General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 48

Ep. #12827


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Brad tells Britt he has no recollection of the conversation they had this morning. Sam tells Elizabeth that Danny is going to have a bone marrow biopsy. Morgan suggests to Kiki they live with her relatives. Ellie tells Spinelli about a file she found with Britt's name on it, which could prove she gave Brad her promotion. Tracy asks Ava if Franco is right and she is just using her. Sabrina tells Britt that Felix is going to stay here while she goes out on a date with Patrick. Spinelli finds out that Danny is seriously ill. A.J. and Tracy fight over Kiki suggesting she move into the mansion with her boyfriend. Shawn arrives at the hospital to be there for Alexis. Ellie returns to the lab hoping to find that file in the desk drawer, but is stopped by Brad. Carly ignores Sonny saying to leave Franco alone for now, goes and confronts him.

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