General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 53

Ep. #12832


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Tracy comes across Luke and catches him drinking. Franco shows up at the mansion, but Alice refuses to let him in. T.J. tells Shawn that the prom has been cancelled due to the shooting at the Metro Court last night. A.J. persuades Michael to talk with Lauren to to get to vote with him and not Tracy. Franco tells Kiki he wants to start their bonding with a hug. Molly goes to call Rafe, not before he arrives to pick her up. Tracy sees that Luke is avoiding going to see his test results. Morgan uses Michael's credit card to further his online poker game. Alexis tells Rafe that the judge granted Silas guardianship, and will have to leave Port Charles. T.J. breaks the news to Taylor that the prom is off, not before making her brother Felix do what she wants yet again. Alexis confronts Shawn saying she knows he is the one who tried to kill Franco. Morgan realizes that Alice brought him to the Quartermaine's. Michael consoles Kiki after she had a run in with her father.

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