General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 76

Ep. #12855


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Morgan tells Michael in order to put aside their differences, he needs to tell him about Kiki. Monica asks Tracy about her medical records that suddenly went missing. Silas asks Kiki if she's Ava's daughter and who her father is. Franco comes for Danny, saying he is taking him home where he belongs. Elizabeth tells Carly about Franco telling everyone that he's Jason. Sam goes to see Danny, but finds that he's missing from his room. Scott comes out and asks Laura if she still has feelings for Luke. Michael tells Morgan about the kiss he shared with Kiki. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Franco's scans showed he has a brain tumor. Monica catches Lesley looking at confidential files on the computer Morgan confronts Ava for lying to Silas cause he is Kiki's father not Franco. Sam goes home to find Franco dressed up in Jason's clothes.

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