General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 64

Ep. #12843


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Luke tells Tracy there's no way that she will be accompanying him. Elizabeth opens up a bouquet of roses seeing there an another apology from A.J. Carly makes it clear to Franco that someone else tried to kill him, cause it wasn't her. Michael asks A.J.'s help to keep him away from Kiki altogether, the only way to is to send him out of the country. Lulu apologizes to Nikolas cause her refusing to consumate the marriage with Stavros, which led to him getting shot. Alexis tells Shawn the only thing he can do to make things right is to quit working for Sonny, but he wants her to do the same. Morgan tells Kiki that Carly is determined to get him out of the Quartermaine mansion once and for all. Tracy comes back to find a letter from Luke explaining why he had to take off without her, she hears a knock at the door and sees it's Lulu and Laura.

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