General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 24

Ep. #12803


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Sonny and Shawn enter Morgan's dorm room, and encounters his roommate Travis holding a gun. A.J. rushes to find Carly cause they accidentally swapped phones last night. Tracy tells Nikolas that Duke booked the Pickle-Lila recipe on The Chew, Nikolas has an idea to get them on the show instead. Olivia gets more information about Morgan from from Johnny. Felix tells Sabrina that Britt never intended on having the abortion and it was all an act. Johnny asks Olivia if there's anything going on with her and Sonny now that Steve and Connie are out of the picture. Nikolas tells Tracy he was unable to get A.J. off the show, but got them on together. A.J. invites Elizabeth to come to New York with him. Patrick overhears Sabrina confront Britt of her faking her morning sickness.

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