelly's drunk earlier. Tracy serves Luke some tough love. Sam begins fertility treatments.moreless
  • Ep. #12301
    Ep. #12301
    Episode 273
    Dante thinks Lulu is at Kelly's hoping to run into Luke. Tracy tells Luke that he'll be cut off until he checks himself into rehab. Nikolas checks in on Lucky since the intervention didn't go so well. Steve sees that Elizabeth thought that kid by the elevator reminded her of Jake for a second. Lulu tells Dante that she would love to see her father with his bags packed ready to get help. Nikolas offers to help Lucky with Siobhan's visa situation. Tracy stops Luke and says it was a nice try with what he tried to do just now. Spinelli tells Diane he knows the real reason why she's in his office not for Abby's case but to go through his personal files. Olivia is startled by Steve, and gets his shirt covered in paint. Siobhan surprises Lucky when she brings him to someplace they can relax like they did in Ireland. Luke tells Lulu that he doesn't hold the intervention against her, but she meant what she says about not speaking to him until he gets treatment. Steve and Olivia get intimate at her apartment. Luke asks Alexis that he wants to sue Tracy for control for the Haunted Star. Diane tells Dante that she came across some files in Spinelli's office like he's protective of them and why they're so important. Nikolas tells Lucky the bad news that he wasn't able to extend Siobhan's visa, Lucky says they should get married.moreless
  • Ep. #12300
    Ep. #12300
    Episode 272
    Lisa continues to eavesdrop on Patrick and Robin but is interruped when Johnny comes in her office. Suzanne tells Dante that they should focuse on finding her grandson instead of harrassing her. Jason asks Abby why is she here at Johnny's penthouse. Carly reminds Shawn how grateful she is for all that he's done for her. Dante tells Suzanne that she's not under arrest at least not yet. Brenda is beside herself after learning that all of Sonny's kids have been kidnapped. Jason asks Abby if she's working with the Zacchara's and using Michael she has to tel him now. Johnny sees what an impression that Anthony made on Lisa. Carly breaks down following a confrontation with Jax. Dante tells Sonny his instincts are telling him that Suzanne is involved with this. Jason tells Michael that if he wants to see Abby then that's his choice. Anthony thanks the woman for all that she's done by wearing the wig and looking like Abby, Johnny walks in wondering what's going on. Shawn tells Carly that she would walk through fire for her kids and everything will be just fine. Brenda begs Jax and Sonny to help her find Lucian. Suzanne is shown with Lucian at the airport saying she did what she had to do. Lisa listens as Robin and Patrick get intimate.moreless
  • Ep. #12299
    Ep. #12299
    Episode 271
    Jason finds out Anthony is out of prison when he comes downstairs. Lisa goes around the house while Kristina sleeps, planting listening devices. Sonny tells Michael that he doesn't want him to go back to prison and to keep away from Abby although he knows it hurts. Abby tells Sam that she's beginning to consider the idea of staying away from Michael. Johnny confronts Anthony about him having Brandon killed to frame Abby. Brenda blames herself for not keeping an eye on Lucian, Sonny assures her that he'll be found. Michael goes to see Abby, and he asks if she's breaking up with him. Jason tells Sam that Anthony is the one that framed Abby. Michael joins Abby in the shower. Lulu tells Dante that Luke walked out of his intervention, cause everyone did their best to explain hos his drinking is hurting them. Jason breaks back into Johnny's place to see what Anthony's hidden agenda is. Robin and Patrick explain to Kristina that they're late coming home cause Brenda's son went missing. Lisa listens to Robin and Patrick's conversation via her laptop. Dante questions Suzanne about Lucian's disappearance from Kelly's.moreless
  • Ep. #12298
    Ep. #12298
    Episode 270
    Brenda tells Sonny that she's gonna get Lucian's DNA tested right away. Lisa lets herself into Johnny's place but encounters Anthony instead. Dante is determined find out who the person was that pulled the trigger. Kristina learns that he friend was accepted to Yale, and goes and takes one of her supplements. Maxie learns of Sam's surgery and says that her having a baby right now is a bad idea. Anthony begins to see why Johnny is involved with Lisa and is immediately impressed. Patrick gets a page interrupting his date with Robin. Abby tells Jason that she remembered something that Johnny told her when Michael refused money he offered and it being nice for a Corinthos to owe him one. Robin joins Brenda and Lucian at Kelly's while Patrick was called back to the hospital. Kristina asks Lisa for some more supplement vitamins. Sonny pressures Michael to keep his distance from Abby at least until this mess with Brandon's murder is resolved. Jason goes to confront Johnny about while Anthony overhears from the top of the stairs. Lisa goes to check on Emma while Kristina falls asleep. Brenda and Robin turn around to see that Lucian is missing.moreless
  • Ep. #12297
    Ep. #12297
    Episode 269
    Luke wakes up and Sonny says he's in one of his warehouses, and is dismayed that Lucky is staging an intervention and is surrounded by his loved ones. Lulu starts by reading her letter to Luke saying how much his drinking has affected her life. Sonny shares his concerns about Luke desperately needing help. Nikolas tells Luke about the time he was shot in the neck and told him that everything is gonna be alright. Luke asks Tracy on how this entire thing is going to accomplish, she says that it's all about saving his life. Lucky explains to Luke that he's pretty much his hero, and shows him an example and breaks down wanting his dad back. Luke's loved ones tell him to get help or else he'll be out of their lives forever.moreless
  • Ep. #12296
    Ep. #12296
    Episode 268
    Lulu tells Lucky that she's against his idea of giving Luke an intervention. Tracy comes by and tells Nikolas after he walks in that Luke has taken off yet again. Elizabeth finds Luke standing in the same spot where Jake got hit. Patrick once again apologizes to Lisa when he called her a bonafide stalker. Ethan tells Lucky that this is not what Luke needs right now, but says what their father tried to get Jason to kill him. Elizabeth tells Luke to forgive himself for being responsible for Jake's death. Ethan tells Kristina about what Lucky has planned for Luke. Robin suggests a DNA test to put Brenda's doubts about Lucian to rest. Luke goes to Jake's and tells Siobhan to pour him a drink before he hits the road. Tracy tells Lulu that they have to help Luke before they lose him. Robin tells Patrick that Kristina agreed to babysit Emma while Stephanie is away. Suzanne becomes alarmed when Brenda tells her she's going to get Lucian's DNA tested. Lucky thanks Siobhan and Ethan for drugging Luke's drink and for the intervention to start.moreless
  • Ep. #12295
    Ep. #12295
    Episode 267
    Sam tells Lucky that Jason is grieving and thinking he'll do something he can't take back. Abby tells Michael to stop lying about his so called confession. Nikolas asks Maxie why does whatever Elizabeth has to tell him concern her. Johnny tells Anthony why did he frame Abby for Brandon's murder. Sonny asks Luke if he wants Jason to take him cause he's Jake's father. Maxie realizes Elizabeth's motivation for keeping Aiden's paternity a secret. Lucky tells Sam not to tell Jason that Luke came by. Sonny tells Luke that the reason he has to take his medication is cause of his kids needing their father. Jason asks Abby whether or not she killed Brandon, cause Michael needs her very much. Sonny and Lucky discuss on what to do with Luke. Sam offers to have Spinelli find the name of the witness and see if he was paid off or not. Anthony tells Johnny it's time to start on their project. Lucky asks Nikolas to help him set up an intervention for Luke. Jason is beginning to wonder if the eyewitness is seeing someone he thinks is Abby shooting Brandon. Luke gathers up his things and prepares to leave town.moreless
  • Ep. #12294
    Ep. #12294
    Episode 266
    Jason asks Sam if she really wants to have a baby with him. Dante is beside himself when Sonny asks him to tamper with evidence to keep Michael from going to prison. Siobhan visits Luke and sees him continue to drink himself into a stooper. Maxie runs into Lucky at Kelly's thinking their meeting was fate and she begins to tell him and Elizabeth walks in. Michael loses control when Ronnie arrests Abby for Brandon's murder. Luke goes to Jason's place hoping to provoke him, but leaves a message with Sam. Nikolas tells Siobhan she's wasting her time when Luke will just trash his office again, she tells him to give Luke some insight. Elizabeth tells Lucky that it's good to see him smiling again and getting his life back on track, he then brings up Siobhan and them getting married. Jason tells Michael that Ronnie is looking for any reason to have him thrown back in jail. Sonny tells Kristina she misinterpreted what Brenda told her and says she'll always have time for his kids. Elizabeth tells Maxie she didn't tell Lucky the truth about Aiden because she wants him to be happy with Siobhan. Michael goes against Jason and admits to killing Brandon to Ronnie and Dante.moreless
  • Ep. #12293
    Ep. #12293
    Episode 265
    Diane tells Ronnie that Jason has a right to look at the footage of Michael. Lulu tells Johnny she can understand him having a rough childhood. Jax tells Sonny that Brenda's son won't be a safe as Josslyn. Sam tells Carly that she'll have a 50% chance of carrying a baby to term. Diane tells Ronnie that he has nothing and Michael did not pull the trigger in the video. Johnny explains to Lulu that Michael has seen how his father's business works from when he was little. Kristina learns from Ethan that Maya is gone back to Philadelphia on a family crisis and her family don't know she's married. Jason asks Michael to be honest if he killed Brandon and or if he's covering for Abby. Sonny goes to see Anthony and promises to take him down if Johnny goes anywhere near Michael. Dante makes it clear to Abby that if she did kill Brandon he's not going to let Michael go down for it. Johnny comes home and is surprises to find Anthony there and he got released from prison. Sonny asks Dante to do whatever it takes to protect Michael. Ronnie arrives at Abby's place with an arrest warrant.moreless
  • Ep. #12291
    Ep. #12291
    Episode 264
    Carly and Brenda come to blows after finding out from Kristina that she didn't want the kids having the party at Sonny's house. Dante tells Lulu that he went to a surprise birthday party for Sonny and things went pretty well. Johnny tells Michael that he's just checking up on Abby. Sam confides in Jason that she's scared that the procedure won't work. Shawn refuses Jax's offer for him to leave town for good, Carly then lays into Jax for trying to bribe Shawn. Ethan tells Johnny that he isn't sure when or if Maya will be coming back home. Carly doesn't want to take any chances with Franco still being out there and needs Shawn. Michael tells Abby that all he wants is some respect. Jason tells Diane that he got on his bike and went to clear his head the night Brandon died. Jax tells Brenda that he doesn't want his daughter anywhere near Sonny. Dante finds out there is footage implicating Michael in Brandon's murder, and quickly goes and tells Jason. Lulu confronts Johnny about him possibly being behind Brandon's murder and recruiting Michael. Carly sees Sam all emotional and thinks that her consult with Kelly really bad and that she can't have children. Ronnie tells Diane that they have evidence that ties Michael to the murder and says the best thing for him to do is confess.moreless
  • Ep. #12290
    Ep. #12290
    Episode 263
    Sonny wants Abby to do what it takes to keep Michael away from Johnny. Patrick and Robin disagree on a patients treatment. Alexis comes to Lisa to talk about Kristina and thanks her for making her feel better. Molly is glad that Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Dante came cause it's very important. Shawn goes to visit Anthony to his request to discuss an employment opportunity. Carly tells Jax to take Michael with him on his yacht race and will keep him posted on Josslyn's condition. Everyone agrees to Molly's plan. Sonny offers Abby a job here in his restaurant to help pay Johnny his money. Shawn turns down Anthony's offer. Michael walks in and Abby tells him that Sonny offered her a job but turns it down. Lisa overhears Patrick and Robin asks Kristina to babysit Emma again. Anthony tells Johnny to what he's told and work on Michael. Dante tells Molly to be careful when she's around Shawn. Carly tells Sonny to just trust her on this one. Jax offers Shawn money to leave Port Charles. Johnny returns home to find Lisa there waiting for him and says that Patrick is in his own world and could care less. Sonny is surprised by his loved ones with a surprise birthday party.moreless
  • Ep. #12289
    Ep. #12289
    Episode 262
    Lisa overhears Patrick and Robin go to their first marriage counselling session. Johnny visits Anthony in prison and asks if he had anything to do with Brandon being murdered. Lucky finds a plane ticket on Siobhan and realizes she's going back to Ireland. Elizabeth is relieved when Nikolas didn't read the DNA results and doesn't know isn't his son. Carly arrives and asks Sam if she and Jason considered having a child. Lucky tells Siobhan they can still give marriage a try. Kristina asks Ethan that Taylor asked someone else to the prom and if he would be her date, but says he can't. Carly is livid after Jason tells her he thinks that Johnny is somehow planning on recruiting Michael to work for him. Patrick tells Sam he'd like her to come back for a follow up appointment. Robin asks Maxie why it took the death of a child to take Patrick back.moreless
  • Ep. #12288
    Ep. #12288
    Episode 261
    Sonny tells Suzanne that he's gonna figure out her agenda. Michael sings Carly's praises as a mother to Brenda. Elizabeth has trouble telling Lucky the truth and decides not too. Sam tells Jason that he did what he had to protect Jake. Maxie comes to see Elizabeth thinking that she told both Lucky and Nikolas everything. Siobhan returns to find Lucky reading the last Christmas card that Jake had given him. Nikolas vows to Aiden to no makes the same mistakes with his siblings like he did with Lucky. Sonny tells Brenda that he's not gonna take Suzanne at her word and says that she's after something and will figure it out. Matt asks Maxie if the secret she's carrying has something to do with them. Elizabeth comes in the room to find Nikolas holding the envelope containing the DNA test results. Suzanne makes a call saying she has to close a few loose ends and his grandma will be there soon. Sam asks Jason while bringing the procedure if they can fix everything by having a baby.moreless
  • Ep. #12287
    Ep. #12287
    Episode 260
    Sonny watches as Brenda and Suzanne spend time with Lucian. Elizabeth tells Maxie that maybe Helena tampered with the first DNA test. Jason tells Michael that he would be dead if he hadn't met Sonny. Luke tells Steve that Elizabeth needs to hear from Lucky that he doesn't blame her for the accident. Sonny tells Brenda that all of Lucian's paperwork could've been forged and doesn't want her to get hurt. Tracy leaves after Lucky refuses to help her with Luke. Suzanne tells Sonny if he's visiting her to question her motives towards Brenda. Sam goes to see Elizabeth saying that Jason doesn't blame her for Jake's death. Tracy tells Luke if he doesn't get help he'll be the next person she buries. Elizabeth plans to tell Lucky the truth about Aiden, but finds him bonding with Nikolas.moreless
  • Ep. #12286
    Ep. #12286
    Episode 259
    Johnny tells Sonny that he's not setting Michael, but protecting him. Maxie hides the DNA test when Lucky finds her in Elizabeth's house. Sam tells Jason about Carly's offer to carry their child for them. Elizabeth tells Steve she hasn't seen Lucky since Jake's memorial. Tracy goes to see Luke after Lulu told her he was planning on torching the Haunted Star. Steve tells Lucky that he needs to spend some more time with Elizabeth. Michael confronts Johnny about getting his family's lawyer to represent Brandon. Sonny and Jason think that Johnny is trying to recruit Michael. Tracy tells Lucky that his father needs him right now. Sonny wants Dante to do whatever it takes to keep Michael from entering his business. Maxie gives Elizabeth the envelope back and that Lucky needs to know that Aiden is his son.moreless
  • Ep. #12285
    Ep. #12285
    Episode 258
    Diane asks Sonny what kind of part is he gonna play in Lucian's life. Olivia tells Dante he should go to Sonny with what Johnny's doing to Michael. Johnny tells Michael that going around his club asking questions could easily get him killed. Maxie tells Lulu that Kate offers her sympathies, and their jobs are still in tact. Sonny tells Diane that he wants to make sure that Lucian is actually Brenda's son. Olivia asks Steve to go on a picnic with her if he brings his guitar along. Maxie tells Matt she worries for Elizabeth's well being after Jake's death, and thinks of pushing her and Lucky together. Sonny tells Michael that it's possible that Johnny could be setting him up. Steve tries to get Elizabeth to think about taking some time off and go visit Sarah. Maxie lets herself into Elizabeth's house and reads the test results and learns the truth about Lucky being Aiden's father. Sonny tells Johnny he's gonna stand by and watch him railroad his son.moreless
  • Ep. #12284
    Ep. #12284
    Episode 257
    Carly suggests to Michael and Abby take a break at least until the investigation is overwith. Dante tells Spinelli that Jason is still a person of interest in the Brandon Lowell murder. Kristina is beside herself after meeting Brenda's son Lucian, thinking she'll be an overthought in Sonny's life. Patrick again accuses Lisa of "conveniently" running into him and Robin. Max tells Diane that he and Milo are gonna have a lot of responsibility when they guard Brenda's son. Johnny wonders what Lisa is really up to. Ethan tells Kristina that he has to be there for Luke after finding out what happened to Jake. Carly sees Alexis watching Josslyn and finding out Jax went to see Brenda. Brenda tells Jax she worries about keeping Lucian safe. Michael tells Abby he's not going to be the isolated person by returning to prison. Dante questions Johnny on why Brandon's lawyer is retained by his family.moreless
  • Ep. #12283
    Ep. #12283
    Episode 256
    Lulu has a brief dream of her lashing out at her father, but is interrupted by Dante. Lucky tells Luke not to stop doing what he's doing. Jason tells Michael he can't go down to the police station, if he does he's playing into Ronnie's hands. Lisa tells Patrick that she's at Kelly's to meet up with Johnny. Carly offers to Sam that she'll carry her and Jason's baby. Sam has second thoughts about having a child. Nikolas tells Brook Lynn he's had fun spending time with her and that everything changed when Jake died. Kristina goes to Sam for advice on her college status. Lisa tells Johnny that Patrick ran into her outside and accused him of stalking him and his wife yet again. Patrick tells Robin the reason he canceled at Kelly's is cause he feels that Lisa is up to something. Lucky tells Jason that he's not here to talk about Jake and nothing else. Nikolas gives a goodbye to a tearful Brook Lynn, but she says she'll be going on tour with a band. Dante and Jason try to figure out who got Brandon that high priced lawyer.moreless
  • Ep. #12282
    Ep. #12282
    Episode 255
    Brenda and Carly battle over parenting skills. Sam tells Jason he doesn't have to rearrange Sonny's guards and if Brenda's son showing up bothers him. Lucky tells Sonny he can't help Luke, unless he admits that his drinking killed Jake. Nikolas asks Luke if he feels better after letting all that frustration out. Carly lets Brenda know that Lucian deserves alot better then having her for a mother. Brenda tells Jason that she didn't expect Suzanne showing up with Lucian in her arms. Lucky tells Siobhan that he wants to marry her immediately. Shawn tells Carly to take it easy since she's been to visit Josslyn everday this week. Luke shows Sonny his recent redecorating the place with the bottles of booze. Siobhan goes to see Luke says he needs to put the glass down and go and see Lucky. Carly tells Sam that and says that maybe it's best if she and Jason have a baby. Jason lashes at Lucky after he comes to question him about Brandon's murder by saying he can't deal with this now. Luke pours gasoline around the Haunted Star and flicks his lighter.moreless
  • Ep. #12281
    Ep. #12281
    Episode 254
    Sonny tells Brenda there's no way she'll be taking Lucian out to breakfast at Kelly's when it isn't safe. Nikolas tells Lucky that him cramming at work won't ease the pain of losing Jake. Luke has a brief dream of Jake playing with his toy truck at the Haunted Star. Jason tells Carly that Abby's ex-boyfriend Brandon was found dead, and assures her that Michael and himself are innocent and is determined to find the real killer before they get arrested. Brenda tells Sonny she doesn't want bodyguards to raise Lucian. Carly gives Lucky some advice regarding Luke's behaviour. Ethan returns from Las Vegas and tells Luke that he heard of what happened with Jake. Sonny tells Jason that Suzanne dropped off a boy saying it's Brenda's long lost son. Nikolas arrives just as Luke is throwing and breaking bottles of liquor at the walls.moreless
  • Ep. #12280
    Ep. #12280
    Episode 253
    Abby tells Michael if she wanted to know what happened to Brandon he would've told her. Lisa gives Kristina a book and leaves accidentally dropping one of her earrings. Jason comes home and Dante asks him if he shot Brandon. Suzanne assures Brenda and Sonny she has no hidden agenda. Patrick asks Johnny why he isn't with Lisa and flaunting their "love" in their faces. Michael tells Abby he found Brandon in the alley where she was almost raped by him. Dante says to Jason that other then Michael he had the other biggest motive to want the guy dead. Brenda lashes out at Suzanne for stealing her child away from her. Jason tells Sam that if Michael did kill Brandon he can't let him go back to prison. Patrick finds the earring when going to lock the door, Kristina arrives and lies by saying that it's hers when she knows it's Lisa's. Brenda tells Suzanne that she's not to come anywhere near Lucian after missing almost three years of his life. Dante learns from Abby that Johnny said he'll make sure all the employees at Vaughn's will cooperate. Jason and Michael realize that neither one of them killed Brandon, and needs to find the killer before it's too late.moreless
  • Ep. #12279
    Ep. #12279
    Episode 252
    Patrick tells Robin that it took Jake's death to bring them closer together. Diane has Sonny an agreement about Spinelli's published book. Lisa proves to Johnny she's not stalking Patrick and Robin. Sam tells Spinelli that she fears the worst about Jason thinking he's the one that killed Brandon. Sonny tells Diane that he's not signing anything regarding to the book. Dante asks Michael if he shot Brandon. Maxie tells Spinelli that she set up a book signing, Sam says to go and he'll deal with the search for Jason. Dante goes to question Johnny about Brandon since it the body was found on his property. Brenda signs the paper after finding out it was Spinelli's book, it prompts Sonny to agree as well. Abby tells Michael she can't give him an alibi since she was out looking for him. Patrick and Robin both agree that they're first therapy session went well. Lisa overhears and learns Kristina is going to be babysitting Emma and decides to pay her a visit. Suzanne returns to town and presents Brenda with her son.moreless
  • Ep. #12278
    Ep. #12278
    Episode 251
    Dante gives Lulu some information for Luke regarding his drinking. Abby goes to see Jason and says that Michael has a gun and is worried he's gonna kill Brandon. Robin tells Patrick that she has an idea on how to speed up their reconciliation. Lucky tells Luke that maybe he needed his father by his side when he buried his son. Jason gets to Michael and tells Brandon to just walk away. Lulu comes as Lucky tries to get Luke to admit he's an alcoholic. Robin suggests to Patrick that they go for therapy. Johnny and Lisa's bond deepens. Jason tells Michael he should've came to him when he found out Brandon was released from jail. Lucky tells Luke that until he can admit he has a problem then they can't move forward. Abby tells Michael since they just started she's not ready to let him go and to promise to stay away from Brandon. Johnny catches Lisa spying on Patrick and Robin at Kelly's. Lucky comes back and sees Luke taking a drink. Dante tells Abby and Michael that Brandon's body was discovered and he'd been shot.moreless
  • Ep. #12277
    Ep. #12277
    Episode 250
    Maxie thanks Lucky for the gift he gave Josslyn since she was a transplant patient herself. Abby tells Michael he shouldn't have bought that gun, and he could go back to prison. Robin comes to wish Brenda a happy birthday. Carly warns Jason to look out for himself. Carly tells Jason that Jax freaked after finding out he sent Shawn to protect her. Michael tells Abby that if Brandon comes after her he'll be ready. Luke asks Lulu if she should be discussing this with Dante still in the room. Brenda admits to wishing she was a mother. Brenda learns that Robin and Patrick are trying their hand at counselling. Abby gets a visit from Brandon and he starts getting physical with her. Spinelli shows Maxie a copy of his book, and he wants her to do something on it in Crimson. Michael returns and sees the number Brandon did on Abby and goes out to look for him. Lucky goes to see Luke and makes an assumption that he's drinking vodka.moreless