General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 35

Ep. #12814


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Lesley steps up and admits that she can marry Scott and Laura. The man goes and sees Heather saying they need to discuss Sam. Carly abruptly lays into Morgan for causing so much trouble, and learns his so called girlfriend was mixed up in all this. Sam shows Spinelli a picture someone that resembles Stephen Clay, but doesn't want to tell Rafe he has other family that doesn't care. Tracy learns the reason that Luke kissed her is cause Laura is getting married. Ava has a reaction after hearing from Kiki that Morgan lives in Port Charles, and persuades her to fight for him. Lulu has a brief flashback and tells Dante that's nothing and wants to go back to Milo's. Heather tells The Man she will help him with Sam. Tracy tells Luke she never had a true soul mate. Kiki arrives at Michael's place and finds Morgan. Sam receives a visit from someone. Lulu h as a run in with The Man at the Haunted Star.

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