General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 60

Ep. #12839


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Tracy asks Luke to take it easy after what Dr. Beckett had just told him. Ava asks Franco who does he think tried to kill him. Alexis talks to Nikolas about her issue with Shawn, her feeling that he took over as Sonny's enforcer. Olivia tells Connie, that when she woke up she can see she still cares for Sonny. A.J. tries to explain the recording to Elizabeth, but she doesn't want to hear it. Luke receives a gift basket with DVD, seeing it's a message from Helena saying she put the toxin inside his body. Shawn tells Sonny that there's new evidence that exonerates both him and Carly. Nikolas tells Alexis that Elizabeth knows that A.J. cheated on her with A.J. Elizabeth figures out that it was Carly who was upstairs in his room the night she came over. Helena gives Luke an opportunity to reverse the effects of the poison if he can figure it out.

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