General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 38

Ep. #12817

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Ellie is shocked that Brad was appointed lab manager, when she was promised the position by Britt. Alexis tells Rafe that Silas has every right to see him, The Man lingers outside and is almost discovered. Tracy offers to give Nikolas proof that A.J. cheated on Elizabeth with Carly in exchange for money to pay off Ava Jerome. Duke reveals info to A.J. he found out that someone tainted both relishes on purpose. Patrick tells Sabrina he's beginning to have second thoughts about having Britt come live with him. The Man lets himself into Sam's place and takes a picture of Jason and plays a DVD. Patrick tells Britt she'll be going home with Sabrina instead of him. Alexis tells Silas the best thing he can do is leave town and not come back. Spinelli tells Maxie he knows the truth about her miscarriage. Nikolas tells Elizabeth there's something she must know.

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