General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 79

Ep. #12858


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Carly tells Franco saying Danny needs to go to the hospital. Alexis and Nikolas discover Danny missing from his room. Monica assures Sam that if Franco does think he's Jason then he won't hurt her son. Rafe tells Molly he has an idea to figure out all the people Alexis knew who's name begins with a "J". Taylor asks someone to buy her a drink, but T.J. informs the guy that she is underage. Tracy tells Laura that Helena poisoned Luke, and he went off to find someone he believes has the cure. Elizabeth calls Carly's phone and tells Dante that Franco is at the bridge. Nikolas asks Alexis to think back to the bar, to see if she can remember anything else. Franco pulls the gun onto himself and Carly tries to talk him down, not before Sam, Silas and Dante arrive. Rafe brings Molly to the Floating Rib, but after seeing T.J. and Taylor together to go somewhere else.

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