General Hospital

Weekdays 2:00 PM on ABC Premiered Apr 01, 1963 In Season



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  • 2015/03/27

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150327 - 3/27/15

    Tracy breaks the news to Bobbie about Patricia, but the good news she has a niece named Valerie. Shawn tells Sonny he thinks he may have been wrong about Jordan. Duke urges Julian to stay out of his way. Dante and Lulu find Valerie unconscious on the floor saying Luke was the one who hit her. Sloane arrives with a search warrant as Anna listens as Jordan talks with Duke. Alexis tells Nina she currently has no finances and she has to live with Nathan. Tracy and Bobbie arrive at the convalescent home and finds Luke in Patricia's room. Franco blackmails Olivia into giving them a room or else he'll tell Julian her secret.

  • 2015/03/26

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150326 - 3/26/15

    Scott takes the stand and says Franco was faking his condition. Peter puts the pieces together realizing Ric is committing fraud and demands more money. Nina is stunned after Alexis' admission thinking she's going to prison. Sam asks Patrick if this is the ring "Jake" was talking about before he went into surgery. Valerie admits to Luke that Patricia is still alive. Carly tells Hayden she doesn't believe she is married to "Jake" and how she can afford a lavish hotel room. Lulu and Dante investigate Valerie's apartment, and find something shocking.

  • 2015/03/25

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150325 - 3/25/15

    Ric and Hayden get nervous when "Jake" arrives at the hotel room early. Nathan tells Nina that he stopped fighting for Maxie. Carly tells Elizabeth she finds it awfully convenient that "Jake's" wife just happened to show up last night. Maxie scolds Spinelli there's no way they can be a family after his behavior last night. Franco asks Nina what she's going to do. Ric tells Molly he met the perfect woman on the dating site. "Jake" sees a problem with the proof Hayden presented to him. Alexis tells the judge Nina faked her breakdown in the courtroom. Pete approaches Ric.

  • 2015/03/24

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150324 - 3/24/15

    Elizabeth tells "Jake" she believes Hayden may not be his wife at all. Patrick has an offer for Sam for them to move in together. Hayden tells Ric everything went according to their plan. Ned asks Olivia if she's having second thoughts about keeping Julian in the dark. Tracy tells Lulu she feels that Valerie wanted them to go for some reason, and she maybe stashing somebody there. Ric gives Hayden some documents he had altered to prove the story she told. Luke asks Valerie where his sister Patricia is.

  • 2015/03/23

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150323 - 3/23/15

    "Jake" is thrown when Hayden tells him she's his wife, causing Elizabeth to ask her a few questions. Nathan tells Maxie the boxing match was all Spinelli's idea. Julian tells Kiki he's going to help her and Morgan get Avery. Ned arrives and breaks up a fight between Michael and Morgan. Silas tells Ava she has but a few months left to live. Luke quickly hides as Tracy and Lulu come in to ask Valerie further questions about Patricia. Kiki expresses her concern to Morgan their plan might have complications. Olivia makes an effort to convince Julian he's not her baby's father. Lulu and Tracy hear a noise as they're leaving Valerie's. Nathan offers to back and let Maxie be with Spinelli.

  • 2015/03/20

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150320 - 3/20/15

    Scott and Alexis give Franco and Nina some insight on their future. Lulu and Tracy arrive on Patricia's doorstep and end up meeting her daughter Valerie. Sonny agrees to train Spinelli in his fight against Nathan. Elizabeth tells "Jake" that she's wanted him for quite some time now. Dante tells Maxie of the impending fight with Spinelli and Nathan. Franco comes clean with Scott about him faking his psychosis. Silas tells Ava the chemo therapy isn't helping, only making it worse. Valerie tells Lulu and Tracy that Patricia is dead, unaware the Luke is standing behind the door holding a gun. Ava pleads with Silas to kill her. Maxie arrives as Nathan punches Spinelli.

  • 2015/03/19

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150319 - 3/19/15

    Morgan tells Kiki she just came up with an idea on how to deal with Michael. Anna tells Olivia that Duke might be collecting money via the tea box at the Metro Court. Lulu asks Maxie why didn't she tell Nathan she loves him after he said it. Michael asks Rosalie why she spent the entire night at the office. Spencer thinks Cameron deliberately set the fire on purpose. Rosalie becomes nervous when Tracy tell Michael someone is trying to take over the company. "Jake" tries to comfort Elizabeth after finding out she and Ric broke up. Spinelli suggests to Nathan they have a boxing match for Maxie's heart. Tracy tells Lulu she now knows where Luke's sister Patricia is.

  • 2015/03/18

    Full Episode

    S 2015 : Ep 20150318 - 3/18/15

    Ric gives Molly the news he and Elizabeth have broken up. Nikolas tries to cheer up Spencer who think he'll be disfigured for life. Spinelli leaves after realizing that Maxie has plans with Nathan. Cameron tells Elizabeth he feels he may have caused the fire that hurt Spencer. Sam, Patrick and Emma and Nikolas thinks it could be what Spencer needs. Carly tells "Jake" she refuses to accept him ending their friendship. Sonny gives Spinelli advice on how to fight for Maxie. Spencer learns Cameron had his hand in starting the fire that landed him in the hospital.