General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 16

Ep. #12795


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Michael tells Carly that Brenda revealed to him that nothing happened between them. Dante brings Lulu to the hospital, but she doesn't recognize Patrick or anyone else, Laura asks Patrick to help her. Brenda tells Sonny that she lied so she can stick it to Carly for making her life miserable. Milo tells Sabrina he wants a clean slate between them. Lulu tells Dante she doesn't want him the room with her, when Patrick examines her. Connie assures Milo that she is both her and Kate. Laura breaks the news to Nikolas that Stavros is dead and she killed him. Scott and Luke exchange some heated words and reveals that he was in bed with Laura. Sabrina tells Felix that she is going to find Patrick and ask him out right now. Laura tells everyone that Lulu is missing from the hospital.

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