General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 22

Ep. #12801

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Milo quickly pulls away from Lulu after she starts kissing him, Dante then comes knocking on the door. Ellie comes out and tells Maxie about her miscarriage, and reveals she read her medical file. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she can't do this thing with him again. Spinelli visits Betsy Frank and says that Franco barely spoke of her daughter. Carly and A.J. regret after making love to one another. Lulu is angered at Dante's actions towards Milo. Maxie confession to Ellie has her realizing the baby she's carrying is Spinelli's, Maxie stops Ellie from calling him. A.J. stops Monica from entering his room, and she realizes he has company and assumes it's Elizabeth. Dante tells Lulu if she prefers to stay with Milo then he will too. After Spinelli leaves Betsy tells Lauren to come out. Monica realizes Elizabeth isn't the one upstairs after she comes to the mansion.

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