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  • Ep. #12779
    Ep. #12779
    Episode 249

    Mac and Frisco get into an abrupt argument over Felicia and end up getting in a fight. Luke and Laura land on the Haunted Star, but instead Helena makes her presence known to them. Felicia opens up to Maxie about her quandary over Mac and Frisco. A.J. tells Elizabeth what is wrong with Nikolas, she says that his heart stopped a second time but managed to revive him again. Spinelli tells Ellie he came to a conclusion after having a talk with A.J. Helena is startled after Laura says that Nikolas was shot, Helena instructs Alexis to look after Nikolas or else. A.J. finds out that Tracy signed for the package that came to E.L.Q. Dante quietly boards the boat to aid in finding Lulu.

  • Ep. #12778
    Ep. #12778
    Episode 248

    Ellie catches Tracy in the lab looking for the relish recipe. A.J. enlists Spinelli's help to track down the missing Quartermaine heir to make it up to him for betraying Ellie. Elizabeth asks Patrick if other reasons had him attending the graduation ceremony. Rafe shows up at Alexis's house not knowing anywhere else to go. T.J. overhears Molly talking with Lucy about Rafe. Rehearsals begin for the Nurse's Ball, but things hit a snag when Lucy and Richard Simmons disagree on the music leading to him walking out. T.J. suggests Molly to write a song for the opening number, Val then steps in offering to be the new choreographer. Milo deletes an voicemail from Patrick off of Sabrina's phone. Alexis gets some information on Nikolas' condition.

  • Ep. #12777
    Ep. #12777
    Episode 247

    Luke plans to inject adrenaline into Nikolas' I.V. to get him to wake up and tell him what he knows about Lulu. Carly debuts the newly renovated Metro Court Ballroom, and which leaves Lucy speechless. Felix tells Sabrina that he is still upset over her going out with Milo. Alexis takes Shawn to her home to and is greeted by Sam, Molly and T.J. Carly applauds Michael and him participating in the Nurse's Ball. Anna tells Dante she just found out some information that can lead to Lulu. Laura slaps Luke after putting Nikolas' life at risk. Milo wants to know if Patrick has feelings for Sabrina. Carly steps in to resolve things between Felix and Sabrina. Laura catches up with Luke telling him she is going with him to find Lulu. Felix tells Milo he hopes he didn't spoil Sabrina's surprise about inviting to be her date at the Ball.

  • Ep. #12776
    Ep. #12776
    Episode 246

    Patrick starts to tell Sabrina how he feels about her. Olivia tells Alexis she just had a vision of Shawn coming into the PCPC pointing a gun at her. Shawn explains to Dante and Anna, not before the shooter takes aim at everyone. Dr. Obrecht reassures Britt she may have something in store for Patrick. Scott and Bobbie learn that somebody was shot at the loft, he frantically calls Laura and isn't happy that Luke is there with her. The doctors manage to stabilize Nikolas. T.J. invites Molly to the Nurse's Ball. Milo surprises Sabrina when he invites her to the party at the Floating Rib. Anna finds Britt asking her help and almost sees Dr. Obrecht. Epiphany asks Patrick if he is jealous that Sabrina is out with Milo. Dante questions the shooter but he dies before he can say anything. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt that the Nurse's Ball is the perfect place to spring the surprise on Patrick.

  • Ep. #12775
    Ep. #12775
    Episode 245

    Britt asks her mother why the unexpected visit and what business she has in Port Charles, she says it's been dealt with. Patrick listens again to the message Robin recorded before her death and thinks back to all the times he spent with Sabrina. Dante urges Olivia to use her premonition powers to help locate Lulu. Sabrina tells Felix his worries are over and shows him that Milo has arrived. Nikolas is suddenly shot after telling Luke and Laura he could've prevented Lulu from going missing. Sabrina receives her diploma from Epiphany, Patrick arrives and applauds. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt even though Patrick and Sabrina do come together, she has a way to tear them apart. Anna and Dante find the shooter and learns that it's Shawn. Milo asks Felix to put in a good word him, cause he is interested in Sabrina. Nikolas begins to flatline. Laura vows vengeance to whoever did this to her family. Patrick tells Sabrina there's something he needs to tell her

  • Ep. #12774
    Ep. #12774
    Episode 244

    Dante confronts Scott asking what he has done to his wife, but Lucy tells him he ain't the one that abducted Lulu. Britt is stunned to learn that Sabrina is graduating. Spinelli gives Epiphany a report on the investigation. Maxie has a nightmare of Lulu confronting her and why she hadn't told the truth and wakes up seeing Spinelli standing over her. Elizabeth asks Patrick if he is avoiding the graduation ceremony hoping not to run into Sabrina. Lucy asks a stranger about Lulu who turns out to be Dr. Obrecht. Bobbie tells Luke she felt somebody was watching her while in Seattle. Epiphany tells Britt she has proof she frames Sabrina and will take this to Monica. Dante breaks the news to Spinelli and Maxie that Lulu was abducted. Dr. Obrecht and Britt's connection as mother and daughter is revealed. Nikolas arrives to show his support to help find Lulu

  • Ep. #12773
    Ep. #12773
    Episode 243

    Mac tries to convince Duke not to give up on Anna. Ellie surprises Spinelli when asks him if he ever wants to have children, and says she doesn't. Lulu continues to lay unconscious. Luke makes an important confession to Laura. Frisco tries to convince Maxie not to keep the baby instead of giving it to Dante and Lulu, and assures he will keep her secret. Dante is knocked out by someone while he checks on Lulu. Felicia and Anna both reveal they keep a picture of their ex. Laura wants an answer from Luke saying why Scott isn't right for her, but gets interrupted by a call from Dante saying Lulu is missing. Mac knocks out Frisco when he comes to the Floating Rib.

  • Ep. #12772
    Ep. #12772
    Episode 242

    Starr tells Michael she needs to go to Los Angeles and will find out what's wrong when she gets there and he can't come with her. Anna arrives at McBain's room asking for his badge, cause the bureau is sending him on an assignment. Carly and Sam toast each other to the end of their relationships. Laura tells Scott she doesn't want Lulu as her maid of honor not Lucy. Todd goes to vent his frustrations out on Michael and Starr. Lucy tells Kevin they're going to be attending a wedding, but refuses to stand up for Scott. Dante tells Patrick that Olivia feel dizzy after mistaking a stuffed bear for a ticking bomb. Lulu tells Luke to go and stop Laura from marrying Scott. Olivia hallucinates seeing the bear blow up when it strikes 7:00pm. Starr agrees to let Todd take her to California on his private jet. The clock goes off and Lulu is seen on the floor unconscious.

  • Ep. #12771
    Ep. #12771
    Episode 241

    Lucy gives Scott her own special relationship advice regarding his wedding to Laura. Luke is certain that the gift found isn't from Bobbie at all. Carly tells Todd she wants him, but still doesn't trust him. Michael gives A.J. they got the formula, and won't be long before they find out the secret ingredient. Sam stops kissing McBain before it gets any further. Lucy helps Scott by going to Mayor Lomax for help. Lulu goes and sees what's in the gift bag and tells everybody that it's a Teddy Bear with a clock on it, Olivia sees it then faints. Starr gets a disturbing call from Langston and tells Michael she has to leave Port Charles right away. Elizabeth agrees to give A.J. a second chance, unless he performs with her at the Nurse's Ball. Scott tells Laura he has what they need to get married right away.

  • Ep. #12770
    Ep. #12770
    Episode 240

    McBain tells Rafe he's going to be staying with him from now on, which pleases Molly. Olivia tells Dante she found out Steve pleaded guilty and thinks will be sentenced right away. Scott witnesses Laura looking at a picture of Luke. Lucy interrupts Todd thinking he should buy a table at the upcoming Nurses's Ball, but refuses. Lulu asks Luke if Laura knows about him and Anna ended their relationship. Alexis gives McBain bad news that he doesn't meet the requirements to have Rafe live with him. Scott opens up to Lucy worrying about Laura going back to Luke now that he is not with Anna. Todd busts Carly by revealing the camera and heard everything. Lulu tells Laura that Anna and Luke aren't together anymore. Sam comforts McBain when he berates himself for failing Rafe, they then share a kiss. Lulu receives a present from Bobbie, but Luke thinks otherwise. Todd tries to get Carly to see that they need each other.

  • Ep. #12769
    Ep. #12769
    Episode 239

    Lucy brings Kevin to the hospital for a check up. McBain gets a visit from banged up Rafe saying he can't go back to that group home. Starr tells Michael last night Carly told her to lie to Todd about them being together. Ellie gives A.J. the bad news about the recipe, but Spinelli thinks there may be another way. Sam does Molly a favor and tracks down the home where Rafe was taken too, only to discover he's gone. Todd goes to see Carly and attempts to bribe Josslyn into giving him information. Lucy shows Felix, Sabrina and Elizabeth she got a cheque from an anonymous donor. Ellie is put under hypnosis by Kevin and remembers the diagram for the final ingredient. Todd turns on his laptop and views the camera inside the bunny and learns her relationship with A.J. is a hoax.

  • Ep. #12768
    Ep. #12768
    Episode 238

    Todd looks to Starr for help about Carly, but she refuses saying Carly won't take him back. Elizabeth can't get her mind off seeing A.J. kiss Carly. A.J. tells Carly the favor he wants in return is the name of the Quartermaine heir. Ellie tells Michael she did crack the recipe for Pickle Lila but Spinelli at it, but says there might be another way to retrieve it. Britt makes Maxie promises to keep her out of this when her secret comes out. Connie reveals that Molly is in fact the author of "Love in Maine" as a turning point for Sonny. Lulu and Dante are excited while seeing the sonogram of their baby, Maxie asks Britt she would like to see it too. Michael tells A.J. that Elizabeth saw her kissing Carly. Sonny tells Connie he loves her as well as Kate. Agnes starts to hopelessly flirt with Mac

  • Ep. #12767
    Ep. #12767
    Episode 237

    Sonny encounters Olivia at Steve's apartment. Sabrina tells Patrick it all started from the first day first look into his eyes. Elizabeth comes in and see Carly kissing A.J. and abruptly walks away. T.J. makes an announcement to everyone at the Floating Rib that Molly is the one who wrote Love in Maine not Connie. Sonny realizes that Connie has returned when telling Olivia what happened this morning. Molly is devastated and Alexis tears into Connie, who orders Milo to throw them out. Epiphany lays into Patrick for leaving Sabrina hanging after she revealed her feelings to him. Sabrina tells Elizabeth that Patrick said that he never thought of her in that kind of way. Connie lashes at Sonny for cheating on her with Kate. Todd sets out to prove that Carly and A.J.'s so called romance is a farce.

  • Ep. #12766
    Ep. #12766
    Episode 236

    Carly is shocked when Todd reveals he is a free man and if there's any hope for them now. Shawn brings Molly and T.J. to talk to Kate hoping she will give over the book she stole. Sabrina assures Felix that she won't back out in telling Patrick how she really feels. Olivia is startled by the arrival Kate who unaware that it's actually Connie. Tracy enlists Alice to help her, but Spinelli ends up swallowing the recipe. A.J. tells Ellie that Tracy retained Spinelli to get the recipe for Pickle Lila. Epiphany gives Sabrina her results to test and tells that she aced it. Olivia gets confused when "Kate" says something about her relationship with Sonny. Carly tells Todd she has moved on and is with someone else and points to A.J. saying it's him. Spinelli admits to Ellie that he stole the recipe from the lab, but didn't give it to Tracy. Sabrina finally tells Patrick exactly how she feels.

  • Ep. #12765
    Ep. #12765
    Episode 235

    Spinelli tells Tracy that A.J. acquired his girlfriend to discover the recipe of Pickle Lila. Elizabeth tells Sabrina she had to say goodbye to Steve as he was taken to Memphis so he can start his prison term. Starr finds herself distracted due to Todd's trial starting. Kate asks Sonny the only thing she wants is for him to tell her that he loves her. Carly tells Michael she finds herself torn between her feelings for Todd. Heather testifies to the fact that Todd had no part in the baby switch and she acted alone, when the other witness recants his statement Diane wants the charges against her client dismissed. Sonny comes downstairs and finds a mirror completely shattered. A.J. demands that Carly tell him about the missing heir. Ellie shares with Spinelli she has discovered the secret ingredient to the relish. Elizabeth encourages Sabrina to reveal her feelings to Patrick. Connie returns and vows vengeance against Sonny for cheating on her. Tracy sees Spinelli with the paper and asks if it's the recipe. Carly is shocked by Todd's appearance.

  • Ep. #12764
    Ep. #12764
    Episode 234

    T.J. tells Shawn he feels neglected after Molly chose to spend time with Rafe over him. Tracy tells Luke that she set Duke up to take a fall by giving him counterfeit currency. Laura tells Scott she feels she needs to tell Luke the truth about what she saw tonight. Molly brings up the idea of Rafe coming to live with them. Duke swears to Anna that he got this money directly from Tracy. Connie tells Kate that she stole her life and wants it back. Laura goes to tell Luke about something, but is interrupted by the arrival of Duke and Anna as well as Scott. McBain assures Rafe he isn't going anywhere until he knows that he will be alright.

  • Ep. #12763
    Ep. #12763
    Episode 233

    Kate tells Sonny she wants to start a new life and hopes he can be apart of it. Luke confronts Scott accusing him of sending Lulu that replica Ice Princess. Mac tells Kevin that Frisco doesn't care about his children and is concerned that Felicia is falling for his act again. Tracy tells Lucy that she as well as her are out of E.L.Q. Spinelli finds out Ellie that she is extracting the relish to figure out the recipe for Pickle Lila, and remembers Tracy's instructions. Felicia persuades Frisco that if he cares for her at all then to leave town. Laura wonders if Luke and Anna are in fact together anymore. Kate starts to hear Connie's voice after making love to Sonny. Tracy tells Luke that Scott won't confess his misdeeds in front of Laura. Duke discovers that Tracy gave him counterfeit currency after he tries to pay the bill.

  • Ep. #12762
    Ep. #12762
    Episode 232

    Olivia tells Kate she won't be marrying Steve after all. Heather gives Todd hope for the future saying she won't be testifying against him tomorrow. Jason pleads with Epiphany saying that Sabrina didn't cheat and that Britt is framing her, she has no choice but to ask her to leave the premises. Steve explains to Dante the Memphis police figured out that the evidence clearing him was orchestrated by Heather. Sonny admits to Carly that that Kate returned the night he slept with Connie. Sabrina stands her ground asking Epiphany to take the test again, she agrees as long as she gets a perfect score or else she is out. Heather calls Steve giving her blessings to him and Olivia wishing them all the best. Kate pays Sonny a visit.

  • Ep. #12761
    Ep. #12761
    Episode 231

    Sabrina tells Felix she won't be graduating after all. Sam arrives at the police station saying she will fight for Lucy, Rafe and McBain to the fullest extent for rescuing her from "Caleb". Elizabeth learns that Heather paid someone to forge Maggie Wurth's note, which further implicates Steve in a patients murder. Patrick confronts Britt and will find out why her name isn't on the list of graduates. Kristina confronts Molly about her feelings for Rafe. Steven tells Olivia he needs to go to Memphis to own up and pay for what he's done. Mayor Lomax holds a press conference announcing that Anna and the PCPD was working with the prisoners in order to end Stephen Clay's reign of terror. Anna takes Lucy to see "Caleb's" body and sees that his ring is missing. Felix tells Sabrina that Epiphany said she passed her test, but they're saying she somehow cheated. Rafe asks Molly where he will end up now that he's free. The coroner takes the ring out of his pocket putting it on walks out with "Caleb's" silhouette.

  • Ep. #12760
    Ep. #12760
    Episode 230

    Frisco leaves a message for Felicia reiterating his intention to win her back. Sabrina learns that the hospital board voted in her favor and isn't responsible for Officer Carlson's death. Olivia tells Steve she wants to get married right her in his room, and Maxie helped her. Tracy is told by Spinelli that Duke works for A.J. at E.L.Q. A.J. asks Ellie if they can use the lab in the hospital, but says it's not allowed. Patrick tells Sabrina to focus on graduating and becoming a nurse just like her mother was. Frisco wants Britt her assurance that nobody will know that Maxie is carrying Spinelli's baby. Tracy and Spinelli set up something knowing Duke will go to A.J. A.J. asks Elizabeth out on a date. Police from Memphis arrive to arrest Steve as he is about to marry Olivia. Britt takes delight after hearing that Sabrina won't be graduating.

  • Ep. #12759
    Ep. #12759
    Episode 229

    Olivia is told by the doctor that Steve is in recovery and is currently stable. Duke gives Michael that remaining portion of Lila's pickle relish. Monica tries to get Tracy to do the right thing and give the pickle relish to those who are in charge of E.L.Q. Dante tells Olivia that Heather turned herself into the police station a little while ago. Lucy tells Caleb he is not destined to be with Sami and shoots a silver tipped arrow at him. Rafe is visited by a ghostly vision of his mother, who confirms that Caleb is his biological father. Tracy discovers the relish is missing and thinks A.J. is behind it somehow. Elizabeth tells Steve she doesn't know what she would've done if he had died. McBain kills Caleb, and shows Lucy that his fangs are indeed fake and he was never a vampire. Starr offers to help A.J. determine the recipe for Pickle Lila. Olivia tells Steve that she wants to get married right away.

  • Ep. #12758
    Ep. #12758
    Episode 228

    McBain and Caleb have a showdown. Duke sneaks into the Quartermaine, but is caught by Tracy, but he says he's here to talk to her about Anna. Rafe refuses to hand Danny over to Heather and he knows who she is. Lucy regains consciousness after bumping her head, and sees Alison standing there. Olivia tells Elizabeth that Steve pretty much saved her life from Heather. Anna lets Alexis in on the details about the real Caleb and his plan on reclaiming Sam as his deceased wife Livvie. McBain fights with Caleb to keep him from biting Sam again. Elizabeth tells A.J. she is worried Steve won't survive the surgery. Duke embraces Tracy and in the process steals the key and takes the pickle relish and puts the key back. Heather finally comes to terms and goes and turns herself into Anna. Lucy arrives with the crossbow in her hand to confront Caleb.

  • Ep. #12757
    Ep. #12757
    Episode 227

    Kate goes with Sonny to the place where the accident took place so she can try to remember the events. Heather tells Olivia that she was gonna start all over with Sam's baby and her plans are now ruined and puts the blame on her. McBain realizes that Caleb took Sam into the tunnels. T.J. goes to see Molly asking if it was worth breaking those people out of jail. Steve asks Olivia to stand up for him at his wedding to Olivia. Caleb bites Sam again telling her she will remember everything soon. Kate asks Sonny why he would leave her for Connie. Lucy gives Rafe a medal asking him to hold on to it, while she and McBain search for Caleb. Steve comes home and tries to stop Heather from attacking Olivia, leading him getting stabbed. A.J. discovers what's causing his panic attacks. Steve is brought in the hospital, Olivia tells Elizabeth that Heather did it. Heather returns to Wyndemere seeing Rafe holding Danny. McBain and Caleb come face to face.

  • Ep. #12756
    Ep. #12756
    Episode 226

    Patrick attends an NA meeting and explains on him getting addicted to pills cause block out the pain of losing Robin. McBain tries to convince Lucy that Caleb is a psychotic that just thinks he's a vampire. Starr and Michael think back to the past year they shared together and remembering when Cole and Hope died. Sabrina has an embarrassing run in with Steve spilling water all over him. Kate wants the truth from Sonny and Olivia as to how she came to killing her son Trey. Sam touches her neck to find two holes asks Caleb what he's done to her. Patrick finds Sabrina in the chapel lighting a candle for Officer Carlson and it waiting for the inquiry. Kate learns that Sonny let Connie take Trey off of life support. Caleb attempts to bite Sam, but is interrupted by the arrival of Lucy, McBain and Rafe. Steve tells Elizabeth about his believe of Olivia's latest vision of him since the others came true. Someone watches as Michael and Starr walk away from the road. Olivia is startled at the arrival of Heather at Steve's apartment.

  • Ep. #12755
    Ep. #12755
    Episode 225

    Lulu gets an unwelcome visit from Scott telling her that Laura has agreed to marry him. Alexis learns from Anna that Molly helped three prisoners escape police custody. Tracy tells Luke she may have a way to get A.J. to step down as C.E.O. Olivia tries to explain to Kate about Trey, not before Sonny arrives. McBain, Lucy and Rafe go through Professor Mosser's office, and finds out who Caleb really is after finding some research on Stephen Clay. Scott goes to Anna requesting that he see Lucy and learns she escaped. Sonny breaks the news to Kate that Trey died a fact that she refuses to believe. McBain tells Lucy where she was when she had this dream about Caleb. Luke begins to wonder that if Helena wasn't the one that gave Lulu the Ice Princess replica. Sam wakes up to find Caleb standing over her welcoming her to her new home.

  • Ep. #12754
    Ep. #12754
    Episode 224

    Sonny confides in Michael that last night Kate came back and he needs to find her. A.J. makes a surprising offer to Tracy meaning they would work together. Rafe tells McBain he feels it's his fault since he handed Danny over to Heather in the first place. Steve cautions Olivia in case Connie wakes up and not Kate. Lucy explains to Molly that Caleb took Sam cause he thinks she is "Livvie", and asks her to break Rafe out of jail. Steve explains Olivia's hallucination to Elizabeth of him getting stabbed to death. McBain tells Molly to let him and Rafe out after seeing her with the keys. A.J. suffers another panic attack and asks Tracy to call Elizabeth. Olivia tells Kate the secret that Connie had over Johnny killed Starr's family. Lucy causes a fire causing a distraction for her to escape.

  • Ep. #12753
    Ep. #12753
    Episode 223

    Luke accuses Scott of stalking Laura. Alexis and Shawn head to Sam's penthouse when they can't get a hold of her. Anna tells Duke that her relationship with Luke has ended. Olivia tells Steve she was distraught over her vision of him covered in blood. Todd offers to Rafe he will have his back and could be an ally. Sonny tells Kate she has been gone for about five months, and fills her in on what Connie has done since then. Luke is shocked and wants an answer from Laura on why she is marrying Scott. Alexis worries that someone may have taken Sam. Kate takes off and goes to find Olivia after Sonny admitted he intentionally slept with Connie. Anna tells McBain that Sam and Danny were taken.

  • Ep. #12752
    Ep. #12752
    Episode 222

    Britt approaches Patrick but insists on speaking to Emma, but he says for her to never talk to his daughter again. Connie doesn't believe Sonny is being truthful to her the kiss he planted on her. Lulu reads the card of the and wonders who could've sent her the present. Michael tells Starr he wants to head out and thinks Lulu will understand. Laura tells Luke she saw him yesterday, but didn't say anything cause he was preoccupied with Anna. Maxie tells Frisco that Britt knows the baby she is carrying doesn't belong to Dante and Lulu and blackmailed her into ruining Sabrina's life. Britt gives Sabrina a copy of the complaint she filed against her. Laura and Luke explain to Lulu that Helena could've sent her that gift. Frisco and Maxie confront Britt saying her reign of terror has come to an end. Olivia sees Steve coming out bleeding after hearing a crash. Scott Baldwin suddenly appears on the deck of the Haunted Star. Kate returns and wonders where she is.

  • Ep. #12751
    Ep. #12751
    Episode 221

    Lulu is shocked when Dante brings Sonny to the party. Frisco pleads with Maxie to give him one more chance. Michael tells Starr that her father was captured and said that McBain killed Heather Webber. Felix tries to cheer Sabrina up by taking her to a Valentine's Day party. Steve tells Olivia he's glad he still has her even with the fact the Heather may be dead, Connie arrives asking why they're both so glum. Tracy shows A.J. a key saying it's what he's been looking for and isn't getting it. Laura pays an unexpected visit to Elizabeth and says Luke doesn't she's back in town yet. Felicia sees through Frisco's ploy in using Maxie in order to get to her. Laura gets a text from someone asking where she is. Connie is irate after learning that Starr got half of Johnny's business, but Sonny tells her to let her and Lulu run it. Lulu opens a gift seeing something disturbing and Dante swears he didn't send it. Maxie overhears Sabrina talking to Felix and her being. Luke goes in search and comes face to face with Laura.

  • Ep. #12750
    Ep. #12750
    Episode 220

    Sonny wants all of Johnny's territory, but Shawn says that he'll have to go through Connie first. Todd tells Anna as Carly arrives that he was saving Danny from being taken by McBain. Kristina starts her community service and runs into Johnny. Diane strategizes with Connie about how she is going to pay her legal bills. Alexis furious when she realizes just how far Molly went to protect Rafe. Todd swears to Carly that he isn't lying to her and hopes she will stand by him. Connie and Sonny find themselves alone together and share a Valentine's Day memory. Sam turns around and finds McBain but tells him she knows that he is Caleb. T.J. tells Molly he doesn't think he can trust her after finding out that Rafe spent the night in her room, he gives her his gift and leaves. McBain tells Anna she has to let him out of her so he can go and find Sam and Danny.

  • Ep. #12749
    Ep. #12749
    Episode 219

    Quint tells Todd they can't leave until the other passenger arrives. McBain tells Lucy she believes that Caleb exists and Rafe is in danger and they need to work together. Heather threatens to call Alexis if Rafe doesn't hand over Danny. Carly learns that Starr is now half owner of the Haunted Star and they both celebrate Todd's escape. Kristina catches Molly with a tray of food and knows she has somebody in her room. Sam is let in by a T.A. and discovers Professor Mosser dead and see what looks like bite marks in his neck. Todd is left to fend for himself when Quint refuses to let him on his boat. Anna tells Sam that even though the professor is dead, it doesn't clear McBain of the previous charges. Molly rushes to tell Alexis that Heather has taken Danny. Todd witness Caleb strangling then throwing Heather in the harbor, he attempts to stop him from taking Sam's baby, Anna arrives telling Todd not to move.

  • Ep. #12748
    Ep. #12748
    Episode 218

    Lucy tries to make amends with Anna and Kevin. Patrick tells Sabrina she needs to report the incident to Steve right away. Caleb runs into Heather on the pier, she gets away and finds Todd telling him that McBain is out there. Rafe quickly hides under Molly's bed when Alexis knocks on her door asking her if she has anyone in her room. McBain tells Sam he was meeting with a professor at the University discussing the subject of vampires. Todd realizes that Heather and him are both on the same charter boat. Caleb pays a visit to Professor Mosser and he figures everything out and he ends up killing him. Britt gets a hold of the records and changes the toxicology report making Sabrina guilty. Olivia has a hallucination of Heather dressed as a nurse. Todd tries to figure out what to do and decides leaving town is the best thing. McBain and Lucy come face to face. Sam goes to Professor Mosser's office unaware that Caleb is in there with him.

  • Ep. #12747
    Ep. #12747
    Episode 217

    Dante questions McBain on his whereabouts in the last few hours and shows him the surveillance footage of him escorting Rafe out of his cell. Laura continues to watch Luke and Anna share a kiss. Mac tells Lulu he feels Frisco didn't come back to town for just Maxie. T.J. tells Shawn he is concerned about Molly possibly getting conned by her new friend Rafe. Rafe thanks Molly for believing him when he said he didn't kill his mother. Starr goes to visit Johnny and gives her a gift. Lulu is delighted when Laura arrives and says that Luke doesn't know that she is back in town. Frisco admits to Felicia that he wants to win back her affections. Rafe hides under the bed as Molly brings Kristina in her room. Dante shows McBain additional footage of him coming out of the evidence room with the weapon that killed Alison. Starr announces to Lulu she owns his half of the Haunted Star. Anna apologizes to McBain and places him under arrest.

  • Ep. #12746
    Ep. #12746
    Episode 216

    Anna wonders where McBain has taken Rafe while looking at the security footage. Sabrina sees that cop on the pier is still alive and Caleb suddenly vanishes. Maxie tells Britt she believes there's another side to the story involving Patrick. Duke and Tracy think that Lila's pickle relish will save E.L.Q. Rafe overhears T.J. and Molly fight about her decision to help him. Britt tells Maxie to sabotage Sabrina to get her fired from General Hospital for negligence. Anna goes over the crime scene, Luke then arrives to check on her saying he wants to fight for her. Dante goes and questions Officer Carlson but dies before he can answer his question. Rafe tells Molly he has nobody that can help him except for her. Alice tells A.J. and Michael that Tracy is looking for the recipe for Pickle-Lila. McBain shows up asking Dante what he is watching. Luke kisses Anna, and Laura suddenly shows up seeing them together.

  • Ep. #12745
    Ep. #12745
    Episode 215

    Shawn and Sonny think that Tracy has the biggest motive to bring down E.L.Q. Lucy holds Anna at gun point and instructs her to take her to see Rafe. Caleb tells Rafe he came back for him and wants to take him on a little adventure. Connie arrives stopping the federal agents from arresting Tracy. Todd's covers is blown when Luke finds him under his desk and then calls the police unless she gives him what he wants to know. Caleb reveals to Rafe that he's his son and will raised him the proper way. Luke tells Tracy about Franco's daughter Lauren. Anna gets the upper hand and hand cuffs Lucy on the inside of the cell and locks it. Connie makes Sonny promise not to tell that Tracy leaked the story. Duke and Tracy come up with the same idea on how to save the company. Rafe makes an escape from Caleb telling him he ain't going anywhere with him.

  • Ep. #12744
    Ep. #12744
    Episode 214

    Lucy has a vivid dream of Caleb. Tracy asks Luke if he has any information regarding the identity of the so called Quartermaine heir. Carly arrives confessing to Todd she stole the contents of his safe, and says to call the police to turn himself in. Connie insists on making a statement before Kristina's arraignment starts saying she isn't guilty. T.J. tries to make Molly see that Rafe is trouble. Anna is told by one of her officers that a partial print of McBain's was found on the murder weapon. Todd asks Carly to run away with him. Rafe tells McBain he remembered the person was wearing a specific ring. Sonny asks Connie to tell Michael the truth. Federal Agents arrive telling Tracy she is under arrest. Luke knocks on Todd's office door interrupting his and Carly's almost kiss. Lucy points a gun at Anna. Caleb visits Rafe.

  • Ep. #12743
    Ep. #12743
    Episode 213

    Todd, Heather and Lucy arrive at Wyndemere to regroup. Michael shows Starr the recent headline of Todd's escape from Ferncliff, and if she wants to get away and never come back. Shawn suggests to Sonny to make Connie disappear since she was the only witness to Kristina's attack. Alexis tells Kristina that she did all she could by Connie didn't back down to dropping the charges. Molly sneaks down to secretly see Rafe asking him if he killed his mother, he assures he is innocent. Olivia tries to get through to Connie by trying to get her to go easy on Kristina. Michael asks Johnny if he ever let Sonny the information that was leaked to the paper. McBain tells Sam that his partial prints was found on the weapon that maybe Rafe is telling the truth. Todd comes to see Starr to say goodbye. T.J. learns that Molly went to see Rafe. McBain goes to see Rafe to think about who really killed his mother. Connie comes into the courtroom saying Kristina is not guilty. Todd sees his safe is empty. Caleb appears frightening Lucy.

  • Ep. #12742
    Ep. #12742
    Episode 212

    Michael comes home to find Starr has set the mood for romance. Olivia has a hallucination of seeing Steve in the shower with Sabrina, and goes and has it out with her. Mac comes out seeing Frisco and why Felicia didn't tell him they were back together. Britt attempts to call Lulu threatening to tell her everything if Maxie doesn't comply, she then grabs the phone. Steve tells Olivia that a while back Sabrina said that she had a crush on him but all that is over and done with. Kevin is knocked out by Heather to keep from having them brought back into Ferncliff. Starr tells Michael engage in a whipped cream fight and ening with them kissing passionately. Maxie comes to talk with Felicia about the day she had and sees Frisco. Olivia has another vision of seeing Heather at the hospital.

  • Ep. #12741
    Ep. #12741
    Episode 211

    Rafe gives details to Anna of him seeing McBain stabbing his mother on the pier asking her if she believes him. Todd tells Lucy that without his insanity defense he will go to Pentonville. Sam tells McBain that Lucy told her about "Caleb" being Rafe's biological father. Kevin tells Felicia and Mac about his visit with Lucy and her fixation with vampires. Molly learns that Rafe was brought in on suspicion of killing his mother. Elizabeth interrupts Sabrina as she is about to confess to Patrick, she later tells her the news of him and Britt breaking up. Heather spills to Lucy about her plan to escape, which Todd overhears and wants in. Rafe attacks McBain trying to get him to admit what he done. Britt blackmails Maxie to help her destroy Sabrina or else she reveal everything to Lulu. Felicia is surprised by the arrival of Frisco at the Floating Rib. Lucy, Heather and Todd's escape is thwarted by Kevin.

  • Ep. #12740
    Ep. #12740
    Episode 210

    McBain questions Rafe on how his mother was murdered. Ellie insists on speaking with Maxie about her reason for sleeping with Spinelli. Elizabeth assures A.J. that what he is experiencing is a panic attack. Starr tells Michael that Sonny could be telling the truth of not leaking the story. Lucy tells Sam that the father of Alison's son is "Caleb" or the person she refers as John McBain. Britt tells Lulu there's something she needs to know about the baby Maxie is carrying. Molly assures T.J. he has nothing to be jealous about the new friend she made. McBain tells Anna that the victim called him to meet her on the pier and it was like she knew him somehow. Patrick tells Britt he is ending things before it can get too serious, she retaliates by revealing Sabrina's feelings towards him. Rafe points the finger at McBain as his mother's killer.

  • Ep. #12739
    Ep. #12739
    Episode 209

    Molly becomes startled after running into Rafe and the weapon he has in his hands. Luke asks Tracy if she is the one that basically destroyed Edward's company. Alison tells McBain who refers him as "Caleb", she then sees Sam calling her "Livvie" saying they need to get as far away from him as possible. Sonny tries to assure Michael that Connie is lying and he didn't leak the story, but doesn't believe him. Lucy tries to make Kevin see that she is in fact not crazy, and Alison and her son are in danger, but he says she needs medical treatment. Molly offers to help Rafe get something to eat. Sonny wants answers from Connie on why she lied to Michael. Elizabeth goes to see A.J. and sees him literally gasping for breath. McBain gets a strange call from Alison saying they need to meet on the pier. Britt has it out with Sabrina sharing what she told Emma yesterday, and turns around and Patrick heard every word she said. McBain arrives to see Rafe sitting over his mother's dead body holding the metal arrow in his hand.

  • Ep. #12738
    Ep. #12738
    Episode 208

    Lucy overhears Todd on the phone and wants in on his plan on busting out. Monica visits A.J. who is enjoying his first day as C.E.O. Michael and Starr beg Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. Tracy tells Sonny that A.J. won't be in his cozy little for much longer and Michael will have to suffer the consequences too. Kevin arrives telling Alexis, Sam and McBain that Lucy has been delusional for a long time about him having a daughter name Livvie he doesn't have, also her obsession with angels and demons. Olivia learns from Sonny that Kristina tried to kill Connie cause of Trey's untimely death. Alison Barrington arrives back in Port Charles telling her son Rafe and Lucy being their only ally. Tracy rushes to stop Connie from printing the story and realizing she is too late. Starr threatens to expose Todd's plan with past evidence she has on him. Alexis tries to get Kevin to realizes that he must stay for Lucy's sake. Connie tells A.J. that Sonny gave her the story. Alison sees John and calls him "Caleb".

  • Ep. #12737
    Ep. #12737
    Episode 207

    Alexis learns from Sonny what Kristina almost did to Connie. Emma tells Sabrina he doesn't want to go back to her father cause Britt said some pretty mean things to her. Starr calls Michael telling him that Kristina is nowhere to be found. Connie tells Tracy there has to be another way to undermine A.J., and agrees to print her story in The Sun. Anna asks Mac to stay with her so she doesn't lose it. Britt lies to Patrick when she say she didn't say anything to Emma. Duke offers his services to E.L.Q to prove himself that he is worthy and wants to reclaim the woman he loves. Sabrina tells Patrick that Britt told Emma that she doesn't like her. Michael tells Starr he is worried that Tracy is gonna retaliate. Sonny goes to see Connie hoping she will changed her mind about pressing charges against Kristina.

  • Ep. #12736
    Ep. #12736
    Episode 206

    Patrick panics when Emma goes missing while under Britt's care. Felix takes Sabrina and Elizabeth for a Nurse's night out at the Haunted Star and does a little matchmaking. A.J. tells Tracy he won't turn her in if she steps down as C.E.O. of E.L.Q. Sonny intervenes seeing Kristina lashing out at Connie with a baseball bat. Patrick tells Anna that Emma went missing and issues an amber alert. Steve sees that Ellie still cares deeply for Spinelli and tries to make her see the bright side. Lulu overhears and learns of Spinelli's transgression with Maxie on New Year's Eve. Patrick tells Anna the only person that Emma would go to is Sabrina. Tracy asks Michael how it feels to be just like A.J. Dante arrests Kristina for attacking Connie. Sabrina walks along the pier and sees Emma sitting there. Tracy asks Connie to print a story that could destroy everything.

  • Ep. #12735
    Ep. #12735
    Episode 205

    Starr offers Kristina comfort, but is pushed aside. T.J. begs Connie to return Molly's book to her. Michael tells that despite everything he is the last person he would go to for help. Elizabeth tells Sabrina something that makes her wonder of what Britt told her. Patrick tells Britt of Emma's admission of hating her. Johnny tells Michael that he does have proof that Tracy used mob money in E.L.Q. Britt tells Emma that she doesn't like her either and to pretend to get along. Ned confronts Carly about her knowledge of another Quartermaine heir. Starr and Molly try to stop Kristina before she can do something she'll regret. Sonny tells Tracy he can't be any part of her plan. Michael and A.J. put one over on Tracy. Patrick and Britt come back to find Emma missing. Kristina goes to Connie's office to seek revenge for Trey.

  • Ep. #12734
    Ep. #12734
    Episode 204

    Tracy explains her vampire ploy to Ned so she can secure her role at E.L.Q. Todd tells Johnny he's not going to Pentonville. Patrick asks Elizabeth why Sabrina is keeping her distance from him. McBain tells Sam that Lucy attacked him and pulling out a couple stitches. Michael tells A.J. how can Heather possibly help him, he brings up that she saw something in Edward's will he can use against Tracy. Ned suggests to Tracy to step aside and let A.J. take over. Sabrina and Felix acquire a location for the Nurse's Ball at the Metro Court. Epiphany continues to hold her grudge against Felix. McBain tells Todd he is here to personally escort to Ferncliff. Britt tells Sabrina she is going to spend the day with Patrick and Emma. Tracy calls Sonny in her plan to bring down A.J.

  • Ep. #12733
    Ep. #12733
    Episode 203

    Emma asks Sabrina why isn't she going to be babysitting anymore. Luke tells Faison to stay away from Anna, but she says that he is the real Duke Lavery. Connie thanks Sonny for being there for her after Trey died. Ellie tells Spinelli she thinks Maxie tampered with her car to keep her from meeting up with him on the hospital roof. Maxie turns to Britt telling to assure Dante and Lulu that the baby is alright. Duke thanks Luke cause he is the reason that Anna rescued him from Faison's clutches. Maxie figures out Olivia's recent hallucination involving the wolf puppy. Connie wants Sonny to admit to her that he wants her gone and for Kate to return. Emma tells Patrick she doesn't like Britt and wants Sabrina to be her new mother. Duke assures Anna he isn't going to press for her to make a quick decision.

  • Ep. #12732
    Ep. #12732
    Episode 202

    Britt tells Maxie that she is pregnant again. Duke tells Felicia and Mac that Faison may have destroyed his life in the process. Lulu is relieved when Luke comes into the room but sees his arm in a sling. Olivia tells Connie she wants to be there for her after watching Trey slip away. Spinelli goes to get Steve and shows him that Ellie is moving her toes. Anna tells Sonny that Faison is the one that shot Jason and kicked his body into the harbor. Maxie remembers the night of New Year's Eve and Spinelli is her baby's father. Olivia shows off her engagement ring to Connie who couldn't be more happy for her. Anna ignores an incoming call from Duke. Maxie tells Britt she couldn't bring herself to tell Spinelli the truth. Anna is thrilled when Luke returns home safe and is shocked when he sees the real Duke. Lulu asks Maxie what does she need to tell her and Dante.

  • Ep. #12731
    Ep. #12731
    Episode 201

    Tracy tells A.J. there's a loophole in E.L.Q which gives her the right to fire Lucy and remain as sole C.E.O., he brings up the possibility of another vote. Patrick performs another test on Ellie and she says she feels a slight tingling in her legs. Heathers tells Lucy that she believes her. Carly is shocked when Todd tells the judge that he is claiming that he is insane. Maxie makes a suggestion to Britt to implant her with another embryo before Dante and Lulu get back. Lucy discovers who Heather really is. A.J. asks Michael to help him deal with Tracy. Carly objects telling Todd to do the right thing and pay for his mistakes, but ignores her and goes with his insanity plea. Spinelli has a brief encounter with Maxie. Tracy sees right through Michael seeing A.J. went to see Lucy at Ferncliff. Maxie is shocked when Britt tells her she is pregnant. Lulu fears the worst when she gets news about Luke.

  • Ep. #12730
    Ep. #12730
    Episode 200

    McBain tells Todd he'll see to it he won't escape cause he will be there too. Tracy tells Lucy to do what she saw or she withdrawl her check for the Nurse's Ball to keep her mouth shut with this story about vampires. Felix helps Carly with her hangover as well as her messed up hair. Epiphany tells Sabrina why wasn't she told about the Nurse's Ball. Patrick suggests to Britt that they take whatever they have one day at a time. Lucy pleads not guilty and sees McBain and says to everyone that he is not a human being prompting Alexis for a psych evaluation and changing her plea. A.J. tells Michael that despite her misgivings towards Carly she is still his mother. Todd overhears Alexis and gets an idea. Heather tells Lucy that she believes her.

  • Ep. #12729
    Ep. #12729
    Episode 199

    Anna returns to Port Charles with Duke to find out that McBain was attacked and is in the hospital. Carly wakes up in Todd's bed and A.J. fills her in on what she did last night. Lucy has a dream of "Caleb" making a promise to kill her. Alexis tells Mac and Felicia that if Shawn hadn't stopped Lucy then McBain would be dead. Felix and Sabrina think about the future of the Nurse's Ball. Diane tells Todd after the stunt he pulled he is considered a flight risk. McBain wakes up and Sam says last night wasn't a dream. Monica shows Tracy the headline of The Sun of Lucy's arrest. Lucy refers to Duke as "Joshua" Caleb's assistant and tells Felicia she needs to finish what she started. Sam walks in learning Todd knew of Danny's paternity all along. McBain asks Anna why isn't she happy that Duke is finally back in her life. A.J. sees that he might be in control of E.L.Q. after all.

  • Ep. #12728
    Ep. #12728
    Episode 198

    Lucy takes out a cross and calls McBain "Caleb" and to stay away from her, and sees Sam and refers to her a "Livvie". Todd steals a paperclip off of Felix while brought into the E.R. Johnny alerts Diane to Todd's plan. Sonny helps Connie back to Johnny's house. Sabrina tells Starr that Todd was admitted to the hospital. Carly tells A.J. the reason she is in Todd's suite is all part of her revenge plan. Steve gives Kristina some of Trey's personal affects. Todd tells Starr if she isn't going to see him again, he tells her he loves her. Diane arrives just as Todd is about to leave the hospital. Carly takes a pair of scissors and starts to cut up all of Todd's clothes, but it doesn't make her feel better. Lucy stabs McBain in the chest with a piece of wood, and is then arrested. Sam stops Todd in his tracks before he can escape.

  • Ep. #12727
    Ep. #12727
    Episode 197

    Monica is shocked when she sees Lucy arrive with her bags saying she is moving in. Sonny intervenes to get A.J. to take his hands off of Connie. Sam asks McBain if he was tempted to take Todd's bribe. Tracy tells Michael that she won and will remain in control of E.L.Q., he tells her that Trey is dying. Coleman sees the reason that Carly is drinking is cause she is having guy trouble. Todd goads Johnny into hitting him after saying he made love to Carly on New Year's. Alexis presents to Kristina a court order to turn on Trey's life support. Monica tells Sam that laying Jason to rest and living her life is the best thing. Olivia has a hallucination of Trey opening his eyes saying everything will be alright. Connie signs the papers allowing to let her son go. A guard breaks up a fight between Todd and Johnny. Lucy enters Kelly's and sees McBain sitting there and calls him "Caleb".

  • Ep. #12726
    Ep. #12726
    Episode 196

    McBain gloats while seeing Todd behind bars. Kristina tells Sonny that Connie took off cause she doesn't care about Trey. Carly realizes that Todd told Starr the truth, but why did he lie to her face. Olivia goes to Steve saying she doesn't want anything bad to happen to him. Connie realizes that A.J. was once married to Sonny's sister which makes the two of them family. Todd attempts at bribing McBain by promising to solve his problems, but he records it as insurance in case he needs it. Alexis stops Kristina before pulling the plug on Trey herself. Olivia's hallucination prompts Sonny to look for Connie at The Floating Rib. Starr tells Michael that Carly is in pretty bad shape over Todd. Sonny walks in and Connie makes sure that he sees her kiss A.J.

  • Ep. #12725
    Ep. #12725
    Episode 195

    Alexis stops A.J. before he can go into the room, saying to stay away from Kristina and Michael. Sabrina opens up to Elizabeth of what Britt told her she is making Patrick uncomfortable. Lucy and Mac do some catching up and tells him she's back to revive the Nurse's Ball. Sonny tells Connie he will gladly bail her out of jail, so she can be with Trey. Elizabeth tells Sabrina that what Britt said to her probably didn't come from Patrick. Michael breaks up an argument between A.J. and Alexis. Lucy tells Tracy she wants to share her job title or else she will vote her out of E.L.Q. Sabrina sees Britt and Patrick in the shower together and walks away. Connie goes to see Trey but can't bring herself to pull the plug. Tracy tells A.J. he's too late cause Lucy already signed their agreement, which leads him to almost drink.

  • Ep. #12724
    Ep. #12724
    Episode 194

    McBain tells Sam the reason he hasn't been around is cause he was working in Switzerland. Carly asks Todd to explain to her why he switched the babies and lied to her in the process. Luke contacts Anna and she tells him he was right Duke being an impostor, as Duke listens by. Spinelli confesses to Ellie that while intoxicated he spent the evening with Maxie. The doctor comes out and Anna asks him if Robert is going to be alright. Maxie almost tells Lulu and Dante about the miscarriage, but is interrupted by a call from Luke. McBain tells Sam that Faison is the one that shot Jason and gets her to realize that Jason won't be coming back. Britt lies to Sabrina by saying she is making Patrick uncomfortable and needs to distance herself from him. Duke startles Anna when he attempts at comforting her. Ellie tells Patrick after his examination she has no feeling in her legs if she'll ever walk again. Todd says something which makes Carly realize he knew of Danny's paternity before Sam and let Jason die not knowing the truth. Sabrina does what Britt says and tells Patrick she can't babysit for him anymore.

  • Ep. #12723
    Ep. #12723
    Episode 193

    Todd wants revenge and tries to smother Johnny in his sleep. Patrick tells Connie there's another complication and Trey had an aneursym in his brain. Maxie practices what she plans on saying to Spinelli about her miscarriage. Ellie listens to Spinelli's message on her phone thinking everything is a mess. Carly tells Sam that she was right about Todd, and everything came out after Johnny was arrested. Todd tells Johnny he is going to make sure that he doesn't go to prison. Dante tells Sonny that if Trey dies from something that Connie caused she is going to jail. Carly tells Sam they have to face the truth about Jason never coming back, she then tells Carly to get out. Sonny learns that Johnny confessed to killing Starr's family. Diane tells Todd she is here to get Johnny out. Spinelli learns that Ellie was in an accident. Patrick tells Sabrina they need to talk about New Year's Eve. Carly goes to visit Todd.

  • Ep. #12722
    Ep. #12722
    Episode 192

    Sonny envisions Kate coming back to him. Starr tells Michael that she should've have listened to her father cause he was right about Johnny, and Connie covering for him was an unforgivable act. Johnny tells Carly that Todd also knew what he had done cause he blackmailed him to keep quiet and has proof. Kristina calls Alexis, who in then tells Sonny to come to the hospital right away. Starr walks in asking Todd if he in fact knew that Johnny took her family away, and storms off. Steve works hard to revive Trey as he flat lines. Sonny consoles Connie, and thinks Kate has come back to him. Dante arrests both Johnny and Todd and places them in the same cell. Steve comes out with some bad news regarding Trey.

  • Ep. #12721
    Ep. #12721
    Episode 191

    Carly and Todd's New Year's Eve kiss continues. Steve surprises Olivia when he takes out a ring and asks her to marry him. Sabrina tells Elizabeth she and Patrick almost kissed but got interrupted by Britt. Dante and Lulu celebrate the New Year. Maxie and Spinelli make love,and then says they made a huge mistake. Johnny tells Starr he wasn't lying to her earlier in order to protect Connie. Carly asks Todd he didn't answer his question about him being over Blair the way she feels for Johnny. Michael manages to get through to Dante telling him of his predicament. Connie decides to take off but is stopped by Dante. Trey is brought into the hospital and Kristina refuses to leave his side. Michael learns that Johnnywas the one that killed Starr's family. Sabrina calls Spinelli tellinghim about Ellie's accident. Carly learns what Johnny has done and says that Todd has a secret of his own. Olivia tells Lulu that Steve proposed to her tonight.

  • Ep. #12720
    Ep. #12720
    Episode 190

    Michael swerves off the road unknowingly hitting Ellie in the process. Todd asks Carly if she wants to back to his hotel suite. Maxie tells Britt that she wants to be the one that tells Lulu about the miscarriage. Sabrina and Patrick's almost kiss is interrupted by a phone call from Britt wishing him a New Year. Starr is tested when she finds Connie hanging off a cliff helpless Maxie sees Ellie never showed up to meet Spinelli. Ellie continues to lay undetected and tries to remain conscious. Trey shouts telling Michael that Kristina has passed and isn't breathing. Sabrina gets an eyeful when Britt shows up at Patrick's completely naked. Dante and Lulu return home to find Maxie missing but are relieved when she comes in with Spinelli, she doesn't tell them that she lost the baby. Trey is glad when Kristina wakes up saying he doesn't want to live without her. Johnny confesses to Starr that he is the one that took Cole and Hope away from her, and slaps him after her rescues Connie. Carly and Todd begin to get intimate with each other. Michael finds a phone and comes across Ellie. Trey goes to find help but collapses.

  • Ep. #12719
    Ep. #12719
    Episode 189

    Patrick prepares with this date, as Sabrina arrives having another brief fantasy of kissing him. Michael brings Starr to the hospital and calls Dante saying that Connie attacked her. Olivia has a hallucination of seeing a dog at the New Year's Eve party at the Haunted Star. Kristina asks Connie what she has in the trunk of her car. Ellie tells Maxie the reason she and Spinelli broke up is cause of her. Todd accompanies Carly who are then told by Dante of Johnny's kidnapping and Starr's assault. Milo assists Spinelli with his plans for Ellie on the hospital roof. Emma tells Sabrina she doesn't Britt to be her new mother, and if so she would want her instead. Michael and Starr arrive just as Connie drives off in her car, prompting them to go after her. Britt's night doesn't go well when she is swamped by patients. Maxie is surprised when she is visited by a husky puppy at her door, and ends up tripping an experiencing pain. Starr finds herself in the same place Connie took away her family. Maxie is told by Britt that she miscarried. Spinelli manages to get through to Ellie, not before Connie's car comes towards her. Todd and Carly ring in 2013 with a kiss.

  • Ep. #12718
    Ep. #12718
    Episode 188

    Starr asks Connie why she has Johnny tied to a chair, and sees he is trying to tell her something. Tracy sucks up to Lucy byaccompanying her on a shopping spree, not before A.J. arrives seeing what she is up to. Sabrina has a fantasy of Patrick asking her out, but he wants her to babysit so he can spend New Year's Eve with Britt. Todd catches Sam going through his safe, he calls security to give her time to tell him what she is after. Sonny reacts badly to news from Kristina thinking she is making a mistake by moving to California with Trey. Sam tells Carly she is looking for the manuscript that Todd and Connie stole from Molly. Connie catches Starr trying to call the police and drags her in the room knocking her out telling Johnny it's his fault. Sonny warns Trey he better watch out for Kristina or else. Britt tells Patrick that Lucy's financial situation hasn't changed. Todd asks Carly out on a date. Michael finds Starr unconscious, she tells him Connie did it. Lucy tells Sabrina that E.L.Q. is gonna fit the billfor the Nurse's Ball. Kristina hears a noise coming from the trunk as Trey is saying goodbye to Connie.

  • Ep. #12717
    Ep. #12717
    Episode 187

    Michael and Starr wake up in each other's arms saying it was more then they ever wanted. Ellie tells Spinelli the reason she ended their relationship is cause he was with Maxie. Kristina tells Alexis she is moving to L.A. with Trey, Alexis abruptly gives them her blessing. Connie tells Sonny she will be on her way as she deals with a tied up Johnny. Starr tells Michael she feels there's more to the story why Johnny married Connie. Lulu asks Maxie why she called Spinelli instead of her and Dante. Michael tells Sonny he didn't spend Christmas with A.J. and spent the night with Starr instead. Connie keeps Starr from discovering Johnny in his office. Maxie asks Lulu if she regrets choosing her as the surrogate. Ellie agrees to meet on the hospital roof at midnight with Spinelli on one condition. Sonny doesn't like the choices that Kristina has made.

  • Ep. #12716
    Ep. #12716
    Episode 186

    Olivia has a hallucination about Spinelli rushing Maxie into the hospital. Carly gives Michael his E.L.Q. voting proxy as a gift. Connie arrives at Todd's office looking all festive saying that Johnny won't be confessing any time soon, he asks her if she killed him. Trey asks Kristina if she has thought about moving to L.A. with him. Lulu tells Maxie she can feel it and she could be pregnant with her child very soon. Starr asks Michael if they'll be going to Sonny's or the Quartermaine's for Christmas. Maxie starts experiencing intense cramps, Spinelli asks if everything is alright. Lucy tells A.J. and Tracy they're gonna do a lot better then what they have to offer her. Todd asks Carly if she would like to celebrate Christmas together in his office. Kristina comes to a conclusion about her future and gives Trey an answer to his question. Steve calls Olivia saying that Maxie was just brought in and her vision was true. Ellie tells Spinelli after arriving late she is breaking up with him. Michael and Starr make love. Maxie shares her good news she is in fact pregnant.

  • Ep. #12715
    Ep. #12715
    Episode 185

    Felix steps in and covers for Sabrinatelling Patrickthat Lucy is completely on board with underwriting the Nurse's Ball. Tracy makes another attempt to get Sam's shares of the E.L.Q stock. Lucy stops by the Quartermaine mansion, but Alice throws her out, but she manages to sneak back in. Monica thanks Elizabeth for treating A.J., and apologizes to her for the way she found out that Jake was Jason's son. A.J. swears to Michael that his recent stunt against Sonny will be his last. Starr asksTodd why he wanted to keep Johnny from telling her something important. Connie moves with her plan for Johnny but is stopped when Carly knocks on the door. Britt brings up Lucy's poor financial status, which leaves Sabrina cornered. Lucy Coe has harsh words with Monica and Alice. Starrtells Todd ifhe won't tell her what he wants to know then she will go straight to Johnny herself. Sam divides her shares and gives Tracy and A.J. each 9%. Sabrina decides to tell Patrick the truth, but is stopped by Lucy's arrival.

  • Ep. #12714
    Ep. #12714
    Episode 184

    Sonny tells Carly about his latest debacle with A.J. and Michael saw everything. Johnny sees that Starr has been looking at a picture of her daughter and Cole, and says he needs to confess something to her. Spinelli approaches Ellie asking why she hasn't returned any of his calls. Michael is disgusted after A.J. confesses that he set up Sonny. Todd calls a his source at the PCPD and assures Connie that Johnny hasn't turned himself in. Maxie is shocked when Alexis gives her a legal document thinking Dante and Lulu don't trust her.Starr leaves Johnny after getting a call from Todd saying he is having a "heart attack". Michael tells A.J. he has five minutes to explain himself then he is leaving. Spinelli tells Ellie she overheard wrong and it's her and not Maxie that he wants to be with. A.J. tells Michael he's gonna try and be a better person. Connie knocks out Johnnyafter hanging up the phone with Carly.

  • Ep. #12713
    Ep. #12713
    Episode 183

    Molly tells Alexis that after reading what Connie submitted that is not the story that she had previously written, and T.J. vouches for everything. Connie tells Todd they have a problem cause Johnny is probably going to admit everything and soon. Starr informs Michael about her theory regarding A.J.setting up Sonny.Johnny enlists Diane's legal services and confesses to causing the death of Cole and Hope and needs to turn himself in. Sonny shows A.J. the text from Michaelprovinghe goaded him into beating him up. Alexisgoes to seeConnie and Todd cautioning them about them publishing Molly's book cause if they do they're gonna get sued. Diane tells Johnny it's in his best interest to wait before confessing to both Carly and Starr. Alexis tells Mollythat he put Todd and Connie on notice. Michael tells Starr that today is the anniversary of Abby's death. Michael comes by asking A.J. if he in fact set up Sonny. Starr gets a visit from Johnny and asks what he isdoing here.

  • Ep. #12712
    Ep. #12712
    Episode 182

    Anna and Duke discover Robert fighting for his life. Sabrinaasks Lucy for a donation to help revive the Nurses's Ball which she gladly accepts. Maxie tells Spinelli she was having second thoughts about having Lulu and Dante's baby, since she only agreed to do it because of him. Robert speaks to Anna but passes out before he can say he saw Robin alive. Patrick finds and then watches an emotional video from Robin. Felix suggests that Lucy be the sole underwrite the ball, and admits her assets are frozen. Britt asks Elizabeth why is she suddenly defending Sabrina who is clearly in love with Patrick, she admits that Sabrina is a better fit for Patrick then she ever could be. Thedoctor tells Anna that if Dr. Obrecht gave Robert the entire vial, he realizes there is something he could try. Ellie overhears Spinelli tell Maxie that he would've returned the same feelings for her in a heartbeat. Britt goes over to Patrick's and brings and the movie "Christina Come Home for Christmas" that she deliberately took from Elizabeth. Robert is tried with a drug to counteract what he was injected with. Lucy reminisces and thinks long and hardover what Sabrina had told her. Dr. Obrecht hands Robin over to Jerry Jacks.

  • Ep. #12711
    Ep. #12711
    Episode 181

    Felix admits to Sabrina he embellished when he said heknew Lucy when in fact they haven't met and hitting a road block. Ellie leaves Spinelli so he can deal with the kids from pediatrics to check on Dante. Anna is shocked when she sees Duke tied to a bed, he then assures that it is really him. Patrick tells Mac that why after all this time he is seeing Robin. Maxie decides she can't tell Lulu and Dante that she can't carry their baby for them. Dr. Obrecht tends to Robin saying she has no choice but to kill her. Sabrina and Felix enounter Bree before they're able to go into Lucy's office. Robert hears a voice in the distance andis stunned tosee a very much alive Robin. Duke tellsAnna that Faison attempted to kill him cause one of the memories he gave wasn't truethinking he meanther but realizes now it was someone else.Olivia sees Spinelli holding a puppyand that it's not a hallucination. Robin watches as Dr. Obrecht injects Robert with the syringe. Sabrina comes face-to-face with Lucy. Anna and Dukesee something whenthey enter the room.

  • Ep. #12710
    Ep. #12710
    Episode 180

    Dr. Obrecht lets it slip to Robin that Faison has been captured. Olivia has another hallucination while telling Mac and Maxie about her upcoming grandchild. Robert tells Anna that she was vulnerable cause she was grieving for Robin. Sabrina tells Patrick that Felix is going to get her into to see Lucy about reviving the Nurse's Ball. Robin tells Dr. Obrecht now that the plan is compromised the only thing left is to let her go, but she has a plan to eliminate her instead. Maxie has something important to tell Dante and Lulu. Anna tells Robert that what if Duke is actually still alive. Felix tells Sabrina and Patrick there's mistletoe hanging above them, but Britt intervenes and kisses Patrick. Dante enlists Lulu to come in and help him. Anna and Robert confront Dr. Obrecht wanting the truth. Maxie goes to find Lulu and Dante to tell them something important.

  • Ep. #12709
    Ep. #12709
    Episode 179

    Alexis attempt to cheer up Sam by bringing some holiday decorations, Kristina is stunned to see Trey delivering the tree to the penthouse. Dante hurries to the hospital and Lulu says Maxie is having some kind of allergic reaction. Carly has an encounter with Johnny at Kelly's, and opts to tell her the real reason he married Connie. Anna tells Robert and McBain that she saw Faison in the same room with Duke. Todd informs Molly that he manuscript was submitted by Connie, and he can't stop it from being published. Maxie asks Britt if she will be able to carry Lulu's baby to term. Molly vows to Connie saying she won't get away with stealing her book. Trey tells Kristina that he is leaving Port Charles and wants her to come with him. Sam tells Alexis she believes Jason is still alive. Lulu is relieved after Britt tells her that the food allergy won't interfere with the surrogacy. Robert subdues "Duke" splashingoil on his face dissolving the mask, showing Anna that he is Faison. Todd asks Carly if there was achanceshe would take Johnny back. Johnny tells Conniehe wants a divorce and is going to confess to.

  • Ep. #12708
    Ep. #12708
    Episode 178

    Dr. Obrecht tells Faison she relocated Duke and Robin to a secluded area and are unable to tell anyone who he really is. Michael asks Dante to arrest Sonny cause he was beating up on A.J. Robert and McBain arrive at the clinic telling Dr. Obrecht with a warrant to search the place. Starr takes A.J. to the hospital and Elizabeth isn't happy to see him. Molly and T.J. tell Todd they know that Connie is lying about having the manuscript and if they can search the office. Dante tells Michael he can't do anything since A.J. agreed to the boxing match. Starr reads a text Michael sent to Sonny saying he was coming to the gym. Anna tells "Duke" she needs to call Port Charles telling them Faison is on the loose. Robert and McBain return grabbing Dr. Obrecht refusing to tell them anything. Shawn shows something to Sonny proving that A.J set the whole thing up. Elizabeth tells A.J. that Jasonvisited hisgraveafter his "death" apologizing for keeping Michael from him. Todd tells Molly he located her book at one of his publishing houses. Anna starts to get intimate with"Duke" not before Robert and McBain arrive.

  • Ep. #12707
    Ep. #12707
    Episode 177

    Anna screams in horror after seeing Faison and Robert was right about him being alive. Sabrina tells Elizabeth if Lucy is the one that can save the Nurses's Ball. Michael tells Starr that A.J. had to take care of a few things first. Faison denies having pretended to be Duke and then brings him in the room shocking Anna and tells him to let him go. McBain tells Alexis that Robert thinks Faison is mascarading as Duke Lavery. Robert tells Dante that the clinic where A.J. saw Faison at was the one where Anna was told Robin was there too. A.J. suggests to Sonny that they make ammends for Michael's sake. Felix steps in telling Sabrina he knows how to find Lucy cause she is his boss and will introduce them but he wants something in return. Faison drugs Anna not before taking out a gun shooting his own man Klaus. Michael and Starr arrive at the arenasee thatSonny is beating up on A.J. Anna wakes up to find Duke unaware that it's Faison.

  • Ep. #12706
    Ep. #12706
    Episode 176

    Carly seeks comfort from Todd. Britt intervenes when Patrick want to go with Sabrina to her meeting with Todd. Robert is told by Dante that Anna already left with Duke. Michael apologizes to Starr for when they said they would wait til the moment was right to make love. Anna tells "Duke" that what if Robert is right about Faison. A.J. presents information to McBain which proves Robert's theory. Robert explains to Tracy where Luke has been all this time. Faison takes of the "Duke" prosthetic mask and Dr. Obrecht says he is taking a huge risk, they wonder what to do when Anna knocks on the door. Patrick listens as he hears Sabrina standing up to Todd when he refuses to underwrite the ball. Carly asks Michael for his forgiveness when she called the police on A.J. Tracy offers to help Robert find Faison. Sabrina comes across a picture ofLucy Coethinking she can help her. Anna kicks the door in and comes face to face with Faison.

  • Ep. #12705
    Ep. #12705
    Episode 175

    Olivia has a unsettling hallucination about Lulu, and she asks to tell her what she saw. Dante welcomes McBain to the PCPD, and see Robert being brought into the station. Johnny tells Starr he wishes he can tell her the truth of what Connie has over him. Spinelli finds Maxie and asks how her first treatment went, Ellie then walks in hearing him tell her that he still cares about her. "Duke" tells Anna that a restraining order isn't necessary Connie lies to Molly when she says she hasn't seen her manuscript. Anna goes to Olivia asking her about the picture of Faison. T.J. and Molly offer to work for Connie and be her interns. "Duke" tells Dr. Obrechtto go ahead to get everything ready for his arrival. Todd goes Johnny telling him to stay away from Starr."Duke" tellsAnna their plans have changed and they're heading to Switzerland instead.

  • Ep. #12704
    Ep. #12704
    Episode 174

    Sonny tells Carly he might've made the situation with Michael worse when he saw Connie tied to a chair in his warehouse. Starr confronts Todd about him possibly having a hand in making Tomas disappear before he can marry her mom. Connie tells Johnny where she has been the last few days and is shocked when he says he didn't have a care in the world. Anna tells Robert that Faison is dead and is not posing as Duke Lavery,he shows herthe sketch of the picture that Elizabeth drew. A.J. asks Diane if in fact he will spend the rest of his life in prison, but says it's a work in progress. Todd tells Starr he never got around to reading Molly's book, she sees that Connie took off with it. Carly tells Sonny if it was worth it cause it could cost his relationship with Michael. Molly loses it when she discovers her manuscript has been deleted from her laptop. "Duke" asks Anna if she is actually believing whatRobert issaying. Carly asks Todd if there's any word on Tomas' location andhe is hoping for a reunionfor him and Blair. A.J. tells Diane he saw Faison while he was recuperating at a clinic in Switzerland and can back up his claim by showing her a picture. Starr asks Johnny what Connie has over him.Anna calls the station to have Robert arrested.

  • Ep. #12703
    Ep. #12703
    Episode 173

    Tracy prepares for Sam's arrival while A.J. goes to meet with his lawyer. McBain goes to Anna asking for a job with the department and explains why he can't go back to Llanview, he accepts the job of Detective and Dante's new partner."Duke" tells Dr. Obrecht how did Robert figure out who he really was, and instructs her to kill him while he is away with Anna. Robert goes to Dante with a plan to try and get Faison, but says he can't do it. Patrick tells Sabrina if she is ready for their breakfast date and Felix sees something more. Felicia goes to Maxie not having her support on her decision to be a surrogate for Dante and Lulu. A.J. returns telling Sam that Tracy is after her 18% of her E.L.Q. stock. Felix helps Sabrina prepare for here meeting with Patrick. Robert decides to take action. Dr. Obrecht calls "Duke" telling him that Robert has broken into his apartment. Sabrina and Patrick go over the list of possible donors. McBain tells Sam he is now on the PCPD and will find out who shot Jason. Maxie begins the treatment with Lulu by her side. Robert tells Anna that the person she's isn't Duke Lavery but that of Cesar Faison.

  • Ep. #12702
    Ep. #12702
    Episode 172

    Skye, Carly and Blair's bickering prompts Todd to go and open the door coming face to face with someone that isn't Tomas. Dante and Lulu celebrate at them finding the proper surrogate in Maxie. Helena tells Robert the other reason he persuaded Nikolas to get her to return is cause he wants something from her. Ellie invites Maxie to come and talk and reveals that Spinelli told her about the ultimatum. C.I.A Agent Kingtells Téa he has information about her brother and tells Blair that Tomas was called back to active duty. Robert wants Helena's help withthe whereaboutsof her former associate Cesar Faison, she asks why he needs this so badly."Duke" tells Anna he has a plan to get back to what they once had by going away together an idea that she is considering. Maxie stuns Spinelli about her plan to carry a baby for Dante and Lulu. Carly shows a picture of Tomas to Agent King asking who his real name is, but says he can't divulge anything to them, Todd offers his sympathies to Blair but she slaps himthinkinghe is behind it somehow not before Carly steps in. Skye, Téa and Blair say they're going to find Tomas and bring him home. Helena calls and warns Faison letting him know that Robert is onto him.

  • Ep. #12701
    Ep. #12701
    Episode 171

    Britt listens to Elizabeth talking to Sabrina to discuss her supposed "crush" on Steve Webber. Robert brings Olivia to the Haunted Star to see if she has anymore flashes seeing Faison's face and not Duke's. Maxie tells Mac and Anna he news of being a surrogate mother to Dante and Lulu. Alexis overhears Sonny telling Shawn about doing another job, and admits he kidnapped Connie. Blair is thrown when Todd tells her the man she is marrying isn't Tomas Delgado but Lorenzo Alcazar, Carly and Skye show her pictures of Lorenzo. Britt lets herself in on the Nurse's Ball meeting and makes a fool out of Sabrina by mentioning to Steve about her feelings for her. Sonny is surprised by Maxie's decision to be their surrogate, Olivia has another hallucination while looking at a stuffed animal. Sabrina walks into the conference and says she needs to come clean about her feelings. Mac gives Maxie his blessing. Blair calls Tomas toprove it's not truebut Skye grabs the phone leading the two to get into it.Robert goes to Wyndemere revealing his alliance with Helena Cassadine.

  • Ep. #12700
    Ep. #12700
    Episode 170

    Ellie learns that Maxie opened her heart to Spinelli and her divorce from Matt was all for her. Dante and Lulu explain to Maxie that they interviewed several candidates but none worked out. Téa and Blair discuss the wedding and end up discussing about Todd's misdeeds. Michael is shocked after Sonny confesses to kidnapping Connie in order to bring Kate back and threatens to call the police. Carly and Skye show Todd pictures of Lorenzo Alcazar and sees an opportunity he's been looking for. Molly informs T.J. about her book and makes him promise not to tell anyone. Ellie tells Spinelli that she wants to move out of Maxie's place and in with him. Sonny learns Michael's been talking to A.J. and to go right ahead and turn him in for kidnapping. Maxie tells Lulu she she will carry hers and Dante's baby.Connie begins to read Molly's book and is intrigued. Carly, Skye and Todd arrive in Llanview much to Blair's shock.

  • Ep. #12699
    Ep. #12699
    Episode 169

    Carly abruptly tells Skye after seeing her at Kelly's to go back to wherever she came from, not before telling her that Michael is gonna be right at A.J.'s side where he belongs. Lulu and Dante interview several women and finds one that fit their criteria but it comes at a price.Sonny goes to his warehouse to check on Kate and the doctor says it's hopeless to get rid of Connie. Starr brings Molly to show Todd her manuscript, he goes ballistic after seeing the announcement of Blair's wedding and forbids her from attending. A.J. shows Michael an idea he has to control Tracy. Ellie wants Spinelli and Maxie to be honest and showsthe picture of Maxie and Spinelli's so called wedding.Skye and Carly see a picture of someone that resembles Lorenzo Alcazar and is marrying Blair Cramer. Todd agrees to look at Molly's book only if she boycotts Blair's wedding,Molly tells Todd the story that pretty much resembleshis and Blair's. Connie tells Sonny she hates him is causehe wasn't there when Joe Jr. raped her, Kate almost returns but Michael arrives. Lulu asks Maxie if she is still interested in being the surrogate. Carly goes to Todd saying the person marrying Blair isn't Tomas Delago.

  • Ep. #12698
    Ep. #12698
    Episode 168

    Robert confides in Mac about his suspicions about Faison resurfacing and is impersonating Duke Lavery. Johnny comes across Duke smoking and says if he wants to work for him there will be none of that in his club. Starr tells Blair that she will not miss her wedding to Tomas. Tracy shows Ned her so called "inheritance" from Edward and thinks he knows why he gave it to her. Anna tells Felicia that when Duke kissed her it didn't feel the way she thought it would. Maxie thinks Lulu doesn't think she is good enough to be her surrogate. Skye tells A.J. that maybe Tracy could be forced to step down as C.E.O. Johnny asks Duke how he knows about his family's background. Anna asks Mac what he is doing with Cesar Faison's police file. Starr tells Blair she will be there this weekend for the wedding. Ned tells Tracy that getting on Sam's good graces is her only chance of remaining in control of E.L.Q. Lulu tells Dante that Maxie offered to be her surrogate. Skye goes to Johnny wanting the file that Anthony had on Tracy. Robertcomes across a cigar on the pier.

  • Ep. #12697
    Ep. #12697
    Episode 167

    Starr sends Michael a text hoping that he is doing well at his grandfather's service. Maxie makes it clear to Spinelli never to call him by her nickname ever again. Kristina sees that Trey is practically homeless and is working as a custodian at the church. Molly asks Starrto keep her secret of something she is currently writing, Starr then thinks it's has potential and offers to show it to her father and have it published. Sam believes Jason may be not be alive after all. Maxie confides in Lulu asking what she should do regarding Ellie. Trey tells Kristina he is certain that his father was working for Jerry Jacks. Diane reads Edward'swill leavinghisfamily equal parts of his stock at ELQ, and Tracy iscompletely shut out altogether and penniless, Diane then gives Tracy a box which contains something that doesn't please her. Ellie apologizes to Spinelli for being late for the funeral. Maxie tells Lulu she stumbled on a great idea and offers to be hers and Dante's surrogate.

  • Ep. #12696
    Ep. #12696
    Episode 166

    Skye returns forthe service bringing Lila Rae and is thrilled when A.J. opens the door and reminisces when she last spoke to Edward. Shawn promises Olivia not to count Kate out just yet. Michael asks Sonny if he intended on killing A.J. in order to keep him from way from him. Tracy is delighted that Ned came to show his respects and have a heartfelt moment. .Olivia has a hallucination of seeing Heather in Shawn's place. Heather is in plain sight in disguise at Kelly's eating. Skye takes Lila Rae to the mausoleum and runs into a grieving Tracy. Ned has some harsh words for A.J. over the things that he's done in the past. Heather lets herself into the mansion finds Edward's will not before running into Skye and attempts to kidnap her but is subdued by Alice. Michael scolds everyone for arguing when today is about Edward. Steve comes clean to Olivia about faking A.J.'s death. Sonny asks Shawn how it went with Connie last night. While at Ferncliff Heather says she knows something the Quartermaine's don't. Alice answers and sees a bunch of pizzas, Edward then begins the singing as he and Lila walk up the stairs together.

  • Ep. #12695
    Ep. #12695
    Episode 165

    Patrick tells Monica after hearing about Edward saying he will do whatever he can. Monica sees that Tracy's plan backfired as A.J. was given a second chance. Starr thanks Michael for allowing her to stay at his place. McBain encourages Sam to take a step back from her extensive search for Jason. Monica informs Tracy that Edward's health is deteriorating. Robert tells Patrick there were continuating circumstances as to why he missed Robin's funeral. Sonny wants Alexis to do whatever it takes to keep A.J. away from Michael. Todd tells Carly that he had to hire Connie back at least for now. Tracy goes up and tries to lighten Edward's spirits by saying that E.L.Q. isdoing well not before breaking into tears and is consoled by Monica. Sonny asks Shawn for his help with his situation with Connie. Tracy tells A.J. after hearing to hurry up to see his grandfather. Alexis tells McBain that if his case does go to trial he needs to show them he has a stable income. Monica breaks the news to the family that Edward has died.

  • Ep. #12694
    Ep. #12694
    Episode 164

    A.J. tells Michael that Tracy tricked him into making him believe that he was involved in an accident. Monica hears and finds A.J.'s ankle monitor on the floor. Maxie tells Spinelli she did some soul searching and she wants to be with him. Michael has an idea on how to deal with Tracy, but Sam stops him before he can proceed. Lulu tells Dante that Olivia offered to help pay for the surrogacy, he then says that Sonny made him the same offer. Duke tells Anna that she wants to be together, but she says that she can't do it cause there's something different about him. Olivia gets a history lesson about Faison and Robert says it's possible he could've had plastic surgery to look like Duke. Maxie goes to Lulu hurt saying Ellie choose Ellie and not her. Monica realizes that Tracy is responsible for A.J.'s disappearance. Dante comes looking for A.J. atSam's apartment.Anna asks Duke for a little time. Robert says that Anna must be told before it's too late. Tracy tells Monica the minuteshe buys the house she will be evicted.

  • Ep. #12693
    Ep. #12693
    Episode 163

    Faison almost answers the door after hearing Anna's voice. Olivia tells Steve that the face she saw on Duke really freaked her out. Sam learns from Michael that A.J. is in fact alive. Patrick tells Sabrina he insists on knowing who the doctor she is crushing on, she then lies when she says it's Steve Webber. Sam has some reassuring words for Michael of Jason's impending return.Maxie tells Spinelli her feelings for him and wants him back. A.J. comes home after making bail showing Tracy and Monica his ankle monitor one request is to visit with Edward. Robert wants Olivia to give him a description to the face she saw. Spinelli tells Maxie she shouldn't have divorced Matt just for him. Tracy seizes an opportunityand makes A.J. believeMichael had an accident knowing he would go to him. Maxie asks Spinelli if he wants to be with her of Ellie. Elizabeth and Robert realize the face resembles Cesar Faison. A.J. races to check on Michael and realizes he was set up by Tracy.

  • Ep. #12692
    Ep. #12692
    Episode 162

    "Duke" returns to town and calls Anna wanting to get together, she is surprised by Robert's sudden arrival. Lulu tells Olivia that everything went wrong with the caseworker and lied on the adoption application, she then offers Lulu a solution but refuses. Dante sees Sonny punching the bag with the newspaper of A.J.'s picture. Sabrina tells Elizabeth she came to terms over Britt and Patrick being together. Anna is surprised by Robert's sudden arrival and says that Luke has gotten himself into a jam while getting information on Duke. Maxie learns that Ellie and Spinelli spent the night with each other last night. Sabrina listens in on a conversation between Britt and Patrick and realizes that nothing happened. Faison furthers his plan to make Anna fall in love with him. Olivia has a hallucination of seeing a different face other then Duke Lavery's.Robert tells Anna that Luke might be right to suspect Duke. Dante agrees to take from Sonny to help finance the surrogacy. Sabrinastarts raving to Elizabeth over what shejust heard, unaware Patrickis listening. Robert tells Lulu that Luke is right about something being off about Duke.

  • Ep. #12691
    Ep. #12691
    Episode 161

    A.J. tells Sonny that he is the reason that Jason is dead. Michael tells Carly he wants to be there for his father. Elizabeth and Sabrina hit a snag while going to Tracy to help raise money to fund the return of the Nurses Ball. Spinelli assists Maxie and Ellie with their move. Lulu and Dante must think how to come up with the money for their surrogacy plan. Carly sees Alice and Monica being brought in on assault charges on Tracy. Elizabeth realizes that Sabrina has a thing for Patrick. Ellie opens up to Spinelli about her past relationship when her heart got broken. A.J. is stunned after Michael says he was shot in the head after a hit on Sonny went horribly wrong. Lulu tells Maxie to tell Spinelli her feelings before it's too late. Diane pays a visit to Tracy hoping she woulddrop the charges against Alice and Monica or else she will be evicted. A.J. scolds Carly for allowing Michael for getting hurt while in Sonny's care. Patrick looks at his wedding ring and tells Britt that he is not ready to be with someone else yet. Tracy tells Monica she is going to make it her mission to make sure that A.J. spends the rest ofhis life in prison.

  • Ep. #12690
    Ep. #12690
    Episode 160

    Duke tells Faison that he got what he deserved when he told him those fake memories. Milo explains to Sonny about Connie putting her hands all over him at the bachelorette party, Trey says that it's his fault that she walked in the first place. Todd tells Starr the reason he didn't tell Carly her secret is cause it wasn't his to tell anyone. Johnny admits to Lulu that Connie does have something on him but can't tell her what it is. Anna leaves a message for Duke, and is surprised when Dante brings A.J. Quartermaine into the station, Michael arrives telling him not to talk anyone but his lawyer. Connie tells Starr that if she wants the truth about the accident then to ask her father. Tracy barges in with an oar seeking revenge on them and has Monica and Alice arrested. Duke tells Faison that Anna is never going to fall for him, he dons the Duke Lavery mask and heads back to Port Charles. Sonny pays A.J. a visit in jail.

  • Ep. #12689
    Ep. #12689
    Episode 159

    Sam goes to Anna about the progress on finding Jason. Robin is shocked when Duke pulls off the mask seeing thatit's beenCesar Faison who is holding her hostage this whole time. Dante tells Lulu about the possibility of them using a surrogate, but she isn't sure of someone else carrying her baby. Carly tells A.J. she did see him on the pier and Michael was going to tell her about it. Elizabeth tells Britt it's known all over the hospital that she and Patrick are seeing each other. Faison explains to Robin about his love for Anna, and used the persona of Duke Laveryso she can fall in love with him. Monica arrives telling Carly not to call the police and put A.J. in jail. Anna tells Sam that the DNA sample she obtained doesn't match any in the records. Sabrina tells Patrick the idea of starting up the Nurse's Ball once again. Robin gives Faison his word, but he sayshe has to go back to plan"A". Dante arrives and arrests A.J. whichleaves Michael disappointed inCarly. Cesar goes to see the real Duke Lavery for feeding him false memories about his past.

  • Ep. #12688
    Ep. #12688
    Episode 158

    Duke scolds Dr. Obrecht for allowing Robin to get to a phone and almost talk to Patrick, saying his plans for her have now changed. Lulu tells Ms. Ogawa that if she were honest on the application if they would be considered potential to adopt. Michael asks A.J. he saw him carrying something out to the boathouse. Carly demands that Monica admit to her that A.J. is in fact alive. Diane calls another shrink to the stand to testify. Robin is surprised when someone is brought into her room and is thrown when she sees that it's Duke. Michael tells A.J. he blurted out to Carly about seeing him on Halloween. Anna confides in Mac about her feelings for Duke, but Luke is skeptical and is out to prove he is a fake. Tracy mumbles to Alice there's gonna be trouble when she gets out of here. Robin mentions a memory to Duke of their first meal and a birthday wish she made, and realizes it's not him, Duke then pulls off his face shocking Robin. The judge rules in the favor of Connie and denying Trey's petition. Monicahurries back to the house after Alice tells her Michael and A.J. are on their way there. Carly and A.J. comeface to face.

  • Ep. #12687
    Ep. #12687
    Episode 157

    Lulu becomes alarmed when Dante tells her a caseworker will be coming over, then admits that she lied on the application. Michael tells Starr he blurted out to Carly that A.J. was still alive.The hearing continues as Sonny is hoping that Connie will be committed, not after seeing Diane as her counsel. Tracy picks up the phone calling Dante that she is reporting a fugitive, but before she can say more Alice subdues her. Michael tells Starr that if Sonny did threaten A.J. then he owes him another conversation. Carly tells Todd she was desperate to keep A.J. from knowing that he was Michael's father. Alexis asks Johnny to tell the truth and he will finally be free of the hold Connie has over him. Carly tells Todd she saw A.J. last night on the pier. Monica and A.J. think what to do to keep Tracy from talking. Mrs. Ogawa tells Dante and Lulu she knows everything in the application is a lie. Todd asks Starr if Michael's father is alive. Michael comes to the boathouse justas A.J. and Alice are putting Tracy there.

  • Ep. #12686
    Ep. #12686
    Episode 156

    Starr tells Todd that Maxie has evicted her and Trey. Tracy feels like Monica is deliberately trying to get her and Edward out of the house. Carly sees Michael all distraught and says he has been thinking about Jason as well as A.J. Robin instructs Emma to go and get Patrick right away. Ellie tells Spinelli that she and Maxie are going to be living together. Dr. Obrecht and other orderlys try to get in the room to keep Robin from speaking to Patrick. Carly confirms to Michael that he did drug A.J. and poured alcohol all over him. Spinelli tells Ellie that her living with Maxie is a terrible idea. A.J. tells Monica he ran into Carly shortly after seeing Michael, asks that he leave Port Charles right away. Patrick tells Sabrina that somebody was on the other end of that call. Carly calls Todd saying she needs to see him right away. Tracy comes back courtesy of car trouble and sees A.J. standing there. Dr. Obrecht tellsRobin that nobody is going to be coming for her

  • Ep. #12685
    Ep. #12685
    Episode 155

    Duke asks Lulu if she is checking last night's take cause her father told her. Maxie tells Trey and Starr that she is reclaiming her home. Dante surprises Lulu with an appointment for an adoption agency.McBain tells Sam the person that got Joe Jr. out of jail was Jerry Jacks. Ellie tells Spinelli she could sense something was on Maxie's mindlast night at the party. Elizabeth realizes that Sabrina and Juan Santiago are cousins and encouraged her to apply to the hospital. Duke receives an urgent call from Dr. Obrecht saying there is a problem with Robin, he then books a flight to Zurich. Emma tells Patrick and Anna she wants to go see her mother on her birthday. Sam tells McBain that she is certain that Jason is alive and Jerry Jacks has him. Ellie enlists Spinelli to help her find a new place to live. Starr tells Maxie if Trey is moving out then so is she. Robin knocks out Dr. Obrecht and steals her cell phone and calls home and Emma answers. Lulu deletes the application and starts over again but doesn'texplain the sordid family history. Duke tells Anna he has to leave town and will be back in a few days.

  • Ep. #12684
    Ep. #12684
    Episode 154

    Connie talks Johnny out of going to kill Todd. Carly is spooked by A.J. and passes out comes to and tells what she saw to Sonny and they have to go and find him. Michael tells Starr that the person in the grim reaper costume was his biological father and he is alive. Duke tells Anna that Luke has reason to doubt him. Tracy catches Monica and Alice sneaking out and knows they're lying to her, and explains to Luke she saw Monica earlierlooking at an old Halloween picture of A.J. wearing the same mask when he was a kid. Alan appears to Monica and then to A.J. telling how he feels about them. Sonny brings Carly to the Quartermaine crypt as A.J. hides, Carly then realizes she could've paranoid. Luke decides to investigate Duke's past by going to Turkey to check out his story. Tracy receives a touch on the shoulder from Alan. Johnny and Connie have a touching moment.

  • Ep. #12683
    Ep. #12683
    Episode 153

    Connie goes with Johnnyto celebrate their victory in court, and demands to speak with Carly after seeing the dining room was rented for a party. Alexis tells Sonny not to go to that dark place even though they lost today. A.J. asks Michael to come with him and to listen what he has to say, Michael asks why he should do that. Trey tells Starr things didn't go their way cause the statement that Connie made to the judge. Johnny finds Carly with Todd, but she says for him to leave and go back to his wife. A.J. explains to Michael there's two sides to the story of why he kidnapped him and Kristina. Trey realizes that Starr and Michael are planning on doing the deed tonight. Carly goes to spot where Jason was last seen and hears footsteps and comes face to face with A.J.

  • Ep. #12682
    Ep. #12682
    Episode 151

    Sabrina listens to Patrick's message and gets the wrong impression thinking he wants to go out, but is crushed he wants her to babysit so he and Britt can attend the Haunted Star. Maxie is touched by Spinelli's birthday present. Carly tells Todd she would like to spend the night with him and watch horror movies. Tracy tells Luke to go spy on Duke while she mingles. Maxie tells Felicia that she will feel like a fifth wheel at the party tonight with Spinelli and Ellie. Michael and Starr have anunsettling run in with a masked man. Monica is cornered by Alice while showing a passport date after her son died when he is in fact alive, Alice says she will keep her secret. Emma tells Sabrina that she doesn't like Britt at all. Tracy demands to know who the person in the grim reaper costume is. Carly discusses with Todd her sordid history with A.J. Patrick asks Anna if she is okay with him going out on a date. Starr and Michael discussthem making love. Anna catches Luke spying in his attempt to catch Duke doing something illegal. Carly and Todd begin kissing passionately.A.J. takes off his mask revealing himself to Michael.

  • Ep. #12681
    Ep. #12681
    Episode 150

    Patrick and Emma surprise Maxie with a slice of birthday cake, she tells him she is moving out of his house. Todd gets a visit from Luke wearing a hockey mask, knowing he was Heather's accomplice and for him to admit it to him. Monica and A.J. take a trip down memory lane, and further discuss Michael. Duke asks Anna if she has any progress in finding the person who killed Bernie and maybe shot Jason. Starr finds a picture of Jason and another person Michael says is his father. Monica comes out explaining to Tracy that she was talking to her son while A.J. hides in the closet. Carly brings Josslyn trick-or-treating at Todd's room and asks what the mask is doing there. Duke introduces himself to Patrick and Emma. Michael tries to convince Starr to come with him to Lulu's Halloween party at the Haunted Star assuring that Johnny won't be in attendance. A.J. arrives at the party dressed as the grim reaper.

  • Ep. #12680
    Ep. #12680
    Episode 149

    Connie tells Johnny it's time to go to war with Sonny. Michael arrives looking for Monica, she then comes him preventing him from finding A.J. Trey tells Sonny the only reason he's having Connie committed is for Starr not for him and is the right thing to do. Heather tells Todd she can send him to prison for helping her switch the babies. Steve assures Sam that those test results are in fact the originals and Jason is Daniel's father. Starr tells Kristina about her run in with Connie. Lulu tries to get Johnny to confide in her with what Connie is holding over his head. Trey agrees to Sonny he will sign the papers if he is honest with him about his father's death. Steve isconfused when Heather says that she is Susan Moore, he asks Todd what they're trying to pull. Sam is delightedwhen Jason comes through the door and tells him he is the father not Franco, and then snaps out it realizing he was never even there. A.J. tells Monica that he wants to be there for Michael.

  • Ep. #12679
    Ep. #12679
    Episode 148

    Sonny takes this frustrations out on the punching bag after losing two of the most important people in his life. Connie goes to Trey hoping to extend an olive branch but he wants nothing more to do with her. Starr tells Johnny why she would sing for him after marrying the woman that took her boyfriend and daughter away from her. Olivia tells Steve of her hallucination, and Todd learns that Heather might be waking up. A.J. tells Monica the reason he fought so hard to get better and is alive today because of her. Carly reaches out to Sam, but she makes it clear she doesn't want her sympathy cause Jason is coming back to her. Todd goes through a book and a piece of paper "accidentally" falls on the floor, Olivia picks it up and tells Steve that Jason is the father of Sam's baby. Starr tellsJohnny there's one thing he can to make this right is to have Connie committed. Monica thinks back to the day that A.J. died and how she and Steve fakedhis deathso he could avoid going to jail. Carly insists on Sam listening to Jason last voicemail he left for her. Trey goes to Sonny saying he will have his mother committed. Toddis surprised when Heather suddenly wakes up. Monica and A.J.hide on the patio when Michael comes to the house.

  • Ep. #12678
    Ep. #12678
    Episode 147

    Patrick tells Sabrina she shouldn't be collecting money to send Monica flowers for someone who should've died months ago, which Elizabeth and Britt listen in. Spinelli goes to Todd asking him to give Sam some sort of solace by admitting his part in the baby switch. Monica lashes at Tracy for it being her fault Jason is dead since she was involved with Joe Scully. Maxie tells Lulu she is gonna invite Spinelli at the Halloween party before Ellie has her chance. Duke confides in Anna about his new position as a bartender at the Haunted Star. Sam tells Diane to get out since she is the one that got Todd off. Ellie offers to bring Maxie to join her and Spinelli for the party. Diane comes backsaying to Todd she didn't get the chance to deliver the DNA test to Sam, he that Heather should be the one to tell Sam the truth. McBain tells Sam he has an idea onwho Joe's accomplice was. Patrick apologizesto Elizabeth and Sabrina for his behaviour. A.J. showsup telling Monica he waited until Tracy left.

  • Ep. #12677
    Ep. #12677
    Episode 146

    Duke listens as Anna and Dante tried to figure out who fired the second shot killing Bernie. Luke tells Lulu that Duke Lavery proved to be the real deal, but doesn't believe the story he is selling and will find out what he's up to. Trey refuses to help Sonny cause he took his father away from him. Sam tells Spinelli the only thing she wants from him is his help to find Jason and not his remains. Carly almost catches Todd holding the paper naming Jason as the father of Sam's baby. Starr slaps Connie when she makes aunflattery remark towardsCole and Hope, prompting Carly to tell Connie to get out. Lulu gives Duke a job at the Haunted Star much to Luke's chagrin. Todd instructs Diane to deliver the DNA test to Sam personally. Starr tells Trey to do the right thing and have Connie commited. Sam catches Diane as she is delivering the paper under her door.

  • Ep. #12676
    Ep. #12676
    Episode 145

    Alexis, Molly and Kristina offer their condolences to Sam, but she says that Jason is alright. Connie goes to Todd and asks him for a job. Sonny comforts Carly after telling her the news of Jason being dead. Monica is beside herself with grief after Michael tells her what happened to Jason. Trey comes home and ends up rejecting Starr's affections. Elizabeth goes down to the pierseesJason's blood andfinds Spinelli coming out of the water saying he is searching for him. Carlyslaps Connie after she makes a reference about Jason. Trey asks Sonny why isn't he jumping for joy now that his father is dead. Monica goes through some family pictures and then makes a mysterious phone call. Sam enlists Spinelli's help to go search for Jason. Elizabeth crumples up the DNA test and throws it in the harbor. Starr walks in as Connie is making a play for Michael. Todd goes to his safe and takes out the paternity test results naming Jason as the father of Sam's baby.

  • Ep. #12675
    Ep. #12675
    Episode 144

    Kristina comes looking for Trey and Michael realizes and knew the call he got was about his father. Dante comforts Lulu after unable to have any children. Sonny tells Sam about Jason's shooting and insists on going to find him herself. Joe Jr. in his dying breath names Sonny as his killer. Spinelli takes Ellie to the Floating Rib and interrupts a game of Strip Pool that Felicia and Alexis are playing with Shawn and Mac. Dante gets a call and Lulu insists that he go to work. Tracy asks Kristina to come cause Trey needs and that Joe Jr. is unable to hurt anyone ever again. Sonny calls Michael and asks him to come and look after Daniel while he is there for Sam. Sam insists ongoing down in the water to look forJason. Dante tells Trey that Sonny was at the apartment with him and Michael and couldn't have shot his father. Lulu persuadesMaxie to tell Spinelli of her impending divorce to Matt. Spinelliis overjoyed at the thought of Jason and Sam reconciling. Michael is told by Sonny that Bernie is dead and the search continues for Jason. Sam comes up and is holding the dragon statue.

  • Ep. #12674
    Ep. #12674
    Episode 143

    The police come to question Trey about the whereabouts of his father. Lulu tells Dante that she can get pregnant but can't carry the baby to term, and thinks this thing is her fault. Duke shoots Jason and then knocks him and he falls into the harbor. Anna tells Luke that taking a hair sample from Duke is pointless since he doesn't have DNA on file. McBain tells Sam he wasn't expecting to find her and was hoping to speak with Jason. Monica shares in her good news to Tracy that she is a grandmother again. Starr refuses to let Michael go with Sonny causehe might get hurt and doesn't want to lose another person she cares about. Monica asks Tracy if she really turned her back on Joe altogether. Luke suggests to Anna they compare Duke's fingerprints to the ones in the database. Bernie tells Sonny that Jason was shot and is in the harbor before dying. Joe asks Tracy to get Trey so that he can say goodbye to him. McBain asks Sam if it would be a problem if he were to stay in town. Sonny wants the divers to keep looking for Jason. Anna tells Luke that the prints on theglassare a match to those of Duke Lavery's.

  • Ep. #12673
    Ep. #12673
    Episode 142

    Bernie leaves a frantic message for Jason for him to come to the pier right away. Carly asks Todd to be honest with her and if he indeed switched the babies. Starr comes home and gets caught between Joe's gun saying she is his ticket out of here. Jason is delighted that Sam is back home where she belongs. Luke interrupts a private moment between Anna and Duke.Lulu goes to see the doctor and is surprised that Dante was there earlier to have himself checked out. Bernie thinks to the night he was shot and a disguised Duke visits him in the hospital asking him to transfer Sonny's assets in Kristina's name. Dante goes to check on Michael, learning Joe Scully had Starr but let her go and took off. McBain sits in as Todd is reveal the truth to Carly. Luke takes a few hairs from Duke for a DNA test. Diane arrives saying she is Todd's attorney, and has gotten him released. Lulu tells Dante they found something and is unable to have a child. Jason shoots Joe and tends to Bernie, but before he can say anything Duke shoots Jason. Sam gets a visit from McBain.

  • Ep. #12672
    Ep. #12672
    Episode 141

    Starr questions Todd and to tell him the truth or else she will shun him out of her life. Trey tells Joe Jr. that with him all healed he can have him arrested for trying to kill Kristina. Lulu asks Danteif it's possible if either she or he is the reason they can't conceive. Carly is immediately thrown after Michael tells her that Sam has got her baby back. Jason admits to Sam that he was wrong when he said he couldn't care for Franco's baby. Todd tells Starr to listen what he has to say and he will accept if she doesn't want to talk to him no more. Luke tells Lulu about the resurfacing of Anna's supposedly dead ex-husband and believes the real Duke Lavery died and this one is an impostor. Jason tells Carly that Todd was involved in taking away Sam's baby. Dante goes to the hospital asking Epiphany for a sperm count to determine why he and Lulu aren't getting pregnant. Michael threatens to call Dante, not before Joe takes out a gun telling him to hang up the phone. Carly asks Todd if he had a part in keeping Sam and Jason's baby away from them.

  • Ep. #12671
    Ep. #12671
    Episode 140

    Starr sees that Trey is signing papers ending his marriage to Kristina and commiting his mother. Alexis, Molly and Kristina can't wait to meet Sam's baby. Téa visits Todd in jail asking if he knew the whole time that Victor wasn't her son. Duke points a gun at Joe Jr. and says the person that needs to die is him. Anna tells Luke that today is what would've been her wedding anniversary to Duke. Connie punishes Johnny for researching on ways to have her committed. Starr tells Trey the sooner that Kate gets help the better. Monica asks Jason will the last name of the baby will be McCall or Morgan and if he is getting back together with Sam. Sonny goes to see Connie hoping to get through to Kate. Téa tells Todd to face up to what he has done. Luke tells Anna to do some forensic research to prove that Duke is who he says he is. Starr learns Todd was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. Duke surprises Anna for their anniversary. Joe Jr. pays an unexpected visit to Trey. Jason offers for Sam and Danny to come and live with him.

  • Ep. #12670
    Ep. #12670
    Episode 139

    Duke tells Joe Jr. he almost ruined everything in his plan against Sonny and not killing Kristina like he was supposed to do. McBain tells Téa that what Todd said is true that her baby died. Carly stops by to give Johnny and Connie a belated wedding present. Alexis brings up to Sonny about Trey having the authority to commit Kate to Shadybrook. Patrick questions Anna about what Heather said about Robin being alive. Trey hopes Kristina will give him a second chance. Johnny sees that in the box is the bracelet he gave Carly a while back. McBaintells Téa he has DNA test proving her son died, which devastates her. Sam sees how comfortable Jason is holding their son. Patrick and Anna remember Robin on her birthday. Téa comes and asks if she can hold Victor one last time and understands that it isn't hers. Duke instructs Joe Jr. that since he messed up, now someone else has to die. Sonny tells Trey he needs his help regarding his mother. Todd is placed under arrest.

  • Ep. #12669
    Ep. #12669
    Episode 138

    Sabrina tells Patrick and Britt that there's a woman on the roofwith a baby. Sam is finally reunited with her baby. Heather goes over theledge and the people watch in disbelief, Jason manages to rescue Sam's child. Anna tells Heather they have unfinished business and to not die on her. Dante tellsSteve that Heather fell from the roof. McBain sees Jason and Sam's reunion with their son. Todd gets distracted by Anna and sees thatTéa went to go and check on her son. Patrick works on reviving Heather when she starts to flatline. Sabrina overhears Heather telling Annaabouther notlying that she saw Robin alive and goes and tells Patrick. Todd finally tells Téa the truth about that child not being hers, but Sam's. Anna wants Heather to name Todd Manning as her accomplice.

  • Ep. #12668
    Ep. #12668
    Episode 137

    Duke asks Dr. Obrecht how things are with Robin, she tells him how his reunion with Anna went. Jason asks Heather what is it gonna take to hand over the baby. Luke tells Tracy that Anna so called dead husband Duke Lavery is walking around Port Charles. Anna tells Téa that Todd was in contact with Heather within the last hour or so. Olivia tells Steve that Heather caused her to fall down the stairs and took Sam's baby to the roof. Heather warns Jason and Sam not to come any closer or she will get rid of Dante. Dr. Obrecht tells Duke what is going to happen if Anna chooses Luke over him. John tells Téathat since Todd isn't coming clean he will tell her the truth about her son, Anna then gets a call and explains the hostage situation at the hospital. Luke comforts Tracy when she loses control of her emotions. Joe Jr. shows himself to Duke saying that cause of Dr. Orbrechthe is doing well. Heather makes a declaration and says if she can'thave the babythen nobody can.

  • Ep. #12667
    Ep. #12667
    Episode 136

    Téa goes to Todd thinking he can help her reunite with her son. Luke wants Duke to explain to him where he's been this whole time. Robin waits patiently for Todd to give her what she wants. Olivia has another hallucination causing her to see Epiphany as Heather. Anna opens up to John about her supposed dead husband returning to her. Jason shows Sam a recent picture of her son and sees Téa took really good care of her. Téa tells Todd she insists on going to confront Heather. Anna and John investigate Heather's hotel room and sees that she and the baby are gone. Duke tells Luke to go and find Laura and for him to leave him and Anna alone. John tells Todd if he should tell Téa the truth if not he'll do it. Sam and Jason find Olivia at the bottom of the stairs, saying Heather went up towards the roof.

  • Ep. #12666
    Ep. #12666
    Episode 135

    Olivia calls Dante saying that Heather knocked Steve out and got away. Maxie tells Lulu that Spinelli has found his dream girl and it is not her. McBain tells Todd he has proof that he's been in contact with Heather. Ellie confides in Spinelli about her talk with Maxie about her concern if they had sex. Anna tells Luke that this man really is Duke Lavery. Olivia brings Steve to the hospital, and Spinelli learnsthe babythat wastaken was Sam's. McBain tells Todd he will be back for a warrant for his arrest. Duke tells Luke there's a problem with him getting involved with Anna since their still married. Steve tells Sam that Heatherwants a family and thinks of her child as her own son. Todd then gets a call from Heather asking for his help in fleeing the country. Spinelli shares a kiss with Ellie saying Maxie made it clear she had no romantic interest in him. Heather sees the medicine for baby Victor has run out. Maxie tells Lulu she is gonna probably end his marriage to Matt so she can be with Spinelli. Todd is paid a visit by a frantic Téa.

  • Ep. #12665
    Ep. #12665
    Episode 134

    Luke surprises Lulu when she is expecting Dante. Jason tells Sam that she was alright when she said the baby she was holding wasn't hers. Anna is thrown at Duke's appearance back in her life. McBain confronts Todd and what he did to Sam regarding her baby. Heather introduces Steve to his baby brother, he sees the baby isn't there and asks where he is. Luke tells Lulu that Heather sent him and Anna on a wild goose chase to find Robin in Switzerland. Sam figures out Todd's connection and almost held the baby but he stopped her. Duke says something to Anna that sparks a memory they once shared together. McBain tells Todd he has proof about the baby switch. Olivia tells Dante she saw something concerning him and Lulu. Jason tells Sam that he doesn't know where the baby is right now. Luke catches Anna in the arms of Duke. Olivia finds Steve unconscious when she comes tohis place.

  • Ep. #12664
    Ep. #12664
    Episode 133

    Duke sits and tells Robin he didn't mean to do anything to hurt her and will be with her mother again. McBain tells Anna that Heather used an alias to get close toTéa and then take off with her baby. Sam tells Spinelli she knows that he knows something he isn't telling her. Carly wakes up realizing that what happened between Connie and Johnny wasn't a dream. Duke tells Dr. Obrecht to watch over Robin as he goes to Port Charles to see Anna and Luke won't be a problem. Jason checks in with Steve as to if he's heard from his mother. Maxie is relieved when Ellie tells her she and Spinelli didn't sleep together. Anna informs John to get Bo and the Llanview P.D. in on the search for Heather. Todd tries to make Carly see that she can do much better then Johnny. Heather shows up at Steve's door with the baby in her arms. Anna goes to her hotel suite and is shockedto find Duke very much alive. McBain tells Todd he knows what he has done. Jason tells Sam that her son is alive.

  • Ep. #12663
    Ep. #12663
    Episode 132

    Michael lashes out at Trey for putting Kristina in the line of fire, but she says that Trey saved her life. Sonny asks Alexis if she found a way to have Kate committed. Dante asks Tracy if she is hiding Joe here at the mansion. Todd tells Carly about the video footage of him and Connie getting in on in his office on the Haunted Star. Connie tells Johnny either he stays married to her or he serves a life sentence for murder. Michael asks Kristina why didn't Trey tell her who he was sooner. Steve tells Olivia that what if she's having aren't hallucinations but premonitions. Dante tells Tracy a different story as to the one that Joe Jr. fed her about him getting shot, and points to where he is hiding. Todd comforts Carly. Alexis gets an idea involving Trey. Connie tells Johnnythat if he has her committed she is gonna tell the police he's a babykiller.

  • Ep. #12662
    Ep. #12662
    Episode 131

    Joe Jr. tells Tracy not to call an ambulance. Starr asks Todd why he is checkin on Heather's whereabouts. Sonny tries to get Kate to come back but sees that Connie is still there. Carly tries to get Johnny to open up to her about what Connie is holding over his head. McBain pays Téa a visit in and says it has to do with her and the baby. Jason tells Sam there's something he was working and he can finally tell her. Trey tells Jason that his father is Joe Scully, Jr. and he tried to kill Kristina. Joe Jr. asks Tracy she has to get the bullet out of him. Starr tells Todd that Connie resurfaced at the weddingand revealed to everyone she married Johnny. Johnny tells Carly the reason he married Connie is cause he loves her. John shows Téa a picture of Heather Webber and she is the one who abducted her son. Jason tells Dante that it's possible that Joe is with Tracy. Carly takes her frustrations out on Todd. McBain callsJason saying thebaby is missing.

  • Ep. #12661
    Ep. #12661
    Episode 130

    Katestuns Sonny by saying that she is already married to Johnny, and that it's actually Connie. Elizabeth tells Sam that what she heard is exactly what wanted her too. Trey searches his father's hotel room for clues to where he took Kristina. Tracy tells Monica how she is having problems moving on from Joe Jr. Dante apologizes to Olivia wishing he had listened to her. Trey arrives at the warehouse and confronts Joe Jr. before he can shoot Kristina. Carly is devastated when Johnny admits that he is married to Connie. McBain tells Jason that telling Téa that her son died is gonna kill her and Todd will pay. Monica tells Tracy to put an end with this thing with Joe to rest.Elizabeth tells Sam that he went to Jason telling him about her being in a relationship with McBain but changed her mind. Johnny goes after Carly after she storms out. Starr slaps Connie saying she forgave Kate but not her for what she did to Cole and Hope. McBain finds the stroller while at Téa's house and the paternity test results. Sonny tries to get Kate to fight and come back.

  • Ep. #12660
    Ep. #12660
    Episode 129

    Lulu walks in on a very intense conversation between Johnny and Kate. Joe Jr. adbucts Kristina and takes her to Sonny's coffee warehouse. Starr eases Michael's nervousness as he looks at the toast to give to Sonny and Kate. Olivia tries to warn Steve and Dante that Connie has returned, but stop her from telling Sonny thinking it's all in her head. Alexis receives a frantic phone call from Kristina saying she won't be attending the wedding. McBain and Sam give into temptation. Max tells Milo to keep his mouth shut and if Connie is back then Sonny will figure it out. Sonny instructs Maxie to get Kate so they can get the ceremony started. Joe Jr. tells Kristinahe wants everything that Sonny stole from him years ago. Elizabeth reveals to Jason that shedeliberately gave him the wrong test results and she didn't want him with Sam. McBain gets a call from Jason needing to see him right away. Trey finds Kristina's necklace outside the apartment, and realizes his father has his wife. Elizabeth tells Sam the real truth of what happened between her and Jason. Kate objects and says she can't marry Sonny, cause she is already married to Johnny.

  • Ep. #12659
    Ep. #12659
    Episode 128

    Maxie tells Lulu she went to go and tell Spinelli how she feels but saw him making a date with another woman. Olivia goes to check on Kate, and accuses her of being Connie. Elizabeth overhears Jason tell McBain that the tests came back negative. Milo tells Max he feels he should tell Sonny what Kate did last night. Dante tells Steve that Olivia had another episode. Trey admits to a stunned Kristina he was lying about his father and Sonny having a sordid history and their marriage was based on a lie. McBain reads a letter from Natalie telling him she met someone, also for him to honor the restraining order and to keep his distance from Liam. Carly agrees to be Johnny's date for Sonny's wedding. Elizabeth tells Jason there's something she needs to tell him and it's about Sam's baby. Sam and McBain share a kiss. Kristina is taken by someone as she is about to answer a call from Alexis. Olivia tells Steve she feels there's something off about Kate. Connie tells Johnny he has no choice but to do what she says.

  • Ep. #12658
    Ep. #12658
    Episode 127

    Olivia lays into Kate for having her hands all over Milo. Sonny tells Trey the first thing he is to do it divorce Kristina. Johnny tells Carly he wants to go away from PortCharles for good. Felicia tells Maxie this is the opportunity to reunite with Spinelli. Spinelli tells Jason that Ellie is gonna help him figure out what went wrong in the lab. Milo tells Max that Kate came on to him at the bachelorette party. Dante tells Michael he knows that way Sonny dragged Trey into his office he knows something is going on. Connie tries to convince Olivia that what she saw was another hallucination. Elizabeth tells Lulu that she and Jason might have feelings for one another. Starr tells Kristina that Trey came into contact with his mother after all this time. Maxie walks in hearng Spinelli inviting Ellie to Sonny's wedding. Connie lets loose while all alone at the Floating Rib, and goes and sees Johnny.

  • Ep. #12657
    Ep. #12657
    Episode 126

    Sonny instructs Milo to make sure that Joe Jr. doesn't crash Kate's party. Trey tells Starr that the way he's feeling right now is courtesy of his mother, she asks him if he met her. Tracy goes to see Joe as he's about to leave town returns him his medal. Sam tells Kristina she and Jason found their way back to the restaurant where they got married and they kissed. Jason tells Spinelli the tests came back and he thinks another mistake was made. Maxie gets Milo to get on stage and strip for everyone. Sonny tells Michael that he got confirmation that Trey is Kate's son, Dante comes in asking who he is protecting his kids from again. Sonny offers Trey money then shows his medal he found. Oliviacatches Kate with her hands all over Milo in the backroom.

  • Ep. #12656
    Ep. #12656
    Episode 125

    Carly tells Elizabeth she doesn't have a future with Jason. Britt tells Sabirina if she can trust her with patients when she can't take care of Patrick's child, and visualizes getting even with her. Jax tells Alexis he is reconsidering signing the divorce papers, since the near death experience with Josslyn made him realize something. Todd asks Johnny for an update on Heather's location, he's then taken as he leaves his place. Britt accuses Sabrina of wanting Patrick all to herself. Todd has Connie taken to his place and knows who she really is, and what he plans to do to her. Sonny warns Johnny to keep his distance from Kate. Shawn is surprised to learn that Alexis and Jax have a sordid history. Sabrina steps in saying she will be happy to babysit Emma again so Patrick can go out with Britt again. Jason reads the results revealing Téa's baby was not a match for Sam, and was certain he was right.

  • Ep. #12655
    Ep. #12655
    Episode 124

    Sam asks Jason what are they doing while stopping the kiss, and Jason sees she signed the divorce papers. Sabrina gets an eyeful when she arrives at Patrick's house to babysit Emma. Anna questions Todd on why Heather used her one phone call to call him. Connie's surprise for Sonny is almost spoiled, but is relieved when Maxie shows up. McBain messages Jason saying he got a DNA sample and to come to the hospital. Johnny tries to figure out a way to bring Connie down for good. Sonny asks Kate what is really going on. Mac tells Patrick that Robin would want him to move on and it's okay. Jason tells Elizabeth he's gonna tell Sam if the test results come back proving that her baby is alive. Johnny asks Todd to help him neutralize Connie. Patrick comes homeasking Sabrina if she would like to join him and Emma for some cookies. Anna and McBain discuss Todd and Heather.

  • Ep. #12654
    Ep. #12654
    Episode 123

    Connie arrives telling Carly she has some business to discuss with Johnny about her party. Trey tells Joe Jr. t hat he and Kristina are gonna have a real relationship.Kristina tells Sonny and Alexis she isn't signing the annulment papers. Maxie tells Spinelli that despite their differences she needs him right now. Heatherworries about her plan to leave when John McBain arrives, Téa says that baby Victor is inside with his nanny and would like for him to meet her. Robert tells Jason and Sam his grandparents insists on them staying for an commemorative feast for their anniversary. Téatells John she can'thelp him cause she works as the lawyer for B.E. Maxie shares a story with Spinelli about her being afraid to commit to one another. Joe Jr. tells Trey that with him out, that meanstheir plan is as well. Connie presents Johnny with papers, but has no choice but to sign them. McBain takes a swab sample from baby Vctor when Téa steps out of the room. Joe Jr. then greetssomeone who comes to his hotel room. Jason and Sam are surprised when emotions for each other resurface.

  • Ep. #12653
    Ep. #12653
    Episode 122

    Anna returns home and tells McBain that her trail in Switzerland went cold. Jason tells Spinelli that he knows which baby was switched with Sam's, Sam walks in hearing part of the phone conversation. Britt tells Sabrina she and Patrick are going out on a date tonight. Carly tells Todd that Johnny explained everything to her about him getting a loan from Anthony's old associates. Maxie tells Patrick she can'twatch Emma tonight. Spinelli sees that Sam did in fact sign the divorce papers. Sabrina daydreams about having a date with Patrick.Jason meets up with McBain saying that Sam's baby and with Téa Delgado, McBain realizes Todd had the baby. Patrick cancels dinner with Britt. but she suggests Sabrina to babysit Emma. Anna questions Todd about his association with Heather Webber. Heather prepares to leave with Victor, but McBain knocks on the door.

  • Ep. #12652
    Ep. #12652
    Episode 121

    Starr tells Trey that she said only meaning she would look out for him, and sees that he and Kristina are gonna have a real marriage. Carly brings Johnny home telling him she signed the papers and is now a free woman, and why he isn't showing the reaction she hoped for. Joe Jr. explains his side of things to Tracy and what went down with him and Kate. Maxie is confused by Kate's behavior. Sonny tells Alexis that Trey is Joe Scully's son. Jason asks Steve if he's heard anything from Heather lately.McBain goes to check on Sam and says that she signed the divorce papers. Connie calls Johnny telling that time is running out on him. Jason tells Steve he believes that Heather had taken Sam's baby. Sam reflects on her wedding day. Alexis tells Sonny they need to find Kristina so she can be told who Trey really is. Connie changes the entire venue of Kate's bachelorette party. Jason asks Steve for the name of the couple who might have Sam's baby, he then calls McBain for help.

  • Ep. #12651
    Ep. #12651
    Episode 120

    Sabrina a new nurse at the hospital has a rocky start but is immediately smitten when she meets Patrick. Trey tells Joe Jr. that he knows that Kate is his mother, and wants to know everything from him. Starr tells Kristina that Trey was here but he left a little while ago. Connie goes to see Johnny and wants to pick up where they left off. Sonny sees the connection and tells Michael that Trey is Kate's son. Tracy tells Monica that it's over between her and Joe after she found out who he really was. Epiphany explains to Sabrina that Patrick had a wife, who died in an explosion several months. Joe Jr. tells Trey they have nothing to worry about and Sonny won't raise his hand to Kristina's husband.Tracy calls Joesaying she is willing to hear his side of the story. Britt sees Sabrina and Patrick getting to know each other. Sonny makes Starr promise not to tell anyone they who know the truth.

  • Ep. #12650
    Ep. #12650
    Episode 119

    Connie resurfaces as Sonny holds Trey down asking her if he hurt her. Jax asks Todd what exactly Johnny has been lying Carly about. Steve tells Olivia that Heather overpowered a nurse and escaped. Lulu and Dante think now is the perfect time to make a baby. Michael tells Starr he believes that Trey and his father are plotting some revenge against Sonny. Spinelli concludes that Heather must've switched Sam's baby with another one. Carly asks Johnny what he and Todd were arguing about at the marina. Steve tells Dante he thinks that Heather will come after Olivia again. Connie hopes that Trey won't make any trouble for her. Olivia suffers another hallucination and visualizes Kate as Connie. Michael tells Sonnythat Treyis lying to Kristina of his intentions.Johnny tells Carly to fulfill and sign the divorce papers. Jason and Spinellilearn that Heather is no longer at Ferncliff. Sonnycomes to the conclusion that Trey's father might be Joe Jr. Connie tells Johnny that she is back for good.

  • Ep. #12649
    Ep. #12649
    Episode 118

    Jason and Elizabeth's kiss hits a nerve with Sam. Spinelli has a brief run in with Todd at the hospital dropping important information. Tracy gets word that the money she put up for the antiserum suddenly went missing and wondering if Jerry's associate is responsible. Téa tells Heather that she checked out her references and them being impeccable. Trey admits to Kate that Joe Scully is his father, and he raised him on his own when his mother took off. Jason pushes away from Elizabeth, but Sam already left. Steve tries to get ahold of Heather at Ferncliff, Todd urges him to break from his mother altogether. Kate tells Trey that she might be his mother saying that Joe Jr. raped her, but he refuses to listen to anything. Sonny introduces Tracy to Joe and tells her who he really is, Tracy asks if he did rape Kate. Téa calls Todd giving him an update on Victor, telling him she hired someone to take care of him, but Heather grabs the phone before she can say anything. Spinelli tells Jason he got confirmation that the baby Sam buried wasn't hers. Sam goes ahead and signs the divorce papers. Steve gets word that Heatherhas escaped. Sonny intervenes as Kate and Trey have it out.

  • Ep. #12648
    Ep. #12648
    Episode 117

    Spinelli tells Jason that he'll look into getting a tissue sample and have it analyzed to determine Sam's baby. Sonny demands to meet with Trey's father. Starr asks Joe about his past with Sonny. Michael tells Kate that he believes that Trey marrying Kristina has something to do more then just money. Tracy tells Monica she has invited Joe to move into the mansion. Alexis shows Sam the divorce papers and asks if she still wants to end her marriage. Elizabeth has Jason discharged from the hospital, and takes him home and reveals her surprise she had for him. The lab tech can't help Spinelli unless Sam comes and gives authorization. Starr calls Michael saying that Trey's father is here, and says he'll be right over. Elizabeth admits to Jason is cause the reason she went out with Ewen, is cause she couldn't have him. Sonny goes to extreme measures to protect his loved ones. Kate sees the necklace around Trey's neck and asks where he got it, he says it was from his father. Spinelli learns that Sam's baby is still alive. Sam comes home to find Jason and Elizabeth kissing.

  • Ep. #12647
    Ep. #12647
    Episode 116

    Tracy tells Joe that Edward is doing remarkably well. Sam is stunned when Kristina announces that she and Trey got married while in Las Vegas. Maxie tells Spinelli she missed them being friends, but he says it possible they'll be again.Spinelli tells Maxie he can't have her love then they have nothing. Sonny tells Jason that Carly is gonna find out later that Jax is dead. Michael and Starr return home and asks if her father and everyone is responding to the antiserum. Joe sees Sonny and quickly pulls Tracy into a room. Todd takes a pillow and begins to smother Johnny with it. Carly is thrilled when Jax arrives at the hospital alive and reveals why Jerry held the town hostage is cause he was dying himself.Spinellifinds something and maybe someoneswitched the results somehow. Johnny tells Todd that Jax heard them arguing andhe could be a problem. Sonny goes to see Kristina and demands to meet Trey's father. Felicia gives Maxie some advice and tofollow her heart regarding Spinelli.

  • Ep. #12646
    Ep. #12646
    Episode 115

    Shawn tells Alexis that Jerry's boat exploded and she goes to see if Jax or Sonny is hurt. John shows Dante and Lulu that he's alright and asks them to take the antiserum to the lab right away. Kate and Steve find Olivia standing on the ledge on the roof of General Hospital in the midst of a hallucination. Elizabeth tells Jason that him going after Jerry could complicate his recovery. John joins Shawn and sees that Sonny is alright, but no signof Jax or Jerry. Molly wants to know which man Sam would rather be with Jason or John. Sonny tells Dante he's not sure Jerry or Jax survived that explosion. Jason tells Monica he's not sure that Elizabeth's baby is dead. Elizabeth tells Steve about her feelings for Jason. All of Port Charles gets word that what was received was in fact the antiserum to stop the pathogen and will be distributed. Kate is overjoyed thatSonny is alright and they can focus on their wedding. McBain tells Alexis he doesn't think Jax survived.

  • Ep. #12645
    Ep. #12645
    Episode 114

    Jerry shows Alexis their getaway ride. Patrick helps Steve with the incoming of patients. Monica breaks the news to Tracy, who she thinks is Edward who died. Dante and McBain try to figure out how to disarm the bomb without it destroying the antiserum. Sonny vows to Jax to get Alexis unharmed or he'll kill him. Lulu arrives and helps Todd with Johnny til Carly gets back, who then goes in search of Dante. Monica tells Tracy that it was the Quartermaine cook that passed away, Patrick shows what they think is the remedy duplicated. Alexis sees that Jerry is incredibly sick. Shawn tells Sonny he has an idea on how to get to Jerry and asks if he's up to it. Jerry reveals to Jax he is in fact dying from radiation cause of the bullet he took from the Balkan. Carly asks Todd what he and Johnny were arguing about at the marina. Tracy goes and tells Patrick that Edward wants Emma to have the vial. McBain tells Lulu and Dante to run away, and see an explosion in the distance. Sonny and Jerry engage in a shootout hitting a gas can and starts a fire.

  • Ep. #12644
    Ep. #12644
    Episode 113

    Sonny instructs Todd not to wire the money cause Jerry isn't leaving here with Alexis. McBain pinpoints Jerry to the marina thanks to Shawn. Jason and Elizabeth inch closer to learning the truth about Sam's baby. Jerry's men come in and gets rid of the weapons. Heather tells the baby while Téais on the phone that her he is gonna be her start overfresh. Elizabeth thinks Jason in denial over thinking that Sam's child is still alive. Alexis agrees to go with Jerry freely, knowing that her children will be alright. Heather offers Téa she is the answer to her prayers and offers to be Victor's nanny, but she's uncertain but agrees after her references check out. Johnny stops Todd but too late he already wired the money. Dante, Shawn and McBain take aimto prevent Jerry's escape. Sam overhears what Jason and Elizabeth are talking about. A gun goes off and Jax says he's fine,Johnny sees blood on Carly's shirt, but learns he was the one shot. Jax and Sonny team up and go after Jerry who took off with Alexis. Dante and McBain get the briefcase open to find a bomb attached to the counteragent.

  • Ep. #12643
    Ep. #12643
    Episode 112

    Téa is overwhelmed when Heather pays her a visit cause she's been thinking about her lately. Molly is delighted that T.J. tells her that she's attractive. Todd, Carly, Sonny, Jax and Johnny arrive with no sign of Jerry. Shawn tells Alexis they should talk about the kiss they shared at the hospital, as Jerry lurks outside her house.McBain tells Dante that Todd gathered up some wealthy people to pay Jerry and Sonny is one of them. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Ewen died, and asks if he mentioned Robin, cause he said her name in his dying breath. Dante tells Sonny he's not gonna let him hand that money over to Jerry. Jerry tells Shawn that he's here for Alexis. John doesn't like that Todd has his own agenda. Téa tells Heather the doctor in Llanview says that baby Victor has a rare blood disorder, but she doesn't know where it came from cause her husband nor her family has ever had it. Molly tells Alexis that she and T.J. are going down their bucket list. Carly and Sonny have a heart to heart conversation. Jason comes across something intertesting in the autopsy reportthat the baby's blood doesn't match Sam's. Jax tells Carly that he heardthat Johnny is apparently lying to him. Jerry arrives with Alexis in tow and tells everyone she is gonna be coming with him.

  • Ep. #12642
    Ep. #12642
    Episode 111

    Heather tells the people at Ferncliff she wants to go to Port Charles to right a terrible wrong. Sam and Jason imagine a different outcome if they're baby had survived, and attend lamaze class and a baby shower thrown by Maxie and says her water broke. Steve gets a call from Heather but he wants nothing to do with her. Sam tells Alexis how she got the name for her son, andexplains Jason what she thought it being asuitable name for the baby if it happened, she visualizes the party of their second child many years later and the family they were destined to have. Heather knocks out a nurse and then takes her uniform and escapes to Llanview and pays a visit to Téa Delgado.

  • Ep. #12641
    Ep. #12641
    Episode 110

    Patrick and Maxie revisit the lab where Robin died. Sam and John find a piece of paper in the safe reading the counter agent is elsewhere. Steve tells Ewenhe doesn't he think anyone should treat him not after what he's done. Elizabeth apologizes to Jason for not believing him about Ewen. Jax tells everyone that Jerry had help in his escape from jail. Todd seesand wonders whyTracy isn't affected by the tainted water. Jerry reveals to Joe Jr. about another associate in Switzerland that wanted someone in exchange for the pathogen. Maxie and Patrick share a tender moment at the hospital. Sam collapsed and McBain brings her to the hospital. Ewen tells Steve that he needs to see Patrick right away. John gets word that Jerry is no longer in police custody. Joe Jr. pleads with Jerry to give him another sample of the cure. Tracy tells Steve that maybe she canhelp withduplicating the counter agent. Jerry contacts Todd to finalize the negotiations the other citizens, but they think it's probably a trap. Ewen apologizes to Patrick and says it's about Robin, but dies before he can tell him. Sam and Jasonwonder how their lives wouldif her baby was still alive.

  • Ep. #12640
    Ep. #12640
    Episode 109

    Sonny tells Kate he may have had a hand in Joe Jr. checking out of the Metro Court. Tracy asks Joe why she is feeling better when he is feeling worse. Ewen instructs Jason to drop the gun or he'll kill him. Steve is hoping that Jason and Dante find Elizabeth before it's too late. Johnny tells Carly that a whole bunch of people looted the Haunted Star cause they want the cure. Todd comes asking Tracy for the amount that Jerry is demanding. John tells Sam it's just a hunch that maybe the counter agent is with the so called Dead Man's Hand. Jerry tells Jax that Ewen injected their father with something, Jax is livid that Jerry didn't stop him. Sonny begins to tell Kate about what Joe Jr. said about her son, but he gets a text from Todd. Elizabeth gets away allowing Jason to shoot Ewen. Jax takes a guards gun and tells him to get Jerry out. Tracy tells Sam and John that Luke is the last person to have those cards. Kate understands what Ewen was trying to tell her cause he's done something terrible. Joe Jr. intervenes and they all quarrel over the gun. Sonny, Carly, Johnny and Tracy begin to liquidate their assets in order to pay Jerry what he wants. Sam manages to get Luke's safe open, and finds something interesting.

  • Ep. #12639
    Ep. #12639
    Episode 108

    Jax tells Sam and McBain that the dead man's hand had a pretty good influence on their family throughout theyears. Spinelli tells Jason that he has information on Ewen that he treated Jax's father. Luke tells Anna that the reason he lied about Ethan to Robert was to keep him from committing suicide and hopes she understand why he did what he did. Ewen tells Elizabeth that John Jacks ruimed his father's life and stole the playing cards from his family. Todd is determined to save everyone from impending danger. Spinelli listens to the recorded conversation from Elizabeth's and determines where he took her. Todd tells John that he feels that every should pay Jerry what he wants. Anna tells Luke she doesn't know how to react to this revelation. Elizabeth asks Ewen what other terrible thing did Jerry make him do. Jerry admits to Jax that Ewen is the one that killed their father. Jason comes in and Ewen tells him not to come any closer.

  • Ep. #12638
    Ep. #12638
    Episode 107

    Anna has a brief flashback to the padded room and the girl she mistook for Robin. Tracy leaves a heartfelt message for Luke thinking it might be her last, Joe Jr. then comes to see her. Mayor Lomax puts McBain in charge to help PCPD deal with this water thing. Johnny goes to check on Carly but finds Todd in her suite. Jerry is delighted as Alexis visits him in jail and more that she's his attorney. Molly tells T.J. she she needs to keep busy or else she will lose it. Carly brings Josslyn to the hospital, and Jax overhears Patrick talking about Ewen and that he abducted Elizabeth. Todd tells Johnny if he's responsible since hurting little girls happens to be his M.O. T.J. ponders what to say to his mother and how she is gonna react. Luke tells Anna that he lied about Ethan being Robert's son. Alexis tells McBain and Jax that Jerry told her what he wants to exchange for the counteragent. Carly walks in asking Todd what Johnny has done this time. Shawn thinks it's his last chance to reveal his feelings for Alexis. Joe Jr. gives Tracy the stuff that he was supposed to take. Todd tells Jerry they have some unfinished business to take care of.

  • Ep. #12637
    Ep. #12637
    Episode 106

    Patrick tells Jason that Ewen hit him and kidnapped Elizabeth. Lulu tells Dante she wants to be with him if or what Jerry saying is true about the water being tainted. Sonny overhears Joe Jr. on the phone and something having the ammunition to bury him and introduces some of his associates. Ewen catches Elizabeth as she is trying to notify the police. Jax asks Carly if she told Ewen that Jerry was her brother in law. Michael tells Kristina she justbelieved Trey at his word that he and his father were gonna be sued. Jason calls Dante telling him that Ewen assaulted Patrick and took Elizabeth. Kristina asks Trey if it's true about their fathers having a sordid history, he admitted he lied but to Starr not her. Ewen tells Elizabeth he had no choice but to help Jerry cause he is holding something over him. Joe Jr. tells Sonny that if he disappears then Kate would never see her son again. Kristina once again asks Trey if what Starr said before about him was true. Jax figures outa connection between Ewen and his father after what Carly said. Elizabeth calls Jason and Dante sees they cantrace her phone.

  • Ep. #12636
    Ep. #12636
    Episode 105

    Trey tells Joe Jr. that the wedding is about to take place. Ewen asks Elizabeth if he believes him when he said he didn't know Jerry's plan on poisoning the city. Jerry tells Jax he made sure he was grounded in Shanghai for his protection. Sonny tells Dante he wants to help bring Jerry down. Carly and Todd are relieved that Michael and Starr are together, and out of town. Kate encounters Joe Jr.while attempting to warn the residents of the Metro Court. Michael tells Starr he figured out that Trey brough Kristina to Las Vegas to get married. Sonny intervenes the argument between Kate and Joe Jr. McBain gives Dante advice on how to deal with Jerry. Elizabeth makes an attempt to call Dante to tell him about Ewen, she sees he came back upset that she didn't believe him. Kristina tells Michael and Starr that she and Trey are now married. Jason arrives to find Patrick unconscious and Elizabeth missing.

  • Ep. #12635
    Ep. #12635
    Episode 104

    Jason questions Patrick about Robin's past connection with Jerry. McBain seeks information from Alexis regarding the night at Wyndemere. Tracy tells Joe Jr. that Jerry is the reason her brother Alan is dead. Dr. Obrecht asks Luke who he is cause the name Dr. Von Schemerman doesn't exist and to drop the accent. Carly asks Jax if he knew anything about his brother still being alive. Anna sees that the woman in the padded room isn't Robin and asks if she has seen her anywhere. McBain turns on the tv and Alexis sees Jerry saying he is responsible for hergetting sick. Jason sees the connection after hearing Jerry talk about an associate that helped him abduct Josslyn that it was Ewen. Luke finds Anna and explains that the patient is who Heather saw at Ferncliff. Steve tells Olivia that what she saw on television wasn't a hallucination, and how he can still be alive. Jerry announces he has tainted the water supply andanyone who drankor bathed init will be dead withing 24 to 48 hours. Dr. Obrecht tells Anna and Luke they're not going anywhere since they committed fraud. Ewen makes an abrupt confession and Elizabeth sees Jason was right about him. John interrupts Jerry's broadcast as well as Jason. Dr. Obrecht thankssomeone for removing Robin when he did, and it turns out to be Duke Lavery. Jax arrives saying Jerry is gonna answer to him.

  • Ep. #12634
    Ep. #12634
    Episode 103

    Jason goes to Elizabeth and says he has information about Ewen, who then comes downstairs. Luke shows a nurse a picture of Anna, and say he is her doctor. Jerry shows Joe Jr. several bottles of contaminated water and says it is almost showtime. Johnny goes looking for Carly and encounters Jax in her suite. Olivia has another hallucination and screams telling Steve that the water was toxic. Todd tells Carly if she knows what's good for her to dump Johnny. Tracy brings Joe a new shirt since the other one got ruined. Jason tells Elizabeth that even though he apologized to Ewen he is not wrong about him. Carly comes back to her suite and sees Jax and Johnny talking. Jerry introduces himself to Todd as James Craig saying he has a proposition and pays him upfront. Anna tells Luke of a certain area that might have Robin. Tracy is intrigued by Joe Jr. and they begin to get intimate. Ewen tells Patrick after Olivia's latest episode, that maybe she'll never be ready to leave. Jasonrealizes thatthe person responsible is Jerry.All the citizens of Port Charles are shockedwhenJerry makes an appearance on television announcing his plan for the town. Anna breaks into a padded room hoping the person in the bed is Robin.

  • Ep. #12633
    Ep. #12633
    Episode 101

    Tracy has a brief run in with Joe Jr. at the Metro Court and is immediately intrigued by him, and Luke arrives asking why she is standing there holding a pot of soup for him. Jerry approaches Ewen and tells him not to tell Elizabeth about their association. Sonny tells Jason he doesn't know why Joe is in Port Charles, but to leave him be until he finds out. Carly is surprised when Jax came all this way to make sure their daughter is alright. Elizabeth comes outside after hearing voices on her porch, and says he was just checking a message on his voicemail. Michael sees that Kristina is missing and believes that Trey has kidnapped her. Luke tells Tracy that Anna is not here but out of town, he then gets a distress call from Anna. Jax tells Carly he thinks he is the connection to his daughter and Alexis being sick. Jerry tells Joe Jr. that he has a profound way of getting into the people's bloodstream. Spinelli tells Jason he found out some information regarding Dr. Keenan's connection to Alexis and Josslyn being sick. Ewen surprises Elizabeth while planting a kiss on her. Michael and Starr see that Trey is taking to Kristina to Las Vegas.

  • Ep. #12632
    Ep. #12632
    Episode 101

    Luke overhears Lulu and Dante discuss baby names and asks if she is pregnant. Sonny pulls a gun on Joe, Milo intervenes andSonny asks to make sure his kids are alright. Sam gives John a paper that lifts the restraining order Clint has against him from seeing Liam. Michael automatically assumes that Trey hit on Starr, but she says that's not what she has to tell him. Johnny asks Carly if Todd said anything bad to her about him. Kristina agrees to marry Trey, but he says that it needs to happen tonight. Todd tells Kate that it is possible she might be innocent and didn't cause his granddaughter and Cole's death. John tells Sam that he wasplanning on telling Natalie when he got home, and admits that the kiss meant something to him. Starr tells Michael thatTrey's father and his father have a sordid history. Luke bumps into Todd, and asks why he would hire Heather. Kate has anotherflashback of Connie while encountering Johnny. Kristina and Trey try to figure out a way to dodge Milo.

  • Ep. #12631
    Ep. #12631
    Episode 100

    Todd goes to the hospital, and tells Carly why she didn't tell him her daughter was in the hospital. Dr. V. explains to Lulu that it was a false positive, Dante asks if Lulu alright physically. Kristina tells Molly that she has to film a marriage as in part of the show, and it's her own and not Sonny and Kate's. Starr tells Johnny that she promised Trey she wouldn't say anything to anyone, not before she found it concerns Kristina. Kate is distraught over Joe Jr.'s release from jail, and says maybe they should take out Joe Jr. together. Todd opens his mouth to Carly about Johnny being responsible for the death of another little girl. Kristina explains to Molly about Trey's father being in jail, and the wedding with Trey will be annuled afterwards. Lulu breaks down and is consoled by Dante saying they'll have a family when they're ready. Starr asks Johnny if he's keeping something from Carly. Sonny calls someone to come and deal with Joe not before getting a visit from him.

  • Ep. #12630
    Ep. #12630
    Episode 99

    Jason tells Spinelli to do some work for him to investigate Ewen cause he feels he is connected to Josslyn and Alexis getting sick and almost dying. John tells Sonny to meet him at the restaurant. Trey tells Starr he told Kristina that his father was in jail just not who he is. Jerry explains to Joe Jr. that his plan will result in no one surviving what he has planned.Lulu and Dante look forward to their appointment with the obgyn.Shawn sees Alexis out of bed, and says that her daughters have been smothering her and needed some breathing room. John tells Sonny that apparently Joe Jr.'s associate called in a favor and got him out.Jerry refuses to immunize Trey but requests that he leave town. Ewen tells Kate he doesn't deserve her gratitude, and says that he can no longer treat her. Alexis finds out from Shawn that he and Rosie have ended things. Dante and Lulu asks Dr. V, if the test shows anything wrong, she says that Lulu isn't pregnant. Spinelli waits for Ewen to leavebefore going into his office to look around. Sonny tells Katethat Joe Jr. got released from jail. Trey gets a visit from his father.

  • Ep. #12629
    Ep. #12629
    Episode 98

    Michael tells Starr he wants her here with him as they await the results of Josslyn, and is grateful she gave her the frog. Jason tells Sam and Elizabeth the call from the security company was a fake, and someone lured Alexis out to Wyndemere last night. Carly tries to get ahold of Jax to tell him about their daughter being sick. Molly gets the message and learns her mother is in the hospital and asks Shawn to take her to the hospital. Jerry tells Joe Jr. that he gave Alexis and Josslyn a fever. Steve Carly that they've tried everything and nothing is bringing down Josslyn's temperature. Jason tells Elizabeth it's possible that Ewen is somehow mixed up in all this, but she refuses to listen. Johnny almost tells Starr the truth, until Michael comes in saying that his sister might now make it. Trey tells Joe Jr. that there's not going to be a wedding. Ewen tells Jerry that everyone is starting to suspect that something is wrong. Shawn has a prayer circle for Alexis and Josslyn, who thentake a turn for the better. Jerry tells Joe that he gave a vaccination to Alexis and Josslyn as protection for what his real plan is.

  • Ep. #12628
    Ep. #12628
    Episode 97

    McBain and Jason investigate Wyndemere and Ewen suddenly shows up. Steve tells Carly they'll know more when they get Josslyn's blood work back. T.J. and Molly both agree that Shawn deserves to be with someone better then Rosie. Michael calls Starr and asks her to come and be with him while his sister is in the hospital, Trey gets the same call from Kristina and he offers to drive Starr there. Jerry tells Joe Jr. his intention for someone and he'll need to cheat death yet again. Jason and McBain ask Ewen who would want to lurehim to Spoon Island, they know Ewen was lying to them. Mac lets something slipto Shawn that he persuaded Alexis to ask him out on a date. Alexis tells Sam shealmost remembers what happened, but it goes away.Steve tells Carly and Sam that what they found is somethingand aren't sure how to treat it. Trey tells Kristina that he is gonna be sued if he doesn't deliver a series and a wedding to her. Ewen threatensJerry by saying he is going to reverse what he has done to the people he's harmed.McBain gets the call about Joe Jr's release from jail. Kristina makes an attempt to contact Molly but she misses her call. Starr takes outFred the frog and gives it to Josslyn. Jason finds out that someone injected something into Alexis and Josslyn on purpose.

  • Ep. #12627
    Ep. #12627
    Episode 96

    Steve looks at the mark on Josslyn's arm. Starr and Michael walk in hearing Trey on the phone about a wedding, he says that apparently Sonny and Kate are getting married, Michael asks if Starr is okay with it. Epiphany confronts Patrick over the stolen drugs, and jeopardizing the entire hospital. John shows up and sees Sam with Alexis, he notices a red mark on her arm and helps in getting her to the hospital. Jerry pays a visit to Joe in jail, and says he needs his assitance yet again. Michael asks Kristina if it's true about Kate and Sonny getting married. Epiphany tells Patrickshe's not going to Moncia about this, butshe will be watching him if he messes up again. Jason tells Elizabeth he and Sam are divorcing. Trey tells Starr that nobody else but them knows that his father is in jail, and refuses to keep this from Michael. John checks out and tells Jason that the alarm company never called Alexis, meaning someone lured her to Wyndemere, they go and check the place out. Patrick assures Emma he is not going anywhere. Jerry tells JoeJr. the arrangements have been made andhe'll be released soon and he's taking him to Port Charles.

  • Ep. #12626
    Ep. #12626
    Episode 95

    Lulu wakes up Dante and says that last night wasn't a dream cause they're having a baby. Jason tells Carly that maybe Jax is the reason Josslyn disappeared last night. Alexis tells Sam that she went to Wyndemere, but doesn't remember getting there and then waking up on the sofa. Todd goes to visit Heather at Ferncliff and makes it clear she can still ruin his life. Ewen tells Jerry what he was thinking in drugging Alexis as well as his own niece. Jason tells Carly that he and Sam are getting a divorced. Luke tells Steve that Heather's accomplice was disguised wearing a hockey mask. Lulu tells Dante not to tell the family until she knows for sure she's pregnant. Sam tells Alexis if she would represent her in divorce from Jason. Todd tells Heather that the case against Steve maybe reopened since Maggie didn't kill that patient. Carly sees something on Josslyn's arm and takes her to the hospital. Ewen breaks into Jerry's briefcase to see exactly what he's hiding, but Jerry drinks it saying it's nothing but water. Alexis abruptly faints unexpectedly. Todd offers to help Steve for Heather and to keep quiet about their association.

  • Ep. #12625
    Ep. #12625
    Episode 94

    Jerry apologizes to an unconscious Alexis and says he didn't want any harm to come to her. Max and Milo prepare the restaurant for Sonny and Kate's arrival. Ewen apologizes as he takes Josslyn and brings her to Jerry and asks what he has done to Alexis. Jason and Sam make their parting ways as painless as possible. Sonny tells Kate that he wants to try again and takes out a ring and proposes to her. Carly comes downstairs and tells Johnny that Josslyn is missing. Dante finds the pregnancy test and thinks that Maxie is pregnant, but Lulu corrects by saying that she is,and is immediately overjoyed by the news, and misses a call from Carly. Jerry injects Josslyn with the same drug he gave Alexis, and Ewen returns her back home. Kate accepts Sonny's proposal, after he reassures her they will deal with Connie together. Alexis wakes up all woozy, as Jerry watches as she leaves.Jason and Sam have a quick reminisce before sayinggoodbye to each other.

  • Ep. #12624
    Ep. #12624
    Episode 93

    Sam fills Jason in on what Todd did to John hence the reason he's in town. Joe Jr. sees that Sonny roughed up Trey, but he says it worked in their favor after Kristina showed up. Sonny tells Kristina about his intention to propose to Kate. Dante and Kate interrupt Ewen as he remembers his assignment, and says Olivia is having some hallucinations. Maxie makes Lulu takea pregnancy test to be sure she's pregnant. Johnny tells Carly he went to see Joe Jr. in Atlantic City and made him an offer, but said he refused him flat. Jerry says to Alexis the reason he came back was for her. Sam tells Jason, the kiss didn't mean anything, he asks the same question to John if it meant something to him. Kate asksEwen if she is still a threat to Sonny. Trey tells Joe that he can't marry Kristina under false pretenses cause she's been hurt once already. Maxie steps in and tells Dante that Lulu is helping her with a crisis. Alexis threatens to call the police on Jerry,but finds herself trapped at Wyndemere instead. Sonny tells John if Joe Jr. is released then his sister won't rest in peace, and he went and threatened his own. Ewen sees an opportunity to grab Josslyn. Jason and Samboth agree that they're marriage is over.

  • Ep. #12623
    Ep. #12623
    Episode 92

    John tells Sam that Todd dropped the charges against him. Maxie comes across Lulu throwing up, and asks her if she might be pregnant. Jerry tells Ewen he wants him focused on the next stage of their plan. Carly tells Todd that all he needs as a part of his fresh start in town is a woman. Patrick tells Elizabeth that she deserves to be happy with someone like Ewen. Alexis tells Sam whatever is going on with her and John, they need to resolve it. Jerry tells Ewen that Carly as his next assignment, and says he doesn't have a choice and takes out a picture of Alexis. Jason accidentally punches Spinelli while working out his frustrations on envisioning Sam with John. John tells Sam he got word that Natalie and Liam are back in Llanview, before he can leave he is served with a restraining, Alexis tries to get not to act rationally. Maxie gives Lulu a calendarto figure out when she was late. Alexis gets a call who then hurries to Wyndemere, and is shocked when she comes face to face with Jerry.

  • Ep. #12622
    Ep. #12622
    Episode 91

    Trey is taken to a warehouse where Sonny has a boxing ring all set up. Starr goes to Todd and she finds out that he sent a picture to Natalie. Lulu comes into see Olivia, and she hallucinates about her being pregnant, Dante says it's probably her eyes playing tricks on her. Todd is delighted when the Buchanan's are shunning John, Starr demands that he drop the charges against John or she'll walk away from him. Kristina tries to persuade Sam to go and support John at the police station. Alexis asks John what his place is in Sam's life if things with Natalie don't work things out. Joe Jr. has a very enticing proposal for Johnny, which he flatly refuses. Trey vows to Sonny that he will never lay a hand on his daughter. Todd swallows his pride, and does what Starr asks and drops the charges against John. Lulu suddenly gets sick

  • Ep. #12621
    Ep. #12621
    Episode 90

    Johnny wants Trey to tell him what secret he is confiding in Starr about and it better not concern Kristina getting hurt. Sam asks Alexis to help represent John after Dante arrests him. Heather calls Todd asking his help to clear her name, or else she will spill his secret.Steve sits by Olivia's bedside and is delighted when she wakes up. Ewen almost comes clean with Elizabeth about working for Jerry, before he gets a page from the hospital and it being about Olivia waking up. Carly sees that Todd has been in a fight, andfinds across the picture of John kissing Sam. Heather seizes an opportunity and asks John if he would like to know some interesting information on Todd, until Sam comes in. Dante goes to Todd and tries to persuade him to end this thing with John. Starr demands answers from Johnny in why he is doing all this stuff for her, he says it's about guilt after her family died. Heather tells Sam she has something to say and it's about her baby, and will tell as long as Alexis represents her. Oliviais startled when she looks in a mirror and sees Heather looking back at her.

  • Ep. #12620
    Ep. #12620
    Episode 89

    John McBain shows Sam the photo he had mailed to Natalie when he wasplanning ontelling her everything. Starr learns of Trey's budding relationship with Kristina after he cancelled the show. Kristina is mad that Alexis isn't happy for and Trey. Jason asks Elizabeth why would Ewen kept rescuing her a secret, unless he didn't want anyone to know. Jerry tells Ewen he has big plans for Port Charles and will need his assistance. Sonny talks to Dante regarding Trey and his intentions towards Kristina. Trey opens to Starr about his father being responsible and him being in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Todd calls the police after being beaten severely by John. Ewen threatens to expose Jerry, but he turns the tables by saying he is guilty for faking Robin's so called death, and will take the fall not him. Elizabeth gets scared after Aiden begins having a coughing spat thinking he was choking. Dante arrests John for assaulting Todd

  • Ep. #12619
    Ep. #12619
    Episode 88

    Starr goes to Todd saying she know that he planted a camera in Johnny's office, he then calls and explain what kind of stunt he is pulling. John goes home to find Natalie and Liam gone, and finds the picture of him kissing Sam and then is told they were taken to the airport. Ewen's partner Jerry Jacks applauds him on a job well done and the citizens of Port Charles are none the wiser that Robin is dead. Lulu tells Maxie she was going to tell her about Patrick admitting himself into rehab, but found out her father was shot. John makes an attempt to contact Natalie,and finds theletter learning Todd mailed her the photo. Todd fires Sam after he knows she broke into his wall safe, she asks him what he was doing with an article about her baby's death. Jerry asks Ewen if Elizabeth is involved in his plans. Elizabeth tells Jason she didn't begin seeing Ewen because of him. Starr asks Dante why he is fingering Johnny forAnthony's murder and she would know if she were around a murderer. John comes into Todd's office saying he's gonna pay for what he's done.

  • Ep. #12618
    Ep. #12618
    Episode 87

    Sam tells Alexis that even though Trey shut down the show, he's staying in town. Sonny tells Jason he wants security tightened after Joe Jr.'s latest threat against his children. Ewen covers by telling Elizabeth that he's treating a celebrity patient. Kristina pulls away from Trey saying she can't be doing this, and is taken aback to her abusive boyfriend Kiefer. Sam tells Alexis that she doesn't think she and Jason will find they're way back to each other. Dante asks Lulu if she is willing to give it a try and maybe they can make their marriage work. Jason sees Elizabeth and Ewen walk into the Floating Rib, Sonny asks if he has something going on with Elizabeth. Trey calls his father and saysthat Kristina doesn't deserve to be used like this and agrees to marry her.

  • Ep. #12617
    Ep. #12617
    Episode 86

    Lulu asks Ewen what he meant when he took Robin away from Patrick.Trey tells Kristina she has a right to know why he's backing away from Mob Princess. Alexis goes back to look for her phone and sees that Mac has taken a job at the Floating Rib, he says Coleman saying her hustling pool with Shawn last night. T.J. sees Shawn distracted and wonders if Alexis has gotten to him in some way. Elizabeth tells Steve that Ewen is a great doctor and Olivia couldn't be in better hands.Dante shows Lulu the letter supposedly from Luke and asks her why she lied and said it was a bill. Alexis takes Mac's advice and invites Shawn out on a date.Sonny goes to see Joe Jr. and asks him flat out how he knew about Kate's pregnancy, Joe tells Sonny that he found his son dead then started a new life in New Orleans. Kristina tells Trey that with the show over, he has no reason to stay in Port Charles, but he shocks her by saying he is interested in her. Alexis goes to see Shawn, and then sees someone rush up and kiss him. Ewen getsinterrupted by Elizabeth when he's talking with his partner on the phone.

  • Ep. #12616
    Ep. #12616
    Episode 85

    Molly tells Alexis why she has to tag along with him and Shawn on her date with T.J. Jason asks Sam if working for Todd is in fact a front. Carly is beside herself after Todd admits to putting a camera in Johnny's office. Joe Jr. tells Trey that Kristina is the way in and Sonny won't see it coming. Alexis allows Molly and T.J. to have their date alone. Sonny tells Kristina some advice, but she thinks Alexis put him up to it. Sam tells Jason of her own investigation of Todd, and it involves Heather in some way. Alexis tries to loosen up Shawn by playing a game of strip pool. Johnny andTodd agree to endthis thingbetween them. Jason agrees to watch out while Sam sees what'sin Todd's safe, buthe comes back. Trey tells Kristina they should rethink doing the show anymore.

  • Ep. #12615
    Ep. #12615
    Episode 84

    Sonny assures Kate she is just checking on Joe Jr's and not gonna plant a hit on him. Jason confides in Carly about it not being a good idea for Michael to date Starr. Johnny tells Todd to hang up the phone, cause he knows what he did with Sam's baby by handing it over to someone else. Kristina catches Sam about to break into the safe in Todd's office asking she needs to talk to her about Trey. Joe Jr. asks Trey for help. Sonny offers to back Kate financially to start another magazine. Johnny tells Todd that he had Heather followed the night of the storm. Michael confides in Starr regarding his career aspirations, which could mean him maybe working for his father. Sonny tells Kate she doesn't have to see Joe again ever again. Jason realizes that the only reason that Sam would work for Todd as if she is working a case. Joe Jr. gives Trey an idea on how to bring down Sonny by marrying his daughter Kristina.

  • Ep. #12614
    Ep. #12614
    Episode 83

    Patrick tells Elizabeth that he is here as a patient, and he's been self medicating. Anna investigates Heather's claim by going to Ferncliff. Todd tells Johnny he knows the truth of him being responsible for his granddaughter's death. Sam tells Spinelli that she feels that whatever Heather is holding over Todd has something to do with her. Carly thinks Jason is getting Diane to file for divorce, and learnsboth Jason and Samkissed other people. Ewen tells Robin that he knows she wants to go home to the people she loves, but it isn't possible. Anna shows the nurse a picture of Robin and if she has seen her anywhere. Luke tells Tracy that he was going to leave her and be with Anna. Todd and Johnny engage in a heated brawl, and then threatens to call Carly and tell her what he has done. Ewen hears Anna, and alarms the nurse, so he can get Robin out, Anna then insists on checking all the rooms. Elizabethcalls Ewen and she tells him that she wants to give another chance with him. Anna tells Luke she found a pamphlet on the floor, andshe is going to the place in Switzerland. Johnny tells Todd he'll tell Carly of what he did with Sam's kidif hebusts him.

  • Ep. #12613
    Ep. #12613
    Episode 82

    Todd is about to listen to what Johnny has been up to, before he gets a visit from Kate. Ewen tells Dante he'll know more once Olivia wakes up after the drugs are out of her system. Anna tells Heather she wants to know more of what she said about Robin. Anthony visits Johnny saying it won't be long before Starr or others discover the truth of what he did. Robin demands that the nurse tells her whose orders she's following to keep her here. Patrick has a change of heart and tells Lulu he can't go through with rehab. Anthony tries to persuade Johnny to leave town, Johnny then finds the camera after he throws a glass. Kate learns that Olivia was brought into the hospital and goes to be with her. Heather says she can reunite the Scorpio family and will on one condition. Todd watches and learns the truth that Johnny is the reason that Cole and Hope died and goes ballistic.Heather tells Anna she saw a new patient being brought to Ferncliff and it was Robin, but the person who is holding her is a man. The nurse informs her surperior that she gave Robin the full dose of ECT and is shown to be Ewen Keenan.

  • Ep. #12612
    Ep. #12612
    Episode 81

    Anna thinks back to what Heather said about Robin still being alive. Steve tells Heather he is see to it that she never sees the light day again. The nurse goes into check on Robin and finds her missing, she then knocks her out and makes a run for it. Patrick's addiction continues to worsen when Robin comes to see him. Kate wakes up and Sonny invites her to come and have brunch with him and Michael. Starr has some choice words for Todd knowing that he usual retaliates when he's hurt badly and to stay away from John McBain. Lulu tells Luke that she should've known that the letter wasn't real that he would run away from his responsiblilities. Robin is dragged back to her room demanding who is holding her captive. Michael stops by and lets it to Carly slip he heardJohnny talking with someone he assumed was his mother. Lulu goes to check on Patrick, but she is told that he didn't check himself in. Luke almost confesses to sending Robert out of town, until she says that what if Robin didn't die, but he says not to take Heather at her word. Todd mails a photograph of John kissing Sam to Natalie as revenge for him losing Blair. Michael tells Sonny about his relationship with Starr, and if he is okay with it. Lulu comes to find Patrick talking to Robin when there is nobody there. Anna demand that Heather tell her about what she knows about Robin.

  • Ep. #12611
    Ep. #12611
    Episode 80

    Carly hears Todd trashing his suite, and he says that dinner with Blair didn't go so well. Luke jumps right in front Anna, taking a bullet for meant for her. Blair tells Starr she and Tomas are engaged, and Todd didn't take it so well. Mac drops off Emma after she had a nightmare, Maxie then lets something slip about Patrick. Dante tells Steve that Heather got someone to forge Maggie's suicide, and killed her to cover up what he did in Memphis. Lulu tells Patrick that he needs to get treatment right away. Lulu comes to the hospital, and Dante breaks the news that Luke was shot, and also Olivia is in critical condition.Todd shows Carly the ring he was gonna give Blair, until she told him she was engaged. Heather tells Delores she wants to use her phone to m ake a call. Todd plays the message from Heather asking his help or she'll expose his lies. Steve tells Anna and Lulu that Luke is stable at least for now. Steve tells Dante that he should've known that Heather was incapable of changing. Anna tells Heather that it is the end of the line, Heather then drops a bombshell on her by saying Robin is alive.

  • Ep. #12610
    Ep. #12610
    Episode 79

    Steve tells Epiphany that Olivia is convinced that Heather is associated with criminials. Patrick persuades Lulu not to tell Maxie that he is still using. Olivia and Heather struggle with the needle in her hand.Johnny is thrown by the sudden appearance of Connie, she says that Kate still hasn't remembered the so called secrets of her life. Todd asks Blair why she is marrying Tomas, she says she wanted tonight to be about Starr. Dante arrives as Heather stuck Olivia with the needle, but manages to escape. Anna arrives and sees the shack on fire and Luke yells out for help, but is knocked out by Heather. Connie gets Johnny to admit that he is guilty unaware that he is being recorded. Lulu sees that Patrick can't go a single day without taking the pills. Dante brings Olivia into the hospital and Steve learns that Heather shot her up full of LSD. Dante scolds Steve for not stoppinghis mothersooner. Starr goes to thank Johnny but she and Michael hear him talking to someone. Anna saves Luke from the fire, not before Heather comes out and aims and shoots at Anna.

  • Ep. #12609
    Ep. #12609
    Episode 78

    Luke screams out that Anna is in serious danger. Lulu wonders what kept Dante from attending the Haunted Star opening. Anna fears that Heather may have already done Luke in. Robin tells Patrick that he needs to save her before vanishing. Olivia asks Heather what she is doing dressed as a maid in Anna's room. Todd tells Blair that they should consider getting back together and plants a kiss on her. Carly and Johnny enjoy a night of passion. Luke has an idea on how to get him untied. Patrick sees Robin and ends up planting a kiss on Lulu, she says that he is seeing Robin only cause he is high. Anna figures out the code in the letter that Luke is being held hostage and his location. Blair is surprised at Todd's unexpected marriage proposal, but abruptly turns him down cause she is marrying Tomas. Kate has an unsettling flashback and goes and visits Johnny as Connie. Olivia tries to get Heather to believe that the police isn't on to her, but stops her from leaving and shows the syringe filled with LSD. Luke knocks over thecandle and a fire starts inthe shack.

  • Ep. #12608
    Ep. #12608
    Episode 77

    Anna tells Dante that it's possible the Heather got Archie to forge hers and Lulu to make them believe Luke left town. Todd offers to give Blair a ride to the Haunted Star. Maxie tells Lulu she finally got Patrick out of the house, and sees he isn't taking any more pills. Olivia goes to Steve saying that Heather secretly met with a forger. Heather goes to the shack and shows Luke a bottle of LSD, and says it's for Anna and not him. Patrick gets irate when he catches Trey's guy filming him. Todd tells Carly that Blair left Tomas back in Llanview and things are looking up for him. Lulu tells Johnny to get started since Dante is running a bit late. Anna brings in Archie and questions him about andthe letters. Steve refuses to listen to Olivia about Heather, and suggests that maybe they need a break away from each other. Starr and Michael reveal their relationship much to Todd's chagrin, but says if she's happy then so is he. Archie confesses he wrote them, and what he says triggers Danterealizing that Heather is responsible for Maggie Wurth's death. Olivia finds Heather dressed as a maid while in Anna's suite. Todd takes out a ring, after Blair says they have to continue what they discussed earlier. Patrick sees Robin on the boat.

  • Ep. #12607
    Ep. #12607
    Episode 76

    Dante wakes up after having a dream of him catching Lulu and Johnny sleeping together. Todd is surprised to see Blair at the Metro Court when he told Carly to cancel her reservation. Spinelli avoids a run in with Maxie, and she asks him if they're ever going to be friends again. Anna receives a visit from Patrick and Emma. Lulu receives roses and Dante says there not from him and sees Johnny got them for her. Lulu and Anna both receive letters from "Luke". Maxie does her best to make Spinelli jealous by calling up Patrick.Blair tells Todd that Tomas isn't coming to the opening tonight, Carly arrives prompting Blair to leave without finishing with what she had to say. Spinelli tells Olivia that Archie Boles was the person who left Steve's last night. Dante issues a warning to Johnny to not send his wife anymore gifts. Heather tells Luke she is not going to release him until he starts loving her. Anna is stunned when Spinelli tells her that Heather acquired the services of a known forgerer.

  • Ep. #12606
    Ep. #12606
    Episode 75

    Sonny asks Kate why she would go and see Joe after what he did to her. Carly comes by Todd's suite and finds a hockey mask and asks him what it's for, he says he got it for his son Jack. Olivia visits Dante and says that Anna had to release Heather cause her so called "alibi" showed, but doesn't buy it for one second. Johnny tries to persuade Lulu to go home and be with Dante. Steve scolds Heather and tells her not to bash Olivia in front of him. Kate is thrown by an unexpected memory of her with Johnny in the interroagation room. Heather goes on the laptop and sees Johnny with Lulu in his office hearing them talk about Luke, so she calls someone to help her forge a letter with Luke's handwriting. Joe Jr. works with Trey to destroy Sonny. Todd loses it after Carly tells him that Blair will be coming to Port Charles for Starr's opening. Kate asks Johnny if Connie came out while he came to see her.Olivia arrives and asks Heather who the man was that was just leaving.

  • Ep. #12605
    Ep. #12605
    Episode 74

    Joe calls Trey and makes him promise not to tell Sonny about him or finding his medal. Dante tells Olivia about his and Lulu's argument of her being late for work and spending all that time with Johnny. Heather tells Anna that she did not transport Anthony's body into the woods. Todd goes in the shack and places food on the table for Luke. Kate faces Joe for the first time since he raped her. Lulu confides in Johnny about her fight with Dante. Steve goes and tells Heather he hit a dead end in finding her a lawyer, a man shows up claiming she was with him the night of the storm. Luke pleads with theguy inthe hockey mask to let him go cause his daughterwill think thathe walked out on her.Oliviais gladthat Steve came home, and is even more surprised when Heather got released from jail. Sonny asks Kristina if there's something going on with her and Trey. Dante goes to the Haunted Star and sees Lulu and Johnny in a compromising position. Joe explains to Trey that he is in jail for murder and the realkiller is Sonny. Todd gets a call from Heather saying she isfree, he then goes and puts the gag back on Luke's mouth.

  • Ep. #12604
    Ep. #12604
    Episode 73

    Michael tells Kristina that he has a date with Starr tonight. Joe Jr. taunts John while in jail that he is the reason that his sister Theresa is dead. Anna tells Tracy they found Anthony's dead body and believes Heather is the reason he was buried in the first place. Trey tells Starr the reason he is so grouchy is cause his father is missing. Heather asks Todd to go and tend to a tied up Luke since she can't. Sonny opens up to Kate saying Jason found Joe, but McBain interfered before he can take him out,sheis thenshocked when Joe knows about the baby. Luke hallucinates seeing Lulu come in the shack, and refuses to untie him, he then begins to see Anna and Tracy. Trey tells Kristina that he is gonna head to Sonny's warehouse to capture some footage, he comes across his fathers medal to the one he wears. Michael is nervous when he shows up to take Starr out on their date. Todd has an ideafor a disguise to keep Luke from seeing his face, and goes there dressed in a hockey mask and a machete.

  • Ep. #12603
    Ep. #12603
    Episode 72

    Steve calls Alexis to represent his mother but she refuses. Epiphany approaches Patrick about the drugs then ended up missing and thinks she knows where they went. Alexis catches Molly talking to T.J. on the phone when she forbade her from any more communication with him. Steve tells Olivia that Heather didn't kill Anthony. Maxie comes to the office seeing that Todd Manning has completely changed everything including the name. Lulu tells Dante that she is thinking about quitting work at the police station. Heather tells Todd to find something in her purse, and comes across the paper with the paternity test results, seeing that she lied to him about Jason not being the father of Sam's baby. Shawn tells Alexis that T.J. has improved a great deal and doesn't mind he and Molly seeing each other, Alexis gives the two a set of rules she wants obeyed at all times. Todd goes to confrontHeather of her lying to him and making everyone believe that Franco is the father when in factit is Jason. Patrick steps upfor Ramon when he's accused by Epiphany, he later admits to seeing Patrick stealing those drugs. Olivia tells Steve that she is gonna be there for him through this whole ordeal with his mother.

  • Ep. #12602
    Ep. #12602
    Episode 71

    Dante sees Anna bringing in Heather regarding Anthony's death, when he asks where Lulu is she says she hasn't been into work lately. Sam asks Jason if he was kissing Elizabeth last night, he is the one that came on to her, and mention he saw her kissing John McBain last night. Todd sees Johnny throw a fit in his office and before he can see what itwas Carly comes to see him and he closes the laptop before she can catch him spying on her boyfriend. Maxie tries to persuade Patrick to schedule an appointment with Ewen. Steve gets a call from Anna saying Heather was brought into the station. Johnny tells Lulu the police are fingering someone else for Anthony's murder and not Luke and Tracy. Sam storms off and Elizabeth tries to get Jason to go after her, he says that his marriage died the day that Sam's baby did. Patrick can't stop thinking about taking his pills. Heather calls Todd wanting his help to make her decision go away or she'll tell Sam where her baby is. Spinelli calls Sam saying that Heather is being brought in for questioning and thinks there is some clue in her purse, unaware the DNA results are in there.

  • Ep. #12601
    Ep. #12601
    Episode 70

    Heather shows Todd a photo of John and Sam kissing, but he refuses to run the story and to stick it to McBain another way. Anna tells Delores that she doesn't think Luke nor Tracy killed Anthony, cause he was buried when they were in custody. Kristina sees Sam taking off her wedding ring and asks if she and Jason are gonna give it another chance, but admits to kissing another man. Michael tells Jason he and Starr are becoming more then just friends. Starr informs Johnny about her relationship with Michael, he says he saw Sam and John kissing and didn't look like she attempted to stop it. Steve asks Elizabeth what she was doing kissing Jason when he is a married man. Starr goes to confront Todd about his attempt at purchasing her recording contract, and says to stay out of her business which he obliges. Anna intructs Delores to rattle Johnny, by telling him that she is about to make an arrest for another suspect. Todd is impressed when Heather says she planted a camera in Johnny's office, just as Anna arrives asking her to come to the station. Sam overhears Steve tell Jason he shouldn't have kissed his sister.

  • Ep. #12600
    Ep. #12600
    Episode 69

    Luke continues to get Anna's attention, but she is called away before she can enter the shack. Jason comes across Sam and John kissing but leaves before they can see him. Maxie and Luluconfront Patrick about the pills he is taking and they realize he doesn't have a prescription for them. Michael stops kissing Starr, but she says that she was starting to get into it. Jason goes to the bridge and sees Elizabeth and after talking plants a kiss on her and apologizes saying he shouldn't have done it. Todd puts a damper on Carly's romantic night, by offering to buy Starr out of her recording contract so he can support it financially. Luke starts to make some more noise causing to fall backwards while still tied to the chair. Michael asks Starr that they should spend less time together, but Starr says to give what they have a shot. Todd tells Carly that sooner or later Johnny will revert back to his old ways once again. Anna and the police discover Anthony's body buried in the woods. Patrick reluctantly hands over the pills. John and Sam agree that what happened them never happened and to go and be there when Natalie returns home, someone watches on a laptop a picture of their kiss.

  • Ep. #12599
    Ep. #12599
    Episode 68

    Sonny tells Jason he didn't get to kill Joe cause John showed and then the Atlantic City police. Patrick brings Emma home after she had an accident, but she says only her mother can make her boo boo all better. Starr gets the wrong idea after thinking Michael is hitting on her when he calls her hot. Sam finds John in a bad state, he opens up saying he was face to face with his sister's killer. Heather brings Luke a special 4th of July dinner. Sonny tells Jason that Joe said that McBain is responsible for his sister's death. Spinelli tells Anna after overhearing that he is investigating Heather too. Maxie tells Lulu that she kept one of the pills that Patrick is taking to have it tested. Luke tells Heather it is only a matter of time before Anna goes looking for him, she then instructs him to write a letter to her saying that it's over. Maxie and Lulu find out what kind of medication Patrick is taking, not before he walks in the door. Anna asks Spinelli to take her to the spot where he saw Heather. Michael and Starr look up at the fireworks and share a kiss, the same with John and Sam. Luke hears Anna from a far and starts to scream.

  • Ep. #12598
    Ep. #12598
    Episode 67

    Anna comes to the boathouse, much to Tracy's surprise thinking it was Luke. Sonny is unable to execute his plan in eliminating Joe Jr. thanks to the arrival of John McBain. Kristina realizes that she is too late, after hearing Alexis scream that T.J. is still in the house. Todd comes close to revealing the truth to Sam, but Heather then comes in the office. John gets answers from Joe that he killed his sister Theresa and it being all because of him. Anna questions Tracy about the day she and Luke found Anthony's body. Sam gets a visit from Robert, and asks how she and Jason are doing. Alexis demands that T.J. get dressed while she and Molly talk and Trey orders to begin filming. Todd turns the tables on Heather when he threatens to tell everyone what she was doing with Anthony the night of the storm. Sonny prepares to shoot Joe but the Atlantic City P.D. arrive and take him away, prompting John to cover for Sonny.

  • Ep. #12597
    Ep. #12597
    Episode 66

    Kate returns to her office to see that it was taken over by Todd. Molly calls T.J. and arranges to be together for the 4th of July festivities. Sonny has Joe taped to a chair and seeks revenge for raping Kate all those years ago. Starr tells Trey the reason he has no clothes is cause she and Michael threw them out the window last night. Kristina asks Sam if she still loves Jason. Joe tells Sonny he doesn't remember raping Kate cause the sex was consensual. Michael invites Starr to come out on the boat with him to watch the fireworks. Kristina along with the camera crew and catches Molly and T.J. in a lip lock. Kate unleashes her anger on Trey when he suggests she give him an exposé on Sonny. Sam goes into work and opens up to Todd that the child she lost was her last chance, Todd says that there's something he has totell her. Trey asks Kristina they pay a visit to Sonny this time at his coffee warehouse

  • Ep. #12596
    Ep. #12596
    Episode 65

    Steve finds Heather and says she feels she is being followed by Spinelli and Olivia is the one that hired him to do it. Kate finally opens up to Olivia about her being raped by Joe Scully. Kristina asks Trey if he would consider hanging out together more often. Jason sees that John had him put on the watch list.Starr asks Michael to help her get revenge on Trey for having the apartment all messy by throwing his clothes out the window. Kristina surprises Trey when she kisses him, but she stops saying they shouldn't be doing this. John walks in and points his gun at a man who her refers to as Joe, but before he can bring him in someone knocks him unconscious. Olivia admits to Steve that he had Spinelli follow his mother. Michael tends to Starr's bumped head that leads to them almost kissing. Joe tells John that he shouldn't have come to New Orleans and makes arrangements for him to leave. Starr reveals her true feelings to Michael, but thinks they should be just friends. Jason arrives and advises Joe not to touch that gun and takes him leaving John tied up.

  • Ep. #12595
    Ep. #12595
    Episode 64

    Johnny learns that Kate is on trial for trying to kill Anthony but ended up killing Starr's daughter and boyfriend instead. Carly sees for herself that it's true that Todd is her newest tenant after acquiring Kate's magazine and hiring Sam as his assistant. Kate tells Sonny he just had a brief flash of herself talking with Johnny. Sam calls John and he asks if he didn't do anything right during the delivery, he hangs up only to find Jason will be sitting next to him on the plane and is too heading to New Orleans. Trey can't believe that Starr isn't thrilled that Kate is going down for destroying her family. Sam sees Elizabeth and finds out Jason went to see her at her house. Starr arrivessaying she was a victim herself and doesn't Kate is accountable for her actions, the judge reconsiders and drops the charges. John lets Jason know that he gets first pick at Joe Jr. Todd cautions Carly about trusting Johnny saying no matter how he will never change.

  • Ep. #12594
    Ep. #12594
    Episode 63

    Michael arrives at the newly renovated Haunted Star and listens as Starr singsHeather is surprised when Sam tells her that Todd hired her as his new assistant. Kristina brings the cameras to the courthouse under the assumption that Sonny has committed another crime when Kate says she is the one on trial. Spinelli tells Olivia that Heather caught on to him while he was doing surveillance and thinks she hired him in order to send her back to Ferncliff. Maxie asks Patrick about the bottle of pills she found in the pocket of the robe, he goes ballistic after finding out she wore it again. Heather cautions Todd that Sam might use this job in order to spy on them. Kate suddenly remembers a flash of her and Johnny while Sonny is talking to her. Trey brings up what Kate said as Johnnycomes in asking what it was. Todd tells Heather that he will deal with Sam in his own way.

  • Ep. #12593
    Ep. #12593
    Episode 62

    Tracy comes to apologize to Anna, and shefound Anthony's dead body in the boathouse and Luke is the one that killed him. Elizabeth tells Jason that Steve is concerned about her budding relationship with Ewen. Sam tells Spinelli to pursue Heather whereas she'll talk with Todd. Maxie tells Lulu that Spinelli put an end to their friendship. Todd asks Sam if the reason she's asking for a job at The Sun is cause she is investigating him. Spinelli tracks Heather to exact same spot she was at during the night of the storm, Heather asks why he is following her. Patrick warns Ewen to have Elizabeth keep her distance from Jason. Maxie discusses with Lulu that Patrick is turning to something to cover his pain over losing Robin. Anna and Tracy realize that Luke stood them both up last night. Todd goes against andeverything hires Sam. Ewen sees Jason and Elizabeth embracing. Maxie decides to confront Patrick about his problem.

  • Ep. #12592
    Ep. #12592
    Episode 61

    Dante tells Anna he has information that could lead to an arrest of who shot out Anthony's tires. Patrick loses it when Maxie puts on Robin's robe, she then wonders if coming to live with him was a mistake. Heather shows off her look to Steve before she starts her first day at work. Todd makes changes to Kate's office and wants a list of who to keep and to fire. Sonny tells Jason that Kate was raped and to find out where Joe Scully Jr. is. Sonny tells Jason there's no way he could've done, and needs to make Joe Scully pay. Kate tells Anna that she's ready to pay for what she has done. Sam comes to the conclusion that Heather has something on Todd in exchange for a job. Steve asks Elizabeth what is going on with her and Ewen. Heather demands that Todd give her Diane's gossip column. Sonny finds a letter from Kate saying sheis turning herself in for causing the accident. Patrick secretly takes a pill after Maxie helps with Emma. Spinelli tells Sam that Todd firedDiane andgave her job to Heather. Sonny arrives and Kate tells him that she needs to make restitution. Maxie finds the bottle of pills in the pocket of the robe. Samand Spinelli overhear a conversation between Todd and Heather.

  • Ep. #12591
    Ep. #12591
    Episode 60

    Dante calls Sonny asking him to come to the station to talk about Kate. Johnny and Carly's romance is interrupted by Michael's arrival. Luke wakes up to find himself tied up and Heather standing over him. Kate experiences a horrific nightmare. Dante informs Lulu if Luke doesn't tell Anna about Anthony then he will tell her. A frantic Kate calls Johnny and says she needs to see him saying she remembered something. Lulu goes by the mansion and can't believewhen Alice says thatLuke stood Tracyup. Anna tells Tracy some news of her and Luke sleeping together. Dante asks Sonny what went down with Kate in the interrogation room and if she confessed to shooting out Anthony's tires. Michael tells Carly that Starr has come to terms that she knows that Sonny didn't cause the accident. Heather goes ballistic after seeing that Luke got a call from Anna.

  • Ep. #12590
    Ep. #12590
    Episode 59

    Spinelli gets word and tells Sam that Heather was seen going in to Todd's room at the Metro Court. Heather scrambles to hide Luke after hearing Michael and Kristina coming. Anna tells Lulu they need to talk about her getting involved with her father. Todd shutters after Starr shows him a picture Téa sent of baby Victor. Tracy instructs Alice to keep the food warm cause Luke is on his way. Kristina wants Michael to admit that he's starting to feel something for Starr. Sam breaks into Todd's hotel room to look for some answers, as Spinelli keeps a look out but Todd comes back. Tracy goes looking for Luke, telling Anna that she got a message from him she sees a meal like the she had set up at the house and asks if it's for Luke. Sam asks Spinelli why would Todd have a newspaper clipping of her baby's death in his room.

  • Ep. #12589
    Ep. #12589
    Episode 58

    Heather takes away Luke's phone saying they have important pressing matters to deal with. Anna informs the squad room to make the Zacchara case they're number one priority which alarms Dante, Lulu and Delores. Elizabeth answers the door expecting to see Ewen but sees that it's Jason. Spinelli sees Sam in the office thinking she wasn't up to working after burying her son. Ewen helps Kate recall her past as Connie. Heather tells Luke that she took care of everything. Kate tells Ewen and Sonny she has no recollection as Connie shooting out Anthony's tires. Josslyn puts a damper on Carly and Johnny's romantic night. Jason tells Elizabeth that Sam can't forgive him for the baby's death. Sam asks Spinelli if she can join him on his investigation of Heather. Delores admits to Anna she fed Johnny information about Sonny's case, but Anna tells her to keep up with the arrangement. Johnny hallucinates seeing Hope telling him she'll never grow up thanks to him. Ewen arrives apologizing to Elizabeth for being late and sees Jason there. Heather stops Luke from calling the police by breaking a bottle over his head.

  • Ep. #12588
    Ep. #12588
    Episode 57

    Heather is angered after seeing Anna and Luke together. Mac asks Patrick how Matt is adjusting to prison, and says he's starting to feel something for Felicia again. Kristina lays into Starr for attempting to kill her father. Spinelli tells Maxie flat out that she can wait for Matt all she wants cause he's done with this and her altogether. Heather overhears Luke and Lulu's conversation and learns something very interesting. Kate reveals to Sonny that she was raped years ago and is the reason she left him standing there on the street. Patrick tells Maxie she can't move into Matt's place cause it isn't his anymore, he then offers his place for her to stay at. Michael accuses Trey of purposely setting out to find Starr to make her a part of this show. Anna plans a romantic evening with Luke. Sonny asks Kate if she has any memory of the night Connie shooting out Anthony's tires.Luke calls Tracysaying he's gonna come over and after hanging upturning around finding Heather.

  • Ep. #12587
    Ep. #12587
    Episode 56

    Luke tells Anna, he returned his feelings for Tracy but doesn't want to get back together with her. Trey tries to get Michael to be apart of the show but he flatly refuses. Spinelli and Olivia try to figure out who was in the car with Heather the night of the storm and think it might be Luke. Lulu asks Maxie if she's using her marriage to Matt as a way of punishing Spinelli. Starr tells Johnny the reason that Todd went after Sonny is cause he thought he was responsible for Cole and Hope's death. Jason tells Sam he didn't come to the funeral cause he felt that he wasn't welcome. Trey and Starr bothanswer Maxie's ad for a roommate, but reminds of Spinelli and storms off. Luke asks Anna if she does have any feelings for Robert. Heatherexplains to Todd she is here to ask him for a job at The Sun. Kristina comes to the conclusion that Michael is beginning to like Starr. Maxie goes to Kelly's and encounters Spinelli. Luke tells Anna he'sgonna talk to Tracy and then willmeet her later, Heather then sees them together.

  • Ep. #12586
    Ep. #12586
    Episode 55

    Anna asks Luke if last night they shared was a mistake or not. Spinelli tells Olivia that he's looking for clues as to where Heather was the other night. Carly sees that Todd is the new owener of the Port Charles Herald that he renamed The Sun. Jason finds out from Michael that Sam is laying her baby to rest and tells him he's the reason that her baby died. Tracy bribes a bellhop to allow herself into Luke's room,but finds Anna instead. A policeman confirms to Spinelli that he pulled Heather over the night of the storm and traveled with her husband. Luke overhears Tracy talk with Annaabout him. Todd is surprised by Heather hopeful for a good job opportunity.Sam sees Jason arrive at the cemetery.

  • Ep. #12585
    Ep. #12585
    Episode 54

    Anna and Luke's kiss interrupted by a visit from John. Dante goes and confronts Johnny about his recent partnership with Lulu. Ewen tries to get Kate totalk about the baby. Sonny is livid when Kristina brings Trey and the camera crew to his house. John tells Anna he got answers is here to say goodbye and is going home toLlanview. Lulu and Luke see that have something in common when they both have relationship woes. Kate experiences feelings of guilt.Trey tells Sonny if he doesn't film then Kristina will cut all ties with him, so he agrees to let the cameras into his living room. Lulu points out to Luke that he's the reason that Robert wasn't at Robin's funeral and it would be a mistake to get involved with Anna. Kate tells Ewen she gave birth to a son, butfelt nothing after holding him and left him and took off. Luke and Anna come to a conclusion about their friendship. Dante comes home and he and Lulu make up. Trey calls his supervisor to let him know that he's here in Port Charles.

  • Ep. #12584
    Ep. #12584
    Episode 53

    Johnny tells Carly that he bought the Haunted Star and he and Lulu are partners, which she is completely against. Kate asks Ewen what is she going to do now that she's "pregnant". Luke tells Anna that Tracy kissed him yesterday at the Floating Rib. Sonny tells John the sordid details of how he went to work for Joe Scully cause of being jilted by Kate and how he met his sister Theresa. Lulu tells Dante that Johnny bought the casino hoping to turn it into a legitimate business. Alice sees once and for all her feelings for Luke and what has changed her mind. Ewen uses hypnosis and Kate remembers it not being pregnant with Sonny's baby and being raped by Joe. Johnny begins to hear Anthony and lashes out and Carly asks who he's talking too. John asks Sonny where the person is that killed his sister. Lukeand Anna unexpectedly share a kiss.

  • Ep. #12583
    Ep. #12583
    Episode 52

    Sam tells John she know that Jason is the reason that he didn't come back for them.Kate tells Ewen if she is pregnant she has no idea who the the father or if she or Connie is the mother. Todd tells Carly the reason he didn't stay in Llanview is cause his family can't stand the sight of him right now. Michael goes to Sonny understanding why he chose to protect Kate. Elizabeth tells Jason that Sam told her that her marriage is over and him being all hers. Ewen tells Kate the only way to know for sure is to have a pregnancy test done. John tells Sam he's leaving and going back home to Natalie and Liam before opening up about Sonny killing his sister. Ewen wonders that Kate is seeing things and says that she is only 17 years old. Johnny tells Carly that he bought the Haunted Star, and it will headline Starr. Todd tells Starr that he is officially moving to Port Charles and is gonna take over the towns newspaper. John arrives and tells Sonny he's here to talk about his sister.

  • Ep. #12582
    Ep. #12582
    Episode 51

    Michael jogs on the pier finding Starr crying over her aunt Téa's baby and missing her own daughter. Lulu tells Luke about an offer she received to buy the Haunted Star. Ewen goes to visit Kate and says there's nothing to forgive with what she did to him. Jason tells Carly he and Sam over and the baby died shortly after birth. Starr tells Michael that Kate is the person who caused the death of Cole and Hope, but he thinks she is incapable of doing something like this. Elizabeth offers Sam some comfort cause she felt lost after Jake died, and says to go after Jason now that he's free. Johnny surprises Lulu by saying he's the potential buyer of the casino and he wants her to join her in the venture. Tracy admits to Luke after eating together that she wants him back. Jason tells Carly that Sam isn't going to listen to anything he has to say. Lulu walks in on Tracy and Luke having a tender moment.Starrgets the news from Johnny thatshe will beperforming at thecasino that bares her name. Kate comes to a realization that she might be pregnant. Jason goes to see Sam but Elizabeth says she just checked herself out of the hospital.

  • Ep. #12581
    Ep. #12581
    Episode 50

    Maxie finds Mac and Felicia saying her marriage is over before it even started cause Matt turned himself into the police. Jason tells Sam the thing he was going to tell her last night is he was gonna help her raise the child as his own. Steve overhears Heather saying nobody will uncover her secret. Patrick tells Ewen that he is discharging him. Spinelli tells Olivia he knows where Heather took her car the other night. Sam refuses to forgive Jason. Alexis gives Matt his phone so he can make some resolution with his loved ones. Sam tells Jason she knows what he did to John causing him not to return to take her to the hospital. Kristina tells Trey that this reality show isn't what she expected and wants out, but he isn't about to let this hit slip away. Heather thinks back to when she changed the test results to make Franco the father when it's Jason. Trey presents Alexis with a contract that Kristina signed a contract granting the camera crew the legal right to enter the house. Ewen surprises Elizabeth when he plants a kiss on her. Matt tells Maxie he signed the statement and is gonna be serving a five year prison sentence, Maxie then vows to still be married to him.Heather goes and offers to give her condolences to Sam for losing her baby. Elizabeth runs into Jasonsayinghe has completely lost Sam

  • Ep. #12580
    Ep. #12580
    Episode 49

    Mac tells Anna to take the job as commissioner before Mayor Lomax hires someone else. Heather threatens Todd saying she'll tell Téa the truth that it was her baby that died and not Sam's. Luke tells Tracy the only way they'll get out of here is if they figure out who really killed Anthony. Jason is picked up by the police and asks him to come to the station. Anna's surprised that her first assignment as the commissioner is Luke and Tracy disposing of firearmsalso responsible for Anthony being dead. Todd insistsTéa leave the hospital right way, until they come across Heather, she tells her thatthe baby almost didn't make until Todd ran into her. Kelly explains to Sam that her baby died of respitory failure, leading her to believe there was a mistake. Anna tells Jason of her new job and it might be difficult for the two of them and knows what he did to John McBain last night. Felicia tells Mac that maybe that kiss never should've happened, cause they've been down this road many times. Heather opens the envelope revealing that Jason is the father and not Franco. Jason asks Sam before she says anything there's something she must know.

  • Ep. #12579
    Ep. #12579
    Episode 48

    Heather goes to Dante requesting that she see Luke right away. Matt places a note for Maxie and leaves. Alexis comes into the living room to people filming everything and Kristina says they're not leaving. John calls the hospital wanting an update on Sam's condition and learns she lost the baby. Olivia goes to the Floating Rib asking questions about Heather's wereabouts last night and learns she wasn't even there. Todd visions telling Téa that her baby is dead and she lashes out at him for taking him away just like with Victor. John tells Anna something is wrong cause he's certain that Sam's baby was healthy to die so unexpectedly. Alexis breaks the news to Molly and Kristina that Sam lost her baby last night, she promptly orders the cameras to be turned off. Olivia and Spinelli investigate Heather. Maxie wakes up to find Matt missing and his wedding ring on his pillow. Steve tells Téa the baby will have undergo some tests, which Todd blantly objects since he already arranged them to be transfered to Llanview. Matt goes to turn himself in for Lisa's murder and Maxie quickly goes to stop him, but he says his mind is made up. Alexis is angered by Jason when he wasn't there for Sam, he then bumps into John. Heather tells Todd they needs to have a chat. Sam comes out of her room to find Téa holding her baby.

  • Ep. #12578
    Ep. #12578
    Episode 47

    Sam tells Jason that the baby she's holding isn't the one she gave birth to. Todd tells Starr about Kate's other personality and that caused the accident. Téa looks at her baby trying to figure out who he'll grow up to look like. Matt and Maxie see that in order to keep him out of prison they have to be married forever. Felicia tells Mac that she might find a reason to stay in Port Charles. Kate demands that Connie tell her what Johnny told her, until she gets a confrontation from Starr dressed as an orderlysaying she knows the truth. Jason tries to get Sam to believe that her baby is gone. Felicia sees Spinelli come into the Floating Rib attempting to drown his sorrows over Maxie being married to Matt. Matt tells Maxie that he remembered killing Lisa on the yacht. Todd almost tells Téa the truth until Epiphany says she has to take the baby to the nursery, Todd sees Sam brought in by Jason. Jason almost tells Sam he's to blame for John not coming back to her, before she says she was gonna name the baby after him.

  • Ep. #12577
    Ep. #12577
    Episode 46

    Elizabeth tells Ewen that everything about Kate came out and she's now at Shadybrook, Ewen says that there's more to Kate's story. Heather tells an unconscious Sam to consider this payback for crossing her. Téa is brought into the hospital and Todd contemplates telling her that the babydied Olivia calls and leaves a message for Steve saying that Heather has gone missing yet again. Michael and Starr ask each other if either have them seen their fathers. Sonny tells Kate that Todd is the only other person that knows what happened the night of the accident. Heather hears Jason coming and she quickly runs off. Olivia catches Heather in a lie and starts talking about making people that make her mad. Téa tells Todd she's grateful for what he did for her tonight. Jason finds the baby and breaks the news to a devastated Sam that he baby is dead. Elizabeth tells Ewen that Maggie the other doctor that helped save his life died. Todd tells Starr that Kate is the person who caused the accident that took Cole and Hope's life. Sam looks at the baby and tells Jason that it isn't hers.

  • Ep. #12576
    Ep. #12576
    Episode 45

    John lays unconscious by the side of the road, and is almost found by Téa. Heather tells Todd that she's done all she can and that the baby is gone, Todd then thinks he can't go back to Téa and say her son is dead. Jason goes to talk with Sam and they have a near miss. Carly tells Johnny she would like to wear his present and takes him back but under one condition. John manages to get up and heading back to hotel to get to Sam. Sam finds solace and ends up passing out, and Todd looks over and finds her and then hears a baby crying. John comes back and tells Jason that Sam just gave birth to her baby.Johnny visualizes of telling Carly about Anthony, but decides to tell her that Anthony is dead and has gone missing. Heather steps in before Todd can tell Téa the truth about her baby being dead and realizes that Sam is his mother, Heather thinks the baby should be where he belongs.

  • Ep. #12575
    Ep. #12575
    Episode 44

    Jason orders two men to take out John. Johnny as Dante if there's been an arrest. Carly comes showing Jason the headline and he confirms that it's all true. Téa tells Todd that she needshim tohelp her deliver this baby. Heather finds the perfect place to put Anthony's body. Jason comes to a startling realization. Luke tells Lulu that he didn't kill Anthony, but confirms he is dead but lost him. Todd delivers Téa's baby and she asks why he isn't crying, and to do whatever it takes to save her son. Heather dreams of being with Luke after he's set free. John leaves Sam while he gets help, and runs into Jason's men. Jason does what Carly asks and calls off his plan for John, she says to go and be with Sam. Todd comes across Heather and allows her to look at the baby asking if he's going t be alright. Sam continues to wait for John unaware he was abducted.

  • Ep. #12574
    Ep. #12574
    Episode 43

    Sam tells John she doesn't think he had Jason arrested. Dante tells Lulu that he caught him and Tracy about to dispose of a gun. Heather finds a new friend Anthony saying he's going to help Luke by getting him out of this. Todd finds Téapassed out in the parking garage, and tells her that Starr is now free. Sonny asks Jason if he thinks John is after Sam. Téa tells Todd that she's gone into labor. Sonnythinks John McBain needs to disappear, Jason thinks he should said a message. Heather hits a snag when she hears police sirens. Sam begins to feel a contraction while with John. Todd works to get the car out of a ditch, says to Téa they're stuck and are unable to get a signal, she says to get her to the hospital right away. Dante tells Tracy that Anthony received a text message on his phone from her to meet him at the boathouse. Jason tells Sonny he wants to work things out with Sam. Téatells Todd she's gonna have this baby right now, Sam tells John her water just broke.

  • Ep. #12573
    Ep. #12573
    Episode 42

    Tracy and Luke try to figure out who took Anthony's body. Maxie's announcement of her marriage to Matt shocks the courtroom. Anthony's ghost visits Johnny when no report of the body being found on the Quartermaine estate. John tells Jason that he wasn't the one that called in the anonymous tip for him to get arrested on the murder of Franco. Kristina says that this show is definitely going to happen when the camera crew shows up at the house. The D.A. vows to expose Maxie and Matt's marriage and they pay dearly. Dante and Delores go to Johnny's place and they come across Anthony's cell phone. Sonny abruptly shuts down Kristina's reality show altogether after she says some personal stuff about him and others. Tracy thinks that Sonny may have done it, but Luke says there's no way he could've done this. John makes it clear to Jason he has no intention of moving in on Sam, cause he's the one she's in love with. Alexis tells Sam she just found out that Jason was arrested in connection with Franco's murder. Spinelli tells Maxie that hermarrying Mattis probably isn't goingto make her happy. Kristina issues an ultimatum either the show continues or she'll leave and never come back. Dante and Delores catch Luke and Tracy as they're about to dispose of the murder weapon.

  • Ep. #12572
    Ep. #12572
    Episode 41

    Matt confesses to Patrick and Elizabeth that Maxie was covering for him, when he killed Lisa. Alexis demands that Kristina tell her the real reason that she up and left school. Jason thinks that John may have been the one that made the anonymous tip that led to his arrest. Maxie throws something at Spinelli when he comes to see her, seeing she's made he gave up Matt to save her. Anna tells John that her contact at the buerau turned him down for an extension and to let this thing with Sonny. Kristina reveale toMolly and Samthat her father pulled strings to get her into a school that didn't want her. Matt goes to Mac and Felicia apologizing and assures them he had no recollection of killing Lisa and will make things right. Alexis asks Kristina were she has been the past several week if she hasn't been at school. Jason asks Elizabeth for help when he's unable to get through to Alexis. Maxie comes inshocking everyone that she won't be testifying against Matt since they just got married. Jason goes to confrontJohn at his hotel room. Kristina announces she's being apart of a reality show that's gonna bebased on their whole family.

  • Ep. #12571
    Ep. #12571
    Episode 40

    Sonny tells Michael to backaway and not testify against Starr. Todd goes to see Starr and tells her she'll be getting out today. John calls Anna wanting to have the federal allowance extended and needs more time to nail Sonny. Luke and Tracy stop Heather before she has a chance to introduce herself to Anthony.Molly lets something slip to Alexis, Sam then says that Franco raped her and he's the father of her baby. A reporter starts to cause trouble for Jason and Sam by showing the headline in the newspaper of them with Franco. Todd tells Starr he spoke with Sonny and thinks he's gonna get his son to back off.Tracy tells Monica she heard everything regarding Jason's twin brother. Jasonasks John he wouldn't put it past him to sell out Sam to the press. Heather sees that something is seriously bothering Luke. Sam learns and tells Alexis that Kristina had left school several weeks ago. Jason is approached by police and places him under arrest for Franco's murder. Luke and Tracy go outside to find Anthony's body missing. Kristina walks in the doorsaying there's no reason to get the police involved cause she's right here.

  • Ep. #12570
    Ep. #12570
    Episode 39

    Todd asks Sonny if he's considered his offer or does he feed Kate to the wolves. Tracy finds the gun, Luke then walks in and sees Anthony laying on the floor and they quickly put the blame on each other. Monica is approached by Delores saying she got an anonymous tip of their being gunshots on the grounds of the estate. Carly goes to Johnny asking him why he said he slept with Kate, when in fact he didn't. Olivia tells Steve that she's gonna talk to Kate and get to the bottom of this whole thing. Sonny takes out a gun and points it at Todd telling what he thinks of his offer, until he shows him something he has in case something happens to him. Jason tells Monica that the baby is Franco's and that he raped Sam, unawares that Tracy heard the whole thing. Steve goes in to find Sam exchanging words with Heather. Delores comes across Luke and Tracy, also Anthony propped in a chair and wants to question him. Kate tells Olivia that "Connie" did something more terrible then knocking out Dr. Keenan. Sam asks Jason if he would like to go to a lamaze class with him. Monica is shocked after she gets a visit from Heather.

  • Ep. #12569
    Ep. #12569
    Episode 38

    Felicia visits Maxie, but she refuses to recant her statement getting her out of prison. Johnny breaks down looking at Anthony's lifeless body wondering what he has done. Luke finds Anna crying and is holding a bottle of shampoo that Robin had gotten her, and tries to get her out of the rut that she's in. Dante tells Mac he wants to further investigate the accident that killed Cole and Hope. Sonny and Carly reach a mutual understanding. Spinelli tries to get through to Matt and says he was forced to tell the court that he had killed Lisa. Johnny attempts to move Anthony and is startled when he comes alive suddenly and says he may be dead but he'll never get rid of him. Mayor Lomax comes into the police station and has grounds for his dismissal as police commissioner. Anna overhearsLuke tell Tracy to lure Anthony. Tiny and Kino bribe the guard so they can get into the visiting room and further torment Maxie. Johnny gets an idea to stashAnthony after he gets a text message from Tracy for him to come to the boat house. Mayor Lomax tells Anna she wants to appoint her as the new police commissioner for the PCPD. Tracy sees a body like before and sees that it's Anthony laying there dead.

  • Ep. #12568
    Ep. #12568
    Episode 37

    Johnny watches as Anthony lays shot on the floor. Emma asks Patrick if Elizabeth is going to be her new mother. Téa tells John that Todd has his own way of getting Starr out of jail. Molly tells Sam to just come with her, but she goes over to talk to Jason. Todd tells Carly there's no way that Michael is gonna testify against Starr. Michael apologizes to Starr for her not making bail and to remain in custody until her trial starts. Sonny tells Kate that he now believes "Connie" is the one that slept with Johnny and not her. Téa asks John what the deal with him and Sam, but he says there's nothing between them. Molly tells Jason that he needs to be there for Sam and for the baby even though it isn't his. Johnny tells Anthony he's gonna dispose of him, and not to worry cause he has "Connie" to confess even though she didn't. Carly issues a stern warning to Todd if heharms Michael in any way, and if he does then she'll have him to answer for. Johnny shoots Anthony deadsaying he knew too much. Sonny watches as Kate is taken away.

  • Ep. #12567
    Ep. #12567
    Episode 36

    Molly asks Sam why is she going to lamaze class with Alexis and not with Jason, and she explains the entire sordid deteails about Franco and Jason. Dante gets a call and enters Kate's office and sees that Lulu tripped the alarm and sees she got a rush when he pointed the gun at her. Shawn asks Carly if she and Johnny are through then why is she holding on the necklace that he got for her. Anthony asks Johnny to tell him the whole story from the beginning. "Connie" comes clean about framing Sonny, Kate returns and Sonny asks what the last thing that she remembers. Jason learns that Sam is gonna be taking a lamaze class at the hospital. Carly tells Shawn she doesn't think she can ever forgive Johnny for cheating on her. Dante tells Lulu that maybe Johnny hasn't changed at all. Anthony and Johnny struggle with a gun and it suddenly goes off. Molly offers Sam to take over for Alexis as her lamaze coach, but they encounter Elizabeth and Jason embracing while at the hospital.

  • Ep. #12566
    Ep. #12566
    Episode 35

    Anthony takes off to find a place to hide at Johnny's place after hearing Tracy and Luke's plan. Todd tells Téa that Kate killed Cole and Hope, and her split personality caused the accident. Sonny sees for himself in misbelief as Kate has a conversation with "Connie". Matt almost tells Elizabeth that Maxie went to prison for protecting him, until Patrick arrives saying Ewen's surgery went well. Spinelli tells Maxie he got her out of here and it will result in getting Matt in trouble. Todd tells Téa he made a deal with Sonny either his son recants his statement or he'll expose his girlfriend. Sonny goes in the interrogation room to comfort Kate, but encounters Connie instead. Anthony and Johnny engage in a heated argument afterhe refusesto help him. Spinelli tells Maxie the only way she can get released they want her to tell that she saw Matt kill Lisa. Tracy tells Luke she will step aside and allow him to take care of Anthony. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Ewen is awake and is asking for him. "Connie" and Johnny each confess to going after Anthony.

  • Ep. #12565
    Ep. #12565
    Episode 34

    Starr asks Kate what she was going to tell her before Alexis interrupted them, but Téa doesn't want any more contact between the two. Spinelli tells the judge that Maxie is the one that witnessed Matt kill Lisa on the yacht. Tracy tries to think of a way to do away with Anthony, Luke then catches on to what she's doing. Todd tells Sonny he know that Kate is guilty cause he heard her say it.Maxie explains the details to Matt of how she found him on the deck holding the wrench and after had no memory of what he had done. The judge will consider releasing Maxie if she can co-oberate Spinelli's testimony. Todd threatens to make some headlines about Kate for his newspaper, if Michael doesn'trecant. Mac and Felicia pray Spinelli can work his magicand getMaxie on board. Luke steps in and stops Tracy before she can hitAnthony with an oar and says he can arrange something."Connie" appears in the mirrortelling Kate that she ain't going anywhere. Matt tells Maxie he has to come forward and confess. Todd tells Téa that he came across some information regardingwho caused the accident. Anthony overhears Luke andTracy's plan to kill him. Sonny tells Alexis he wants to hear"Connie's" confession for himself.

  • Ep. #12563
    Ep. #12563
    Episode 32

    Kate tells Starr there's something she needs to tell her. Molly tells Alexis to go on and be with Sam and she'll find her own way to school. Sam explains to Kelly that Jason is struggling with his feelings towards the baby. Sonny asks Michael if he felt okay turning Starr in for killing him. Johnny shows Carly a gift and she's taken aback to what she wanted to have since she was a child. Spinelli shows Jason the picture of Lisa's murder, and doesn't recognize who the murderer is which means good news for Maxie. Sonny asks Alexis if or not she can get the charges dropped against Kate. Todd steps in and tells Johnny to get his hands off of Carly, he finds out he's Starr's father. Michael arrives to take Molly to school and sees her and T.J. together, Molly pleads for Michael not to say anything. Sam feels a twinge and Kelly assures her that the baby is perfectly healthy. Todd hears that Michael is gonna be a key witness against Starr. Alexis stops Katebefore she can tell Starr what"Connie" did to her family. Spinelli tells Jason he can't give up for him and Sam.

  • Ep. #12562
    Ep. #12562
    Episode 31

    Todd continue tolisten in as Kate reveals to Alexis that "Connie" killed Cole and Hope,but he gets thrown out by officers. Anna goes to see Patrick, but he chooses not to answer the door. Olivia asks Heather what she meant when she said she helped Steve.Jason steps in when Elizabeth begins to have a hard time with Emma, she thanks him for going with her to Jake's grave yesterday. Tèa gets a room at the Metro Court and meets Carly and realizes that Todd is staying in the same hotel. John tells Sam the reason that Jason confronted him earlierand he showsher the bug he planted at Sonny's house. Epiphany comes banging on the door demanding that Patrick clean him self up and return to work immediately and set an example for Emma. Luke tells Anna that there's something in her that he's beginning to like. Alexis tells Kate in order to find out for sure what happened that night they need to talk to "Connie" first. Todd tells Carly he heard Kate say that some woman named Connie caused the accident, Carly says that Kate and Connie are the same person. Heather comes into Kelly's and sees Luke and Anna together. Elizabeth tells Patrick the one thing he can do for her is to operate on Ewen. Tèa goes to see John and asks him if he was aware that Todd is in town.

  • Ep. #12561
    Ep. #12561
    Episode 30

    Steve, Olivia and Heather arrive at the hospital as Maggie is being brought in. Luke goes to see Lulu but she's not in her hotel room, and tells Dante she might have gone back to the crime scene. Starr tells Téa she believed that Sonny needed to pay for taking her family away from her. Delores shows Johnny the gun that Starr tried to use on Sonny. Alexis asks Sonny if he's not concerned for Kate then why did he ask her to represent her and tries to get him to admit that he still loves her. Todd tells Carly he came back to Port Charles cause he has some unfinished business and his ex-wife is here defending his daughter. Luke sees that Lulu got a bit of a rush after getting kidnapped. Steve works hard to save Maggie's life and Heather overhears and learns that she died. Kate tells Starr that Sonny is innocent, Starr wonders who did cause the accident. Johnny tries to persuade Delores to get rid of the gun but she refuses to give into blackmail. Sonny tells Dante not to let this hatred get the better of him and to focus on what he has with Lulu. Kate tells Alexis it's possible that "Connie| shot Anthony's tires killing Starr's family, unaware that Todd is listening. Carly tells Todd to go and visit her daughter in jail cause he has every right.

  • Ep. #12560
    Ep. #12560
    Episode 29

    Elizabeth tells Kate that they don't think Ewen will ever recover cause the blow to the head was severe. Carly is delivered a bouquet of flowers, but goes to throw them out after seeing they're from Johnny, he arrives and she doesn't want to hear his apology. Starr is thrilled when Tèa arrives offering to be her lawyer. Heather thinks to herself she had to get rid of Maggie in order to protect Steve. Spinelli admits to Mac that he did find something and wonders what to do with it. Matt visits Patrick and sees that he's in a terrible state saying he's been cutting people that care out as they tried to reach out, Patrick then throws him out. Olivia is surprised when Steve walks through the door and says he was released and the charges have been dropped. Tèa tells Todd she insists she'll be handling Starr's defense alone and for him to stay out of her way. Mac and Felicia look at the footage and think they have what they need to get Maxie out of prison. Kate explains to Elizabeth what Connie was planning to do. Starr tells Todd that she needs Tèa and it'sbest that he left. Matt is excited that there's evidence to clear Maxie, and is startled when he looks at the footage. Heather overhears Steve tell Olivia that Maggie was found but barely alive. Carly is given more flowers and then sees Todd standing in front of her.

  • Ep. #12559
    Ep. #12559
    Episode 28

    Felicia asks Spinelli and Matt if they can prove that Maxie didn't kill Lisa. John listens as Jason and Sonny talk he thengets a visit from Sam to thank him for saving her and the baby yesterday. Kate thinks Sonny hascome to visit her, but it turns out to be Olivia.Starr is surprised to see Todd in and he shows her the headline of his newspaper saying that he's been found not guilty in Victor's murder. Olivia thinks that Kate is playing this split personality to get out of the things that she's done. Mac tells Felicia he doesn't have time for her right now, cause he's determined to prove his daughter's innocence. Alexis watches the news report and learns that Sam was taken hostage last night was rescued by John McBain, Spinelli then gets an idea to use the security cameras at the Haunted Star to find Lisa's real killer. Starr tells Todd that she was just finishing what she had started when he pointed a gun at Sonny, he assures him that Sonny will be dealt with. Jason and Sonny find the bug and concludes that John is the one that planted it. Alexis asks Sam why she moved out of the penthouse and is living at ahotel. Spinelli gets in and sees thefootage of Lisa's murder. Jason confronts John and shows him the bug andmeant what he said to him last night. Tèa Delgado surprises Todd and Starr with her arrival and offers her services.

  • Ep. #12558
    Ep. #12558
    Episode 27

    Luke is delighted that after seeing Lulu that she's alright. Kate tells Sonny the reason Jason called her to the hospital is cause of her. Jason lashes at John for shooting at Ronnie while he had Sam. Elizabeth sees that Anna felt uncomfortable when she saw Luke with Lulu. Michael asks Starr what would if have proven if she went through with killing Sonny. Kate tells Sonny about her split personality and if or not he believes her. Jason tells John he's not going to the hospital until they resolve things. Lulu apologizes to Delores for accusing her of deleting the pictures when it was Ronnie the whole time. Sam lays into Elizabeth for always being there for Jason. Starr asks Michael who he thinks is the one that caused the accident. Sonny tells Kate that they're done and for the police to take her away. Luke and Anna's relationship deepens even more. John gives Sam the dragon statue that she dropped earlier. Elizabeth tells Jason he's welcome to come with her to put flowers at Jake's grave.

  • Ep. #12557
    Ep. #12557
    Episode 26

    Dante comes in wanting an answer from Ronnie on why he's beating up these women. Jason tells Kate that he know it's Connie that he's talking too. Tracy goes to Alexis wanting her help cause she wants to divorce Anthony without him knowing about it. Michael tries to convince Starr not to murder Sonny and lets her know he killed his stepmother. Elizabeth is told by the police that Kate is the one that assaulted Ewen and is considered extremely dangerous. Anthony tells Johnny he feels that someone is trying to kill him. Dantetells Ronnie he knows he made an attempt on him in the Metro Court parking lot and ended up shooting Sonny instead, as John waits to make his move. Kate comes back and asks Jason what she's doing at the airport and for him to take her to Dr. Keenan. Starr takes off realizing thatshe can't kill Sonny ending up at Johnny's. Ronnie grabs a hold of Sam after John comes in pointing his gun at him. Kate is shocked after Elizabeth tells her she's the one that knocked out Ewen. Tracy thinksshe has a way to be rid of Anthony altogether. John takes aim and kills Ronnie after Sam faints to the floor. Michael has Starr arrested for the attempted murder of his father.Jason arrives at the Haunted Star to make sure that Sam is alright, but sees her in John's arms.

  • Ep. #12556
    Ep. #12556
    Episode 25

    Dante and John investigate Ronnie's hotel room and finds Lulu's cell phone. "Connie"looks to make quickarrangements to leave the country. Johnny realizes that Starr took his gun. Jason and Carly arrive lookingfor Sonny and sees that he is nowhere to be found. Starr brings Sonny to the place where Cole and Hope died and tells him he's going to die here too. John sees the dragon statue on the floor realizing that Ronnie has Sam as well. Michael stops by Johnny's place and punches him for the pain he caused his mother. "Connie" hits a roadblock in her travel plans when Kate starts asking to be let out. Johnny surprises Michael by saying that Starr never left and is still in town. Sonny asks Starr that what if she's wrong about him being the one that cause the accident. Ronnie tells Lulu and Sam not to bet on anyone coming to their rescue. Jason tells Carly thatwhat ifKate really does have what Johnny and Ewen says she does. John and Dante arrive at the Haunted Star and listen as Ronnie makes plans to leave town. Michaelarrives and tells Starrnot to kill his father. Jason stops "Connie" before she can get on the plane.

  • Ep. #12555
    Ep. #12555
    Episode 24

    Sam runs into John and saying she left Jason and he was the reason for it. Dante asks Delores he was wrong when he accused her Eddie of the beatings and swears Ronnie is setting him up. Ronnie tells Lulu that she's the reason for this and should've left well enough alone. Carly's reaction wasn't what Johnny was expecting when she knees him in the groin. Starr tells Sonny she was planning on leaving for L.A. but Johnny acquired her recording contract. Luke tells Anna he's vowing vengeance if Ronnie harms a hair on Lulu's head. Sam tells John she should've done what's best and told Jason the truth from the beginning. Lulu turns up the volume in order for someone to rescue her but Ronnie intervenes when John comes knocking on the door. Johnny tells Carly him that Kate, has a split personality, she doesn't believe him at firstuntil he brings up D.I.D. Starr takes out a gun and points it at Sonny saying she wants him to come with her. Anna sends the informationabout Ronnie toJohn's phone, herecognizes him as the man who was at the motel. Dante uses acomputer to track the gps in Lulu's cellphone. Sam sees Ronnie, she then hears a noise from a room asking him why isn't he investigating it. Johnny finds that his gun is missing. Dante and John team up while arriving at the hotel.

  • Ep. #12554
    Ep. #12554
    Episode 23

    Olivia thinks that Kate is the Connie that Ewen was telling Elizabeth about. Starr goes to Johnny wanting to know if he's certain that Sonny is the one who caused the accident, he then says he tried to kill him in his own home last night. Sam asks Jason when he comes home if he's here to stay. "Connie" is stopped by Carly as she attempts to leave the Metro Court thinking she's going to see Johnny. John listens through the bug he planted as Sonny talks with Michael discuss Kate. Olivia tells Elizabeth decide to work together and find out why Ewen was planning on having Kate committed. Carly and Connie engage in a heated brawl in the lobby of the hotel, she comes across her medical file and is stunned as to what she reads. Sam ask Jason about his feelings for the baby, but he says he can't give her ananswer yet, so she offers to move out in order to give him some time. Johnny gets a visit from Carly. "Connie" panics when the cops come to question her about Ewen. Starr goes to see Sonny with Johnny's gun in her purse. John and Sam run into each other at a local hotel.

  • Ep. #12553
    Ep. #12553
    Episode 22

    Ewen tells Elizabeth that his patient is the one that hit him over the head. Heather asks Maggie to write a testimonial to the Memphis P.D. on behalf of Steve. Carly answers Johnny's call but she tells him she wants nothing to do with him and hangs up. Johnny offers some insight to Olivia as to what's going on with him and Kate. Spinelli makes a delcaration to the courtroom that Maxie isn't guilty nor is she a murderer, but decides not to reveal the secret.Sam is thrown when Carly tells her that she foundJohnny and Kate in bed together. Elizabeth tries to get Ewen to calm down but his monitor start going off. Heather overhearsdoctors discuss a medication, she steals it and sets her plan for Maggie in motion. Jason tells Sonny that Spinelli found something about Dr. Keenan wanting Kate to be committed to Shadybrook. Carly tells Sam that today is her 5 year anniversary with Jax and it's the reason she went to talk with Johnny. The judge sentences Maxie to 20 years in Pentonville, Matt stands up trying to get her to admit who really killed Lisa. Jason tells Sonny that Sam apparently found John McBain to confide in. Maggie drinks the laced tea and begins to feel woozy, Heather says she shouldn't have called her crazy. Sonny listens tothe message that Ewen left for him and calls him back.

  • Ep. #12552
    Ep. #12552
    Episode 21

    Dante confronts Ronnie and demands to know where he's keeping Lulu. Luke encounters Heather while going to the hotel room looking for Anna. Mac tells Felicia it's a little too late to be concerned about Maxie and refuses to let her go anywhere near her. Maggie rushes to help Elizabeth with Ewen who hasn't regained conscious yet. Olivia goes to Kate looking for help but is stunned when she flat out refuses and notices she isn't being likfe herself. Matt continues to have intense memory flashes back to the yacht party. Maxie tells Spinelli that he can't tell anyone that Matt is the one that killed Lisa. "Connie" tells Olivia that Sonny dumped after he caught her in bed with Johnny. Heather pulls a gun onLuke asking for his help in bringing Steve home. Felicia makes an attempt to talk to Maxie but she doesn't anything to do with her, the hearing then begins. Dante is arrested as Ronnie tells the fellow officer he has evidence in his desk proving he's the one attacking these girls. Ewen wakes up telling Elizabeth that Connie is the one that hit him. Luke tells Anna that Lulu is missing and needs help finding her. Spinelli stands upbefore the judge can sentence Maxie.

  • Ep. #12551
    Ep. #12551
    Episode 20

    Elizabeth almost enters Ewen's office discovering him, but is stopped by Spinelli. Matt tells Patrick that Maxie is being sentenced today and there's nothing he can do about it. Tracy tells Luke since he won't help her take care of Anthony she's gonna do it herself. Ronnie takes out Lulu's phone from his pocket looking at the text message that Dante sent. Spinelli tells Elizabeth that his theory that Matt may have killed Lisa. Matt explains to Patrick about Spinelli's theory him being the murderer. Luke bursts in preventing Anthony from eating what Tracy has made. Macconfides in Anna at how Felicia or Frisco could leave her children. Alexis reads a letter of support and Maxie is surprised that it was written by Robin. Dante begins to worry when Mac tells him that Lulu isn't here. Maxie tells Spinelli that the judge can't know about Matt. Luke tells Dante that Lulu thinks Ronnie is beating up all the dancers, he then confronts his friend. Elizabeth comes across an unconscious Ewen on the floor in his office. Maxie admits to Spinelli that she saw Matt kill Lisa.

  • Ep. #12550
    Ep. #12550
    Episode 19

    Carly asks Sonny to make love to her to get even with Johnny, but he refuses to play her game. Jason tells Sam that they're falling apart and asks if she was alone while she got that DNA test. Tracy tries to trick Anthony into signing divorce papers, but he sees through her little plan. John tells Anna that he explained everything to Natalie and she understands why he has to be in Port Charles right now. Ewen arrives and Kate tells him exactly what transpired and why she didn't commit herself. Luke arrives telling Tracy it's like to give up to getting rid of Anthony. Ewen encourages Kate to think about her future. Sonny tries to figure out why Kate would testify against her and then sleep with Johnny. Luke and Tracy try to figure out who shot Anthony's tires causing the accident. Anthony is thrilled at Johnny's initiative when Sonny caught him in bed with Kate. "Connie" knocks outEwen as he calling Sonny to talk about Kate. Jason is upset even more and storms off leaving Sam at the Metro Court.

  • Ep. #12549
    Ep. #12549
    Episode 18

    Spinelli wonders that maybe Matt may have murdered Lisa not Patrick and how to prove his theory, Matt then shows up with Cameron for an advanced screening of The Avengers. Olivia tries to get Heather to remain calm after Steve was dragged away by the police. Elizabeth follows Jason to the roof and tells her that Sam has been lying to him regarding John McBain. Carly tells Johnny she feels foolish cause she defended him to everyone at the party tonight. Sonny smashes the picture of him and Kate in a heated rage and burns the presents she got forhim. Heather eavesdrops on Olivia and Dante's discussion about Steve killing one of his patients. Jason explained the whole sordid detail to Elizabeth of Franco raping Sam and the baby not being his. Kate comes back and is horrified after finding out from Johnny what"Connie" made her do. John tells Sam he'll leave Port Charles once his business with Sonny is finished. Carly tells Sonny she has anidea to get even with Kate and Johnny and starts kissing him.

  • Ep. #12548
    Ep. #12548
    Episode 17

    Alexis lets it slip to Jason that Sam has been confiding in J ohn McBain, and says to go talk to Sam himself. Sonny barges in and accuses Johnny of drugging Kate and taking advantage of her. Ewen makes numerous attempts at contacting Kate, realizing someone else might've changed her mind. John drops by Sonny's house telling Max he has a present for his birthday. Carly arrives at the party asking Michael where Sonny is. Connieis shocked when Sonnytakes out agun threateningto kill them. John's present also includes a search warrant for Sonny's place. Carlydemands an explanation after she finds him andKate in bed together, she's thrown when Johnny refers to Kate as Connie. Elizabeth is forced to give Jason information regarding Sam and John.

  • Ep. #12547
    Ep. #12547
    Episode 16

    Luke cautions Lulu that if Ronnie is the attacker then to stay away from himand to tell Dante. Ronnie asks Lulu what she was doing looking at the PCPD duty roster. Johnny is pressured by Connie to bring down Sonny, he then agrees to heridea. Jason tells Sam he doesn't want to her to bring up that he's Franco's brother. Dante tells Michael they have someone in custody but doesn't think he's guilty. Ronnie thanks Lulu for her participation in the apprehension of Padilla's husband and if she thinks they have the right man. Olivia tells Sonny she's grateful for what he did which saved Steve from Johnny's control. Alexis inadvertantly gets under Jason's skin and asks Sam she knows that something. Dante asks Michael just how much involved he is with Starr. Lulu discovers that Ronnie was off duty at the time of each attack. Sonny comes across what's left of his birthday cake and gets a call from Kate learning she's with Johnny. Michael tells Jason he'll always be grateful he stepped upto raisehim even though he wasn't his child. Olivia gets word that Steve was just arrested bythe Memphis police. Lulu is followed by Ronnie when she leaves the station.

  • Ep. #12546
    Ep. #12546
    Episode 15

    Lulu goes to Luke expressing her concerns of thepolice have arrested the wrong person and her theory is that the stripper beater is his friend Ronnie. Alexis gives Sonny a present that he's been officially cleared of all charges. Carly tells Michael she's mad at how big of a deal that she's making for Sonny's party. Ronnie and Dante go to Johnny's cause they got an anonymous tip about his guys moving stolen organs from the hospital. "Connie" overhears an important conversation between Alexis and Sonny. Jason tells Sam he wishesand also isn't sure hecan move and accept the child as his own.Lulu asks Luke if he told Anna that he lied about Ethan being Robert's son. Sonny is delighted that Dante and Michael arrived at the party even more that Carly won't be bringing Johnny. "Connie" loses it and destroys Sonny's cake with a knife. Johnny calls Sonny knowing it was him that had his guys picked up earlier and will pay dearly. Lulu goes through the computer to determine the time of the assaults and if Ronnie was working, but is then caught.

  • Ep. #12545
    Ep. #12545
    Episode 14

    Epihpany goes to check on Patrick saying he covered with Monica after he missed his shift. Spinelli tells Matt that the person who killed Lisa is in fact his brother Patrick. Starr tells Johnny she's here to look for answers. John tells Anna he's not going home until he has something on Sonny that'll stick. Sonny goes and tells Michael that Kate is throwing him a birthday party tomorrow night at the Metro Court and asks if he'd like to come. Jason reads the results and that the baby Sam is carrying isn't his but Franco's, and sees that Sam has lied to him once again. Anna tells John she doesn't want him to make the same mistakes she did. Sam asks Jason if he would love this baby knowing it's someone else's. Spinelli tells Matt that it's possible that Patrick blocked out the events leading to Lisa's death. John calls Natalie saying that he's coming home. Johnny gets Starr out of her contract to Rick to produce album here in Port Charles, then make a deal.

  • Ep. #12544
    Ep. #12544
    Episode 13

    Steve tells Ewen that Heather agreed to having a session with him. Michael tries to get Starr to stay in town and to think of the possibility that someone else cause the accident that killed her daughter and boyfriend. Maggie catches Heather going through some of Steve's cionfidential patient files. Olivia interrupts Kate as she's about to tell Sonny about "Connie". Carly tells Johnny that his reaction to Sonny's acquittal has her questioning his innocence. Max tells Sonny he foundout about the arrangement that Johnny had with Steve. Sam tells Jason that she found out Susan Moore had another baby and it was Franco, Jason realizes he killedhis own brother, .Connie comes out and Kate listens as shetells Sonny she wants to throw him a birthday party. Michael findsa demo CD that Starr left behind. Sam tells Jason she had another test done and Franco is her baby's father. Carly tells Sonny there's no way that Johnny could've framed him. Starr pays a visit with Johnny

  • Ep. #12543
    Ep. #12543
    Episode 12

    Starr asks Michael if he believes if she's trying to influrnce his testimony. Heather catches jason as he's leaving Kelly's telling him there's something he needsto know abouthis wife. Ronnie tells Delores that her husband needs to be brought in for questioning. Alexis calls and tells Sonny that the jury is back with a verdict. Sam tells John she isn't sure she wants to find out who the father of her baby is, John asks if she could live not knowing the truth. Carly asks Michael after finding out that Starr is staying with him. Alexis interrupts Heather and tells Jason that the jury is in. Sonny is found not guilty for Cole and Hope's death which devastates Starr and vows to make him pay. Eddie tells Delores that he had no idea how those pictures got into their closet. Samlearns that Franco is her baby's father and needs to tell Jason everything.Michael comes home to find Starr packing her things saying she is goingback to Llanview. Sonny tells Kate she was trying to tell him something earlier. Carly demands that Johnny be honest with her and did he have the gun planted to frame Sonny.

  • Ep. #12542
    Ep. #12542
    Episode 11

    Sonny asks Michael why he lied to him after learning that Starr is staying with him and if there's something going on between them. Heather is livid at the idea of Steve and Olivia is bringing her to see a psychiatrist and takes off. Dante reminds Lulu that he doesn't want her going undercover as dancer at Vaughns. Kate apologizes to Jason for things she said and suddenly is eratic after hearing Connie's voice.. Alexis sits down and asks Sam what is going on with her and John McBain, she says she just came back from a appopintment with Dr. Lee. John asks Starr if she's going to be alright if Sonny gets off and not to let revenge control her. Delores sees that Dante and Ronnie thinkher husband is theattacker and gives permission to search her apartment. Kate comes to tell Ewen to get rid of someone unaware that Olivia is also in the room. Starr tells John she knows there's another reason why he's staying in town. Jason tries to Sonny about Kate's erratic behavior but he refuses to listen. Ewen tells Kate he's going to have her committed against her will. Delores is shocked when Dante and Ronnie show her what was found in the back of her closet. Michael asks Starr if she's using him to get to Sonny.

  • Ep. #12541
    Ep. #12541
    Episode 10

    Matt tells Maxie he's not leaving until sheTracy asks Luke and Anna about nothing going on between the two of them. Heather tells Sam why hasn't she told Jason that Franco is his fraternal twin brother. Jason asks Spinelli what he found in Ewen's officeabout Kate's diagnosis. The prosecution questions Kate about the gun that was found in her officeand whether or not it belongs to her. Luke tells Tracy that Heather has no targeted him. Carly tells Johnny she was takeb aback listening to Starr's testimony about what went down with her own children. Starr stands up after hearing that Anthony's statement to be not admissable, Anthony then walks inready to testify. Spinelli goes to visit Maxie and seesshe and Matt are in the interrogation room and hears him declare his love for her. Heather gets the upper hand with Sam when she finds that she's having a DNA test done and threatens to tell Jason. Josslyn comes downstairs and Carly and Johnny spend some quality time together. Tracy tells Lukeshe can'tdivorce Anthony, ifshe does she'll go toprison. Spinelli stumbles into the room just as Maxie is gonna tell Matt something important.

  • Ep. #12540
    Ep. #12540
    Episode 9

    Luke and Anna go to Kelly's, but quickly leave when they see Heather, but she spots him saying the have unfinished business. Sam quickly hides the DNA sample as Jason comes up to her asking if he was late for her appointment but is confused when Dr. Lee asking Sam what she wants. Sonny tells Michael after seeing him with Starr he thought he made it clear no contact with her whatsoever. Olivia goes to Ewen wanting him to do something about Heather, but he first thinks she was talking about Kate. Starr takes the stand and explains the details and the final moments leading up to the car accident. Heather "accidentally" spilling milk all over Anna so she and Luke can be alone. Sam tells Kelly about Franco and Jason being fraternal twins, and gives her the DNA of Franco to be tested against the baby. Tracy again sees Anna and Luke together. Jason and Sam see their baby for the first time. Steve gives Ewen the thick file on Heather Webber. Kate is sworn in and says that her name is Connie Falconeri.

  • Ep. #12539
    Ep. #12539
    Episode 8

    John tells Sam he got what she wanted, but first he needs to speak with Sonny. Starr becomes frustrated after Anthony refuses to testify Sonny might get off from these manslaughter chargers. Kate reads something and wonder what "Connie" has done this time. Maggie is delighted when Steve comes to the hospital, but he says he's looking for Heather who's gone missing. Starr tells Michael she lied when she actually went to see Anthony last night. Elizabeth asks Ewen if Kate is in fact one of his patients. Spinelli tells Jason there is something wrong with Kate. John tells Sonny to listen as Starr is testifying talking about her daughter and boyfriend. Kate tells Ewen that "Connie" came out after she had a headache. Jason doesn't know what to do cause Sonny told him to back off of Kate.John gives Sam the DNA sample of Franco to be tested against her baby, Elizabeth overhears them talking. Sonny arrives at the courthouse and sees Michael and Starr embracing.

  • Ep. #12538
    Ep. #12538
    Episode 7

    Sonny keeps watch on Carly, telling Kate she's playing into Johnny's hands. Matt wants Ewen to come for a consult on a patient, so Spinelli can look through the office. Luke asks Heather what's the purpose for her visit, she says Steve agreed to be responsible for her. Johnny tells Carly he doesn't want to be the one that comes between her and Michael. Spinelli finds the paper on Ewen's desk and comes to the conclusion that he's planning on having Maxie committed. Steve realizes that Heather is with Luke right now. Sonny cautions Johnny saying the end is coming for him. Olivia confronts Kate about her hitting on Steve, but she has no recollection. Anna asks Luke to tell him what exactly did Heather do the last time she was in town. Ewen tells Spinelli and Matt that Maxie isn't his patient, they then realize it's Kate.

  • Ep. #12537
    Ep. #12537
    Episode 6

    Michael comes home to hear Starr on the phone saying she can't wait to put Sonny in prison. Jason asks Sam what did Heather tell her about the baby in the video. Olivia comes looking for Steve and encounters his mother Heather instead, Steve comes out and says his mother is going to be living with him. Sonny asks Carly what Michael thinks of her pairing with Johnny. Tracy believes that everyone forgot her birthday, until she gets an unexpected visit and gift she doesn't want. Ewen advises Kate to commit herself to a facility right away. Starr asks Anthony if he's sure that Sonny is the one that shot his tires out. Anna and John discuss trying to figure out Kate and how she could be the one that shot at Dante and cause the accident. Luke surprises Tracy with a off spring of her first pony as a child. Michael is irate at the thought of his mother being involved with Johnny. John calls Sam saying he obtained a DNA sample of Franco's and she'll know her answers soon. Ewen makes plans to have Kate committed against her will. Luke is shocked when he gets a visit from Heather.

  • Ep. #12536
    Ep. #12536
    Episode 5

    Alexis asks Maxie why she's so determined to go down for Lisa's murder. Spinelli asks Matt to team up with him to prove Maxie is innocent. Jason sees that Kate told Sonny something completely different as to what happened at her office. John tells Sam to run another test this time with Franco's DNA, but Sam says it's impossible cause he's dead. Matt asks Spinelli what if Maxie is actually guilty. Elizabeth returns to the table hearing "Connie" asks Ewen for them to have sex. Jason tells Sonny he felt that Kate wasn't acting like herself. John thinks he knows a way to help Sam find out the truth, but she says she doesn't want Jason to know until she is certain. Ewen works hard and manages to get through to Kate, who learns what "Connie" has done. Spinelli and Matt thinks something about Ewen after finding out he rescued Elizabeth and why he would keep quiet. John gives Alexis the paper giving a federal allowance which null and voids the restraining order.

  • Ep. #12535
    Ep. #12535
    Episode 4

    Dante is against the idea of Lulu posing as dancer in order to catch the attacker, cause it could result to her getting hurt. Ewen tells Elizabeth he's free for lunch since his appointment is a no show. Sam tells John she doesn't think she should be talking to him. Jason tells Spinelli he went to question Kate and he could sense she was acting a little paranoid. Matt asks Patrick what he's doing at home when he should be taking some time off. "Connie" lies to Sonny by saying that Jason came to her asking some questions about the gun and got into it with her. Sam opens up to John and tells him what she discovered about Jason and Franco possibly being brothers and maybe the father of her child. Elizabeth finds out that Ewen knows Jax. Patrick deals with a painful memory after being told from a patient why Robin isn't working today. Sonny goes to see Jason and asks what went down with him and Kate earlier.

  • Ep. #12534
    Ep. #12534
    Episode 3

    Kate reads the book of the life of Victoria Lord for some research on D.I.D. and realizes after what she has to make Connie go away. Steve gets an unexpected call from Heather and says she needs to see him right away. Sam wonders how she's going to tell Jason that he's Franco's brother.John shows Anna the restraining order he just got courtesy of Sonny. Shawn brings Ranelle to the station, she asks Dante what he's going to do about the person attacking the dancers. Alexis tells Sonny that the prosecution does have a strong case, also why he arranged so that John McBain doesn't go near him. Jason goes to talk with Kate about the gun that was found in her office. Ranelle shows Dante the things she managed to rip off the person that attacker. Heather tells Steve she can be released from the hospital with her help. "Connie" surfaces and begins unleashing her anger on Jason. Anna gives John a paper that'll allow him to be on Sonny's case. Dante confronts Delores and says the attack happened at the same place her husband works. Spinelli goes to Lulu wanting her help with Maxie. Sam tells John that what she's going through right now nobody can help her. Steve tells Heather he'll agree to be responsible for her.

  • Ep. #12533
    Ep. #12533
    Episode 2

    Anna finally understands why John hates Sonny so much. Olivia asks Sonny for his help cause Johnny is blackmailing Steve. Carly gives Luke a bill cause she never agreed to him having a roommate in his suite. Michael tells Starr to hide while he talks to Jason. Sam asks Heather how the baby in the picture can't be Jason. Johnny tells Steve he either deals with him or the Memphis P.D. Jason asks Michael if anyone has contacted him trying to influence him in anyway. Ewen brings "Connie" out again and asks how the gun ended up in Kate's office. Anna thinks John is letting his personal feelings get in the away of his vendetta against Sonny who may not even be guilty. Sam recognizes the name Betsy Frank as the woman that raised Franco and it's possible the baby she's carrying could not be Jason's since they share the same DNA. Steve tells Olivia that Kate basically just hit on him. Starr tells Michael the trial will be over sooner then he thinks.

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