General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 74

Ep. #12853

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Patrick tells Sabrina he is going to be her birthing coach. Ava tells Carly if she really wants to know her secret all she has to do is ask. Olivia has a terrifying vision of Maxie stabbing Lulu, she calls Dante asking him to come home. A.J. comforts Elizabeth as she remembers the death of her grandfather Steve. Silas offers to help Epiphany in getting a sample from him to be tested. Dante turns Maxie over to Spinelli to attend the lamaze class. Franco starts to seize before telling Silas that he and Ava share a child. Nikolas discovers that Patrick is the father Britt was telling him about, and offers to take Patrick's place. Carly and A.J. discuss their suspicions of Ava and what she's hiding.

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