General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 30

Ep. #12809


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Michael finds Morgan badly beaten on the floor, asking how he is going to pay off his debts. Nikolas assures A.J. that Tracy won't ruin his spotlight on The Chew. Felix tells Sabrina he is certain that Britt and Brad are in cahoots and needs her help to prove it. Emma balks to Patrick cause she thought there wasn't going to be a baby. One of the henchmen catches up with Tracy in the lobby of the hotel. Sonny attempts to get more information on Morgan. Olivia texts Sonny there's trouble at Crimson. Michael tells Carly that he took Morgan to the hospital. Britt tells Patrick that Sabrina's apology makes her think that something is up. Tracy and A.J.'s relish is tasted by the panel, but they get sick as he is about to announce the winner. Sonny and Shawn arrive telling the men not to make a move. Sam runs into a doctor who looks familiar to her. Patrick tells Sabrina that Britt is going to be moving in with him. Michael goes in search of Morgan and meets a young girl instead. Someone shows up at the studio and is responsible for what went down.

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