General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 12

Ep. #12791


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Britt tells Patrick she is gonna have an abortion. Spinelli goes to see Heather wanting her help in locating Lauren Frank. Kate asks Sonny when he saw her at the door just now, who was he expecting to see her or Connie. Lulu says she's not going anywhere with them cause she doesn't know them. Sabrina and Felix talk about her relationship with Patrick. Lulu makes a shocking announcement to Dante that he isn't her husband cause Stavros is. A.J. tells Tracy that Spinelli is at this very moment finding Quartermaine heir. Connie tells Sonny she is integrated and to stay away from him. Dr. Kelly Curtis goes into see Nikolas and asks him some questions, Epiphany then steps in saying she's a reporter not a doctor. Tracy gives in and hands over the reigns of E.L.Q. to A.J and is starting her own company. Luke asks Lulu for them to take her home where she'll be safe.

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