General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 17

Ep. #12796


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Felicia is delighted when she comes across a ring in some peanuts, thinking Mac left it there for her. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that A.J. pretty much threatened him the other day. Maxie comes by to see Lulu and Dante tells her that she has gone missing. Mac turns down Tracy's pitch to distribute her relish at the Floating Rob. Spinelli tells Ellie goodbye as he prepares to leave town to locate Lauren Frank. Lulu sees the ring on her finger is missing and asks Milo to get it for her. A.J. offers Shawn a cut of the profits in return to giving him the secret ingredient he uses in his sandwich. Maxie recognizes the ring Felicia is holding and says it's Lulu's. Tracy insists to Elizabeth that she go and give A.J. a piece of her mind, while she talks with Nikolas. Ellie searches in the computer to look at Maxie's patient file.

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