General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 68

Ep. #12847


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Sam has a fantasy of receiving bad news from Silas, after being tested to see if she's a match. Kiki has an unsettling dream of being in bed with Michael. Ellie wakes up after having a nightmare of Spinelli knowing she lied to him about knowing Maxie is carrying his baby. Lulu tells Dante she feels after having a nightmare that someone is gonna take their baby. Connie calls Olivia asking if Sonny is taking proper care of her, she tells Sonny she just lied to her cousin. Morgan confides in Ava, who then helps to keep him and Kiki together.Sam runs into Silas and says he is working at General Hospital and is now Danny's oncologist. Michael tells Kiki they need to keep their distance away from each other. Dante and Lulu go through possible baby names. Ava is surprised when she runs into Silas.

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