General Hospital

Season 50 Episode 247

Ep. #12777


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Luke plans to inject adrenaline into Nikolas' I.V. to get him to wake up and tell him what he knows about Lulu. Carly debuts the newly renovated Metro Court Ballroom, and which leaves Lucy speechless. Felix tells Sabrina that he is still upset over her going out with Milo. Alexis takes Shawn to her home to and is greeted by Sam, Molly and T.J. Carly applauds Michael and him participating in the Nurse's Ball. Anna tells Dante she just found out some information that can lead to Lulu. Laura slaps Luke after putting Nikolas' life at risk. Milo wants to know if Patrick has feelings for Sabrina. Carly steps in to resolve things between Felix and Sabrina. Laura catches up with Luke telling him she is going with him to find Lulu. Felix tells Milo he hopes he didn't spoil Sabrina's surprise about inviting to be her date at the Ball.

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