General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 55

Ep. #12834

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Shawn asks Alexis if she is going to turn him in to the police. Michael is shocked to find out that Kiki is actually her cousin Lauren Frank. Sonny cautions Carly that if Olivia dies then so does she. Lulu tells Olivia that if she wakes up she will apologize to her for that day at the airport when she didn't remember her. Taylor and T.J. starts to heat things up after they spy on Molly and Rafe. Morgan is shocked that Michael was raped while he was in prison, that he confided in Kiki and not his own brother. Molly tells Rafe that she still has feelings for T.J. Dante tells Sonny where exactly did he go the other day after visiting with Olivia. Kiki and Michael agree there was no kiss and to forget the whole thing.

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