General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 31

Ep. #12810

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Felix offers T.J. some advice. The mystery man watches from the green room as everyone gets sick from both relishes. Michael is introduced to Kiki, Morgan's girlfriend. Sam tells a doctor that looks like Stephen Clay to stay away from her or she'll call the police. Rafe opens up to Molly about him being in love with her. Sonny tells Shawn he's gonna make sure that Morgan has a better life, by bringing down whoever is doing this to him. Molly agrees to Rafe's suggestion to give T.J. another chance. Michael sees through Kiki and her plans to take Morgan for everything. Tracy overhears and learns that A.J. slept with Carly behind Elizabeth's back. The doctor tells Sam that Stephen is his brother Mark. T.J. goes to see Molly and sees her and Rafe in an embrace. The man makes a call saying he's heading to Port Charles.

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