General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 70

Ep. #12849


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Silas tells Sam the reason he is all up in her face is cause he ran into someone he hasn't seen in years. Alexis tells Sonny that if Shawn kills Franco then Danny will die. Britt apologizes to Patrick and Sabrina for Emma's doll being destroyed on the bbq at the picnic. Lucy tells Laura that Nikolas has agreed to be an investor in Deception. Brad starts to tell Morgan what he just saw, but Michael stops before he can say anymore. Sabrina and Patrick begin to question Britt's health. Ava reveals to Tracy a past hidden relationship she had with someone. Morgan gives Kiki a present, and lies as to how he got the money to get it. Laura expresses to Scott her concern for Luke and that he could be very sick. Michael turns the tables on Brad, and threatens to expose his secret with Britt to Monica.

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