General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 61

Ep. #12840


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Lulu tells Dante she is looking for stuff to buy for the baby. Felix graciously tells Britt that Patrick and Sabrina spent the night together. Luke continues to watch the DVD from Helena. Duke shares with Anna his suspicions of Ava being a member of the infamous Jerome crime family. Spinelli sees that Maxie is starting to get attached to the baby she's carrying. Ellie tells Tracy she knows what kind of toxin is in Luke. Patrick tells Sabrina that today they'll find out whether or not Britt is lying to him. Mac and Felicia each ask Duke and Anne to their best man/maid of honor. Laura tells Lucy she has a different vision of what Deception will be all about. Felix calls Sabrina to get to the hospital before Britt does. Luke goes to Anna looking for help. Patrick tells Britt she's too late cause he has the results right here.

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