General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 78

Ep. #12857


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Laura discovers that Luke has some kind of metal poisoning, and went off to die alone. Kiki asks Morgan if this marriage proposal has anything to do with Michael. Monica confronts Tracy saying she knows the truth about the medical files being that of Luke's and not hers. Michael has his date with Penny, but begins seeing Kiki everywhere. "Jason" brings Danny to the bridge and has a hallucination of Elizabeth getting taken by Franco which leads to her getting killed. Silas insist on taking Sam to the hospital to get herself checked out. Morgan tells Ava he proposed to Kiki, and to do her of the deal by covering up her paternity. A.J. calls Michael telling him about Kiki and Morgan's engagement, he continues his date with Penny . Carly arrives and sees Franco but calls him Jason.

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