General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 20

Ep. #12799

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Johnny tells Connie that he wants to protect Carly not get back with her. T.J. shares his good news to Shawn and asks for money Sam expresses her concern to Alexis about Rafe. Emma asks Sabrina what she's doing here instead of out on a date with her father. Sonny tells Olivia he wants to forget his birthday cause last year Connie made him believe she slept with Johnny. Patrick asks Britt if she is having this abortion because of her. Johnny tells Connie he just found out that Morgan is addicted to online gambling and is in deep. Rafe surprises Molly by planting a kiss on her, and pushes him away and refers to him as a friend only. A.J. has another panic attack while getting into it with Sonny. Patrick tells Sabrina that Britt has decided to keep the baby. Britt reveals to the nurse she wasn't planning on having the procedure in the first place.

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