General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 25

Ep. #12804

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Patrick asks Sabrina what she is doing yelling at Britt like that, she says she is faking. A.J. asks Elizabeth to come with him to New York as he and Michael display the new Pickle-Lila on The Chew. Maxie asks Ellie if she is going to tell Spinelli or keep her mouth shut. Luke tells Tracy that Lauren Frank is in New York. Dante tells Maxie he almost made some progress and feels something will improve if she saw her. Lulu has a momentary flashback when Nikolas visits her. Patrick tells Britt that he results show a condition which could jeopardize her and the baby. Maxie invites Lulu to her doctor's appointment hoping she will remember more. Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie had a miscarriage. Nikolas tells Tracy to change the reservations at a different hotel. Britt pays off a lab tech for a job well done, and will get that promotion.

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