General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 52

Ep. #12831

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Sam stops Silas from looking at Danny's medical test results. Dante sits by Olivia's bedside and asks her to open her eyes. Anna tells Sonny they want to discuss why he targeted Franco. Carly is confronted by Shawn asking why he used him the way she did, and won't be long before everyone knows the truth. Sonny tells Anna he didn't order anyone to kill Franco, and would like to see Olivia. Silas tries to prepare Sam for the inevitable. Patrick assures Sabrina that Emma was safe in Anna's suite when the whole thing went down. Alexis comes to a startling realization about Shawn after talking with Franco. Sonny goes after Carly and threatens her, Lulu overhears their argument. Anna questions Shawn on his whereabouts. Patrick confirms to Sam that Danny does have leukemia.

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