General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 63

Ep. #12842


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Sonny swears to Olivia up and down he had nothing to do with with her shooting. Carly demands that Morgan leave the Quartermaine house for good. Molly is left speechless when Taylor says she and T.J. slept together. Luke collapses and is discovered by Tracy insisting he go to General Hospital right away. Kiki is shocked when Franco says that he and Ava are getting back together again. T.J. tells Shawn he is over the moon that he and Molly are back together again. Alexis and Rafe each offer to get themselves tested to see if she is a match for Danny. Lulu sees Luke is about leave town, but asks him to be back from wherever in time there for the birth of the baby. Rafe comforts Molly when she comes home crying. Sonny wants Dante to go out and find the person that did shoot Olivia.

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