General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 56

Ep. #12835

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Silas arrives early to take Rafe, before he can have a farewell breakfast, and Lucy is livid. T.J. can't get his mind off of seeing Molly kissing Rafe. Ellie and Spinelli search the lab for the file that Brad has on Britt. Luke tells Tracy he is going to see his doctor to look at his test results. Felix scolds Taylor asking her what she was doing being out all night. T.J. tells Shawn that he and Taylor had sex last night. Britt offers Taylor some relationship advice. Sabrina lobbies for Patrick to take a DNA test. Brad arrives seeing Ellie fell into his trap and says she is fired, but Spinelli steps in saying he will expose the secret he and Dr. Westbourne are keeping. Ellie assures Patrick that she will handle the paternity test results personally, and will know soon. Molly is thrilled that Rafe is back cause Silas changed his mind. Sam is surprised to see Silas at the hospital.

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