General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 27

Ep. #12806

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Luke comes across a woman, who reveals is Ava Jerome and had a daughter with Franco. Tracy and Nikolas arrive in New York and tells him she can't wait t rub A.J.'s nose in her victory tomorrow. Sonny tells Carly and Michael that Travis said that Morgan could be with some girl. Spinelli tells Lauren that the person who hired him is her uncle, and informs her of her birthright as a Quartermaine. Tracy is told by Nikolas that A.J. and Olivia are staying at the same hotel. Sam hears another noise while at the church with Danny, and asks Alexis if she was watching them before. Olivia offers her support to Sonny as he tries to locate Morgan. Michael tells A.J. he can't come cause his brother is still missing. Elizabeth finds Nikolas in her room, and asks what he's doing here. A.J. accuses Tracy of following her and won't ruin his opportunity when he goes on The Chew. A mysterious person appears after Alexis and Sam leave. Lauren admits to Spinelli that she lied saying Luke Spencer paid her off. Ava tells her guest to come out and it turns out to be Morgan.

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