General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 32

Ep. #12811

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Tracy threatens to expose A.J. if he doesn't reveal that it was his relish that made everybody sick. The gamers accuse Kiki and Morgan of cheating to wipe them out. T.J. tells Molly that he came to tell her he trusts her, and now that he was right not to after seeing her and Rafe. The man finally gives Sonny the address where Morgan is, after being threatened to be shot by Olivia. Sam fills Silas on what Stephen has done to her, and informs him of his nephew, and shows no feeling at all. T.J. is livid when Molly agreed to go to the prom with Rafe. A.J. steps in stopping Tracy from telling Elizabeth about him and Carly, by saying it was his relish that was tainted. Sonny saves Morgan, and saying whatever he had with Kiki is over, and to come home with him.

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