General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 28

Ep. #12807

Full Episode: Ep. #12807


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A.J. tells Elizabeth he discovered Tracy is also staying at this hotel. Spinelli lashes at Luke for him sending him on a wild goose chase. Ava assures Morgan that her visitor last night had nothing to do with him, he was after her daughter. Michael tells Carly he will have a location on the woman who Morgan is with. Elizabeth confronts Nikolas telling him to back off of A.J. Olivia offers her insight in locating Morgan. Woodrow manages to discover who Morgan was communicating with on the gambling site. A.J. is irate after Tracy beat him to the E.L.Q., causing him to have a panic attack, telling Spinelli to get Elizabeth. Ava tells Morgan to stay at her place while she goes away on business. Tracy comes to get Nikolas ready for the show, but he says he can't do it. Michael receives a call from Morgan.

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