General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 37

Ep. #12816


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Lucy sets out on a new business venture, by having people tour all of Stephen Clay's horrific actions. Michael begins to regret having Kiki stay with him and Morgan. Dante hopes that a session with Kevin will bring her back to him. Rafe tells Sam and Alexis that he doesn't want to see Silas ever again. A.J. tells Tracy that he didn't make the statement about his relish being bad and isn't going to. Elizabeth tells Carly she has the feeling she wants to tell her something. Carly tells Morgan if he's sure he can trust Kiki. Ava makes a proposal to Tracy about Lauren's 6% shares of E.L.Q. stock and what they're worth. Sam stops Lucy from staking Silas saying he is Stephen's brother. The Man goes over his guest list for the party. Dante tells Lulu there's probably a reason why she can't remember their life together. Silas gives Sam a piece of paper saying he's taking Rafe off her hands.

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