General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 36

Ep. #12815

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Silas shows up at Sam's place, but she slams the door in his face. Dante runs into Milo asking him he wants her to come back to his place where she belongs. Alexis is surprised that Molly is taking Rafe to the prom, and she and T.J. broke up. Sonny is grateful for Olivia cause her quick thinking lead him and Shawn to Morgan. The Man tells Lulu he wants to rent the Haunted Star for a big party he's throwing to reintroduce himself to those he left behind. Morgan tells Kiki not to stay in a hotel, and to crash here with him and Michael. Rafe tells Silas he's not his nephew and that Stephen was never his father. Alexis is irate telling Shawn that T.J. does not belong to Molly whatsoever. Sonny scolds Milo for shacking up with his daughter in law. Silas tells Sam he is not giving up on Rafe. The Man goes to the Crimson offices and retrieves a disc hidden behind a picture.

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