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Season 51 Episode 51

Ep. #12830


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Anna shows Dante the shell casing she found under one of the chairs and will find out who the shooter is. Molly sees as Taylor and T.J. get all cozy and takes off after Taylor spots her. Patrick learns that Sabrina has had sex before, and she said it was with the same boyfriend she had. Connie overhears Sonny telling Olivia to fight cause she has a son and a reason to live. Franco still suggests to Carly that she had arranged for him to get killed tonight. Sonny lashes out at Shawn and says he wants answers from Carly after finding out she told Shawn he put the hit on Franco back on. Molly tells Alexis that Rafe thinks of her more then just a friend. Patrick and Sabrina make love for the first time. Alexis tells Shawn she knows he lied to her about supposedly talking to T.J. Anna tells Sonny that Franco was the intended target not Olivia.

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