General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 47

Ep. #12826


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Shawn's aim is interrupted by Olivia and Connie's arrival. Morgan walks in thinking Sonny and Carly are plotting to kill someone. Luke refuses to deal with his recent health issues. A.J. tells Monica he can't believe how calm Michael can be after what he went through. Patrick tells Sam that the signs are pointing to Danny having leukemia. Olivia makes it clear to Franco to stay away from Dante and Lulu. Ava encounters Luke drinking alone at the Metro Court bar. Franco visits telling Tracy, Monica and A.J. he comes in peace. Michael and Starr almost kiss, but Morgan arrives asking what is going on. Patrick tells Sam he wants to do a biopsy on Danny to know for sure. Luke gets a call saying his test results are in. Shawn reports to Sonny he couldn't get a clear shot since he was at the Quartermaine mansion.

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