General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 77

Ep. #12856


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Morgan continues to press Ava for the truth about Silas being Kiki's father not Franco. Felix gives Michael some friendly advice. Carly tells Patrick it's obvious that Franco is only pretending that he's Jason. Lesley tells Monica she wants the results to determine Luke's condition. Silas is told by a nurse that Sam had a feeling where Danny went. Sam tells Franco he is not her husband. A.J. tells Kiki they need to discuss things about her and Michael. Ava takes out Kiki's birth certificate which has Silas listed as the father. Michael tells Felix he got Brad to back off of him, cause he knows he and Britt are keeping a secret. Morgan finds Kiki and proposes marriage to her. Carly and Silas come across Sam on the floor.

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