General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 73

Ep. #12852

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Olivia explains to Sonny that him being with Connie is how it's supposed to be. Spinelli visits Ava's art gallery saying he's "representing" Dr. Silas Clay, her assistant figures out his ploy and asks him to leave. Ava stops Silas from going into see Franco, he suspects that she is hiding something. Maxie is about to tell Dante and Lulu the truth but is interrupted by Olivia's arrival who says that Connie and Sonny are back together again. Molly offers to help Rafe contact his father using a ouija board, asking if he knows who Sam's father is. Simone informs Ava that Spinelli was just here asking questions about her and Silas. Alexis tells Sam the reason she didn't tell her who her father is cause she doesn't know herself.

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