General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 19

Ep. #12798


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Britt tells Patrick she would like him to go to the clinic with her, and enjoys that he has to cancel his date with Sabrina. Carly does not accept a phone call from Johnny. Duke surprises Anna and asks her to join him for dinner. Ellie tells Maxie she is certain that she is hiding something and isn't about Britt's baby. Felix has Carly have a table set up for Sabrina and Patrick for their date. Johnny tells Connie he needs to see her and it's very important. Carly gives Sabrina some hopeful guidance on her past relationship experience. Ellie manipulates Spinelli in order to get back into the hospital computer, she then copies Maxie's file on a flash drive. Johnny tells Carly that somebody's life could be in danger.

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