General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 29

Ep. #12808

Full Episode: Ep. #12808


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Sam finds Rafe with a black eye, and asks him if T.J. did this to him. Nikolas tells Tracy he's not going on The Chew and neither is she, cause Elizabeth is important to him. Michael tells Morgan to come home so they can figure this whole thing out together. A.J. learns from the producer that Pickle-Lila will be in competition on the show today with Tracy's relish. Anna and Duke share another close moment. T.J. deletes the texts he sent luring Rafe to Kelly's before returning her phone to Molly. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that A.J. is obviously lying about something. Carly and Sam finds out Morgan is talking with Michael and they rush to find him. Molly lashes at T.J. for punching Rafe and says she won't be going to the prom with him. Tracy sees an opportunity to get away when the guards are mysteriously knocked out. Two men arrive and have Morgan beaten up.

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