General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 75

Ep. #12854


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Silas believes Franco is lying when he claims he is Jason Morgan. Elizabeth overhears and learns that Nikolas accompanied Britt to lamaze class, and asks what is she doing. A.J. tells Michael he thinks that Ava is gonna make a play for E.L.Q. Dante confronts Sonny over lying to him, causing Olivia getting her heartbroken. Molly attempts to tell Sam about her father, but Brad shows up with the results from her bone marrow screenings, and says no one matched. Michael tells A.J. he was caught kissing Kiki and blackmailed by the lab tech. Connie tells Olivia she knows something went on between her and Sonny. Brad tells Britt that Michael knows everything. Silas begins to think after Kiki tells him that she is Ava's daughter. Sonny tells Morgan he is doing anything he can to protect him from Franco. Franco pays a visit to Danny.

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