General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 18

Ep. #12797


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Elizabeth tears into A.J. for telling Nikolas to stay away from her. Patrick asks Britt if she really wants to have an abortion. Lulu hears someone coming and ends up hitting Max on the head. Tracy offers to Nikolas that he be her partner in Pickle-Tracy. Dante tells Milo that someone took Lulu home and took advantage of her. Max is beside himself thinking Milo slept with Lulu, but she says that nothing happened and she asked him to hide her. Sabrina tells Patrick he will have to explain to Emma about what Britt is going to do. Nikolas considers being a part of Tracy's venture, when it means sticking it to A.J. Max gives Milo an earful, but says he was just helping a friend. Maxie confronts Ellie knowing what she tried to do. Britt goes to Patrick telling she can't go through with the abortion.

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