General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 50

Ep. #12829

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Sabrina accompanies Patrick to his home at the end of their date. Shawn is horrified that Olivia got hit instead of Franco. A.J. visits Elizabeth, she tells him Danny was brought into the hospital and it must be hard thinking of when Jake was brought in. Anna tells Duke that Robin wanted Patrick to be happy. Anna tells Duke to look after Emma while is called to a crime scene. Nikolas tells A.J. he knows that he slept with Carly. Dante is horrified to learn after arriving with Anna that Olivia was shot. Patrick asks Sabrina to spend the night with him, but says if he is sure since it's the house he shared with Robin. Maxie comes over and has dinner with Lulu. Alexis tells Shawn what kind of job he did for Sonny tonight. Anna finds a shell casing in the room the shooter used. Franco tells Carly he knows she arranged the shooting tonight.

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