General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 57

Ep. #12836

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Michael goes for a run to get his mind of kissing his cousin Lauren. Molly is thrilled that Silas is letting Rafe stay with Sam. Sonny asks Anna if she has come to arrest him for the shooting, Dante says he's the one that called her to figure out who shot Olivia. Silas tells Sam it was because of her he is letting Rafe stay in Port Charles. Michael tells Carly that Kiki is a Quartermaine and she and Morgan are living at the mansion.Duke asks Ava if she is related to the Jerome crime family. Dante tells Anna he believes that Carly is involved with his mother getting hurt. Sonny and Connie see that Olivia is waking up. Silas tells Sam there's a better way to treat Danny's leukemia. Shawn tells Carly he had to tell Alexis the truth, and is going to turn himself in. Michael goes to confront Morgan, but gets an eyeful when finding Kiki in the boathouse.

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