General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 67

Ep. #12846

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Shawn is about to tell Sonny that he is quitting. Sonny asks Shawn what he was gonna say before they were interrupted by Milo's resignation. A.J. sets up a bbq to celebrate the 4th of July with Elizabeth and Aiden. Michael begins to untie Kiki, thinking Morgan just up and left her like this. Patrick tells Britt she is not welcome and is she's making Emma really uncomfortable. Alexis tells Nikolas she is celebrating that at this minute Shawn will no longer work for Sonny. Morgan accuses Michael of having the hots for Kiki, but says he's here because Danny is sick and needs a bone marrow donor. Emma brings Britt her doll to hold, but an accident causes it to get ruined. Alexis tells Shawn that she can't live with him being a hitman. Sonny and Olivia share a kiss while the fireworks continue. Max tells Milo he respects his decision and will support him.

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