General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 21

Ep. #12800

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Maxie asks Ellie what she's looking at on her laptop, she covers by saying she is skyping with Spinelli. Carly overhears A.J. leave a heartfelt message for Elizabeth. Connie goes and tells Sonny that Morgan is in danger, he then tries to get in contact with his son. Dante goes to Max asking if he knows anything about the person that Lulu went home with. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he isn't going anywhere until he knows that Lulu is okay. Milo tells Lulu that she is going to have to face Dante at some point. Carly asks A.J. what he's afraid of after learning he has panic attacks. Sonny tells Dante that Morgan maybe in trouble. Nikolas answers Elizabeth's phone, A.J. is livid and pours himself a drink. Max goes and tells Dante that Lulu is with Milo at his place. Ellie opens Maxie's medical file and learns she had a miscarriage. Nikolas tells Elizabeth he never got over her and kisses her, the same happens with Carly and A.J.

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