General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 26

Ep. #12805

Full Episode: Ep. #12805


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Molly solves a puzzle and it says an invitation from T.J. to go to the prom with him. Ellie fantasizes what would happen if she told Spinelli the truth about Maxie's baby, so she says that Maxie got implanted with another embryo. Lucy asks Scott that maybe Kevin can help with Lulu by putting her under hypnosis. Rafe tells Sam he made a stupid move admits that he loves Molly. Laura and Luke discuss their relationship. Dante asks Lulu while after having another flash if she remembers something, but she said it was nothing. T.J. texts Rafe using Molly's phone, when he arrives he punches him. Laura tells Scott, she said goodbye to Luke and is finally ready to set a wedding date. Ellie tells Maxie she won't tell Spinelli the truth and her secret is safe with her. Spinelli and Luke go to two different locations hoping to find Lauren Frank. Sam has a feeling that she is being watched while lighting a candle for Jason.

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