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  • Ep. #13025
    Ep. #13025
    Episode 245

    Lulu stuns everyone at the party with the assertion that Ben is her son and not Britt's. Ric asks Elizabeth if she's staying to help Nikolas pick up the pieces. Luke tells Sonny if he thinks that Ric is the one helping Julian then the next thing is to take him out. Silas takes Sam back to his place, and finds it was completely ransacked, and that Nathan is already on the scene. Britt breaks down and confesses to Lulu that the baby is hers and Dante's. Alexis and Julian give into their feelings and make love. Lucas asks Brad to explain his part in keeping Lulu's baby away from her.

  • Ep. #13024
    Ep. #13024
    Episode 244

    Alexis tells Ric she thought he was meeting with Julian. Luke tells Julian they need a legitimate company like E.L.Q to bring down Sonny that's why he had to propose to Tracy. Elizabeth gives Lulu proof that Ben is her son and not Britt's. Dr. Obrecht pushes Brad off the turret and says it could've been a lot worse if he promises to keep quiet. Ric tells Sonny he's not helping Julian to bring him down. Spencer overhears Luke and Julian's conversation while hiding in the stables. Elizabeth tells Ric that Lulu knows the truth. Lulu storms in telling Britt to get her hands off her son.

  • Ep. #13023
    Ep. #13023
    Episode 243

    Alexis and Sonny set out to prove that Ric is in fact Julian's business partner. Nikolas is appalled by Luke's behavior and asks him to leave. Elizabeth unfolds the paper heart and reads the letter that Britt wrote for Lulu. Dr. Obrecht stops Brad as he was about to confess everything to Lucas and reminds him of the consequences. Sam tells Silas the sordid details of her past so that he knows something about her. Sonny comforts Spencer when Emma chose Cameron over her. Alexis thinks she caught Ric and Julian together, but sees him with Cameron. Julian meets his partner in the stables which turns out to be Luke.

  • Ep. #13022
    Ep. #13022
    Episode 242

    Britt and Nikolas host their engagement party at Wyndemere. Molly and Sam wonder why Julian is their mother's date tonight. Dr. Obrecht stops Brad from telling Lucas the truth about Britt's baby. Ric insists that Cameron come along so he can give Emma his gift in person. Olivia mentions to Dante how much she sees Lulu in Ben. Cameron comes to Emma's rescue after Spencer yells at her for breaking the egg he gave her. Tracy continues to see odd behavior in Luke. Elizabeth comes across the paper heart and sees that it's a letter to Lulu from Britt. Lulu quietly sneaks up to see the baby in the nursery.

  • Ep. #13021
    Ep. #13021
    Episode 241

    Shawn asks Jordan to tell T.J. the real reason she's come to town. Patrick gives Michael dire news about A.J.'s condition. Britt gets distracted when Elizabeth comes in the room, and grabs the wrong letter which contains her confession. Kiki tells Luke to keep his distance from her, and didn't tell Michael cause he's got a lot going on. Ava and Sonny are interrupted by Morgan who says that A.J. is in a coma. Luke lies to Tracy by saying that Kiki has been hitting on him. Patrick tells Elizabeth his mind is so focused on Robin, and it's his fault for the outcome of the surgery.

  • Ep. #13020
    Ep. #13020
    Episode 240

    Ava becomes suspicious of Ric and Julian's relationship. Britt feels remorseful over the secret she's keeping from Lulu. Sonny goes to Alexis for help regarding Ric. Lucas asks Lulu if inviting Brad over to Julian's place for dinner is a bad idea. Nikolas is visited by Emily asking if Britt makes him happy or not. Elizabeth gets a call saying Cameron is missing, but Ric comes along and finds him. Brad suggests to Britt that she she write down in a letter telling Lulu the truth about Ben being her son.

  • Ep. #13019
    Ep. #13019
    Episode 239

    Michael tells Sonny that A.J. made him his power of attorney in case anything ever happened to him. Shawn is surprised by the arrival of T.J's mother who says she wants to take her son home. Nathan tells Madeline that Silas hasn't yet made the connection that he is Nina's brother. Patrick tells Elizabeth he blew up at Emma the other day and smashed the thing that Spencer gave her. Silas tells Sam he received a visit from Nina's mother Madeline earlier. Alexis tells Molly she is against she and T.J. having sex but thinks they'll be careful.

  • Ep. #13018
    Ep. #13018
    Episode 238

    Patrick informs Michael and Monica about A.J's medical options. Sam tells Nathan to back off of Silas. Shawn asks Sonny if there's any news on A.J. Silas is approached by Madeline his former mother-in-law, who then asks where Nina was taken too. Kiki tells Morgan on Luke making a pass at her, and he goes and confronts him. Kevin tells Tracy that something did happen to Luke while he was at Miscavige, but thinks he may not even remember. Madeline makes a surprise visit to Nathan at his apartment.

  • Ep. #13017
    Ep. #13017
    Episode 237

    Lulu has a dream that she is Ben's mother. Tracy tells Luke to own up and apologize to Monica. Sabrina realizes Carlos may have been the one who shot A.J. but swears that he didn't. Ava asks Carlos if in fact she could trust him. Patrick abruptly takes the egg from Emma and smashes it after Spencer got it from Victor. Kiki has another uncomfortable encounter with Luke. Ava enters A.J.'s room. Spencer asks Emma to accompany him to his father's engagement party.

  • Ep. #13016
    Ep. #13016
    Episode 236

    Britt informs Dr. Obrecht of her engagement to Nikolas. Sam tells Alexis that things didn't go as planned in New York. Carlos accuses Ava of being the one that had A.J. shot. Kiki asks Silas who else could be setting him up. Sonny witnesses Michael's emotional visit with A.J. Julian asks Carlos if he found out any information on Ava. Ric asks Elizabeth if agreeing to attend the party with him was just to stick it to Nikolas. Dr. Obrecht agrees to keep Britt's secret indefinitely.

  • Ep. #13015
    Ep. #13015
    Episode 236

    Sonny becomes alarmed thinking Olivia overheard him on the phone with Shawn. Shawn tells T.J. that Molly moving in with Ric is a bad idea. Anna tells Ric she'll release Julian after he tells her who he was meeting at the time of the shooting. Alexis and Molly get into an argument over her planning to move out. A.J. seizes after telling Michael that Julian wasn't the one who shot him. Felix gets advice from Carly to fix things with Brad, but catches him and Lucas together.

  • Ep. #13014
    Ep. #13014
    Episode 235

    Carly confronts Sonny asking him if he broke the promise he made to Michael about not hurting A.J. Tracy goes to Kevin saying she is concerned about Luke's recent behavior. Monica sits by A.J.'s bedside who then shows signs that he's beginning to wake up. Kiki becomes uncomfortable when Luke makes a gesture towards her. Duke tells Sonny that after talking with Anna, he knows he's the one that shot A.J. Kevin tells Tracy that Scott may have the answers that they need.

  • Ep. #13013
    Ep. #13013
    Episode 234

    Alexis asks Ric to represent Julian as a favor. Monica receives some upsetting news from Michael about A.J. Shawn tells Sonny that Anna brought Morgan in for questioning about the shooting. Tracy wonders about Luke's behavior when he insults Monica and asks what they did to him while he was at Miscaviage institute. Sonny asks Duke if Anna were to question say he was with him at the warehouse all night. Carly asks Sonny if he is the one who shot A.J.

  • Ep. #13012
    Ep. #13012
    Episode 233

    The doctors manage to revive A.J. Morgan asks Sonny if he ordered A.J.'s shooting. Anna questions Julian who he was meeting with when A.J. was shot. Luke surprises Tracy with a marriage proposal. Michael tells Morgan he didn't think for a second that their father had anything to do with this. Sonny tells Shawn that Michael can never find out that he shot A.J. Molly calls Ric asking if she can come and live with him so she can see T.J. Tracy, against her wishes agrees to marry Luke again. Alexis turns Julian over another lawyer, Ric.

  • Ep. #13011
    Ep. #13011
    Episode 232

    Nathan tells Anna he believes Silas killed the only witness that could've put him away. Sonny wonders how he'll face Michael after shooting A.J. Luke tells Tracy he lied to her when he said he was going to see Sonny. Sam tells Silas she thinks that somehow Nina had been moved to another facility. Ric approaches Elizabeth asking if she would like to go out and catch up with one another. Julian comes home to find A.J. and Anna and Nathan arrive shortly after. A.J. is brought into the hospital and Elizabeth immediately calls Michael. Someone closely keeps an eye on Silas and Sam in the window outside of Ryan's.

  • Ep. #13010
    Ep. #13010
    Episode 231

    Silas demands answers from Joan as to why Nina isn't in her room. Dr. Obrecht demands answers from Anna if she and Robert killed Faison. Ava tells A.J. that only one will walk away alive and is ain't going to be him. Michael tells Monica on the attempt on A.J.'s life. Patrick asks Victor if this is an attempt to get Robin away from her family. Sonny sees A.J. choking Ava and has a flashback to Connie and fires a gun shooting him before he can tell him it was Ava that killed Connie not him. Victor brings Robin to the clinic and sees for herself that Jason is there.

  • Ep. #13009
    Ep. #13009
    Episode 230

    A.J. confronts Ava with what he remembers about the night Connie was murdered. Sam and Silas overpower security guards so he can go in and see Nina. Anna tells Duke she feels there has to be something more about Robin leaving town then she is letting on. Patrick and Emma throw Robin a going away party. Victor gives Dr. Obrecht all the info he could find on Faison in exchange on her coming away with him. Sonny assures Michael he didn't try to have A.J. killed. Victor comes telling Robin that it's time to go. Shawn tells Sonny that A.J. paid a visit to Ava. Ava points a gun at A.J. saying he isn't going anywhere.

  • Ep. #13008
    Ep. #13008
    Episode 229

    A.J. asks Dante to question Sonny as the one who hired the man to kill him. Elizabeth tells Robin she told Nikolas how she feels, but he still plans on marrying Britt. Ava wants assurance from Carlos that the events of today can't be traced back to her. Nikolas suggests to Britt about having an engagement party at Wyndemere. Delia lets it slip to Nathan that Silas wasn't with Sam the entire time in New York. Sonny asks Lulu how she feels about Dante having a baby with another woman. Anna asks Robin why she's leaving when everyone had just gotten her back. Sonny tells Dante he didn't send anyone to try and kill A.J. A.J. remembers not shooting Connie, and it was Ava all along.

  • Ep. #13007
    Ep. #13007
    Episode 228

    Patrick tells Sabrina that Robin is going to be leaving town. Carlos enters and points a gun at A.J. Delia manages to get rid of Ava, so Sam and Silas can continue with the plan. Tracy knocks out Carlos before he can kill A.J., but manages to get away. Alexis tells Shawn to get out as he was about to hit Julian. Patrick steps in as Carly blasts Robin for leaving her family once again. Carlos tells Ava the plan to kill A.J. hit a snag. Delia tells Sam and Silas she just got word that Dr. Nakamura is dead. Sonny tells Shawn he thinks Ric is the one who's backin Julian financially.

  • Ep. #13006
    Ep. #13006
    Episode 227

    Nathan shows Kiki a file on Silas, and decide for herself if he is still innocent. Olivia realizes why Ric is back in town and immediately calls Sonny. Carlos takes aim at A.J., but backs off when Michael enters the room. T.J. tells Shawn and Sonny about the threat Julian issued against him. Carly tells Franco she owes him everything for saving her life. Delia is surprised when Ava shows up at Ryan's, and she tries to get a hold of Sam and Silas to warn them. Sonny has an unsettling reunion with Ric.

  • Ep. #13005
    Ep. #13005
    Episode 226

    Delia agrees to help prove Ava is the one who set Silas up by grilling Dr. Nakamura for information. Sonny tells Olivia that Ava said that A.J. wasn't remorseful for what he did to Connie. Alexis and Molly return home to find Ric there, who says he came to see his daughter. Ava tells Carlos that she had to kill Connie to keep her from revealing that Derek was Julian. Julian instructs T.J. to go to Anna and tell her everything that happened at the warehouse. Molly lashes at Rafe for telling her mother and ruining her plans with T.J.

  • Ep. #13004
    Ep. #13004
    Episode 225

    Connie tells A.J. to retrace his steps leading up to when he arrived at her office. T.J. tells Rafe to go away and to mind his own business. Robin tells Patrick to make the best of their last night together. Sonny tells Shawn that someone bought out shares in Barrett Enterprises and is determined to bring him down. Alexis races to the Metro Court after Rafe tells her what T.J. and Molly are planning to do. Kiki tells Michael that time apart will do them good. Carlos asks Ava if she was the one that killed Connie. Ric arrives at Alexis's house.

  • Ep. #13003
    Ep. #13003
    Episode 224

    T.J. and Molly decide to take their relationship to the next level. Michael tells Sonny he feels he can no longer trust Kiki. Silas and Sam prepare to head to New York hoping to find some answers. Emma is upset at the fact that her mother is leaving. Sam is touched when Julian makes a donation in her brother Danny's memory. Olivia sees right through T.J. when he gets a room at the Metro Court for him and Molly. Shawn tells Sonny he discovered who's been bankrolling Julian's organization.

  • Ep. #13002
    Ep. #13002
    Episode 223

    Patrick offers Robin another option so she won't have to leave. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she is still in love with him, and not to marry Britt. Tracy asks Lucy why she is suddenly concerned about Scott. Anna rescues Scott and Luke from the padded room at Miscaviage institute. Dante agrees to watch Ben while Britt goes to the hospital. Victor tells Robin that his plane leaves Port Charles tomorrow and he expects her to be on it.

  • Ep. #13001
    Ep. #13001
    Episode 222

    Anna manages to get Heather to spill as to Luke's whereabouts. Dante gives Sonny good news about him finding out he has a son. Spencer is thrilled that Britt is going to be his stepmother. Patrick tells Lucy that Robin won't be in town to be apart of the 2014 Nurse's Ball. Kevin apologizes to Franco and says he was under law to report a crime. Robin tells Elizabeth to go to Nikolas and tell him how she feels. Anna and Lucy realizes that Scott maybe with Luke at Miscavige institute.

  • Ep. #13000
    Ep. #13000
    Episode 221

    Patrick demands the truth from Robin as to why she is leaving him and Emma again. Morgan tells Ava he doesn't want to run around behind his father's back. Sonny and Shawn come across some startling information while looking at Julian's records that someone is bankrolling Julian. Brad comes clean to Felix about him and Lucas. Nikolas tells Dante that Britt didn't know that Ben was his son. Julian confronts Ava as to why she was going through his laptop.

  • Ep. #12999
    Ep. #12999
    Episode 220

    Carly sits by Franco's bedside and is happy when he wakes up. Dr. Obrecht does everything to contact Faison, but gets a visit from Victor. Robin tells Patrick she's leaving Port Charles, but he wants to know when she'll be back. Brad gives Felix a special Valentine's gift which he takes to heart. Britt comes clean to Nikolas about her discovering that Dante is Ben's father. Carly tells Franco she remembered that Luke found her and then was taken somewhere.

  • Ep. #12998
    Ep. #12998
    Episode 219

    Duke attempts to reconcile with Anna. Molly stops T.J. before their passion goes any further. Sonny tells Morgan to stay away from Ava until the information checks out. Elizabeth and Britt engage in an intense fight. Nikolas tells Lulu he plans on asking Britt to marry him. Morgan and Ava secretly meet in her room at the Metro Court.

  • Ep. #12997
    Ep. #12997
    Episode 218

    Lulu tells Dante the dream she had about Ben. Sonny tells Morgan that Ava has to prove herself. Julian tells Lucas that he would like to get to know him better. Britt wonders if Elizabeth was after a sample of Ben's hair. Michael apologizes to Kiki for not believing that Franco was innocent. Spencer offer to help Nikolas pick out a ring for Britt. Ava gives Sonny a flash drive that contains all of Julian's confidential files. Elizabeth and Felix get confirmation that Ben is indeed Dante's son.

  • Ep. #12996
    Ep. #12996
    Episode 217

    Carly tells Bobbie and Lucas that Franco is the one that saved her. Sonny asks why Ava if she is willing to stab Julian in the back. Michael asks Morgan if there's any news on Carly. Julian tells Alexis he was blown away at Lucas's admission that he is gay. Silas tells Sam he didn't know about the will till after Nina was in the coma. Lucas goes to check on Franco and sees the doctors trying to revive him. Michael realizes he was wrong about Franco after hearing he didn't take his mother. Connie appears to A.J. while visiting her grave.

  • Ep. #12995
    Ep. #12995
    Episode 216

    Carly is thrilled to see Franco to finally rescue her. Nathan tells Anna that Scott didn't go for charging Silas with murder. A.J. tells Ava that maybe he didn't kill Connie or if she did instead. Nikolas gives Anna a tip to where Franco was headed after talking with Spencer. Morgan tells Sonny that Ava wants to turn against Julian. Scott finds himself trapped with Luke who says that Carly is alive. Sam tells Silas she doesn't think Ava sent Nathan the copy of Nina's will. Anna and Nathan stop Heather before she can kill Franco and Carly. A.J. wants to see the security footage just to be sure himself. Franco passes out as Carly professes his love for him

  • Ep. #12994
    Ep. #12994
    Episode 215

    Spencer tells Victor she'll keep his secret if he does something for him. Nathan asks Scott if he plans on charging Silas with murder. Ava tells Morgan she'll take that chance in meeting in Sonny's office. The workman comes across Carly and tries to rescue her, but Heather kills him. Molly introduces Robin to Jason's son Danny, and tells Victor that she's in. Morgan suggests to Ava to leave Julian and be on his father's side. Franco goes to Wyndemere after getting information and finds Carly in the tunnels. Scott is startled as to what he sees in Heather's padded room.

  • Ep. #12993
    Ep. #12993
    Episode 214

    A.J. tells Michael he thinks someone else was there when Connie was killed. Franco goes to Scott telling him he killed Heather and buried her and she somewhat survived and kidnapped Carly. Lucas asks Julian if he has a problem with him being gay. Sonny asks Morgan if Ava has tried to contact him. Kiki agrees to let Ava get her out of jail. Heather realizes she has to save Carly to continue her plan. Alexis and Sam are suspicious of Nathan came in possession of Nina's will. A.J. suddenly remembers Ava being at Connie's office.

  • Ep. #12992
    Ep. #12992
    Episode 213

    Brad regrets spending the night again with Lucas. Michael confronts Kiki about what she was thinking in allowing Franco to escape. Robin asks Victor for proof that Jason is alive before she helps him. Britt notices that Ben's hairbrush is missing. Spencer goes to drop off Emma's Valentine and sees Victor talking with Robin. Lucas announces to a shocked Julian that he's gay. Elizabeth and Felix go to compare Ben's DNA against Dante's.

  • Ep. #12991
    Ep. #12991
    Episode 212

    Mrs. McClain encounters Franco while visiting her husbands grave. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt either she moves in or she tells Nikolas about Ben. Sabrina tells Felix that she told Patrick that she is carrying his baby. Lucas calls Brad asking if he's free for a drink tonight, but turns him down. Patrick bents his frustrations to Robin and sees she's been looking at a picture of Jason. Victor arrives at Wyndemere and gets re-acquainted with Dr. Obrecht. Carly gets free, and she and Heather quarrel which causes the ceiling to collapse. Mrs. McClain gives Dante information about Franco's whereabouts. Elizabeth starts to see the connection between Ben having the same allergy as Dante.

  • Ep. #12990
    Ep. #12990
    Episode 211

    Sam informs Alexis of more incriminating evidence against Silas. Dante shoots Franco, but it doesn't keep him from running out the door. Sonny tells Olivia the threat Julian issued against Morgan if he betrayed him. Julian visits Silas offering to help him prove his innocence. Sabrina tells Patrick she never intended on telling him about the baby. Dante detains Kiki for helping Franco escape and refuses to cooperate. Olivia spots Heather at the Metro and wonders if it's real or one of her visions. Robin asks Victor for proof that Jason is alive before she agrees to help him. Franco digs in the grave and finds a note from Heather saying he will pay for this.

  • Ep. #12989
    Ep. #12989
    Episode 210

    Franco tells Kiki the truth about that he killed Heather. Victor wants Robin to restore the Cassadine family back to it's original glory. Lulu notices a rash on Ben's arm, Nikolas shows her what he found in the stables. Heather realizes she left the knife back in the stables and needs it to kill Carly. Britt apologizes to Patrick for making him think she was having his child. Elizabeth tells Sabrina she's sorry for blurting that out not knowing that Emma was in the room. Victor tells Robin that Stavros and Helena aren't the only ones, and shows her a picture of Jason. Franco has Kiki cause a distraction while he attempts at an escape but is caught by Dante who opens fire. Sabrina presents Patrick with the truth that he is her baby's father.

  • Ep. #12988
    Ep. #12988
    Episode 209

    Dr. Obrecht let's it slip to Emma that Sabrina is pregnant. Anna and Dante show Franco who immediately recognizes the knife as the one he used on Heather. Victor Cassadine tells Robin as he is the new director of the WSB, and let Dr. Obrecht go for information he is gonna give to her. Lulu arrives telling Nikolas she and Dante are on the road to a reconciliation. Kiki goes to see Franco and she saw that Heather is safely locked away. Spencer and Cameron asks Heather they want to be the ones who kill the Chupacabra. Tracy demands that Anna open a missing persons case on Luke. Victor tells Robin her assignment is to bring Stavros and Helena back to life. Elizabeth goes and asks Sabrina to tell Patrick it's his baby, a fact that Emma learns.

  • Ep. #12987
    Ep. #12987
    Episode 208

    Robert tells Robin he's leaving town to help Holly with Ethan. Michael confronts Franco in jail vowing to make him pay if his mother turns up dead. Spencer and Cameron vow to prove themselves to Emma, by defeating the Chupacabra in the stables. Heather shows Carly the headline of Franco's arrest. Elizabeth tells Nikolas about a secret she overheard at the hospital. Sam accuses Ava of drugging Nina and setting up Silas. Kiki calls and makes plans to go and visit Heather. Carly tells Heather to let her go and she'll walk away from Franco.

  • Ep. #12986
    Ep. #12986
    Episode 207

    Duke tells Sonny that Julian spilled to Anna that he's been working for him. Alexis asks Julian regarding Sam and Silas being arrested. Dante approaches Nathan asking him what he's doing with his wife. Kevin tells Franco he refuses to aid and abet a fugitive. Robert tells Anna he didn't get any answers from the WSB regarding Dr. Obrecht's release. Franco encounters Tina one of Kevin's patients who seems to recognize him. Lucy hides as Kevin arrives to tell Scott about Franco. Julian tells Alexis the only person he ever cared about what her not Carly. Robert tells Anna that he's leaving Port Charles. Dante and Nathan arrest Franco.

  • Ep. #12985
    Ep. #12985
    Episode 206

    T.J. blasts Rafe after confessing to ratting him out to Anna. Sam tells Dante that his partner arrested an innocent man. Duke admits to Anna he's working for Sonny, cause he overheard him saying he would take down any cop who gets in his way. Lulu tells Nathan that she wants to go home to Dante, but just can't. Morgan tells Sonny that Julian threatened him if he didn't do what he was asked. Ava realizes Julian is fishing for information on Silas. Molly tells Rafe they can no longer be friends not with what he did to T.J. Dante finds Nathan and Lulu together.

  • Ep. #12984
    Ep. #12984
    Episode 205

    Sonny tells Olivia that Morgan still works for Julian and he never stopped, she asks what he plans to do with the betrayal. Anna asks Duke why he lied to her about his job interview with Nikolas. Sam tries to convince Nathan that Silas did not try and murder his wife. Lucy tells Scott the reason Mac punched him is cause Felicia told him her secret. Morgan tells Ava that Julian threatened him and asks him to take a gun to protect him. T.J. asks Rafe how much he knows about the shooting at the warehouse. Julian gets his revenge on Duke by telling Anna that he works for Sonny. Scott tells Nathan he's giving two days to find something solid against Silas. Morgan pays a visit to Sonny. Ava pulls a gun out on Julian.

  • Ep. #12983
    Episode 204

    Morgan tells Ava he feels he signed Duke's death warrant. Sonny traps Julian, and Duke lets out his frustrations on him. Mr. Nakamura tells Sam that Silas was the one that had that prescription filled, prompting Nathan to arrest Silas. Felicia lets Mac in on Lucy's secret that she slept with Scott, and says not to tell Kevin. Brad flashes back to when meeting Lucas about his criminal family in Port Charles. Julian comes home all bruised asking Morgan who he's working for him or Sonny. Mac arrives and punches Scott telling him to stay away from Lucy. Duke and Shawn ask Sonny what he plans to do with Morgan.

  • Ep. #12982
    Ep. #12982
    Episode 203

    Anna asks Nathan why Silas' case means so much to him and gives him another week. Nikolas offers to support Britt in her decision not to work for her mother, but says she has to go in. Felix stands up to Dr. Obrecht after she bashes Brad. Ava texts Morgan, and Julian tells her it has to stop right now. Sonny tells Morgan that tonight they strike back against Julian. Bobbie is shocked when Sam tells her that Lucas knows that Julian is alive. Brad is surprised when Felix asks him out on a date. Silas asks Nathan to stop harassing him and go after Ava the person he believes is responsible. Morgan tells Julian of Sonny's plans tonight to use Carlos as bait. Anna catches Duke in a lie when Nikolas says he wasn't at Wyndemere.

  • Ep. #12981
    Ep. #12981
    Episode 202

    Britt shocks Nikolas by saying her mother was appointed the new chief of staff at the hospital. Dr. Obrecht calls to thank someone personally for securing her job at General Hospital. Franco sends Kiki a text so she wouldn't have to explain herself to Michael. Sabrina asks Elizabeth what it's gonna take to keep her from telling Patrick about his baby. Cameron and Emma see that Spencer has Heather cornered in the stables. Franco tells Kiki that Heather couldn't be responsible cause she is safely locked up. Lulu and Dante share a bittersweet moment. Robin tells Anna that Dr. Obrecht is the Patrick's superior. Franco leaves the apartment before Michael can see him. Heather injects Carly with something and she starts to feel the effects of it.

  • Ep. #12980
    Ep. #12980
    Episode 201

    Robert and Mac deal with Emma being love sick. Lulu tells Nikolas she left Dante after they found out they can't have another baby. Robin loses it on Dr. Obrecht refuses to work at the same hospital with her in charge. Heather relocates Carly to the barn on Spoon Island saying nobody not even Luke is coming for her. Spencer and Cameron asks Emma who does she want as her boyfriend. Anna tells Robert if Dr. Obrecht knows what they did to Faison. Kiki confronts Franco over the evidence, Dante then arrives as she tells him to hide in the closet. Elizabeth tells Sabrina she is not going to lie for her to Patrick. Carly hears voices outside and begins to scream for help

  • Ep. #12979
    Ep. #12979
    Episode 200

    Carly tells Luke that Heather is the one that tied her up in the boathouse. Silas tells Kiki and tells her about his wife and cheating on her with Ava. Felix is shocked that Sabrina lied to Patrick by saying that Carlos is her baby's father. Heather returns and Luke says she is not going to hurt Carly anymore. Sonny tells Alexis that he will deal with Julian personally. Julian comes out and Lucas is shocked and that Sam is his daughter, and reveals that he is his son, but walks away. Franco arrives at Kiki's saying she needs to hide him. Elizabeth walks by and learns Sabrina's baby is actually Patrick's. Anna gets an alarming phone call. Dr. Obrecht walks in and stuns everyone by saying she is the new chief of staff.

  • Ep. #12978
    Ep. #12978
    Episode 199

    Heather is livid that Franco has not been arrested for Carly's "murder". Sonny and Olivia inform Julian that his lease at the Metro Court is being terminated and to vacate right away. Sam tells Silas they need to prove that Ava did try to kill his wife. Luke tells Bobbie that Lucas is gonna find out his biological father is still alive. Scott tells Anna he's not going to have Franco arrested without a body. Franco goes to Sam hoping to hire her to find Carly. Michael lashes at Scott who agrees to issue a warrant for Franco's arrest. A.J. has a brief memory flash to the night Connie was killed. Luke is shocked when he finds Carly in the boathouse.

  • Ep. #12977
    Ep. #12977
    Episode 198

    Lulu tells Bobbie if anyone can find Carly it's definitely Dante. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he missed her over the holidays, but says she didn't come over cause of Britt. Franco returns to his suite to find Sonny waiting for him saying he's having him watched very closely. Heather explains to Carly her plan to frame Franco for her "murder". Julian tells Ava that this so called Lucas is in fact his son. Nathan, Anna and Dante go over their theory and think if Franco did kill Carly where is her body. Bobbie calls Lucas asking him to come to Port Charles.

  • Ep. #12976
    Ep. #12976
    Episode 197

    Morgan overhears Shawn question Sonny about his loyalty. Scott approaches Franco to be honest with him. Lucy wakes up after having a dream and Kevin jokes about her maybe cheating on him. Felicia tells Duke she hopes Anna will be able to figure what happened to Carly. Nathan asks Lulu questions, realizing he is Dante's new partner. Kiki steps in after Michael loses it while searching for his mother. Bobbie accuses Scott of protecting Franco cause he's his father. Lucy confides her secret to Felicia. Kevin tells Franco that since he killed Heather, he is capable of anything. Sonny tells Morgan that Duke is the key to bringing down Julian. Anna explains to Dante that it's Carly's knife and Franco's prints are on it.

  • Ep. #12975
    Ep. #12975
    Episode 196

    Sabrina lies to Patrick saying Carlos is the father of her baby. Robin tells Elizabeth that Sabrina is pregnant and she had no intention of telling Patrick the truth. Michael, Morgan and Dante open the trunk to Carly's car and need to know what's in the suitcase. Sam asks Silas if Ava could be the one that tried to kill Nina. Nathan tells Ava he didn't call her to the station to talk about Carly. Brad tells Felix that he isn't the father of Britt's baby. Olivia asks Sonny if he believes Morgan is officially done with Ava and Julian. Kiki tells Ava she better not have anything to do with Carly disappearing. Dante and the police find a bloody knife in the garbage.

  • Ep. #12974
    Ep. #12974
    Episode 195

    Silas confronts Nathan at the PCPD to ask him for answers not Sam. Morgan wants answers from Julian if he did anything to his mother. Patrick asks Sabrina if she's pregnant. Franco sits down and reads the letter from Carly. Sam tells Alexis she and Silas were getting close til she found out he's married. Kiki tells Ava that after all the lies she's told, she can't take her word that she wouldn't hurt Carly. Carlos comes out telling Patrick that Sabrina is carrying his baby. Heather leaves the boathouse with a bloody knife in her hands. Nathan shows Silas a prescription for antidepressants that he wrote himself and possible cause his wife to overdose.

  • Ep. #12973
    Ep. #12973
    Episode 194

    Morgan tells Sonny he was just telling Ava to get out after coming wanting him back. Michael angrily tells Franco what he did with Carly. Heather spots Monica and A.J. argue about his drinking, and breaks it to Carly she hasn't been rescued. Carlos tells Sabrina the baby is a sign and can runaway together and be a family. Shawn bursts in pointing a gun at Julian saying for him and his men to back off of T.J.. Patrick and Robin get staggering news. Franco and Kiki confront Ava if she kept her threats against Carly. Patrick shows up at Sabrina's place. Morgan asks Julian if he hurt his mother. Franco finds a letter in his suite from Carly.

  • Ep. #12972
    Ep. #12972
    Episode 193

    Bobbie is shocked when Michael tells her that Franco and Carly are seeing each other. Sonny catches up with Robin and tells her about A.J. being alive and the suspect in Connie's murder. A.J. walks away from the boathouse with Michael unaware that Heather has Carly in there. Ava tells Morgan on how he could just up and walk away from her. Patrick asks Felix what is he not telling him about Sabrina. Michael confronts Franco asking where his mother is. Carlos offers Sabrina a solution that they raise her baby together. Robin arrives just as Felix about Sabrina's pregnancy.

  • Ep. #12971
    Ep. #12971
    Episode 192

    Lulu tells Luke that she packed a bag and left Dante last night. Julian tells Ava she sent Morgan home to Sonny. Sonny tells Morgan he doesn't believe that Julian would just let him walk away from his business. Lucy arrives with Kevin, but Bobbie can sense that she is hiding something. Silas tells Sam he should've told her about his wife sooner. Ava tells Julian not to make any decisions for her. Kevin tells Franco not to miss any more appointments. Franco arrives and Heather tells Carly not to breathe a word. Nathan tells Dante he feels Silas tries to kill his wife.

  • Ep. #12970
    Ep. #12970
    Episode 191

    Anna brings T.J. and Shawn to cause she was told that he was at the warehouse. Rafe tells Silas he ratted T.J. to the police Heather keeps a close eye on Carly and follows her from the Metro Court. Sonny tells Carly he thinks Morgan is close to cutting ties with the Jerome's. Nathan asks Sam about her relationship with Silas a married man. Silas calls Anna saying Rafe is worried he may have put T.J. in danger. Julian tells Morgan to make Sonny believe he did quit working for him and to end his relationship with Ava. Carly is approached by Heather.

  • Ep. #12969
    Ep. #12969
    Episode 190

    T.J. tells Sonny that Molly spoke with Morgan, and that's why he was at the warehouse. Ava tells Carly that if anything happens to Morgan she'll hold her personally responsible. Rafe tells Anna that T.J. was a witness to what happened. Nathan tells Silas it's time they discussed the events of twenty years ago. Olivia comes to Franco's hotel room to talk about Heather. Sam tells Molly that she and Silas are getting pretty serious. Morgan wants out of the business, but Julian says it's not that easy. Carly reveals to Michael she and Franco are seeing each other. T.J. tells Shawn despite his objections he'll agree to lay low for a while. Nathan arrives at Sam's doorstep to talk about Silas.

  • Ep. #12968
    Ep. #12968
    Episode 189

    Ava tells Julian that bringing Morgan into the fold was a bad idea. Sonny sees Morgan trying to get an update on Max's condition. Molly tells Rafe if he can't accept she's with T.J. then they can no longer be friends. Nathan thinks he might have to get creative with Silas refusing to take his calls. Silas tells Sam he has no regrets about them making love last night.Julian orders to have T.J. and Morgan followed. Duke tells Sonny that Anna isn't buying his story. Rafe goes to Anna saying he knows what happened at the warehouse.

  • Ep. #12967
    Ep. #12967
    Episode 188

    Felix tells Sabrina she needs to tell Patrick she's pregnant with his baby. Britt tells Lulu she can't create new embryos cause her eggs aren't viable. Maxie meets Nathan who is subletting her apartment and tries to get to stay here with him. Patrick and Robin tell Emma they're gonna renew their vows tonight. Lulu tells Dante she needs to be alone for a while. Sam and Silas take the next step by spending the night together. Sabrina stops Felix from calling Patrick. Nikolas and Britt ring in 2014 with a kiss at midnight. Nathan calls Silas saying he can't avoid his calls any longer.

  • Ep. #12966
    Ep. #12966
    Episode 187

    Maxie tells Lulu she's here to say goodbye as she leaves Port Charles. Robin tells Patrick she wants family time with him and Emma to enjoy it being the three of them. Monica asks Silas to take his name out of the running for Chief of Staff, and wants her job back. Robin asks Patrick she wants to do is renew their vows. Sam asks Silas what he wanted to tell her before getting interrupted by Monica. Sabrina gets confirmation that she's pregnant. Britt comes across a problem while doing the IVF procedure. Maxie finishes her packing and gets a visitor.

  • Ep. #12965
    Ep. #12965
    Episode 186

    Nikolas asks Britt about making her stay at Wyndemere more permanent. Silas tells Sam that Danny has been doing really good, and will only need to do blood work every other week. Maxie tells Mac, Robin and Felicia that she's going on a spiritual journey. Lulu asks Britt if she would take her and Dante back as patients. Sabrina tells Felix that Carlos is here cause he's hiding from the police. Maxie goes to see Lulu. Silas gets some advice from a patient and decides to tell Sam the truth. Patrick mentions to Robin about them having another baby. Felix tells Sabrina after she got that she might be pregnant.

  • Ep. #12964
    Ep. #12964
    Episode 185

    Dr. Obrecht asks Sonny if he's taking the wrap for something someone else did. Dante and Lulu celebrate their two year wedding anniversary. Robin asks Patrick how Sabrina took the news about breaking it off with her. A.J. tells Michael just cause he got off on reasonable doubt doesn't mean he didn't kill Connie. Carlos tells Sabrina if she turns him the person who shot him will finish the job. Olivia doesn't believe for a second that Sonny shot Max. Ava brings presents over for Kiki, but she and Michael leave after learning about Max. Britt offers to get the process rolling for Lulu and Dante to try for another baby. Sonny confesses to Dante, and makes him promise not to drag Morgan into this. Max opens his eyes which relieves Morgan knowing he'll be alright.

  • Ep. #12963
    Ep. #12963
    Episode 184

    Silas sees Rafe hurt himself while frustrated over Molly. Sonny tells Shawn to get T.J. out. Molly informs Ava that Morgan and Julian went looking for T.J. Robin tells Robert that Patrick needs time before he makes his decision. Morgan accidentally shoots Max and leaves with Julian, Sonny quickly calls an ambulance. Sabrina is heartbroken when Patrick tells her he chose Robin. Diane asks Ava why the NYPD is suddenly so interested in her. Duke texts Sonny saying Anna is on her way to the pier. T.J. tells Shawn he let Carlos go to prevent him from killing him. Anna arrests Sonny. Diane hurries to the hospital to check on Max. Sabrina sees that Carlos has been shot and asks for her help.

  • Ep. #12962
    Episode 183

    Sonny and Shawn realize that Carlos has taken T.J. has a hostage. Julian asks Bobbie who Lucas is when she gets an incoming call from him. Molly goes to Morgan saying that T.J. thinks Sonny had Carlos at his coffee warehouse. Felix tells Sabrina that Patrick will make his choice. Patrick tells Robin he'll be staying at the hospital so she can stay at the house while he figures everything out. Silas tells Ava he got a call from a cop and she realizes he doesn't want Sam knowing his secrets. Carlos is thrilled when Julian and Morgan come to his rescue. Molly sits and prays that T.J. will be okay.

  • Ep. #12961
    Ep. #12961
    Episode 182

    Molly overhears Julian tell Alexis that if Carlos dies it will be by Shawn's hand. Lulu tells Luke and Bobbie she and Dante are gonna try for another baby, but discovered they're embryos are missing. Sonny asks Duke is he's having second thoughts. Dr. Obrecht tells Dante there's something he needs to know, but is interrupted by Britt's arrival. Julian asks Alexis to tell him who Lucas is. Lulu visits Nikolas and spends some time with Ben. Shawn tells Sonny they're good to go after discovering Carlos has no connection to Lily whatsoever. T.J. tells Molly to go back home, he then enters the warehouse and finds Carlos. Brad lies to Dante and Lulu by saying the embryos were destroyed.

  • Ep. #12960
    Ep. #12960
    Episode 181

    Sonny and Shawn check on Carlos. Lulu and Dante demand answers from Brad. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt either she helps her or she'll tell Nikolas the truth. Molly tells T.J. their relationship is over and he's free to go and be with Taylor. Julian tells Ava that Sonny denied having anything to do with Carlos' disappearance. Morgan plants an idea in Molly's head. Duke commends Sonny for kidnapping Carlos. Brad tells Britt that how long before Dante and Lulu realize that Ben is their son. Molly reconciles with T.J. and asks a favor.

  • Ep. #12959
    Ep. #12959
    Episode 180

    Britt confesses to Nikolas that she took a sample from the lab that wasn't hers. Spinelli makes a suggestion for Maxie to change the name of their daughter to Georgie. Felix asks Brad to be his elf for the kids in pediatrics. Dr. Obrecht demands to Anna that she wants to speak to Faison. Duke spies as Julian arrives pointing a gun at Sonny demanding where Carlos is and changes his mind saying he wants in. Nikolas tells Britt that her she'll lose him if she continues to lie. Dante and Lulu confront Brad over their missing embryos. Maxie and Spinelli share a heartfelt goodbye. Dr. Obrecht calls Britt asking for help and reminds her she knows everything about Ben.

  • Ep. #12958
    Ep. #12958
    Episode 179

    Maxie tells Felicia and Mac to stop knowing what they're trying to do and she appreciates it. Spencer tells Nikolas he him to marry Britt. Sonny tells Olivia he understands why she didn't tell him about Dante from the beginning. Silas surprises Sam when Rafe and Taylor bring in her a tree and begin to decorate it. Ellie tells Spinelli there's a change in plans and her job wants her in Portland tomorrow. Molly calls Taylor out and Rafe admits their relationship was a fake to make them jealous. Spinelli says goodbye to Sam saying is leaving town tonight. Britt tells Nikolas she needs to tell him the truth about her son. Ellie tells Lulu and Dante that the remaining embryos are gone.

  • Ep. #12957
    Ep. #12957
    Episode 178

    Franco confides in Kevin that he had killed Heather last night, and hasn't gone to tell the police. Carly asks Lulu if she believes it's Dante's fault they lost the baby. Maxie tells Robin she encouraged Spinelli to take the baby and leave Port Charles. Dante tells Sonny he feels he may have lost his marriage cause Lulu hasn't talked to him. Lucy tells Scott she is going to tell Kevin the truth and fight for their marriage. Spinelli tells Maxie that Ellie will take the job and he will move with her to Portland. Dante goes to Lulu with the idea of trying to have another baby.

  • Ep. #12956
    Ep. #12956
    Episode 177

    Franco tells Carly he had a nightmare about what he did last night. Lucy realizes what she and Scott did last night. Anna tells Robert that nobody can know not even Duke what they did to Faison. Robin tells Patrick if he had spoken to Sabrina. Nikolas and Britt receive a gift from Faison. Sabrina tells Felix when she sees Patrick she is going to tell him that it's over. Scott tells Lucy she can do so much better then Kevin. Britt is happy when Nikolas told Elizabeth that they're together now. Duke tells Robert that Anna told him about how he faked Julian's death. Franco goes to Kevin desperately needing his help.

  • Ep. #12955
    Ep. #12955
    Episode 176

    Monica hurries to the courthouse after learning the jury has reached a verdict. Ava tells Julian she's concerned about Carlos when he never showed up to their meeting. Carly tells Sam that it won't be long before Julian figures out that Lucas is his son. Franco is stopped by Lucy as he gets rid of Heather's body. Sonny tells Carlos if he's lying about being Lily's brother he will kill him. Luke tells Tracy he thinks Ava helped Jerry skip town. A.J. is shocked when the jury finds him not guilty of killing Connie. Sonny learns of A.J.'s acquittal from Michael. Lucy and Scott share a passionate kiss. Heather reaches her hand out of the ground after Franco buries her.

  • Ep. #12954
    Ep. #12954
    Episode 175

    Carlos tells Patrick he'll be there to pick up the pieces while comforting Sabrina. Maxie tells Ellie she should take the job in Portland and for Spinelli and the baby to go with him. Robin tells Sabrina she wants Patrick back and to let him go. Sonny and Shawn bring Carlos to the cemetery and says to start digging. A.J. fires Diane, and takes the stand and testifies he doesn't remember pulling the trigger killing Connie. Patrick tells Epiphany he has no idea who to choose between Robin and Sabrina. Franco kills Heather and quickly hides the body and encounters Diane. Scott tells A.J. the jury has come back with a verdict.

  • Ep. #12953
    Ep. #12953
    Episode 174

    Robin asks Maxie to make her a promise to fight for what she has in life. Sabrina tells Patrick she came to Carlos' place because she wanted to. Carly tries to persuade Franco to start a relationship with Scott. Ellie tells Spinelli the news about her job offer, and to her delight he says he wants to go with her. A.J.'s trial resumes as Ava takes the stand. Heather waits for Franco to leave before letting herself into his room to kill Carly. Kiki lashes at Ava for her damning testimony against A.J. Patrick threatens Carlos if he ever goes near Sabrina again. Robin pays a visit to Sabrina.

  • Ep. #12952
    Ep. #12952
    Episode 173

    Mac tells Ellie he needs to find Maxie to tell her the good news that Robin is alive. Sonny tells Shawn to find out whatever he can about Carlos. Sabrina wakes up and and Carlos explains that she told him to bring her someplace nobody would find her. Robin tells Anna that the reunion with Patrick didn't go exactly as she had hoped. Georgie appears to try to get Maxie to stop her from killing herself, but doesn't get through to her. Patrick catches Sabrina and Carlos together. With Georgie's guidance Robin finds Maxie about to ingest some pills.

  • Ep. #12951
    Ep. #12951
    Episode 172

    Carly tells Bobbie the news that Julian Jerome is still alive, and if he even knows about Lucas. Robin tells Anna she told Patrick to go and talk with Sabrina. Sonny makes Duke a tempting offer to bring down Julian, by coming to work for him. Felicia and Mac assure Emma that her mother is here to stay. Sabrina tells Patrick he needs to make a choice either her or Robin. Robin tells Sam she heard about Jason death from Faison and says he gloated at killing him. Sam encounters Julian on the pier and says she wants nothing to do with him the same with Lucas. Anna offers Robin to stay with her, and Emma can stay the night as well. Sabrina goes and finds comfort in Carlos's arms.

  • Ep. #12950
    Ep. #12950
    Episode 171

    Sonny tells Shawn they need to retaliate against Julian. Robin assures Patrick that what he's seeing is real and she is alive. Jerry does what Luke asks and releases Bobbie and refuses to hand over the cure. Julian and Ava wonder on Duke's whereabouts and why he never confronted either one of them. Anna tells Duke that Derek Wells is in fact Julian Jerome and for him not to go after him. Jerry and Luke quarrel and go over the railing, but Luke manages to hang on. Sabrina breaks down and Robin tells Patrick to check on her. Jerry asks Julian for help when finding him. Sonny calls Duke saying they need to talk about Julian.

  • Ep. #12949
    Ep. #12949
    Episode 170

    Anna tells Robert they need to kill Faison to end this once and for all. Jerry brings Bobbie to the terrace and they encounter Carly. Robin listens while Patrick and Sabrina recite their vows and decides not to interrupt the wedding. Britt thanks Nikolas for helping her out when she had no place to go, and asks her to stay the night with him. Robert tells Anna that it she wants to take out Faison then they do it together. Luke threatens to drop the vial if Jerry doesn't let Bobbie go. Emma sees Robin at the church and immediately runs into her arms.

  • Ep. #12948
    Ep. #12948
    Episode 169

    Bobbie goes Luke's hotel room to take him to the church, but encounters Jerry Jacks instead. Brad tells Elizabeth that Felix invited him to the wedding. Spinelli tells Maxie she can't go anywhere near her daughter or else he'll call the police. Britt tells Robin to go be with Patrick and she'll tend to Nikolas. Lucy is convinced by Emma, that despite her marriage she'll officiate the ceremony. Anna tells Robert that Faison has to die for everything he has put her family through. Jerry calls Luke as he holds Bobbie at knife point. Robin gets to the church and sees Patrick and Sabrina at the altar.

  • Ep. #12947
    Ep. #12947
    Episode 168

    Robin, Anna and Duke have a heart warming reunion. Britt tells Brad she panicked when she named him as the father cause Patrick was demanding as to was. Maxie apologizes to Ellie for blackmailing her into keeping her secret, and it almost destroyed her relationship with Spinelli. Emma tells Sabrina she doesn't think Felix will finish the dress in time. Spinelli thanks Sam for allowing him to live with her and Danny, Silas arrives to escort her to the wedding. Elizabeth tells Epiphany the story that Patrick was told that Robin was still alive. Maxie tells Felicia and Mac she's not going to the wedding. Duke persuades Robin to call Patrick cause she is safe now. Patrick tells Britt he shouldn't have come to the lab cause his fianceé is waiting for him.

  • Ep. #12946
    Ep. #12946
    Episode 167

    Sabrina is thrilled with the arrival of Juan, who says that Elizabeth called him and presents her mother's wedding dress. Brad surprises Britt in the lab and asks if the woman in there before was Patrick's wife Robin. Robin tells Robert he saw Patrick and Emma on Halloween and she wanted to tell them but couldn't. Luke shoots Faison, but surprises him when that he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Anna puts down her gun and tells Dr. Obrecht to kill her instead, Duke gets free and knocks the gun out of Dr. Obrecht's hands saving her. Brad tells Britt to tell him everything or will tell everyone he isn't the father of her baby. Ava tells Patrick that Robin is alive, and has proof cause Carlos has seen her.

  • Ep. #12945
    Ep. #12945
    Episode 166

    Britt explains to Nikolas she can't seem to find her mother anywhere. Luke is thrilled to see Robert, but Anna shows up with Jerry Jacks. Patrick tells Sabrina that nothing is gonna stop her from marrying her today. Nikolas enters the tunnels to look for Dr. Obrecht and finds her and Duke tied up, he unties her but gets knocked out by Faison. Sabrina gets an unexpected visitor, the same with Patrick. Anna aims her gun at Dr. Obrecht. Robert searches Wyndermere and locates Robin.

  • Ep. #12944
    Ep. #12944
    Episode 165

    Ave tells Carlos to go straight to Patrick and tell him that his wife is alive. Elizabeth tells Patrick she feels she may have sent A.J. to prison by telling the truth. Robin tells Nikolas she feels she shouldn't interfere in Patrick's new life. Sabrina asks Felix to be her person of honor. A.J. watches the security footage and is convinced that he killed Connie, Diane argues the video be tossed out. Felix tells Elizabeth they have a lot of work to do. Ava throws the dvds containing the remaining footage in the trash and sets them on fire.

  • Ep. #12943
    Ep. #12943
    Episode 164

    A.J. is glad that Michael and Monica are here to support, and same with Elizabeth. Felix tells Carly after she slept with Franco to run away and never look back. Diane cautions Maxie if she goes near her daughter then she will lose her for good. Scott tells Franco the best he can do is to make sure Heather is securely locked up. Olivia tells Dante and Lulu that the judge gave Spinelli custody, but not Maxie. Lulu tells Dante he lied before for Sonny and why he couldn't do the same for her. Franco warns Heather he'll kill her if she harms Carly. Felicia and Mac come and comforts Maxie. Lulu tearfully hands the baby over to Spinelli. Scott presents security footage of the night of Connie's murder.

  • Ep. #12942
    Ep. #12942
    Episode 163

    Patrick tells Felix not to get involved with Brad cause he can't be trusted. Tracy tells Olivia she feels responsible for Connie's death and shouldn't have made publish they story of Kiki not being a Quartermaine. Lulu storms out of the courtroom when she and Dante are denied custody. Luke tells Nikolas he is going to Cassadine Island to find Anna and Robert, but Robin shows herself telling him not to do that. Felix asks Brad to be his date for Sabrina and Patrick's wedding. Dante arrives and learns Lulu lied to Olivia so she can run off with the baby. Maxie is shocked as Judge Walters gives full custody of her daughter to Spinelli. Carlos tells Sabrina to go ahead and plan her wedding and honeymoon cause it will all be for nothing.

  • Ep. #12941
    Ep. #12941
    Episode 162

    Carlos tells the woman in the lab he recognizes her from somewhere. Britt tells Nikolas that them getting together is a mistake. Faison knocks out Dr. Obrecht and ties her up next to Duke. Patrick tells Luke good news that there's no polonium poisoning in his system. Lulu is angry at Dante for choosing to tell the truth on the stand. Robert shoots Jerry call his bluff that he would kill Duke. Spinelli testifies saying that Lulu panicked when she thought she could lose the baby. Carlos realizes the woman in the lab is Patrick's wife Robin who everyone believes is dead. The judge has made his decision regarding the custody. Luke goes to Wyndermere hoping Nikolas will give him answers.

  • Ep. #12940
    Ep. #12940
    Episode 161

    Diane brings up to Lulu that she killed Logan Hayes as well as her unborn child. Robin quickly hides as Patrick enters the lab. Carlos tells Sabrina that he's determined to spend the rest of his life with her. Duke tells Dr. Obrecht that Faison is keeping him alive in order to get close to Anna. Lulu lies under oath, but Diane calls Dante to the stand. Britt and Nikolas closeness ends up in them sharing a kiss. Robert and Anna manage to escape.

  • Ep. #12939
    Ep. #12939
    Episode 160

    Felicia lashes at Lulu for allowing Alexis to blame Maxie for Robin's death. Brad presents a special gift to Felix, but are interrupted by Ellie as they get close. Robin tells Nikolas she can't stand by and watch Patrick marry Sabrina. Luke and Tracy wait for the results of his blood test. Felix helps Sabrina pick out a wedding dress. Alexis asks Lulu if she can handle taking the stand and questioned by Diane. Britt catches her mother sneaking into the tunnels with a tray of food. Brad sneaks away as Patrick comes to the lab unaware that Robin is in there.

  • Ep. #12938
    Ep. #12938
    Episode 159

    Sonny asks Olivia if she wants to discuss last night, as she hurries to the courthouse. Alexis visits Julian showing him the headline revealing himself to the world. Felicia offers her support to Maxie at the hearing. Elizabeth testifies when Maxie seduced Lucky and stole drugs for him. Spinelli tells Ellie that Diane suggested that he and Maxie get married. Scott asks Julian what exactly does he want from him. Franco receives a dozen dead and doesn't tell Carly they're from Heather. Tracy asks Ellie to do a tox screen on Luke to see if the cure he took worked. Alexis questions Maxie on her being a murderer.

  • Ep. #12937
    Ep. #12937
    Episode 158

    Kiki jumps in the water when Morgan refuses to help her rescue Michael. Sam asks Sonny if his men are planning on killing her father as soon as he leaves the gallery. T.J. tells Molly if something happens to Shawn then he'll have nobody. Michael lies to Carly that Morgan is the reason he fell in the water. Sam sees that Sonny was right and Julian is hiding behind Danny in order to stay alive. Sonny finds comfort in Olivia's arms. Carly shows her gratitude to Franco for saving Michael's life.

  • Ep. #12936
    Ep. #12936
    Episode 157

    Sam tells Silas she is grateful to Derek for him donating money to concussion his work on leukemia research. Sonny turns to Derek and Ava knowing fully well they made Morgan plant the bug in his office. Carly tells Franco she's not kicking him out and makes it clear she is not involved with Derek. Derek reveals to everybody that he is Julian Jerome, and tells Sam that Sonny has people waiting outside to kill him. Kiki arrives and Morgan punches Michael and he hits his head and falls into the water.

  • Ep. #12935
    Ep. #12935
    Episode 156

    Derek tells Morgan that he just found out that Lazaro dropped out of the race for D.A. Franco stops Diane and admits that Heather did the paintings not him. Sonny shows the bug to Olivia and Morgan betrayed him. Heather reveals to Franco that she is his mother. Michael tells Kiki that Morgan is only doing this to stick it to their father. Ava asks Morgan if he's having second thoughts of working for Julian. Alexis looks over the birth certificate, and tells Scott it's looks genuine. Carly goes to Franco's suite after learning of his parentage.

  • Ep. #12934
    Ep. #12934
    Episode 155

    Carly asks Derek what kind of relationship does he have with Morgan that he wants kept quiet. Scott explains to Lazaro he has one hour to back out of the race for district attorney or else the recording will be made public. T.J. expresses his concerns to Shawn about what else he does for Sonny. Morgan tells Olivia that it's too late to make things right. Michael tells Kiki that Morgan doesn't seem surprised that Julian Jerome is Ava's brother. Lucy worries that Scott winning may have strings attached. Sonny finds the bug attached to the clock Morgan put in his office. Heather steps forward and exposes Franco in front of everyone.

  • Ep. #12933
    Ep. #12933
    Episode 154

    Franco tries to warn Carly that Derek is associating with Morgan, but she doesn't believe him. Silas asks Sam what's the real reason she is going to Franco's art show. Ava tells Derek that he can't go to the gallery tonight especially after hearing what Sonny is gonna do to him. Heather is beside herself when Franco is passing off her artwork as her own. Scott listens to the flash drive and approaches Lazaro knowing he's working with Sonny. Kiki tells Sonny she and Michael found out something that Ava is connected to the Jerome crime family.

  • Ep. #12932
    Ep. #12932
    Episode 153

    Silas tells Kiki that Sam is her cousin, which means she is related to Danny through her not Franco. Sam approaches Ava saying she spoke to Delia and knows she is Victor's daughter. Heather surprises Scott and Lucy inviting them both to attend an art show. Derek realizes that he knows he Sonny read a file and knows he's Julian Jerome. Franco tells Carly he knows something she doesn't about Derek. Morgan gives Scott something he can use to win the election. Heather arrives and sees all of her paintings on display. Derek listens as Sonny instructs Max to take him out at the opening of the gallery.

  • Ep. #12931
    Ep. #12931
    Episode 152

    Nikolas stops Patrick telling him the woman in the exam room is Spencer's nanny. Tracy tells Luke she will leave if he calls Anna. Britt asks Elizabeth why is she concerned about her and Nikolas getting close. Duke tells "Anna" to take off the mask cause he knows she's Dr. Obrecht. Patrick explains the situation to Sabrina and feels that something is wrong about it. Nikolas tells Robin she took a risk by coming here to the party tonight. Faison and Dr. Obrecht hide Duke in the tunnels before Nikolas, Robin and Britt return.

  • Ep. #12930
    Ep. #12930
    Episode 151

    Heather asks Franco what she was doing with Carly when he said he was gonna stay away from her. Robin goes on the hospital computer, but Epiphany thinks it's someone looking for the Halloween party. Duke hears a noise, and sees the door leading to the tunnels is open. Nikolas asks Britt why would Brad say that her baby isn't his. Carly asks Derek why didn't he tell her he was partners with Ava. Dr. Obrecht shows up wearing the Anna mask, but doesn't keep Duke from going in the tunnel. A disguised Robin tends to Emma saying everything is going to be alright. Epiphany and Patrick have an emotional moment remembering Robin's death. Nikolas thinks it could be Robin that's wearing that costume.

  • Ep. #12929
    Ep. #12929
    Episode 150

    Franco visits Carly and lets it slip that her boyfriend Derek Wells is Ava's business partner. Dr. Obrecht tries to get Robin in the mood for Halloween, but she isn't interested. Lesley arrives wiy Spencer and faints after seeing Faison, Nikolas does his best to convince her it was all in her head. Elizabeth congratulates Sabrina and Patrick on their engagement. Duke asks Patrick if he's heard anything from Anna. Brad asks Felix would it be any different if Britt's baby wasn't his. Robin gets into a costume and sneaks off to the hospital party.

  • Ep. #12928
    Ep. #12928
    Episode 149

    Maxie asks Lulu why she would sue her for custody of her own daughter, Lulu crosses a line by bringing up the miscarriage. Sonny tells Shawn that Julian has been masquerading around as Derek Wells. Michael has an uncomfortable encounter with Morgan at the restaurant. Carly accuses Ava of sleeping with Derek behind Morgan's back. Dante asks Olivia if she knows anything, but remembers what Sonny said and doesn't tell him anything. Spinelli and Ellie reconcile and say they're in this ordeal together. Morgan tells Derek he did the job by putting the clock with bug so he can listen in Sonny's office.

  • Ep. #12927
    Ep. #12927
    Episode 148

    Sonny tells Olivia he needs to eliminate Julian, before he can make his move. Delia admits to Silas and Sam she is Ava's mother and explained her who her father was and how he made his money. Maxie is surprised that Spinelli assembled a crib for the baby. Kiki is thrilled when Michael says Sonny left him the restaurant. Alexis tells Lulu the judge turned down Maxie's court and a custody suit will take place. Julian tells Ava that Alexis had someone's DNA tested to prove he was Sam's father, but doesn't know who. Diane tells Maxie that Alexis will fight to get Dante and Lulu custody of Connie. Delia asks Silas to send her another pic of Kiki and to see if she wants to visit her grandmother. Julian tells Morgan if he's willing to go after his own father. Maxie confronts Lulu over her petition to have her declared unfit.

  • Ep. #12926
    Ep. #12926
    Episode 147

    Morgan tells Ava he wants to help bring down Sonny, Ava says if he really wants to go down that dangerous path. Patrick tells Maxie he wants her to be happy for him and Sabrina getting married. Olivia cautions Sonny not to shut him out, and he lets in her know that Derek Wells in Julian Jerome. Nikolas says to Robin that she can't contact Patrick or anyone else. Alexis tells Derek that Sam is off searching for information on Ava's brother Julian. Carlos notices the engagement ring on Sabrina's finger, and offers to keep the door open in case it doesn't work out with Patrick. Delia becomes startled when Sam and Silas begin asking her about the Jerome family.

  • Ep. #12925
    Ep. #12925
    Episode 146

    Sabrina shares the news of her engagement to Felix. Robert assures Anna they will get out and find Robin. Nikolas tells Robin she can't risk going to to General Hospital. Mac tells Duke he left Robert in Anna's hands. Julian orders Carlos to take out Morgan, but Ava asks him not to do it. Morgan is outraged when he learns Michael is working for Sonny, and decides not to tell him about Julian. Robin lashes at Faison after learning he killed Jason. Robert tells Anna he helped faked Julian's death. Britt breaks the news to Robin about Patrick and Sabrina getting married. Morgan asks Julian he would like to work for him, to help bring down his father.

  • Ep. #12924
    Ep. #12924
    Episode 145

    Diane tells Franco she thinks after his surgery it's difficult for him to focus and paint anything. Morgan learns Derek is Julian and he and Ava are targeting Sonny. Lucy is upset when Kevin cancels, and cautions Sam to not get involved with a doctor. Sonny tells Michael he feels the same people who blew up his shipment targeted his warehouse. Lucy comes across and finds Heather and Scott together. Silas tells Sam that Ava took him to the exact same bar her father took his mistresses. Morgan goes to warn Sonny of Julian's motives and sees him with Michael.

  • Ep. #12923
    Ep. #12923
    Episode 144

    Scott asks Lucy if she's using his campaign as a distraction cause Kevin is always busy. Alexis confirms to Sam that Julian Jerome is her father cause his DNA also matches Lucas'. Heather confronts Franco after she heard him tell Carly they're his paintings. Sonny and Shawn investigate a hit on his coffee warehouse. Ava assures Morgan there's nothing is going on between her and Derek. Sonny tells Lazaro that maybe Julian is alive and assuming another identity. Alexis asks Lucy if she remembers if Victor sired any illegitimate daughters. Kiki receives the annulment papers from Morgan. Diane tells Franco she knows he didn't paint any of them. Scott has an unsettling encounter with Heather. Morgan overhears and learns that Derek is actually Ava's brother Julian.

  • Ep. #12922
    Ep. #12922
    Episode 143

    Anna and Robert go in search of Robin, but are stopped by Jerry who traps them in the room. Lulu tells Spinelli, she and Dante are gonna sue him and Maxie for sole custody of Robin. Emma is thrilled after hearing Patrick and Sabrina will be getting married. Maxie tells Mac she's lost several best friends including Lulu and Robin. Jerry says nobody is leaving until he gets the cure extracted from Luke's blood, and tells Robin she is going home, but can't tell Patrick or anyone that she's alive.

  • Ep. #12921
    Ep. #12921
    Episode 142

    Robert and Anna infiltrate the house and come across an unconscious Dr. Obrecht. Maxie explains to Spinelli that Diane has a plan to get their baby back. Britt tells Faison and says that Ben isn't her biological son. Sabrina is thrown by Patrick's sudden marriage proposal, and asks what brought it on. Alexis tells Lulu she would have to prove that Maxie is an unfit mother, in order to get custody of Connie. Dr. Obrecht tells Anna she will tell her everything she needs to know. Robin tells and unconsious Dr. Obrecht it's over and she's finally going home. Anna and Robert search the lab, and discover was there and not to long ago. Nikolas orders Faison to let go of Britt or else he'll kill him.

  • Ep. #12920
    Ep. #12920
    Episode 141

    Nikolas finds and shows Britt a baby bottle, they're then stopped by security. Robin tells Jerry of a way to save him, by having Luke Spencer brought back. Sabrina confronts Carlos accusing him of making a prank call to Patrick. Patrick tells Elizabeth about his call he got from Robin on her birthday. Dr. Obrecht refuses to what Faison suggests, and storms off. Tracy tells Luke they need to go back and get the doctor. Nikolas goes into the lab looking for Jerry, but finds Robin instead. Britt pulls away from her mother and she is knocked out, and encounters Faison who has her son. Patrick asks Sabrina to marry him.

  • Ep. #12919
    Ep. #12919
    Episode 140

    Sabrina asks Patrick if he was going to tell Anna about the call he got from Robin. Anna tells Robert she got confirmation from Faison that Robin is out there. Dr. Obrecht tells Robin he disguised herself as Anna to break Faison out of prison. Sabrina tries to connect with Patrick, but his mind is elsewhere. Nikolas tells Anna that Dr. Obrecht maybe on Cassadine Island, she. Sonny asks Duke just how much does he know about his boss Derek Wells. Britt tells Nikolas she wants to go in search of her son. Robin is confident that her parents will find her. Anna allows Robert to come with him .

  • Ep. #12918
    Ep. #12918
    Episode 139

    Carly asks Derek why was he sparring with Franco. Michael tells Kiki it's possibly that Ava could have ties to the Jerome crime family. Alexis explains to Sam the test she wants done concerns her father. Morgan tells Diane he wants nothing to do with Sonny, and the reason he's getting divorced. Franco assures Carly he is not sleeping with Diane. Kiki asks Michael for help in getting Morgan out of the penthouse and away from her mother. Morgan sneaks through Ava's purse and finds the contract naming Derek as her business partner. Sonny asks Shawn is it possible that Derek Wells could be Julian Jerome.

  • Ep. #12917
    Ep. #12917
    Episode 138

    Kiki insists on helping Michael now that they're living together. Shawn tells Sonny about Derek delighted about his shipment blowing up. Ava and Morgan envision other people while kissing each other. Kiki tells Silas her marriage to Morgan ended when she caught him in bed with her mother. Morgan asks Ava who her partner is in the new gallery she bought. Carly gives Alexis the DNA sample from Lucas to determine if she and Sam have the same father. Derek suggests he and Franco box and the loser stays away from Carly. Sonny learns from Kiki that Ava has a brother. Morgan hires Diane to help end his marriage.

  • Ep. #12916
    Ep. #12916
    Episode 137

    Robin tries to tell Patrick that she's alive, but they end up losing the signal. Britt tells Nikolas the only reason she didn't tell him was because she was ashamed of being Faison's daughter. Felix tells Sabrina he saw Patrick earlier seeing he's no longer wearing his wedding ring. Tracy shoots Jerry in the shoulder after injecting Luke with the cure. Patrick tells Sabrina that he got a call from Robin, but she tries to say that it's not possible. Jerry tells Robin that someone stole the cure from him, and she has to start from the beginning. Nikolas recognizes a painting and realizes Britt's mother took Ben to Cassadine Island. Anna gets knocked out by Dr. Obrecht and when she wakes up she and Faison are gone.

  • Ep. #12915
    Ep. #12915
    Episode 136

    Robin presents to Jerry his cure, and to hold his end of the bargain by letting him go. Dr. Obrecht tells Faison she is here to tell him about their grandchild and to reunite their family. Tracy keeps a watchful eye on Luke who in return tells her that he loves her. Duke tells Olivia there's no way Anna would stoop so low as to kiss a man she despises. Anna tries to figure out who went in to visit with Faison. Sabrina sees Patrick holding tickets to Paris, and says he got them for him and Robin. Jerry takes the cure to test it on Luke, but Tracy pulls a gun on him saying to hand it over. Britt reveals to Nikolas that she took Ben to see her father Faison. Anna comes face-to-face with Dr. Obrecht who is wearing her face. Robin finds a cellphone and uses it to make a call to Patrick.

  • Ep. #12914
    Ep. #12914
    Episode 135

    Elizabeth admits to Patrick she misses A.J. and contemplates if she should visit him in jail. Robin asks Jerry why he would want to help her celebrate her birthday. Olivia asks Duke why he would let Anna go off to spend some time with Robert. Robert tells Mac he insists on watching Robin's funeral for himself, and almost tells Mac the truth. Robin blows the candle making a wish and continues to work on the cure for Jerry. Olivia tells Duke she just had a vision of Faison and Anna kissing. Robin tells Jerry he won't die of polonium poisoning cause she got his cure. Faison is shocked when Anna takes off the prosthetic mask, who is Dr. Obrecht in disguise.

  • Ep. #12913
    Ep. #12913
    Episode 134

    Alexis asks Carly for help in getting Lucas to take a DNA so she can to prove Julian is Sam's father. Rafe and Molly jump to a conclusion that Sam and Silas are hooking. Franco is not happy about Derek having dinner with Carly. T.J. asks Taylor to admit that she's not into Rafe. Lulu tells Maxie there's no way she or Spinelli is taking her daughter out of her place. Franco invites Diane out to dinner so he can make Carly jealous. Rafe tells Taylor that her plan to convince T.J. and Molly that they're a couple is working. Spinelli calls Diane asking her to help him and Maxie claim their child.

  • Ep. #12912
    Ep. #12912
    Episode 133

    Heather agrees to do more paintings for Franco, as long as he stays away from Carly. Olivia asks Maxie how could she make Dante and Lulu believe that Connie was theirs. Sonny confronts Ava and Morgan makes it clear he's not going anywhere with him. Derek questions Carly's true motives when she asks him out to dinner tonight. Alexis tells Dante he and Lulu can't adopt Connie unless they have consent. Franco shuts the door before Carly can see Heather in his suite. Sonny accuses Ava of deliberately getting him not to not take his medication, and cautions Morgan to watch his back. Lulu meets with Maxie and Spinelli who learn they want to adopt Connie.

  • Ep. #12911
    Ep. #12911
    Episode 132

    Sonny orders Shawn to find out who destroyed the recent shipment. Anna tells Robert he's obviously disoriented and doesn't know what he's saying, but he assures her that Dr. Obrecht has their daughter. Derek learns Ava checked out of the hotel, and left with some young guy. Luke is thrilled to see Tracy who tells her Jerry has a doctor working on a cure to experiment on him. Carly tells Michael they need to talk about Morgan sleeping with Ava. Robin is stopped by Jerry as she attempts to escape. Morgan asks Ava he could've sworn he heard that guy talking about his father. Anna tells Robert the only person who can give her answers is Faison. Tracy tells Luke when the doctor delivers the cure that's when she will get him off Cassadine Island.

  • Ep. #12910
    Ep. #12910
    Episode 131

    Sabrina receives another bouquet of flowers from Carlos. Anna is delighted seeing Robert awake, but can't remember anything. Duke shows Alexis a picture of Julian Jerome and if she remembers being with him that night. Jerry tells Luke when the doctor concocts the cure he plans on giving it to him. Patrick gives Sam the flowers from Carlos as his gift to her. Derek tells Carlos that if Alexis and Duke will know that Julian is alive, but on his terms only. Robin knocks out Dr. Obrecht and says she is going home to her husband. Sabrina tells Carlos to stop sending her things, and to leave her alone. Robert tells Anna he saw Robin alive at the clinic.

  • Ep. #12909
    Ep. #12909
    Episode 130

    Spinelli informs Ellie that Brad arrived and spilled the truth to everyone at the christening. Anna tells Britt and Nikolas she has a lead that Dr. Obrecht had help in taking Ben out of the country. Jerry tells Robin either she cures or she'll never return to her loved ones. Maxie gets advice from Felicia on keeping her daughter. Dr. Obrecht brings her grandson in asking Robin to watch him, and says the baby is Patrick's. Sabrina receives flowers from Carlos, Patrick reads the card saying he's not giving up. Lulu tells Dante they're going to adopt Connie and make her legally theirs. Britt tells Patrick that her mother kidnapped her son. Mac tells Anna he heard from Holly and Robert is awake.

  • Ep. #12908
    Ep. #12908
    Episode 129

    Dante tells Olivia about Maxie and figures out all the visions she's had. Carly realizes Ava has checked out of the hotel before she can throw her out. Morgan helps Ava move into her new penthouse, but she refuses to have him stay with her. Sebastian tells Franco his painting doe not live up to his previous work, but says he loves the one that Heather painted. Spinelli suggests to Maxie that they raise their baby together. Kiki and Michael begin kissing passionately and make love for the first time. Lulu tells Dante there's no way she is giving up Connie without a fight.

  • Ep. #12907
    Ep. #12907
    Episode 128

    Britt tells Nikolas that her mother did this to her and took off with her son. Jerry tells Robin that if she cures him for good of the polonium poisoning then she gets to go home to her family. Maxie admits to a heartbroken Lulu and Dante she lost their baby on New Year's Eve. Patrick tells Sabrina he hasn't accepted that Robin is actually gone. Alexis asks Derek to use his connections to prove that Julian is Sam's father, Duke offers his insight of his experience with him. Robin watches the DVD of the Nurse's Ball and vows to get home to Patrick. Nikolas calls Anna saying Britt's baby was kidnapped by Dr. Obrecht. Spinelli embraces Maxie, after Lulu and Dante leave the church.

  • Ep. #12906
    Ep. #12906
    Episode 127

    Jerry tells Luke it's clearly here looking for the cure for the polonium poisoning. Maxie tells Spinelli how Brad knows about their daughter. Anna tells Patrick that why is he still wearing his wedding ring, cause he's with Sabrina now. Felix tells Sabrina that her ex-boyfriend tracked her down at Patrick's and planted a kiss on her. Britt tells her mother to leave before she calls the police. Brad reveals the baby isn't Dante and Lulu's, but Maxie and Spinelli's. Sabrina begins to question her relationship with Patrick. Lulu looks back at some moments, and realizes that the baby is Maxie's. Nikolas comes home to find Britt unconscious on the floor. Jerry checks on the doctor who turns out to be Robin asking if there's any progress.

  • Ep. #12905
    Ep. #12905
    Episode 126

    Olivia overhears Maxie making a confession. Ellie asks Spinelli if he really plans to be the godfather to his own daughter. Lulu tells Tracy that she knows the truth of her father's condition. Felix admits to Brad that the other day he might have felt something for him. Luke sees Helena, and she tells him to take her hand and end his suffering. Dante and Lulu prepare to christen their daughter. Olivia has a horrifying vision of seeing Luke who gives her a message asking for Tracy's help. Maxie and Spinelli are shocked to learn they were approached to be the godparents. Brad rushes to the church hoping to talk to Dante and Lulu. Luke looks up and sees someone he knows. Britt finds Dr. Obrecht holding her son.

  • Ep. #12904
    Ep. #12904
    Episode 125

    Carlos tells Patrick if he and Sabrina are together then why is he still wearing his wedding ring. Lulu invites Maxie her to the christening, and asks her to be the godmother. Kiki slaps Ava and unleashes all her anger saying she wants nothing more to do with her or Morgan. Franco shows Carly a way to vent her hatred towards Ava. Dante asks Spinelli to be baby Connie's godfather. Franco kisses Carly, but stops saying she can't make this mistake with him.

  • Ep. #12903
    Ep. #12903
    Episode 124

    Alexis sees that Derek is happy about his recent handy work. Ava tells Morgan to keep Carly from finding him. Carlos overhears Patrick telling Sabrina if he has anything to worry about her ex-boyfriend. Diane tells Franco his assets are frozen hence the civil suit, and tells him to sell some things. Michael asks Kiki how would she feel by coming to live with him, but she thinks it's a bad idea. Carly lashes at Ava after learning she and Morgan slept together. Shawn tells Alexis the enforcer said his boss's name and it was Julian Jerome. Dante and Lulu prepare for their baby's christening. Patrick walks in on Sabrina with Carlos. Kiki and Michael are shocked when they find Ava and Morgan in bed together.

  • Ep. #12902
    Ep. #12902
    Episode 123

    Carly tells Sonny he has to do the right thing by going back on his medication. Silas brings food from the Floating Rib to the hospital as part of their dinner date. Michael tells Kiki why Sonny chose tonight to tell him the truth. Dante and Lulu have a tough night with baby Connie. Morgan finds himself at Ava's hotel room, saying he hates Sonny and he is dead to him. Spinelli tells Maxie he had hoped to avoid her completely while coming to the apartment. Kiki tells Michael she doesn't see a way for them to be together, but he says that he loves her. Sam asks Silas if there was something in his past that could hurt the both of them. Morgan surprises Ava when he kisses her.

  • Ep. #12901
    Ep. #12901
    Episode 122

    Silas catches up to Sam to explain what she just saw regarding him and Ava. Michael lashes at Morgan after learning from Sonny he knew and Kiki weren't related. Sabrina tells Patrick her ex-boyfriend said that he still loved her and wants her back. Derek texts Ava telling her the mission was accomplished and for her to enjoy the party. Sonny reacts violently when Morgan mentions Connie. Shawn tells Anna that Vince mentioned working for Julian Jerome. Ava overhears Silas telling Sam he's interested in her. Carlos asks Derek it's a risky move by hiring Duke Lavery to work for him. Morgan is destroyed when Kiki says she can't be married to him anymore.

  • Ep. #12900
    Ep. #12900
    Episode 121

    Carlos tells Sabrina he got a job opportunity in town just to see her. Sam tells Patrick she feels like she's betraying Jason by going out with Silas. Michael tells Carly he feels he should be there for Morgan and Kiki to support them. Olivia tells Carly she sees a difference in Sonny's behavior tonight. Derek calls telling Ava that everything is proceeding nicely. Penny realizes Michael that Kiki is the girl he's still hung up on and wishes him all the best. Derek thanks Carlos for a good job in blowing up Sonny's shipment. Silas goes after Sam after she sees him kissing Ava. Sonny tells Michael that Morgan made him promise not to tell you he knew that he and Kiki weren't related.

  • Ep. #12899
    Ep. #12899
    Episode 120

    Molly tells Sam she hopes that nothing is going on between Nikolas and Britt. Carlos arrives asking Felix questions about Sabrina. Rafe tells Silas he told Molly how he feels, but ended up getting back together with T.J. Ava confronts Morgan on using her credit card, and why she shouldn't reveal his secret to Kiki, but Morgan calls her bluff. Rafe tells Taylor she was right and they need to break up T.J. and Molly. Silas asks Sam if she would accompany him to the wedding reception, but says she can't go. Michael and Kiki agree to accept that there with other people. Nikolas tells Britt he knows she lied to him and says she's coming with him to Wyndemere. Sabrina is shocked when she sees Carlos.

  • Ep. #12898
    Ep. #12898
    Episode 119

    Derek tells Ava he got Duke to come and work for him at the newspaper. Olivia tells Dante from the moment she met Ava she didn't trust her. Sonny tells Michael that he won't be going to Connie's funeral, leading to the possibility that he isn't taking his medication. Carly asks Spinelli to do some checking on Derek Wells. Ellie tells Maxie if she can hand her child over to someone else. Alice informs Kiki and Morgan they need to move out right away. Anna tells Dante it's impossible that Julian is running things cause he's dead. Michael brings Sonny to the service.

  • Ep. #12897
    Ep. #12897
    Episode 118

    Kiki tells Morgan they're both getting evicted off the Quartermaine grounds. Silas tells Alexis he and Sam where discussing plans on going out to dinner. Olivia is livid after hearing Ava wants to throw a party the day of Connie's funeral. Franco tells Heather she pretty much ruined things with him and Carly. Derek tells Ava he was specific for her to stay away from Sonny. Kiki is surprised when she gets a visit from Silas and says that Danny is going to be alright. Felix and Carly quickly cover when Derek hears someone lurking nearby. Kiki tells Ava that she'll attend the party only if Silas is invited.

  • Ep. #12896
    Ep. #12896
    Episode 117

    Heather visits Franco and brings him a present, and isn't leaving until she gets what's rightfully hers. Ava tells Sonny the thing he can do for her in return is help throw a party for Morgan and Kiki. Felix is shocked that Carly is getting involved with Franco. Silas tells Sam and Alexis that Danny is progressing very well. Vince agrees to tell Shawn and Max everything they want to know, but Franco comes to Kelly's. Duke asks Derek if he could submit a resume, he says he could use a guy working in his organization. Ava tells Sonny that she too lost somebody she loved very much. Sam asks Silas if he is asking her out on a date. Shawn tells Sonny that Vince is working for Julian Jerome. Heather prepares for Felix and Carly to enter the suite, not before Franco intervenes. Derek takes out a gun shooting and killing Vince and Ava kicks him into the water.

  • Ep. #12895
    Ep. #12895
    Episode 116

    Ava introduces herself to Sonny and makes him an offer he can't refuse. Duke tells Anna he needs to be certain that Ava has connections to the mob. Franco tells Carly he feels Ava is the reason his credit cards don't work anymore. Sam is startled by Silas' arrival telling him that today is Jason's birthday, as someone keeps an eye on them from a far. Ava tells Sonny she is responsible for Connie, by not stopping A.J. Shawn and Max question Vince on who he works for. Anna and Duke come face-to-face with Derek. Sam asks Silas if Danny is accepting the transplant.

  • Ep. #12894
    Ep. #12894
    Episode 115

    Elizabeth runs into Carly on the pier who is also there to remember Jason on his birthday. Alexis tells Derek that Silas should know the results soon. Monica instructs Franco he doesn't want him living in her house anymore. Shawn shows Sonny some flowers from Derek as well as his condolences. Ava tells Derek to back off of both Sam and Danny. Monica breaks down and tells Tracy about her getting fired from General Hospital all cause of A.J.'s arrest. All of Port Charles are being mysteriously spied on. Carly offers to help Franco who tries to check into the Metro Court. Sonny comes home to find Ava there waiting for him.

  • Ep. #12893
    Ep. #12893
    Episode 114

    Sabrina tells Patrick they can focus on each other now, and that Britt is no longer a problem for them. Maxie tells Anna she wishes she could be more like the way Robin used to be. Olivia does her best to keep Sonny from finding out about A.J. Britt tells Nikolas that she'll be a terrible mother to her son. Monica tells A.J. he pretty much threw away the opportunity for him to start over, Michael shows up saying he'll stand by his father. Sonny attacks a reporter and finds out A.J. pleaded not guilty and Diane implicated him in Connie's murder. Maxie goes to Britt wanting her silence and gives her advice. Monica is told in light of her son's arrest to step down as Cheif of Staff. Sonny is touched when Dante and Lulu say they named their daughter Connie.

  • Ep. #12892
    Ep. #12892
    Episode 113

    Ava and Tracy can't believe that Franco is a free man. Nikolas persuades Britt to give Sabrina the baby so she can get it to the hospital. Sam tells Silas to give Kiki some time and she'll come to him. Brad confesses to Felix that he has no emotional connection to the baby whatsoever. Carly sees as Olivia brings Sonny home after he almost ended his life. Franco tells Ava to pack her bags and get out, losing her leverage by confessing to Tracy he poisoned her relish. Morgan tells Sonny he feels that Connie's death is all his fault. Molly tells T.J. she is going to give T.J. another chance, Taylor asks Rafe how he feels about the reunion. Britt is relieved that her baby is alright, and Sabrina got him to the hospital in time. Felix tells Sabrina he thinks the baby looks nothing like Brad.

  • Ep. #12891
    Ep. #12891
    Episode 112

    Olivia tries to get Sonny to put the gun down, but he says if he doesn't do this then all of his loved ones will continue to suffer. Brad tells Dante they need to talk about Patrick not being the father of the child Britt is carrying. Maxie pretends all is well with Lulu, but continues to hurt inside. Spinelli asks Ellie to keep the secret of his child from Dante and Lulu, and says he needs time to figure things out before they resume their relationship. Sabrina tells Nikolas there's no time and she needs to deliver Britt's baby. Olivia asks Sonny if he's going to kill himself in front of his sons. Britt realizes something is wrong with her baby.

  • Ep. #12890
    Ep. #12890
    Episode 111

    Diane argues that Franco's tumor is the cause for his behavior and to set him free. Sonny hallucinates seeing Connie who contemplates suicide so he can be with her. Patrick talks with Emma about the baby being somebody else's. Nikolas tells Brad he can start by allowing Britt to move in with him. Sabrina thinks Britt's faking her labor, but sees that she isn't. Carly takes the stand saying after Franco had surgery, she doesn't see him as the person he was before. Olivia has a vision of Kiki in Connie's wedding dress figuring out where Sonny is. Sabrina tells Nikolas that Britt is about to give birth. Dante prepares to leave the hospital, and Brad says they need to talk. Olivia walks in as Sonny is about to shoot himself.

  • Ep. #12889
    Ep. #12889
    Episode 110

    A.J. is glad that Michael is here to support him, but he's going to plead guilty. Morgan tells Kiki that he is unable to locate his father. Olivia asks Dante they need to find Sonny before it's too late. Franco tells Carly he's being released from the hospital to go right to prison. Felix tells Sabrina he found out the truth, as he was about to kiss him. Diane goes to Brad for what they discussed. Michael calls Elizabeth arrives at the courthouse, and A.J. decides to plead not guilty. Nikolas tells Britt that if Brad doesn't man up and provide for his son, then he'll go and talk to him. Morgan doesn't like the idea of Michael helping in the search for Sonny. Brad tells Felix he wasn't lying when he said he had feelings for him. Sabrina goes to visit Britt who starts to feel pains. Diane shows the judge the tumor taken from Franco as the reason for the things he's done.

  • Ep. #12888
    Ep. #12888
    Episode 109

    Britt tells Nikolas the truth that about her baby, and says it's best that she leaves his place. Michael tells Kiki maybe Morgan framed A.J. because of how they feel about each other. Patrick angrily lays into Brad who confesses to Felix that everything he said was true. Silas tells Sam he started to feel something for her since they first met. Alexis tells Derek there's something about him that's familiar to her. Patrick tells Sabrina she was right all along that the baby wasn't his. Olivia gives Morgan some advice to fix his relationship with Michael. Nikolas tells Britt she can stay here with him, and isn't going to turn her away. Michael opens up to Kiki about he thinks that A.J. really did kill Connie. Olivia shows Morgan a note saying that Sonny has taken off.

  • Ep. #12887
    Ep. #12887
    Episode 108

    Felix goes to Brad hoping to get some answers regarding Britt. Silas says everything is a god for Derek to donate his bone marrow to Danny. Morgan finds a gun on the Quartermaine grounds. Michael tells Anna he doesn't think A.J. is the one that killed Connie. Dante and Lulu tells Spinelli they know that Maxie almost breastfed their child. Alexis sees Derek and Sam in an embrace. Spinelli tells Maxie being away from their daughter is how it has to be from now on. Brad and Felix start to get close, but Patrick arrives and punches him. Morgan lashes at Kiki for going to see Michael, and reminds her that she is his wife. Anna places A.J. under arrest for Connie's murder when his prints are found on the gun. Sam kisses Silas after thanking him for all that he's done.

  • Ep. #12886
    Ep. #12886
    Episode 107

    A.J. feels he should confess, but Diane asks him if he does remember pulling the trigger. Patrick thinks Britt's lying, but she says he mother is the one that faked the paternity test. Ava threatens to tell Kiki the truth, but won't not unless he does something for her. Spinelli confronts Maxie saying he knows the truth and why she continued to let Lulu and Dante believe it was their baby. Nurse Gloria tells Dante and Lulu, she almost let Maxie breastfeed the baby. A.J. thinks clearly and tells Diane he went to Connie's office, but doesn't remember killing her.

  • Ep. #12885
    Ep. #12885
    Episode 106

    Maxie has a brief dream of holding her daughter, but Lulu comes in takes her away. Ellie tells Sabrina she told Spinelli and awful lie and he refuses to forgive her. Molly and Rafe thank Derek for donating his bone marrow to Danny, and to go in and see him. Britt tells Patrick that she was unaware that her mother put both Robert and Duke in a coma. Mac tells Maxie that last night she referred to Lulu's baby as her own and Spinelli's. Lulu asks Nikolas why would he even consider helping Britt after all that she's done. Derek contemplates telling Sam that he is her father. Britt refuses Patrick's request for full custody, and admits that it's not his son. Mac and Spinelli find Maxie missing from her hospital room.

  • Ep. #12884
    Ep. #12884
    Episode 105

    Anna tells A.J. if he indeed killed Connie, but he has no recollection of last night. Tracy lashes at Luke for not getting back to her, and thinking he was already dead. Laura tells Lulu she missed out on Aiden and will focus on being a full time grandmother. Nikolas asks Britt to be on the level with him about her association with her mother. Felix tells Sabrina and Patrick news that Britt was arrested for harboring her fugitive mother. A.J. has a memory flash of holding a gun, and that he must've done it. Scott tells Laura that he is letting her go and wants a divorce. Lulu tells Luke when was he going to tell her that he is dying. Tracy opens the safe and tells Dante the gun is missing from the safe, and learns A.J. might've used it to murder Connie. Patrick confronts Britt knowing what she and her mother have been up to as of late.

  • Ep. #12883
    Ep. #12883
    Episode 104

    Carly calls Michael saying she had no luck in locating A.J. Kiki and Morgan do their best to try and locate Franco. Michael tells Dante there's no way that A.J. would go out and kill Connie. Lulu tells Spinelli that Maxie had a health scare, and hallucinated that the baby was hers. Olivia loses it after seeing Connie on the floor and hopes A.J. gets his. Sonny tells A.J. to confess, and he'll let him die slowly. Ellie goes to Spinelli and insists on allowing him to hear what she has to say. Michael begs Sonny to not kill A.J., if he does then he's no longer his son. Carly finds Franco and asks him to prove that he's changed by coming with her.

  • Ep. #12882
    Ep. #12882
    Episode 103

    Olivia has a hallucination of seeing Connie on the floor bleeding thinking she is in trouble. Sam tells Silas that a donor was found for Danny. Derek's memories of his night with Alexis comes flooding back to him. Sonny sees that Connie is still alive. Michael scolds Ava for not stopping A.J. from drinking himself to death. Ellie asks Spinelli why didn't he tell Lulu and Dante the truth that the baby is his. Connie dies and Sonny sees that she had written A.J.'s name in blood. Mac tells Dante and Lulu that Maxie was sedated cause she referred to the baby as hers. Ava tells Derek that Sam can't know that he is her father. Olivia is told about Connie's death. Sonny tells A.J. he killed Connie now he's the one that's going to die.

  • Ep. #12881
    Ep. #12881
    Episode 102

    Derek is shocked when Alexis tells him that he is a match for Danny. A.J. arrives pointing a gun at Connie blaming her for his life crashing down on him, and she tries to call Sonny. Spinelli is rocked by Ellie's confession that he's the father of Maxie's baby, and lashes at her for not telling him the truth. Michael tells Kiki that he needs to find A.J., she states Franco disappeared from his hospital room. Olivia and Sonny find themselves trapped in an elevator, and she tries to calm him down. Mac and Felicia go in to see Maxie, who says she wants to see her daughter. Derek is taken aback when Alexis tells him that Sam's father's name is Julian. Sonny finds Connie on the floor seeing that she's been shot. Dante hears Ellie and Spinelli arguing, and says it's about the baby.

  • Ep. #12880
    Ep. #12880
    Episode 101
    Maxie has an out of body experience seeing herself on the operating table. Connie overhears Derek, asking him who is Julian, he covers by saying it's an artist that Ava is working with. Spinelli tells Ellie that before going into the O.R., Maxie was going to tell him. A.J. visualizes Michael and Sonny in front of him telling to go ahead a kill himself. Georgie guides Maxie through the hospital, visiting the people that care about her. Ellie gives Sam news that a match was found for Danny. Lulu tells Luke she had faith that he would arrive in time to see his grandchild. Michael finds out and tells Elizabeth that A.J. took a cab back to the Quartermaine mansion. Connie comes to the realization that Derek is Julian Jerome, and calls to tell Sonny, but is interrupted by someone. Ellie tells Spinelli the baby that Maxie gave birth to is his not Dante and Lulu's.moreless
  • Ep. #12879
    Ep. #12879
    Episode 100
    Luke and Laura arrive at the hospital and Sonny says there's complication with the baby. Michael tells Carly he needs to find A.J. before he does something stupid. A.J. tells Elizabeth if she cares so much then why did he see her in Nikolas' arms. Ava tells Kiki that everything to protect her family, and is surprised that Kiki and Morgan are married. Maxie is about to confess to Spinelli, the doctor says she has to get the baby out right away. Tracy opens up to Connie saying to go and fight for Sonny. Carly tries to persuade Morgan to tell Kiki the truth. Luke asks Sonny to watch over Lulu and the baby after he's gone. Elizabeth slaps A.J. after he says Jake would still be alive if she had watched him. Dante goes and tells the family that the baby is born. Kiki goes back in to see Franco and sees he's not in his hospital room. A.J. goes into the safe and takes out a gun. Maxie crashes shortly after giving birth.moreless
  • Ep. #12878
    Ep. #12878
    Episode 99

    Felicia informs Sonny that Morgan pretty much rushed the wedding of him and Kiki at the courthouse. Ava steals A.J.'s drink thinking she needs it more then he does. Kiki asks Morgan if he knew that she wasn't Franco's daughter before he married her. Silas tells Franco that he is no longer a viable donor for Danny, cause he has cancer. Elizabeth tries to locate A.J. and goes to Michael to help her find him before he drinks. Carly confronts Morgan and urges him to tell Kiki the truth before things get worse for him and Kiki. Connie tells Tracy that she drove Sonny right into Olivia's arms. Kiki tells Franco that she is not his daughter. Dr. Chu tells Lulu and Dante that she needs to get the baby out now since there's no signs of improvement.

  • Ep. #12877
    Ep. #12877
    Episode 98

    Ellie arrives apologizes to Spinelli for being late for the wedding. Maxie tells Lulu she isn't kidding, and she is officially in labor. Dr. Obrecht tells Holly she will have Robert woken up and she'll have all the answers. Tracy tells A.J. to enjoy the time in her office cause it'll be his last. Anna interrogates Britt, Dante gets a message from Lulu saying it's an emergency. Connie asks Sonny if he prefers to be with Olivia instead of her. Laura tells Luke that Jerry is the one that tied her up, they go to find Holly but find her passed out on the floor. A.J. storms off after he sees Elizabeth and Nikolas together, but she goes after him. Ellie tells Spinelli to go to the hospital so he can be there for Maxie. Nikolas visits Britt in jail. A.J. goes to the Floating Rib to drown his sorrows. Dr. Chu tells Lulu and Dante there's a problem.

  • Ep. #12876
    Ep. #12876
    Episode 97

    Richard Simmoms arrives interrupting Felicia and Mac's wedding, leaving Lucy very irate. Connie tells Kevin she feels she's destroyed her relationship with Sonny. Dante and Anna tell Britt that he mother is a wanted criminal that kept Duke hostage. Sonny tells Olivia he may have saved Connie from A.J., but nothing has changed. Luke greets Dr. Obrecht and that she perfected a cure for both Faison and Jerry Jacks. Lucy accepts Richard's apology, and the wedding is resumed. Anna has Dante arrest Britt after lying to her about seeing her mother. Luke tells Holly to watch Dr. Obrecht while he goes in search of Jerry. Maxie tells Lulu that he water just broke.

  • Ep. #12875
    Ep. #12875
    Episode 96

    Lulu expresses her concern to Dante about Maxie, but he gets a call from Anna. Duke assures Anna that Dr. Obrecht is indeed here in town. Maxie tries to get Mac and Felicia to get married now. Patrick tells Sabrina he recognizes the woman in the picture at the airport. Lulu tells Felicia she feels Maxie is becoming attached to the baby. Luke and Holly arrive at the hideout of Jerry Jacks. Felix and Spinelli show Anna that Dr. Obrecht is the mother of Britt. Anna and Dante instruct Britt to open the door, cause they know her mother is in there. Holly and Luke find a door and sees where it leads them. The wedding starts, but is interrupted by someone.

  • Ep. #12874
    Ep. #12874
    Episode 95

    Patrick tells Anna that an near overdose of a sedative was found in Duke's bloodstream. Ava and Derek if they didn't cause Duke to collapse then who did. Sabrina breaks the news to Emma that with Duke sick Felicia and Mac won't be getting married today. Felicia tells Maxie the wedding will be postponed, until Duke is feeling better. Spinelli tells Felix he'll uncover of Britt's mother. Patrick tells Anna that Duke's vitals are improving and should be waking up soon. Dante goes to question Ava if she's a member of the infamous Jerome crime family. Lulu is confused when Maxie brings up the name Georgie for the baby. Britt finds a vial in her mother's purse and asks her what it is. Duke tells Anna the person who drugged him was Dr. Obrecht and she's in Port Charles.

  • Ep. #12873
    Ep. #12873
    Episode 94

    Britt almost tells Patrick about the baby, when she starts experiencing some sharp pains. Sabrina calls Patrick wanting to know what's keeping him. Lucy tells Kevin the reason their not best man and maid of honor at the wedding cause she feels he is not reliable. Maxie serenades Mac and Felicia to kick off their pre-wedding party. Dr. Obrecht waits and laces Anna's drink with poison. Dante and Lulu hit stage and perform some karaoke. Duke begins to feel a bit woozy after having some champagne, and goes outside to get some fresh air. Britt reveals to Patrick she faked her illness and asks if there's anything else she wants to tell him. Dr. Obrecht quietly slips out after seeing Anna talking with Lucy. Britt starts to think that this thing with Patrick could work. Anna discovers Duke unconscious outside.

  • Ep. #12872
    Ep. #12872
    Episode 93

    Duke tells Anna he maybe out of a job courtesy of Ava. Dr. Obrecht vows to put an end to Faison's love for Anna by killing her. Luke discovers that Sean has the same symptoms as him. Ava admits to Silas that it's true that he is Kiki's father. Dante and Lulu attend the lamaze class with Maxie. Morgan reveals to a shocked Michael he and Kiki are married, he figures out something and Kiki asks him if he knew the entire time that Franco wasn't her father, but he spins it around. Spinelli tells Felix that's he dug up some information on Britt's mother and that she did some experiments on live patients. Luke and Sean offer to work together to find the cure from Jerry. Britt tells Patrick there's something she needs to tell him. Dr. Obrecht dons a wig and hopes to eliminate Anna.

  • Ep. #12871
    Ep. #12871
    Episode 92

    Ava blasts Julian for printing the story and practically ruining her plans. Kiki tells Morgan the reason they can't get married is because of Michael. Anna sees through Holly, and says what kind of a scam she and Luke are running. Sonny tells A.J. if he doesn't let go of Connie he'll kill him where he stands. Tracy refuses to make peace with A.J. before things get worse. Michael and Elizabeth arrive after Sonny bluntly attack A.J. Luke confronts Sean knowing that he withdrew that 88 million from the bank in Switzerland. Michael hurries to the courthouse to stop Kiki and Morgan from getting married. Ava gets what she wants from by blackmailing Tracy, but is confronted by Silas.

  • Ep. #12870
    Ep. #12870
    Episode 91

    Kiki asks Morgan why the sudden rush to get a marriage license. Sonny tells Olivia that Connie betrayed him and showed her what she caused. Silas tells Ava if she wants him away from Kiki then to go right ahead and kill him. A.J. asks Connie if Sonny put her up to printing the story. Mac and Felicia feel there's more to the story about Morgan not telling Kiki the truth of who she is. Ava comes looking for Kiki, and Michael shows her the paper, realizes Tracy is the one who obtained the birth certificate from her bedroom. Silas tells Sam he was right all along about Kiki being his daughter. Morgan suggest to Kiki they get married right away. Sonny arrives pointing a gun at A.J. telling him to let go of Connie.

  • Ep. #12869
    Ep. #12869
    Episode 90

    Tracy praises the Port Charles Press and waits to rub A.J.'s nose in it. Monica stops Silas from looking at the results Olivia tells Carly after talking with Michael she found out he's in love with a girl he can't have. Sonny is beside himself after Connie betrayed him after seeing she printed the story when promised to leave it alone. A.J. almost has a panic attack, after finding out he's no longer in control of E.L.Q. Ava threatens Silas saying if he goes near Kiki she will kill him. Michael sees the headline and rushes to go and find Kiki to tell her, but she and Morgan aren't at the boathouse. A.J. looks for Sonny and confronts Connie on why she could do this to him.

  • Ep. #12868
    Ep. #12868
    Episode 89

    Kiki comes home, to find Morgan set up something special for the two of them. Alexis tells Mac she feels it's her fault that she doesn't know anything more about Sam's father other then his name. Sonny surprises Connie with dinner in return for keeping quiet about Kiki. A.J., Elizabeth and Michael toast to Alice for backing him up and keeping him in charge of E.L.Q. Silas tells Sam he checked all the other donors, and still no match for Danny. Derek tells Alexis he bumped the story of the donor for a better one. Michael opens up to Olivia about him falling for someone I shouldn't have. A.J. tells Elizabeth that he wants to spend the night with her. Kiki is thrown when Morgan gives her a wedding ring. Derek tells Connie he isn't pulling the story and congratulates her on saving her magazine. Silas is told that DNA test he ordered is ready.

  • Ep. #12867
    Ep. #12867
    Episode 88

    Monica catches Connie ransacking Ava's room and says she's calling the police. Holly asks Luke the real reason why he summoned her to come and help him. Silas asks if there's any progress on the DNA test her ordered. Tracy assures Lucy that with her 1%, and gives her a generous donation, after Scott threatens to call and tell A.J. everything. Silas tells Kiki that Franco is no longer a potential donor cause he has cancer cells in him. Derek agrees to print the story asking everyone to be tested. Tracy and Connie a birth certificate, and see that Silas Clay is listed as Kiki's father not Franco. Alexis tells Sam her father's first name is Julian. Holly and Luke discover the trace of the money and that it was picked up by Sean Donely.

  • Ep. #12866
    Ep. #12866
    Episode 87

    Ava tells Julian that Duke isn't convinced that the Jerome family is long dead and gone. Tracy leaves messages for Luke frantically thinking something happened to him. Luke goes to the bank where Jerry Jacks had the money wired too, and is told that he is deceased. Duke suggests to Anna they need to go and talk with Sonny about the Jerome's. Scott tells Lucy that Laura won't be joining them cause she went off to look for Luke. Connie tells Tracy about Kiki not being a Quartermaine, and promised Sonny she wouldn't print the story. Sam enlists Kevin to have Alexis hypnotized to remember the name of her father. Ava assures Julian they will take over Sonny's territory. Luke thanks Holly for the fake ambush so they can access the banks computer. Tracy gives Lucy a donation for her Wellness Centre in exchange for her 1% of E.L.Q. stock. Connie searches Ava's room, but is caught. Alexis remembers the name of Sam's father's name is Julian.

  • Ep. #12865
    Ep. #12865
    Episode 86

    Morgan tells Michael to prove he's happy for him by being his best man at the wedding. Carly tells Sonny that Kiki doesn't love Morgan and is hung up on Michael. Silas tells Sam that Franco is no longer a viable donor for Danny, and will explore other options. Anna tells Dante that Mayor Lomax wants an arrest in the attempt on Franco's life. Connie informs Derek that she still has a week to deliver a hot story to the newspaper. Silas finds Kiki's DNA sample and performs a test to see if Ava lied to him. Derek's mysterious partner arrives which turns out to be Ava who then calls him by his given name Julian. Connie wishes she could help Michael, but it would mean breaking her promise to Sonny. Duke tells Anna about his concerns about Ava possibly being a member of the family that killed their unborn child.

  • Ep. #12864
    Ep. #12864
    Episode 85

    Morgan lies to Kiki when says his nightmare about her calling off the wedding. Alexis and Molly try to calm Sam down who is frustrated she hasn't heard anything yet. Silas tells Rafe if there's something going on between him and Molly. Olivia steps in when she sees Derek scolding Maxie for listening in on his private phone conversation. Carly tells Michael that Morgan isn't going to be happy married to someone that doesn't love him. T.J. tells Shawn that him and Molly might be getting back together. Sonny tells Connie she can't print the story of Kiki not being a Quartermaine cause nobody can know. Rafe tells Molly he feels that he is a better guy for her and not T.J. Derek tells Connie that since she has no story she is officially out of a job. Silas tells Sam he checked every marker, and has the results.

  • Ep. #12863
    Ep. #12863
    Episode 84

    Connie thinks about using what she just found out to save her newspaper. Lulu asks Maxie how the lamaze class went with Spinelli. Felix tells Spinelli that Britt's mother is also involved in this scheme involving the baby. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt that Patrick doesn't need to know the baby isn't his. Michael tells Kiki she shouldn't be marrying Morgan if she doesn't love him. Sabrina tells Patrick if Britt has ever mentioned her mother to him at some point. Derek asks Connie just how is she going to bring up circulation on the Port Charles press. Spinelli agrees to work with Felix for free to uncover the truth about Britt. Morgan pleads with Sonny who agrees not to say anything about Kiki to anyone.

  • Ep. #12862
    Ep. #12862
    Episode 83

    Dr. Obrecht warns Britt that people are secretly plotting against her and could blow up in her face. Tracy discovers from Diane that it was Alice that flipped on her and voted for A.J. giving him complete control of E.L.Q. Patrick tells Carly the surgery was a success. Sabrina tells Felix that she may have already met Britt's mother. Dr. Obrecht tells that she needs to smarten up or else she will never get Patrick. Carly sits with Franco who and is stunned when he suddenly opens his eyes. Tracy vows to win the company back from A.J. Patrick tells Sam that Franco might have cancer cells, which could prevent him from donating his bone marrow to Danny. Britt has an argument with her mother, and admits that Patrick won't love her even though the child she's carrying isn't his. Connie overhears Morgan admit to Sonny that Kiki is not a Quartermaine.

  • Ep. #12861
    Ep. #12861
    Episode 82

    A.J. asks Elizabeth why the early visit and asks what's going on. Britt and Nikolas have an intimate chat. Carly goes to Sonny asking him to stop Morgan and Kiki's wedding. Silas talks with Kiki saying there was a mistake in her records, but Ava steps in telling her that she is needed at a meeting. Tracy gloats while she waves Franco's proxy in A.J.'s face. Alice slips to Silas who finds out that Kiki is older then Ava said she was, and Silas instructs Morgan to tell her the truth. Felix steps in after Michael leaves asking if the baby Britt is carrying is Patrick's, Brad says the person to tell is Britt's mother. Connie tells Sonny that she may lose her magazine. Diane tells Tracy that the votes are tallied and A.J. remains in control of E.L.Q. Carly sees that Patrick is coming out of surgery. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt that her life is about to go up in smoke.

  • Ep. #12860
    Ep. #12860
    Episode 81

    Taylor takes Britt out for breakfast, and says that T.J. says they just want to be friends. Ava admits to Tracy she did stage a takeover coup, but failed and formed a different plan. Felix tells Michael the only way to get Brad to open up is for him to be seduced by him. Carly makes it clear to Morgan that he'll marry Kiki over her dead body. T.J. asks Molly to give their relationship another chance. Britt thinks Brad being set up and tries to figure out who. Silas tells Sam he was unable to stop Franco from already being rushed into surgery. Sam breaks down while praying for a miracle, and is consoled by Silas. Elizabeth tries to warn Nikolas about Britt and being around her could mean trouble, and accuses her of being jealous. Carly confronts Ava about her true motives and vows to find out whatever she's hiding.

  • Ep. #12859
    Ep. #12859
    Episode 80

    Michael tells Kiki his congratulations to her and Morgan and when will the wedding take place. Laura tells Scott she is going to find Luke cause he is dying. Patrick tells Sabrina he has to perform a life or death surgery on Franco. Morgan tells Ava it won't be long before Silas figures out Kiki's real age. Diane thinks of a strategy after learning about Franco's brain tumor. Patrick explains to Franco that the surgery he has to perform can kill him. Scott lets out his frustration when Laura leaves. Carly finds out about Morgan and Kiki getting married. Ava manages to get Franco into signing his proxy over to her. Felix goes to Michael saying that he needs his help. Brad tells Sam that Franco is a perfect match for Danny

  • Ep. #12858
    Ep. #12858
    Episode 79

    Carly tells Franco saying Danny needs to go to the hospital. Alexis and Nikolas discover Danny missing from his room. Monica assures Sam that if Franco does think he's Jason then he won't hurt her son. Rafe tells Molly he has an idea to figure out all the people Alexis knew who's name begins with a "J". Taylor asks someone to buy her a drink, but T.J. informs the guy that she is underage. Tracy tells Laura that Helena poisoned Luke, and he went off to find someone he believes has the cure. Elizabeth calls Carly's phone and tells Dante that Franco is at the bridge. Nikolas asks Alexis to think back to the bar, to see if she can remember anything else. Franco pulls the gun onto himself and Carly tries to talk him down, not before Sam, Silas and Dante arrive. Rafe brings Molly to the Floating Rib, but after seeing T.J. and Taylor together to go somewhere else.

  • Ep. #12857
    Ep. #12857
    Episode 78

    Laura discovers that Luke has some kind of metal poisoning, and went off to die alone. Kiki asks Morgan if this marriage proposal has anything to do with Michael. Monica confronts Tracy saying she knows the truth about the medical files being that of Luke's and not hers. Michael has his date with Penny, but begins seeing Kiki everywhere. "Jason" brings Danny to the bridge and has a hallucination of Elizabeth getting taken by Franco which leads to her getting killed. Silas insist on taking Sam to the hospital to get herself checked out. Morgan tells Ava he proposed to Kiki, and to do her of the deal by covering up her paternity. A.J. calls Michael telling him about Kiki and Morgan's engagement, he continues his date with Penny . Carly arrives and sees Franco but calls him Jason.

  • Ep. #12856
    Ep. #12856
    Episode 77

    Morgan continues to press Ava for the truth about Silas being Kiki's father not Franco. Felix gives Michael some friendly advice. Carly tells Patrick it's obvious that Franco is only pretending that he's Jason. Lesley tells Monica she wants the results to determine Luke's condition. Silas is told by a nurse that Sam had a feeling where Danny went. Sam tells Franco he is not her husband. A.J. tells Kiki they need to discuss things about her and Michael. Ava takes out Kiki's birth certificate which has Silas listed as the father. Michael tells Felix he got Brad to back off of him, cause he knows he and Britt are keeping a secret. Morgan finds Kiki and proposes marriage to her. Carly and Silas come across Sam on the floor.

  • Ep. #12855
    Ep. #12855
    Episode 76

    Morgan tells Michael in order to put aside their differences, he needs to tell him about Kiki. Monica asks Tracy about her medical records that suddenly went missing. Silas asks Kiki if she's Ava's daughter and who her father is. Franco comes for Danny, saying he is taking him home where he belongs. Elizabeth tells Carly about Franco telling everyone that he's Jason. Sam goes to see Danny, but finds that he's missing from his room. Scott comes out and asks Laura if she still has feelings for Luke. Michael tells Morgan about the kiss he shared with Kiki. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Franco's scans showed he has a brain tumor. Monica catches Lesley looking at confidential files on the computer Morgan confronts Ava for lying to Silas cause he is Kiki's father not Franco. Sam goes home to find Franco dressed up in Jason's clothes.

  • Ep. #12854
    Ep. #12854
    Episode 75

    Silas believes Franco is lying when he claims he is Jason Morgan. Elizabeth overhears and learns that Nikolas accompanied Britt to lamaze class, and asks what is she doing. A.J. tells Michael he thinks that Ava is gonna make a play for E.L.Q. Dante confronts Sonny over lying to him, causing Olivia getting her heartbroken. Molly attempts to tell Sam about her father, but Brad shows up with the results from her bone marrow screenings, and says no one matched. Michael tells A.J. he was caught kissing Kiki and blackmailed by the lab tech. Connie tells Olivia she knows something went on between her and Sonny. Brad tells Britt that Michael knows everything. Silas begins to think after Kiki tells him that she is Ava's daughter. Sonny tells Morgan he is doing anything he can to protect him from Franco. Franco pays a visit to Danny.

  • Ep. #12853
    Ep. #12853
    Episode 74

    Patrick tells Sabrina he is going to be her birthing coach. Ava tells Carly if she really wants to know her secret all she has to do is ask. Olivia has a terrifying vision of Maxie stabbing Lulu, she calls Dante asking him to come home. A.J. comforts Elizabeth as she remembers the death of her grandfather Steve. Silas offers to help Epiphany in getting a sample from him to be tested. Dante turns Maxie over to Spinelli to attend the lamaze class. Franco starts to seize before telling Silas that he and Ava share a child. Nikolas discovers that Patrick is the father Britt was telling him about, and offers to take Patrick's place. Carly and A.J. discuss their suspicions of Ava and what she's hiding.

  • Ep. #12852
    Ep. #12852
    Episode 73

    Olivia explains to Sonny that him being with Connie is how it's supposed to be. Spinelli visits Ava's art gallery saying he's "representing" Dr. Silas Clay, her assistant figures out his ploy and asks him to leave. Ava stops Silas from going into see Franco, he suspects that she is hiding something. Maxie is about to tell Dante and Lulu the truth but is interrupted by Olivia's arrival who says that Connie and Sonny are back together again. Molly offers to help Rafe contact his father using a ouija board, asking if he knows who Sam's father is. Simone informs Ava that Spinelli was just here asking questions about her and Silas. Alexis tells Sam the reason she didn't tell her who her father is cause she doesn't know herself.

  • Ep. #12851
    Ep. #12851
    Episode 72

    Lulu tells Dante that Maxie suggested the name Georgie for their daughter. Silas tells Sam after examining Danny he needs to go to the hospital right away. Georgie expresses her concern for Maxie in the choices she's made as of late. Ava visits Franco after learning he was admitted to the hospital. Spinelli asks Ellie after her declaration that if she changed her mind about having children. Olivia steps in saying it's not true and and isn't with Sonny, and for him to admit his feelings for Connie. Franco tells Ava that Sonny got someone to beat him up. Georgie whispers into Spinelli's to be prepared when the truth about his baby comes out. Sam tells Alexis the one person yet to be tested and that being her father.

  • Ep. #12850
    Ep. #12850
    Episode 71

    Kiki asks who could've done this to her father, Morgan then realizes it was Sonny. Shawn tells T.J. that her and Alexis have broken up cause of the work he does for Sonny. Molly tells Rafe that Silas is officially working at the hospital. Sam brings Silas to see Heather, but she is startled after she sees him. Maxie tells Lulu she has to tell her something, but is interrupted by Connie who wants their help getting back with Sonny. Heather refuses to be tested, but Silas makes an arrangement with her. Olivia knows that Sonny had someone beat up Franco. Rafe and Molly notice that Danny is seriously burning up. Dante questions Franco as to who beat him up, but they both keep quiet. Maxie is shocked when she gets a visit from Georgie.

  • Ep. #12849
    Ep. #12849
    Episode 70

    Silas tells Sam the reason he is all up in her face is cause he ran into someone he hasn't seen in years. Alexis tells Sonny that if Shawn kills Franco then Danny will die. Britt apologizes to Patrick and Sabrina for Emma's doll being destroyed on the bbq at the picnic. Lucy tells Laura that Nikolas has agreed to be an investor in Deception. Brad starts to tell Morgan what he just saw, but Michael stops before he can say anymore. Sabrina and Patrick begin to question Britt's health. Ava reveals to Tracy a past hidden relationship she had with someone. Morgan gives Kiki a present, and lies as to how he got the money to get it. Laura expresses to Scott her concern for Luke and that he could be very sick. Michael turns the tables on Brad, and threatens to expose his secret with Britt to Monica.

  • Ep. #12848
    Ep. #12848
    Episode 69

    Carly hires Spinelli to find whatever information he can find on Ava Jerome cause she wants to know the reason she and Franco are back together. Sam tells Alexis that Silas is now Danny's doctor at the hospital. Sonny goes and issues a warning to Franco not to hurt anyone that he loves. Morgan tells Franco that Sam's son is sick and he could be dying. Duke offers to help Anna in her search who tried to kill Franco. Alexis reveals to Sam she and Shawn ended their relationship. Silas agrees to go with Ava but soon realizes that it was a mistake and leaves. Michael is blackmailed by Brad, but says to go ahead and tell that he kissed Kiki. Alexis walks in and sees Shawn beating Franco up.

  • Ep. #12847
    Ep. #12847
    Episode 68

    Sam has a fantasy of receiving bad news from Silas, after being tested to see if she's a match. Kiki has an unsettling dream of being in bed with Michael. Ellie wakes up after having a nightmare of Spinelli knowing she lied to him about knowing Maxie is carrying his baby. Lulu tells Dante she feels after having a nightmare that someone is gonna take their baby. Connie calls Olivia asking if Sonny is taking proper care of her, she tells Sonny she just lied to her cousin. Morgan confides in Ava, who then helps to keep him and Kiki together.Sam runs into Silas and says he is working at General Hospital and is now Danny's oncologist. Michael tells Kiki they need to keep their distance away from each other. Dante and Lulu go through possible baby names. Ava is surprised when she runs into Silas.

  • Ep. #12846
    Ep. #12846
    Episode 67

    Shawn is about to tell Sonny that he is quitting. Sonny asks Shawn what he was gonna say before they were interrupted by Milo's resignation. A.J. sets up a bbq to celebrate the 4th of July with Elizabeth and Aiden. Michael begins to untie Kiki, thinking Morgan just up and left her like this. Patrick tells Britt she is not welcome and is she's making Emma really uncomfortable. Alexis tells Nikolas she is celebrating that at this minute Shawn will no longer work for Sonny. Morgan accuses Michael of having the hots for Kiki, but says he's here because Danny is sick and needs a bone marrow donor. Emma brings Britt her doll to hold, but an accident causes it to get ruined. Alexis tells Shawn that she can't live with him being a hitman. Sonny and Olivia share a kiss while the fireworks continue. Max tells Milo he respects his decision and will support him.

  • Ep. #12845
    Ep. #12845
    Episode 66

    Morgan brings Kiki to the boathouse and surprises her with her own bedroom. T.J. tells Shawn he won't be coming with him cause he and Molly have broken up yet again. Felix can't believe the tests were inconclusive that Patrick is the father, Taylor then thinks they both owe her an apology. Sonny brings Olivia to his place, but she thinks it's a mistake. Lucy calls Milo asking if he can reconsider her business proposal. Mac and Felicia give Emma a present but say she doesn't a baby doll. Alexis asks Michael to get himself test, and to go and for Kiki as well. Molly tells Rafe the only reason he slept with Taylor, is cause he saw them kissing. Britt decides to crash Patrick's 4th of July picnic at the park. Milo tells Lucy he would to take the job she offered him. Taylor takes Britt's advice and goes to lean on T.J. Michael goes to ask Kiki, but finds her tied to a bed.

  • Ep. #12844
    Ep. #12844
    Episode 65

    Franco tells Ava he knows that she was the other shooter. Olivia tells Connie she made other arrangements to stay with Sonny while she recovers. Tracy hides the letter, telling Lulu and Laura that Luke has already taken off. Elizabeth tells A.J. that she has made mistakes to, and there's nothing to forgive. Laura asks Tracy if the test results were actually Luke's instead of hers. Nikolas passes on Lucy asking to him be apart of the relaunch of Deception. Carly asks Sonny if he would've killed her if Olivia did die. Lucy thinks Milo is perfect to headline the new wellness center. Ava tells Franco it will all be good in the end by convincing Kiki of their reconciliation. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she and A.J. are back together.

  • Ep. #12843
    Ep. #12843
    Episode 64

    Luke tells Tracy there's no way that she will be accompanying him. Elizabeth opens up a bouquet of roses seeing there an another apology from A.J. Carly makes it clear to Franco that someone else tried to kill him, cause it wasn't her. Michael asks A.J.'s help to keep him away from Kiki altogether, the only way to is to send him out of the country. Lulu apologizes to Nikolas cause her refusing to consumate the marriage with Stavros, which led to him getting shot. Alexis tells Shawn the only thing he can do to make things right is to quit working for Sonny, but he wants her to do the same. Morgan tells Kiki that Carly is determined to get him out of the Quartermaine mansion once and for all. Tracy comes back to find a letter from Luke explaining why he had to take off without her, she hears a knock at the door and sees it's Lulu and Laura.

  • Ep. #12842
    Ep. #12842
    Episode 63

    Sonny swears to Olivia up and down he had nothing to do with with her shooting. Carly demands that Morgan leave the Quartermaine house for good. Molly is left speechless when Taylor says she and T.J. slept together. Luke collapses and is discovered by Tracy insisting he go to General Hospital right away. Kiki is shocked when Franco says that he and Ava are getting back together again. T.J. tells Shawn he is over the moon that he and Molly are back together again. Alexis and Rafe each offer to get themselves tested to see if she is a match for Danny. Lulu sees Luke is about leave town, but asks him to be back from wherever in time there for the birth of the baby. Rafe comforts Molly when she comes home crying. Sonny wants Dante to go out and find the person that did shoot Olivia.

  • Ep. #12841
    Ep. #12841
    Episode 62

    Anna happily accepts Luke's request to help him in finding the cure. Lulu asks Maxie if something happened between her and Spinelli. Molly talks with T.J. after learning from Shawn that he went to check on her because of Danny. Britt informs all the conspirators to hand over the paternity test results. After ripping up the test results, Patrick says it proves that the baby isn't his. Silas tells Sam that Danny isn't out of the woods yet, and he may need a bone marrow transplant from a living relative in order to survive. Anna discovers that Jerry Jacks' poisoning is the same as Luke's, he thinks if he finds Jerry he will locate the cure. Molly and T.J. agree to give their relationship another try, after Taylor admits she slept with T.J. Ellie reveals to Patrick that he is indeed the father of Britt's baby. Britt gets a text from her mother saying she told her everything was going to be alright.

  • Ep. #12840
    Ep. #12840
    Episode 61

    Lulu tells Dante she is looking for stuff to buy for the baby. Felix graciously tells Britt that Patrick and Sabrina spent the night together. Luke continues to watch the DVD from Helena. Duke shares with Anna his suspicions of Ava being a member of the infamous Jerome crime family. Spinelli sees that Maxie is starting to get attached to the baby she's carrying. Ellie tells Tracy she knows what kind of toxin is in Luke. Patrick tells Sabrina that today they'll find out whether or not Britt is lying to him. Mac and Felicia each ask Duke and Anne to their best man/maid of honor. Laura tells Lucy she has a different vision of what Deception will be all about. Felix calls Sabrina to get to the hospital before Britt does. Luke goes to Anna looking for help. Patrick tells Britt she's too late cause he has the results right here.

  • Ep. #12839
    Ep. #12839
    Episode 60

    Tracy asks Luke to take it easy after what Dr. Beckett had just told him. Ava asks Franco who does he think tried to kill him. Alexis talks to Nikolas about her issue with Shawn, her feeling that he took over as Sonny's enforcer. Olivia tells Connie, that when she woke up she can see she still cares for Sonny. A.J. tries to explain the recording to Elizabeth, but she doesn't want to hear it. Luke receives a gift basket with DVD, seeing it's a message from Helena saying she put the toxin inside his body. Shawn tells Sonny that there's new evidence that exonerates both him and Carly. Nikolas tells Alexis that Elizabeth knows that A.J. cheated on her with A.J. Elizabeth figures out that it was Carly who was upstairs in his room the night she came over. Helena gives Luke an opportunity to reverse the effects of the poison if he can figure it out.

  • Ep. #12838
    Ep. #12838
    Episode 59

    Carly and Shawn are shocked when Dante tells them the bullet recovered from Olivia didn't match the ones found in the rifle. Kiki makes it clear to Michael that they can never be together. Franco catches Morgan who is eavesdropping on him and Ava's conversation. Luke is told by Dr. Beckett there is nothing wrong with his liver, but says something else was found and is destroying his body . Nikolas admits to Elizabeth that he planned on using A.J. confession in order to break them up. Shawn finds the bullet and relieves Carly that they weren't involved in Olivia getting shot. Lucy has business proposal for Laura to revive her company Deception. Ava and Franco come to terms on an agreement, while she looks back at trying to shoot him.

  • Ep. #12837
    Ep. #12837
    Episode 58

    Dante sees that the weapon used to shoot Olivia was found. Michael tears into Morgan on why he stole his credit card and maxed, Kiki is mad that he was gambling again. Elizabeth asks Nikolas to accept her wishes and respect her relationship with A.J. Franco delights in reading that the E.L.Q stock going downhill. Duke tells A.J. to look at Ava as the kind of person she really is. Alexis wants Sonny to be honest about him asking Shawn to take out Franco. Dante insists on being in the interrogation room with Anna, while she questions Carly. Ava tells Franco she knows he tainted both relishes, and cause she has proof. Cameron fixes Nikolas' phone and Elizabeth hears the recording of A.J.'s confession of sleeping with Carly. Morgan overhears a conversation between Franco and Ava.

  • Ep. #12836
    Ep. #12836
    Episode 57

    Michael goes for a run to get his mind of kissing his cousin Lauren. Molly is thrilled that Silas is letting Rafe stay with Sam. Sonny asks Anna if she has come to arrest him for the shooting, Dante says he's the one that called her to figure out who shot Olivia. Silas tells Sam it was because of her he is letting Rafe stay in Port Charles. Michael tells Carly that Kiki is a Quartermaine and she and Morgan are living at the mansion.Duke asks Ava if she is related to the Jerome crime family. Dante tells Anna he believes that Carly is involved with his mother getting hurt. Sonny and Connie see that Olivia is waking up. Silas tells Sam there's a better way to treat Danny's leukemia. Shawn tells Carly he had to tell Alexis the truth, and is going to turn himself in. Michael goes to confront Morgan, but gets an eyeful when finding Kiki in the boathouse.

  • Ep. #12835
    Ep. #12835
    Episode 56

    Silas arrives early to take Rafe, before he can have a farewell breakfast, and Lucy is livid. T.J. can't get his mind off of seeing Molly kissing Rafe. Ellie and Spinelli search the lab for the file that Brad has on Britt. Luke tells Tracy he is going to see his doctor to look at his test results. Felix scolds Taylor asking her what she was doing being out all night. T.J. tells Shawn that he and Taylor had sex last night. Britt offers Taylor some relationship advice. Sabrina lobbies for Patrick to take a DNA test. Brad arrives seeing Ellie fell into his trap and says she is fired, but Spinelli steps in saying he will expose the secret he and Dr. Westbourne are keeping. Ellie assures Patrick that she will handle the paternity test results personally, and will know soon. Molly is thrilled that Rafe is back cause Silas changed his mind. Sam is surprised to see Silas at the hospital.

  • Ep. #12834
    Ep. #12834
    Episode 55

    Shawn asks Alexis if she is going to turn him in to the police. Michael is shocked to find out that Kiki is actually her cousin Lauren Frank. Sonny cautions Carly that if Olivia dies then so does she. Lulu tells Olivia that if she wakes up she will apologize to her for that day at the airport when she didn't remember her. Taylor and T.J. starts to heat things up after they spy on Molly and Rafe. Morgan is shocked that Michael was raped while he was in prison, that he confided in Kiki and not his own brother. Molly tells Rafe that she still has feelings for T.J. Dante tells Sonny where exactly did he go the other day after visiting with Olivia. Kiki and Michael agree there was no kiss and to forget the whole thing.

  • Ep. #12833
    Ep. #12833
    Episode 54

    Rafe brings Molly to the park, cause he says cause as of tomorrow he will be living with his uncle in another city and will never see her again. Morgan is shocked that Kiki is indeed a Quartermaine, and even more that she and Michael can't be together. A.J. and Tracy battle it out for control over E.L.Q. and they each try to get Franco to vote their way. Shawn confesses to speechless Alexis that he fired the shot that was intended for Franco, which hit Olivia instead. Michael and Kiki stop themselves from kissing saying she can't do this to Morgan. Molly decides to make tonight the most of it with Rafe with what time they have left together. Franco introduces himself to Morgan after finding he is Kiki's boyfriend. Taylor and T.J. witness a kiss between Rafe and Molly.

  • Ep. #12832
    Ep. #12832
    Episode 53

    Tracy comes across Luke and catches him drinking. Franco shows up at the mansion, but Alice refuses to let him in. T.J. tells Shawn that the prom has been cancelled due to the shooting at the Metro Court last night. A.J. persuades Michael to talk with Lauren to to get to vote with him and not Tracy. Franco tells Kiki he wants to start their bonding with a hug. Molly goes to call Rafe, not before he arrives to pick her up. Tracy sees that Luke is avoiding going to see his test results. Morgan uses Michael's credit card to further his online poker game. Alexis tells Rafe that the judge granted Silas guardianship, and will have to leave Port Charles. T.J. breaks the news to Taylor that the prom is off, not before making her brother Felix do what she wants yet again. Alexis confronts Shawn saying she knows he is the one who tried to kill Franco. Morgan realizes that Alice brought him to the Quartermaine's. Michael consoles Kiki after she had a run in with her father.

  • Ep. #12831
    Ep. #12831
    Episode 52

    Sam stops Silas from looking at Danny's medical test results. Dante sits by Olivia's bedside and asks her to open her eyes. Anna tells Sonny they want to discuss why he targeted Franco. Carly is confronted by Shawn asking why he used him the way she did, and won't be long before everyone knows the truth. Sonny tells Anna he didn't order anyone to kill Franco, and would like to see Olivia. Silas tries to prepare Sam for the inevitable. Patrick assures Sabrina that Emma was safe in Anna's suite when the whole thing went down. Alexis comes to a startling realization about Shawn after talking with Franco. Sonny goes after Carly and threatens her, Lulu overhears their argument. Anna questions Shawn on his whereabouts. Patrick confirms to Sam that Danny does have leukemia.

  • Ep. #12830
    Ep. #12830
    Episode 51

    Anna shows Dante the shell casing she found under one of the chairs and will find out who the shooter is. Molly sees as Taylor and T.J. get all cozy and takes off after Taylor spots her. Patrick learns that Sabrina has had sex before, and she said it was with the same boyfriend she had. Connie overhears Sonny telling Olivia to fight cause she has a son and a reason to live. Franco still suggests to Carly that she had arranged for him to get killed tonight. Sonny lashes out at Shawn and says he wants answers from Carly after finding out she told Shawn he put the hit on Franco back on. Molly tells Alexis that Rafe thinks of her more then just a friend. Patrick and Sabrina make love for the first time. Alexis tells Shawn she knows he lied to her about supposedly talking to T.J. Anna tells Sonny that Franco was the intended target not Olivia.

  • Ep. #12829
    Ep. #12829
    Episode 50

    Sabrina accompanies Patrick to his home at the end of their date. Shawn is horrified that Olivia got hit instead of Franco. A.J. visits Elizabeth, she tells him Danny was brought into the hospital and it must be hard thinking of when Jake was brought in. Anna tells Duke that Robin wanted Patrick to be happy. Anna tells Duke to look after Emma while is called to a crime scene. Nikolas tells A.J. he knows that he slept with Carly. Dante is horrified to learn after arriving with Anna that Olivia was shot. Patrick asks Sabrina to spend the night with him, but says if he is sure since it's the house he shared with Robin. Maxie comes over and has dinner with Lulu. Alexis tells Shawn what kind of job he did for Sonny tonight. Anna finds a shell casing in the room the shooter used. Franco tells Carly he knows she arranged the shooting tonight.

  • Ep. #12828
    Ep. #12828
    Episode 49

    Laura returns home from honeymoon in Hawaii after getting a message that Lulu got her memory back. Carly shows Franco the thing he sent her, and wants reassurance he won't come after her or anyone else. Olivia and Connie watch as Patrick and Sabrina have their date at the Metro Court. Alexis tells Shawn that Sam is with Danny and will know soon if he in fact has leukemia. Britt admits to Felix that it's cause of her mother that she is the way she is. Carly calls Shawn telling him that the hit on Franco is back on. Sabrina gives Patrick several idea to prove that Britt is carrying is his. Shawn takes aim of Franco while on the terrace with Carly. Felix informs Britt that he plans to expose her deception. Olivia has a vision of seeing Sonny with a bloody shirt and goes to rescue him thinking Franco is going to have him killed, a shot is suddenly fired.

  • Ep. #12827
    Ep. #12827
    Episode 48

    Brad tells Britt he has no recollection of the conversation they had this morning. Sam tells Elizabeth that Danny is going to have a bone marrow biopsy. Morgan suggests to Kiki they live with her relatives. Ellie tells Spinelli about a file she found with Britt's name on it, which could prove she gave Brad her promotion. Tracy asks Ava if Franco is right and she is just using her. Sabrina tells Britt that Felix is going to stay here while she goes out on a date with Patrick. Spinelli finds out that Danny is seriously ill. A.J. and Tracy fight over Kiki suggesting she move into the mansion with her boyfriend. Shawn arrives at the hospital to be there for Alexis. Ellie returns to the lab hoping to find that file in the desk drawer, but is stopped by Brad. Carly ignores Sonny saying to leave Franco alone for now, goes and confronts him.

  • Ep. #12826
    Ep. #12826
    Episode 47

    Shawn's aim is interrupted by Olivia and Connie's arrival. Morgan walks in thinking Sonny and Carly are plotting to kill someone. Luke refuses to deal with his recent health issues. A.J. tells Monica he can't believe how calm Michael can be after what he went through. Patrick tells Sam that the signs are pointing to Danny having leukemia. Olivia makes it clear to Franco to stay away from Dante and Lulu. Ava encounters Luke drinking alone at the Metro Court bar. Franco visits telling Tracy, Monica and A.J. he comes in peace. Michael and Starr almost kiss, but Morgan arrives asking what is going on. Patrick tells Sam he wants to do a biopsy on Danny to know for sure. Luke gets a call saying his test results are in. Shawn reports to Sonny he couldn't get a clear shot since he was at the Quartermaine mansion.

  • Ep. #12825
    Ep. #12825
    Episode 46

    Silas approaches Patrick about Danny's test results. Shawn prepares to take out Franco as per Sonny's instructions. Diane explains to Franco that the judge has a list of charges filed against him. Molly, Alexis and Spinelli surprise Sam with a birthday party for Danny. Ellie calls Spinelli telling she is swamped in the lab, cause Brad abandoned her. Sabrina tells Felix that Britt staying is only temporary until they get the goods on her. Sam tells Alexis about Silas's claim that Danny has cancer. Patrick has an altercation with Silas, instructing him to get out or he'll have him thrown out. Sabrina asks Felix what does Taylor have over him, after giving her money. Ellie discovers a hidden medical with Britt's name on it hidden in a drawer. Spinelli answers the phone and disguises his voice when Britt calls it. Patrick tells Sam they need to talk in private regarding her son. Shawn points a gun at Franco after being released.

  • Ep. #12824
    Ep. #12824
    Episode 45

    Sabrina looking after Britt begins begins taking it's toll on her. Olivia is thrilled to learn that Lulu has regained her memory. Molly tells Rafe she is going to make sure he doesn't leave Port Charles with his uncle. Felix looks after his visiting sister Taylor, who takes a liking to T.J. Sabrina tells Felix her plan to prove that Britt is in fact faking her current condition. Sam brings Danny to the hospital asking Patrick if there's something wrong with her son. Rafe rips up the prom tickets as Molly rushes to go talk to T.J. Lulu remembered that Franco was the one that rented the Haunted Star last night. Taylor introduces herself to Molly as T.J.'s date for the prom. Patrick arrives telling Sabrina he is taking her for a long awaited night on the town. Silas tells Sam that what Danny has is far more serious then just a rash, cause it's cancer.

  • Ep. #12823
    Ep. #12823
    Episode 44

    Carly asks Sonny to go ahead and kill Franco. Sam tells Alexis that Franco showed footage, and that he never actually raped her. A.J. asks Michael why he never told him about what happened to him in prison. Kiki is angered and tells Morgan to cut Michael some slack after mocking behind his back. Franco asks Ava how their daughter Lauren is, and he knows about the family she comes from. Alexis is shocked to learn that Diane tries to prove to the judge that Sam is indeed an unfit mother. Monica tells Tracy she just got news that Michael was raped while he was at Pentonville. Franco offers Diane a deal to get him out and he'll give her whatever she wants. Silas informs Sam that there's something wrong with Danny.

  • Ep. #12822
    Ep. #12822
    Episode 43

    A.J. tells Monica he found out last night that Michael was raped in Pentonville. Dante wakes up to find Lulu gone, but returns hoping to surprise him with breakfast. Tracy sees that she was right to be concerned about Luke trying to escape. Kiki is shocked when Michael confides in her about an intimate detail about him, she promises not to tell Morgan. Milo goes to Anna cause Lulu has didn't come back to his place last night. Carly goes to visit Franco in jail saying they have unfinished business. Ava is stunned at A.J.'s admission that Franco is still alive. Lulu gives Luke the good news and asks why he's in the hospital. Sonny learns from Anna that Carly went down to see Franco. Lulu tells Milo she got her memory back and her place is with Dante. Franco comes face to face with Ava.

  • Ep. #12821
    Ep. #12821
    Episode 42

    Tracy is told by the doctor that it's possible that Luke could be suffering from liver damage. Michael tells A.J. the whole sordid story of what Carter did to him while in prison. Dante tells Lulu she did the right thing by not sleeping with Stavros. Franco shows more footage assuring Michael of the entire attack. Lulu's memories all come flooding back which thrills Dante which leads to a romantic reunion. Nikolas asks Alexis what should he do with the proof that A.J. cheated on Elizabeth. Tracy tells Luke she advises he doesn't leave without getting medical care. Franco admits to lying about having information on Jason, Sam decides not to kill him thinking prison will be more suitable for him.

  • Ep. #12820
    Ep. #12820
    Episode 41

    Franco reveals to everyone he's alive, and possible that Jason may have cheated death as well. Ava reveals to Kiki that her father has ties to Port Charles, and is entitled to shares in a company called E.L.Q. Lulu tells Dante that she voluntarily married Stavros, and did it to keep her family safe, also no choice but to consumate. Tracy has Luke rushed to the hospital. Franco plays additional footage apologizing for making her think that he had raped her. Kiki goes ballistic after realizing her mother knew all along about her additional family, and says she just lost her. Carly lets something slip and A.J. demands to know what Franco did to Michael.

  • Ep. #12819
    Ep. #12819
    Episode 40

    The Man visits the Quartermaine mausoleum as a start starts to brew, and looks at Jason's plaque, but hides when A.J. shows up. Michael sees that Carly was also invited to the mysterious party at the Haunted Star. Ava tells Kiki that she has important business hence the reason she's in Port Charles. Tracy tells Luke to get out cause their last conversation didn't go so well. Sonny tells Dante he spoke to Milo and Lulu won't be staying at his place anymore. Sam shows a picture of Jason and asks if he's the one who is throwing the party at the Haunted Star. A.J. shows Monica the text message he received. Dante steps in and stops Carly from laying into Lulu. Lulu has another flash and then takes off after it freaks her out. Ava starts to explain to Kiki about who she really is. Morgan fights temptation after getting info on a new poker website. Sonny assures Sam that whoever is doing this will answer to him. Lulu tells Dante she remembered her wedding to Stavros. Tracy is startled when she sees Luke passed out on the floor. The Man reveals himself to his waiting guests.

  • Ep. #12818
    Ep. #12818
    Episode 39

    Kiki catches Michael going through her purse. Tracy tells A.J. that somebody else could tell Elizabeth about his affair with Carly. Dante hopes that Kevin can help with Lulu's memory flashes. Carly goes and tells Sonny that Kiki is in town and is staying with Morgan. Lulu considers sharing her memory flashbacks with Dante. Tracy tells A.J. that Ava is an associate of hers, and it being none of his business. Michael makes it clear to Morgan that he doesn't trust Kiki one bit. Dante tells Olivia that maybe something happened to Lulu that's keeping her from remembering. Lulu tells Kevin her flashbacks have her believing she may have married Stavros. The Man sends out mysterious invitations via text message with a picture of Jason.

  • Ep. #12817
    Ep. #12817
    Episode 38

    Ellie is shocked that Brad was appointed lab manager, when she was promised the position by Britt. Alexis tells Rafe that Silas has every right to see him, The Man lingers outside and is almost discovered. Tracy offers to give Nikolas proof that A.J. cheated on Elizabeth with Carly in exchange for money to pay off Ava Jerome. Duke reveals info to A.J. he found out that someone tainted both relishes on purpose. Patrick tells Sabrina he's beginning to have second thoughts about having Britt come live with him. The Man lets himself into Sam's place and takes a picture of Jason and plays a DVD. Patrick tells Britt she'll be going home with Sabrina instead of him. Alexis tells Silas the best thing he can do is leave town and not come back. Spinelli tells Maxie he knows the truth about her miscarriage. Nikolas tells Elizabeth there's something she must know.

  • Ep. #12816
    Ep. #12816
    Episode 37

    Lucy sets out on a new business venture, by having people tour all of Stephen Clay's horrific actions. Michael begins to regret having Kiki stay with him and Morgan. Dante hopes that a session with Kevin will bring her back to him. Rafe tells Sam and Alexis that he doesn't want to see Silas ever again. A.J. tells Tracy that he didn't make the statement about his relish being bad and isn't going to. Elizabeth tells Carly she has the feeling she wants to tell her something. Carly tells Morgan if he's sure he can trust Kiki. Ava makes a proposal to Tracy about Lauren's 6% shares of E.L.Q. stock and what they're worth. Sam stops Lucy from staking Silas saying he is Stephen's brother. The Man goes over his guest list for the party. Dante tells Lulu there's probably a reason why she can't remember their life together. Silas gives Sam a piece of paper saying he's taking Rafe off her hands.

  • Ep. #12815
    Ep. #12815
    Episode 36

    Silas shows up at Sam's place, but she slams the door in his face. Dante runs into Milo asking him he wants her to come back to his place where she belongs. Alexis is surprised that Molly is taking Rafe to the prom, and she and T.J. broke up. Sonny is grateful for Olivia cause her quick thinking lead him and Shawn to Morgan. The Man tells Lulu he wants to rent the Haunted Star for a big party he's throwing to reintroduce himself to those he left behind. Morgan tells Kiki not to stay in a hotel, and to crash here with him and Michael. Rafe tells Silas he's not his nephew and that Stephen was never his father. Alexis is irate telling Shawn that T.J. does not belong to Molly whatsoever. Sonny scolds Milo for shacking up with his daughter in law. Silas tells Sam he is not giving up on Rafe. The Man goes to the Crimson offices and retrieves a disc hidden behind a picture.

  • Ep. #12814
    Ep. #12814
    Episode 35

    Lesley steps up and admits that she can marry Scott and Laura. The man goes and sees Heather saying they need to discuss Sam. Carly abruptly lays into Morgan for causing so much trouble, and learns his so called girlfriend was mixed up in all this. Sam shows Spinelli a picture someone that resembles Stephen Clay, but doesn't want to tell Rafe he has other family that doesn't care. Tracy learns the reason that Luke kissed her is cause Laura is getting married. Ava has a reaction after hearing from Kiki that Morgan lives in Port Charles, and persuades her to fight for him. Lulu has a brief flashback and tells Dante that's nothing and wants to go back to Milo's. Heather tells The Man she will help him with Sam. Tracy tells Luke she never had a true soul mate. Kiki arrives at Michael's place and finds Morgan. Sam receives a visit from someone. Lulu h as a run in with The Man at the Haunted Star.

  • Ep. #12813
    Ep. #12813
    Episode 34

    Lesley gives Laura her blessing in marrying Scott, but warns him to not hurt her daughter. Tracy grabs the phone from A.J. telling him to own up his end of the bargain by vindicating Pickle-Eddie. A man on a airplane discusses to another passenger about what happened on The Chew, he then notices that he looks really familiar. A.J. calls Tracy's bluff by going to confess what he did to Elizabeth. Luke tells Mac he doesn't want to be reminded of him killing Jake. Dante hopes to spark Lulu's memory by recreating their first kiss. Mac presents Felicia with her own engagement ring. Nikolas assures Lesley that A.J.'s relationship with A.J. won't last. Scott tells Laura apparently they won't be getting married after all.

  • Ep. #12812
    Ep. #12812
    Episode 33

    Milo comforts Lulu who has a nightmare thinking it might be a memory of Stavros abducting her. Scott tells Lucy he has a job for her to get Mayor Lomax to the courthouse cause he is finally marrying Laura. Luke tells Dante that he brought the Haunted Star back to port himself after the WSB released it. Nikolas asks Laura if she wants to have the ceremony at Wyndemere. Kevin returns to find Lucy in the arms of Scott. Lesley is surprised that Laura is marrying Scott Baldwin of all people. Dante brings Lulu to the place where they shared their first kiss. Scott cautions Luke to not even think about stopping his wedding. Lucy asks Kevin what's so special about his patient back in Seattle.

  • Ep. #12811
    Ep. #12811
    Episode 32

    Tracy threatens to expose A.J. if he doesn't reveal that it was his relish that made everybody sick. The gamers accuse Kiki and Morgan of cheating to wipe them out. T.J. tells Molly that he came to tell her he trusts her, and now that he was right not to after seeing her and Rafe. The man finally gives Sonny the address where Morgan is, after being threatened to be shot by Olivia. Sam fills Silas on what Stephen has done to her, and informs him of his nephew, and shows no feeling at all. T.J. is livid when Molly agreed to go to the prom with Rafe. A.J. steps in stopping Tracy from telling Elizabeth about him and Carly, by saying it was his relish that was tainted. Sonny saves Morgan, and saying whatever he had with Kiki is over, and to come home with him.

  • Ep. #12810
    Ep. #12810
    Episode 31

    Felix offers T.J. some advice. The mystery man watches from the green room as everyone gets sick from both relishes. Michael is introduced to Kiki, Morgan's girlfriend. Sam tells a doctor that looks like Stephen Clay to stay away from her or she'll call the police. Rafe opens up to Molly about him being in love with her. Sonny tells Shawn he's gonna make sure that Morgan has a better life, by bringing down whoever is doing this to him. Molly agrees to Rafe's suggestion to give T.J. another chance. Michael sees through Kiki and her plans to take Morgan for everything. Tracy overhears and learns that A.J. slept with Carly behind Elizabeth's back. The doctor tells Sam that Stephen is his brother Mark. T.J. goes to see Molly and sees her and Rafe in an embrace. The man makes a call saying he's heading to Port Charles.

  • Ep. #12809
    Ep. #12809
    Episode 30

    Michael finds Morgan badly beaten on the floor, asking how he is going to pay off his debts. Nikolas assures A.J. that Tracy won't ruin his spotlight on The Chew. Felix tells Sabrina he is certain that Britt and Brad are in cahoots and needs her help to prove it. Emma balks to Patrick cause she thought there wasn't going to be a baby. One of the henchmen catches up with Tracy in the lobby of the hotel. Sonny attempts to get more information on Morgan. Olivia texts Sonny there's trouble at Crimson. Michael tells Carly that he took Morgan to the hospital. Britt tells Patrick that Sabrina's apology makes her think that something is up. Tracy and A.J.'s relish is tasted by the panel, but they get sick as he is about to announce the winner. Sonny and Shawn arrive telling the men not to make a move. Sam runs into a doctor who looks familiar to her. Patrick tells Sabrina that Britt is going to be moving in with him. Michael goes in search of Morgan and meets a young girl instead. Someone shows up at the studio and is responsible for what went down.

  • Ep. #12808
    Ep. #12808
    Episode 29

    Sam finds Rafe with a black eye, and asks him if T.J. did this to him. Nikolas tells Tracy he's not going on The Chew and neither is she, cause Elizabeth is important to him. Michael tells Morgan to come home so they can figure this whole thing out together. A.J. learns from the producer that Pickle-Lila will be in competition on the show today with Tracy's relish. Anna and Duke share another close moment. T.J. deletes the texts he sent luring Rafe to Kelly's before returning her phone to Molly. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that A.J. is obviously lying about something. Carly and Sam finds out Morgan is talking with Michael and they rush to find him. Molly lashes at T.J. for punching Rafe and says she won't be going to the prom with him. Tracy sees an opportunity to get away when the guards are mysteriously knocked out. Two men arrive and have Morgan beaten up.

  • Ep. #12807
    Ep. #12807
    Episode 28

    A.J. tells Elizabeth he discovered Tracy is also staying at this hotel. Spinelli lashes at Luke for him sending him on a wild goose chase. Ava assures Morgan that her visitor last night had nothing to do with him, he was after her daughter. Michael tells Carly he will have a location on the woman who Morgan is with. Elizabeth confronts Nikolas telling him to back off of A.J. Olivia offers her insight in locating Morgan. Woodrow manages to discover who Morgan was communicating with on the gambling site. A.J. is irate after Tracy beat him to the E.L.Q., causing him to have a panic attack, telling Spinelli to get Elizabeth. Ava tells Morgan to stay at her place while she goes away on business. Tracy comes to get Nikolas ready for the show, but he says he can't do it. Michael receives a call from Morgan.

  • Ep. #12806
    Ep. #12806
    Episode 27

    Luke comes across a woman, who reveals is Ava Jerome and had a daughter with Franco. Tracy and Nikolas arrive in New York and tells him she can't wait t rub A.J.'s nose in her victory tomorrow. Sonny tells Carly and Michael that Travis said that Morgan could be with some girl. Spinelli tells Lauren that the person who hired him is her uncle, and informs her of her birthright as a Quartermaine. Tracy is told by Nikolas that A.J. and Olivia are staying at the same hotel. Sam hears another noise while at the church with Danny, and asks Alexis if she was watching them before. Olivia offers her support to Sonny as he tries to locate Morgan. Michael tells A.J. he can't come cause his brother is still missing. Elizabeth finds Nikolas in her room, and asks what he's doing here. A.J. accuses Tracy of following her and won't ruin his opportunity when he goes on The Chew. A mysterious person appears after Alexis and Sam leave. Lauren admits to Spinelli that she lied saying Luke Spencer paid her off. Ava tells her guest to come out and it turns out to be Morgan.

  • Ep. #12805
    Ep. #12805
    Episode 26

    Molly solves a puzzle and it says an invitation from T.J. to go to the prom with him. Ellie fantasizes what would happen if she told Spinelli the truth about Maxie's baby, so she says that Maxie got implanted with another embryo. Lucy asks Scott that maybe Kevin can help with Lulu by putting her under hypnosis. Rafe tells Sam he made a stupid move admits that he loves Molly. Laura and Luke discuss their relationship. Dante asks Lulu while after having another flash if she remembers something, but she said it was nothing. T.J. texts Rafe using Molly's phone, when he arrives he punches him. Laura tells Scott, she said goodbye to Luke and is finally ready to set a wedding date. Ellie tells Maxie she won't tell Spinelli the truth and her secret is safe with her. Spinelli and Luke go to two different locations hoping to find Lauren Frank. Sam has a feeling that she is being watched while lighting a candle for Jason.

  • Ep. #12804
    Ep. #12804
    Episode 25

    Patrick asks Sabrina what she is doing yelling at Britt like that, she says she is faking. A.J. asks Elizabeth to come with him to New York as he and Michael display the new Pickle-Lila on The Chew. Maxie asks Ellie if she is going to tell Spinelli or keep her mouth shut. Luke tells Tracy that Lauren Frank is in New York. Dante tells Maxie he almost made some progress and feels something will improve if she saw her. Lulu has a momentary flashback when Nikolas visits her. Patrick tells Britt that he results show a condition which could jeopardize her and the baby. Maxie invites Lulu to her doctor's appointment hoping she will remember more. Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie had a miscarriage. Nikolas tells Tracy to change the reservations at a different hotel. Britt pays off a lab tech for a job well done, and will get that promotion.

  • Ep. #12803
    Ep. #12803
    Episode 24

    Sonny and Shawn enter Morgan's dorm room, and encounters his roommate Travis holding a gun. A.J. rushes to find Carly cause they accidentally swapped phones last night. Tracy tells Nikolas that Duke booked the Pickle-Lila recipe on The Chew, Nikolas has an idea to get them on the show instead. Olivia gets more information about Morgan from from Johnny. Felix tells Sabrina that Britt never intended on having the abortion and it was all an act. Johnny asks Olivia if there's anything going on with her and Sonny now that Steve and Connie are out of the picture. Nikolas tells Tracy he was unable to get A.J. off the show, but got them on together. A.J. invites Elizabeth to come to New York with him. Patrick overhears Sabrina confront Britt of her faking her morning sickness.

  • Ep. #12802
    Ep. #12802
    Episode 23

    Monica tells Elizabeth she can't go up to see A.J. Maxie stops Ellie from telling Spinelli about the baby. Nikolas tells Laura that Elizabeth was here but left after he kissed her. Carly comes back and warns A.J. that Elizabeth is here and is coming upstairs. Dante follows Lulu to the Floating Rib, and mentions the time when they first met. Maxie tells Ellie to hear her out with what she has to say before telling Spinelli the truth. Monica goes to confront the woman in A.J.'s room, and discovers that it's Carly. Elizabeth tells A.J. she overreacted about his confrontation with Nikolas and wants to give them another chance. Lulu has a brief memory flash while with Dante. Max comes back to find Milo gone knowing he went to find Lulu.

  • Ep. #12801
    Ep. #12801
    Episode 22

    Milo quickly pulls away from Lulu after she starts kissing him, Dante then comes knocking on the door. Ellie comes out and tells Maxie about her miscarriage, and reveals she read her medical file. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she can't do this thing with him again. Spinelli visits Betsy Frank and says that Franco barely spoke of her daughter. Carly and A.J. regret after making love to one another. Lulu is angered at Dante's actions towards Milo. Maxie confession to Ellie has her realizing the baby she's carrying is Spinelli's, Maxie stops Ellie from calling him. A.J. stops Monica from entering his room, and she realizes he has company and assumes it's Elizabeth. Dante tells Lulu if she prefers to stay with Milo then he will too. After Spinelli leaves Betsy tells Lauren to come out. Monica realizes Elizabeth isn't the one upstairs after she comes to the mansion.

  • Ep. #12800
    Ep. #12800
    Episode 21

    Maxie asks Ellie what she's looking at on her laptop, she covers by saying she is skyping with Spinelli. Carly overhears A.J. leave a heartfelt message for Elizabeth. Connie goes and tells Sonny that Morgan is in danger, he then tries to get in contact with his son. Dante goes to Max asking if he knows anything about the person that Lulu went home with. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he isn't going anywhere until he knows that Lulu is okay. Milo tells Lulu that she is going to have to face Dante at some point. Carly asks A.J. what he's afraid of after learning he has panic attacks. Sonny tells Dante that Morgan maybe in trouble. Nikolas answers Elizabeth's phone, A.J. is livid and pours himself a drink. Max goes and tells Dante that Lulu is with Milo at his place. Ellie opens Maxie's medical file and learns she had a miscarriage. Nikolas tells Elizabeth he never got over her and kisses her, the same happens with Carly and A.J.

  • Ep. #12799
    Ep. #12799
    Episode 20

    Johnny tells Connie that he wants to protect Carly not get back with her. T.J. shares his good news to Shawn and asks for money Sam expresses her concern to Alexis about Rafe. Emma asks Sabrina what she's doing here instead of out on a date with her father. Sonny tells Olivia he wants to forget his birthday cause last year Connie made him believe she slept with Johnny. Patrick asks Britt if she is having this abortion because of her. Johnny tells Connie he just found out that Morgan is addicted to online gambling and is in deep. Rafe surprises Molly by planting a kiss on her, and pushes him away and refers to him as a friend only. A.J. has another panic attack while getting into it with Sonny. Patrick tells Sabrina that Britt has decided to keep the baby. Britt reveals to the nurse she wasn't planning on having the procedure in the first place.

  • Ep. #12798
    Ep. #12798
    Episode 19

    Britt tells Patrick she would like him to go to the clinic with her, and enjoys that he has to cancel his date with Sabrina. Carly does not accept a phone call from Johnny. Duke surprises Anna and asks her to join him for dinner. Ellie tells Maxie she is certain that she is hiding something and isn't about Britt's baby. Felix has Carly have a table set up for Sabrina and Patrick for their date. Johnny tells Connie he needs to see her and it's very important. Carly gives Sabrina some hopeful guidance on her past relationship experience. Ellie manipulates Spinelli in order to get back into the hospital computer, she then copies Maxie's file on a flash drive. Johnny tells Carly that somebody's life could be in danger.

  • Ep. #12797
    Ep. #12797
    Episode 18

    Elizabeth tears into A.J. for telling Nikolas to stay away from her. Patrick asks Britt if she really wants to have an abortion. Lulu hears someone coming and ends up hitting Max on the head. Tracy offers to Nikolas that he be her partner in Pickle-Tracy. Dante tells Milo that someone took Lulu home and took advantage of her. Max is beside himself thinking Milo slept with Lulu, but she says that nothing happened and she asked him to hide her. Sabrina tells Patrick he will have to explain to Emma about what Britt is going to do. Nikolas considers being a part of Tracy's venture, when it means sticking it to A.J. Max gives Milo an earful, but says he was just helping a friend. Maxie confronts Ellie knowing what she tried to do. Britt goes to Patrick telling she can't go through with the abortion.

  • Ep. #12796
    Ep. #12796
    Episode 17

    Felicia is delighted when she comes across a ring in some peanuts, thinking Mac left it there for her. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that A.J. pretty much threatened him the other day. Maxie comes by to see Lulu and Dante tells her that she has gone missing. Mac turns down Tracy's pitch to distribute her relish at the Floating Rob. Spinelli tells Ellie goodbye as he prepares to leave town to locate Lauren Frank. Lulu sees the ring on her finger is missing and asks Milo to get it for her. A.J. offers Shawn a cut of the profits in return to giving him the secret ingredient he uses in his sandwich. Maxie recognizes the ring Felicia is holding and says it's Lulu's. Tracy insists to Elizabeth that she go and give A.J. a piece of her mind, while she talks with Nikolas. Ellie searches in the computer to look at Maxie's patient file.

  • Ep. #12795
    Ep. #12795
    Episode 16

    Michael tells Carly that Brenda revealed to him that nothing happened between them. Dante brings Lulu to the hospital, but she doesn't recognize Patrick or anyone else, Laura asks Patrick to help her. Brenda tells Sonny that she lied so she can stick it to Carly for making her life miserable. Milo tells Sabrina he wants a clean slate between them. Lulu tells Dante she doesn't want him the room with her, when Patrick examines her. Connie assures Milo that she is both her and Kate. Laura breaks the news to Nikolas that Stavros is dead and she killed him. Scott and Luke exchange some heated words and reveals that he was in bed with Laura. Sabrina tells Felix that she is going to find Patrick and ask him out right now. Laura tells everyone that Lulu is missing from the hospital.

  • Ep. #12794
    Ep. #12794
    Episode 15

    Brenda reveals to Michael that they never had sex, and she wanted Carly to find them together. Luke tells Laura that the doctors hope to figure out what Stavros did to Lulu. Ellie enlists Spinelli to help her investigate the truth about Maxie's secret. Connie offers Maxie her old job back at Crimson. Lulu is startled when Dante tells her about their baby. A.J. tells Carly that Brenda is with Michael. Olivia welcomes Lulu home and tells her she has no idea who she is. Sonny runs in Brenda who is on her way out of town.

  • Ep. #12793
    Ep. #12793
    Episode 14

    Carly tells Sonny why he wouldn't Brenda dead after taking advantage of Michael. Elizabeth tells Nikolas the good news that Lulu is coming home. Olivia lays into Connie for walking away from Sonny after he stuck by her through everything. Sam tells Alexis she can handle Rafe coming to live with him and Danny. Brenda is distraught after Michael reveals some intimate details to Sonny asking how he reacted. A.J. tells Nikolas he needs to get a few things straight concerning Elizabeth. Sam brings Rafe back to her place officially welcoming him to his new home.

  • Ep. #12792
    Ep. #12792
    Episode 13

    Lucy tells Rafe she is petitioning the court to be his guardian, also her and Kevin will be living in Port Charles. Maxie accuses Ellie of spying on her at the hospital. Olivia tells Sonny she heard from Dante and he, Luke and Laura are bringing Lulu home. Carly sees that Kate reclaiming his office, and finds out she and Sonny aren't together anymore. Michael has an idea to A.J. to make their own version of Pickle-Lila, and has a run in with Brenda at Kelly's. Ellie overhears Britt tell Maxie her pregnancy has nothing to do with her secret. Sam is called as a character witness on Lucy's behalf. Spinelli tells A.J. he needs to talk with Franco's mother. Lucy is denied guardianship of Rafe, she then suggests that he live with Sam. Carly is shocked that Sonny knows the sordid details of Michael and Brenda.

  • Ep. #12791
    Ep. #12791
    Episode 12

    Britt tells Patrick she is gonna have an abortion. Spinelli goes to see Heather wanting her help in locating Lauren Frank. Kate asks Sonny when he saw her at the door just now, who was he expecting to see her or Connie. Lulu says she's not going anywhere with them cause she doesn't know them. Sabrina and Felix talk about her relationship with Patrick. Lulu makes a shocking announcement to Dante that he isn't her husband cause Stavros is. A.J. tells Tracy that Spinelli is at this very moment finding Quartermaine heir. Connie tells Sonny she is integrated and to stay away from him. Dr. Kelly Curtis goes into see Nikolas and asks him some questions, Epiphany then steps in saying she's a reporter not a doctor. Tracy gives in and hands over the reigns of E.L.Q. to A.J and is starting her own company. Luke asks Lulu for them to take her home where she'll be safe.

  • Ep. #12790
    Ep. #12790
    Episode 11

    Laura and Luke celebrate in the downfall of Stavros, as Dante continues to hold Lulu in his arms. A.J. and Carly go to talk with Michael only to discover he didn't come home. Bobbie tells Scott he will always have a soft spot for Laura. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt she needs to get back to her patients, and for her to continue with Patrick. Michael tells Sonny he slept with Brenda after Starr broke up with him. Patrick tells Sabrina they need to discuss Britt as well as the baby she's carrying. Noah tells Patrick not to let Britt ruin his and Sabrina's relationship. Felix tells Sabrina he feels that Britt got pregnant on purpose. Dante feels a pulse, Laura then revives Lulu who doesn't recognize her family. Dr. Obrecht runs into Patrick at the airport, saying she was moved by Robin's tribute. Sonny hopes to confront Brenda, but is surprised when Kate shows up. Bobbie finds out that Noah is going to work at her hospital. Britt tells Patrick she has decided not to have this baby.

  • Ep. #12789
    Ep. #12789
    Episode 10

    Anna tells Olivia that a body fitting Dante's description was thrown overboard of the Haunted Star. Laura demands that Stavros tell her what he has done to Lulu. Nikolas tells Alexis to explain to Anna that the lab is located underneath the main house on Cassadine Island. Monica is overjoyed about A.J. and Elizabeth's relationship, and wondering where it's headed. Mac tells Maxie that he and Felicia are getting married this time. Luke knocks out Stavros and Dante uses his finger to open to door to rescue Lulu. Anna gives Sonny and Olivia good news that Dante is alive. A.J. sees Elizabeth and Nikolas in an embrace. Laura lowers the temperature trapping Stavros in the freezer.

  • Ep. #12788
    Ep. #12788
    Episode 9

    Luke and Laura are shocked to see Stavros alive. Olivia has a hallucination of seeing Dante there alone, and tells Sonny he said he failed Lulu. Michael tells A.J. that after Starr broke up with him, he found himself with Brenda. Nikolas tells Alexis he confronted Helena and knew something wasn't right, and found out Stavros was alive. Two guards break up a fight between Carly and Brenda in the lobby of the Metro Court. Luke puts a knife to Stavros' throat, Laura says he is the only one who knows where Lulu is. Michael tells A.J. how is he gonna tell Sonny he slept with the love of his life. Stavros admits to having Nikolas shot to keep from revealing his presence and preserving. Dante gets inside the laboratory and after finding Helena laying on a table, he sees Lulu in the freezer.

  • Ep. #12787
    Ep. #12787
    Episode 8

    Anna tells Felicia and Mac there's still no word on Lulu, Luke, Dante and Laura. Carly finds Michael in Brenda's bed, but she says it's no what it looks like. Luke wakes up to find Laura beside him and asks her if she knows where they're at. Scott tells Bobbie he never should've let Laura go off on another adventure with Luke. Anna congratulates on Mac and Felicia on their engagement, and if she and Duke are back together. Laura tells Luke after looking out the window they're on Cassadine Island and who would bring them here. A.J. tells Duke that E.L.Q's assets are going to be unfrozen and back up and running again. Nikolas wakes up telling Alexis and Elizabeth that Lulu is in danger and it's not Helena that's behind it, Stavros is. Luke and Laura discover that Stavros has Lulu

  • Ep. #12786
    Ep. #12786
    Episode 7

    Britt's announcement about her being pregnant with Patrick's baby shocks everyone, as Dr. Obrecht watches from the suite with delight. Ellie confronts Maxie about what she overheard her and Frisco discussing and offers to help her. Lucy resumes the Nurse's Ball with Olivia and Max doing a pyschic skit. Britt asks Patrick if he can walk away from his own child. Molly sings a song she and T.J. wrote together. Epiphany along with Monica and Tracy perform "Jump For My Love". Dr. Obrecht tells Britt that she promises Patrick will come to her. Ellie tells Spinelli that it's possible that Britt knows something more about Maxie's pregnancy. Michael gets a call from Starr and is heartbroken that she won't be coming home to Port Charles after all.

  • Ep. #12785
    Ep. #12785
    Episode 6

    Felicia turns down Frisco's marriage proposal saying Mac is the person for her. Richard Simmons returns causes trouble for Lucy's hosting duties. Britt tells her mother that maybe they should just call their whole plan off. Duke asks Anna to dance with him on stage since Lucy is M.I.A. Patrick asks Emma if she would feel right about him dating Sabrina. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt that after tonight everybody is gonna be talking about her and their surprise. Milo does a "Magic Mike" routine with others, but Lucy and Richard's fight interrupts them. Felicia tells Mac that she wants to marry him this time forever. Noah performs "Jessie's Girl" as Rick Springfield. Sabrina and Emma do a duet singing "Call Me Maybe". Dr. Obrecht looks at a picture of Britt's father which is Faison saying their daughter will make them proud. Patrick honors Robin, by having a tribute, Britt steps in saying everyone will be interested in what she has to say.

  • Ep. #12784
    Ep. #12784
    Episode 5

    Lucy takes the stage thanking the people for reviving the Ball. Brenda tells Carly that Jax called off the wedding and it's all cause of her. Patrick tells Sabrina he has feelings for her as well. Noah tells Anna he is certain on making an incredible performance. The nurses of GH opening the ceremonies with a song by Molly and T.J. Carly and Brenda get into it and she wants her out of her hotel. Anton persuades Sam to be his dance partner, when his partner got injured. Mac turns his ventriloquist act into a bashing against Frisco. Lucy is visited by someone. Frisco performs and surprises Felicia when he proposes marriage to her.

  • Ep. #12783
    Ep. #12783
    Episode 4

    Kevin tells Lucy he won't be attending the ball cause he needs to go to Seattle to deal with a patient. Jax tells Brenda that Carly told him she is probably already talking with Sonny. Olivia asks Anna if she's heard anything about Lulu and Dante. Sabrina wonders if the message from Patrick got deleted from her phone somehow. Felicia tells Anna that she admitted her feelings for Frisco as well as Mac. Noah tells Patrick to go and tell Sabrina his feelings towards her. Mac tells Duke that Felicia needs to make a decision about who she wants. Felix offers to help Sabrina by giving her a makeover. Brenda reveals to Jax she did ask Sonny for another chance, he says it was a mistake getting involved with her again and walks out. Patrick is stunned when he sees Sabrina looking beautiful.

  • Ep. #12782
    Ep. #12782
    Episode 3

    Carly asks Jax why would he even consider getting involved with Brenda once again. Milo tells T.J. he took his advice, but did something a little underhanded. Helena tells Laura to kill Ethan or Lulu dies, she refuses and is then told to kill Luke instead. Sonny tells Brenda after hearing her news that she should leave. Patrick tells Elizabeth he called Sabrina leaving a message wanting to talk, but hasn't heard back from her. Lucy tells Molly she loves the lyrics she has for the opening number. Luke takes aim shooting killing Helena and her men. Jax tells Michael of his engagement to Brenda. Lucy tells Sam to fill in for Elizabeth by dancing with Anton. Luke hears reinforcements coming and explains to Ethan they can't find him on the ship. Elizabeth tells Sabrina why she hadn't returned any of Patrick's messages. Jax realizes that Brenda went to go see Sonny.

  • Ep. #12781
    Ep. #12781
    Episode 2

    Monica tells Tracy that she too can see Alan in the living room, even more when Emily shows up as well. Luke and Laura find Ethan tied. Audrey explains to Elizabeth today would've Steve's 50th anniversary at General Hospital. Brenda asks Sonny if they can be civil tomorrow when the Nurse's Ball in Robin's memory. Carly tells Jax that them still being married is a sign, but he wants them to sign the papers. Tracy asks Alan to allow Monica to let her stay in the house. The door closes locking Ethan, Luke and Laura in the state room. Rick Webber shows up asking Tracy not to drag his name into her family drama. Brenda tells Sonny if he had read her letter then it would've changed everything. Jax shocks Carly by saying he is engaged. Helena says that Laura is the one who'll be doing the shooting. Sonny is livid after hearing that Brenda is gonna be marrying Jax.

  • Ep. #12780
    Ep. #12780
    Episode 1

    A.J. goes to confront Tracy who gloats that once she has Pickle-Lila he'll be out of E.L.Q. Sonny tells Michael he is not sure who will be returning either Kate or Connie, but is certain he'll lose somebody. Dante and Luke manage to eliminate the bodyguards and approach Helena demanding where Lulu is. Bobbie gives Carly some words of wisdom. Elizabeth tells an unconscious Nikolas he could never like his grandmother. Monica tells Tracy she is throwing her out of her house, and sees Alan's spirit in the room with her. Luke and Laura go to find Lulu as Dante keeps watch on Helena. Jax arrives and surprises Carly. Elizabeth is comforted by Audrey as she leaves Nikolas's room. Sonny gets an unexpected visitor.